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Seeing God In Everything

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Seeing God In Everything

When we recognise that God is in everything
And therefore in us,
We see the Divine in a grain of sand and every flower
As an outer manifestation of the inner Heavenly realms.
God’s great plan of life then reveals itself
In everything that is and this lays the key to
Infinity into the palms of everyone’s own hands.
One becomes aware that every moment
Of our human existence is part of Eternity.

William Blake
Edited by Aquarius

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The Sacred Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Wisdom from the Tree Of Life

The following is an extract from ‘The Mythology Of The Tree Of Life’: ‘The concept of a tree of life as a many-branched tree is an illustration of the idea that all life on Earth is related. With the help of mythology and religions, philosophies and science, time and again throughout the ages, the Angels introduced our world to the idea of a tree of life as a symbol of evolution and growth. This mystical concept draws humankind’s attention to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet and a metaphor for the common descent of every lifeform from the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life.

The tree’s part above the Earth represents humankind’s earthly existence and its roots are going simultaneously down into the spirit world, the inner level of life, that which is hidden from normal earthly view and knowledge. Individually and collectively, the more highly evolved we become, the higher our branches reach into the sky and the more our roots penetrate into the wisdom and knowledge of the spirit realm. Ultimately, this process reconnects us with the conscious awareness of our oneness with God, the source of our being.

The Norse religion’s tree of life is called Yggdrasil. It represents the world and is sometimes considered to be a yew or an ash tree. Extensive lore surrounds this tree. Accounts have survived of Germanic tribes who honoured sacred trees within their societies, for example Thor’s oak, sacred groves, the sacred tree at Uppsala and the wooden Irminsul pillar. An 1847 depiction of the Norse Yggdrasil appears in the Icelandic Prose ‘The Edda’ by Oluf Olufsen Bagge.


I am the root, I am the tree.
I am the soul of harmony.

I am the leaf. I am the flower.
I am the moment and the hour.

I am all-life and transient death.
I am the all-sustaining breath.

I am the Spring. I am the Fall.
I am the One, the source of all.

And though the Ash of Earth declines,
The wind of changes screams and whines,

My Will is limitless and strong.
My say: Eternal Summer’s song.

On now, on the deepest, innermost level of life,
Hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Yggdrasil, the sacred tree of life is healing,
And all life and lifeforms with it,
From the lowest to the Highest
And from the Highest back to the lowest.
The human race and its world are healing
And so is every aspect of my being .

Pauline Brehony
Last verse by Aquarius

Because our thoughts and words create our reality on the inner level of life, so that in due course it can manifest itself on the outer plane, how about including the last verse in your daily prayers?

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A Tribute To Yggdrasil

Rays of Wisdom - Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of life - A Tribute To Iggdrasil - The Sacred Tree Of Life

Like a basket of my good graces
I bring you this and set it at the base of the greatest ash tree.
What names once burned and turned this tree to ash?
Odin, Frigg, Thor, Balder and Tyr
Were among them.

Looking up, I catch glimpses of stars and water drops.
My faith in those dwelling on the Highest level of life
Tells me that there really are wells in the Heavens,
That this tree connects with all worlds
And that I am at its apex,
Alive and well to be able to bring you this.

Grow on, Yggdrasil.
Your roots reach deeper than I am presently able to go
And I pray don’t take me down to Níðhöggr.
The wrath of the patriarchy’s serpent
To this day is something I have to still my soul for.
Even though I now welcome the twin snakes
Of the beloved Great Mother’s wisdom and truth
And the way they are winding themselves
Peacefully and lovingly 
Around the caduceus of us and our world.
At the thought of this my spirit overflows with
Gratitude and praise for
The waters of consciousness from the Heavens
That are now flowing down your trunk
Into your roots, O Tree, and my mind.

Yggdrasil, a living pyre to the ashen old and bold ones.
The coldest nights usher its leaves to your doorstep.
The hottest days bring you a thirst for its eternal wells
Of God’s sacred wisdom and truth.
May you some day evolve into one of the wells
That feed and nurture Yggdrasil.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

What miracle is this?
A giant tree that stands thousands of feet high,
Its roots reach deep into the ground,
And at the same time the tree upholds the sky.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Beauty, Wonder And Magic Of Trees

The Beauty, Wonder And Magic Of Trees - Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom from the Tree of Life

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry roots are pressed
Into Mother Earth’s sweet loving breast.

A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts its many arms to pray.

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in its hair,

Upon whose blossoms snow has lain
And who loves every drop of rain.

Poems were made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Joyce Kilmer
Edited by Aquarius

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The Long And Winding Road

Rays of Wisdom - Wisdom From the Tree of Life -The Long and winding road

On the long and winding road
Through earthly life frequently
Choices and decisions have to be made,
Solutions are hard to find
And constant downpours
Threaten to ruin our parade.

Whenever this happens,
The best thing we can do is
Turn to the living God within
And ask it to guide us into a new dawn.
Then cautiously begin to move forwards,
Whilst praying for courage and strength.
That’s how a way can always be found.

Although it’s true that the
Process of changing the course of our life
Through different thinking and behaviour patterns,
Can be exceedingly tough,
It’s best to focus on the many good things
That surely are in store for us,
As long as our intentions remain steadfast
And we patiently give things a chance to develop.

If we imagine that round the next bend of the road
Adventures could be waiting for us
We would not have dared to hope for,
Even in our wildest dreams,
That’s precisely what will happen.
So, dare to challenge the status quo
And refuse to run with the herd.
Do this because you know that this is how
Hopes and wishes may come true
And new friendships appear
In ways you cannot foresee now.

The Universe constantly offers
Fresh options to those who dare to accept
Its invitation to the dance of finding
New ways of growing and expanding our consciousness
Through visiting places we never knew existed and
Exploring realms where no other humans walked before.
So, dear Friend, don’t shy away from
Dreaming of fabulous faraway worlds
And visiting wondrous places where you will find
Warmth and affection, loving and caring
From beings who could have been waiting
For your appearance a long, long time.

Maybe they will listen with interest
To the experiences and feelings you have to share.
In the midst of these beings you may find someone
Who supports you in everything you do
And believes in you and the decisions you make,
Who accepts that you alone know that
They are the right things for you
At that particular time,
Even though they may
May be no good for anyone else.

Therefore, one foot in front of the other,
Courageously walk one step and take one day at a time,
Confident that a brighter tomorrow is sure to come,
As long as you trust your inner guidance
And follow it without looking back,
Because that’s the only safe way
For any one of us to go.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Tree Of Life Blossoms

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Reflections On Life

•    Nobody is worthy of our tears and those who are would never dream of making us weep.

•    Don’t cry because something is over! Smile and give thanks that it has been.

•    Just because someone does not love us the way we would like them to, does not mean they do not love us with all they have got.

•    True friends are those who touch our hearts and souls each time they reach out for us and of whom we know that they would never do anything to hurt or harm us.

•    The most painful way of missing someone is sitting by their side and knowing that things just cannot be between them and us.

•    It’s not a good idea to frown, even when we are sad. Just think, there could be someone waiting to fall in love with our smile.

•    Don’t waste time on those who are unwilling to spend theirs with you.

•    To the world you may be just one more person, but to someone you could be the world.

•    The Universal wisdom may want us to meet a few wrong people before getting in touch with the someone who is just right for us, so that when we finally encounter them we recognise them and are deeply grateful for it.

•    There will always be people who let us down and willingly stick a knife into our back. Looking within for what the mistakes of the past were trying to teach us, we get in touch with our inner guidance and gradually learn to follow its advice in all encounters. That’s how we eventually get to implicitly trust the wise one within to show us who in earthly life is trustworthy and who is not and therefore best avoided.

•    Considering that the law of life is evolution, instead of trying to get others to understand us, our development benefits more from making an effort to get to know ourselves and our inner motivations and then find ways of evolving into a better person.

•    In all our endeavours, let’s not try too hard. The best things frequently come our way when we least expect them. Above all, never forget that whatever happens in our lives does so for a good and wise reason, which is that we should learn something from it and so grow in wisdom and understanding.

•    Young and inexperienced souls frequently feel they always have to be doing something. But in truth the conservation of energy is of the greatest importance in our daily lives. Whenever things go wrong, we are tempted to rush hither and thither trying to put things right, maybe feeling that it does not really matter what we do, as long as we are doing something. Wise ones, however, know that the best way of reacting to difficult situations is by calmly and steadily making contact with the living God within, their inner connection with the eternal and everlasting source of life and strength. Any time of day or night it is ready to advise us about the best way of going about anything.

•    Meditation can be practised every day by contemplating the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation and the wisdom and love that brought it into being and maintains it. In moments like that our own heart and soul are vibrating in harmony with the love and wisdom, peace and kindness for all life of the Great Father/Mother.

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Walking Away From Drama

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - Walking Away From Drama

Making mistakes and falling down once in a while is an essential part of our earthly learning curve. The only thing that truly matters is getting up and gaining something from every experience that comes our way, to help us grow in wisdom and understanding. An earthly lifespan is too short for being anything but happy. On our road of entering into this state it’s essential that we learn to love and respect ourselves and our living space as much as everyone else’s. This means moving out of the reach of drama queens and kings, unless we also are one and appreciate them as audiences for our dramatic performances.

On our road to happiness, let’s leave behind everything that is negative and bad in this life and focus on that which is positive and good, right and beautiful and seek the company of people who make us laugh and treat us right. How about sending a prayer of forgiveness to those who have treated us badly and love them anyway, for they know not what kind of Karma they are creating for themselves and what in due course will be coming their way because of it? And whatever kind of Karmic experiences still have to arrive at your doorstep:

•    Know that you are a beloved child of the Universe, who has the birthright to find love and happiness in its present existence.

•    Trust that you are always in the right place at the right time and that you are there for a reason. If you have not yet discovered what it is, it’s up to you to find out.

•    Do not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of trusting the goodness of the life that has been given to you and that it will always provide for you and your loved ones, no matter what happens.

•    Use the gifts the Universe has so generously bestowed upon you for the highest good and the greatest joy of all, so that through you all life will be blessed and healed.

•    Share the love the Universal Forces are constantly giving  to you with anyone you encounter.

•    It has taken many lifetimes to develop your earthly personality, so be thankful for it and be content with yourself just the way you are. Never forget that you have the power to change whatever you don’t like about yourself. Do this with love, for that is the law and the main substance of life, which is abundantly available to anyone who knows how to tap into it the right way. Let this knowledge penetrate your whole being until your lower self also no longer knows anything but to dance and sing the praises of the Highest.

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Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - Happiness

Every human being has the birthright to
Find a measure of happiness in earthly life.
But what is happiness?
For me it is knowing who I am,
Where I come from and am going to,
That my life fulfils a higher purpose
And this gives my life meaning and direction.

My happiness consists of the awareness
That every one of the trials and tribulations
I had to endure were not inflicted upon me
By an uncaring and vengeful fate,
A force over which I have no control,
That can neither be seen nor understood,
When in truth everything was caused by me,
Through negative thinking and behaviour patterns
Of previous lifetimes.

Knowing that there is a great plan of life and
A smaller plan within it for every human being,
That all these plans have always been
Unfolding as they should and
Forever will continue to do so;
That the things that ever happened in our world
Have always been but passing phases
Of Mother Earth’s evolution and ours;
And that a high and holy destiny.
Awaits every one of us and our world,
That is my happiness.

My happiness consists of knowing that
The whole of Creation has always and
Forever will be ruled by God’s Universal laws
Of love and evolution.
And because evolution is based on love,
Our world will not forever be ruled
By the greed of those who think that
They are working in great secrecy
Behind the scenes, when in truth
Their intentions are clearly visible
To the wise ones in charge of us and our world.
They do not wish us to get stuck in the past,
That’s why they are helping us to transmute
Our world’s harmless influences into beneficial ones
That strengthen and heal the immune systems
Of those who are in need of it.
That’s my happiness.
What more could anyone wish for?

Updated July 2020

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The Guest House

The Guest House - Rumi - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing

Human beings are like guest houses
With daily new arrivals of
Joys, depressions and meanness.
Momentary awareness sometimes
 Appears as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if a crowd of sorrows arrives,
Who violently sweep your house
Empty of its furniture.
Treat each guest honourably.

They may be clearing you out for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
Meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
Because each has been sent by the Highest
To teach you something.

Jelaluddin Rumi
Translation by Coleman Barks
Edited by Aquarius

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Questions And Answers

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Questions And Answers

‚Um Antworten zu finden auf Fragen, die du jetzt noch nicht verstehst, führe dein Leben so gut du kannst. Vertraue deiner inneren Führung dir den Weg zum Verstehen zu zeigen.’ Frei nach Rainer Maria Rilke

When you are working your way through difficult and traumatic events, you may sometimes be asking yourself: ‘Why should this be happening to me, out of all people?’ Well, be patient towards everything that comes your way and the unanswered questions about it that may be troubling your heart and soul. Whenever any kind of query arises about your pathway through life, accept each one and deal with them the way you would with a room whose door is locked and books that were written in a language you do not understand.

Ask your question, but if the answer does not come to you immediately, let things be and trust that at the right moment your inner teacher, the wise one or living God within, will let you know intuitively. It’s just that sometimes if answers were given to you straight away, you would not yet be able to grasp what the events are trying to teach you. In that case you could not integrate the resulting learning into your life, so it can benefit you, as it is meant to do. The main point about humankind’s earthly existence is that everything has to be experienced by each one of us ourselves. Therefore, just live with your questions and trust that at some point in the future, when you are good and ready for it, the answers are sure to come to you.

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The Great Plan Or Book Of Life

Book of Life - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers from the Wisdom of the Tree of Life

The book of life is brief,
And once a page is read,
All but love is dead.
That is my belief.

From ‘And I Love You So’
Don McLean

•    The experiences of all our lifetimes, past, present and future are written in God’s great plan of life, also known as the book of life. There is a small one for every individual human being, which in turn is part of the Great Plan/Book for all life. There really is no need to go in search of the lessons of our present lifetime, because they are written quite clearly in both these places and therefore destined to come our way in any case. The plan for every human being decrees that we shall always be in the right place and with the right people, because through them we are receiving our lessons and at the same time paying some of our karmic debts.

•    Each new earthly lifetime is part of the constantly ongoing individual and collective evolutionary process of humankind’s expansion of consciousness and growth. And the quality of our experiences has always been decided by everyone’s own will, which is based on the thinking and behaviour patterns we developed and brought with us from previous lifetimes and the choices we made then, as well as up to the present moment of our present one.

•    A long time before entering into another earthly sojourn, we ourselves in the world of light, our true home, together with the wise ones in charge of us, decide whether another lifetime on the Earth would benefit our development. Each new one provides us with countless opportunities for gaining some more in wisdom and understanding through the inevitable challenges, tests and tribulations that are part of every human being’s educational curriculum.

•    On the innermost level of our being we know full well that without them it would be impossible for us to grow in wisdom and understanding, the way each one of God’s children of the Earth is meant to do. That’s why, when we have rested and recuperated sufficiently in our other world, we ourselves – together with the wise ones in charge of us – decide on which pathway will most benefit our spiritual development in our next lifetime.

•    Nothing enters our lives by accident, happens perchance or is a coincidence. Everything comes our way for a perfect, the wise and higher reason of teaching us something. All experiences appear in a purposeful and orderly manner, so that they can provide us with the lessons that, when handled in the right way, constantly move us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

•    Everyone who is presently taking part in earthly life was created for carrying out some highly specialised work. We have been granted the gift of this lifetime so that with the passing of time it can reveal itself to us. This, however, it can only do when our inner vision has developed sufficiently, so we can recognise it when the Angels are presenting us with it.

•    The love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life, together with the Angels and Masters on the highest levels of life, as well as our friends and helpers on various other levels of the spirit world, at any given moment are providing us with exactly the right lessons.

•    We are in this life to learn that the mind of the Highest always sees and works for the good of the whole. Therefore, when earthly problems arise let’s not look for purely personal solutions, but first consider the Divine principles on which they are based. This tunes our minds into the frequencies of the Highest realms and a solution comes to us intuitively that is fair and just not only for those concerned in earthly life but the whole of Creation.

•    Every human being contains the Christ spark, even though at first only in seed form. And there is every reason why we should sing the praises of the highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Star of the Universal Christ, the Sun above and beyond all Suns. All glory, honour and praise be to You,  Great Father/Mother of all life, you created the visible and invisible parts of my being. My spirit and soul are part of You, the same as the Christ Spirit. Every cell and atom of our physical bodies, the same as everything else in the whole of the created world, You brought about from Its light.

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You Are Special

You Are Special - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & SuicideAre you aware that every human being, each in their own way, is a priceless many-faceted jewel with its own unique set of gifts and qualities that represents a certain aspect of our true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life? We are very special creatures with a high and holy destiny, who are loved totally and unconditionally by them. Just imagine, in the entire history of the whole of Creation there never has been or will be another one quite like us and who is irreplaceable.

Our eyes and hair, hands and handwriting, smiling and weeping, voice and mind are unique to us. No-one walks, talks, thinks, acts or even meditates exactly the way we do. Nobody can paint our brush strokes or has exactly the same taste as ours for food and clothing, music and dancing as well as other artistic endeavours. Nobody perceives things quite the way we do and no-one can feel our feelings or think our thoughts. And there has never been someone who laughs exactly like we do, and the things that make us laugh or cry may have quite a different effect on someone else.

That’s because we are all different from everybody else who ever walked the Earth and each one of us is gifted in a particular way. Even if others pursue the same creative activities as we do, they still have their own way of expressing themselves within them. In the course of our evolutionary journey as individuals that lasts many lifetimes, every one of us develops their own set of abilities. Therefore, it’s quite likely that there will always be someone who is better at something than we are and therefore superior to us in at least one way. But this applies to every human being because the Great White Spirit, our Father/Mother Creator, has provided all of us, His/Her beloved children of the Earth, with a different set of talents.

Our set may already have taken many lifetimes to develop and we have been granted the gift of another one to provide us with many more opportunities for improving them some more. The whole range of our gifts produces a vibration and a sound that is uniquely our own. And the entire human race can be likened to a room filled with billions of musical instruments. Don’t be disturbed when you sometimes get a sneaking feeling that some instruments sound better than yours. This is intentional and due to the fact that every instrument is a unique creation and that ensures that no-one’s sound matches exactly anyone else’s. No matter how hard we may try to sound alike, it’s impossible.

Every human being is a tiny particle of a vast whole, for whose functioning the wellbeing of one is as important as anyone else’s. All of us are rare and precious in the eyes of the Great Father/Mother of all life, who holds a giant plan of life for the whole and a small one for each one of us within it. We were created in God’s image from the idea of the archetypal perfect son/daughter of God that exists in our Creator’s mind. In the course of many lifetimes we created the earthly personality that is ours. And whatever anyone imagines God to be, even the greatest sceptics are bound to admit that it’s impossible that we and our world appeared out of nothing and nowhere.

Humankind is not some kind of a random and haphazard appearance or cosmic joke. Earth life is a school and we are spending time in it so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that’s how our Creator wants us to be. Everybody contains the seed of perfection and the only thing we have to do to achieve it, is integrate every aspect of our nature, our earthly mind and body as much as our spirit and soul. By constantly giving of the best that rises from within the very core of our own being, our nature’s Divine characteristics move ever more into the foreground of our consciousness and gradually take over.

Wherever we shall find ourselves, we can be sure that we are always at the right time in the right spot. We have been placed there to do our share of making our planet a happier, more peaceful and beautiful place for those around us, whilst not overlooking our own needs. Each one of us was created to fulfil one specific task in earthly life during our world’s transition from one age into another, which for some time has been taking place. One particular job is waiting to be done by all of us. It can only be carried out by us and therefore rightfully ours. To enable us to find it, it’s essential to pay attention to the guidance of wise one or the living God within. This part of us has the ability to reveal the right way of how to go about things through the world of our feelings and our natural inclinations.

We are in this life to dream our own dreams and pursue them and not those of others, no matter how dear they may be to those around us, even our parents or grandparents. Only by never imitating or copying others can we hope to be true to our real and highest nature and attend to our special assignment. We are sure to find it when we act in keeping with Its will and wishes, say a loud and clear ‘no’ to the drives and urges of our lower earthly nature and give of our best at all times. Hand in hand with God and the Angels can we then go full steam ahead with developing own unique and precious set of gifts to its highest potential and bring it to full flowering. The success we are dreaming of is sure to come our way if we are willing to work sufficiently hard. If this does not happen in our present lifetime, it will do so in a future one. So, why not get stuck into it, now?

It’s a bit like applying for a job, but this time we shall be luckier than we have ever been before. Just imagine, out of the billions of potential applicants we alone have the right qualifications. What more could anyone ask for? However, the success that is our promise is not going to drop into our lap like manna from the Heavens. Wise ones know that insisting on living selfishly and treating life as an endless round of pleasure-seeking is not the right way to go about it. On the road to fulfilling their highest aspirations and hopes, ideals and dreams, they work for the good of the whole in keeping with the guidance they receive through the world of their innermost feelings.

Only a fool would deny that we are living in exciting times and to make the most of the opportunities they have in store for us, all we have to do is reach out for the guiding, helping and protecting hands of God and the Angels, the highest authorities in the whole of Creation. Persevering with our efforts is worthwhile, so that we don’t miss our chance for learning to walk once again in safety and peace on our beloved planet in the process of evolving into one of its healers, guardians and keepers. Each one of us is required to make their own contribution to the blessing and healing of Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms. These notes are part of mine.

All of us eventually have to learn how to take care of the welfare of our world, so that it slowly evolves into a better place for everybody and everything that shares it with us. This is by no means entirely unselfish, because although we are presently working for future generations, let us not forget that in coming lifetimes we may once again be walking amongst them in a different guise. And if that does not make every small effort one of us makes worth while, then please tell me what is.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris December/January 2010. It came to me as a confirmation of the above which I had written a long time ago. ‘Each one of you has their own special part to play in bringing greater light, i.e. spiritual understanding to your world. When you manifest and express God’s love in your daily lives and hold communion with the Divine aspect of your being in the innermost sanctuary of your heart, you radiate this love and bring it to those around you. Your responsibility towards them gradually increases and so will the wisdom and knowledge you are given access to, intuitively or otherwise. God is as much part of you as you are part of God. Each one of you is destined to evolve into an instrument through which the blessing and healing power of the all-knowing infinite Divine spirit can flow into your world.’

However, God and the Angels do not allow anyone in search of self-aggrandisement and easy ways of accumulating vast amounts of money to get anywhere near the Christ Star’s white healing magic. It is strictly out of bounds for people like this. Access will be denied to them until their Christ nature has taken over sufficiently to have cleansed their energies of the desires of their lower self. Genuinely aspiring lightbringers would never think of themselves as the greatest healers ever and present themselves in this way. Anyone who does this cannot take part in the healing power that constantly flows from the Highest Forces of life into everything in earthly life.

When wise ones think only of the good of others and aim to alleviate their pain and suffering, they are contributing to the transmutation of earthly life’s dense vibrations into higher and more heavenly ones. Anyone else who seriously longs for spiritual development and the unfoldment of their higher vision first needs to surrender their small earthly self’s desires to the will and wishes of the Divine forces. As soon as they selflessly offer themselves as channels for bringing comfort and healing to those who are sick in mind and body, spirit and soul, they are serving not merely the good of their present lifetime but all future ones.

That’s how each one of us freely and willingly will eventually be doing their share of helping God and the Angel to create a better and more spiritually advanced state of life for Mother Earth and every one of her children. To paraphrase the Jesus legend: ‘On my own I can do nothing. On my own I am nothing. The Great Father/Mother and their Angels are doing their work through me. I am but their humble servant and channel.’ In the fullness of time this will become the leitmotif of every human being.

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I Will Succeed!

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - I Will Succeed!

‘I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered into this world in defeat and failure does not course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and refuse to talk, walk and sleep with sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny. I will persist until I succeed.

‘I refuse to imitate or copy anyone, for I want to be uniquely me. How else can I discover who or what I truly am and what I am capable of? I know that with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible, that they love us and at all times are willing to help, if we but ask. That’s why I turn to them to tell me intuitively, through my inner guidance, how I can be of service to them and act as their channel. That way I am sure to find my way and never fail but succeed, always.’

Augustine ‘Og’ Mandino II, 1923 –1996
From ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’
Edited by Aquarius

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The Daffodil Principle

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - The Daffodil Principle

Several times my daughter had telephoned to say: ‘Mother, you must come and see the daffodils before they are over.’ I wanted to go, but it was a two-hour drive from my home to hers. ‘I’ll come next Tuesday,’ I promised, a little reluctantly when she asked me the third time. Tuesday dawned cold and rainy. Still, I had promised, and so I drove there. When I finally walked into my daughter’s house, after hugging and greeting my grandchildren, I said to my daughter: ‘Let’s forget about the daffodils. The road is almost invisible in the clouds and fog, and there is nothing in the world except you and the children that I want to see badly enough to drive another inch.’ My daughter smiled calmly and replied: ‘We drive in weather like this all the time, Mother.’ I replied: ‘You won’t get me back on the road until it clears, and then I’ll be heading for home!’

‘I was hoping you’d take me to the garage to pick up my car,’ my daughter said. ‘Okay, I’ll do it. How far is it?’ ‘Just a few blocks,’ came the reply. ‘I’ll drive because I’m used to the road conditions.’ I knew where the garage was and after several minutes in the car I asked: ‘Where are we going? This isn’t the way to the garage.’ ‘This time we’re going the long way round past the daffodils,’ my daughter smiled.

‘I don’t want to go there, can’t you hear me? Please turn the car round and let’s go home.’ ‘It’s all right, Mother. I promise you, you would never forgive yourself if you missed this experience.’ After another twenty minutes or so we turned onto a gravel road. At the end of it a small church came into view and on its far side a handwritten sign said: ‘Daffodil Garden’. We got out of the car, each took a child’s hand and we followed Carolyn down the path. When we turned a corner and I looked up, I gasped with astonishment at the glorious sight before me. It was as if someone had taken a huge vat of gold and poured it over the mountain peak and slopes. There were flowers everywhere. They had been planted in majestic, swirling patterns – great ribbons and swathes of deep orange, white, lemon yellow, salmon pink, saffron and butter yellow. Each colour variety has been planted as a group that seemed to swirl and flow a river with its unique hue. Altogether there were five acres of flowers.

‘Who is responsible for this?’ I asked Carolyn. ‘Just one woman,’ she replied. ‘She lives on the property, it’s her home.’ My daughter pointed to a well kept house that looked tiny and very modest in the midst of the glory before us.

Walking up to the house, on the patio we found a poster that read:

‘The Answers To The Questions You Are Going To Ask’.

•    50,000 bulbs.
•    One at a time, by one woman. Two hands, two feet, not much money and very little brain.
•    Started in 1958.

I realised that from now on experiences of this nature would represent the Daffodil Principle for me. They would make me think of the woman who more than forty years ago had begun to bring her vision of beauty and joy to an obscure mountain top. By patiently planting one bulb at a time, year after year, she had created something of indescribable magnificence, beauty and inspiration. She truly had changed the world in which she lives and made it into a better and more beautiful place for all.

The principle behind this is one of the greatest of all. By learning to patiently move forwards towards the fulfilment of a dream one tiny step at a time, by loving what we are doing and being really interested in it, the Universal forces reward our efforts and perseverance. They smile upon us and help us to make our vision become a reality in earthly life. By combining tiny fractions of time with small but continued efforts, truly magnificent things are achievable in the fullness of time and we can indeed change our world.

I have to admit that the sight of the daffodil fields made me a bit sad, too. I couldn’t help thinking what I might have accomplished if only I had come up with a great idea thirty-five or forty years ago. What if I had worked at it ‘one bulb at a time’ in the subsequent years? It didn’t bear thinking about what I might have been able to achieve. When I told my daughter, she paused for a moment and replied: ‘Never mind. It’s not too late. How about starting tomorrow? I believe it’s pointless to think of all the lost hours of yesterday. The best way of making learning a lesson a celebration instead of a cause for regret is by asking: ‘How can I put this to use today?’

‘You can’t hit a home run unless you step up to the plate.
You can’t catch a fish unless you put your line in the water.
You can’t reach your goals if you don’t try.’

Kathy Seligman

And from small acorns great oak trees grow.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Gratitude For Life

A Practice For The Aquarian Age

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - Gratitude For Life

•    Spend five minutes at the beginning of each day to give thanks and praise to your Creator for the gift of your life, the new day, the light, love and warmth of the Sun that even in winter keeps our world from turning into a frozen wasteland. Continue by giving thanks for the air you breathe and all the things that are in your life, especially the people who are accompanying your on your pathway through life. Keep counting your blessings and be grateful for them.

•    Then take a moment to remind yourself that deep down on the inner level of life we are all one and that everybody wants the same and that is to be happy, to love and to be loved.

•    Now spend a few more minutes with deeply breathing in God’s love and breathing out God’s peace. Affirm to yourself that this is what you are doing. Become aware of your own uniqueness and your very special pathway. Send loving thoughts to the Great Father/Mother of all life, who created you and to the Angels for bringing you where you are and for keeping you safe at all times.

•    Direct your loving thoughts to those around you. Give thanks for your own life and theirs, for our planet and everything it holds in its loving embrace. Whenever you think of people with whom you have a difficult relationship,  make a special effort to send them your unconditional love and let it flow from your heart.

•    During the day, extend this love to everyone you meet. Bearing in mind that each one of us is a child of God who carries a tiny spark of the Divine in their heart, will help you to be kind to everybody and especially to those you downright dislike.

•    Practise this no matter what happens or what anyone does or says to you. Do it in your mind and without spoken words. This makes it particularly effective, and feel the love and appreciation your thoughts are expressing. As love is humankind’s true nature, origin and destiny, in moments like these you are at one with God and the Angels.

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Trust The Veiled Hand

Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life- Trust The Veiled Hand

Trust the veiled hand that leads
None by the path their earthly self would choose to go,
And always be prepared for change,
For the Universe’s law is ebb and flow.

Arabic Wisdom

Does that unseen hand sound to you somehow too menacing and threatening to be trusted, as it does to me? That’s why I prefer to think of it as the small still voice of the wise one within, our Highest Self, who speaks to us through the world of our feelings that rise from deep within the very core of our being. When we are in touch with this aspect of our nature and are willing to listen to it, it can tell us right from wrong, and truth from lie at any given moment.

Our Highest Self is the veiled hand the Arabic wisdom spoke of, during the Age of Pisces, the Age of blind faith and trust. Now that the Aquarian Age is with us, the  waters of Divine wisdom and knowledge of Aquarius, the water-bearer, are pouring ever more powerfully into the hearts and minds of our race, to cleanse the river of our consciousness of its doubts and fears.

Now that we are gaining access to the wisdom and truth of the Great Father/Mother of all life, it is coming clearer with each passing day that the veiled hand never was something scary ‘out there’. The time has come for realising that God is an inner experience and that the hand that reaches out to every one of us is the living part of us that loves us totally and unconditionally, who has our best at heart and will never let us down or lead us astray. It knows the way of all things and keeps us safe. If we ask for its guidance, it will always show us which way is right or wrong for us at any given moment.

There is every reason why we should love and trust the veiled hand with the might of our whole being. As soon as Its love for us and our love for It come together and melt into each other, our fears begin to dissolve and we are learning to trust again. So, go with the flow and know that you are safe and always will be.

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•    ‘The Labours Of Hercules’

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Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - Forgiveness

To forgive does not mean giving in but letting go. Whether or not we believe that someone deserves your forgiveness, we deserve to forgive them because that is the only way we can set ourselves free from the other one. Holding onto anger is a way of trying to compensate for the powerlessness we feel when someone hurts us. It is important to find a way of letting go of anger, by talking with the person who hurt us, without attacking or blaming them, but by describing the effect their behaviour had on us and the world of our feelings. Listening to another’s point of view helps us to perceive things from another perspective and in a different light. And that makes us more tolerant and shows us the way to true and lasting forgiveness that flows from our heart rather than our head.

If, for any reason, we cannot communicate with the people who have hurt us, writing down what happened the way we experienced it can also be a good way of releasing ourselves from them. Talking the matter over with a friend or a counsellor is another way of letting go. In my view, forgiving does not have to mean forgetting. It is not easy to forget hurts, but even partial forgiveness is beneficial, as re-living past painful incidents time and again increases our susceptibility to illness. That’s why forgiving is good for our body, as well as our soul. If it is more than we can manage on our own, God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to show us how to go about it.

They know better than anyone else that erring is human and forgiving Divine and that forgiveness brings inner peace. Meditations, quiet reflections and prayers are the best ways of finding both.

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Letting Our Light Shine

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - Letting Our Light Shine

Nelson Mandela in his inaugural address used a quote from the book ‘A Return to Love’ by Marianne Williamson, in which she says: ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It’s our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves: ‘Who am I to be brilliant, beautiful, talented and fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of the Universe and playing small doesn’t serve the world.

‘There is nothing enlightening about shrinking, so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are born to make manifest the glory of the Universe that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, but in everyone. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. And as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.’

As soon as we are guided by our own inner light, the living God and wise one within, our earthly self no longer has any need for signs and wonders. That’s the only power whose help we require because it is at all times ready and willing to provide us with ideas for working our way through whatever obstacles present themselves. The spiritual knowledge it brings us provides us with a new understanding of God’s true nature, our own and the processes of life in which we are involved. And the learning gained from applying the wisdom we thus have gained is our own inner light, which is steadily developing and growing  and intended to be shared with those around us.

In the final analysis, spiritually it isn’t what we possess but what we are that truly matters. It’s not only what we think and do, but how we live, not only with actions that can be seen and words that can be heard, but how we do so in our hearts. That’s the only thing that eventually dissolves the shackles that for a long, long time keep human spirits and souls chained to the limitations of the physical world.

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The Tale Of The Butterfly

Rays of Wisdom - Astrology Of A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing - The Tale Of The ButterflyOnce upon a time, by the side of a dusty road in India sat an old beggar who was selling cocoons. He noticed that a young boy had been watching him for many days. Finally, he beckoned the boy and asked him: ‘Have you any idea of what beauty lies within my cocoons?’ When the boy shook his head, the old man continued: ‘Every one of them is the home of a beautiful butterfly. I will give you one, so you can watch how it happens. But you must be very careful and not handle the cocoon until the butterfly emerges.’

Enchanted with his gift, the boy hurried home to await the emergence of the butterfly. He laid the cocoon on the floor and while watching it  became aware of a curious thing. The butterfly seemed to be beating its wings against the hard outer shell of its chrysalis. ‘The poor little thing will surely perish before it can break free from its prison,’ thought the boy. ‘I have to help it!’

And so he pried the cocoon open. Out flopped a soggy brown and ugly thing that quickly died. After a while, the boy met the beggar again and told him what had happened. ‘Ah yes,’ the old man said: ‘It is necessary for the creature to beat its growing wings against the walls of its cocoon, until they have grown strong enough to support it when it finally emerges as a butterfly. Through its struggling alone can the creature’s wings become durable enough to carry and support it. It dies when this is denied because its only chance of developing the necessary strength was taken from it.’

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. The life cycle of each one of them represents a microcosm of the macrocosm of humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary process. May the walls of everyone’s cocoon be just thick enough – and no more – to support us in our struggle of breaking free from the mental prison of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions about our true nature that have kept us bound to the Earth plane for such a long take. May every one of us at long last take to our spiritual wings to aid our flight of growing and evolving into the beautiful beings we are truly meant to be.

The essence of a teaching from the White Eagle calendar August  2016: ‘Through limitation and suffering human souls emerge into the Divine light and life, just as a caterpillar moves from the chrysalis stage and transforms itself into a beautiful winged creature that enjoys dancing in the warmth and light of the Sun.’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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God,  Speak To Me

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - God, Speak To MeA little child whispered: ‘God, speak to me.’ And a meadowlark sang. But the child did not understand that this was the voice of God, so it spoke louder: ‘God, speak to me!’ A bolt of lightning struck down from the sky and thunder rolled through the valley. But the child still did not understand, so it looked around and shouted: ‘God, let me see you.’

A star shone brightly, but the child did not notice. In desperation it shouted: ‘God, show me a miracle!’ A new life was born, but the child could not recognise that this was another one of God’s responses, so it knelt on the Earth and prayed: ‘Touch me God, please let me know you are here and with me! Give me just one sign!’ In response God sent a butterfly that came to sit upon the child’s shoulder. Disappointedly, the child brushed it away and walked off, muttering to itself: ‘I knew it! There is no God.’

It’s worth our while to pay attention to what is happening around us and take time to watch and listen, because that which we are seeking is frequently meant to be found just where we are. The trouble is that in many cases we are too blind to see it. Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, please grant ever more of us the gift of the inner vision to perceive the many blessings that are all around us, even though at times they may be presenting themselves in a different manner from what we had hoped for.

An Old Hindu Poem
Retold by Aquarius

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 ‘And A Meadow Lark Sang’

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Who Cares For The Carer?

Who cares for the carer? Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom & Healing From The Tree Of LifeThis tale contains a poignant message for all those loving and caring souls everywhere, who are in danger of forgetting their own needs whilst attending to those of others.

A woman of saintly generosity spent her life feeding and educating impoverished children. Despite her heroic efforts, the task seemed endless and like a bottomless pit. One fine day, she became so discouraged that she decided to visit a famous guru in the hope that he might help her find a solution to mprove her situation. Pouring out her heart, she told him: ‘In view of the countless needy children and people in our world everything I do seems like a mere drop in the ocean. No matter how many of them I attend to, there will always be thousands and millions more who are just as needy. Besides, there are times when I could do with a bit of help myself. What should I do?

The teacher replied: ‘Don’t come to me in search for the answer to this problem or any other. Instead, learn to pay attention to your inner guidance, look inside your heart and listen to the wise one within. It’s the only place where trustworthy answers to all our questions can be found. That’s where you will in some way perceive the voice of God, the living God within, who is waiting to come fully alive in you, the same as in everybody. Since time immemorial it has been known as the small still voice of conscience in everybody. Meditate and listen carefully to what it has to say, then do not hesitate to follow it’s advice.’

For an hour the woman sat in deep meditation, until eventually her inner voice said: ‘Attend to the voice of your loudest and deepest longing.’ Thanking the wise man, as well as her inner guidance for their advice, she went to town. There she treated herself to a big bunch of flowers, a box of her favourite chocolates and a dress she had long admired in one of the shop windows. Then she made a resolution to regularly take time out for attending to her own needs, especially the inner ones.  

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Nothing Happens Perchance

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Nothing Happens PerchanceOnce upon a time in a far distant land, there lived a King. One of the customs of his realm was that he as the reigning monarch had a personal advisor, who was believed to be one of the wisest people in the land and followed the King wherever he went. As this King was a young and inexperienced soul, he thought he knew everything and that it could not be any other way. Whenever the King asked about the meaning of something, the supposedly wise one replied: ‘Everything happens for wise reasons’. Because of this, as time went by the King doubted his wisdom ever more strongly.

The King had been born when the Sun was in Sagittarius and was an outdoor type and extremely fond of hunting, shooting and fishing, the same as anyone born into this sign. One fine day, on one of his hunting expeditions in the jungle, the King shot an arrow into his foot. That by the way is something Sagittarians are particularly good at, metaphorically speaking, but this time the King excelled himself and did so quite literally. ‘Ha! Now I’ll test him,’ he thought. Turning to the wise one by his side, he asked: ‘What do you make of my accident?’ But all he got was the usual reply: ‘Everything happens for wise reasons.’

‘What a useless advisor you are and what pointless advice you are giving me yet again!’ the King thought to himself and enraged he shouted: ‘That’s what you always say because it’s all you know. You are not a wise one, but a fool and a charlatan who talks a lot of nonsense. If that’s what you call wisdom, I’ve had just about enough of it and you. Off to prison you go!’ No sooner said than done. After a few days the King visited the advisor and asked: ‘And what do you make of your present situation?’ Once more the wise one merely replied: ‘Everything happens for wise reasons,’ but this time he added: ‘Ask your inner guidance, the small still voice of your conscience, if you want to find out more. There’s a wise one inside you and that is your Highest Self, known as the living God within, who knows the answer to all your questions. Everybody has one.’ The King groaned: ‘More twaddle! This is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.’ And then he instructed the prison warders that the advisor should stay in their care for an indefinite period, maybe for good.
The King was a very restless man and so one of the next few days he ventured forth on another hunting trip. As the advisor could not accompany him, the King went on his own. Promptly he lost his way and entered the territory of a cannibalistic tribe. The men captured him and took him to their camp so he could be served as a particularly tasty evening meal. However, before these cannibals ever put anything into their cooking cauldron they thoroughly inspected their prey. In keeping with their tribal traditions they never ate anything that was not in top condition and when they discovered the wound on the King’s foot, they sent him back into the jungle.

Thus the King was spared, but by the time he got home his foot had become seriously infected and he was in great pain. The foot troubled him so much that the court physician advised that the King should rest a lot to help the healing process. He found this most boring, but on one occasion when he was sitting still, he began to reflect on past events and the advisors words came to mind: ‘Ask your inner guidance.’ Wondering what this might mean, he paused to think about it. After a while he became aware that something like a voice was speaking inside him. In a flash of inspiration through his inner guidance the Angels told the King:

‘The advisor knew the way. If you had taken him with you, you would never have strayed into cannibal territory. But you shot yourself in the foot for a number of reasons. One of them is that you would go hunting on your own and get lost in the jungle. Another one is that you should fall into the hands of the cannibals, but that because of your injury they refused to eat you. The injury to your foot was necessary in the first place so that a whole sequence of events could begin to unfold that would stop your constant running around and force you to spend time sitting still. Your reflections on what and why these things had been happening to you at last guided you into listening within to what your Highest Self has been wishing to teach you for a long time.

‘The time for the awakening of your subconscious faculties, your inner light, has come. But this part of you can only be sparked into life by something you are hearing or reading when you are ready, i.e. the right moment has come and your energies have become sufficiently receptive to enable you to understand that which you are attracted to. Can you see for yourself now that without the events surrounding the mishap with your foot you would never have learnt one of the most valuable lessons of your present lifetime? Many more of them will follow in due course, this you can be sure of. And that’s how you, through your own experiences,  are going to grow steadily in wisdom and understanding, so that in the fullness of time you will have evolved into a wise one in your own right.’

Gratefully the King accepted what his inner guidance was telling him. His newly found understanding helped him to realise what a wise man his advisor had been all along. Accepting that he alone had been a fool and that the advisor truly was wise indeed, the King released him from prison, rewarded him a place of honour in his court and a pension so he could live in comfort for the rest of his earthly days. Never again did the King ignore the small still voice of his conscience or did anything without his advisor. This is how he learned, the same as all human beings, including Kings and Queens, that there are no accidents in earthly life and that nothing happens perchance or is a coincidence. Everything happens for the wise higher purpose of teaching us something, so that we may grow ever more Heaven-tall.

The lessons we have received up to any given present moment have made us into the person we presently are. And whatever comes our way is invariably sent for our highest good and greatest joy and that is to transform us into an ever wiser, more understanding and tolerant, kind and loving person. So let’s not begrudge whatever challenges we may still have to face. Knowing that their ultimate aim is to move us onto ever higher levels of consciousness, let’s do your best to co-operate with everything the Universal Forces are bringing us and that with gratitude in our hearts for our Creator’s infinite wisdom and love.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Do Not Worry About The Future

A Message From The Angels

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Do Not Worry About The Future - Message From The Angels

•    There is no need for any of you to worry about the future, your own as well as that of the human race and your whole world. All life safely is held in and protected by the loving hands of the Great Father/Mother of all life, whose humble servants we are. Have no doubt that the Divine Architect’s great plan of life has always been unfolding as it should and forever will continue to do so. Each one of you has their allocated space in it and their particular role to play in the tragic-comedy of earthly life, in which each individual existence is carefully laid out and planned. We cannot tell you frequently enough that we are the executors of God’s great plan and in charge of every small design within it.

•    The only thing that is required from each one of you is that you should learn to trust and have faith in the power of God’s love. Today we have come to draw your attention to the futility of worrying about what may happen tomorrow. If the things you imagine never come about, you would have been wasting the precious energies of life’s forces. But even if imagined things do happen, because your careless thinking has brought them about, instead of worrying some more, turn to us. We are with you and at any time of day or night willing to show the way to those who request our help. All you have to do is invite us into your life by asking for our assistance with everything you do. Go to bed in good time and never forget to communicate with us last thing, and get up early enough to start your day unrushed.

•    Learn to say: ‘No!’ to projects that won’t fit into your time schedule. Failing to do so endangers the state of your mental health. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegate tasks to others who are capable of carrying them out. Simplify your life and get rid of clutter, bearing in mind that less can often be more. Although at times one of something may not be enough, two could be too many.

•    Allow sufficient time for doing things and getting to places. Pace yourself. Spread big changes and difficult projects out over time. Don’t tackle all hard tasks at once and live one day at a time.

•    Separate worries from concerns. Whenever you are concerned about something, consult with the living God within, your intuition, so we can tell you through it which course of action is best for you at that moment. Following our instructions will help you let go of uncertainties and the anxiety that accompanies them. If nothing can be done about a situation, place it in our hands and quietly attend to the rest of your life.

•    If you are in search of peace of mind, learn to live within your budget and refuse to use credit cards for ordinary purchases. Have backups like an extra car key in their wallet, an additional house key that is hidden somewhere safe, some stamps and so forth. Every day do something that pleases your inner child and carry a good book with you to read when you have to wait somewhere. Get sufficient rest and eat the right things that have been prepared with love. Become organised and make sure that everything has its place.

•    Listening to soothing music while driving lifts your spirit. Every day make time for meditating and spending time with us. Write down any ideas and inspirations we give you that are worthwhile keeping. Deal with small problems straight away. Don’t leave them to fester in your mind until bedtime. When bigger ones arise, remember that we are with you always and merely waiting for your call.

•    Make friends with like-minded people who share your spiritual outlook on life. Keep a folder of your favourite quotes for hope and encouragement on hand. And remember that the best bridge between despair and a renewal of hope is often a grateful: ‘Thank you Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, for the many blessings that are in my life’. Every night at bedtime try to think with gratitude of at least one thing in your life for which you have never given thanks before.

•    Humour and particularly laughing out loud is good for you, so keep on smiling and laughing. Take your work seriously and whenever you are in danger of taking yourself too seriously, think: ‘Blessed are those who can laugh about themselves, for they shall have endless fun!’

•    Be kind to those who are unkind to you. For one thing this creates good Karma for you and for another people who behave in this manner are likely to need kindness from you most of all. Develop a forgiving attitude by bearing in mind that most people really are doing the best they can and that they just don’t know any better as yet. So, keep a firm hold on your ego. Don’t allow it to run your life for you and spoil it by creating unnecessary difficult Karmic situations on your behalf.

•    Talk less and listen more. Keeping your mouth shut tight, refusing to indulge in careless gossip and confiding only in the right people, in the right places and at the right times can not only save you endless amounts of trouble, but also creating karmic obstacles. See the link ‘Guarding Our Tongues’ at the end.

•    Slow down, you move to fast, just make the moment last – at least here and there. At regular intervals remind yourself that you are not in charge of the Universe and that it’s not your task to carry the world on your shoulders, because that’s God’s work and ours. The only things you are responsible for is every aspect of your being and especially the drives and urges of your lower earthly self. Learn to control them instead of those around you. Refuse to bear grudges, earthly life is too short for them. You can neither know someone else’s Karma nor the special lessons they are taking part in during their present lifetime. You are not responsible for them or the mistakes they make.

•    Make peace with yourself, with the gift of life that has been entrusted into your care and the One, who created you and once brought you into being. Because any unresolved issues left behind in one lifetime, have to be brought into the next one in the hope of finding resolutions this time round. This task could then turn out to be even harder to grapple with. Therefore, make every effort to heal all your relationships and forgive people, no matter what. Forgive anyone who has ever hurt and wounded you, as this sets both of you free to move on to lessons of a more elevated nature. And never forget that with the help and the will of God and us all conditions can be healed and crooked corners made straight. Call upon us, we shall never get tired of hearing from you.

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Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Broken Promises

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Broken Promises

Mister Meant-To has a comrade,
His Name is Did-Not-Do.
Have you ever chanced to meet them?
Have they ever called on you?
These two fellows live together
In the House of Never-Win,
And I’m told that it is haunted
By the Ghost of Might-Have-Been.

The way we react to any event in our life
Is the only freedom we truly have.
To those in charge of us in the world of light
This shows the degree of our spiritual maturity.
That’s why wise ones never
Make promises they are unable to keep
And meticulously carry out the ones they give.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Descent Of Humankind

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - The Descent Of Humankind

Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree,
Discussing things as they are said to be.
Said one to the others: ‘Now listen, you two,
There’s a certain rumour that can’t be true:
That humankind descended from our noble race.
The very idea is a disgrace!

No monkey ever deserted his wife,
Starved his children and ruined her life.
And you’ve never known a mother monk’
To leave her babies with others to bunk,
Or pass them on from one to another
Till they scarcely know who really is their mother.

And another thing you’ll never see
Is monks building fences round coconut trees,
Letting coconuts go to waste
By forbidding other monks a taste.
If I put a fence round my coconut tree,
Starvation would force you to steal them from me.

Here is another thing a monk’ wouldn’t do:
Go out at night and get in a stew,
Use a gun, a club or a knife
For taking another monk’s life.
Yes, man evolved, the arrogant ass!
But, dear friends, not from us!

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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It’s A Puzzlement

It's A Puzzlement! - Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom For Relationship Healing

If all good people were clever,
And all clever people were good,
The world would be nicer than ever
We thought that it possibly could.

But alas, it is seldom or never
That the two hit it off as they should.
Why is it that all too often
The good are so hard on the clever
And the clever so rude to the good?

The Age of Aquarius is the age of
Friendship and siblinghood with all life.
It is bringing us the understanding that
Everybody who is taking part in earthly life
Has their own predestined pathway to walk
And different lessons to learn.
That’s how the spirit of our time,
The Aquarian Zeitgeist,
Is doing away with the need for
Behaving in the above manner
Towards anyone.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Conquering Stress

Rays of Wisdom -  Words Of Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Conquering Stress

During a stress management course a woman was walking round the room with a glass of water in her hand. When she raised it, her listeners thought she was going to ask the old question: ‘Is this glass half empty or half full?’ But no, she surprised them by saying: ‘How heavy do you think is this glass of water?’

The answers varied from eight to twenty ounces. Shaking her head, the lady replied: ‘The actual weight of the water in this glass does not really matter here. I am only using it in comparison with the emotional/spiritual weight of anything we carry around with us. The heaviness of this kind of load depends on the way we tackle our lives, the problems that arise along the way and how long we do something. It’s the same with this glass. If I hold it up for just a minute, there’s no problem. But if I do this for an hour, I wind up with an aching arm. If I’d hold it for a day, it might be necessary to call an ambulance for me. Although the weight in each case is the same, the longer I carry it the heavier it feels to me.

It’s the same with stress. If we carry a burden for too long, it becomes heavier and heavier, until we feel so weak that we can no longer carry anything. The same as with my glass of water, it is necessary to every so often put down for a while any load we have to carry, so we can rest until we feel sufficiently refreshed to tackle the task before us once more. The more we practise this guarding ourselves against the stress element, the better we become at it. So, in future learn to refuse to carry any of your burdens through the evening and into the night. Make an effort at leaving them behind, so you can pick them up in the morning when in dreamtime your mind and body have been refreshed.

Also during the day, whatever you may be loaded up with, from time to time let everything go for a moment and relax. When you are sufficiently rested, pick things up again. And do not forget to remind yourself frequently that a lifetime on the Earth can be very short indeed and that each one of them is a precious gift from the Universe that is meant to be cherished by us. Through learning to handle the stress in our lives in sensible ways, life becomes much more enjoyable. It enables us to make the most of every minute for growing in wisdom and understanding and thus fulfilling the ultimate purpose of our earthly existence.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Tale Of The Brick

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - The Tale Of The BrickOne day, a successful young business man was travelling down one of his neighbourhood streets. He was the proud owner of a new sports car and going too fast, when in the distance he saw some children playing between cars that were parked on either side of the road. Slowing down, he could see no children nearby, but suddenly a brick flew through the air and crashed into the side of his beloved new toy. Slamming on the brakes, he reversed to the spot from which he thought the brick had been thrown.

Angrily, the man jumped onto the pavement and grabbed hold of a boy who was standing there. Pushing him against the car, he shouted: ‘What was that all about and who are you? Just what do you think you are doing? This is a brand new car and damage your brick has caused is going to cost me lots of money to repair. Why did you do it?’

The boy was most apologetic and pleaded: ‘I’m so sorry, mister. I threw the brick because no-one would stop and help me. I didn’t know what else to do.’ With tears rolling down his face and dripping off his chin, he pointed to a spot one of the parked cars. ‘I did it for my brother,’ he said. ‘He rolled off the curb and fell out of his wheelchair. On my own I’m not strong enough to lift him.’ Sobbing loudly by now, the boy asked the man: ‘Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair? He’s hurt and too heavy for me to lift on my own.’

Moved beyond words, the man swallowed a rapidly swelling lump in his throat. Together they hurried to the wheelchair and lifted the handicapped boy back into it. Using his fine linen handkerchief, dabbing at the invalid’s cuts and bruises, the man could see that the boy would be all right.

‘Thank you and may God bless you,’ the lad in charge of the wheelchair gratefully said to the stranger. Too shaken for words, the man nodded and then watched the boy pushing his brother home. Deep in thought and very slowly he walked back to his car. Although the damage was very noticeable, he never bothered to have it repaired. He kept it as a constant reminder of: ‘Don’t go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention!’

God, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is alive in all of us. The God part of every human being is the small still voice of conscience that is constantly trying to communicate with us through the world of our feelings and the whisperings of our hearts. Many times we are going too fast down the pathway of our earthly life to pay attention to that which really is important in life and the spiritual value of the lessons we have come to learn. That’s why it sometimes it becomes necessary that the Universal forces bombard us with some kind of a brick, if need be one after the other in the form of accidents or illnesses.

These things are not intended to be punishments, but wake-up calls for slowing us down and creating the space and time that allow us to think and reflect on the true meaning of our life. They want to help us become aware that our present existence is ultimately not about earthly possessions and values, but spiritual ones. Without whatever happens to us at such times, they would remain unnoticed by the side of the road we are travelling as spirits and souls in a material existence. Through our own suffering and observing that of others, who could be worse off than we are and who patiently endure their much heavier cross *, the characteristics of our Christ nature of love and compassion for humankind’s suffering are stirring from their slumber.

This is how the Universe in its infinite wisdom and love assists every one us to eventually re-awaken to our true nature and to find a set of eternal values as one of God’s beloved children of the Earth. Each one of us is a precious and unique being * and the Great Father/Mother loves us just the way we are. The living proof of this is that the Universe at all times showers us with its gifts, like food to eat and clothes to wear, flowers in spring and new sunrises and sunsets each day. The only thing we have to do is take possession of, enjoy and be thankful for that which is on offer. All the Universe expects from us in return is that we should endeavour to learn something from all our experiences, so that we may evolve and grow in wisdom and understanding of ourselves, each other and our world.

We are all specially gifted in some way. Wise ones, who voluntarily and with loving hearts give of themselves and their gifts, which may have taken many lifetimes to develop, are doing their share of making our world into a more beautiful, harmonious and peaceful world for all. This is how our worthiness as a true son/daughter of God reveals itself to those in charge of us in the spiritual background of our existence.

Our Creator never promised that all humankind’s days should be without pain and that there would be laughter without sorrow and sunshine without rain. But what God can and does give us is renewed courage and strength for each passing day, comfort for our tears, healing for our wounds and the light of Its wisdom and truth to show us the way home into the conscious awareness of our true nature. And whenever one of us is struggling through redeeming their most ancient and heaviest Karmic debts, the Angels and Masters, and our spirit friends and helpers are sure to accompany us and help us work our way through them.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Wisdom From The Tree Of Life

Autumn Scene - Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing - Rays of Wisdom - Wisdom from the Tree of Life

•    Sometimes it’s necessary to meet the wrong people so that, when we finally draw the right ones into our orbit, we appreciate them as the precious gift from the Universe, which in truth both types are.

•    When one door of happiness closes, another one is waiting to open. Yet, if we look too long at the door that has closed, we are in danger of being unable to recognise the one that is ready to open for us.

•    Life teaches us in its own sweet way. That’s why we usually do not know how to appreciate what we have, until we have lost it. Part of the same lesson is that we frequently don’t know what we have been missing until it actually arrives.

•    The brightest future will always be based not on a forgotten, but a forgiven and healed past. We cannot successfully move on in life until we have let go of our past mistakes, failures and heartaches. Recognising and accepting each one of them as an essential part of the lessons for their present lifetime, wise ones give thanks and praise to the Highest Forces of life for all of them. To their astonishment they realise that there is no longer anything to forgive, themselves or anyone else.

•    The best kind of friends are those with whom we can sit for a long time without saying a word and eventually walk away with the feeling of just having taken part in the best dialogue ever.

•    Always try to put yourself in the other one’s shoes. If it feels that something would hurt you, it is likely to do the same to the other person.

•    Do something good, kind and loving for someone every single day, even if that only means leaving them alone.

•    Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they too will love you. Just love people without expecting anything in return. Then wait and see whether love can also grow in their hearts. If not, be content that it has grown in yours – and that’s wisdom!

•    True happiness waits for all who are now crying because they are hurt or have searched and tried in vain. They alone can appreciate the importance of all the people who touched their lives that accompanied them through these phases.

•    Don’t go for looks, they can deceive. Don’t go for wealth, it fades away. Stick to those who make you smile. Many times it takes but a smile to make a dark day into a bright one. And seek the company of those who make your heart and soul smile.

•    Pray for enough happiness to make you sweet, trials to make you strong, sorrows to keep you human and hope to make you happy.

•    ‘To be nobody but yourself in a world that’s doing its best to make you somebody else means fighting the hardest battle you are ever likely to have. Never give up.’ E.E. Cummings

•    ‘Do not allow yourself to be bullied into silence and being made a victim by anyone. Accept no-one’s definition of you and your life. Define them yourself.’ Robert Frost

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Wisdom from the Tree of Life

Agreement 1: Be impeccable with the use of your words and speak with integrity. Walk your talk and say only what you mean. Avoid using words that work against you, refuse to indulge in gossiping of any kind and use the power of your words for speaking the truth and of love only.

Agreement 2: Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others are doing is really because of you. What they say and do is based on their personal evolutionary plan of life, their perception of the realities of our existence and their dreams, not yours. By making ourselves immune to the opinions and actions of others we avoid exposing ourselves to unnecessary suffering. This is particularly useful when it comes to forgiving someone. Realising that it is our small earthly self’s ego that occasionally gets hurt and never the great ego of our Highest of Christ Self, in whom we are all one, makes wise decisions whether to participate in other people’s ego games or not easy.

Agreement 3: The Age of Aquarius is with us and the Age of Pisces, the age of dishonesty and deception, is over. Aquarius symbol is the Divine Waterbearer, who pours the cleansing and healing waters of wisdom and truth into the consciousness of  every individual human being and our whole world. We have reached the age of  wisdom and truth, which the Angels are waiting to bring to each one of us intuitively, through our inner guidance, directly from the heartmind of God, the source of our being. The time is over for assuming and accepting things at face value, the way we were frequently forced to do in the past. Let’s now enjoy digging deep into things to get to their roots and find out whether they really are the way they were once presented to us. Those that really are, why are they that way?

Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 tells us: ‘To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the Sun.’ As the time for finding the truth has come, let’s no longer make assumptions. Yet, whenever we are tempted to do so, we need to remind ourselves that assuming something frequently makes an ‘ass out of u and me’. As aspiring healers and lightbringers we are in this life to courageously ask intelligent questions that express clearly what we wish to know. This helps to avoid the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the sacred texts that for long enough have been the cause of all the pain, sadness and suffering of our world. Wise ones who follow this rule have excellent potential for turning into the great transformers of our world. Hand in hand with God and the Angels they have the power of changing it into a place of beauty, peace and harmony.

Agreement 4: Wise ones do what they can and give of their best, even though this is likely to change from moment to moment. Naturally, it’s different when they are healthy from when they are sick. But no matter what happens to them, they do their best under all circumstances and trust God and the Angels that they are going to do the rest, as they surely will. This saves them from self-judgement, self-abuse and regret, and the Universal laws are seeing to it that in due course nothing but more of the same can return to them.

Don Miguel Ruiz
From ‘The Code For Living’
Edited by Aquarius

Don Miguel Ángel Ruiz (born 1952), better known as Don Miguel Ruiz, is a Mexican author of New Age spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts. His teachings are significantly influenced by the work of Carlos Castaneda.

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The Seasons Of Our Life

The Winter Of Our Life - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement

The world around us is a mirror that reflects what is happening to us on its inner level. And our lives are subject to a constantly repeating succession of cycles of rebirth and death. Just like our planet we are moving through seasons of spring and summer, autumn and winter. Every year that passes they seem to be same, but imperceptibly on the earthly plane we and our world have always been moving forwards and upwards on the individual and collective evolutionary spiral, not only our own and that of our world but the whole of Creation.

Earthly human lifetimes usually consist of childhood and adolescence as spring and old age as winter. On all levels of life every winter is followed by a new spring that brings the gift of resurrection and rebirth with a renewal of life’s forces. At the end of each lifetime we leave our outworn and tired physical bodies behind and return to the world of spirit, our true home. That’s how time and again we are resurrected and reborn into the awareness of God’s true nature and our own. One of the Angels of Death comes to release the spirit and soul, who have been held captive in their physical body and returns them into the greater freedom of our true home, the spirit world, where learning experiences of a different nature are waiting for us. Could anything be better?

The unceasing and relentless flow of our world’s and our own life’s seasons are clear evidence of who truly is in charge of humankind and its destiny. During the early parts of our earthly education we, with typical human arrogance, for a long time believe that we ourselves are. Yet, even the last and slowest one of God’s children of the Earth eventually reaches the developmental point when they realise that the only thing we can ever do is paddle the canoe of our existence. The steering is done by the Highest Forces. Because they are part of us and everything else that exists in the whole of Creation and are holding and executing the evolutionary plan for every manifestation of life, they really know the way of all things

Being aware of what’s going to happen to me when my time for departure from the earthly plane has come, I cannot say that the thought of growing old ever disturbed me unduly. Yet, now the winter of my life is here and it must be coming ever closer, I sometimes cannot help wondering what’s happened and how did I get here so fast? Where have all those years gone? I remember seeing older people earlier in my life and thinking they were years ahead of me. The present season of my life was so far off in those days that I could not imagine what it would be like when I was as old as they were then. Nothing prepared me for the aches and pains that creep up on us with increasing age. There is no way of telling how long this particular season will last for me, but it’s good to know that when its end comes for each one of us, our lives are by no means over. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. New adventures are surely waiting for all of us in the world of spirit. Now, there’s an exciting thought for you!
If you have not yet reached the winter of your life, take it from me that it will catch up with you surprisingly quickly. Therefore, whatever you would still like to accomplish, get on with it and do it. Do not procrastinate and put things off any longer. Earth life has a dreamlike quality and the whole thing passes by amazingly fast. Do what you can today, as you can never be sure when you will be called home. In any case, there is no promise for any one of us that we shall experience as many seasons of life as other people. That too is okay with me. Live for today and say all the things you want to tell your loved ones while there still is time. It will help them to appreciate and love you even more for yourself and not only for the things you have done for them over the years and what you will be leaving behind.
Earthly life is a gift from the Universe to everybody who is presently taking part in it. The way we conduct our present lifetime needs to be a present for those around us and also for our whole world. We are here to make our stay and theirs as pleasant as we can, but living modestly and in a manner that cares for and nurtures Mother Earth, instead of contributing to the general robbing and plundering of her precious resources. Wise ones leave this plane of life in as good a state as possible because they are aware that if, in one of their coming lifetimes, they will be required to return to this plane, they will come as their own descendants – probably without being consciously aware that this is the case.

These wise ones appreciate that in one of their previous lifetimes they themselves could have been the people they used to think of as their great-grandparents and those who came before them. What an amazing thought! It puts quite a different slant on genealogy, don’t you think? Should further lifetimes on the Earth be required by any of us, by acting in positive and constructive ways now we can do our share of ensuring that we find a planet that has recovered from the ravages of humankind’s thoughtlessness and greed.

Today is the oldest I have ever been and when I am honest with myself, I have to admit that I do have some regrets. Mostly they are about the things I wish I had not done, but also those I should have done and somehow did not get round to. I comfort myself that this is balanced by the many things I did well and am glad about. When you take stock of your life, you may find the same. No matter what age you presently are, it is likely that the winter of your own life will sneak up on you in no time at all. So make the most of every day the Universe grants you and enjoy what it brings as much as possible. Be content with whatever experiences come your way, but don’t forget to have some fun, too. The awareness that everything that happens to us in the final analysis serves a wise and higher purpose can turn even the darkest day into a good one.

Live healthily and remind yourself every so often that nothing in our present existence truly belongs to us. Only what we are has power and value and not the things we acquire and think of as our possessions. A happy and loving heart and a peaceful accepting mind are the only wealth in this life that is worth having and not pieces of gold and silver. The riches of our spirit and soul are ours to keep. They are the only things we are allowed to take with us into Eternity. All the rest stays behind and inevitably has to go to someone else. Therefore, whatever goodness is in you and your life at any given time, make a special effort to share it with those around you. It’s not what we gather in material goods, but that which we scatter and share with others that reveals the quality of our character and life.

Our physical bodies are masterpieces of precision engineering. Yet, the dweller inside them, our spirit and soul, are of far greater importance. The outer shell is part of Mother Earth and belongs to her. It is our means of transport for one single lifetime only. We are responsible for it, its maintenance and wellbeing. At the beginning of each new lifetime a new body is entrusted into our care and should eventually be returned to the Earth in as good a condition as possible.

The same as all other earthly things physical bodies are easily hurt and damaged. Frequently they are in need of being repaired and when they have reached the end of their usefulness, they are returned to the Earth and decay. In contrast to this the indwelling spirit and soul is immortal and eternal. It moves on and will never perish. The level of consciousness that has been reached by the inner self at the time of leaving its outer shell behind has been imparted to each one of its cells and atoms.

They have always remained part of Mother Earth, who absorbs them so that in due course they can be recycled time and again. And because on the inner level all life is one, when we are evolving the rest of humankind is moving forwards with us, so does our whole world and the rest of God’s Creation. This is how each one of us at all times is helping all life to move ever forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. Having patiently and lovingly put up with humankind’s ignorant and unruly behaviour for far too long, isn’t it the highest time that Mother Earth, our beautiful home planet, is at last treated with the consideration and love it deserves?

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The Buck Stops Here!

Rays of Wisdom - Words OF Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - The Buck Stops Here

At the end of their earthly education every human spirit/soul evolves into an aspiring lightworker and healer. As this is a healing journey of a thousand miles and the road of self-discovery that leads to self-mastery, the buck for everything that ever happened to me stops with me. Having discovered that I am responsible for all my thoughts, words and actions, I accept the accountability for everything that ever was and will be in the past, present and future of my life. I realise that I am the cause of any problems that this day are coming my way and that this will continue until my karmic debts have been paid.

I now shoulder the cross of responsibility for my earthly personality with all its shortcomings and flaws as well as its good qualities. The comprehension and acceptance that every part of it was created by me in previous lifetimes and earlier in this one, is the beginning of wisdom. The knowledge I have gained enables me to get to work on creating a brighter future for myself, the whole of humankind and our world.

Never again will I blame loved ones and friends, bosses and/or colleagues for my present situation. From now on, I will not allow my education or the lack of it, my genetics and/or the circumstantial ebb and flow of everyday life to influence my future in negative ways. I no longer blame uncontrollable forces for my lack of success and therefore will never again be caught in the snares of the past. I now look into the present and forward to the future with love and hope, faith and trust in the Highest Forces, who are in charge of me and my life. I do not let my history control my destiny, but am taking charge of it myself.

I accept responsibility for my successes as well as failures. I am what and where I am at this very moment mentally and physically, spiritually and emotionally, and also financially because of choices I made that were based on my thinking and behaviour patterns of the past. I now let go of all negative and destructive ones and change them into positive and constructive ones.

My mind now occupies itself with finding solutions for the present and future and I refuse to dwell on past problems. I only connect with like-minded people who are also striving to make positive changes in our world. With them I share the best that is within me. I avoid those who are satisfied with running with the herd and remaining stuck in the rut of their own past and that of our world.

Each time I am faced with decision making, I pay attention to my inner guidance and follow its advice without hesitation. I understand that the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, did not provide that I should always come up with the right decisions straight away, as in that case I would not learn from my mistakes. Instead, it has given me the ability to recognise the error of my ways and for putting things right.

I control my thoughts and emotions. I refuse to allow the rising and falling of emotional tide waves to distract me from my chosen course. I walk my talk and whenever I make a decision, I stand behind it and follow it through without wasting my precious energies on second thoughts.

My life is no longer an apology but a positive statement of success, because I recognise that challenges are merely gifts and opportunities for learning, and that encountering problems and solving them is the common thread that runs through the lives of truly great people. Following my inner guidance, in times of adversity I have no problem dealing with what comes my way. I have been granted the gift of freedom of choice and I turn to the wise one or living God within, to show me how to choose wisely. That way my thoughts are clear and my decisions the right ones.

I am aware that difficulties are necessary preparations for achieving great things, so I accept obstacles along the way and no longer say: ‘Why me?’ Instead I say: ‘Why not me?’ Then I get on with whatever is waiting to be done. Because the buck now stops with me, I am ready for great things to flow my way. I am giving of my best, safe in the knowledge that nothing but more of the same can return to me when the balance of my spiritual bankbook has been restored.

In the whole of God’s Creation life consists of cycles within cycles and everything constantly moves in circles. The same is true for our earthly existence. Within this flow of the Universal energies I am responsible for everything that ever was in my life, successes as well as failures. My inner guidance tells me that this is the truth. That’s why I have no difficulties accepting the responsibility for my past, present and future and taking charge of my thoughts and words, actions and emotions.

In the course of many lifetimes I have been mentally/physically/sexually assaulted – work with the option(s) that are relevant to you. I now know that this could only happen because in previous lifetimes I sinned against others in a similar manner. I accept the responsibility for everything and choose to tread the path of forgiveness. First I forgive myself for once setting the wheels of fate in motion for these things and then for anyone who sinned against me.

On the spiritual pathway simple answers, quick solutions and shortcuts do not exist. Everything has to be for real. To paraphrase Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s words: ‘The mills of God work slowly but they are grinding exceeding small. With patience S/He stands waiting and with exactness grinds all.’ There is no way of getting away with things like ‘If I fake sincerity, I have got it cracked’. The wise ones in charge of us know that genuine spiritual progress is impossible with such an attitude. They smile with sympathy and compassion at such things and then try to help us to do better.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Things That Really Matter

The Things That Really Matter - Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom from the Tree of LifeI grew up in the thirties, forties and fifties and had very practical parents. Everybody was an original recycle queen or king in those days, long before anyone had invented a name for this kind of thing. As a matter of fact, recycling was everybody’s way of life in those days. It certainly was in our house because my father was one of those fortunate ones who could turn his hand to anything, to fix and mend it. Both my parents have been in the world of light for many years, God bless them and keep them safe forever.

I look forward to meeting my parents again in the not too distant future. What a joy it will be to see them young again, the way they were in their best years in earthly life and because spirit is eternal, time- and ageless, everybody remains like that. Growing old and decaying only exists on the Earth plane. Once more having shed the roles we played in the comedy/drama of earthly life, which we are sure to have done in many previous lifetimes, once again we are merely beloved children of God. My parents will no longer be husband and wife and we shall not be coming together as mother, father and child. We shall be sister/brothers and good friends, each pursuing their own line of studies in the spirit realm.

But let’s stay with my early days for a while. Everybody fixed, mended and darned things then, be it curtain rods, radios and oven doors. Hems of dresses were let down or lifted, as the situation demanded. For as long as things were not easy to come by, people kept and treasured them and thought carefully before discarding anything. When things became available again after the war, the Western world grew increasingly wasteful and evolved into one-way-societies.

It seemed that wasting things were signs of affluence and throwing something away was easy, because you could easily get some more. But when my mother left the physical plane of life, I learnt that occasionally there just can’t be any more. Sometimes that which we care about most gets worn out and goes from us, never to return. This led me to the conclusion that, when we have people, animals and things in our lives we treasure, it’s best to love and care for them by trying to fix them when they are broken and healing when they are sick.

This is as true for old garments, appliances and houses, as it is for aging parents and grandparents, partners and other loved ones. We look after and care for them because we love them and that’s what they deserve. And because love is the law of life and the greatest power in the whole of Creation that cannot be destroyed by anything, we can actually keep some of that which we love forever. First in line are our loved ones and friends who have left earthly life behind and gone home into the world of light. Not much needs to change in any of our relationships with the people there, but don’t take my word for it. Just find a quiet space, light a candle, calm the outer mind and listen deep into your heart. You may hear the following message:

‘Life is eternal and the human spirit is immortal. In truth, there is no death and life consists of absolute and unbroken continuity. On the inner level all is one, and you always have been as much part of me as I am of you. Nothing needs to change between you and me, just because I have gone through the great transformation before you. If we both so wish, our relationship can remain the same it always was, and between you and me life can continue to be everything it has meant to us.

‘My departure from the physical plane was no accident. It was meant to happen exactly when it did. For your sake – not mine – make an effort to accept this, the way I have done. And don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that because I am out of your sight, I should also be out of your mind. That can only happen, if that is what you want. And if you still yearn for me, the death of my physical body is going to present us with many opportunities for coming closer to each other than it was ever possible before, when we both still dwelled in physicality.’

The rest of this message you can find in
‘Death – Where Is Thy Sting?’

And do you know something? A long time ago I realised that continuing economic growth and more and more of everything is slowly but surely destroying our planet. Because as aspiring healer and lightworker I want no part in it, for many years I have been living very modestly. When I need something, I save until I can afford items of good quality that will last me a long time and when I no longer have any need for them,  they can be recycled by passing them on to someone else. To my mind the main thing that truly matters is not only the survival of our beloved home planet, but its healing and recovery from the strain of having hosted us, humankind.

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The Price Of A Glass Of Milk

The Price Of A Glass Of Milk - Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom From The Tree Of  LifeA boy from a deprived background was determined to get an education. He hoped that this would later enable him to find some well paid work to get himself and his family out of the poverty trap, into which his parents through a succession of unfortunate circumstances had fallen. To help him pay his way through school, in his free moments he went from door to door selling things. One day he had only one small coin in his pocket and was so hungry that he decided to ask for something to eat at the next house.

The nameplate on the door told him nothing about its occupants, the way it sometimes did intuitively. There was nothing for but knocking and trying his luck. But when the door was opened by an attractive young woman, he lost his nerve and only asked for a drink of water. Noticing the hungry look on the boy’s face, the lady brought him a large glass of milk, which he drank very slowly. With an embarrassed smile he pulled the coin from his pocket and said: ‘I’d love to pay you, but this is all I’ve got.’

‘You don’t owe me anything,’ the woman replied. ‘When I was a child my mother taught me never to accept pay for any food or drink offered to someone, but to consider it as an act of kindness for which no money should be accepted.’ Thanking her from the bottom of his heart, the boy went on his way. His name was Howard Kelly. Before getting the milk, he had been ready to give up and quit. But somehow the encounter had made him feel stronger physically and his faith in God and human nature had been somewhat restored.

The boy’s parents no longer believed in God and so he had never been taught to pray. But that morning he had been so hungry that in his desperation he put his hands together, the way he had seen other people do when they were praying, and murmured: ‘If there’s someone out there, please help me.’ That’s all he said, yet on the inner level of life no prayer ever goes unheard. It’s just that sometimes for karmic reasons and also to keep us from erring too far from our self-chosen predestined pathway, the answer has to be: ‘No!’ However, does not happen when someone truly is in need and asks for help. Prayer creates a special vibration that sends a signal to the Angels and their helpers that the time has come to draw closer to the distressed person and support them as best as the situation and their Karma allows.

Many years after this took place, the woman became critically ill. Her local team of doctors was so baffled by her condition that in the end they advised her to consult a specialist. His name was Howard Kelly, who diagnosed that the woman was suffering from a rare disease. Upon hearing the woman’s name a light of recognition flashed within him and he decided that he would do everything in his power to save her life. As a result, she received an extra high degree of care and attention. After a long struggle with her illness, she made a full recovery.

When Dr. Kelly requested that the final invoice for this patient’s treatment should be presented to him for approval, he took one look at it, wrote something on the edge and then sent it to the woman’s room. Afraid that it might take the rest of her present lifetime to pay for the treatment she had received, she hesitated to open the envelope. Eventually she plucked up sufficient courage to look at the bill. To her astonishment and delight she saw that Dr. Kelly had written on it:

Paid in full with one glass of milk.
Dr. Howard Kelly.

Tears of joy and gratitude came to the woman’s eyes and with all her heart and soul she prayed: ‘Thank You, Great Father/Mother of all life, for your kindness, love and generosity revealing itself through human hearts and hands.’

With each act of kindness and every bit of love we give to someone we cast bits of bread onto the waters of life. Like everything else we say and do, in the fullness of time it returns to us, although this does not necessarily happen through the people we gave it to, the way it did in our story. That is hardly ever the case, but return it unfailingly will, frequently in the form of help when we really need it. Suddenly it is there and to our amazement hands are reaching out to us, from unexpected people and places.

Every one of us eventually reaches the point in our spiritual development when we realise the futility of following the desires of our small earthly self. All we then want to do is surrender our whole being to the infinite love of God by serving the best way we can. If we wish for more than mere earthly satisfaction, we find fulfilment by tuning into the love vibrations of the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. When we unhesitatingly obey Its will and wishes, which speak to us with the small still voice of our inner guidance, they unerringly show us the way in any kind of situation.

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•    ‘What Happens In Heaven When We Pray?’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Magic Bank Account

Rays of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - The Magic Bank Account 

Imagine somewhere in our world there were a competition in which the main prize is a magic bank account into which every day a deposit of £86,400 is placed. You would be allowed to spend it in whichever way you wish, within certain limitations. They are as follows:

•    You may only spend the money and none of it can be transferred into other accounts.

•    Everything you did not spend in the course of each day is gone at the end of it.

•    At the stroke of midnight every day the bank transfers another £86,400 into your account. Any time this can end without a warning, the account is closed and you do not receive another penny.

What would you do if that happened to you? As you could not possibly spend such a lot of money on yourself each day, maybe after purchasing anything you ever wanted you would do the same for all your loved ones, possibly even for people you just meet in the street and do not know. Might you wish to spend every penny because you could be sure that your account would be replenished every day?

Do I hear you say: ‘No need to think about that. It’s a silly game that could never happen in real life.’ Well, as a matter of fact it is not a game but something that really takes place every day and that for each one of us. The account is our life and the currency in it is time. We are all winners without ever becoming aware that this is the case. This is how it works:
•    At the stroke of midnight every day we receive 86,400 seconds of time – free of charge, as a gift from the Universe.

•    There is no need to worry about the state of our account, because it is constantly replenished. Yet, it can be closed any time and sometimes without warning. It is always today. The notion of yesterday is part of the illusion of earthly life and has gone forever. Tomorrow in truth never comes.

•    Any remaining seconds when we go to sleep at night are still ours and can be spent, but only on ourselves. In dreamtime our spirit and soul goes home to the spirit realm and our energies are replenished after the stresses and strains of earthly life. If we ask for it before dropping off to sleep, we can find healing and peace with the Angels. Every second spent in dreamstate is by no means wasted. The times we spend there are very special and precious. The spirit world has always communicated with us through symbolisms and metaphors. Sometimes they appear in our dreams trying to help us find a better understanding of a situation.

So, what are you and I doing with the prize of 86,400 seconds received today? For many years I have been spending quite a portion of my daily quota on preparing this kind of thing for you, the members of my worldwide spiritual family. And if you gain something from my work and it helps you grow in wisdom and understanding of us and our world, I consider that part of my fortune well spent.

Come to think of it, aren’t the seconds we are given every day are worth a great deal more than the same amount in pounds? Are they not precious beyond compare because not all the money in our whole world can buy even a fraction of one of them back? Therefore, from now on let’s think at least for a moment about the gift we are receiving each day anew from the Universe and give thanks and praise for it and make an effort to enjoy as much as possible what’s left of our seconds. And as time passes much more quickly than we usually realise, it’s a good idea to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones, being happy and thankful for the time we are allowed to spend together.

May every one of your days, minutes and seconds be filled with a deep appreciation of the beauty and wonder of the Great Father/Mother’s Creation. Start spending your gift consciously and wisely and refuse to complain about growing old, as many never get to know the experience of so many seconds in their present lifetime.

Recommended Reading:
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Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Hot Chocolate

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - Hot ChocolateA group of graduates in their late thirties and early forties, each one well established in their career, during one of their reunions decided to visit their retired science professor. It did not take long until his conversation with his former students turned into complaints about the stress they were experiencing in their working and private lives. Listening intently for a while, the professor asked whether anyone would like a cup of hot chocolate. When all replied that they would love that, he disappeared into the kitchen and soon after returned with a large pot of hot chocolate and an interesting looking assortment of cups on a tray. Some of them were made of porcelain, glass or crystal. A number of them looked expensive and elaborate, while others were more plain.

The professor invited his guests to help themselves and when each had made their choice, he said: ‘Did you notice that every one of you went for the expensive looking cups and that left behind the plain and cheap ones? Although it’s normal that you want only the best for yourselves and your dependants, to me it is a pointer to the source of the troubles you are busily creating.

‘Consider for a moment whether a cup from which you are drinking can add anything to the quality of the beverage it holds? Now, imagine that the cup is the outer world of appearances and the drink represents you, your inner being and the quality of life you are leading at any given moment. The glamour of the outside has nothing to do with the quality of the beverage. As a matter of fact, the two are frequently diametrically opposed. As a result, one fine day, even though it has been prepared with the same exquisite recipe, the drink that once deeply satisfied you begins to taste insipid. Strangely enough, each time you partake of another one you are a bit more disgruntled and sad. Increasingly a feeling of: ‘There’s got to be more to life than this!’ creeps over you and makes you shiver inwardly.

‘Every one of you for some time has been going through the midlife crisis. You have reached the developmental point when the higher aspects of your nature are beginning to move into the foreground of your perception. From the subconscious level they are knocking every more strongly at the door of your earthly consciousness. Your spirit and soul are calling for your attention because so far their interests have been neglected or maybe completely overlooked by your earthly self. It’s your higher nature that is sad and disappointed about having been neglected by you for such a long time. I believe that this is the underlying reason for your feelings of dissatisfaction.’

The professor had read somewhere that the scientists Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein had seriously studied astrology. Because of people’s prejudices against this subject at their time, the men thought it best to do this secretly so as not to interfere with the credibility of their scientific work. If two such outstanding minds became seriously interested in astrology, there has to be a great deal more to it than horoscopes and fortunetelling, the professor had thought. So, when his retirement came round, he took a closer look at the Divine science and it did not take long until he also became fascinated by it.

When his guest had finished their drink, the professor continued: ‘As some of you know, I have taken up the study of astrology in my retirement. Are you interested to find out what it might be able to tell you about your present life situation?’ All nodded in agreement, so he continued: ‘Each one of you belongs to the age group 38-45. Therefore, all of you are currently occupied with working your way through the midlife crisis. Astrologically, this is known as the Uranus Opposition and that can be exceedingly trying times for anyone. It’s a time when we become restless and maybe disenchanted with what we have achieved up to that point, so that at times we begin to ask ourselves: ‘Is this all there is to life, nothing but struggling and striving? There must be better way of living and being.’

‘This is happening because hitherto undiscovered gifts and talents we developed in other lifetimes and brought with us into this one, so they could be practised and worked on some more and polished to a high sheen. There could be issues that have been put on the back boiler because of other more urgent things demanding our attention. They are now likely to push themselves into the foreground, demanding to be considered and/or resolved, at last. To enable us and our lives to move forward some difficult decisions may have to be made. The only way of rendering things less stressful for ourselves, as I know from first hand experience, is by regularly taking stock as we move through our lives. It is unwise to allow unresolved matters to fester away, until one of the special events in our lives is upon us and forces them to a head.

‘Uranus is one of the outer or generation planets. They carry this name because they move exceedingly slow and their energies influence whole generations in a similar manner. When Uranus in the Heavens has moved to the halfway position between the place it occupied in our birthchart and where it is now, we speak of the Uranus opposition. The completion of this transit stretches over several years, and marks an important part of every soul’s maturing process in its personal evolution for its present lifetime. Most people experience the influence of their opposition most strongly from between the ages of 38-45, but in some cases this may be extended for several years in both directions. Every soul in its late thirties and early forties eventually reaches this significant turning point. At this special time the Universe presents it with many opportunities for releasing the past and making progress with taking possession of its true and authentic spirit self.

‘The Uranus opposition may cause a great deal of disruption in our lives, especially for those who thus far have insufficiently attended to their inner development and the needs of their spirit. The after-effects of the Uranus opposition can in that case affect their lives profoundly for some years to come. It is not for nothing that this time of life carries the name of midlife crisis. Under its influence people may suddenly feel inclined to make some truly drastic and dramatic lifestyle changes. And if you feel increasingly that something is wrong with you and your life, you are receiving signals from your inner self that some part of you is trying to break through that thus far has been neglected by you. Don’t ignore these signs if you wish to remain healthy and make some progress on your evolutionary pathway, of which you may also become more aware at present.

‘When things get rough, reassure yourself: ‘This too will pass!’ because it surely will. I don’t want to bore you with too many details here, but if you follow the link below, you can find out more.’

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘38/45 Midlife Crisis - The Uranus Opposition’

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A Matter Of Attitude

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - A Matter Of AttitudeI once knew a man by the name of Michael. He was one of those who manages to always be in a good mood and has something positive to say about everything and everybody. Whenever someone asked Michael how he was doing, he replied: ‘If I were any better, I would be twins!’ He was a natural motivator and when one of his employees was having a bad day, he drew their attention to the importance of looking for the positive side of every experience.

One day I asked Michael: ‘Nobody can be as positive as you are all the time. How do you do it? Have you got some kind of a secret?’ He replied: ‘It’s very simple really. Every morning I wake up I say to myself: ‘I have two choices today. I can be in a good or a bad mood.’ I always go for the first option because I know that each time something happens to us, good and bad alike, we are presented with a choice. In the case of unpleasant events, we can either look at ourselves as a victim of circumstances and feel sorry for ourselves, or accept what comes and make an effort to find out what the experience is trying to teach us and what the Universe may wish to tell us through it. The same applies when someone approaches us to complain about something. We can either go along with their negative perception of life or point out to them that there is a positive side to everything.’
‘It’s surely not that easy,’ I protested. ‘Oh yes, it is,’ Michael replied. ‘Life is all about choices. When you extract the essence of any situation, you will find that there is always some kind of a choice to be made. For example, human behaviour is not compulsive, it is chosen. Yes, God and the Angels are allowing us earthlings freedom of choice. But the way I understand the matter is that this freedom merely consists of deciding how we react to our experiences. The corollary of this is that we can choose whether we allow other people to affect our moods. Being in a good or a bad frame of mind depends on the choices we make. As the captain of the boat of our lives, we are always the bottom line. It is up to us to decide how we wish to conduct our lives.’
I reflected on what Michael had told me. Soon after I left the company we both worked with at the time and started my own business. Although I lost touch with the man, I was often reminded of his words when I had to make some choices, instead of just reacting to life, the way I had done in the past.
Several years later, I heard that Michael had been involved in a serious accident. He fell from a height of sixty feet of a communications tower. After eighteen hours of surgery and weeks of intensive care, he was sent home with some rods that had been placed in his back.

I met him about six months later and when I asked him how he was, he replied: ‘If I were any better, I’d be twins. Do you want to see my scars?’ I declined his offer but asked him what had gone through his mind, at the moment of the accident. ‘The first thing I thought of was the wellbeing of my soon to be born daughter,’ he replied. ‘When I was lying helpless on the ground, I remembered that in this situation too I was allowed two choices. I realised that this was one of those moments when I could choose to live or die. I chose life.’
‘Weren’t you scared? Did you lose consciousness?’ I asked. Michael replied: ‘Only for a while and the paramedics were great. They kept telling me I was going to be fine and took me to the nearest hospital. However, the expressions on the faces of the doctors and nurses there told me that they thought I had no chance of survival. That’s when I realised it was time for some action. So, when one of the nurses asked me whether I was allergic to anything, I replied: ‘Yes.’ All activity stopped. They were waiting for my reply. Taking a deep breath, I said: ‘Gravity’. Over their laughter, I told them: ‘I am not ready to die, I want to live. Go ahead and do what you can for me.’ Then I asked God and the Angels to guide their hands and they did.

Michael did make it, thanks to the skill of those attending to him, his positive approach to life and the power of prayer. He is living proof of the importance of positive thinking and that with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible. The way he handled the situation was living proof that our approach to life matters more than anything else in earthly life. This is because thinking is the most potent instrument in the whole of Creation. Our thoughts create our reality and a positive attitude towards life reveals our faith and trust in the ultimate goodness of the gift of life the Universe has bestowed upon us.

A positive outlook acts like a powerful magnet that not only draws good things towards us, but also people who in many different ways can help us move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. Whenever we have worked our way through particularly difficult and traumatic times, the way Michael did, it’s good to know that the Universal law of compensation is activated and rewards us. This is particularly true when we steadfastly hold on to our positive mind-set and do not forget to give thanks for our life and all those who – unseen by earthly eyes – are constantly beavering in the background, to keep us going, through thick and thin alike.

There are two streams of consciousness in our world, a negative and a positive one. It’s up to us to choose into which one we tune the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly minds. The positive stream is an upwards moving spiral that attracts to us ever more of the good things of our world and everything it contains. In contrast to this, the negative stream moves those who take part in it in a downwards direction. This is the realm of the whingers and moaners of our world, who with the passing of time can no longer see anything good in anyone or anything. As a result their picture of our world becomes increasingly gloomy and with the passing of time takes them ever deeper into the abyss of depression, until eventually nothing appears to be left to them than putting an end to their misery by their own hands.

The main contributors to the negative stream are the mass media. A chill wind of fear spreads from what they are constantly bombarding us with. Don’t pay attention to any of it. Refuse to be dragged down by anything and anyone’s negativity by reminding yourself that at all times millions and millions of good things are simultaneously taking place in our world. The only reason why they don’t get published is that they neither sell newspapers nor fill airtime on radio and TV.

Do not allow the mass media to sweep you into the darkness of anxiety and depression. Switch off and concentrate on that which is good, right and beautiful in our world. There is plenty of it at all times. Focus on it as much as possible and trust that in the background of life God and the Angels are working very hard to make that which is ugly in our world beautiful and all crooked corners straight. This knowledge makes it easier to remain in the positive stream of consciousness. And that is the best way for each one of us, on a daily basis, of doing something constructive and helpful for our world and doing our share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth.

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Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Nightingale’s Wisdom

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom Grown On The Tree Of Life - The Man And The Nightingale

Throughout the whole of a midsummer night a man had been listening to a nightingale’s song. He was so delighted that the next night he set a trap for the bird and captured it. ‘Now that I have caught thee,’ he cried, ‘thou shalt always sing for me.’

‘We nightingales never sing in cages,’ replied the bird.

‘Then I shall eat thee,’ said the man. ‘I have been told that nightingales on toast are dainty morsels.’

‘Nay, kill me not,’ replied the nightingale. ‘If you let me free, I shall tell thee three things that are worth far more than eating my poor little body.’
The man was so intrigued that he released the bird. It flew to a branch of one of the surrounding trees and from there called:

‘First: Never believe a captive’s promise.
‘Second: Keep what you have.
‘And third: Sorrow not over what is lost forever.’

With that, the nightingale flew away.

A Fable by Aesop
ca. 620-564 B.C.

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•    ‘And The Birds Were Singing’

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The Nothing People

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing - The Nothing People

Have you heard of the nothing people?
They do not lie, but they do not tell the truth.
They do not take, but they do not give either.
They neither steal nor stop a thief.
They do not rock the boat and never pull an oar.

They will not drag you down, but always let you pull them
And if the effort kills you, the tough luck is on you.
They do not hurt you, but they refuse to help
And never volunteer for anything.
They neither love nor hate you.
They will not burn you, but fiddle happily
While you burn.

Do you know what such people are?
They are the sins of omission folks,
Spiritual voids, neither good nor bad.
They are standing still and stagnating
On the evolutionary spiral of life.
And because they never risk anything,
They can neither learn nor grow.

At least, the good keep trying
And the bad, in their own way, work just as hard.
It’s just that each is motivated by a different conviction.
Therefore, please Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Send me either a sinner or a saint,
But protect me against the nothing people.
If someone told them that they are in danger of
Wasting a precious lifetime on the Earth,
They would refuse to believe it.

Having the courage to make mistakes,
Willingly owning up to them
And looking for what they can teach us
Helps our consciousness to grow and expand.
This protects us against merely vegetating
And becoming one of the nothing people.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Doing Our Best

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Doing Our Best

 ‘It is neither the critic who counts nor the people who point out how the strong person stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to those who are in the arena and although their faces are marred by dust, sweat and blood, they strive valiantly, erring and coming short again and again, because there is no effort without it. But still they are striving to do their best with enthusiasm and great devotion. These people are spending themselves in a worthy cause and at best in the end they will know the triumph of high achievement. At worst, should their endeavours fail, they have been doing something and dared greatly. Therefore, their place will never be with cold and timid souls who are unfamiliar with victory and defeat.’ In every one of our earthly endeavours let’s never forget that only if we do our best can God and the Angels do the rest.

Theodore Roosevelt
Edited by Aquarius

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The Impossible Dream

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - The Impossible Dream

To dream the impossible dream.
To fight the unbeatable foe.
To bear with unbearable sorrow.
To run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong.
To love pure and chaste from afar.
To try when your arms are too weary –
To reach the unreachable Star.

This is my quest:
To follow that star.
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.
To fight for the right, without question or pause.
To be willing to march into hell, for a heavenly cause.

And I know, if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest,
That my heart will be peaceful and calm,
When I’m laid to my rest...
And the world will be better for this.
That one man [soul],
Scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage –
To reach the unreachable star.

From ‘The Man of La Mancha’ (Don Quixote)
Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh

From ‘The Sun In Scorpio’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Doing The Right Things

 Doing The Right Things - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement

People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centred.
You don’t have to like them, but love them anyway!

They are all part of your spiritual family.
They are part of you and you are part of them.
They may not yet know it, but you being wiser,
Love them anyway!

People may project their own ulterior motives onto you,
And accuse you of having them.
Rest safe in the knowledge that the Universe
Knows their hearts as well as yours.
Do good anyway!

If being successful means that we can only win
False friends and real enemies.
Succeed anyway!

The good we do today may be forgotten tomorrow.
Do it anyway!

What could have taken years of building up,
Can be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway!

People who are in need of our help,
May attack us whilst we are trying to help them.
Help anyway!

Give the world the best that is within you,
And should it be rejected, do not stop giving.
Give anyway!

The Universal Law of Karma ensures that what we send
Into the world, has to return to us.
Give of your best and only the best is sure to return!

Bishop Abel Muzorewa
African Spiritual and Political Leader
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Optimist’s Creed

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - The Optimist's Creed
I see the good in all people and situations.
Even though it’s still invisible in many of us,
Because everybody is a spark of the Divine,
It is there nonetheless.
And because the law of life is love and evolution,
Everything that happens serves the wise higher purpose
Of moving us and our world forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.
That’s why seeing something good in everything
Is by no means foolishly optimistic.  
Spiritually it is realistic and sound
Because it helps to bring the good forth.

Life is basically very simple.
What we send into our world returns to us.
That’s why from now on I send nothing but love.
And because our thoughts create our reality,
My optimism is bound to come true in the end.
And so I think only of that which is good, right and beautiful
And strive to do my best at all times,
As in that case only more of the same can return to me.

I talk health, happiness and prosperity
With everyone I meet and
My faith in the basic goodness of life
Is growing so strong that nothing
Can shake it and disturb my peace of mind.

I promise myself to present a cheerful face to our world
At all times and greet everyone with a smile,
Even when I don’t really feel like it.
And I dedicate so much time on improving
My own character that I shall have no time left
For sitting in judgement over others
And criticising them.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Things That Cannot Be Recovered

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Things That Cannot Be Recovered

Stones that have been thrown
Can sometimes be retrieved,
But not thoughts once they have left our mind,
Words when they have been spoken,
Opportunities that have been missed
And time that has been lost.

We are responsible for every one of our thoughts and words. They leave an impression on the ethers and join either a positive or negative stream to create something. None of them can ever be taken back, especially not unkind and unloving words that are thoughtlessly spoken. They add themselves to the stream of thoughts of this nature and because all life moves in vast circles and everything eventually has to return to its sender, at some time or another find their way back to us with increased strength. Aware of this, wise ones guard their tongues most carefully and get their minds into gear before saying anything.

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘Guarding Our Tongues’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Value Of Wisdom

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - The Value Of Wisdom

There was an old owl who lived in an oak.
The more it heard, the less it spoke and
The less it spoke, the more it heard.
Why can’t people behave a bit more
Like this wise old bird?

Ah yes, but wait a moment!
In my view, anyone who heeds
What’s been said in the previous chapter
Has the potential of turning into someone
Who is as wise as a whole tree full of owls,
Much wiser than the old owl could ever hope to be.

Edward H. Richards
Edited by Aquarius

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Yesterday And Tomorrow

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Yesterday And Today

Have you ever considered that
It is only ever now,
That yesterday and tomorrow
Are part of the illusions of earthly life,
Where the past is called history and
The future will always be a mystery?
Every moment we are here in the now is a gift.
That’s why we call it the present.

Eternity is not something we have to wait for,
It’s here and now.
Every second of our earthly existence is part of Eternity,
So let’s not waste and fritter it away.
If we’ve had enough of the test and trials of earthly life
And would like to move on to teachings of a higher nature,
We need to do our best to develop our Christ nature
By bringing forth the best within us and
Humbly seeking to serve the Highest.

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The Golden Box

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - The Golden Box

Some time ago, a mother punished her small daughter for using a roll of expensive gold wrapping paper, which she had bought for a special purpose. As the family was very poor, the mother was even more upset when she discovered that the child had used the paper for decorating a box she was going to lay under the Christmas tree.

When the little girl brought the box to her mother on Christmas morning and said: ‘This is for you, mummy,’ the mother was embarrassed by her earlier over-reaction. However, her anger flared up again when she discovered that the box was empty. Harshly she spoke to her daughter: ‘Don’t you know, young lady, when you give someone a present, there’s supposed to be something inside the package?’ With tears in her eyes the little girl replied: ‘Oh, but mummy, the box isn’t empty! It’s filled with kisses that I blew into it until it was full. You can’t see them, but they are there.’

Ashamed of her thoughtlessness, the mother hugged her little girl and asked her forgiveness. A short time later the child died in an accident and the mother kept the golden box by her bed. Whenever she was discouraged or had to face something difficult, she opened the box and took from it one of her little girl’s kisses and thought of the love that had brought it into being. That somehow provided her with renewed courage and strength.

In a very real sense, each one of us has been given a golden box that is filled with the love and affection of our family and friends as well as God and the Angels, and our other spirit guides and helpers. There is no more precious possession anyone could have than one of these boxes, even though they are invisible.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Fruit Grown On The Tree Of Life

Rays Of Wisdom - Words And Prayers Of Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Fruits Grown On The Tree Of Life

•    When one door of happiness closes, another one is usually ready to open. But if we look too long at the door that has closed, we are in danger of being unable to notice the one that is waiting to open for us.

•    The love and wisdom of the Great Mother knows when to give and withhold. Through withholding the Universal life forces are teaching humankind the value of things. The most painful lessons are the best learnt. One never forgets them.

•    The best friends are those with whom one can sit without saying a word and then walking away with a feeling of having had the best conversation ever.

•    Always try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If it feels that something could hurt you, it is likely to do the same to the other person.

•    Every day do something good for someone, even if it’s just leaving them alone and allowing them to be.

•    A smile costs nothing and yet it has the power of lightening up a dark day. Let’s seek the company of those who make our hearts and souls smile.

•    We are in this life so that we may learn to love God’s way and that means loving wisely, so let’s accept that giving someone all our love is by no means an assurance that they will love us back. The love we seek to develop loves for its own sake and without expecting anything in return. Why not just love people and wait to see whether our love can light the candle of love in their hearts? If not, be content that they have been teaching you how to love – that’s wisdom!

•    Appreciate and value the people who touched your life when you went through particularly difficult phases of your earthly development.

•    Don’t go for looks, they can deceive and with the passing of time fade away. And do not chase after material wealth because that can disappear much quicker. Seek the company of people with inner beauty and spiritual wealth they are willing to share it with you. Listen to your inner guidance whether their truth could also become yours. Such gifts are priceless because they are the only ones we are allowed to take with us into Eternity. No-one will ever try to take them from us. Spiritual wealth is the only thing that’s worth acquiring in earthly life. The more of it we accumulate, the closer we come to no longer requiring further lifetimes on this plane.

•    Hope for enough happiness to make you sweet; trials to make you strong; sorrows to remind you that you are a human being on an evolutionary pathway of life; and hope to find true everlasting happiness, in spite of the tests and trials that are sure to come everybody’s way in earthly life.

•    When we entered into our present lifetime, we were crying while everyone around us was smiling. But when we die we are going to be the smiling one because we are returning to the spirit realm, our true home. If those around us during the time of our physical death knew what’s really happening to us, they too would be smiling and be happy for us. They’d be looking forward to the moment when they will be joining us in the greater beauty and freedom of our other world.

•    But wherever we may find ourselves, in this world or the spirit realm, let’s enjoy the gift of the life we have been given and try to make the most of everything that is on offer.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Memo From God

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Memo From God

This is God speaking. Just a quick note to remind you that today, the same as every day, I am waiting to help you handle any kind of problem you may encounter, even though I am unwilling to do the work for you. If I did, you would not learn anything and your consciousness could not expand with wisdom and truth. That’s why I only assist those who are willing to help themselves. I am the wise one, the living God within you, who knows the answers to all your questions and knows the way that is right for you in any given moment. I cannot save and redeem anyone. You alone can do this and each has to do it for themselves, because you are responsible for yourself, every thought, word and action and ultimately also for the state of your world.

Nonetheless, whatever your endeavours may be, attend to them with a happy heart and let nothing spoil your day, as My Angels and I are constantly with you. We never leave you. We are as much part of you as you are of us. That’s why we could not desert you if we wanted to, which of course we do not. In your mind create yourself a spot called ‘something for God to attend to’. And whenever life confronts you with situations that you find too difficult or hard to handle on your own, place them into it and leave things to the Angels and Me. We attend to everything, but in My time and not yours. With our help any kind of problem can be overcome and resolved.

Once you have placed something into this spot, do not hold onto it by worrying about it. The way will be shown and the answers you are seeking will come to you intuitively. Suddenly you will know and everything comes clear in your mind. That’s how the Angels and I have always tried to communicate with you through the innermost world of your feelings, where we dwell. We are the small still voice of your conscience and from now on let us show you how to go about everything. This sets you free to focus on the many wondrous and magical things that are a natural part of your earthly existence.

If you decide to share this with your friends, I thank you for it. You could be touching their lives in ways you will never be aware of, for I work in mysterious and beautiful ways. And now, a blessed day to you, My beloved child of the Earth.

With love – God,
The Great Father/Mother of all life.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Sublime And Essential Things

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - Sublime And Essential Things

In the fullness of time every human being evolves into a healer, lightbringer and Christed one in their own right. When we are sharing with those around us some of the spiritual knowledge we have gathered along the pathway of our life, we are playing this part. This way of spreading the light of God’s wisdom and truth feeds into the good and positive stream of consciousness of our world and at the same time disperses more of our race’s darkness of ignorance. Through such actions the stream grows ever more radiant and powerful. Gradually it absorbs more and more of the shadowy areas in the individual and collective consciousness of our world into itself and transmutes them into blessing and healing energies that flow into everything that exists in our world and from there into the whole of Creation.

The following is the essence of advice from the Mexican poet, A. Nervo, when it comes to sharing our knowledge: ‘About sublime and essential things do not talk to all, but seek the level of those you converse with, so as not to humble or distress anyone. When with the frivolous, be as frivolous as they are, gently dropping a petal from the flower of your dreams into their cup of frivolity. If they are not ready for it, be on your way smilingly, because you know that they will come to what you have found in their own time. Should someone pick up your petal, examine it and inhale its fragrance, carefully and discreetly allow them a few more glimpses of what grows in your magic inner garden. Tell them of the invisible Divinity that surrounds and penetrates everything. Maybe thoughts and feelings of love will enter their minds, to act as a key and an ‘open Sesame’ of the door to the only true freedom there is for humankind: spiritual freedom!’

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‘The Purpose Of My Life’s Work – Reaping The Bountiful Harvest’

Every one of the small six-pointed stars in my e-mails and postings in Rays of Wisdom are bringing you a personal greeting and blessing from the Christ Star, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. My stars are miniature replicas of the great one. They are alive and radiate the Christ Star’s blessing and healing power first into you, dear Reader, and those around you. From there it flows into the worldwide web and then into the heart and soul of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with us. No matter how brief your call may be, each time you come you will be getting the benefit of these powerful energies.

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