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At the beginning of the Aquarian Age, mysterious afflictions of mind, body and spirit abound. Among them are mental illnesses, especially schizophrenia, ME, various types of eating disorders and breakdowns. I believe that the cause of all dis-eases is a lack of ease, i.e. harmony, between our small earthly self and our spirit and soul. Every complaint that manifests itself in our physical body shows that the former fails to understand the signals and needs of the latter. But, to paraphrase Polly Berrien Berends: ‘Everything that happens to us is our teacher. The secret is learning to sit at the feet of our own life and be taught by it. Everything that happens is a blessing that is also a lesson, or a lesson that contains a blessing.’

I believe that with the help and will of God and the Angels all conditions can be healed. This, however, cannot take places without first creating the right conditions for it and the part of my jottings that is now before you is an attempt at lighting the way. The consciousness of those who still mistake themselves for nothing but earthlings is in need of expanding into the recognition of humankind’s true nature. Every part of our whole being eventually finds healing through a better understanding of what this entails.

We are all the Universe’s beloved children of the Earth and an integral part of Its Creation. Our true nature is love and every one of us is valuable and has a right to find a measure of happiness in loving and being loved. All of us are in this life to seek healing for every aspect of our being, as well as our world. In this process our own latent healing abilities awaken and we evolve into a healer in our own right. I believe that this can only come about through an improved understanding of the higher purpose  and meaning of our earthly existence and its spiritual background. This is also the most vital requirement for anyone who wishes to make sense of all the suffering our race has had to endure throughout the ages in earthly life.

Human beings are inquisitive and a natural hunger and thirst for a better comprehension of everything and why things have to happen form an essential part of our nature. To help us in this quest, the Universe since our entry into the Aquarian Age has been bringing us a renewed understanding of astrology’s purpose as a tool for getting to know God’s true nature and our own. The time has come for learning about the special relationship all human beings have always had with the Great Father/Mother of all life, who created this life and world for all of us to share.

For me, the Divine science is the finest imaginable instruments for anyone who is looking for a  better understanding of the processes of life in general and their own in particular. That’s no doubt why the Universe is placing it before those who are interested and therefore ready to receive it. When it comes to learning about our predestined pathway and the lessons we have come to take part in during this lifetime, there can be no better tool than astrology. As human beings are complex creatures and each one of us is a many-faceted jewel, we can most certainly do with all the help we can lay our hands on.

And when one of us becomes ill, in my view no stone should be left unturned to find the true, i.e. underlying spiritual cause of the things that are troubling us. Presently, there are many very old souls on the Earth plane, who have been recycled many times over. Because of this wise ones bear in mind that it is quite likely that the explanation for their present difficulties can be found in negative and destructive thinking and behaviour habits they developed in previous lifetimes and brought with them into this one. This was done in the hope that this time round they would be able to change them into more positive and constructive patterns.

It seems to me that in spite of all the medical progress that has been made by our race up to now, especially in the technical and chemical field, our world is still short of sufficient understanding of what goes on inside our physical bodies on the spiritual level. Conventional medicine is unlikely to come up with the responses to our problems we are in this life to seek. No progress can be made for as long as some of its practitioners insist on treating the symptoms of the outer manifestations of that which is troubling us within, are suppressed with the help of chemicals.

Wise say no to such treatments. They prefer to explore the possible underlying causes of their complaint because they know that they are the true cause of all suffering that to this day exists in our world. They appreciate that whenever something goes wrong with their physical body, it is an indication that their soul is crying: ‘Look at me, do something for me to comfort and heal me!’ Wise ones know that the same as in every aspect of the human predicament, there is no magic wand anyone can wave to make their troubles simply disappear.

God is the greatest wise one of all, who is aware that such action would not do anything for humankind’s spiritual progress. That’s why the great plan of life decrees that each one of us for ourselves has to go in search of the knowledge that is required to get the healing process going. The Divine forces know better than anyone else that healing bodies is good, but soul healing is better. This is because unless the underlying cause of any complaint is found and the surrounding soul issues attended to and resolved first, no permanent healing can take place in our physical bodies. The illness will recur and flare up again and again, until the issues have been attended to. If that does not happen in our present lifetime, it will have to wait for a coming one.

This highlights the urgency of getting to work and setting off on our very own healing journey of a thousand miles. But where does one sensibly start? With getting to know ourselves and our predestined pathway through life more intimately and the best way of doing this is through familiarising ourselves with the details of our birthchart. These days, I perceive each one of them as a page from a full colour picture book, the great book of life, which lays open before me.

Lifetime after lifetime, we slowly march through all the astrological signs and houses. Designed with endless love and infinite wisdom, care and attention to details, this is how the various aspects of our being and life are steadily developed. That’s why, to my mind, the best starting point of anyone’s individual healing journey is the study of the Divine science. The less you know about the subject and do not approach it with an expectation of fortunetelling and horoscopes, the better. If this applies to you, how about becoming your very own astrologer, the D.I.Y. way. The only thing required is an unprejudiced, open mind that is not clouded and closed by prejudices and false beliefs.

Nothing makes me feel as loved and safe, cared for and protected than when I reflect on the fact that the lessons of my life have always been shown in my birthchart. For a long time, I didn’t have a clue about it. Yet, in the end all I had to do was learning how to interpret the astrological glyphs and symbols and get to know the many things they can reveal about me and my life. I am sure astrology can start doing the same for you, as soon as you begin to study my interpretations of the Sun signs.

When you become your own astrologer, you will soon find out that basically, it’s all very simple – just like all truly great ideas. The Sun by sign and house position shows the direction in which our Highest or God Self is pulling us. The Moon by sign and house position can tell us a lot about what we did in our most recent lifetime. The sign on the Ascendant is the window through which we perceive our world. It also shows the way we communicate and interact with the people around us and the way they see us. Find out more by following the relevant links at the end of this chapter.

Folk wisdom says: ‘Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, but if you teach them how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.’ I have no intention of catching any fish for you. I would like you to learn how to fish, so that you too will be able to feed yourself – not only for your present lifetime but way beyond.

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