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As we know by now, each one of us chooses their own pathway because this provides us with exactly the right lessons during our present lifetime. If ours is a particularly traumatic and difficult one, it is as well to remind ourselves of this occasionally. It is possible to find comfort in the knowledge that such a lifetime is an indication that we are an experienced soul, who has tremendous amounts of inner strength and courage to draw upon and bring forth, in spite of the fact that this is unlikely to show on the surface early on in life. This also makes it easier, once the worst part of our grieving process is over, to accept that our loved ones are with us and all around us; that they truly are now closer to us than they could ever be in physicality.

In truly loving relationships the one on the other side of the veil will be able to help and guide the one on this side with the everyday running of its affairs. As ever, all one needs to do is to ask for their help. When we call, they will instantly be with us, because now they are only ever a thought away from us. No business trips and obligations any more – just the two of us. The other one is as much part of us, as we are part of them. Note the use of the present tense! They may no longer be in their physical bodies, because – no matter what the outer circumstances of loved ones passing on were – it was their choice to give their physical body back to Mother Earth. That is where, by rights, it belongs; yours and mine too, when at last we shall be free again to roam the world of the spirit.

Through gaining a fresh understanding and perception of the processes of life, I hope you will be able to find out for yourself that there really is nothing to be afraid of in the realm of the spirit. For a long time something like a veil, known as the veil of consciousness, has been hiding that world from us. But this is rapidly disappearing with the help new spiritual knowledge that for quite some time has been flowing ever more freely into our world. A good example of this is a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the Lodge’s Calendar November 2006. The following is its essence:

‘Only a thin veil divides you from those who have passed into our world. These people are by no means dead. They are very much alive and no different from the way they were when you knew them in earthly life. The main difference between then and now, for them, is that they no longer need a physical body for getting around and that they are much happier without it.

‘Think of your loved ones in a world where peace, love and happiness rule supreme. Without being consciously aware of it, this is the state every one of you in earthly life for a long time seeks in  vain. But eventually you need to learn how to, at least occasionally in prayers, meditations and quiet reflection, detach yourself  from the toil and strife of your physical existence. All of you have to learn how to find a degree of happiness and peace with your Highest or God Self. This is particularly easy whilst listening to music that soothes and calms your whole being and when with your mind’s eye you are perceiving the golden world of God.’

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