Sitting In Judgement

A word of warning does not come amiss to those who are lucky enough to already know that you are on the Earth to learn how to become ever more like Me. Take great care never to criticise anyone who is still stuck in the illusion that their earthly existence is all there is to life. As soon as they are ready, I will start drawing them towards Me, the same as I have been doing with you for a very long time. Any souls that still appear to you as being far too earth-bound deserve something better from you, now that you have reached a somewhat advanced state. Don’t you think that instead they need your love and compassion for having lost all conscious recall of Me; and for still struggling with their lessons in physicality in the false belief that they have to do so on their own on the Earth plane?

Refuse to sit in judgement over anyone and especially not over those of your siblings in the human family of life who are spiritually less experienced than you are. Resist the temptation of thinking that they are suffering from some kind of disease. You can take it from Me, they are not! They are at present undergoing a vital part of their earthly education and what they are doing is right for them now, although it is no longer for you. Souls who have already mastered this task are submitted to tests of a different kind that assist them with integrating more of the higher aspects of their nature.

If that applies to you, rejoice and turn whole-heartedly to whatever obstacles are presently confronting you. For evolving souls – which you all are – every lesson is equally valuable. Most of all, beware of spiritual arrogance! Bear in mind that your own main lesson is likely to consist of showing tolerance, kindness and compassion towards those who are still wrestling with the downward pull of their earthly nature. Know that their time for rising above their base desires has not yet come but that in due course they too will wake up, the same as you once did and the same as everyone else does in their long evolutionary course.

At all times I am there, watching, guiding and protecting each one of you; you are all known to Me personally. I know you better than you know yourselves. I know your deepest innermost heart and soul and its motivations. Because I am part of you and you are part of Me, I instantly know about everything you do, every thought, word and action. Thus, I know when you are lying and when you are cheating. I also  know when you acting like a hypocrite and faking things or doing them for real. Rest assured that you, your world and everything in it, the same as all other worlds, rests safely in My hands.

* * *

The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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