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The Giant Mosaic Of Life - Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World

As you know by now, it is My Will for each one of you to become masters of your own destiny. Begin by taking charge of everything that is within you and shape and mould your character until you have become the one you would really like to be. As young Gods in the making, you are required to become a bit more godlike with each passing day by increasingly bringing forth My characteristics in all your daily encounters. The gift of another lifetime on the Earth has been granted to you so that you can take advantage of the quantum leap forwards in your personal evolution and that of your whole race that has been taking place for quite some time by now.

So, roll up your sleeves and get to work on yourselves. You cannot afford to waste precious time, for you are the only ones who can fulfil the hopes and dreams I have always nurtured on behalf of your race. Hand in hand with the Angels and Me, courageously learn from the mistakes of the past and do your share of building a better future, for all. The wise ones amongst you who genuinely wish for peace in you world first look into themselves. They reconcile the opposing forces within them and make their peace, with themselves and Me, and everybody else. When you make peace within, peace without is guaranteed to follow.

You are all My children and everybody is of equal value to Me. As long as you are willing to allow life itself to be your teacher, it is of no importance which role has been allocated to anyone, during their present lifetime. In the vast drama called life, of which I am the author and director, I cast the roles. This is necessary to ensure that all lifeforms evolve at an even pace, for I am the Master and the only one who knows My great plan of life. Rest assured no-one is inferior to anyone, and no-one is superior in any way. No matter which role you are playing at any given time, you simply cannot go wrong, if you bear in mind that whatever you are doing it will always only be for a time. On Earth nothing lasts forever, quite literally, and you are sure to cope so much better with your part, when you remind yourself of this once in a while.

Not even the Earth herself is going to last forever in her present form. When her physical manifestation has served its usefulness, she will transmute into an altogether more spiritual being that is filled with light. It’s a similar process as the one you going through at the end of each lifetime, when you leave your physical body behind. Although this will be the end of Mother Earth as you have known her, she will continue because she too is a spiritual entity, known to some as Gaia, the same as you are first and foremost spirit. And like you, she will forever continue to exist.

Innumerable lifetimes you have spent on the Earth plane in search of a way home into the knowledge about your true nature and Mine. To help you find a better understanding of this, new religions and belief systems with revised teachings based on My ancient wisdom appeared periodically in your world that tried to light your way. One of the latest ones was Judaism, which later branched off into Christianity and Islam. They are the Abrahamic religions. All three make use of what in your world is called the Old Testament.

As one typical example of how My wisdom has been treated by humankind over the ages, let us take Christianity’s sacred text, the Bible. The same as all other sacred texts of your world it contains many grains of truth. Yet, by no means every word of it is true. It’s up to you, My human children of the Earth, to search for the nuggets of gold this book and all the others contain in the form of mere grains of truth, for they are meant to guide you through your earthly existence. To find My truth anywhere, it is necessary to pick and choose very carefully what, for you, represents truth. With patience and practise you should be able to filter anything you read or hear through your heart, as that is where I, your inner teacher and guide, dwell. You need to become so much in tune with your physical body that eventually you will be able to listen to the responses your receive from Me through the world of your feelings. I will help you discern intuitively what is right or wrong, a truth or a lie.

The time for sorting the wheat from the chaff has arrived for your race. Keep only the best and rigorously discard that which is of no use any more and abandon the erroneous ways of the past, once and for all. Whilst shedding all this ballast, take care not to throw the baby out with the bath. As the human race has been far too good at this in times gone by, many valuable lessons and knowledge were lost this way. Take care and learn from that mistake, too. In truth, the many religions of your world were not created to separate you ever further from each other, as they indeed they have done in times gone by and to some extent still manage to do.

Quite the opposite is My intention for you and your world. Soon, very soon all of you will be able to recognise that each new belief system that appeared from time to time on your planet contained some nuggets of My truth. All of them were merely attempts at showing you the way back home into the conscious awareness of your oneness with Me, your Creator. This is the union every human soul hopes to find during each one of its earthly sojourns. When everybody has grasped that this is the case, it will be possible to integrate the religions that still exist in your world into one single powerful force that unites humankind instead of separating you from each other in the manner the religions of the past used to do.

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