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From the beginning of my studies, better than anything else astrological concepts have assisted me in finding a better understanding of human nature, the processes of life and especially the ones we are facing in these difficult time of transition from one age to another. The symbolism of the Sun and the Moon in the birthchart reveals our Creator’s dual nature and also our own. The sequence in which they appear in the zodiac is of interest when one seeks to gain insight into the creative functioning of the Universe. Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun, a symbolism for the Father. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the Mother. Interestingly, in the Zodiac, Cancer, the sign of home and mother, our earthly and heavenly ones, and our unconscious foundations, comes before Leo, the sign of the individualist and of conscious creativity, children, worldly affairs, and the father.

As above, so below – as it is in the Heavens, so it is down here on the Earth. The fact that the sign of the mother comes before that of the father in the zodiac reveals that in the process of creation there is always an unconscious existence within the Goddess and Mother Creator. From the void of this state, each one of us as an individual spark of Divinity must have risen, so that in the end we would evolve into individual beings, capable of rational thinking and of consciously bringing into physical manifestation the sparks of God’s creative ideas, as they constantly flow into all life.

I believe that a new world was created, so that when it had become sufficiently evolved humankind would inhabit it; for as long as would require it, it would be there for us. For a very long time we would have no idea that each one of us is a spark of the Divine and a child of God, in fact a young God in the making. Now that we are waking up to these truths, the time has come for accepting the responsibilities the knowledge of our Divine origin brings with it. Created in God’s image, each contains the highest and the lowest aspects that exist anywhere in the whole of Creation. Consciously working on shedding all lower ones and integrating ever more of the higher and highest ones is the formidable task that has to be faced by us all. It is well worth every small effort we make, because this means that we are taking charge of our personal evolution and destiny, as well as that of our whole world. Intuitively, I know that the time is not so far off when humankind will once again be worthy of being called God’s children.

During past lifetimes, we all have been life’s passive and helpless victims, but that no longer is necessary for anyone. All we need to do is be willing to change the deeply ingrained behaviour patterns that caused the experiences of previous lifetimes, bearing in mind that behaviour is chosen. Such knowledge is going to be the key for unlocking many doors of our prison of ignorance. With their help, humankind will find the most precious and only true freedom that exists in the whole of Creation, namely the spiritual freedom to be who and what we truly are.

The price of this freedom is the acceptance of responsibility for us and our world and the necessity for following up our words by positive actions. We are here to learn to ‘walk our talk’, as mentioned above. With the help of all the advanced knowledge we already have – and as time goes by, its flow will increase – we shall re-discover the meaning of wholeness, being once again who we truly always have and to know why we are here. Ever more knowledge is now being put within everybody’s reach, so that we can use it not only as a tool for redeeming our own ancient Karma and that of our world, but also for saving ourselves and our world. Are you willing to take up this challenge? And are we – as a race – tall enough? I think so!

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