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The Aquarian Revelations - Part One

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God’s Universal laws are ruling life throughout the whole of Creation, including everything that happens in our world. The main one of these laws is love and its first and most important sub-law is that of evolution. The Great Father of all life or God is the creative artist, architect and designer of everything that exists anywhere. He holds the image of their archetypes in His mind. With the help of the Great Mother, the Goddess, and the light of the Universal Christ, their only born Son/Daughter, in their most basic and crude form they are brought into being.

The same applies to every human being. In the course of many lifetimes on the Earth, through gradually bringing forth and integrating the characteristics of our higher nature, we evolve and our earthly personality gradually becomes more rounded and agreeable. By drawing us towards our higher nature the great creative artist is constantly at work in everything that exists in the whole of Creation. As above, so below because we and our world are a microcosm of the macrocosm. We ourselves are involved in this process, as anyone who is creatively active is sure to confirm. When we are creating something, we would like it to be as perfect and beautiful as possible before presenting it to our world.

Our Creator provides for every need of all of us and wants us to become ever more beautiful and perfect, like the archetypal image of the ideal human being He is holding in His mind. Perfection in this context means that every aspect of our nature has been integrated by us and are working peacefully and harmoniously together, the same as they are doing in God. And just like our Creator, whenever we love someone or something, we want to provide well for them and give them our full attention. We wish good things and fortunate circumstances for them as well as the finest and best of everything, and as much of it as they want.

As far as our children are concerned, even when we realise that they merely come through us and that we are by no means their creator, we hope that they will have a good life, so we make sure they are as well educated as within our means to provide. Good manners are the oil that greases the wheels of human relationships better than anything else. By living as a good example, we hope they may wish to follow so they are going to be accepted and respected by those around them. We allow them to make their own mistakes, so they can learn from their own experiences as much as possible because we realise that the best things in life should not just drop into anyone’s lap. They ought to be worked for and that very hard, otherwise the offspring cannot appreciate the value of what they are receiving.

‘Your children are not your children;
They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing to experience itself.
Your children come through you, but they are
Neither of you nor from you;
And although for a time, they are with you,
They do not belong to you.
You may give them your love, but not your thoughts,
For they have to think their own thoughts.’

From Kahlil Gibran
‘The Prophet – About Children’

The knowledge of this makes it easier to detach ourselves from the earthly plane and perceive the greater picture. And that’s how God and the Angels are also handling the matter.

It takes until we have evolved into spiritual maturity that we are capable of dealing with the gifts and talents that have been bestowed upon us responsibly and for the good of the whole. We then no longer feel the need to use them selfishly for acquiring great material wealth for indulging in the riches of earthly life. This evolutionary level is the ultimate air of the school of earthly life. Reaching it is what the Great Father/Mother desires for every one of their beloved human offspring.

The purpose of every lifetimes in physicality is to help us grow from spiritual infancy and childhood into spiritual maturity and adulthood as a responsible, well behaved and of our own free will law-abiding citizen of the Universe. The gates to the greater freedom of the spirit realm then open wide and welcome us.

Everything in the whole of Creation has always been and forever will be taking part in the evolutionary process that moves all lifeforms forwards on the gigantic upwards reaching spiral of life. How this manifests itself on our planet can be seen from the following story about what once happened on the Japanese island of Koshima. For a long time this place has been the home of a tribe of macaque monkeys whose staple diet is sweet potatoes, which grow particularly well in the island’s sandy soul. That no doubt is why the creatures established a colony there.

In the early 1950s a group of scientists arrived to study the behaviour of these creatures. I believe that nothing in our world happens perchance or is a coincidence. Everything serves a wise higher purpose and this is no exception. The scientists were brought to the island so that with their help God and the Angels could provide our world with some visible evidence of the evolutionary process at work. One day they noticed that a young female macaque they had given the name Imo, the Japanese word for potato, had started to dip her sweet potatoes into a nearby river before eating them.

Because chewing sandy potatoes must have felt very unpleasant to the monkeys’ teeth, the wisdom of the Mother through the Angels gate Imo the idea to take her food to where there was some water for washing the sand off. The scientists thought it was strange that this had never occurred to any of the older and more experienced monkeys, who merely brushed most of the sand off with their hands. Yet, Imo had clearly been chosen to act as the race’s pioneer. Intelligent creatures that monkeys are, it did not take long until those around Imo noticed how she was dipping her potatoes into the river and how much she enjoyed eating them clean. They copied her behaviour, found it good and also started to wash their potatoes. In the course of several years this practice spread through the entire colony and within a decade or so no sand eaters were left on the island.

Washing her potatoes was apparently not the only thing Imo taught her companions. Soon after her first discovery she discovered that she could make her food even tastier by dipping it into the ocean instead of the river and seasoning it with the salt of the seawater. After each bite, she dipped the freshly exposed section of her potato into the sea for flavour enhancement. This new habit also gradually spread through the whole macaque community and to this day, the monkeys are washing their potatoes and dipping them into the ocean. It was handed down through the generations and although none of the first washers and dippers are still around, the monkeys of Koshima are still relishing their clean and flavour enhanced potatoes.

Instinctively copying what other members of their tribe are doing is bred into every species of the animal kingdom, including the human one. It is an essential part of the survival instinct that is particularly noticeable in all primates, i.e. the most developed and intelligent group of mammals, including humans, monkeys and apes. Our earthly selves have evolved from the animal kingdom and the instinctive behaviour patterns of these our earliest ancestors are still strong in us. Everything we developed in previous lifetimes is stored in the memories of our soul and we bring it with us into each new one. During our years of infancy and childhood in particular we add to this what we learn by observing those around us, whoever they may be.

This is how the concept of nature versus nurture enters the picture. For as long as our spiritual/karmic balance sheet still shows too many entries on the debit side, on the inner spiritual level someone can be immensely rich and at the same time very poor. To my mind, the discussion of nature versus nurture is a futile one. It is likely that highly evolved spirit/souls developed about 95% of their character traces in previous lifetimes and merely added approx. 5% in this one. And there are lots of people in our midst to whom this applies because they have been recycled a great many times. Whether we are as yet conscious of this or not, the behaviour of those around us at any given helps us to decide how we wish to be and what should best be avoided.

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