Losing And Finding Yourself

Another one of My teachings that has long baffled humankind is Matthew 10:39: ‘He who is concerned about his life shall lose it and he who loses his life for my sake shall find it.’ How can you go looking for something without first having lost it? Yet, first you have to become aware of having or being something, before you can know that you have lost it – as and when you do. Through knowing a child loses its innocence; only through having found knowledge can it later realise that it once was innocent. The same applies to spiritual childhood. To be able to find anything in your earthly existence you must first lose it. But, for as long as you are unaware that something does exist, you cannot find it; you cannot even start looking for it. This is particularly true for spiritual wisdom.

When you became earthlings you had to forget that you are spirit. But now the time is right for retrieving this knowledge and for re-discovering that although your earthly existence is lost at the end of each lifetime, your spirit is eternal and cannot die. If you lose your earthly being in the awareness that in truth you are one with Me, your passage from one phase of life to the next will be greatly eased. You are creatures of habit who take things for granted. There was no other way of teaching human beings the vital lesson that in truth  they always remain one with Me, other than by first letting them live in the belief that they are on their own in the cold, dark and threatening earthly world, without Me.

That’s why you had to lose the conscious awareness of your oneness with Me before you could find it. As no soul can be spared this experience, I tried to comfort you through the legendary Master Jesus’ words that you have to lose in order to find. And for ever more of you the time has come for shedding the belief that they are nothing but earthlings and re-discovering that the essence of their being is spirit and soul. To find yourself – your true self – once more you have to lose, this time your earthly self. Recognising it for what it truly is helps you to do so and the less you respond to the desires of your earthly nature, the weaker they will grow, until you have shed them altogether.

To become aware that I am the inner teacher who dwells in everybody’s own heart, it was necessary that you lost your conscious contact with Me, and forgot that the answers to all the questions you may ever care to ask can only come from Me, the omniscient and omnipotent One, who is as much part of you as you are of Him/Her. I guide and protect each one of you from within and through the world of their feelings. Life itself is your teacher, for I am Life. I am the light of your world that is now waiting to come alive in every heart. As over time, you find out from your own experiences that I never lie to you or lead you astray, your faith in Me grows and you increasingly turn to Me with all your questions and problems. Listening within and following my guidance at all times, you are learning to walk hand in hand again with Me and the Angels, My messengers and helpers.

I am your Highest or God Self – your Heavenly twin – and as time goes by, I gradually take over and fill the whole being of you, My earthly twin. The more you make an effort to listen to Me, to think and act with Me, the quicker your whole being heals and we shall be fully one again. As My influence grows, the shadows and ghosts from your past dissolve. Your most ancient soul wounds are the leftovers from many lifetimes of suffering. They are now healing and the chains and shackles of karma are uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energy by you and Me. And that is the only way you, the earthly twin, can lose and find yourself – your true self – in Me, your Heavenly counterpart. At the pace the one increases, the other decreases and shrinks away, until finally you and I are completely one again. We shall then be one heart, one mind, one body and one spirit, working together peacefully and harmoniously for the Highest good of all life – under My guidance and in harmony with My will and wishes.

Can you now see for yourself that it was necessary for your previous evolutionary phase that you should gradually lose all memories of your true self and your oneness with Me; and that in order to become an individual being each had to find and develop their own earthly identity? The deeper you descended into physicality, the more this part of you slowly lost its conscious contact with Me. This continued over many lifetimes until the memory of your true nature and your real home had faded completely. Spiritually, you fell asleep – though only for a time. Many have not yet woken up, but as My waking call goes out into your world ever more powerfully, more are constantly shaken from their slumbers.

As soon as the process of forming your earthly identity is complete, for all of you the slow ascent out of the mere awareness of the physical aspects of your life back home into the awareness of your true spiritual nature begins. To souls who are ready for this process My calling gradually increases. Slowly but surely, I draw them ever closer into the oneness with Me. For those who are fortunate enough to read this, your personal journey to make this possible could only start because your time had come and I was calling, coaxing, pushing and pulling you. Believe you Me, you were as hard a case as any one of those you are presently observing in the world around you. If the behaviour of such souls still goes under you skin and irritates you greatly, you need to take a good look at yourself. Could it be a sign that you are spiritually not yet as enlightened and superior to them as you might like to think you are?

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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