Baking A Rich New Cake

Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - Baking A Rich New CakeNever forget that you, My beloved children of the Earth were created in My image and that what is in Me is also in you. Now that your individualising process is drawing to its natural conclusion, each one of you is on their way to becoming one fully integrated being, a whole and holy trinity, just like Me. The three aspects of your being are mind, body and spirit. I dwell in everybody’s own heart and during this lifetime I wish to teach you from there how to co-ordinate all parts of your nature and heal them together into one harmoniously functioning unit.

This process includes integrating the Divine aspect of your nature and learning to love from the heart, the way we spoke about earlier. Love always tries to bring back together that which has become separate. What your earthly minds once split off for evolutionary reasons is waiting to be brought back into unity again by each one of you. The love in your hearts alone can achieve this and when you make a genuine effort at sending nothing but loving thoughts, words and actions into your world, the mind in your heart develops.

And if you wish to find the nuggets of genuine wisdom that are buried in all the belief systems your world has ever known, call upon Me. I am your inner guidance and the living God within, waiting to be called upon to help you train your earthly minds and to teach you its wise use, so in future you will never again fall prey to false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions. I am the only one in the whole of Creation who can and does reliably tell you truths from untruths and false beliefs from true ones.

Take possession of the tool this places into everyone’s own hands, as the time has come for treating each one of the remaining old faiths of your world like a cake. I am ready and waiting to show all of you how to recognise and extract the raisins and cherries of truth each one of  them contains. Your task as aspiring lightbringers and healers consists of keeping and conserving their best, that which is true and of value for all humankind. The rest needs to be discarded. Through gathering and joining together the manifold treasures you are going to find in this way, you and I together are lovingly baking a rich new cake that is of such wealth of My spiritual wisdom and truth as thus far has been unknown in earthly life. Getting their hands on their very own portion of this delicacy is every soul’s birthright.

As young Gods in the making, because of life’s oneness on the inner plane, growth by any one of you can only be achieved through constantly interacting with the rest of life. My Cosmic law of evolution decrees that no individual soul in the whole of Creation shall grow and evolve in isolation, and that every part of life forever shall depend upon all others for its survival and wellbeing, or otherwise. Event though on the surface of things you may like to think of yourself as an independent being, you are still reliant upon millions of others on many different levels of life, from the highest to the lowest. They are constantly influencing you in everything you say and do, as much as you are influencing them.

Evolution’s ultimate purpose is to bring all aspects of life into co-operation by harmonising and co-ordinating them into one stupendous crescendo of Universal love. When all of you have successfully finished tuning your instruments, Heaven and Earth will be one. Together with the Angels you will join hands and the song every loving human heart joyfully sings will make its own contribution and add a very special note to the almighty symphony of worship, thanksgiving and praise of the whole of Creation.

Every human soul’s thoughts, words and actions, indeed your whole life creates a vibration and a sound. Each one of you strikes their own chord and whenever peaceful, loving and harmonious, blessing and healing vibrations go forth from you, the Angels see to it that they unerringly find their intended destination and from there wing their way back to you with ever more potency. My Universal law of cause and effect ensures that everything has to return to its source. That’s why no matter what any one of you sends out and whatever sounds you produce, it will return to you. All my laws are very exact and apply on all planes of life, therefore also on the Earth.

Because you are magnetic beings, you can only attract into your orbit what you are yourself. As soon as you have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level that nothing but Christ love flows from your heart and loving thoughts from your mind into the whole of Creation, your whole being slowly but surely fills with harmony and peace of mind. You then draw towards you and absorb only that which is good and right, harmonious and peaceful, loving and progressive from your environment. Nothing else can touch you and fill you and your aura any longer.

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