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All of ‘The Random Jottings Of A Stargazer’ have grown from the insights gained on my personal healing journey that already has taken about thirty years and still does not seem finished. I too once had no idea that humankind’s earthly existence is not a one-off affair, at the end of which we are snuffed out like candles, so that nothing of us remains. It’s good to know that in truth every human being’s life is a long evolutionary journey. It’s merely the first stage that takes us, in the course of many lifetimes, time and again through every sign and house of the zodiac. Earthly life is a school and a place of learning, no more and no less. Through taking part in its lessons, every one of us slowly but surely grows ever more in wisdom and understanding; our consciousness expands. Without taking part in every one of the earthly school’s lessons that would be impossible.

In the fullness of time, each in their own right, is destined to evolve into a trustworthy and reliable seeker of God’s wisdom and truth, so they can be shared with our world. No longer believing that everything we hear, see and/or read is true, is the most essential aspect of our learning curve. To help us along, everybody has been provided with their own built-in lie-detector and that’s the inner guidance of the wise one or living God within. At any given time, through our feeling world it tells us unerringly whether something is true or false, right or wrong. It helps us to smell a rat, especially whenever someone insists that what they are saying is literally true. The best examples are the frightening tales about life and death, Heaven and hell with which our world’s old religions for long enough have been frightening the living daylights out of humankind.

In the course of many lifetimes every one of us has taken part in these religions. Sometimes we were on the giving end of scaring people with our strange stories and in others we were at their receiving end. In all of us this has left behind layer upon layer of fears. Stored in our soul memories on the subconscious level of our being, they have the power of influencing everything we think, say and do. Each one of these layers is waiting to be worked through and released. Meanwhile the pharma industry with its tales about a life-threatening virus, which in truth does not exist, is walking in the old religion’s footsteps. This industry is doing its best to create a fresh layer of fear in anyone who believes that what they hear, see and read about our world’s present state is the truth.

The false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices of past times have left deep wounds in every one of us. They are waiting to be healed and that’s why everybody needs their very own healing journey. Like any other excursion, this one starts with one step. We are here to find healing for the wounds of mind and body, spirit and soul of all lifetimes that are left behind in everybody’s soul memories. Successfully healing them is the ultimate aim of our earthly education. It’s a road on which our own latent healing abilities wake from their slumbering state. Through sharing the insights gained on our own healing journey with those around us, everybody gradually evolves into a healer in their own right.

My writings hope to help you with:
A new understanding of some ancient themes;
Learning to be our true Self again
Whilst walking hand in hand with
God and the Angels,
For the blessing and healing first of ourselves.
From there reaching out to those around us,
The whole of humankind and our world
And from there to the whole of Creation.

The following is the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the White Lodge’s Calendar ‘The Gift Of Healing’ for the year 2019: ‘Healing physical bodies is good, but healing their indwelling spirit/soul is better and of much greater importance. This is because the physical body but a vessel and a vehicle so that they can get round and experience earthly life. Your spirit/soul is constantly trying to communicate with its outer manifestation, the physical body. If something is amiss with any aspect of your life, they send signals to their outer earthly self, in the hope of being heard and acted upon the right way. Your physical body shows symptoms that something is in need of attention within.

‘You will find using the pharma industry’s products to suppress the signals your inner being is giving you no longer desirable, as soon as you have stepped onto the healer’s and healing pathway. You now prefer to venture forth into finding out what the underlying cause of your physical body’s dis-ease. We recommend that whenever it needs to be comforted and healed, as much as possible look towards the age-old tried and tested remedies that have always been available to humankind through Mother Earth. You are sure to find everything you need there. And the deeper your world moves into the Aquarian age, the more your medical practitioners will turn to the natural healing methods that have always been provided by the herbal kingdom, colour rays, sound vibrations – especially music.

‘And praying by far is the most powerful tool on the healing journey. Every human earthly mind is, at least potentially, a receiver/transmitter station that’s capable of working with the blessing and healing energies of God and the Angels. That’s your direct connection with them. The old religions with their false beliefs and untruths created a blockage in every one of you that consists of layer upon layer of fears. With the passing of time, ever more layers were piled into every human being’s soul memories. The Aquarian age is the age of truth. The deeper you move into it, the more urgent it becomes that even the last and slowest ones in your midst learn how to tune their earthly minds into our frequencies. This is the only way we can tell you intuitively which treatments are best for you, when you are in need of our advice.

‘With the passing of time, ever more new natural healing methods are going to be discovered and developed. So far some of the pharma industry’s products as well as the skills of your world’s surgeons are still required and much appreciated. But both will eventually have disappeared and that for the simple reason that they are no longer required.

‘For a long time the requirements of many people’s spirit/soul as well as that of your whole world have been neglected. Do not begrudge this. It happened for the wise higher purpose of teaching humankind some valuable lessons that the earthly existence of the majority of you gradually focused ever more on the material aspects of your being. The crying of your world’s spirit/soul is the cause of its present illness. With every vaccination that takes place anywhere in your world against a non-existent virus, the strength of your world’s crying increases. Do everything that comes to you intuitively to counteract it and heal your world. Each time one of you steps onto the healer’s pathway and starts their healing journey, the whole of humankind and your world is healing with you. God bless you all. We are with every one of you, all the way.’

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P.S. ‘Dispatches from the War: the pharmaceutical/medical troops occupy planet Earth. How many drug scripts do doctors write per year?’ By Jon Rappaport 23rd June 2021

Updated 24th June 2021

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Welcome To My World

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Welcome To My World

All my writings open
The doors to the Heaven of my truths wide
to anyone who is interested in it and
Everybody is most welcome.

Welcome to my world.
Won’t you come on in?
Miracles, I believe are constantly
Happening and the greatest
Miracle of all times is taking place
Right here and now,
Through the healing of our world.

Step into my heart.
Leave your cares behind.
Welcome to my world.
Built with you in mind.

Knock and the door will open.
Seek and you will find.
Ask and you will be given
The key to this world of mine.

I'll be waiting here
With my arms unfurled.
Waiting just for you.
Welcome to my world.

Jim Reeves

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O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, Thou knowest the depths of all oceans and the height of all mountains, please guide each one of us through the storms of life into the safe harbour of Thy great love. Grant us the gift of your Divine wisdom, inspiration and the ability to discern the wheat from the chaff and Thy Divine truth from that which is no longer valid for humankind. May each one of us find that which truly helps us forwards on the healing journey of our present lifetime. Wherever we encounter Thy truth, tell us so through the world of our innermost feelings, where Thou dwellest. Through those that rise from there into our conscious awareness help us to tell a truth from an untruth. In this way show us what our truth is, even though sometimes it may not yet be anyone else’s. In the name of love we ask this. Amen

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