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Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing

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Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing

Table Of Contents:
Section One – Friendship Healing
Section Two – Healing Relationships
And Finding New Friends

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 Section One

What Is Friendship?

Friendship - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Healing Friendships

Friendship is a harmony
Of companionship and sharing
That joins people
Heart to heart.

In its warmth and brightness
Friends enjoy good times together
And sweet memories to relive
When they’re apart.

Friendship is the realm of
Sympathy and understanding,
In which friends reveal their fondest
Dreams to each other.

With its soft and gentle beauty,
Friendship unions brings contentment
And enrich our life with a renewal
Of love and hope, faith and trust
That life is good, after all.

Catherine Drummond
Edited by Aquarius

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Friendships Are Forever

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Friendships Are ForeverA teacher one day asked her students to list the names of their classmates on two sheets of paper and to leave a space between each name. Then she told them to think of the good things they could say about each other, to write them down and give the papers to her at the end of their lesson. At home the teacher wrote the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper and listed what the others had said about this person.

The next day she gave a copy of this list to her students. It didn’t take long until the entire class was smiling and whispers could be heard like: ‘Really?’, ‘I never knew that I meant anything to anyone.’, and ‘I didn’t know others liked me so much.’ The papers were never mentioned in class again, so the teacher had no idea whether her students had discussed them with each other or anyone else. This didn’t matter to her because the purpose of the exercise had been that her students should feel happier about themselves and each other. This mission had been accomplished and after a while the students moved on in any case.

Several years later, one of them by the name of Mark was killed in a car crash and the teacher was invited to his funeral. The young man looked very handsome in his coffin and the church was packed with his friends. One by one they walked past the deceased and the teacher was last in line. As she stood and blessed him one more time, one of the pallbearers came up to her and asked: ‘Were you Mark’s maths teacher?’ When she nodded, the man replied: ‘He talked about you a lot.’

After the funeral most of Mark’s former classmates went for a meal together. His parents were waiting to have a word with the teacher. ‘We want to show you something,’ the father said, taking a wallet out of his pocket. ‘This was found on Mark when he was killed. We thought you might recognise it.’ Carefully he removed two well worn pieces of notebook paper which the teacher recognised as the list of the good things Mark’s classmates had said about him many years ago.

‘Thank you so much for doing that,’ the mother said. ‘As you can see, Mark treasured his list.’ His former classmates had gathered around and were listening. One of them said: ‘I too still have my list. I keep it in the top drawer of my desk at home and have a look at it whenever I feel down.’ One of the wives of her former students stepped forward with: ‘My husband asked me to put his list into our wedding album.’ ‘I also have mine,’ another former student said: ‘I keep it in my diary.’

A woman reached into her handbag. Pulling her rather frazzled looking list out to show to the group, she said: ‘I always carry it with me. I everybody has kept their list. In moments of weakness and self-doubt I look at mine and it gives me a warm feeling inside to know that so many people thought of me so well. They are my friends and will always love them. I do believe there is an afterlife and each time I think of Mark, I sense that nothing has changed between us and that he still loves us as much as we love him. The words made the teacher cry and she felt she was weeping as much for Mark as for everyone who would never be able to see him again in this world.

The pace of life these days is so fast that we are in constant danger of forgetting that inevitably our Earth life has to end one day. Nobody knows when that will be for any one of us. Why not make a point of every so often telling the people you love and of whom you think highly how special and important they are to you. Do this before it’s too late and they have passed onto the other side of the veil of consciousness that separates Earth life from the world of light, our true home.

Friendships are not merely gifts for one lifetime, they can last forever – if that’s what we want them to be and take good care of them. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and kinship with all life and the times we are living in are all about these themes. That is why friendships are becoming of ever greater importance. Even the smallest efforts in this respect are never wasted, because all our friendships – new and old ones – will accompany us into all subsequent ones. We are quite literally taking them with us into Eternity. And even if someone has already crossed the bridge into the world of light, it is not too late to send them our love and blessings. The spirits and souls there are in as much need of them as anywhere – maybe even more so. Some of them come to my mind, in particular family members with whom it was impossible, for one reason or another, to make peace while they still dwelled with us on this plane.

Focussing on that which is good and positive in people is a wonderful aid to building solid and lasting friendships. It creates an appreciation for each other that is based on love and goodwill. That is the best foundation for keeping friendships going, while criticism very easily destroys them. When I find out someone’s Sun sign, I find it much easier to be tolerant towards their foibles and idiosyncrasies because I realise that when people are stilled ‘ruled by the Stars’ they just cannot help the irritating and annoying things they are doing. See the link at the end of this article.

To illustrate this with an example, one of my friends is a Sun Virgo, an Earth sign, with his Sun in the first house, the natural domain of Aries, a Fire sign. True to his Virgo approach to life he loves nit-picking and looking for flaws in everything that comes his way. Because he is frequently unable to see the wood for the trees, he blurts out the first thing that comes to him, instead of getting his mind into gear before speaking. In addition to these negative characteristics of his Sun sign, he also displays a collection of the Arian ones, the house position of his Sun. He very rapidly jumps to conclusions – the wrong ones, more often than not – and loves shooting first and asking the questions, if any, afterwards. Through this he usually misses the point I am trying to make completely. On top of all these things he is always on the lookout for someone to cross swords with – Aries again.

Being familiar with his birthchart, I know that he just cannot help himself, because he really is still ruled by the stars. What this means you can find out by following the link at the end. My knowledge enables me to smile to myself when he launches one of his attacks, rather than getting angry and annoyed. Then I forgive him and still think of him as my friend, which I certainly am.

For those who are interested in self-mastery, the ultimate goal of our earthly education, astrology can be a wonderful lifehelp that provides pointers about the negative traits of their earthly nature. Becoming aware of them puts the tool into their hands for working on rising above and overcoming them. By studying my interpretations of the Sun signs for any of your friends, with a bit of practice you will soon be able to recognise how much of their behaviour is part of their main life’s lessons, revealed by the sign and house position of our Sun sign. Reading my notes about your own Sun sign will go a long way towards overcoming your troublesome habits and characteristics. Take a look at the links below and find out for yourself how through a better understanding of your friends your connection with them can become much more smoothly running.

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•    ‘Healing Prayer For Parents And Children’

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Who Is A Truly Caring Friend?

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Who Is A Truly Caring Friend?Aquarius is the sign of transformation and transmutation, friendship and kinship with all life. This means that the energies are now right for converting all our relationships into friendships. And when you take a closer look at the people in your life to see which one means most to you, it is sure to be those who refuse to give advice and try to find solutions or cures for your pain, they simply share it. God’s light shines through them and their mere presence and words of comfort flow from their warm and tender hearts, touching and healing your wounds.
Truly caring friends are silent in the moments of our despair and confusion. They stay with us in hours of grief, bereavement and loneliness, just being there for us and content with not knowing how to cure and heal our body and soul’s wounds. The presence of such friends helps us to face and deal with the human predicament of powerlessness before the great issues, like life and death. The living God within such people touches the wounded part of those who are suffering. Unhesitatingly they give of themselves by taking time to comfort and be there for us. It makes no difference if they are thousands of miles away. They make time available for writing a letter, sent by email these days. The blessing and healing power of the Highest flows through their words, comforts the sufferer by bringing new hope and trust in the goodness of the life that has been given to us.

The way these friends behave shows us how God and the Angels embrace all human souls when they are in distress with total and unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. The power of love that is their only motivation is also in us. To show it, all we have to do is approach those who are suffering with simple human kind-heartedness and friendliness, consideration and respect. That’s how in all human relationships the alchemy of love can take place and transform the base metal of even the most difficult connection into the pure gold of a truly caring friendship.

Our Highest Self is the friend who dwells in the innermost core of our being and who loves us the way we always yearned to be loved, totally and unconditionally, deeply caring and never judging us, merely loving and accepting us just the way we are. To paraphrase the words of the Bible’s St. John 14:16-17: ‘The Great Father/Mother of all life has given each one of you a true comforter who is never going to leave you. It is the spirit of truth, although it is part of you the earthly self for a long time fails to recognise it because it cannot be seen with purely earthly vision. Therefore, the small self does not know of its existence. But for each one of you there eventually comes the moment of awakening when you realise that you do know the comforter promised of old, that S/He abides with you and is part of you.’

Love is the law of life. Love and friendship are God’s true nature and our own. This is the kind of love that gives of itself freely and willingly to all Its creations, asking for nothing in return. The Divine spark in every human heart is part of this pure love. Before it ever emerged from the heartmind of God it has been accompanied by this love and forever will be. This truly caring comforter and friend never leaves us and stays with us forever. Through thick and thin, good and evil alike the Heavenly companion walks with its small earthly counterpart, taking part in all its explorations, looking after it and caring for it in all Eternity. Waiting to be called upon, at any time this higher part of our being is willing to guide us safely through anything that yet has to come our way. And each time one of us acts as a truly caring friend towards another, human and animal alike, God’s kingdom on the Earth is established that bit more firmly.

Thank you, Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
For the gift of our relationships.
Please show us how to lift each one of them,
Especially the difficult ones,
Onto the highest level of friendship
Where nothing but total and unconditional
Love and acceptance exist.
In the name of love we ask this,
Your true name and ours.


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True Friends

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - True Friends

True friends are always there for us.
The only thing they want
Is that we should be ourselves.
Because they understand that we all have
Everything within, good and evil alike,
It feels safe with them
To reveal the very depths of our heart.

Such friends are like the shade of
A great tree in the noonday heat
Or a home port with our country’s flag flying,
When we reach the end of a long journey.
In the trouble and strife of Earth life
They are impregnable citadels of refuge.

Whenever they reach for our hand,
They touch our hearts and help our souls to heal.
Their belief in us restores our faith
In the basic goodness of our existence.
The presence of the Divine shines through
Their kindness and compassion.
This restores our faith in human nature
And reassures us that it’s a good Universe
In which we live, after all.

Aware of the higher purpose of Earth life
And conducting their lives by the Universal laws,
Friends of this calibre never stab us in the back or betray us.
They are spiritual oases in the desert of earthly existence,
Antidotes to despair, elixirs of hope
And tonics against depression.

They will be our friends in all Eternity.
From the world of light they will still be our friends,
Guiding and supporting us as best they can.
Responding to their friendship,
Unstintingly and without reluctance,
Is the most natural thing in the world.

Six pointed Star

Wisdom From Many Different Sources Of Our World

Transforming All Relationships Into Friendships

Part One

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Transforming All Relationships Into Friendships

The Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship and siblinghood with all life and lifeforms. There is a growing awareness for the need of reaching out to each other in friendship and peace to all God’s children of the Earth and for healing every one of our relationships. We are all here to improve ours and make them work, so that in due course our whole race recognises the benefits of co-operating and co-existing in peace and harmony with all lifeforms. Furthermore, if we wish to be released from the experiences of earthly life and move forward on the evolutionary spiral into exploring the higher levels of life, it’s essential not to leave behind any unresolved relationship issues.

This requires that we transform every one of our relationships, and in particular the most difficult and traumatic ones, into bonds of siblinghood and friendship. To prepare us for this particular part of our healing journey, it is helpful to know that no two human pathways are ever alike and that every one of us is the Universe’s beloved child of the Earth and an integral part of God’s Creation. God’s true nature and our own is love and all of us are equally valuable and loved by our Divine parents. Each has a right to find a measure of happiness in earthly life by loving and being loved.

For as long as we still think of ourselves as nothing but an earthling, our spiritual nature is in need of awakening. But this can only happen when we have spiritually matured sufficiently, our energies are right and the moment has come when we begin to discover the higher purpose and meaning of our existence. When we grasp the Universal laws to which all life is subject, it becomes easier to understand why sad and difficult things from time to time have to come into our life, the same as into everybody else’s. To paraphrase Nietzsche: ‘Knowing why things are happening to us makes enduring them easier.’ By the way, ignorance of the Universal laws never protected anyone against their consequences.

In all their relationships, whenever a situation has been duly considered from every angle, wise ones agree to disagree with any opponent and then shake hands to re-seal the friendship. They are doing this because their inner guidance tells them that’s the right thing for them to do because of the different earthly lessons each one of us in their previous lifetimes has taken part in and those we are attending now. This is how it comes about that everything in earthly life is a matter of personal perception and that can vary considerably from one person to another. That no doubt is the origin of the folk wisdom ‘One person’s meat is another one’s poison’, i.e. some things that are liked and enjoyed by one person may be distasteful to another.

Being aware of these things, wise ones appreciate that it is possible for all participants in any argument to be right and wrong, at the same time, so that in truth there really is no point in quarrelling over anything. Therefore, instead of wasting their time and energy – humankind’s most precious resource on the Earth plane – on futile disputes, they prefer observing and listening to see whether anything useful can be gleaned from those who are arguing and biting each other’s heads off. They believe that with a bit of goodwill any disagreement can be settled peacefully, simply by accepting each other’s views, even though they differ. Whenever they are in danger of getting involved in any kind of dispute, they remind themselves of the fact that two people can look at exactly the same things and perceive them in totally different ways.

Our level of spiritual maturity reveals itself in nothing more clearly than in our ability and willingness – or otherwise – to agree or disagree with others in times of conflict. As Nietzsche put it: ‘You have your way and I have mine. As for the right, correct and only way, forget about it – there isn’t one.’ But in the final analysis there is only one right way for everybody and that is by following what our  inner guidance tells us is right, even though it may not be right for anyone else.

This kind of maturity has nothing to do with the age of our physical body. It depends on what types of experiences we have behind us and what we have learned from them. The degree of our maturity reveals itself in our understanding of others and the willingness to forgive them and seeking their forgiveness. It isn’t always enough to be forgiven by others. As we move along on our healing journey, it does not take long until we discover that there are many times when it is necessary to forgive ourselves and that is by no means as easy as it sounds. But, as the Buddha pointed out: ‘Conquering the desires of our own lower nature is better than winning a thousand battles. That victory is ours to keep in all Eternity and can never be taken from us, not by Angels or demons, Heaven or Hell.’

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Transforming All Relationships Into Friendships

Unlocking The Doors Of Friendship

Part Two

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Unlocking The Doors Of FriendshipA renewed understanding of our true nature and the higher purpose and meaning of our earthly existence, as well as forgiveness in my view are they main keys for unlocking the doors of friendship. When I reflect on my own lessons of past lifetimes and the earlier ones of this one, I realise the necessity for finding forgiveness as well as compassion, love and affection for myself and my own suffering just as much as for anybody else. As difficult as this turns out to be at times, it is necessary and it helps bearing in mind the advice of Alexander the Great: ‘Nothing is impossible for those who are willing to try.’ When it comes to forgiving others for their trespasses, it is helpful to know that we cannot change other people, only ourselves. As Katie Curran Taylor wrote: ‘You cannot change the way someone else feels if their mind is set or their past has too much of a hold on them. Until they themselves want to change, you have to let them be. Be brave, gentle and set yourself free.’

To paraphrase Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Swiss Psychiatrist and Author: ‘Truly beautiful people are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, loss and who worked their own way through these experiences, hand in hand with God and the Angels. Out of the depths of the hell of human suffering they have risen with a fresh appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving empathy with the pain of others. Beautiful people do not just happen, they can only grow and evolve on the Earth plane.’ I believe that the happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything. They are happier than others because they realise that life is a precious gift and their contentment grows from the ability of making the most of everything the Universe places before them.

Aware that we are responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions, I carefully watch what I think, say and do, and am ever mindful of the wisdom from the Buddha legend: ‘Words have the power to destroy and heal, and true and kind ones can change and improve our world.’ Lao Tzu added to this: ‘Kindness in words creates confidence. In thinking it provides us with profoundness and in giving it brings us love.’ Appreciating that we are all together on the Earth to help each other, I am happy to follow the Dalai Lama’s suggestion of: ‘Help others whenever you can. If that’s impossible, at least do not harm them.’

Knowing that it takes a long time and many lifetimes to become the person we would like to be, and this is the case for all human beings, wise ones don’t allow anything or anybody to stop them from working on themselves. And when they look back from the evolutionary point they have presently reached, they realise that the people who once treated them badly were in truth their best teachers. These people were the ones who taught them how they do  not wish to be. And so they give thanks and praise to the love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life for providing them with the gift of such excellent teachers.

Yet once in a while, when something or someone has upset them, even wise ones cannot help getting angry. Being wise never stopped anyone from feeling that way and that it is their good right to feel angry, just the same as everybody else. What makes a wise one stand out from less highly evolved souls is their awareness that this does not give anyone the right for being violent and cruel. That’s why wise ones look for creative and constructive outlets for the release of their anger.

One good way for letting off steam is by writing an angry article, letter or poem – to themselves. Documents of this nature are not meant to be kept but destroyed, ideally by incineration in the open air, so that the anger together with the smoke can be blown away by the wind. Truly wise ones go one step further by asking the Air elementals to carry the negative feelings of the present situation, together with every last shred of the hatred, aggression and anger that has accumulated down the ages on the Earth plane, into the temple of healing in the heartmind of the Highest Star and the brightest Light, the Christ Star, to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing, healing and harmonising energies for all life.

A spot of flow-writing by jotting down whatever comes into their mind is another good way that wise ones can get something of their chests. It helps them to know that getting angry is not some kind of a shortcoming on their part, but merely an ordinary aspect of everyone’s character make-up. Furthermore, they refuse to blame their parents or other ancestors for any of their negative character traces because they know that each one of us alone is responsible for who and what we presently are. The background and circumstances of our present lifetime only influence us to a certain extent. All of us are responsible for our character traits, good and bad ones alike, because we ourselves developed them in previous lifetimes. We bring them with us into each new earthly sojourn in the hope of finding fresh opportunities for working on and improving them.

The Divine spark in the collective heart of humankind is stirring from its slumber and ever more of us are becoming aware that in truth we are all siblings in the great family of God’s Creation. The Christ love is born in our world and this is the kind of love that motivates ever more of us to make their contribution to establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth. This love does not require more from any one of us than conducting our lives in peaceful and modest ways that put no unnecessary strain on Mother Earth’s precious resources. Hopefully this will encourage others to follow our example. Under the influence of the spirit of this age, the Aquarian Zeitgeist, human hearts increasingly feel a desire to reach out in brotherly/sisterly love and friendship to all lifeforms that share our world with us.

A deep yearning for peace and harmony to be restored in earthly life rises from the innermost core of our being into our conscious awareness, which is accompanied by a desire to give of our best and do all we can to contribute to the blessing and healing of our world and all its inhabitants. These things are all signs that the true ‘Second Coming’ or the ‘Latter Days Of The Law’ are with us and making themselves felt more and more. So, let’s focus our whole being on love, giving and receiving it wherever we can. In this way more can be done to help others than any form of earthly legislation could ever dream to accomplish, because the power of love without human intervention rights that which is in disorder and out of harmony.

As far as the circumstances that still exist anywhere in our world are concerned, they contain extremely valuable spiritual lessons for individuals, groups, countries and ultimately the whole of humankind. The learning gained from these experiences will eventually bring a new golden age to our planet. Above all others, love is the tool that is needed to solve all human problems and to heal all relationships by transmuting them into friendships. The Christ love expresses itself as honesty and truthfulness in every aspect of our life, and simple human kindness and friendliness, respect for and tolerance towards each other’s feelings and points of view.

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 Six pointed Star

Footprints In Our Hearts

Footprints in our Hearts - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Healing Friendships

People are constantly walking into and out of our lives.
Yet, only friends leave their footprints in our hearts.

To handle ourselves we need to use our heads,
but for handling others it’s better to do so from our hearts.

Have you noticed that
anger is only one letter shorter than danger?

If someone betrays us once, that’s their fault.
If they betray us twice, it’s our fault,
because we didn’t learn from the first experience.

Great minds discuss ideas,
average ones reflect on events,
while small ones talk about people.

God provides all birds with their food,
but doesn’t throw it into their nests.

Those who lose money sometimes lose much.
Those who lose friends lose more
and those who lose faith lose everything.

Learn from the mistakes of others.
Earth life isn’t long enough to make each one ourselves.

The tongue weighs practically nothing.
Isn’t it sad that so few people know how to hold theirs?

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

If I Knew

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - If I Knew

If I knew it would be the last time
That I’d watch you fall asleep,
I’d make you as comfortable as I can
And pray to the Highest to keep you safe, forever.

If I knew it would be the last time
That I see you walk out of the door,
I would give you a hug and a kiss
And then call you back for one more.

If I knew it would be the last time
I heard your beloved voice,
I would make a recording of it,
So I could hear it whenever I wanted.

If I knew it would be the last time,
I could spare an extra minute
To stop and say: ‘I love you,’
Instead of assuming that you know I do.

If I knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day,
And I hope you still have many more,
I would not let this one slip away.

I trust there will always be tomorrow
To make up for each oversight,
And that we shall get a second chance
To make things between us just right.

That there will always be another day
To say: ‘I love you,’
And another chance
For saying: ‘Anything I can do?’

But just in case that I am wrong,
And today is all I get,
I’d like you to know how much I love you
And that I shall never forget you.

There is no promise for tomorrow for anyone,
Young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance
To hold our loved ones tight.

So instead of waiting for tomorrow,
Why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
We shall not have to regret it

That we didn’t take a bit of time
For a smile, a hug and a kiss,
And that we aren’t too busy to grant someone
What turns out to be their last wish.

So let’s hold our loved ones close today
And whisper in their ear
How much we love them
And that we shall always hold them dear.

Let’s take time to say things like: ‘I’m sorry.’
‘Please forgive me!’, ‘Thank you.’ and ‘It’s okay!’
And should tomorrow never come,
There will be no need for regrets
About having missed a day.

Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

When You Are With Someone

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - When You Are With Soneone

When you are with someone
Who makes you smile
And helps you see,
How good and beautiful life
Can really be.

When you are with someone
Who has warmth to share
And kindness to extend,
A person who really wants to know you,
Then you know you have found a friend.

When you are with someone
Who cares about
The things you try to do,
Someone you can confide
Your deepest thoughts and feelings to,

When you are with someone
You can trust and
Never need to pretend,
Someone who helps you know yourself,

Then you know you’re with a friend.

Edward J. Wright
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Gift Of Love

The Gift Of Love - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers For Healing Friendships

God gave us a great treasure
Of immense and untold worth,
That brings a touch of Heaven
To every lifetime on Earth.

An Angel from above,
Guided us to find each other
And blessed us with the gift
Of friendship and of love.

Emily Matthew
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Little Gifts

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Little Gifts

It’s the little gifts of friendship
That always mean so much.
The little notes and occasional calls
That keep good friends in touch.

The quiet understanding
And laughter shared by two.
Small deeds of thoughtfulness
That friends so often do.

The little gifts of friendship
Are the kind and caring ways,
The sharing of good things
That brings joy to ordinary days.

And what a world of happiness
These little gifts can bring,
Adding to our chest of treasury
Of fond remembering.

Catherine Drummond
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

What Is A Friend?

What Is A Friend? Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers For Healing Friendships

A friend is an attitude within you,
A talk you can always continue,
A feeling you have known for a while,
A thought that sparks an inner smile.

A friend is someone you hold dear,
Who may travel far, yet in spirit stays near,
Whose presence sets your soul free
With its love of truth and honesty.

A friend shares your joys and tears,
And helps you overcome your fears,
Accepts your strengths and weakness, too,
Who doesn’t allow anything to dull your friendship’s hue.

A friend walks life’s miles with you
And you share values that are sound and true.
Though your paths sometimes drifts apart,
A true friendship never leaves your heart.

Bruce B. Wilmer
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Birthday Wishes For A Friend

May the blessings of soft and gentle rain
Fall upon your spirit and soul,
To help the flowers of kind and loving thoughts
Grow in your heart and flow from there into our world.

May God’s blessing and healing power
Be contained in every drop of rain that falls,
To cleanse and purify your spirit and soul,
And through you the whole human race.

When it stops raining,
May nothing be left behind but a shining pool
That reflects the goodness of the Heavens
And the radiance of the Christ Star’s Light.

Many happy returns of the day.
With all my love and best wishes.

Six pointed Star

Words Of Wisdom About Friendship

Healing Lotus - Real Friends - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Healing Friendships

A true friend is one who walks in
When the rest of the world has walked out.

Walter Winchell

* * *

A true friend knows the song of our heart and soul
And sings it to us each time our memory fails.


* * *

Nothing but Heaven is better than a friend
Who cares and truly is a friend.

Plautus c. 254 – c. 184 BC

* * *

There’s no need to change our perception of the
Meaning of friendship when one grasps
That friends need to evolve and change,
The same as we do.


* * *

No matter how good a friend someone is,
They are likely to hurt us once in a while.
Unless we are willing to forgive,
Even the best friendship is bound to die.


* * *

True friendships continue to grow,
Especially when long distances come between friends.
Everything that is beautiful and true,
Good and right is of God.
That’s why it never goes away or dies.


* * *

Happiness keeps us sweet,
Trials keep us strong,
Sorrows keep us human,
Failures keep us humble,
Success keeps us glowing,
And friends keep us going.


* * *

Friendship isn’t a big thing.
Its many little ones.


* * *

‘One of the tasks of true friendship is to listen compassionately and creatively to hidden silences. Often secrets are not revealed in words but are concealed in the silence between the words or in the depths of what is unspoken between two people.’

John O’Donohue in ‘Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom’

* * *

‘When we honestly ask ourselves which people in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, offering solutions or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.’

From Henri J.M. Nouwen
‘The Road to Daybreak – A Spiritual Journey’

* * *

True friendships last beyond our present earthly existence. We take them with us wherever we go and bring them with us, should another incarnation become necessary. They will then be part of our support system. That’s why there is every reason to nurture our human relationships and look after them, right here and now. Spiritually it is desirable that we should make every effort to transform even the most difficult and traumatic relationships into bonds of friendship and love. True love is an eternal link between two souls, who will always recognise each other, wherever and whenever they may meet again.

From ‘Are Marriages Made In Heaven?’

* * *

Knowing that all of us are siblings in the vast human family, how could I have something against anyone? All of us are like children at school and performers on the vast stage of life. The daily drama of human life in physicality is acted out to help us learn from each other. Through this we grow in wisdom and understanding of God’s true nature, our own and the processes of life. As a result our consciousness expands and that is the main purpose of our existence.

In truth, there are no enemies in this world, only teachers and friends who are showing us how we no longer want to be. We all have everything within and because we are magnetic beings, we attract that which we ourselves are into our lives, so that we should learn from it. In the case of negative characteristics, this enables us to work on overcoming them.

From ‘Go Forward And Sin No More’

* * *

The finest place to be is in someone’s thoughts.
The safest place to be is in someone’s prayers
And the best place to be is in God’s loving hands.
You are in all three.

Take care and God bless, dear Friends.
With love and light,

  Six pointed Star 

Reflections On Time

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Reflections On Time

Time is too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice,
But for wise ones who truly love,
Love knows no boundaries and time
And lasts in all Eternity

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘About Time’

Six pointed Star

Be True To Yourself

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Be True To Yourself

Whenever the mind of our small earthly self – or someone in our environment – tries to convince us that we are a small, useless and worthless human specimen, it is good and right to take the part of our Highest or God Self and reply: ‘That’s what you think, but you are wrong. It’s not that you are lying to me. Your belief is a false one and you are merely saying such things because you do not yet understand your own true nature and the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence.’

The truth of the matter is that every one of us in their own way is a special and unique being, who is precious and loved beyond compare. In the entire history of the whole of Creation there has never been and never will be another being quite like me. My eyes, hands, hair, handwriting, smile, voice and mind are unique to me. No-one walks, talks, thinks, acts or even meditates exactly the way I do. Nobody can paint my brush strokes or has exactly the same taste as I have for food, music, dance and other artistic endeavours. Nobody can perceive things quite the way I do and no-one can feel my feelings. And there has never been someone who laughs exactly the way I do, and what makes me laugh or cry can have quite a different effect on someone else. Extract from ‘You Are Special’ – see link at the end.

•    ‘In a world that is trying to make you like everyone else, being yourself is the greatest challenge of all.’

•    ‘If you don’t like my words, don’t listen. If you don’t like my appearance, don’t look. If you don’t like my actions, turn your head. It’s as simple as that.’

•    ‘If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me that way.’ Goethe

•    ‘This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.’

•    ‘Conduct your life the way you want to live it. Don’t allow others to live it for you.’

•    ‘I never wanted to be different. I just wanted to be me.’

•    ‘The only freedom in our world lies in being ourselves.’

•    ‘Enjoy who you are and refuse to dislike yourself for what you are not.’

•    ‘Always be a first-rate version of yourself, rather than a second-rate version of someone else.’ Judy Garland

•    ‘It’s better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.’ Herman Melville

•    ‘I was once afraid of people saying: ‘Who does she think she is?’ Now I have the courage to say: ‘This is who I am.’ Oprah Winfrey

•    ‘If you care about what other people think, you make yourself their prisoner.’ Lao Tzu

•    ‘You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realised how seldom they do.’ Eleanor Roosevelt

•    ‘Most people’s thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry and their passions a quotation.’ Oscar Wilde

•    ‘There are few in our world who know how to see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.’ Albert Einstein

•    Know that you are a beloved child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, that we all have a right to be here, because everybody has their particular lessons to learn, and that – whether we are aware of it or not – the great Universal plan rests safely in God’s hands and is unfolding as it should. From ‘Desiderata’ – see link below.

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘You Are Special’
•    ‘Desiderata’

Six pointed Star

The Joy Of Being Yourself

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - The Joy Of Being Yourself

To truly be myself and you yourself,
It is essential that I do my thing
And you do yours.
We are not in this world
To imitate each other or live up
To someone else’s expectations.

You are you and I am I.
If, whenever we meet,
We can love and accept each other,
Just the way we are,
We truly are friends and that is beautiful.

Six pointed StarSix pointed StarSix pointed Star

Section Two

Hoping For And Dreaming Of Better Relationships And Finding New Friends

Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Section Two

Relationships are like birds.
If we hold them too tightly, they die.
If we hold them loosely, they fly.
But if we nurture and care for them,
So that love can grow between people,
They do not end with anyone’s death,
But are with us, quite literally, forever.

Six pointed Star

Living Wisely And In Hope

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Creating Better Relationships Everything in the whole of Creation is in relationship with everything else. And if we long for peace in our world, we have to start with ourselves and seriously work on creating peaceful and harmonious relationships with everyone who comes into our orbit. This applies as much to national and international relationships between the peoples of our world as to our individual connections. And if we wish to draw more loving relationships towards us, we first have to become a kinder and more loving person ourselves. In this section you are going to find many ideas and tips that will help you to build happier and more harmonious relationships, in fact the relationships of your dreams that quite literally will last forever.

The same is required for the healing of the relationship with ourselves, the most difficult one of all, and also with God *. The latter is aided by an increasing understanding of the Universal laws, God’s laws, that one of the main laws of life is evolution and that nothing in the whole of Creation is ever withdrawn or wasted. Everything is recycled time and again and slowly but surely evolves into an ever higher and more beautiful life-form. As we ourselves move onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, we too evolve into a higher and more beautiful manifestation of life and begin to notice how this is happening not only to all life and lifeforms of our world *, but throughout the whole of Creation.

All life in the whole of Creation is subject to the Universal laws – naturally are also at work in human relationships. The same as we ourselves do, our relationships grow from the smallest and most primitive beginnings into ever more sophisticated forms. As always, nothing can manifest itself in the world around us that we did not first create on the inner level of our being. And the things we long for because they are still missing in our daily lives, like the peace and harmony of well balanced relationships, can only come about in this manner. The ideal world of our dreams with happy and mutually satisfying relationships cannot happen on their own. We have to do our share of making such visions a reality in earthly life by conducting our lives accordingly and so bring the Heavens down to the Earth.

Good relationships never did just happen or fall from the Heavens. * They have to be created by us and worked on, sometimes very hard. Everybody who comes into our life is a gift from the Universe to assist us with getting to know ourselves and the qualities that are in us and ultimately to teach us how to conduct our lives with great care and learn how to love wisely. This requires the setting of boundaries. Within them we sometimes need to be firm and insist on that which our inner guidance through the world of our feelings and our heart tells us is right for us at any given moment. At the same time we need to be willing to bend before the wind of life by listening to others and trying to accommodate their needs whenever a compromise can smooth the way forward.

As love is our true nature and the first law of the Universe, may our soul’s longing and yearning for more love and peace in our lives be our vision and guiding star. Wisdom and love, patience and tolerance, tact and diplomacy in equal proportions are the most essential ingredients required for creating good relationships and transmuting even the most difficult ones into friendships that will be with us forever. During lifetimes in Libra, the sign of relationships, marriage and partnerships, ruled by Venus, the above named qualities are the gifts that can be developed. They are by no means automatically bestowed upon anyone. But even those who are in the process of learning to handle the Venusian energies by being born into the two signs ruled by this planet, earthy Taurus and airy Libra, remain dynamic beings who can only attract into their lives that which they themselves are. *

Whatever characteristics we have developed in previous lifetimes, we bring with us into our next one, thus complying with the evolutionary law of life which demands that we work on and improve them. And because our Highest Spirit Self is pulling us, that’s what all human beings are instinctively aiming to do at all times, even though it may not always look like that on the surface of life. The Sun in our birthchart shows in which direction our Highest or God Self will be pulling us throughout the whole of our present lifetime. The Sun’s sign and house position provide pointers to our main life lessons, as well as the qualities that are waiting to be developed and integrated into our character on our soul’s slow and gradual way back into the wholeness and perfection that is in God.

As sparks of the Christ Spirit, the spiritual Sun beyond the Sun in the sky above us, and integral parts of Its light, each one of us without exception is walking this evolutionary pathway. At all times, the Great Father/Mother of all life in this way is inexorably drawing each one of us forwards and upwards, inviting, calling and coaxing us to come home and be at one with Him/Her again, the way we once were. *

Aquarius is the sign in which the highest human hopes, dreams and aspirations can be made a reality in earthly life. Now that its age is with us, the dream of a better and more peaceful world is beginning to come within the reach of humankind’s vision of the future. Knowing that today’s thoughts are creating the realities of tomorrow, I visualise the new Earth as a place where all live and work together harmoniously and in which hunger and starvation, warfare and violence of any kind, sickness and pain, and even death will no longer be known.

The memory of such a world is deeply imprinted in every human soul, because we once emerged from such a place. However, there were long periods when we were still unaware of our true nature, the presence of the Universal laws and the creative power of thought. * In our role as co-creators with God and with the help of the thinking and behaviour patterns of bygone days and ages each one of us did their share of creating our world the way it is at present. That’s why all of us are offered sufficient opportunities for making good and redeeming ourselves. *

* Recommended Reading:
•    ‘Healing Our Relationship With God’
•    ‘Good Relationships Don’t Grow On Trees’
•    ‘Ignorance – The Cause Of All Evil’
•    ‘The Sun In Libra’
•    ‘The Saviour And Redeemer’
•    ‘Thought – The Most Powerful Force Of All’
•    ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’

Six pointed Star

The Sound Of God

Teach me to listen to the sound of the wind in the trees - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Healing & Comfort

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
You are in me and I am in You, we are one.
There never has been any separation between us.
The idea of separateness was created by a false belief
That You are a force or being somewhere ‘out there’,
When in truth everything in the whole of Creation is
A manifestation of You and Your infinite power,
Wisdom and love.

I hear and see You,
I smell and taste You in everything that is.
Your voice speaks to me
When the wind whispers in the trees
And I listen to the sound of falling of rain,
The song of birds and the raucous calling of seagulls.
I hear your voice calling in the foghorn in the bay,
The crashing of ocean waves hitting the shore
And the surf’s roaring,
But also in the rumble of distant traffic.
They are part of the great symphony of life
You are tirelessly re-composing for us and our world.

In the wailing cry of each newborn child
I hear Your cry of joy for all human souls
Who have been released from their unconscious existence
In the womb of time into Earth life,
Where for a time they will no longer be aware
Of their true nature and origin.
Each newly born you grant the gift of another lifetime,
So it can move that bit closer
To the radiance of Your consciousness
That eventually brings a renewed understanding
Of the purpose and meaning of our existence
To each one of us.

In the last sighs of my companions,
Who are released from earthly life,
I listen to the joy of their returning to their true home
And the awareness of their Divinity and eternal reality.
At the same time I hear Your relief about another of us,
Who has fulfilled the purpose of their present lifetime and who,
Hand in hand with the Angel of Death
Safely walks into the world of spirit and light,
Its true home.

I hear You in the voices of my brothers and sisters,
In their talking, laughing and singing,
As much as in their sobbing and weeping.
I listen to You in the murmurings of
My own small still voice of conscience,
Who dwells in my heart and speaks to me
Your words of wisdom, truth and love,
And who, whenever I feel frightened, lost and lonely,
Reassures me and tells me what to do.

I hear Your voice
In the barking of dogs and mewing of cats,
The blow of  a workman’s hammer,
And the whining of aircraft engines in the sky above me.
In them I recognise You looking with pride onto us,
Your beloved children of the Earth,
How we, with the help of Your ideas
Are creating the technological wonders of our world.
Thanks and praise be to You
For the assistance You are constantly giving us,
To slowly but surely make our world
Into a more beautiful and peaceful place.

Teach us how to use the gifts and talents
You are so generously bestowing upon us,
Unselfishly and only for the highest good
And the greatest joy of all life that shares
Mother Earth, the precious jewel, with us.
May Your Divine wisdom and truth
Help us to overcome the destructive urges of
Humankind’s lower nature and shed our fears,
So that ever more of us rest securely
In the knowledge that the reigns for us and our world
Have always rested safely in Your loving hands
And will forever continue to do so.


Six pointed Star

The Art Of Listening

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Comfort & Healing - The Art Of Listening

Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life,
Teach me the art of listening:
To my nearest and dearest,
My family and friends,
Neighbours and co-workers.
Help me to become ever more aware that,
No matter what words anyone uses,
The underlying message always is:
‘Listen to me, accept and love me,
As the person I truly am.’

Teach me to listen, Great Spirit,
Also to those who are far from me:
To the pleas of the lost and lonely,
The frightened and forgotten,
And to the cries of all
Who are anguished in other ways.

Teach me to listen, Great Spirit,
To my own deepest, innermost needs.
Help me to trust that
The small still voice of conscience
That speaks to me from the depths of my heart,
Is the voice of Your wisdom and truth.

Teach me to listen within, Great Spirit,
To the sound of Your beloved voice,
In times of being busy or bored,
Of certainty and doubt,
Noise and silence.

Teach all of us to listen, Great Spirit,
Now that the Age of Aquarius is with us.
Because the earthly education of many
Is presently drawing to its close,
Please help us to resolve
All outstanding issues between people,
So that every one of our relationships
Can be transformed into a friendship,
So that we are ready when our final departure
From this plane of life has come
And You and the Angels are guiding us on
To lessons of a higher nature.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star


Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Marriage

Good and happy marriages
Don’t fall from the Heavens or just happen.
They have to be created by two people
And in this process many seemingly small things
Can turn out to be the most important ones.
For example:

Never being too old to hold hands.
Remembering to say: ‘I love you’,
At least once each day.
Never going to sleep angry,
Sharing a sense of values and common objectives.
Standing together and facing the world by
Forming a circle of love not only around
Our own family but the whole of humankind.

Listening to the other one and responding to their needs.
Expressing that we appreciate them in thoughtful ways
That show that our gratitude is heartfelt and genuine.
Being willing to forgive and let bygones be bygones.
Creating the right atmosphere together,
Yet allowing each other sufficient space
For breathing and being who and what they truly are.
Growing independently of each other as well as together.
Making an effort to bring forth from within
That which is good, right and beautiful
Not only in contact with each other,
But also with everybody else.

Because we are magnetic beings,
We can only attract that which we ourselves are
And like always attracts like.
Making an effort at being the right partner is
Far more important than marrying the right person,
As this alone decides what kind of spouse
We shall attract in future lifetimes.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘Are Marriages Made In Heaven?’
•    ‘Of Marriage’

Six pointed Star

A Bit Of Advice 

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Relationship Healing - Sound Advice

Amid the cares of daily life,
In spite of toil and business strife,
If you value the woman in your life,
Tell her so!

When your own days are dark and deeply blue,
Remember that she has her troubles, the same as you.
Show her that in spite of everything
Your love is true
And tell her so!

Don’t act as if she were past her prime,
And as if to please her would be a crime.
If ever you loved her, now’s the time
For telling her so!

Her love will return to you for each caress
A hundredfold in tenderness.
You know that hearts like hers were made to bless.
Well, tell her so!

You like to think that she’s all your own,
And that you are hers and hers alone.
Don’t wait to carve it on a stone.
Tell her so!

Do not allow her heart to grow cold,
For richer beauties for both of you are sure to unfold,
When ever more she’ll prove to you that
She’s worth more than her weight in gold.
Before it’s too late, dear Friend,
Tell her so!

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

P.S. Naturally, the above applies to wives telling their husbands, too.

Tell her she means the world to you and is precious beyond compare. Tell her from your heart and mean it, don’t just use empty words. Bring her flowers once in a while. Find out which ones she likes best and she will love you all the more for your thoughtfulness. The Universal laws ensure that any gesture of kindness we extend to anyone, not just our loved ones, is sure to return to us in many different ways.

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘Are Marriages Made In Heaven?’
•    ‘Love – The Greatest Healer Of All’
•    ‘Good And Happy Marriages’

Six pointed Star

Recipe For A Happy Home

Home sweet home

Take two loving hearts and
Melt them into one.
Add lots of love,
Mix well with respect.

Add gentleness, laughter, joy,
Faith, hope and self-control.
Pour in gallons of understanding and
Don’t forget patience.

Blend in listening ears and
Allowing each other to grow and share.
Sprinkle generously with
Smiles, hugs and kisses.

Bake for a lifetime.
Yield: one happy home

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Character Traces

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Character Traces

The most destructive habit = worry
The greatest joy = giving
The greatest loss = self-respect
The most satisfying work = helping others

The least desirable character trait = selfishness
The most endangered species = unselfish dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource = children
The best ‘shot’ in the arm = encouragement

The greatest issue to overcome = fear
The most effective sleeping pill = peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease = excuses
The most powerful force in life = love

The most dangerous person = a gossiper
Their deadliest weapon = the tongue
The world’s most incredible computer = the human brain
The worst thing to be without = hope

The two most power-filled words = ‘I can’
The greatest asset = faith and trust
The most useless emotion = self-pity
The most beautiful adornment = a smile

The most prized possession = integrity
The most contagious spirit = enthusiasm
The most powerful channel of communication = prayer
Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

What Is Hope?

The Optmist AndThe Pessimist - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement

When things go wrong, as they sometime will,
The optimist thinks: ‘They’ll come right again!’
When times are hard, positive thinkers say:
‘They will get better and become easier again.’
But the pessimist grumbles: ‘It’ll only get worse!’
And although this may take a while,
Because our thoughts and beliefs create our earthly reality,
Such forecasts invariably come true.
And then, each one in keeping with their perception of life,
Nods sagely and says: ‘I told you so!’

But what is hope?
It is not the closing of one’s eyes to
Difficulties and obstacles, risks and possible failures.
It is an inner trusting that knows:
If I fail now, I shall not do so forever.
If I get hurt, I shall be healed.
 If I make mistakes, I shall learn from them,
And when I’ve learnt enough,
I will be allowed to move on
To lessons of a different nature.
What could be better?

Hope is the awareness of our innermost self that
Life is good and that the power of love
Is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation
That can straighten crooked corners and move mountains.
If we but ask, this force at all times is willing
To guide us through our most traumatic encounters,
And to help us heal every aspect of our whole being
As well as all relationships,
Especially the most difficult ones.

Hope is an inner knowing,
A steadily increasing certainty
That in God’s time, not ours,
All things in earthly life will eventually
Be made good and come right.
Our present existence is like a great stage
And one fine day we are going to
Step in front of its curtain,
Behind which we for so long have been acting,
Into the world of light, our true home.
We shall be received by the friendly audience
Of the Angels and Masters,
And all other spirit friends and helpers,
To take our bow.

Earth life is a tragicomedy of errors in which
Every participant eventually feels the need
To nail the desires of their lower self to the
Cross of consciousness of the Earth.
Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood and
Willingly submit themselves to Saturn’s demands
Of practising the restraint of self-discipline
And self-mastery in all their relationships,
At the end of their present lifetime
Will only leave good and healed connections behind.
They are presented by God and the Angels
With a leaving certificate that shows that
Earth life can teach them no more.

The teachers, in this case the Angels and Masters
Of the higher and highest planes of existence,
Move these students of life on to lessons
Of an increasingly elevated nature.
And that’s how every one of us in the fullness of time
Is going to take their final bow
On this side of the veil of consciousness.

United in friendship and love at last
With those who walked this way before us,
We enjoy the applause that greets us
On the other side of the veil,
Eager to find out where
The Angels may wish to take us next.
And in the shelter of God’s mighty wings
We shall forever serenely venture forth,
Safe in the knowledge that we shall
Never be frightened or feeling lonely again.

‘I will abide in Thy tabernacle forever;
I will make my refuge the shadow of Thy wings.’

Psalm 61:4

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘The Legend Of Pandora’s Box’

Six pointed Star

A Message Of Hope

Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Creating the Relationship of our Dreams - A Message Of Hope

As far as the theme of hope is concerned, there is never anything new under the Sun. The German poet, philosopher, historian and playwright, Friedrich von Schiller, gave his message of hope to our troubled world in the form of a poem. Its German title is ‘Hoffnung’ – hope. The first version presented here is a masterly translation by a very special friend of mine.

We speak and dream so very much
Of a future in the Sun.
Towards that happy golden goal
We struggle and we run.
The world gets old, then young again –
Still hope is humankind’s refrain.

Hope guides us into life’s great flow
And flutters over cheerful youth,
Enthuses us with magic glow,
In old age too remains our truth
And in the grave that ends our ways
We plant fresh hope for other days.

No vague or empty promise here,
By a foolish mind begot.
The heart proclaims it loud and clear:
‘We’re born for a better lot!’
And what the inner voice makes plain
The hopeful heart does not disdain.

Friedrich von Schiller
1759 – 1805

* * *

The second part of Schiller’s poem came into being with the help of my inner teacher and Highest Self, who shows us how he would write it if he still walked in our midst. 

Oh, how much people talk and dream
Of better days to come.
Just look at them, running and chasing
Visions of happier times
And another golden age of plenty.
A world without suffering and pain,
Where hunger and thirst, sickness and wars,
Violence and crime are no more.
Our world has grown old and
Constantly been renewing itself
And yet, throughout the ages, humankind
Has steadfastly been holding onto this dream.

Hope guides us into earthly life.
Happily it surrounds us in youthful days
And bewitches us with its magical glow.
And no matter how old and weary we may get,
It does not leave us and die,
That’s because it has been planted firmly
And programmed into every heart and soul.
And even though every lifetime has to end in the grave,
Hope stays with us and accompanies us into
The world of light and all subsequent
Earthly sojourns we may still need.

Hope is much more than a flattering delusion
And an elixir that only flows from the brains of fools.
Those who listen can hear the small still voice
Of the living God in their heart whispering:
‘For something greater than Earth life alone
Humankind was created.
A high and holy destiny is waiting for each one of you!’
The things that reveal themselves to us in this way
Never mislead us or betray the trust we place in them.

Friedrich von Schiller
Freely translated by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Moving On

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Moving On

As every flower must fade and youth give way to old age,
So all wisdom and virtues may be valid only in their day.
Nothing but our Highest Self stays with us forever.
At life’s calling the small earthly self has to say farewell
And be ready for another new beginning.

Bravely and without sadness fresh learning can be tackled
With the knowledge that in the spiritual background
Of our earthly existence the power of the Unseen,
Even though it is invisible to earthly eyes,
Has always ruled supreme and forever will do so.
This means that wherever our evolutionary pathway
May still wish to take us,
We shall be guided and protected by
The wise ones in charge of us,
Who will encourage us and help us to live.

Knowing that the Earth is not our true home.
Allows our spirit and soul to roam freely and happily
Through space and time,
Without any shadow of a doubt that
The loving arms of the Great Father/Mother of all life
Are surrounding us and keeping us safe.
These parents do not wish to restrict any of
Its children of the Earth and tie them forever
To such a lowly existence,
When quite the opposite is true.

A high and holy destiny awaits each and every one of us.
Step by step the Universe has always been trying to lift us
Beyond the horizons of our understanding.
And whenever someone stays with one particular
Way of living for too long,
Their spirit and soul stagnate and begin to yearn for
Different kinds of learning.
This, however, can only be found
In new adventures and explorations.

The awareness that there really is no death,
That life is eternal and without beginning or end,
Makes it easier to respond to life’s demands,
When our time for moving on
Into different dimensions of life has come.
It turns the hour of our departure from the physical plane of life
Into an occasion of gladness and enjoyment about
Our rebirth into the world of light and
The approach of studies of a more elevated kind.

But even before it comes to this,
The realisation that in truth life’s call
For all human beings will never end
 Fills our whole being with good cheer.
It enables us to cheerfully say good-bye,
Whenever the need for it arises.
Having found healing and peace
In the conscious awareness of
Our oneness with God, the Angels and all life,
Willingly and peacefully we shall
Forever move forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.

‘Stufen’ by Hermann Hesse
Freely translated by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Finding Peace Of Mind

Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Friendship & Relationship Healing - Finding Peace of Mind

1.    Do not interfere with other people’s business, unless asked to do so.

Most of us create our own problems by interfering too much in other people’s affairs. We do so to our detriment because somehow we have convinced ourselves that our way is better than somebody else’s and that our logic is a perfect one, and that those who do not conform to our thinking must be criticised and steered to the right direction, ours! This kind of thinking shows no respect for the other’s individuality and their intuition, through which the living God within each one of us tells us what is right or wrong, in any given situation. There is no way that someone else can reliably know what that is!

God created each one of us to be unique and special. That is why no two human beings can think or act exactly the same way. Showing love and compassion to someone else’s suffering and at the same time carefully minding our own business does wonders for the inner peace of both parties.

2.    Forgive.

Love can only flourish where there is an equal measure of giving and taking, as well as the willingness of both parties to forgive. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool for finding peace of mind. There is no point in developing ill feelings for and nurturing grievances against those who insult or harm us. These things may result in loss of sleep, development of stomach ulcers and also high blood pressure.

Once an insult or injury has been done, unless we forgive the perpetrator, nourishing grievances may go on until we finally do so, because our inner self is likely to remind us that an unresolved issue is waiting to be attended to. It is more constructive by far not to waste our precious time on such trifles, but to learn something from every experience, then to forgive, as that frees us to move on to different ones.

3.    Do not crave recognition.

The selfishness that is inherent in the character make-up of every human soul is a natural part of the Divine gift of the survival instinct. The older and more experienced the soul becomes, i.e. the more times it has travelled round the zodiac and taken part in the whole gamut of human experiences that are the essential ingredient of our earthly education, the more this selfishness is shed. Until the soul’s enthusiasm is increasingly fired by altruistic and higher motifs for the good of all humankind, instead for the glorification of the self, takes many lifetimes. So, don’t be disappointed when many still react in overly selfish ways.

Don’t be too harsh on anyone, but give thanks and praise to God and the Angels that you have left behind that particular educational phase. Refuse to sit in judgement over anyone, for the simple reason that you know how unwise this is. Your most important lesson now is the practice of showing love and tolerance in all your daily encounters. Attend to it diligently and bear in mind that every person we meet can teach us something. This is particularly true for those who behave unpleasantly towards us. Because we all have everything within, we all have to experience every single one of the expressions of our lower earthly nature, before the ascent into developing the higher and highest aspects of our nature can begin. The blatant selfishness, greed, jealousy and cruelty that some are displaying show those who are already climbing the spiritual mountain how they no longer want to be.

Don’t kill yourself by striving for any kind of recognition; when you have worked hard enough and therefore deserve it, it will come on its own. Patiently, willingly and lovingly do what you have to do to the best of your ability, with honesty and integrity, then hand your work over to God and the Angels and let them do the rest.

4.    Forget about being jealous of other people’s achievements.

Nothing disturbs our peace of mind as much as jealousy, when in truth there is never any need for it. Any success that crowns someone’s efforts on the Earth plane has to be worked for very hard at some stage. No success ever falls into anyone’s lap, although on the surface of earthly life this may often appear to be the case, there is no such thing spiritually. Accomplishments have to earned, if this did not happen during someone’s present lifetime, then it is due to the credits its soul has brought with it into this lifetime in the spiritual ledger that accompanies each one of us during the whole course of our evolution. Peace of mind comes through knowing and accepting that all things on our present level of life can only happen for karmic reasons. So, make your peace with the Universe and say: ‘Thy will be done, not mine! Success will come to me, but in Thy time, not mine!’

From the spiritual point of view – the most important one of all – the outcome of every effort we make depends not only on the karmic aspect of what we have brought with us in our spiritual ledger into present lifetime from previous ones, on the credit as well as the debit side. Our inner motivations are of equal importance. What are we hoping to achieve? Are we hoping for material gains and that our enterprise turns into a money-spinning one?

Or are we looking towards our inner guidance to be shown how we can do our share of being about the Father’s business by altruistically serving life on the Earth plane and the One who created it? For example, the suffering of humankind can be alleviated by releasing ever more of us from the dungeon of ignorance and false beliefs, to get us all that bit nearer to the end to the suffering that these things have created for us and our world?  As long as we pay attention to what rises from within by doing the things we naturally feel drawn to, we are sure to find what is rightfully ours.
5.    Don’t expect the world to change to accommodate you. Instead, change your character so you fit better into our world.

If you try to change the environment single-handedly, the chances are you will fail. Peace of mind comes through changing ourselves and finding a different perception of our world and our place in it. Through learning to love and accept our world the way it is, an environment we previously perceived to be unfriendly and hostile, can mysteriously change and become more congenial and harmonious.

6.    Change the things you can and accept and endure with patience the ones you cannot:

In this way a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. Every day we all have to tackle inconveniences, ailments, irritations and accidents that are beyond our control. If we cannot control such things or change them, we need to cheerfully and patiently endure them. Proving to ourselves and our world that this is possible helps us to grow in patience, inner strength and willpower, as well as wisdom and understanding.

7.    Know and accept your limitations.

Many take on more responsibilities than they are capable of carrying out. It is essential to know our limitations and refuse to take on additional loads that create nothing but stress for us.

8.    Meditate regularly.

Peace of mind can only be gained through reducing our engagements in the material world and spending more time in our inner world. Prayers, meditations, quiet reflections and inner dialogues with our Highest Self, the living God within, soothe and calm the mind. Let Him/Her be your teacher and guide. This is the only place in the whole wide world where truth can be found and where you can safely put all the questions you have always wanted to ask and to which no-one ever seemed to know the right and full answers.

Learn to pay attention to the responses that rise from the very core of your own being at all times. Be patient because this hardly ever happens straight away. Stay as peaceful as you can through resting safely in the knowledge that the answers you are seeking will come. I am one of those who do this by writing down the impressions and ideas that come forth. You might like to try it and maybe amaze yourself at all the things you did not know you knew or rather about the knowledge that rises this way into your consciousness from within the core of your own being.

Meditation calms the mind and diminishes the amount of thoughts that makes it restless. The less cluttered our minds are with everyday thoughts and inner chatter, the greater peace of mind can be achieved.  If you meditate earnestly for half an hour every day, your mind is likely to be more peaceful and not as easily disturbed for the rest of that day. Even if you can only spare five or ten minutes each day, benefits can be reaped; it is helpful to gradually increase these periods. Meditation does not interfere with our daily work. On the contrary, it increases our efficiency and we can produce better results in less time.

9.    Find the right food for your earthly mind.

It would be all too simplistic to say that an empty mind is the devil’s workshop and that all evil actions start in vacant minds. The earthly mind was given to us for good purpose and we are responsible for what we allow our minds to be filled with. Concentrate on that which is positive and worthwhile. Take up an interesting hobby and do things that hold your attention.

Regularly take stock of your life and decide what you truly value and what is worth more to you: money or peace of mind. Some work and hobbies, for example that of the social or spiritual kind may not always earn you more money, but it will bring you a sense of fulfilment and achievement.

10.    Stop procrastinating and never regret anything, but gratefully learn something from every experience that comes your way, so that through it you may grow more heaven-tall.

Too much time is wasted by endlessly wondering: ‘Should I or should I not?’ Days, weeks, months and years may elapse fruitlessly through this kind of futile mental debating. Learn to go with the flow of your life and respond to the promptings you receive from the Universe and your inner teacher and guide. Accept that the future is not ours to see and that what will be, will be. Forget about planning everything and use affirmations like: ‘That which is for my highest good and my greatest joy is now drawn to me, in perfect ways!’ Then step back to see what the Universe may wish to bring you. Follow Its guidance and seize the opportunities when they come your way. One step at a time, go forwards and give of your best, resting safely in the knowledge that the Universal laws will ensure that only the best can return to you.

Whenever you try something new, it does not really matter whether you succeed or fail. So long as you learn something and make another attempt, if need be many times over, you will succeed in the end. Sitting back and worrying will get you nowhere, but learning from your mistakes and not unnecessarily brooding on the past does. Instead of spending time on regrets and crying over spilt milk, show your willingness to the Universe to cheerfully and courageously move on to new experiences.

At all times, rest safely in the knowledge that your Highest Self is guiding and protecting you. If you but ask, it will show you how your consciousness can expand and your wisdom and understanding of life grow through everything that comes your way.

Six pointed Star


Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Friendship & Relationship Healing - Affirmations

As you move along the pathway of your present lifetime, whenever your needs change be creative and make up new affirmations. Here are a few examples to help you on the way:

•    O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, may Your will and wishes as well as Your words and prayers be mine. In my life may Your will be done this day and always. Today is a day of completion and healing, for which I give thanks and praise. Divine healing miracles are constantly taking place in my world and therefore also in me. Your miracles and wonders shall never cease.

•    My love for You floods my whole being and fills every cell and atom of my physical body and restores them to perfect health, happiness and wellbeing. With every breath I take the love and warmth of Your sacred fire flows through the painful parts into their deep underlying causes and dissolves them.

•    Before going to sleep, I affirm that in dreamtime energies that are no longer good for me will be flowing through my feet into the sacred fire of Mother Earth. I ask the Angels of healing and peace to uplift and transmute them into blessing and healing energies for all life. No other energies can enter my consciousness.

•    My earthly personality is the cross I have been carrying for a long time. I now hand it over to you, Great White Spirit, the wise one or living God within. You communicate with me intuitively and at all times are showing me where and how I can best serve You.

•    God and the Angels are guiding and protecting me and forever will continue to do so. Nothing can hurt or harm me because I now walk in the light of the Universal Christ, Your only born Son/Daughter. My fears and anxieties are dissolving because they are no longer required.   

•    I only need to remember the things that are worthy of keeping. So I let go of that which no longer serves my highest good and greatest joy and the wellbeing of our whole world.

•    Knowing that Your evolutionary plan is perfect and that this also applies to the millions of small plans, one for every human being, within  the great plan, the fire of Your Divine enthusiasm eases me forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Intuitively, You and the Angels are showing me ways of fulfilling my highest potential and how through this make my contribution to the healing of our world.

•    My pathway up the spiritual mountain of life now lies open and inviting before me. You and the Angels are guiding me through the tests and trials that still have to come my way until my last karmic debt has been paid and the path for a healing miracle is clear.

•    My inner light of Your wisdom and love fills my whole being and flows into everything I touch with my thoughts, words and actions. This is my way of bringing my own small corner of Heaven onto the Earth, so it can be shared with the whole of my spiritual family.

•    I am consciously aware that You have always been and forever will be with me and part of me. This means I have re-entered the state of Paradise and the knowledge of my oneness with You and all life fills my whole being to overflowing with a new kind of hope and faith, trust and devotion that is unshakeable. And my gratitude for the goodness of the life You and the Angels have always given us is boundless.

•    You are the small still voice of my inner being. At all times I pay attention to Your directions and follow them without hesitation. I hear with Your ears and joyously perceive the Angels’ glad tidings of the new golden age of our world, when Mother Earth has become a place where people and animals co-exist peacefully. I see how hand in hand with You and the Angels, everybody harmoniously works together for the highest good and greatest joy of all manifestations of life.

O Great White Spirit,
All glory, honour and praise be to You,
For You are my inspiration,
Revelation and illumination.
I know that with the help and will
Of You and the Angels
All things are possible,
Every condition can be healed
And crooked corners made straight.


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Six pointed Star

All Of Life Is Flowingness

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - All Of Life Is Flowingness

And in this flowing, there is meaning and law.
I cannot lose, what is my own;
I need not seek, what is my own,
For what belongs to me, will come.
Whatever goes does not belong to me.
Only what I am has power.
I now give up all personal struggle and ambition,
Knowing that all that is rightfully mine
Will then be drawn to me.

So, I now let go,
And trust my Highest Self and the Universe,
To run my life for me
And to always show me the way.


Six pointed Star

Letting Go

Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Friendship Healing - Letting Go

•    Does not mean being uncaring, but stepping back and allowing others to do and experience their life in their own unique way.

•    Does not mean cutting ourselves off from someone, merely accepting that we cannot change others and have no right to control them.

•    Means we should not even try to enable others, because everybody has the right to learn from the consequences of their own thoughts, words and actions.

•    Knowing that the outcome of something is not in our hands and accepting our powerlessness.

•    Is making the most of ourselves and through our good example help others to do the same for themselves.

•    Is not carrying others, merely caring about them.

•    Is not fixing things for them, but supporting them unflinchingly in their times of need.

•    Is refusing to judge others and in this way allowing them their humanness.

•    Is not meddling and interfering with others and trying to interfere with the outcome of their life events. By allowing them to learn from and grow through their own experiences, we encourage them to take their destiny into their own hands.

•    Is not being protective, but permitting others to face their own realities and life lessons.

•    Is not denying, but accepting that we and our own life and everybody else’s at all times rest securely in the loving hands of God and the Angels.

•    Is not adjusting and steering everything to our desires, but going with the flow of our life and taking each day as it comes and whatever it may bring, whilst cherishing our existence within it.

•    Having no regrets about the past and being grateful for the many things it has taught us. This sets us free to live, grow and learn – each through their own experiences – ever more in the present and sowing seeds of the right kind for the future. And that helps us to fear less and love more.

May the Angels of Peace and Healing be with you in all your relationships, especially the one with yourself.

With love and light,

Six pointed Star

Reflections On Friendship

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Reflections On Friendship

Friendships are like balloons.
Once we let them go, they may never return.
Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives
And finding solutions for our problems
That we don’t notice that they have gone.

At times we get so caught up in arguments
About who is right or wrong
That we forget what right or wrong is.

 Every so often we don’t realise
What true friendships are,
Until we have lost one of them.
As I don’t want to let that happen to you and me,
I tune my soul vibrations into the frequency of yours,
So that we shall never be separated from each other.

Be kind and loving to everyone you meet
And bear in mind that
Each has their own battles to fight,
Inner and outer ones.

The happiness of our life depends
On the quality of our thoughts and 
 The heaviest things to carry are grudges.
They disappear on their own with
A spiritual approach to our existence.

 Our word is the one thing we can
Give away and at the same time keep.
And we are lying most of all
When we deceive ourselves.
 Those who lack the courage to start
Friendships or anything else in this life of ours,
Have finished before they’ve begun.
Remind them  that the only thing
That cannot be recovered is
Wasted time and that
Ideas can only work
When we ground them 
On the Earth.

 The pursuit of true and lasting happiness
In our present existence is a futile chase
And a wasted lifetime.
For as long as we are searching for it there,
It’s bound to escape us.
 It is never too late to make a fresh start
With becoming the person we really want to be
And life is too short to spend it with regrets,
So let’s get going with it and
Love the people who treat us right.
Forget about the ones who don’t and
Just leave them behind.
It’s good to know that everything in this life
Happens for a wise higher reason.
We are here to learn from our mistakes and
Whenever life offers us second chance
For experiencing something,
So we can do better, this time round,
Let’s grab the opportunity with both hands and
Welcome the changes this brings to our life.

Nobody in their right senses
Would pretend that earthly life is easy.
But a more spiritual approach to it
Helps us to accept with gratitude
Whatever the Universe brings us,
As that’s the only way any one of us can grow
In wisdom and understanding and
At the same time redeem their Karmic debts.

And no matter how someone hurts us,
The love in our heart for them does not need to die.
Love is not like a switch that is flicked on and off.
It doesn’t just go away.
Everybody who comes into our life
In some way is sent to teach us how to love wisely,
The way the Great Father/Mother loves us,
Totally and unconditionally.
Loving those who love us is easy,
But learning to love the unloving ones is
A much more important part of this lesson
That’s the only way the ability of loving
Can become ours and remain with us, forever.

Kind and loving thoughts and words
Build and strengthen friendships.
And there’s no room for sharp tongues,
For they can cut the best ones to pieces
And destroy them.
Besides, when the destructive work
We are allowing this deadly weapon to do
Returns to us in due course,
As by the power of the Universal law of Karma
It surely will and must,
Later in this lifetime or in a future one,
We won’t know what’s hit us.

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Six pointed Star

Growing Older

 Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom On Friendship Healing - Growing Older

What we value most in life,
The years may change, somehow.
What once seemed so important,
May not matter to us, now.
For over time, we learn and grow,
And find, as we’ve matured,
The things that mean the most to us
Are those that have endured.

One of the best things about growing older
Is that we learn to appreciate
The important things in life,
Like peace of mind,
A sense of fulfilment,
And the caring of those we hold dear.

Emily Matthews

Six pointed Star

Prayer For True Wisdom

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Prayer For True Wisdom

Lord, Thou knowest better than I know myself
That I am growing older and will some day be old.
Keep me from the fatal habit
Of thinking I must say something
On every subject and on every occasion.

Release me from craving to straighten out everybody’s affairs.
Make me thoughtful, but not moody,
Helpful, but not bossy.
With my vast store of wisdom,
It seems a pity not to use it all,
But Thou knowest, Lord,
That I want a few friends left at the end.

Keep my mind free from the endless recital of details.
Give me wings to get to the point.
Seal my lips on my aches and pains.
They are increasing and the love of rehearsing them
Is becoming ever sweeter, as the years go by.
I dare not ask for grace enough to enjoy
The tales of others’ pains,
But help me to endure them with patience.

I dare not ask for improved memory,
Only for a growing humility and a lessening cocksureness,
When my memory seems to clash with that of others.
Teach me the glorious lesson
That I could be mistaken, occasionally.
Keep me reasonably sweet.
I do not want to be a Saint,
Some of them are so hard to live with,
But a sour old person is
One of the crowning works of the devil.

Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places,
And talents in unexpected people.
And grant me, O Lord, the gift
Of having the grace to tell them so.

A Nun’s Prayer
From the Seventeenth Century

Six pointed Star

Love Versus Duty

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Love Versus Duty

A house remains nothing but a house until love walks through its door. It intuitively knows how to add the special extras that transform a house into a home for some very special people who are going to live in it. It’s true that money can build a charming house, but only the addition of love can transform it into a home.

Duty can prepare an adequate packed lunch, but love decides to add a touch of kindness to it by including a small treat.

Money can provide a television set, but love needs to take charge of it and every so often say: ‘No!’ when this is required and is willing to take the flack that it invites.

Obligation sends children to bed on time, but it’s love who tucks the covers around them and with a hug and a kiss says: ‘Good night and God bless,’ even when the children have grown up and come visiting.

Obligation can cook a meal, but love at least occasionally likes to embellish its presentation with a vase of flowers and the light of a candle.

Obligation can pour a drink, but it’s love who thinks of adding a touch of sweetness to it.

Duty may write many letters, but love adds some refreshment in the form of a joke or  a picture and closes off with a kind and loving greeting.

Compulsion keeps a house clean and tidy, but love together with the blessings of the Highest stand a better chance of producing a healthy home for a family in which every member enjoys all-round wellbeing in mind, body, spirit and soul.

Duty is offended if its endeavours are not appreciated. Love smiles and laughs about this and then makes an extra special effort, because it knows that in truth it’s always working to serve the Highest and the joy of bringing its own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth, for all to share.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Tale Of The Clay Balls

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Crisis - The Tale Of The Clay BallsOne day a man was exploring some caves by the seashore, when in one of them he found a bag that contained a number of hardened clay balls. It was like someone had made them and then left them out in the Sun to bake. Although they didn’t look like much, the man was sufficiently intrigued to take the bag with its contents home. Strolling along the beach, he threw one clay ball after the other into the ocean as far as he could.

He was doing this without thinking about it, until he dropped one of the balls. Hitting a rock near him, it cracked open and the man saw to his astonishment that the ball contained a beautiful precious stone. Excitedly, he opened the remaining ones. Oh wonder! Each one of them contained a similar treasure. A small fortune in jewels was hidden in the remaining balls. If only he had known, he would have kept them all.

Our contact with people is similar to the man’s experience. Until we become aware of the inner life and value of all human beings, we may look at a person and even ourselves, but the only thing we can see is a physical body, unaware that this is merely an exterior vessel of clay for getting around in earthly life. It takes us a long time to realise that even those who do not look like much from the outside, in truth they are a spirit and soul that has the potential of shining forth with great beauty.

It is very foolish indeed to look at some folks as less important than those whose outside appearance is more beautiful or stylish or they are better known and wealthier than others. Such a faulty perception renders us unable to discover the treasures that may be hidden in the people we meet. The picture changes dramatically as soon as we take the time to get to know the person in front of us and perceive them the way God and the Angels do.

Viewed from the perspective of the Highest Forces of life each one of us is already perfect, i.e. whole, a shining six-pointed start whose upper and lower triangle, the higher and lower aspects of our nature, are already working together in perfect harmony. From this standpoint the clay image breaks away and our inner vision discovers the other person’s hidden gems that are sparkling and glowing in all their glory.

Wise ones never forget that at least in seed form all human beings contain every one of God’s characteristics and powers and everything that is good, right and beautiful is of God and serves our own evolutionary pathway and that of our whole world. All of us are potentially like one of the clay balls the man found, capable of developing the great treasures that for a long time have to remain hidden from our own view. Even the most menial and lowest in our midst can and will in the fullness of time bring their own inner jewels forth. Aspiring lightworkers and healers assist this process by addressing the God or Christ aspect in others because that helps it to burst forth from its inner hiding place.

The structure of clay that surrounds the Christ aspect of everyone’s nature eventually breaks through. Many times this comes about when someone hits a particularly massive rock on their journey through life, in the shape of one of those major obstacles that every human being once in a while has to encounter to help us break open. This can happen in many different ways. For some it’s depression, for others an accident or a life-threatening illness. Any of these events can represent an invaluable tool for breaking open of the protective shell that for a long time surrounds the highest, most precious and valuable part of us, the living God within.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship and siblinghood with all life. That’s why ever more of us are reaching out to others in friendship and love, for example through the social media. Making friends with everybody who comes our way is easier when one reflects on humankind’s common heritage, pathway and final destination of returning into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and our true nature, which is love. The more we approach others in the spirit of the Aquarian Age, the easier the passage through this difficult time of transformation is sure to become for us and our world.  

Appreciate everything that is in your life, especially your family and friends. Everything is a gift from the Great Father/Mother of life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Christ spirit. Bearing this in mind, one realises that life is too short for anything but friendship and seeking to be a true friend to all who are in need of one. God and the Angels and Masters, our friends and helpers in the world of light are our best friends of all. From the moment of our creation they have been with us and forever they shall be. Never ask them to guide your footsteps, unless you are willing to follow the advice they are going to give you through your inner guidance and then do the walking.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Things That Really Matter

 The Things That Really Matter - Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom from the Tree of Life

I grew up in the thirties, forties and fifties and had very practical parents. My mother, God love her and rest her soul, washed aluminium foil after she cooked in it, to prepare it for another use. She was the original recycle queen before anyone had invented a name for this kind of behaviour. My father was one of those who could put his hand to anything. Every spare moment he could find – and people worked very hard and long hours in those days, so there weren’t many of them – he used to repair things around the house or for making something.

My parent’s marriage was good, their dreams were focused and a circle of relatives and friends lived close by. I can see the two of them now, father with a pipe in his mouth, pushing his manual lawn mower and mother with an apron round her middle, a dishcloth and a duster in her hands. People knew how to fix things in those days and everything was mended from curtain rods, radios, screen doors, ovens and their doors, to every part of clothing. Things were kept instead of thrown away.

When I think of this way of life these days it drives me crazy with all its fixing and renewing. I reached a point when I believed that wasting things meant being affluent and I felt safe in the knowledge that there would always be some more of everything. But when my mother died, I realised that sometimes there just can’t be any more. The pain of this discovery struck me very hard, but through it I learned how occasionally that which we care about most gets worn out and goes from us, never to return. That’s why these days the people, animals and things I treasure in my life, I love and care for to the best of my ability. Whenever possible, I try to fix things when they’re broken and make every effort to heal what has become sick.

This is as true for old garments, appliances and houses as it is for aging parents and grandparents, partners and other loved ones. We keep them in our lives because they deserve to be kept and we are worthy of having them around. And when we have matured spiritually, it’s good to eventually find out that some things really can be kept forever. This is because love is the law of life and the greatest power in the whole of Creation that nothing will ever be able to destroy. First in line of these things are beloved parents and partners, then siblings and other relatives, as well as friends who have moved on into the world of light. Not much needs to change in any of these relationships. Don’t take my word for it. Just find a quiet space, calm the outer mind and listen deep into your heart. You may hear the following message from them:

‘Life is eternal and the human spirit is immortal. Life is an absolute and unbroken continuity and in truth there is no death. On the inner level all is one, and you always have been as much part of me as I am of you. Nothing needs to change between you and me, just because I have gone through the great transformation before you. If that’s what we both wish, our relationship can remain the same it always was. Between you and me life can continue to be everything it has always meant to us.

‘My departure from the physical plane was no accident. It was meant to happen exactly when it did. For your sake – not mine – make an effort to accept this, the way I have done. And don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that because I am out of your sight, I should also be out of your mind. That can only happen, if you want it to be this way. But if you still yearn for me, the way I long for you, the death of my physical body is going to present us with many opportunities for coming closer to each other than it was ever possible in earthly life.’

The rest of this message you can find in
‘Death – Where Is Thy Sting?’

Six pointed Star

The Gift Of Individuality

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - The Gift Of Individuality

Each one of us is a special and unique being.
There isn’t another one like it in the whole of Creation.
This is because we have been blessed with individuality.
It’s for a wise higher reason that we are different from everyone else
And that’s how the Great Father/Mother of all life wants us to be.
But alas, for as long as we fail to understand this,
We frequently find that our perceptions and opinions differ
From those of the people around us
And we seem to be unable to see eye to eye with them.

Being aware of the purpose of our individuality,
Whenever there is the danger of angry words being spoken
And when tempers are starting to fly,
Let’s remind ourselves of everyone’s uniqueness
And make an effort to step into the other one’s shoes.
This makes it easier to see their point of view
And to reconcile ourselves with the differences that arise,
So that at the end of such discussions
We can shake hands, agree to disagree with each other
And remain friends.

Only through striving to get along with others
And in friendly co-operation working our way
Through the disputes and conflicts that are bound to arise,
Wherever human beings rub shoulders with each other,
Can we hope to create the kind of friendships
That are indestructible and will last
Beyond all earthly boundaries and limitations
And forever accompany us onto the higher
And eventually highest levels of life.

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘You Are Special’
•    ‘The Purpose Of Individuality’
•    ‘Negative Thinking – Prime Cause Of Depression’
•    ‘Feeling Safe’

Six pointed Star

My Wishes For You

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - My Wishes For You

 These things I warmly wish for you:
Someone to love and who loves you.
Work to satisfy the creative urge in you.
Lots of sunshine and cheer.
Inner guidance that’s strong enough
To answer all your questions and light the way,
And a Guardian Angel who is always near.

An Irish Greeting
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

A Prayer For You

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - A Prayer For You

 I said a prayer for you today.
God and the Angels must have heard,
Cos’ I felt the answer in my heart,
Although no-one spoke a word.
I asked for neither wealth nor fame
I knew you wouldn’t mind,
But prayed for treasures
Of a far more precious kind.

I asked that they be with you
By night as well as by day,
With blessings of good health and cheer,
And friends to share your way.
Yet most of all, I requested happiness for you
In all things, great and small.
And it was for God’s never ceasing love and care
That I prayed most of all.

God be with you and keep you safe, always.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Beautiful Things

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Beautiful Things

Knowing that beautiful things are right and true,
And beautiful thoughts, words and actions please God,
Helps wise ones to develop their inner sense of
What is right, true and beautiful.

The answer to the last appeal of this
Is in everybody’s own heart.
And the highest form of wisdom is trusting
Our intuition and following its advice.
When we have learnt that it is always good,
We can rely upon it that our decisions
Will always be the right ones.

Aristotle 384-322 BC
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Do Not Judge

Rays of Wisdom - Healing Corner For Parents And Children - Do Not Judge

Refuse to find fault with those who limp
Or stumble along the road,
Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes
And struggled under their load.

There may be tacks in their shoes that hurt,
But are hidden from your view,
And if their cross were on your back,
You’d probably stumble, too.

Don’t sneer at anyone who is down today,
Unless you have experienced the blow
That caused their fall and felt the shame
That only the fallen know.

You may be strong now, but if the blows
They received were dealt to you
In the same way,
You might stagger, too.

Don’t be harsh with those who sin
Or pelt them with words and stones,
Unless you are sure, yes twice sure,
That you have no sins of your own.

For who knows, if your lower self’s voice
Whispered as sweetly to you,
As it did to them before they went astray,
It might cause you to falter, too.

Wise ones count their blessings
And thank their lucky stars for no longer
Needing lessons of the same nature.
Aware that every one of  their
Thoughts, words and actions
Travels round in a circle and returns to them,
Enriched with more of what’s been sent out,
They abstain from judging others,
For they do not wish their vibrations to draw
People with judgemental attitudes
Towards themselves.

Only being able to ever see one side of anything they observe and that beyond a shadow of doubt everything that happens in our world is part of the redemption of someone’s karmic debts and life lessons, frequently of many people, wise ones refuse to judge anything at face value. They know that the things that are ugly and evil are manifestations of their unevolved state, and that each one of them is on its way of slowly but surely – and that may take many human earthly lifetimes – being transformed into something that’s good, right and beautiful.

This is why these sages have no need for wasting the precious energies of the lifeforce within them on complaining, whinging and moaning, getting angry and upset about the present state of our world. They prefer to spend it on looking at and contemplating on the many things and people that have already reached much higher evolutionary levels. Aware that this assists their own spiritual development as well as that of our world, wherever they are they are doing their best to bring more of it into being.

As ever, there is more to this than meets the eye. Our world is one of dualities and consists of two streams of thought or consciousness that are in polar opposition to each other. One is of goodness and light and the other of darkness and destruction. Both are equally creative and in our world their manifestations are good or evil. As co-creators with God, through every one of our thoughts, words and actions we are constantly in the process of creating something. Our thoughts create our reality and are feeding either into the stream of goodness and light or of evil and darkness. Even the smallest contributions increase their power and strength. If we are among the lamenters who can only see the dark side of our world, our thoughts as well as written and spoken words of complaint about its state are dragging us further into the dungeon of depression. It acts like a quagmire that pulls those affected ever deeper into the dark side of themselves and our world.

The resulting darkness, if left unattended and unresolved, is stored in the memories of our soul each time we leave our physical body behind at the end of another earthly lifetime. The lower self has no idea that its soul is calling out ever louder that it is in need of healing. Suppressing depressive symptoms with the products of the pharmaceutical industry merely delays what is truly required. With the help of these chemicals we are going to bring the darkness, that is entirely of our own making, with us into every new lifetime. When depression hits us then, we cannot understand for the life of us why this should be happening to us.

This is bound to continue until we bravely face our depression and seriously get to work on it. And that’s an extremely scary enterprise, but we do not have to do this on our own. Far from it! God and the Angels are part of us and with us at all times. Not only are they aware of our suffering, they are suffering with us. All we have to do is ask for their help. It will never be denied to anyone who requests it. So why not get on with it, now and see what happens?

And that’s why wise ones at all times look at the bright side of things. They concentrate on that which is good, right and beautiful in our world and the good that is in every human being. They know that even if it may exist only in seedform in someone so far, it is there. The evolutionary law of life will see to it that it wakes up when the time is right for this to happen. Such kind and loving thoughts and words are feeding into the stream of light and adding to its strength. They also have the power of igniting the Divine spark in those around us and assist their awakening to come about more easily than it would otherwise have done.

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘Judge Not And Ye Shall Not Be Judged’
•    ‘Sitting In Judgement’
•    ‘Love Your Enemies’
•    ‘You Only See One Side Of The Picture’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

A Course In Relationship Healing

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Relationship Healing - Human Relationship Course

A lifetime spent in Libra,
The sign of the peacemaker and relationships,
Ruled by Venus,
The planet of beauty, peace and harmony,
Has taught me that good manners are
The grease that is required for smoothing the wheels
Of human relationships and essential for
Mending and healing even the most difficult ones.
Libra is one of the Air signs, responsible for the
Development of human mental capabilities.
In Libra it teaches us to approach all relationships
With our inborn charm and intelligence.

And that’s why for me, with the passing of time,
The most important words have become:
•    ‘I made a mistake. I truly am sorry.
I want to learn from it and do better.
Will you help me and meet me halfway?’
•    ‘You did a good job!’
•    ‘What do you think?’
•    ‘If you please!’
•    ‘Do you mind?’
•    ‘Thank you!’
•    ‘We’
•    The least important word for me is: ‘I’

Speaking the truth is a life-long habit of mine
And I never say anything I don’t really mean.

Six pointed Star

Forget And Remember

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Forget And Remember

Forget each kindness you do, as soon as it’s done,
And praises received, the moment they’re won.
Any slander you hear, never repeat it
And ignore every slight, spite and sneer,
Wherever you meet it.

But remember every kindness that’s done to you,
Whatever its measure.
Praise by others won,
Return it to them with pleasure.
Each promise you make,
Keep it to the letter.
And to those who lend you,
Be a grateful debtor.

Remember any happiness that
Ever came your way in earthly living.
Forget worries and distress,
Instead be hopeful and forgiving.
Remember everything that’s good and true,
And never forget that God and the Angels
Are watching over you.
Aim to be a good person through and through
And from youth to old age,
Loving hearts are sure to be surrounding you.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

I Wish You Enough

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Relationship Healing - I Wish You Enough

I wish you enough inner Sunshine
To keep your mind bright,
No matter how grey some days
May turn out to be.
And I wish you rain sometimes,
So that you may appreciate the Sun and
The good things of the Earth can grow,
For they are in need of both,
The same as we do.

I wish you enough understanding
To recognise that everything in your life
Serves a wise higher purpose,
So that instead of grumbling you give
Thanks and praise to the infinite love and wisdom
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life,
Who is in charge of all things and knows their ways
And through giving and withholding at certain times
Teaches us their value.

I wish you the deep happiness and peace
That fills your earthly consciousness
Through the awareness of your true nature,
And that in truth you are an immortal and eternal
Being of light and a jewel that has many different facets,
As yet unknown to you.
But I also wish you enough pain to help you
Realise the joyful higher eternal side
Of humankind’s earthly existence.
Last but by no means least,
 I wish you a sound knowledge of the processes of life,
The spiritual background of our earthly existence
And that human spirits and souls are immortal and cannot die,
So that, each time the departure of a loved one comes round,
You rest safely in the knowledge that they have not died,
But merely moved into a different dimension of life
Where they are alive and well,
And that your earthly good-bye from them
Was by no means a farewell forever.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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•    ‘Death – Where Is Thy Sting?’
•    ‘The Prophet – On Death’

Six pointed Star

The Value Of A Hug

The Value Of A Hug - Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Relatonship Healing

A hug is beneficial because it feels good.
It disperses loneliness and the fear of each other.
It’s self-esteem building when you say to yourself:
‘Wow! I am lovable, someone wants to hug me!’
Besides a hug slows down ageing because at heart
People who enjoy hugging never grow old.

A hug eases tensions and insomnia,
Keeps arm and shoulder muscles in good condition,
Enhances the environment
And is therefore ecologically sound.
It’s democratic as well,
Because everybody is always eligible.
And on top of all that it’s portable,
So you can take it with you wherever you go.

A hug is a sign of friendship.
It adds another dimension to
The togetherness of earthlings.
It saves heat which makes it energy efficient.
It makes difficult days more bearable
And happy ones better still because
It makes us feel good all day.
And that’s why I am sending you
An extra great big special hug,
Right now!

God bless you and keep you safe,

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

A Little Hug

A Little Hug - Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Relationship Healing

Whenever you’re feeling sad
And things just won’t go right,
When your usual happy smile
Has vanished out of sight,
Look at this little hug from me.

Keep it for the times you feel lost and lonely,
To remind you there’s someone who loves you
And really cares about you and your wellbeing,
Especially spiritually,
And that’s me.

With love – Aquarius

Six pointed Star

A Word At The Right Time

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - A Word At The Right TimeOn the whole silence is golden and whenever we manage to keep our peace we usually do not regret it. Yet, there are exceptions to every rule and in some situations not saying anything could decidedly be wrong. And occasionally we keep silent because we do not know what to say, especially when someone has suffered a personal loss. Well, what can we say? When every remark we could possibly make seems inadequate, let’s to turn to the wise one or living God within. A simple prayer like: ‘Please help me find the right words,’ or ‘May the right words always come,’ is enough. You will be delighted about what then comes to you.

Frequently, we remain silent in the hope of avoiding the awkwardness and discomfort of difficult situations. What can anyone say when one of their friends has lost a child in a traffic accident or to an illness or they are wading through the depths of depression? If we do not know what to say, we may avoid the bereaved family or the depressed person, but this merely adds to the burden of the loneliness of someone’s suffering. In the case of a lost child, I would like to explain to those who are grieving, as gently as possible, that I believe that their child has been released from earthly life and is now alive and well in the world of spirit, our true home. Naturally, the same is true each time an adult has passed into the world of light.

May we all be spared from such experiences. But should we hear of tragedies and suffering, let’s not stay away or keep silent. Sensing another’s pain, may have the courage to enter into it and say: ‘I am feeling with you.’ If the people are unfamiliar with the concept that in truth there is no death, try to bring this idea closer to them. Choose your words very carefully and don’t forget to ask your inner guidance in your mind for the right words, before you go to meet the people to whom you intend to bring comfort. When the simplest words are said with heartfelt sincerity, they have the power of supporting and lifting distressed spirit/souls.

Obviously mere words cannot restore anyone’s loss or take away their depression, but there is a great deal of truth in the old saying: ‘A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved and a joy shared doubles it.’

Who is blind?
The one who cannot see another world.
Who is dumb?
The one who cannot speak a kind and loving word at the right time.
Who is poor?
The one who is plagued by too many desires.
Who is rich?
The one whose heart is contented.


Recommended Reading:
•    ‘Death – Where Is Thy Sting?’

Six pointed Star

The Power Of Words

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - The Power Of A Kind Word

Words are powerful things.
They are like pebbles dropped into
The vast ocean of human consciousness.
Although what we say is instantly gone,
Its ripples create vibrations that travel on and on
And reach many different levels of life
That are invisible to earthly eyes.

Because of the duality of our world,
Everything is part of two streams of consciousness.
One is light and good, creative and constructive,
Let’s call it the God stream.
Individually and collectively,
It constantly takes us forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.

This stream is balanced by its counterpart,
A dark, destructive and evil one that tries to keep
Us prisoners of the past.
Let’s call it the Devil stream.

Every kind and loving, forgiving and understanding
Word we give to those who are in need of it,
Feeds into the God stream and strengthens it.
And that enables it to absorb some of the
Darkness of the other stream.
This is how, with the passing of time,
Every last shred of the evil of our world
Will be absorbed into the light of the good stream,
To be transformed into blessing and healing energies
By God and the Angels and that
Not only for us and our world,
But for the whole of Creation.

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•    ‘Guarding Our Tongues’

Six pointed Star


Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Relationship Healling - Kindness

Kindness is a present anyone can give.
Often it’s as simple as a smile,
A nod and a word of understanding,
Taking time to chat for a while
Or sending a letter, a text or an e-mail.

Such gifts anyone can bring
Who thinks of us with a loving heart.
Wrapped in the warmth that flows
From the sender’s inner world,
Sets the days they’re received apart.

Sandie Stevens
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Value Of A Smile

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Relationship Healing - The Value Of A Smile

The ability to smile is one of the finest and greatest gifts God has bestowed upon humankind. A smile is one of life’s most profound paradoxes. In spite of being very valuable it costs nothing. Precious beyond compare, like all the best things in life, there is no charge for it. Although it has no intrinsic value, it cannot be bought, begged, stolen or borrowed. It is a gift of love that can only be given away, enriching the giver and as much as the receiver.

A smile is a vital part of life’s magic that sometimes acts like a light that someone suddenly switches on in a darkened room. It can make the plainest face beautiful and even though it takes but a moment, its memory may linger forever in someone’s heart and soul. It can create happiness wherever it is placed, in the home and between friends, as well as in business. It is a signal of goodwill between all people, nature’s best antidote to trouble that gives rest to the weary and brings a ray of sunshine to those who are discouraged and sad. No-one needs a smile as much as those who feel as if they had nothing to smile about. So, next time you meet someone who seems to have forgotten how to smile, supply them with the gift of one of yours and see what happens.

The law of the Universe is love and God communicates with us through people. A smile that comes from the heart is part of the universal language of love that requires no interpreter because everybody understands it. Such a smile comes from the God aspect of our nature and communicates easily with the Divine aspect in others. It opens our hearts and souls to each other and conveys the message: ‘I love you, you are my sibling, and you can trust me.’

Sometimes smiling takes courage, because it makes us vulnerable and we open ourselves to the risk of rejection. But in my mind it’s always worthwhile trying and each time someone returns our smile, the souls of both participants in this exchange open and they are looking at each other with and through the eyes of God. In moments like that we recognise in others the great love of our Divine Father/Mother, who cares for us especially when we have to endure pain and confusion, by sending someone along whose smile reassures us and shows us that we and our life rests safely in God’s loving hands. Each time someone smiles a small piece of Heaven is brought onto the Earth plane that can be shared by all who know how to respond to it. That’s how smiling allows us to take part in the goodness of the heavenly realms of life.

This is dedicated to my friend Eva, who returned to the world of light some years ago. Yet, I have not forgotten her smile when she was still with us. At eighty-eight and wheelchair bound, she had the most infectious and glorious smile. It was sheer magic to watch her face light up in one of them. It made her look astonishingly young and it was easy to observe how her soul’s secret beauty was radiating into our world, like a bright golden Star that lit up and warmed everything it touched. Seeing is believing and it was Eva who provided me with living proof of the fact that human souls and spirits indeed are ageless and eternally young.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Beauty Tips

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Relationship Healing - Beauty Tips 

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once per day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, even more than things, have to be restored,
Renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed,
So never throw out anyone.

If you ever need a helping hand, remember that
there is one at the end of each one of your arms.
And the older you grow, the more your discover
that you have two hands:
one for helping yourself and
the other one for helping others.

Audrey Hepburn
Read at her funeral years after she wrote the above.

Six pointed Star


Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Investments

A man who had lived a life of selfish luxury
Died and went to the world of spirit.
One of the Angels took him by the hand
To show him to his house.
They passed many beautiful mansions
And each time the man thought:
‘This one must be mine.’
But, not so!

They passed through the main street
And arrived on the outskirts
Where the houses were very small.
Finally, they reached a tiny mud hut.
‘This is yours,’ said the Angel.
‘It can’t be mine. There must be a mistake!’,
The man exclaimed.
‘No errors are made in our world,’
Replied the Angel.
‘This was the best we could do
With the material you supplied.’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Someone Special

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Someone Special

So many of the things we feel
In our hearts and souls today,
Are there because someone special
Cared for us along the way.

A person who believed in us,
When our faith was running low,
Whose gentle words of wisdom
Helped us decide which way to go.

Someone who could make us laugh
When we were near to tears,
Whose memories still make us smile,
Across the miles and through the years.

Someone who’s done more for us
Than they will ever realise
And who will forever be
An angelic being in our eyes.

Emily Matthews
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The other side of the coin are:

From 'Relationship Healing'

The Nothing People

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing - The Nothing People

Have you heard of the nothing people?
They do not lie, but they do not tell the truth.
They do not take, but they do not give either.
They neither steal nor stop a thief.
They do not rock the boat and never pull an oar.

They will not drag you down, but always let you pull them
And if the effort kills you, the tough luck is on you.
They do not hurt you, but they refuse to help
And never volunteer for anything.
They neither love nor hate you.
They will not burn you, but fiddle happily
While you burn.

Do you know what they truly are?
The sins of omission folks.
Spiritual voids, neither good nor bad,
They are standing still and stagnating.
And because they never risk anything,
They neither learn nor grow.

At least, the good keep trying,
And the bad in their own way, work just as hard
Because both are based on action and conviction.
Therefore, please Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all Life,
Send me either a sinner or a saint,
But protect me against the nothing people.
If someone told them that they are in danger of
Wasting a precious lifetime on the Earth,
They would refuse to believe it.

Having the courage to make mistakes,
Willingly owning up to them
And looking for what they can teach us,
To help our consciousness to grow and expand,
Protects us against merely vegetating
And becoming one of them.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

‘It is neither the critic who counts nor the people who point out how the strong person stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to those who are in the arena and although their faces are marred by dust, sweat and blood, they strive valiantly, erring and coming short again and again, because there is no effort without it. But still they are striving to do their best with enthusiasm and great devotion. These people are spending themselves in a worthy cause and at best in the end they will know the triumph of high achievement. At worst, should their endeavours fail, they have been doing something and dared greatly. Therefore, their place will never be with cold and timid souls who are unfamiliar with victory and defeat.’

Theodore Roosevelt
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

The Impossible Dream
To dream the impossible dream.
To fight the unbeatable foe.
To bear with unbearable sorrow.
To run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong.
To love pure and chaste from afar.
To try when your arms are too weary –
To reach the unreachable Star.

This is my quest:
To follow that star.
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.
To fight for the right, without question or pause.
To be willing to march into hell, for a heavenly cause.

And I know, if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest,
That my heart will be peaceful and calm,
When I’m laid to my rest...
And the world will be better for this.
That one man [soul],
Scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage –
To reach the unreachable star.

From ‘The Man of La Mancha’ (Don Quixote)
Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh

From ‘The Sun In Scorpio’

Six pointed Star

And last but by no means least are:

Ode To Unpleasant People

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - The Unpleasant People

This is an ode to the unpleasant people of our world,
In particular those who, in the course of many years,
Were drawn into my orbit by my own energies.
Thank you, Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
For each one of them, especially my mother.
She taught me most of all how I do not want to be.
Having arrived in the departure lounge of my present lifetime,
It’s easy to see that none of the disagreeable folks I had to endure
Were my enemies, but were sent by You to act as my teachers
And that, therefore, I can count them
Among my most valuable friends.

I forgive these people and myself for having created
The unpleasant encounters and situations of this lifetime
In previous ones while I was still unaware of
The presence of God’s Universal laws.
 I wish these folks the very best when the Karma they
Have been and in many cases still are
Busily creating right here and now,
Returns to them and they find themselves
At the receiving end of the unpleasantnesses
They once so generously handed out
To everybody who came within their reach.

O Great Father/Mother,
Please send my love and forgiveness
To every one of our world’s unpleasant people.
Thank them on my behalf and bless them,
For they truly do not yet know what they are doing
To themselves and the whole humankind.
I look forward to meeting the ones I encountered,
In due course in the world of light,
So I can get to know their true selves.
In the case of the mother of my present lifetime,
We shall reach out to each other not as parent and offspring,
But in the spirit of friendship and love,
As beloved children of God,
Who both have grown into spiritual maturity and
In whose life there is no longer room for anything
But love and kindness, tolerance and patience.
I imagine that all unpleasant people on that plane of life
Will reveal themselves
As the most agreeable folks imaginable.

For as long as they are still taking part in earthly life,
May our spirit friends and helpers provide them
With the courage and strength to overcome
The lower aspects of their nature,
The same as I have had to do,
With their help.
That’s why to each one of them I send
My most grateful thanks.

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•    ‘Healing Prayer For Parents And Children’
•    ‘Forgiveness Prayer’
•    ‘Looking At Both Sides Of Life’

Six pointed Star

Too Late

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Too Late

  What silences we keep, year after year
With those who are most near to us and so dear.
Living beside each other day by day,
We speak of myriads of things, yet seldom say
The sweet loving words that are within everyone’s reach
Beneath the common ground of ordinary speech.

When out of sight and reach they go,
These close familiar ones who loved us so,
We sit in the vacuum and the shadows they have left,
With feelings of loneliness and sore bereft.
In vain we then think of fond words
We might have said and they’d have heard.

Until the vision of our true nature awakens,
An inevitable part of the cross of earthly life
Is that we can only grasp such things when death has
Taken our loved ones away and the place
Of their beloved presence is now empty space.
No recollections and memories can then
Console us for that which might have been –
If only we had known better.

Nora Perry
Edited by Aquarius

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Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Relationship Healing - Innocence

White is the colour of innocence.
But what does that mean?
It’s an inner quality that enables us
To recognise beauty in the darkest of souls.
This gives us the strength to tame the beast
Of our own and other people’s lower animal nature.
It’s a Divine gift that has to be worked for very hard,
But once gained, it never leaves us.

Recognising God’s true nature and our own
Provides us with the kind of faith and
The inner vision to look for and
Find alternative remedies.
This conscious joining with the highest harmonies
 Enables us to understand the way of all things.
Their energies have the power
Of restoring human hearts and souls,
Our own and also others, through us.
They have the power of bringing about
Healing miracles that have never
Been experienced before in our world.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Law Of The Garbage Truck

The Law Of The Garbage Truck - Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Relationshiip Healing

I had to go to the airport the other day and decided to go by taxi. We were driving in the outer lane when, seemingly out of nowhere, a car forced its way in front of us. My driver slammed on the brakes, which sent our car into a skid and we missed the other one by only a few inches. To crown it all, the offender wound down his window, shook a fist at us and shouted something. To my astonishment, my driver kept his cool. He just smiled and waved to the other driver in a friendly way.

‘Why did you do that, when the chap almost ruined your car and sent both of us into hospital?’ I asked.

‘Ah well,’ the driver replied, ‘I forgive him because he’s one of those who obey the law of the garbage truck. He doesn’t know what he’s doing to himself, as far too many these days are unfortunately doing.’

When I asked my man what he meant by that, he continued: ‘In my view, some folks are like garbage trucks. They are filled to the brim with the emotional debris of the frustrations, anger and disappointments that have accumulated in them with the passing of time. The more it piles up in them, the more urgently they occasionally need to relieve themselves of their rubbish by dumping some of it. They pour it into whoever gets in their way. When you meet someone like that, I believe there’s no need to take the things they are saying and doing personally. That’s why I just smile and wave, and in my thoughts wish them well. And because I believe in the power of this kind of thing, I bless them and simply move on. I never take their stuff on board and I refuse to spread it to those around me at work, at home or on the streets. They haven’t deserved that kind of treatment either. Nobody has.

‘Anyway, I believe that what we send out into the world returns to us like a boomerang. Therefore, to those who dump their rubbish on others nothing but more of the same can return. People who are content with themselves and their existence in the great scheme of things, do not allow the contents of other people’s garbage trucks to ruin their days. They know that life’s too short for regrets and that it’s better by far to love those who treat us right and pray for the ones who don’t.

‘Everybody has a different perception of life. If we think of our world as a garbage dump, that’s all we shall be able to see. We then blind ourselves to the abundance of good things that are everywhere, in people and situations alike. Slowly but surely this makes us glide into an ever darker and more gloomy view of our world. This inevitably leads to depression and an ever stronger impulse to escape from such an unpleasant place by whatever means available: alcohol, drugs – prescribed and unprescribed – and finally suicide.

‘Wise ones who choose to focus on everything that is good and positive in this life instead, get ever more involved with this side. To me, life is ninety percent perception. How we make use of the remaining ten percent depends entirely on the choices we make.’

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Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Be-Attitudes Of The Aquarian Age

 Rays of Wisdoml - Words & Prayers for Relationship Healing - The Be-Attitudes

Blessed are those who can see the funny side of things,
Refuse to take themselves too seriously
And laugh about themselves,
For they shall have endless fun.

Blessed are those who can laugh with people, rather than at them,
For their lives will be filled with laughter and smiles.

Blessed are those who can see beyond the ends of their noses
Into the higher and highest realities of life,
For they shall go far.

Blessed are those who can smile in adversity and forget to frown,
For the light of the Highest Star lights their path.

Blessed are those who can tell a mountain from a molehill,
For they shall be spared many troubles.

Blessed are those who take responsibility for their mistakes
And learn from them rather than looking
For scapegoats and someone to blame,
For they shall become wise.

Blessed are those who know when it is better
To shut up and listen,
For they shall learn many new things.

Blessed are those who are attentive to the needs of others
And do not think of themselves as indispensable,
For they are the sowers of joy.

Blessed are those who take small things seriously
And approach large issues sensibly and peacefully,
For they shall climb high on the evolutionary ladder of life.

Blessed are those who send good, kind and loving
Thoughts, words and actions only into life,
For nothing but the same shall return to them,
In the fullness of time.

Blessed are those who can keep quiet and smile,
Even when someone cuts them off in mid-sentence,
Contradicts them and/or treads on their toes,
For this is how they prove that they
Are already dwelling in the presence of
The One light that unites us all.

Blessed are those who look for the good
In all people and situations,
For they are on the upwards winding spiral of life,
While those who focus on the negative aspects
Are sucked ever deeper on the downwards spiral
Into depression and thoughts of how to escape this world
And ultimately suicide.

Blessed are those who recognise Me, the living God within,
In everything that is, including themselves,
For they have gained access to My unconditional and everlasting
Wisdom and truth, light and love.

Blessed most of all are those who leave complaining
About the things that still appear to be
Negative, wrong and ugly in your world
To the people who do not yet know any better.
Trusting that in My time, not humankind’s,
All wrongs will be righted, crooked corners be straightened
And ugly things made beautiful,
These wise ones are doing their share
Of bringing these things into being.

Aware that their thoughts create the realities of their lives,
They focus on that which is
Positive, good and beautiful on the Earth.
They never cease to wonder
About how much of it there is already,
And they will never know how much closer
To My loving heart they are than they can imagine.

Created by Anon.
Adapted by Aquarius

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An Angel In Disguise

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - An Angel In Disguise

A very sad looking little girl was sitting all by herself in a park. None of the passers-by ever stopped and wanted to know the reason for her sadness. Dressed in a worn pink dress, barefoot and dirty, she just sat and watched them all go by. She never tried to speak to anyone and no-one ever even offered her a: ‘Hello!’

One day I decided to walk through the park, just to see whether the girl was still there. She was, in the very spot where she had previously been and she still had the same look in her eyes. I felt so sorry for her that I walked over to her, because apart from everything else I felt that a place like this, filled with people of all manner of intentions is not a place for a small child to sit on its own.

Getting closer, I saw that the girl had a humpback. Maybe that was the reason why people usually just passed by without attempting to speak to her. To this day, deformities seem to be considered as some kind of a blow to society and Heaven help those who are willing to assist those who are different in some way from what is thought of as the norm. I caught myself staring at the little stranger a bit too intently and in response she lowered her eyes.

I smiled to show that I meant her no harm, that I had come to chat with her and if possible help her. So I said: ‘Hello.’

She seemed to be shocked. Staring into my eyes, she replied with a quiet: ‘Hi!’ When I responded with a smile, she shyly smiled back. We talked until darkness fell and everybody else had gone home, and in the end I asked her why she was so sad.

‘Because I’m different,’ she said.

‘That you are!’ I replied with a smile.

This seemed to make her even sadder and with a nod she responded: ‘I know.’

‘My dear girl,’ I said, ‘you are so sweet and innocent that you remind me of an Angel.’

With a smile she slowly got to her feet and said: ‘Really?’

‘I believe you are like a little Guardian Angel who has been sent to watch over all the people walking by.’

She nodded and opened the back of her dress, from which a pair of beautiful wings emerged. Spreading them she added with a twinkle in her eye: ‘That’s what I am! I am your Guardian Angel.’

I was speechless, as surely I was seeing things.

‘As for once you thought of someone other than yourself, my job here is done,’ the girl said.

Getting to my feet, I uttered: ‘Please tell me why did no-one else stop to help you when you are an Angel?’

With a smile she replied: ‘Because you are the only one who could see me!’

When I had recovered from my surprise, I wanted to take another look at the Angel, but it had vanished. Yet, the incident left a profound impression on me and changed my life completely.

So, next time when you think you are utterly alone in this world, remind yourself that in truth none of us is ever entirely on their own. God and the Angels are part of us and we are part of them. They could not leave us if they wanted to, which of course they don’t. They are constantly with us and watching over every step we walk. The value of any friendship can only be measured by our hearts and especially the one with them. And every person who is our friend in earthly life is one of the Earth Angels and an Angel in disguise, because each in their own unique way is doing their share of making our world a kinder, more loving and beautiful place.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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The Alphabet of Friendship

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - The Alphabet Of Friendship

 (A)ccepts you as you are.
 (B)elieves in you.
 (C)alls you sometimes just to cheer you up and say: ‘Hello!’
 (D)oesn’t give up on you.
 (E)nvisions the whole of you, even the hidden and unfinished parts.
 (F)orgives your mistakes.
 (G)ives unconditionally.
 (H)elps you.
 (I)nvites you into their life and space.
 (J)ust accompanies you on your pathway through life.
 (K)eeps you close at heart.
 (L)oves you for who you are and not what you have.
 (M)akes a difference in your life.
 (N)ever Judges.
 (O)ffers support.
 (P)icks you up when you’re down.
 (Q)uiets your fears.
 (R)aises your spirits.
 (S)ays only good things about you, but also
 (T)ells you the truth whenever this is necessary.
 (U)nderstands you.
 (V)alues you.
 (W)alks beside you.
 (X)-plains things you don’t understand.
 (Y)ells when you won’t listen and
 (Z)aps you into the higher realities of our earthly existence.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Time Is A Healer

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Time Is A Healer

I found a picture of your smiling face,
Bringing old memories that I had locked away.
The burden of anger from a heart filled with pain
Was finally lifted and I smile at you again.

If time is a healer,
Then all hearts that break
Are put back together again,
‘Cos love heals the wound it makes.

I spoke such harsh words before goodbye.
Well, I wanted to hurt you for the tears
You made me cry.
All my hopes and dreams, they started vanishing and
Those tender hurt feelings became a dangerous thing.

All of those years we spent together,
They’re now part of my life forever.
I hold the joy with the pain
And the truth is: I miss you, my friend.

But, time is a healer. . .

Eva Cassidy

Six pointed Star

Loving God’s Way

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Loving God's Way

Love is the law of life and the greatest force in the whole of Creation. And when I accept you the way you are and you accept me as I am, together we are creating a solid foundation of love for a friendship that will last beyond our present lifetime, if we so wish. During the early stages of humankind’s earthly education differences frequently arise that drive a wedge into people’s relationships. For example we find it impossible to accept each other, the way they are. We have our own preconceived ideas of how people should be, especially when we are interested in and care about them. The more deeply we love someone, the more we may feel we have a right to change them.

In truth, no-one has the right to criticise or try to change the behaviour of any other human being. All of us together have been placed in this life so that we can simultaneously play the role of teacher and pupil. To enable us to create good and lasting relationships and friendships our first requirement is learning to love the way the Great Father/Mother of all life loves every one of us and that is wisely, totally and unconditionally. Each one of us is a spark of their only born Son/Daughter, the spirit of the Universal Christ. And that is the all-wise and all-loving one within every one of us, who has been waiting for a long time to develop from a mere spark into a brightly shining beacon of love.

The Christ spirit is everyone’s own inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, the small still voice of our conscience, who knows the answers to all our questions and can tell us reliably which way of action is truly best for us in any given situation. That’s how  the Universe has always been trying to guide and protect us against harming and destroying ourselves, for in truth each one of us is a young God in the making. When at last we become aware of this and start paying attention to our inner guidance and follow its advice, it shows us how to rebuild our whole life and especially our relationships by placing them onto a firm foundation of love.

God allows each one of us the freedom to make their own choices and we are here to learn how to do so wisely and lovingly. The Great Father/Mother accepts each one of us the way we are at any given moment. S/He knows that we are always at the peak of our evolutionary development and whenever we fail and make mistakes, that we shall learn from them and do better next time. It makes no difference whether someone is rich or poor, especially in spirit. Those who to this day are spiritually poor will also be led by their very own living God within, when for them the time for doing so has come. They too will then be guided to greener pastures and where the waters of consciousness are running clear and pure.

Wise ones know that every human being is a many-faceted jewel, a precious and unique being and specially gifted in some way. That’s why they would not dream of trying to change others. They accept them and encourage them to be themselves in everything they do, following their inner guidance instead of paying too much attention to what people have to say. I want you to know that I love you just the way you are. And if you are willing to love me the way I am and let me be, our relationship has been built on the solid foundation of Divine love, the kind that is indestructible. It can never be taken away or destroyed by anything in the whole of Creation and if that isn’t worth seriously working on, please tell me what is.

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‘The Purpose Of My Life’s Work – Reaping The Bountiful Harvest’

Every one of the small six-pointed stars in my e-mails and postings in Rays of Wisdom are bringing you a personal greeting and blessing from the Christ Star, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. My stars are miniature replicas of the great one. They are alive and radiate the Christ Star’s blessing and healing power first into you, dear Reader, and those around you. From there it flows into the worldwide web and then into the heart and soul of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with us. No matter how brief your call may be, each time you come you will be getting the benefit of these powerful energies.

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