Families And Their Energies

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Famlies And Their Energies

The energies of all family groups are made up of the energies that in some way are present in every one of its members. This may not be obvious from individual birthcharts but numerology usually reveals more of the hidden factors when one examines the dates of birth, the destiny numbers and the names of those involved. Why should this be so? It is because we are magnetic beings and everything in the whole of Creation is an attraction of energies. It is because of this that like can only attract like into its orbit. The result of this is that in all our group efforts, and especially in families, the same energies are at work and the need for similar life lessons draws those involved together, one lifetime after another.

The world around us is a manifestation of what is inside us. It acts like a mirror that on the outer level of Earth life, including in all our own daily encounters, constantly reflects what is happening within. Before we sit in judgement over anyone’s character, we do well to remind ourselves that we all contain everything, the very best as well as the worst. Any character traces – good and bad alike – that are openly displayed by one human being are therefore also in us. Each time we have to endure human unpleasantness and, failing to recognise the same in ourselves, get hold of yourself.

Before you think smugly: ‘Thank God I am not like that!’ consider that there is every likelihood that the characteristics displayed by the other one are slumbering invisibly and tucked away – not at all safely – from our own view in our subconscious. As even from there they are quite capable of bringing suffering and pain into our lives, it is well worth our while to regularly spend a moment or two before the mirror of our world. Gaze deeply and with utter honesty into it and see what you can find. As you may imagine, there is a great deal more to this theme. You can read on about it by following the links at the end of this chapter.

I cannot think of any better example for demonstrating how the family energies express themselves in our lives than telling you about m friend Eugene’s experiences. He and his parents show quite clearly how they manifest themselves and can be recognised in every member of a family circle, even though one or the other sign may not be highlighted in the birthcharts of each one. Eugene is a Sagittarian and his parents are both Virgos, which means that his family is strongly under the influence of the energies of these two signs. Eugene once told me that his father loves to play practical jokes on people and wanted to find out whether Virgos are known for their outstanding sense of humour. That, however, is by no means one of the best features of Virgo. On the contrary, some Virgos may show a distinct lack of humour. So, what could be at work in Eugene’s father?

To establish his family’s energies it would be necessary to investigate his parent’s charts to find out the positioning of their Ascendants, Sun in houses and their Moon in signs and houses. It would be interesting to find out whether Sagittarius is strongly configured in the parent’s birthcharts, for example by their Ascendants in Sagittarius and/or their Suns and Moons in the ninth house, the natural domain of this sign. Without having access to Eugene’s birthchart as well as those of this other family members, let’s try to figure out where the Virgo energies are showing up.

Even if they were not highlighted in Eugene’s chart, it’s really quite simple. His name reveals a natural inclination towards Virgo and Sagittarius. Numerologically, the 5 represents Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. The name Eugene contains it four times, three times as the vowel ‘e’ and once as the consonant ‘n’. Vowels represent the name owner’s soul vibration and the consonants their outer earthly personality. The letter ‘u’ is a number 3, ruled by Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius. The ‘g’ is a 7, ruled by Neptune, one of the planetary co-rulers, with Jupiter, of Pisces. Add the 5 from the ‘n’ and the 7 from the ‘g’ on the personality together = 12. Take this us one step further 1 = the Sun, ruler of Leo. 2 = the Moon ruler of Cancer. 1+2 = 3 = Sagittarius. Can you see how the strong influence of Virgo and Sagittarius reveals itself, even though we are merely considering the name Eugene?

Discovering how the family energies reveal themselves in all its members may take a bit of detective work, but if you can be bothered you will be delighted by the results, of that I am sure. For example, if our father and/or mother were Sun Scorpios or Taureans, although these signs may not be highlighted in our own chart and those of our siblings, the Scorpio and Taurus energies would still form an important part of our general make-up. The reason why we could be born into this family in the first place is for three reasons: 1) Our energies are compatible with theirs. 2) We already shared certain character traces with them, long before we came into our present lifetime. 3) Their present life lessons are similar to ours.

Had this not been the case, there would have been no point in coming through this particular set of parents. In truth children do not inherit a great deal from their parents and that is because we are not of our parents, we merely come through them. None of our characteristics were handed down to us by anyone. We ourselves developed each one of them – good, bad and indifferent alike – in previous lifetimes. We are responsible for them and everything else that is in our lives, especially for our character and behaviour.

In case you are still puzzling about Eugene’s father’s love of practical jokes, let’s see how they fit into the picture. The Fire signs love excitement and having fun. To see this demonstrated in real life situations, stand before a fire and watch it for a while. Look at the way it’s enjoying itself and while you are about it, can you also see how quickly it can get out of hand? The Earth signs, on the whole, have a more practical, down-to-Earth and sensible approach to life. The Fire signs, Sagittarius in particular, have a childlike sense of humour that in some souls may border on the childish. Eugene’s father’s behaviour, with all due respect, points in that direction.

When you combine the energies of Earth, Virgo, and Fire, Sagittarius, it’s not hard to see how in this case they added up to someone who loves playing practical jokes on those around them. And what a pain in the neck such people are! Have you ever come across any grown-ups who enjoyed being at the receiving end of such jokes? I have not!

Just at the time when I was revising this chapter, a lady came to my house. When she asked me what I was doing, I showed her and explained what it was about. ‘That sounds interesting,’ she said. ‘I am a Capricorn and was born on the 10th January.’ In that case you are not only strongly under the influence of Saturn, Capricorn’s planetary ruler, but also of the Sun, the ruler of Leo.’ ‘Funny you should say that,’ she replied. ‘My son is a Leo. Before he was born I had thought of actually calling him Leo.’

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