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The Technical Aspects

Our Character Is Our Destiny – Get To Know Yours Here

‘Say (O Muhammad): Behold what is in the Heaven and the Earth!
But revelations and warnings avail not folk who will not perceive.’
The Koran Surah Yunus verse 101

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Stargazer’s Astro Files were created to ensure that none of the guests who come to the table of my website, to partake in the spiritual food that is on offer, falls into the above mentioned category. My interpretations of the meaning and characteristics of the Sun signs in our birthchart can be found in this section. As the Sun in the sky above us moves through the zodiac, each file is revised and updated, as new insights flow into the material that is already there. The new Rays of Wisdom allows me to reorganise and restructure the Astro Files, so they become more accessible and the topics you are interested in more easy to find. I hope I have succeeded with this.

I hope that you will be able to make sufficient time available for the reading of my interpretations of all the Sun signs, as well as the many astrological observations contained in the other parts. Each one of the Sun signs alone contains much that also applies to all the others and relates to them. Those who merely study one of the signs are in danger of missing a great deal of wisdom from the stars that everybody ought to know and can benefit from.

I trust that you will be as delighted as I am that the Astro Files now begin with the Sun in Aries and the vernal equinox. Astrologically, this is the point of all beginnings. As you progress through the files, you will soon discover that I enjoy doing things differently. As a true child of the Aquarian Age, in spite of the fact that my Sun is not in Aquarius, I feel the need to march to the tune of my own inner drum. This means I follow my inner guidance and listen to my inner teacher and guide, who writes and speaks through me. It is for good reasons that I have decided to start with another sign. Those who are already familiar with the parts of ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’ that are available by now, know that my work is about the spiritual rebirth we and our world are presently experiencing.

To me, there could be no better way of explaining the transformation that is required from each one of us than through my interpretation of the Sun in Scorpio. Something similar applies to each and every one of us and our pathway through life, whether or not our Sun is in Scorpio or in the eighth house, allocated to this sign. They are the sign and the house of regeneration and rebirth, which we all have somewhere in our birthcharts. That is why, to my mind, the Sun in Scorpio is of the greatest significance to all of us, which merely is highlighted and even more urgently required if our Sun is in Scorpio or the eighth house. To help you find a better understanding of astrology and yourself, I would first like to share a few items of general information with you.

As the entry and exit dates of the Sun into each sign fluctuate slightly each year, for those born on the cusp between two signs, i.e. when the Sun moves from any sign into the next one, it is worthwhile to check with an astrologer which interpretation of the Sun is the right one for them. Should this apply to you, you will benefit from studying my interpretations of both signs involved. Please click on ‘Born on the Cusp’. Should you have been born on the eleventh or the twenty-second day of any month, you have further obstacles to overcome, as your present lifetime is spent under the influence of one of the master vibrations. My excursion into numerology – also at the end of these files – can provide not only you but every soul who is interested in self-awareness and personal evolution, with further insights into what the gaining of spiritual mastership entails. As we are all faced with this task, it is of the greatest importance to pay attention to its requirements.

Wise ones who study my interpretations of all the signs are likely to discover some of the characteristics of each sign in themselves. This, to me, is proof of the fact that we are all many faceted jewels and that we all have everything within. You can read more about this by following the link below. You can easily check for yourself that every birthchart contains every sign somewhere and that all the houses are there. It’s just that we all have different signs on their cusps. Should you ever have had an interpretation of your birthchart done, you may already know this. If you are still thinking about it or maybe I havno e whetted your appetite and you are beginning to toy with the idea, go ahead, so that you can verify what I am saying with your own eyes. There is no need to contact me for this, as I am not in business and stopped doing birthcharts a long time ago.

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Be Your Own Astrologer – D.I.Y.

First Steps Towards Becoming Your Own Astrologer

Rays of Wisdom - The Astro files - Be Your Own AstrologerLike all truly great ideas, astrology’s basic principles are very simple. Everything is wheels within wheels and cycles within cycles constantly repeating themselves. To my mind, there is no better instrument than the Divine science for getting to know our true self and learning to love it, and for doing the same for the companions on our pathway through life. As for my taste too much gobble-de-gook surrounds this subject, from the beginning of my writings my aim has been to demystify it. Besides, rather than feeding people by catching one fish for them, I prefer showing them where they themselves can find and catch the tastiest morsels.

I feel that astrology’s great beauty and basic simplicity can only reveal itself when one strips away all confusing non-essentials elements. I believe that only through simplifying astrology can and does the subject reveal its extraordinary beauty and usefulness. Instead of being something that is best avoided, because for ordinary mortals without specialist knowledge it is far too complicated, mysterious and – to some – downright scary, it soon becomes something to be relished as the precious gift it truly is to humankind. Knowing that the greatest gift the Universe can bestow upon anyone is simplicity, I endeavour to keep things as simple as possible and use language that hopefully can be followed easily by anyone.

In my view the best approach to astrology is D.I.Y. For this purpose I have added some simple instructions on how to find and interpret your Moon signs, as well as a few brief general notes about the role of the Sun and the Moon in the birthchart. In all my writings I hope to be able to do my share of dispersing the prejudices against astrology that to this day exist in our world. By showing how it can be used to find a better understanding of ourselves, each other and our world, I would like to assist those who come to my website, and especially the Astro Files, to overcome their fear of this truly amazing subject.

For those who stand with trepidation before the vastness of astrology my advice is: do not be discouraged. Never forget that not everybody is destined to become a professional astrologer. For many it is quite sufficient to learn more about the Sun signs and what they can reveal about their own and everyone else’s life lessons. My life has taught me how through a better appreciation of one’s own and other people’s little foibles and peccadilloes, one imperceptibly and almost automatically grows into a kinder and more tolerant person. Astrology has helped me in so many ways, but especially with this and I am convinced that it can do the same for you.

First and foremost astrology can be used for getting in touch with our inner, i.e. unconscious world of motivations, feelings and emotions, our soul. This does not require any great astrological knowledge or scientific approach. All you need to know is the position of the Moon in your birthchart. Ideally this should be by sign and house, but to keep things simple, we will forget about the house position of your Sun and Moon; for what we have in mind here they are not necessary. To give you a better idea of the role of the Moon and the Sun in your birthchart, here are a few general notes about them. In the normal course of events, the Sun would always come first. But, as we are focusing here mainly on the Moon, I have taken the liberty to tell you about it first.

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The Moon

The Moon is a symbolism for the earthly personality, its experiences and functions. It represents the psyche, the soul, which is the storehouse of the memories of the experiences of all our lifetimes, including this one. The Moon’s sign and house position in our birthchart indicate how we appear to other people and how we experience them and take them into account. The Moon is a reflection of the deepest, innermost essence of our personality; it is the mask through which our soul communicates and relates to the world around us. Because the soul cannot express itself in words, it communicates with us through the cells of our body and reveals its presence through our intuitive interactions with those around us.

The Moon’s position can tell us a great deal about the behaviour patterns we developed during other lifetimes, which during this one decisively influence our instinctual reactions. The Moon shows how we subconsciously react to our environment. It is also the symbol for the rich world of our innermost feelings, of sensitivity and unconscious motivations. It can be a pointer to how we make use of our imagination. I share the belief that the Moon can give us clues to which cycles of experiences we went through, during our most recent lifetime on Earth.

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The Sun

The Sun in our birthcharts shows in which direction our spirit and soul’s Highest Self and inner Spirit will be pulling us throughout the whole course of our present lifetime. The Sun’s sign and house position provide pointers to our main life lessons, as well as the qualities that are waiting to be integrated into our character on our soul’s slow and gradual way back into the wholeness and perfection that is in God. As a spark and an integral part of the Great Light, the spiritual Sun beyond the Sun in the sky above us, each one is a soul dedicated to a pathway of evolution. At all times, the Great Spirit inexorably draws each one of us forwards and upwards, inviting and calling us to come home and be at one with it again, the way all human souls once were.

While all this is happening, the Moon is trying to do its best to hold us back in the past. To avoid remaining trapped in matter overlong, it is essential that we learn to respond as much as possible to the guidance we constantly receive from within our own hearts, where our inner Sun and teacher dwells. The ongoing struggle, friction and disharmony of past ages between the two parts, represented by the Sun and the Moon, were painful for the individual and the collective soul of our world. This has resulted in great soul growth, so that at long last humankind has reached the evolutionary level when harmony between within and without, conscious and subconscious is meant to be worked on and established by us.

It is up to us to each one of us personally to make every effort to look back as little as possible, so that we may move forward, the way the living spirit within tells us to do. As one becomes more aware of oneself and one’s inner motivations, it is important to always bear in mind that everything we find within that is not to our liking can be and indeed is meant to be changed, by us. That is our task if we wish to make the spiritual progress that is potentially ours, for this lifetime. We are here to learn to rise above all inner obstacles and to overcome the problems we ourselves have created during this lifetime and many before. Because this is extremely difficult, it is every soul’s birthright to call for the help of God and the Angels. This, however, will and cannot come on its own, but has to be asked for. Whichever way one turns, can you see how the greatest tool any soul can wish for on its journey through life is awareness. Truly, it is the key to unlock all doors – especially the inner ones.

The human spirit, as part of the Great Spirit, is enterprising and inquisitive, forward looking and thirsting for new learning, fresh experiences and wider horizons. As in contrast to this, the earthly personality is afraid of the unknown and the future, it tends to dislike changes and cling to the past. To help the spirit to grow and expand in consciousness, it must first become aware of itself. This it does through experiencing itself and the world around it, by learning about both of them. The spirit is a small spark of the Great Father of all life; its nature therefore is masculine.

The duty of every spark of the Divine is to evolve and grow, but it cannot do this on its own. Every spirit requires a feminine counterpart, a soul. In women and men alike the soul is the sensitive feeling side through which we experience and learn about ourselves and life, and in which all the memories of all our lifetimes are stored. Thus is comes about that slowly, in the course of many lifetimes, the human spirit begins to grow itself a world of feelings and becomes ensouled. The soul’s first impressions go back to the moment of spirit’s release from the Source, its true home and the oneness with God.

This state is known to humankind as Paradise and it is the true reason why human souls prefer to gaze back rather than forward. It looks at its present home and cannot help weeping and mourning for the one it lost. I know from first hand experience that when the poor earthly personality feels homesick, it may take an exceedingly long time until it can recognise that such feelings come from its soul and that in truth they are pointers in the direction of its real home.

Thus, for a long time the different parts struggle against each other.  And when the going gets tough, as it frequently does in Earth life, the personality – the ego, the small self – may feel a great longing to return to its parents. For as long as it lacks the awareness that its true needs are those of its soul, the two parts will continue to pull in opposite directions, busily creating ever more stress and suffering for each other. Meanwhile, the spirit stands by and rejoices, because it knows that this is the only way all parts together can find their way back home again. Although this may seem cruel, it is not; it is merely wise.

The greatest paradox of each one of our earthly sojourns always has been that our spirit and soul can only hope to get back into our true home by re-discovering and acting upon our true nature. Human progress, individually and as a race, has only ever been possible through steadfastly going forwards, without too much looking back. Responding to the pull of the Moon and the past is sure to get us nowhere. It may take our earthly self a very long time until we finally understand that the Moon’s pull has to be counteracted by following the Sun and by looking forward and moving towards the future. No matter what befalls us, in truth there is but one option for everybody and that is feet firmly planted on the Earth, whilst keeping heart, mind and inner gaze firmly fixed upon the Highest Star and Its aspirations.

By the way, there’s a great deal more to the Sun sign than meets the eye, the same as always with astrology. If for example we were born on the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn, we shall not remain the same person throughout the rest of our present lifetime. Let me explain why this should be so. By progression our Sun moves forward one degree per year. Each sign has 30 degrees. This means that although you may have been born – say – into the 1st degree of Capricorn, by the time you reach age 29 your energies and outlook would be changing very profoundly, namely from cardinal Earth into fixed Air, Aquarius. The next 30 years you would be mostly under the influence of the energies of this sign, then you would be going through the changes from fixed Air into mutable Water, Pisces. And so on and so forth. Each time these changes happen, they do not occur like the flicking on of a switch, but gradually and imperceptibly in the course of several years. If you pay attention to these changes in your own life, you will be able to watch how it changes and the way it will continue to do so in the future.

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The Houses

Astrological Houses - Rays of Wisdom - The Astro Files - Technical AspectsThe 360 degrees of the zodiac circle are divided into twelve sections that are known as the house system. The houses reveal in which part of life the majority of our attention and energies will be focussed  for this lifetime. Each one belongs to a specific field of experience of earthly life. The houses reveal how someone functions, for example in their interactions with other people, work or love affairs and so forth. There are twelve signs and houses in the zodiac. Each house is the natural domain of one of the signs. While each sign occupies thirty degrees of the zodiac, depending on which house system is used, the house sizes may vary. House calculations can only be carried out when a time of birth is known.

There are several methods: Placidus is the most ancient and my preferred one, dates back to the 17th century. There is also the equal house system, Koch, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Alcabitius, Topocentric, Morinus and so forth.

1st house, the Ascendant, natural domain of Aries, cardinal Fire. This house is located on the left hand side of the natal chart and corresponds to the place where the Sun rises. It describes the physical appearance of the small earthly self, its demeanour and vitality, personality and instinctive behaviour in its encounters with the outside world.

2nd house, natural domain of Taurus, fixed Earth. This house is concerned with money earned and material goods, the way we manage them and how we earn our living, financial affairs, as well as greed and possessiveness towards people and earthly goods.

3rd house, natural domain of Gemini, mutable Air. This house is concerned with our immediate surroundings, short trips and communication, the environment, siblings, colleagues, schoolmates, primary and secondary education, apprenticeships, transportation, modern means of communication and all practical things.

4th house, IC – Inner Consciousness, natural domain of Cancer, cardinal Water. This house is concerned with emotions and real estate, as well as our origins and heredity, our family, the father and patrimony, ancestors, childhood, roots and home – the one we were born into and the one we shall one day set up.

5th house, natural domain of Leo, fixed Fire. This house is concerned with the pleasant things of life and matters of the heart, pleasure, leisure, children and other creations of body and mind. It deals with creative and recreational activities, hobbies, luck or otherwise in gambling, relationships with children in general, including our own.

6th house, natural domain of Virgo, mutable Earth. This house is concerned with everyday life, daily work and colleagues, behaviour at work, attitudes towards lower-ranking co-workers, health, medicines and minor illnesses, minor obligations, servitudes, pets.

7th house, the Descendant, natural domain of Libra, cardinal Air. Opposite the ascendant on the right hand side of the natal chart, it corresponds to the place where the Sun sets. Through the window of the seventh house we perceive those around us. It represents unions, marriages, partners, spouses, associates, contracts, associations, open enemies, other people in general and our behaviour towards them.

8th house, natural domain of Scorpio, fixed Water. This house is concerned with birth, death and other transformations caused through passions and crises, financial investments and sexuality. In this sign we learn that death does not necessarily mean death of our physical body. In the course of every lifetime the soul has to experience many minor deaths and resurrections, transformations that help us to grow and move forward on the evolutionary scale of life. The eighth also represents inheritances, money earned by other people and the way we have access to it or not, sexuality, power, an interest the occult, i.e. that which is hidden from common view and knowledge.

9th house, natural domain of Sagittarius, mutable Fire. This house is concerned with abstract and higher concepts, the realm of spirituality and religions and philosophies, long distance travelling, physical and inner ones. The ninth also represents higher education and universities, higher ideals and the understanding of abstract topics, legality and the law, and foreign matters in general.

10th house, the MC or Midheaven, natural domain of Capricorn, cardinal Earth. This house is concerned with our social success, professional destiny, career, standing in the world, ambitions and achievements, the general public, potential fame and our mother’s influence.

11th house, natural domain of Aquarius, fixed Air. This sign is concerned with collective projects and humanitarian pursuits, supports and protections in life, friendships and the nature of our friends, group activities, and the place we occupy within groups.

12th house, natural domain of Pisces, mutable Water. The house of Karma and of our own undoing, of secret enemies, difficulties and struggles in life, solitude and major inner crises, hidden ordeals and secrets, the inner self, hidden enemies, serious illnesses and places of confinement such as hospitals, prisons, convents and so forth.

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The Ascendant

The Ascendant Sign – Rays of Wisdom – The Astro Files – Technical AspectsGod’s creative processes are constantly at work and life on all levels is at all times evolving, moving forwards and upwards in vast spirals onto ever higher ones. Nothing in the whole of Creation ever stands still, not even for the briefest moment. The Sun in the sky above us reflects this down to us on the Earth; it too never stops moving in its orbit. The same is true for all parts of God’s Creation where everything is wheels within wheels, and cycles within cycles. Bearing this in mind, the concepts behind astrology are basically very simple and can easily be understood by anyone. Astrology allows us glimpses into how everything is moving and why things and conditions on the Earth plane too must always change.

The cusp that marks the end of the twelfth house and the beginning of the first is called the Ascendant. Neither planet nor house, this part nonetheless is a vital one of every birthchart. Every two hours a new sign rises over the horizon and the sign that appears at the moment we draw our first breath is known as the rising sign or the Ascendant. The study of this sign reveals the colouring of our outer personality and gives valuable insights into the temperament, disposition, physical appearance and personality of us as an individual. The ascendant is one of the main reasons why several people, who could all have been born on the same day but at different times and places, show marked variations in their character and behaviour patterns. Knowing the time of our birth, as exactly as possible, is important. Without this it is impossible to tell in which houses the planets are operating and which aspect of our lives the transiting planets are influencing at any given time.

It could be said that in some way the Ascendant is the most important part of the birth chart, because it represents our outer personality and the mask we show to the world. One might think of it as a window through which we view the outside world and the way this world sees us. It is the filter through which all learning experiences of our present lifetime have to pass, to enable the inner self to assimilate and digest them. Through the daily experiences of the earthly self the psyche restlessly searches for enlightenment that can only be found in a better understanding of its own nature through the people and situations that are coming its way.

The Ascendant is the part of our being where the earthly self meets life head-on and sometimes collides with it. When this happens, it is helpful to bear in mind that this part of our being is but a mask and as such should at all times be worn lightly. The earthly self that identifies too much with its mask, i.e. its outer personality, runs the risk of forgetting who they truly are and what, one fine day are sure to be again. This true spirit and higher self, however, cannot be found by any earthlings who are as yet unaware of the existence of such a part. As ever, awareness is the key for unlocking this particular door to another aspect of human consciousness.

We are in this life to integrate the higher evolved aspects of all the signs that are accentuated in our birthchart, especially our Sun sign. However, the Ascendant is almost of equal importance, because if we insist on wearing the mask it represents too heavily – or worse still –act out too many of its negative aspects, the outer self can be in danger of suffocating the inner spirit and soul, and that makes any kind of spiritual progress almost impossible.

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The Elements

The Astrological Elements - Rays of Wisdom - The Astro Files - Technical Aspects

The Fire and Air signs are positive, masculine and outgoing in expression and their perception of life. They represent our individuality as opposed to the Earth and Water signs, who are female, receptive and represent the personality side of our nature.

1) Fire = positive, energetic, assertive, enthusiastic, aggressive and creative, seeking to show leadership in some way. Aries (the originator), Leo (the organiser) and Sagittarius (the executive) are the Fire signs and their keynote is inspiration. Fire represents the spiritual side of our nature. It is the joy of living which is abundant in the nature of  those born with planets in the Fire signs. They are forceful, ardent and likely to be highly impulsive, frequently too much so. Too many planets in Fire signs can be altogether too much of a good thing. If you find this within you, you could often act in foolhardy ways and will benefit greatly from taking charge of your natural tendency of  foolishly rushing in where Angels fear to tread.

Fire feels that Water will extinguish it and that Earth will smother it, but that Air will fan its flames. Fire and Air are compatible, so are Water and Earth. The others can have problems relating to each other.

2) Air= intellectual, communicative and mentally active. The thinking signs who also have a lot to do with social inter-relationships. The Air signs are the knowledge gatherers who mainly work through their intellect and intuition. Their keynote is aspiration. Gemini (the friendly one), Libra (the diplomat) and Aquarius (the individualist) are the Air signs. By the way, do not be misled by the glyph for Aquarius, the Waterbearer. It is not Water he bears but knowledge which he pours indiscriminatingly unto the consciousness of our world. The planet Uranus, who rules humankind’s intuitive faculties, is a symbol for this aspect of our Creator. Too many planets in Air signs indicates a personality that would benefit from building some Earth into their character makeup. This will help them to successfully ground their many ideas on the Earth plane.

Air hates to be confined in underground caverns (Earth) and does not like to have its freedom saturated and drowned by water. It enjoys the leaping response of Fire.

3) Water = sensitive, emotional, psychic, unstable, reflective, responsive and fertile. Concerned with feelings, dealing with sensitivity and the deeper and hidden psychic aspects of life. The keyword for Water is emotion, for Water has to do with our emotional vehicle contained within the physical body. Cancer (the insistent), Scorpio (the passionate) and Pisces (the compassionate) are the Water signs. Those with too many planets in Water signs benefit greatly when they manage to get away from the emotional onto the level of their soul. This makes life more agreeable for all concerned, as it is through the emotions that we suffer most on the Earth plane.

Water feels that Fire will make it boil and that Air will make it evaporate, but that Earth will contain it.

4) Earth = cautious, practical, restrained and stable. Is concerned with the physical plane and has to do with purely material affairs. The Earth signs are the practical and stolid ones and represent the earthly field in which our personality is firmly planted and needs to lift itself away from in time. The keynote for the Earth signs is practicality. Taurus (the concentrator), Virgo (the discriminator) and Capricorn (the practical idealist) are the Earth signs. The person with too many planets in Earth signs may encounter considerable difficulties trying to achieve their hopes and dreams off the ground. 

Earth feels that Air will dry it out, that Fire will parch it and that Water refreshes and renews it.

The essence of a White Eagle Thought for October 2015: ‘Earth life has four elements, Earth and Water, Fire and Air. The element Air contains another one, an ether that is finer than the air you breathe, which can be registered. This is impossible with the finer ether. Something similar applies to the other elements Earth, Water and Fire. Behind the physical substance of everything that exists in earthly life is a finer material and from the ether in the Air element the nature spirits are created. Theirs is the etheric world and that is where they are at work. Interpenetrating all physical elements are finer ones that cannot be perceived by ordinary human senses in earthly life, only by those who have developed what is known in your world as the  sixth or psychic sense or intuition.’

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Finding Your Moon Sign

This is easy because there are sites on the web where you can do this free of charge; is one of them. Although I know of it, I am in no way connected with it. Because a friend recommended it some time ago, I tried it and was surprised how good the information was that came forth. But see for yourself. And as soon as you have found out from one of these free sites where your Moon is, a pathway opens for you to discover more about yourself and especially about your subconscious motivations. I promise you that you will find the study of the Sun sign that corresponds to the one your Moon is positioned in highly revealing. The negative expressions of your Moon sign are of particular interest, as the Moon tends to bring them out more than the Sun in the same sign.

When trying to locate your Moon sign, it is helpful if your time of birth is known. If it is not, tune into your intuition = your inner teacher, and see whether it is willing to help you. Then listen to the world of your feelings and see what clues might come from there. Are you a morning or evening person, maybe a night owl? All these things are pointers. Listen within and it will tell you.

As the Great spiritual Sun, whose spark each one of us is, always tries to guide and move us in a forward and upward spiral, it is much easier to integrate the positive aspects of our Sun sign than those of our Moon sign. When you find this difficult, do not despair. Becoming familiar with the negative expressions can be very beneficial, because our knowledge can help us get in touch with the unconscious destructive thought and behaviour patterns we have brought with us from previous lifetimes. If there are any subconscious character flaws somewhere within us, it is necessary to become aware of them before we can consciously start to work on changing them.

As an astrologer, for me the progressions of the planets have a special magic of their own, and especially those of the Moon. The orderly and precise fashion in which they proceed – not only in the skies, but also in the way they show up as affecting everybody’s life never ceases to amaze me. When one observes how strongly the energies of the planets influence all human experiences, as each lifetime unfolds, one cannot help marvelling at God’s great foresight and wisdom. Witnessing how we all respond to the Cosmic influences, mostly without having a clue why we are being drawn to certain lessons at different times as we move through our lives, gives me a warm and secure inner feeling.

This is the kind of thing that constantly renews and builds up my trust in the goodness of the life our Father/Mother Creator has provided for us. It serves as a constant reminder of how we and our world and everything in it rest safely in the hands of God and the Angels. It is very difficult and almost impossible to share such feelings, but I am trying nonetheless because that more than anything else is the message I would like to convey with all my writings, the Stargazer’s Astro Files and ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’ in particular.

I do not believe that these feelings can only grow inside those who are willing to study not just one or two but every single one of my interpretations of the Sun signs, as well as many as possible of the other Astro Files. I recommend that you take your time and imbibe them sign by sign, maybe over the course of one whole year, as the Sun moves through the zodiac. By the way, I believe that you are likely to gain most if you take a printout and sit with it somewhere quietly, rather than in front of your computer screen. To benefit as much as possible from your studies, before you start reading, try to tune into the energies of the Sun sign in front of you. Maybe you will be able to feel and sense them while you are reading. When you put your sheets down, take a moment to reflect on how the energies are affecting you and your life. e you are reading. When you put your sheets down, take a moment to reflect on how the energies are affecting you and your life.

You alone can tell where you are on your pathway through life at present. And you are the only one who can tell which of the negative characteristics of the various signs still have to be shed by you and which of the positive ones are waiting to be integrated and developed by you, so that they can becomes permanent feature of your character. The next step is the application of any knowledge you are finding, as much as possible, first to yourself and then to those around you. Given time and if you persevere, the same warm inner feelings are likely to slowly develop within you. And you too will gradually get to know that sense of security and the knowledge that you are safe in the loving hands of the Great Spirit, Father/Mother.

Take it from me, observing humankind through the eyes of an astrologer is delightful! And as your knowledge of the subject increases, you quite likely will come to the same conclusion. In fact, the more you find out, the more you will appreciate how and why humankind simply had to be kept sheltered and safe on our small and beautiful planet. It seems to me that, in Cosmic terms, we have been isolated in this way to stop us – in our ignorance – from doing too much harm to the rest of Creation. I believe that until we are spiritually sufficiently evolved, we shall not be allowed to become ‘fully subscribed’ members of the family of all life in the Universe.

Recommended Reading:
•    Astrology for the New Age – An Intuitive Approach’ by Marcus Allen.
In my view the best astrology book that has ever been around.

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The Moon Cycles

Rays Of Wisdom - The Astro Files - Special Events - The Moon Cycles One Moon cycle lasts approx. twenty-nine and a half days. At the end of each one of these periods a conjunction of Sun and Moon takes place in the Heavens. This is seen on the Earth as the New Moon. The expression ‘the Heavens’ is a symbolism for the abstract, i.e. invisible to earthly eyes, masculine aspect of the highest force of Creation, the Father or God.

Mother Earth is a physical manifestation of His counterpart, the Goddess, the great Mother of all life who is the feminine aspect of the Divine Trinity. The ancients thought of each New Moon as a consummation of the marriage between the energies of the Sun and the Moon, Heaven and Earth, from which the Moon is newly born. Each new Moon invariably signals a period of rebirth and new beginnings for all life on our planet. If you are planning to get a new project off the ground, this is the best time for doing so.

Although this does not guarantee success, if a venture is meant to go ahead and is launched at the time of the New Moon, it will do so with a great deal more vim and vigour than at other times, because the supply of energies available in earthly life has been renewed and is fresh once more. If you watch out for this in future, you may notice that in the run-up to each New Moon, it sometimes feels as if you were trying to wade through molasses. No matter how hard you try and push, nothing will move. Wise ones who notice this wait for the next New Moon, because they know that a very special kind of magic is at work under whose influence things start moving again, sometimes with breathtaking speed.

Whenever the Sun and the Moon are in opposition to each other in the sky, a full Moon lights up our world at night and the time has come for giving thanks for everything that is and ever has been in our lives. The time around the full Moon is also an occasion for finding enlightenment. But what exactly is that? Spiritually, not knowing is darkness and knowledge is light. Each time we find the answer to one of our questions, another ray of the light of knowledge penetrates our inner darkness and disperses a bit more of it. That is how, with the passing of time, step by step our whole consciousness fills ever more with the light of understanding.

This hardly ever happens through majestic earth-shattering and world-changing flashes of inspiration, like the main one of the Buddha legend. Yet, if in future you watch out when a full Moon lights up the darkness of our nightly world – there’s much meaning in that, come to think of it – you may notice that sometimes you suddenly understand the causes behind difficult life situations and relationships. Insights could dawn inside you that will somehow make things more bearable and you may also get a better idea of what to do about them.

It is possible to help things along. Whenever you encounter circumstances in your life that are puzzling you and are hard to resolve, ask your inner teacher, the wise one within, the Moon, the Universe – whichever appeals to you most. The answers are sure to come, sometimes when you least expect them. To ensure that you are ready to receive them, set aside regular times for quiet reflections, contemplations and meditations.

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The Soul's Pathway Through The Zodiac

Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - The Technical Aspects - The Pathway Of The Soul Through The Zodia

My earthly self fought a long and embittered battle
With my spirit and soul.
For aeons it believed that it was a lost and fallen Angel
From a misty and half forgotten galaxy of Stars.
We have made peace with each other because
Both of us are now aware that in truth we are
A spark of the Divine and a child of the Sun,
The great spiritual Sun behind the Sun of earthly life.

Our spirit once descended from the Highest levels of life.
We came to this plane to take part in it
And so learn and grow through our own experiences.
In the course of many lifetimes we have been
Wounded cruelly by the painful thrust of Mars,
Caught in Neptune’s tangled web and
Shocked and torn asunder by the sudden violence of Uranus.
Tortured by the clever lies of Mercury,
Crushed beneath the icy weight of stern and unyielding Saturn,
Hours often felt like days, days like years,
And years like eternities of frustration and waiting.

There was a time when my soul and I believed we were the Sun,
Whose exploding bursts of arrogance and pride
Scorched and almost blinded us.
Ignorant of our true self, the feminine and masculine,
Eve and Adam deep within cried helplessly.
Yet, we fought on in unrelenting fury and striking blow for blow,
Driven on by the pounding drums of Jupiter’s throbbing passions,
Stumbling at the precipice of the Moon’s enticing madness,
To fall in trembling fear before the threat
Of Pluto’s ominous tomb-like silence,
Consumed by inconsolable sadness
And the bleakness of despair.

Bravely bearing the wounds and scars of furious battles,
My spirit and soul are now coming home at last.
We are walking hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Serenely and in quiet peace,
The way we once did.
Having gathered together the scattered pieces of our being,
We are healed and whole once more.
A great evolutionary circle is closing
And the twin serpents of the dual forces of Creation,
The Highest and lowest, masculine and feminine,
Who for a long time were opposed to each other in earthly life
Are learning to harmoniously work together again.
They are the serpents of wisdom and healing
Who are winding themselves around the Caduceus,
My own and that of all humankind and our world.

Willingly my spirit and soul together with my earthly self
Are now following the pull of the Sun.
Yielding to the attracting power of Venus,
We are leaving the enslavement of earthly existence behind.
A rainbow of light surrounds the Earth.
Under its protection humankind is coming home
Into its true nature and the oneness with God and all life.
The long promised golden land of peace and plenty
Lies within the reach of every heart and soul,
As our highest ideals and aspirations, hopes and dreams
Are finding fulfilment at last.

Following the call of gentle Venus and the call of
Our Creator’s love and guidance that never left us,
We and our world have survived the might of selfish seeking
And the downward pull of our earthly self’s desires.
Equipped with the gift of a renewed understanding of
God’s true nature and our own,
A new world that is filled with tolerance and forgiveness,
Patience and peace is waiting to unfold itself
Before us and our world.

Edited by Aquarius

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General Notes

The basic approach to life of the Fire and Air signs is masculine, active, positive and outgoing, whereas that of the Water and Earth signs is feminine, passive, receptive and reflective. The energies of our Sun sign are clearly reflected in our attitude to and perception of life. To get to know yourself or someone around you with the help of studying your or their Sun sign, to my mind, it is essential to also study its polar opposite in the zodiac. No-one can truly understand Scorpio without appreciating what motivates Taurus and vice versa. Likewise it is impossible to fully grasp the requirements of the Aquarian Age without studying the characteristics of Leo. For those unfamiliar with this, here is a list of the signs that are opposite each other in the zodiac:

Aries – Libra
Taurus – Scorpio
Gemini – Sagittarius
Cancer – Capricorn
Leo – Aquarius
Virgo – Pisces
Libra – Aries
Scorpio – Taurus
Sagittarius – Gemini
Capricorn – Cancer
Aquarius – Leo
Pisces – Virgo

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The Qualities Of The Sun Signs

Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - The Technical Aspects - The Qualities Of The Signs

Aries – cardinal fire – creative ideas, wants to lead and be first in everything.
Fire – spiritual/sexual/creative energy – energy, work, inspiration.
Cancer – cardinal water – emotional leader.
Water – emotional – feelings, imagination, nurturing.
Libra – cardinal air – intellectual leader.
Air – intellectual – ideas, thoughts, communication.
Capricorn – cardinal earth – leader on the material plane of life.
Earth – material – practicality, protection, conservation,
always ready to dig in and take charge to get things done.

The pathway of the cardinal signs is to lead others to ensure constant evolutionary progress. They can be demanding, but are always ready to take charge in order to get things done and get stuck to carry out the necessary work. Cardinality is the characteristic of something on which other things hinge or depend. The basic approach to life of the cardinal signs is an outgoing quality, notwithstanding the fact that Cancer is a Water sign and Capricorn an Earth sign, therefore both are feminine and receptive. Each one of the cardinal signs in its own special way is capable of taking the lead to get things going and meticulously working to achieve some specific end. Because of their strong urge to constantly create something new and bringing it into being in earthly life, people born into the cardinal signs are extremely restless.

Leo – fixed fire – is a spiritual protector.
Fire – spiritual – energy, work, inspiration.
Scorpio – fixed water – emotional protector.
Water – emotional – feelings, imagination, nurturing.
Aquarius – fixed air – intellectual protector.
Air – intellectual – ideas, thoughts, communication.
Taurus – fixed earth – material protector.
Earth – material – practicality, protection, conservation.

The pathway of the fixed signs is to conserve and protect what they have. They can be stubborn and unyielding, but they also help others by providing them with a sense of continuity and security.

Sagittarius – mutable fire – serves life spiritually.
Fire – spiritual – energy, work, inspiration.
Pisces – mutable water – serves life emotionally.
Water – emotional – feelings, imagination, nurturing.
Gemini – mutable air – serves life intellectually.
Air – intellectual – ideas, thoughts, communication.
Virgo – mutable earth serves the material plane of life.
Earth – material – practicality, protection, conservation.

The pathway of the mutable signs is to assist and help others. They can be changeable to the point of coming across as indecisive. On the upside they are capable people who willingly bend before the wind of change and adjust themselves to meeting the needs of those around them and lending a helping hand.

* * *

Cardinal energy is active, dynamic, enterprising and outgoing. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the cardinal sign. People with many planets in cardinal signs are active and dynamic who love keeping busy. In action they are fast, objective, direct and to the point, but they can also sometimes be too impulsive and impatient. Planets in cardinal signs are an indication of a love of activity and speed, as well as of executive abilities that are supported by good energy levels and ambition. These people are the go-getters of the zodiac and their temperament is well equipped for making immediate decision. The cardinal signs may have a tendency of shooting first and then asking the questions. Their keyword is creativity because they are part of the Universe’s outgoing, driving force in whom its power to create expresses and manifests itself. The cardinal signs are good in crisis situations and are generally interested in activity and finding out what is going on in general.

Cardinality = Activity.

Positive expression: constructive use of initiative.
Negative expression: busybodies who thoughtlessly rush into action.

* * *

Fixed energy is latent and stable, intense and steadfast, resistant to change. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the fixed signs. Blessed with strong willpower, they represent the ‘will’, i.e. the will to do and bring into manifestation that which they began to create in previous lifetimes spent in the cardinal signs. The fixed signs are the most persistent and consistent of all signs. They are reticent and non-committal on first approach and can only achieve their results through willpower, persistence and determination. The fixed sign energy is a quiet organising one that shows itself in actions that are motivated by principles.

People born into the fixed signs are unswervingly stubborn and will never deviate from a chosen path, unless they themselves choose to do so. They are the planners, formula makers, builders and constructors of the zodiac who are capable of making cardinal ideas become a reality in earthly life. In contrast to them, it suits those born into the cardinal signs much to keep on moving from one of their bright ideas to the next. People born into the fixed signs are the most difficult ones to understand, as their motivations are seldom obvious and only unwillingly revealed. Interested in values and ideas, they are veritable reservoirs of energy and power that move with a definite pattern and resists all outside influences that try to change it.

Fixed = Will

Positive expression: constancy and reliability.
Negative expression: stubbornness and rigidity.

* * *

Mutable energy is harmonising, adaptable and constantly changing. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Their keyword is flexibility and that gives people born into these signs the ability to blend like chameleons into all circumstances and surroundings. Their pliability and adaptability makes them easy going, tolerant and free flowing, and their interests are mostly centred in direct and highly personal relationships with those around them. They love joining others and are interested in even the tiniest details of personal living.

The mutable signs happily allow others to enter their private Universes at all times. Most of all they are interested in people and relationships, the future and moving forwards in their nonstop search for new horizons and consciousness expanding experiences. People with many planets in these signs potentially are good communicators and excellent reporters, who are particularly good at meeting one deadline whilst happily facing another. They are fine imitators who are capable of giving things a new slant that may help those around them to view themselves and their world from a different angle.

Wise ones with several planets in mutable signs with the passing of time may become aware of an excess of mutability in their psychological make-up. This is life’s way of teaching them to watch out for people who wish to take them up some wrong alleyways. They guard themselves against scattering their precious energies and becoming a drifter and a rolling stone, who gathers no moss because of its love of change, sometimes simply for the sake of it. When they have become aware of their lack of persistence and willpower, wise ones resist the temptation of being too easily influenced by outside conditions. They focus on building stability into their character that helps them to assert their own personality, instead of imitating someone else’s.

Mutable = Wisdom.

Positive expression: resourceful.
Negative expression: the worriers of the zodiac afflicted by nervousness, neurosis and finding it difficult to live in the present.

* * *

The Compatibility Of The Qualities

Rays of Wisdom - The Astro Files - Technical Aspects - Compatibility Of The Signs

In case you are now wondering about the compatibility between your own Sun sign and that of your loved ones, my experience has shown that there are no hard and fast rules. In general the signs within their own element get on well with each other as well as with the signs that are in polar opposition in the zodiac, for example Earth and Water, Fire and Air. Because there is an underlying harmony between them, the energies of these signs enjoy working with and responding to each other. Water gets on well with Earth, Air with Fire, and vice versa. And so it comes about that whenever two extremes join forces and find the golden point of balance halfway between them, together they are capable of giving of their best.

The other signs can have difficulties, but they do not have to. In loving relationships where there is good will and two people are seriously making an effort at getting on with each other, in my view, it should always be possible to find some common ground and work things out to their mutual satisfaction.

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The Decanates Or Decans Of The Signs

The decanates or decans divide each sign into three sections; they carry the name of the planet that rules them. 

The first 10 degrees of each sign are believed to be most emphatically of its own nature and are ruled by its own ruling planet. The next 10 degrees are sub-ruled by the planet that rules the next sign in the same triplicity, i.e. Fire, Air, Earth or Water. The final 10 degrees are sub-ruled by the last sign in that triplicity.

To give you an example of this, the decanates of the Earth sign Capricorn are ruled and sub-ruled as follows:

1st decanate 1-10 degrees by Saturn, Capricorn
2nd decanate 11-20 degrees by Venus, Taurus
3rd decanate 21-30 degrees by Mercury, Virgo.

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Born On The Cusp Between Two Signs

The beginning and end of each sign fluctuates slightly from year to year. So, if you were born on the cusp between two signs, it depends on your year of birth which one of the Sun signs involved represents the main one for your present lifetime. Checking this out properly before reading my observations is always worthwhile if you wish to find a better understanding of the difficulties you are likely to struggle with. People born on the cusp often feel like somewhat split personalities. They have what is known as ‘one foot each in two different camps’. The energies of neighbouring signs are always of a very different nature to each other. They are not usually compatible at all. Because of each sign’s unique approach to life, those born into two neighbouring ones often have great difficulties coming to terms with them.

If the outgoing sign relates more to the learning and realities from the past, other lifetimes, whereas your chosen and therefore pre-destined main pathway for this lifetime is decidedly that of the incoming sign, an inner struggle between these two parts of your being may ensue. It is well worth your while to pay special attention to this. Because you have not quite finished learning the lessons of the former, your soul has chosen to master the difficulties created by having to devote sufficient time to attend to those of both signs. However, try not to spend too much time looking back, but aim to always move forwards on the energy of the incoming sign.

Incidentally, the energy at the end of each sign is always at its strongest, whereas at the beginning of a new sign it is at its weakest and also still contains much of the energy of the previous sign. The energies of two neighbouring signs being such a profoundly different one, you alone can tell which one is affecting you and your life more strongly. For example, if you were born on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp, you would have to deal with the conflicting approaches to and perception of life of these two signs within yourself. You would constantly have to do justice to and find the necessary balance between the Air and the Water element, and that is difficult.

In the first place, you would have come into this lifetime to repeat some of the lessons of airy and intellectual Aquarius. Having been born on the outgoing cusp of this sign, it is likely that you did not complete them, during your previous lifetime. This is your opportunity for repeating them, whilst at the same time aiming to move forward into the next sign, watery and emotional Pisces. In spite of frequently feeling more like an Aquarian, you would still mostly be walking the Piscean pathway. Should you have been born on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, the Fire sign, the pull of both these signs and their energies would be very strong within you. You would often feel as if the watery energy of laid back Pisces was pouring a bucket full of water over the enthusiasm, the push, drive, initiative and urge of the fiery nature of Aries. Having one foot in two camps of such a different nature is never easy to live with. And you alone know how well you have mastered their lessons thus far.

Having said all that, it needs bearing in mind that we do not always remain mostly under the influence of the sign we were born into! For example, had you started this lifetime in two degrees Aries and if you were already sufficiently aware of the energies operating in your life, you would feel at about age twenty-eight that they are changing from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus. You would notice how you and your whole outlook on life are becoming more grounded and stable. At age fifty-eight your energies would change into airy chatty and talkative Gemini, the communicator and the butterfly of the zodiac. And so on. These changes are due to the progressions of the Sun, which move forward by one degree per year. Or if by now you were in the Cancer consciousness, in spite of having been born into another sign, your whole life could by now be completely focused on the experiences of this sign and of home, hearth, mother, family, ancestry and so forth.

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Change Of Energies Between Signs

The change of energies, as the Sun moves from one sign into the next on its annual round through the zodiac, is always very marked. For starters, the masculine, active and outgoing signs alternate with the feminine, passive and receptive ones; each has a different approach to life. Furthermore, the Sun moves from Fire signs into Earth ones, from Earth into Air, from Air into Water, and from there back again into Fire. Earth after Fire is like piling a load of soil on top the enthusiastic rush of the fire element. Water after Fire is similar to pouring a bucket full of it on the fire element’s joyous outbursts; in each case its flames are extinguished most successfully. In the case of Water and Fire the result is steam, which may express itself in steaming resentment. As you can see, the energies of each set are not at all compatible, making even harder every soul’s struggles at coming to terms with its earthly existence. Yet, all such things are grist to the mill of our spiritual growth, because they add to the wealth of the experiences we gather. With every new cycle that takes us through the whole zodiac our consciousness becomes more rounded and whole.

All these things contribute to the difficulties souls born into adjoining signs encounter with each other. Leo and Virgo are possibly the most outstanding example of this; another one that comes to mind is the changeover from Pisces to Aries. Let’s have a look at Leo and Virgo first. After the soul’s exploits – some of them rather extravagant – in flamboyant, pompous and outgoing, larger than life Leo, full of itself and the glory of its own being in one lifetime, in the next one the soul comes down to Earth with a bump in Virgo. This time it is going to gather its experiences in the modest, shy, retiring and self-effacing harvest sign of the zodiac, Virgo, where two different types of crops are waiting to be brought in. After Leo’s fun, games, socialising and showing-off, in the next sign the soul discovers the benefits of a more solitary existence. And so it willingly buckles down to getting some serious work done on the Earth plane and also learns to enjoy it.

In the case of cusp born souls, the above described things are part of their wrestling with coming to terms with and reconciling the sometimes very contradictory nature and opposing aims of their two Sun signs. For example Pisces is all about endings and Aries about new beginnings. To my mind, such conflicts can only be resolved through a better understanding of the processes of life. Astrology helps me to recognise life as one huge cycle of deaths and rebirth. Without interruption every new season of gathering experiences flows and grows from the previous one, and all life is eternally moving forwards and upwards onto ever higher and more beautiful levels of existence.

Although on the outer levels of life one often gets the impression of utter chaos, spiritually that is most definitely not the case. The Universe – and we and our lives within it – is unfolding with the precision of one gigantic Swiss clockwork, where nothing is left to chance. Becoming aware of this, which human soul would still have difficulties to humbly kneel in awe and wonder before the splendour and magnificence of the Great Architect’s design of life?

The Soul’s Yearning
So long as this you fail to see:
That death precedes re-birth!
A gloomy guest you’ll always be,
Upon this darkling Earth.

‘Seliges Verlangen’

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Astrological Myths And False Perceptions

If you have taken the time to study all my interpretations of the Sun signs, would you agree with me that there is no such thing as an easy one? As we have seen, each one has its own trials and tribulations to provide and its own rewards that can be reaped. Provided by the great wisdom of our Divine Father/Mother, they are evenly and fairly distributed throughout. This ensures sufficient soul growth and expansion of consciousness for each of Its children in the course of many lifetimes.  When lived consciously and conscientiously or – to put it another way – to become a wise one, all signs are equally difficult and demand that we bring forth from within ourselves the very best. It is worth our while to do this, for if we succeed, the potential rewards of every sign can be great when measured by the amount of spiritual progress that can be made on our evolutionary pathway in every lifetime.

In various Astro Files we briefly touched on the subject of the many astrological myths that seem to abound in our world. Let us spin this thread a bit further. I have studied this issue over a very long time and the evidence I have been gathering to this day confirms that such tales are not based on facts and what astrology truly is about. To give you just two examples, Virgos are supposed to be neat and tidy people, whilst Librans are thought of as being well balanced. Yet, some of the most untidy people I have ever met were Virgos and some of the most wildly out of balance ones I know are Librans.  Such myths always did puzzle me. The explanation for them clearly lies in the fact that it is true for these two signs, the same as for all the others, that the gifts each sign can bestow upon those born into them will never fall into their laps. Rather they have to be developed and worked with, so that in the course of a whole lifetime they may be built into our character.

Every human soul is guided and protected by wise ones who take care of all its needs. More than anything else we seem to require the shelter they provide against our own foolhardiness. Angels and guides help the soul to choose a lifetime in the sign whose qualities it is most in need of developing. Either it does not yet have brought forth these qualities at all or if it did so insufficiently, another opportunity will be offered this time round.  For example, in Virgo the soul first becomes aware for the need of working tidily and meticulously. It gathers many experiences that help it to appreciate the idea of conducting one’s whole life in this manner. A soul who has not yet integrated this lesson may be advised to be born through someone who already is extremely neat and tidy. If you are the parent of a very untidy child, maybe even a Sun Virgo, be patient and do not allow your child’s behaviour to either drive you round the bend or the two of you apart.  As the child’s life progresses and through watching those around it, it is likely that it will eventually recognise the benefits of more orderly ways, so that in the fullness of time it may wish to emulate them.

Another good example was a Capricorn lady who told me that she had never thought of herself as a typical one. She says she hates hard work, has no ambitions at all, is not goal oriented and terrible with money. On top of all that she apparently is the biggest procrastinator imaginable. As she feels that those around her perceive her to be as serious and quite conservative, she admits that she is probably more of a Capricorn than she thought she was. The description she gives of herself confirm to me that my belief that the gifts of any of the Sun signs do not automatically drop into anyone’s lap is justified. They are available but they have to be worked on very seriously before they can be integrated into anyone’s character. As long as a soul still lacks certain qualities, next time round it will choose to be born into the sign that carries the promise that they can be acquired there.

But if that soul misses the opportunities that are sure to come its way then, if it steadfastly refuses to learn, it is in danger of wasting the potential progress that could be made in that lifetime. Life on Earth being a school, just like in any other place of learning, those who do not pay attention to their lessons, maybe because they are frittering their time away in pursuit of pleasure, have to repeat the class, if need be time and again, until its object has been achieved. Only then will the soul be allowed to move on. Nothing in God’s creation is ever wasted; even the missing of a class or classes presents human souls with a valuable experience. When they review their progress, upon their return into the world of spirit, they will discover to their chagrin that none to speak of was made. However, the memory of this will be stored in the souls, to accompany them into their next lifetime and to provide them with the driving force for doing better. Clearly, evolutionary progress can be speeded up considerably, as soon as the soul becomes aware of what is at stake. The Universe has endless patience and knows that every soul gets there in the end, no how much each one may dally on its way.

A study of the energies of the peace and harmony loving planet Venus provides with some of the finest evidence. One of the most common false beliefs held by non-astrologers appears to be the one that souls born into Taurus and Libra, the signs ruled by Venus, are naturally very patient. Let no-one try to convince you of this myth either. The opposition of the energetic fighting spirit of Mars, the Roman God of war, in both signs reflects that the truth is far from it! Because of the influence of the gentle Venusian energies on their nature, Taureans and Librans may come across to the onlooker as patient. This false impression is created because neither Librans nor Taureans are particularly good at standing up for and defending their own needs and rights. All too frequently, they are reluctant to set up firm boundaries for themselves, which those around them are not allowed to overstep. At least initially, they may fail completely to do so. Thus, it comes about that these usually kind, obliging and – only seemingly – far too patient souls eventually blow their tops. Sometimes this happens with a vehemence that can be reminiscent of the violent eruption of a long-smouldering volcano. When it does, the likelihood is that they and the world around them may well fail to understand what has hit them!

This finds itself a different way of expression in each sign, but the result is the same. Librans will try endlessly and go to great pains to mend their relationships, going back time and again trying to make peace, but frequently coming away with a bloody nose – if only metaphorically speaking. Yet, when they have finally had enough and decide to move on, they are likely to cut the offender from their lives completely. That’s why the wise ones around them take care not to disturb the peacemaker’s delicate inner equilibrium too much and for too long. Those who do may live to regret it, unless they want to lose Libra’s friendship for good in any case. In Taurus case, the home-builder of the zodiac, the transgressions of those around them disturb the harmonious and peaceful home-life, which they are so fond of and work hard to achieve for themselves and their loved ones. One Taurean friend of mine, although she is only small, smashed a hole into the door of her son’s room with her bare fist, when her anger erupted on one occasion about his rude behaviour towards her and she had finally had enough.

Yet another reason why souls born into Taurus and Libra frequently endure the wrongdoings of others towards them for far too long, is that when the inevitable point of explosion has eventually been reached, no-one could be more surprised and upset than they themselves. They are usually far more disturbed by their outbreak than those at whom their wrath was directed, especially when this occurs for the first time. Having grown wise from their experiences though and having found a measure of self-knowledge through them, enables them to take precautionary measures by establishing firm boundaries for themselves, to which they make themselves stick – difficult though that is.

Six pointed Star

There Is No Such Thing As A Typical Any One Of The Signs

Looking back, none of the people I ever encountered behaved in accordance with what the textbooks say about their Sun sign. I recognise that I have never met one typical Virgo or Libra or all the other signs of the zodiac. Do you know why? There is no such thing as a typical Virgo, Libra or whatever! As mentioned many times throughout these files, each sign is a pathway designed by the infinite wisdom of our Creator to help the soul to integrate certain qualities into its character. The degree to which each individual soul succeeds varies greatly from person to person. That is hardly surprising because it depends on many factors. For starters, each soul is unique and in the course of many lifetimes has developed in a different way from every other one. Each has always had its own pathway to walk and its own experiences to gather, and therefore carries within the bowl of itself a different store of memories, on which it is constantly drawing. But then, isn’t that what makes our world and the people in it so endlessly fascinating?

As we are here now, each one of us is likely to have been recycled many times round the wheel of life, whose symbol is the zodiac. Therefore, we also have passed through our particular Sun sign many times before, each time coping with its lessons with greater or lesser success. This lifetime is yet another opportunity for doing better. It is an extra special one because for many of us it brings the chance of – maybe the first time in the whole of our development thus far – consciously working on the improvement of our character. As pointed out earlier, each one of us is a many-faceted jewel, precious and loved by our Divine parents. We are all in this life to become more whole – hence, being healed, at one with our Highest Self and therefore holy. The awareness of such things helps me to keep my perspective on my own life as part of the Great Plan of all things, my place and role in it, as well as everybody else’s.

A word of explanation might not come amiss, in case you ever wondered why my releases always came rather late, during the Sun’s transit through each sign. Whenever I try to revise one of the signs before or at the beginning of the inflow of the new energies, editing feels like trying to wade through treacle – it’s tough! Yet, when I finally get going when the Sun is about 10 degrees – for those unfamiliar with the technicalities of astrology, each sign has 30 of them – new insights and ideas start to pour into my consciousness like water; often too much so. This is the way each item has by now grown to its present length. My present offering of the Sun in Libra 2007 probably took longest of all. All my writings are of an intuitive nature; they do not have their origin in imbibing books, but are coming into being while I am working my way through my own healing process. Thus, nothing is ever from the top of my head but flows forth from my heart and soul, the only place where truth is known. And I make every effort to live my truth in my own life.

What is now before you is my present to you, brought about with the help of God and the Angels. After all, nothing in this world and all others ever comes into being without them. Thank you, Great Spirit, Mother/Father Creator, for the beauty and the wonder of Your Creation; for giving us the wondrous gift of astrology to help us gain a better understanding of ourselves and our world, and to become more aware of everybody’s uniqueness and preciousness, as well as our own. May the Astro files be a small contribution towards bringing our peaceful new world into being by helping those who read them to live more harmoniously and peacefully. May an increased appreciation of the difficulties and idiosyncrasies which each soul encounters on its pathway through its particular Sun sign help us all to become more tolerant and loving towards each other and also more appreciative of ourselves and our own inner struggles.

The most difficult task that faces all of us in the here and now is the creation of better relationships, with God and the Universe, with ourselves and our human companions, as well as our whole world. To my mind, it is worth every small effort we make towards this end. Not only does this bring us instant rewards, but more important still is that we shall bring our relationships with us into future lifetimes. And if my interpretations help you to heal any of yours, my efforts will not have been in vain. Now and forever, God be with you in all your endeavours, and especially this one.

Six pointed Star

Varying Perceptions Of Life – Why?

Did you know that we all view our earthly existence somewhat differently from everybody else? Amazingly, there are as many variations on this theme as there are souls, and that on both sides of the veil of consciousness that to this day separates our two worlds. Do you know why? Each soul is an individual spark of the Divine and no two souls are exactly alike. No two souls have the same Karma, i.e. experiences behind them. No two souls have reached exactly the same evolutionary level. On top of that our perception of life is different in each of the Sun signs.

Possibly the best example is the polar opposition of Aries and Libra. First of all the soul encounters get-up-and-go Aries with its vim and vigour, zest for life and enthusiasm for adventuring and ever new experiences that allow treading new paths and scouting out uncharted territories. When the soul has been round the zodiac time and again, there comes a lifetime when it reaches the opposite sign, Libra, and begins to feel a certain world-weariness. Unbeknown to its earthly self, its Highest Self is preparing its soul for a possible final departure from the Earth plane.

When that is the case, there eventually comes a lifetime in which, wherever its destiny takes the soul, it may feel an almost irresistibly strong yearning for home and mother. In the end it can do nothing but give in to these feelings, but to its greatest disappointment is then likely to find that this is not at all what it has been looking for. The meaning of all this comes clear with the waking up of the earthly self to its true nature and the accompanying new understanding of the purpose and meaning of its present existence. With great clarity the realisation then dawns that the home it has been looking on the Earth plane is not meant to be found there. The earthly self’s craving for the caring and nurturing of its mother ceases wit the awareness that this was never for its earthly representative but for the Great Mother of all life. And through its subsequent attunement and reconciliation with God, the soul at last finds peace and healing for the deep inner wounds which the disappointments of its earthly existence have left behind in its memories. 

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To illustrate how the perception of life may differ from one person to the next, the Universe recently provided me with a lesson of an extra special kind. You may recall that in the chapter ‘Growing Older’ I wrote: ‘Yes, there are wrinkles on my face and some of them are definitely getting deeper. But so what? They will only last for as long as I need this body – then I will hand it back and be free – free – free!!! I will take to my spiritual wings…’ One lady replied to this: ‘It really saddens me that you feel like it is a burden to carry around your body and you can’t wait to shed it and be free.’

I have to admit that for a while I was more than somewhat perplexed by this comment. Was it possible that I had expressed myself so badly that anyone could get an impression of how I feel about my physical body that is diametrically opposed to the message I meant to get across? Could I have failed so miserably in my description of the joy of knowing consciously that there really is no death and that none of us ever dies? It turned out that nothing had gone wrong and that the incident was merely my next astrology lesson, which I am now going to share with you in the hope that you it may be as interesting to you as it is to me.

As usual, my inner teacher came to the rescue and before I knew it, the whole thing had turned into an interesting study of why the perception of life of souls born into different Sun signs does vary from one person to the next. This is a topic that has been dear to my heart for a very long time, because I believe that most of the problems in all human relationships are due to a lack of understanding of our own and each other’s most basic requirements. Thankful for the lady’s feedback and to my inner self for its wisdom, I was ready to start my lesson and ever more insights kept flowing in.

By the way, feeling about my body the way I do has never stopped me from giving thanks and praise to the Universe for everything that has been given to me. I am particularly grateful for the vehicle that has been given to me for the duration of this lifetime, my physical body. I love and appreciate it as a wondrous work of art. With all its amazingly functioning and moving parts it is nothing short of a marvel of precision craftsmanship and engineering.

I also give thanks for the gift of my life and yours. After all, of what use would the finest talents be if we could not give them away and share them with others? Having fulfilled my Karmic obligations towards the souls who had to find their entry into their present lifetime through me has set me free to turn my full attention onto nurturing my spiritual family. For the past ten years my website ‘Rays of Wisdom’ has allowed me to express my creativity to my heart’s content, the way my inner teacher directs me. With the help and the will of God and the Angels, I hope to have created something beautiful that will be of value beyond my physical death. To ensure its availability for as long as it is required, the website and all my writings are going to be left in safekeeping with a kind and loving heart and capable hands to ensure the nurturing continues.

Peace And Friendship Prayer
Let there be love and understanding among us.
May peace and friendship be our shelter from life’s storms.
Eternal God, help us to walk with good companions,
To live with hope in our hearts
And Eternity in our thoughts,
That we may lie down in peace and rise up every day,
To find our hearts waiting to do Thy will.

From the Jewish Tradition

Six pointed StarSix pointed StarSix pointed Star

The following three items are from
‘War And Peace In Relationships’

The Planet Mars

Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - Technical Details - The Planet Mars

I can think of nothing better than the study of the whole of the Astro Files, to keep track of how our own soul has evolved and grown in wisdom through its own experiences, as we were required do steadily move from one sign to another, lifetime after lifetime. To me, the most essential building block for happy and lasting relationships that sustain and support us on the Earth plane is a better understanding of the planetary energies.

Mars and Venus are the most important ones involved here. As Aries, ruled by fiery Mars, is the first sign of the zodiac, we shall first take a closer look at Mars, the planet of desire. In its most basic expression on the Earth plane it is a force, a drive that makes young souls feel and say loudly: ‘I want, want, want – and I want it NOW! If anything gets into the way of the force of the Martian desires by refusing to do as the soul in that inexperienced state wants, the unwilling ones get suppressed, shouted down, bullied and, if need be, manipulated into submission. At worst Mars is willing to walk over dead bodies to get what it wants. It goes to war and unthinkingly destroys everything that does not surrender willingly, if need be even the objects of its desires.

Such things happen, so that we should learn from them and recognise within ourselves that a strong sense of self-preservation is a natural part of every human soul. This is where tendencies towards selfishness and greed for getting our share of the goodies Mother Earth has to offer have their origin. The zodiac is a symbol of the great wheel of life. As in the course of many lifetimes the soul travels time and again round the zodiac, the excessive manifestations of these character traces – so very rampant in our world – gradually have to be transmuted into more agreeable and acceptable variations on this theme.

The Mars energy moves the newly created Divine spark onto the Earth plane where it needs to build itself an earthly personality. By each soul dwelling in its own physical body it begins to recognise and experience itself as an individual. With the help of its developing earthly personality the soul finds itself a place in its new environment. It maintains this place by bursting forth with all its youthful vigour and vim and the enthusiasm for the enjoyment of life that is typical of the Fire element and the signs it rules. Mars is a force that in young soul expresses itself like a wild mustang that has to be caught, tamed and harnessed before it can be ridden wisely. To master this energy, the same as all others, every human soul must spend sufficient lifetimes on the Earth plane. Instead of the earthly desire nature riding us, it needs to be conquered, so that eventually we can ride on the desires of our Highest Self, i.e. following the directions of our inner teacher, back home into the oneness with God.

To make this possible the soul has to learn the wise handling of the Martian Fire. In the small earthly self this kind of fire initially burns as unbridled passion and for as long as that is the case, it can all too easily turn into something highly destructive and evil. It takes time until the soul wakes up to the realisation that its own sexual energies are part of God’s creative/spiritual energies of the purest kind. Each soul must eventually learn how to handle them with the utmost caution and reverence. It is worth noting in this context that in God’s creation nothing is inherently evil or bad. The intention alone behind any action is the decisive factor whether its outcome is going to be good or evil.

All energies are basically good ones, including the one of Mars. However, when it is used selfishly and for the domination of one part of the population, on an individual, national and international level, this energy all too easily gets out of control. Ever escalating conflicts and wars are the result, as the state of our planet clearly demonstrates. If we and our world ever wish to find peace, the control and mastery of the Mars energy is the most vital lesson that is facing us and our world. Bear in mind that this energy is usually the underlying cause of all manner of warfare, especially in human relationships.

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Six pointed Star

The Planet Venus

Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - The Technical Aspects - The Planet VenusOur true nature is love and Venus is the planet of love, as well as of peace, balance, harmony and unity. Under the influence of its energies we can learn how to make the conditions in our lives more bearable through harmonising them and through re-uniting things and people that have somehow drifted apart. This is what we need most of all for the healing of all our relationships.

Through Venus in earthy Taurus, feminine, and airy Libra, masculine, the Universe demonstrates to us the feminine and masculine energies and characteristics of the qualities of this planet. Each sign teaches us the expressions of the Venusian energies in its unique way. The positioning of Venus as sometimes the Morning Star’ and other times the ‘Evening Star’, mentioned earlier, carries a message of its own that is charged with symbolisms for the human soul on its return into its true nature and home.

First each one of has to descend into matter on the Earth plane, where we are all teachers and pupils to each other. Taurus teaches us to appreciate all the good things Mother Earth has to offer, especially its material goodies, whereas a lifetime in Libra focuses on the value of relationships and partnerships. At the latest at the end of each lifetime in physicality there comes the understanding that any of the material aspects do not matter anything like as much as those of the spirit. Good relationships with everything that shares or life with us is much more important than the earthly things, for in due course they inevitably pass away. Our relationships are of vital importance because they teach us how to shed ever more of our inborn selfishness through loving and caring for others who, in return, partake in the same lesson with us.

The wisdom every soul must gather with the help of the lessons received under the guardianship of Venus is intended to light up the way through our earthly existence. It shows us how we can ease the load of the earthly cross through living in ever more loving ways that are in harmony with the laws of the Cosmos and also our real nature. Every soul eventually reaches the evolutionary point when it is ready to begin its ascent back into the higher realms of air and understanding, represented in the zodiac by Libra, where Venus lights its the way as the evening star.

In this sign the planet stands as a symbolism for the aspect of the Divine that teaches us different kinds of expressing human love with the help of all our faculties. This requires the development of the inborn intelligence that is a natural part of the equipment of every one of God’s children of the Earth. The Universe offers all souls born into the Air signs ever more opportunities for taking charge of their earthly minds and its thought patterns. Libra adds to the soul’s natural equipment the fine art of creating better relationships through learning how to express ourselves with kindness, tact and diplomacy, and finding words of love and forgiveness at the right moment.

A circle with a small cross either underneath or on top of it is the symbol of Venus. The circle represents the human spirit and soul, and the cross the Earth, its existence in matter. I prefer to visualise the cross as being below the circle, because it shows the ability of the human spirit and soul who, through the power of love – in the fullness of time and in the long course of its evolution – can and indeed is required to rise above the cross of matter, i.e. the purely physical aspects of Earth life.

Although in biology, the Venus symbol represents the female sex and femininity, astrology clearly shows that it would be a mistake to describe the planet’s energy as a purely feminine one. The planet’s dual placing in feminine Taurus and masculine Libra clearly demonstrates that the ability of giving and receiving love, living in harmony with others and peace-making, from the beginnings of time on the Earth were never meant to be a monopoly of the feminine.

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Six pointed Star

Compatibility Of The Sun Signs

Compatibility of the Sun Signs - Rays of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - Technical Aspects

In case you are wondering about the compatibility between your own Sun sign and that of your loved ones, my experience has shown that there are no hard and fast rules but as a general rule the signs within their own element get on well with each other, also the signs that are in polar opposition in the zodiac, for example Earth and Water, Fire and Air. Because there is an underlying harmony between them they enjoy working with and responding to each other. Water gets on well with Earth, Air with Fire, and vice versa. Whenever two extremes join forces and find the golden point of balance halfway between them, they are capable of giving of their best. The others can have difficulties, but they do not have to. In loving relationships where two people are seriously making an effort to get on with each other, in my view, it should always be possible to work things out together.

My experience has shown that the least compatible of all signs are the ones next to each other in the zodiac, for example Scorpio and Sagittarius or Taurus and Gemini. It will come clearer to you why this should be so, when you study the interpretations of these signs and especially their energies. Reading about the characteristics of the Sun signs can save us a great deal of heart-ache in all our relationships through simply making ourselves familiar with the inherent qualities and energies of each sign. This is particularly helpful when one wants to find out about the compatibility of two people. For instance, if Sagittarian’s potential partners knew beforehand about their loved one’s strong thirst for freedom, many future problems could – one way or another – so easily be avoided. If you were in their shoes, armed with this knowledge you would be able to make a conscious decision whether you are willing to put up with this need for freedom. All will be well if you also have Sagittarius in a prominent position in your chart, for example if your Moon or Ascendant is in this sign, because you would then need a lot of freedom yourself. After all, like attracts like and this is because we are magnetic beings who attract in their partners what we are ourselves.

Each one of the twelve signs of the zodiac has a different temperament and the two signs next to each other are usually of a profoundly dissimilar nature. The approach to life of Sagittarius and Capricorn, the two signs side by side, are as good an example of this as any, because they could not be less alike.  Driven by their freedom loving energy, Sagittarians look into the future and are constantly searching – whether they are consciously aware of this or not – for ways out of any entrapment they encounter, even if it is only an imaginary one. In contrast to this, Capricorn clings to tradition, the past, home and mother. Above all things, Sagittarians want to be free. But it may take them a surprisingly long time until it dawns on them, through their own life’s experiences, that the only true freedom that can be had in physicality is that of becoming aware of spiritual free will. That is the freedom we are all trying to find, but the need for it is certainly accentuated during a lifetime in Sagittarius.

Six pointed StarSix pointed StarSix pointed Star

Retrograding Planets

Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - The Technical Aspects - Retrograding Planets

There are many who use the movement of the planets performing their Cosmic dance in the heavens above us for planning the events of their lives. In particular they follow the astrological movements of the Sun, Moon and planets through the signs of the zodiac. Wise ones use astrology as a valuable tool for self-improvement by endeavouring to develop the positive and highest qualities of the signs affecting them, whilst overcoming the lower and darker characteristics. Yes, the planets can make us behave in certain ways and their energies can be the cause of events on the earthly plane of life.

When the planetary energies are right, the Lords of Karma behind the scenes of our earthly existence set the wheels in motion for the things to happen, which we ourselves created through our thinking and behaviour patterns in other lifetimes. We ourselves are responsible for whatever happens to us, we are its origin. But, and this is a most vital but, at all times we have the freedom to choose how we react in any kind of situation. We can choose whether to react in positive or negative ways and that’s the only freedom we truly have as earthlings.

The same as everything else in the whole of Creation, all life on the Earth plane, including people and events, are most certainly affected by the planetary energies. But the ultimate moving force behind all life, including that of the Earth, is the great plan of life and the design for our own existence within it, ruled by the power and the will of our Creator. The Father/Mother of all life conducts the Great Symphony of all life by keeping the planets safely in their orbits, the same as each one of us on our predestined pathway. The Angels on the highest levels of life are the executors of the great plan; they are responsible for its smooth unfolding.

And what happens in earthly life when from time to time planets create the impression as if they were travelling backwards through the zodiac? Rest assured, it only looks like that from where we are. Life is ceaselessly evolving and nothing in the whole of Creation ever moves backwards. The apparent backwards movement of the planets is known to astronomers and astrologers as retrograde motion. But what does that mean? The effects this is having on us and our world are most easily observed each time Mercury goes retrograde.

Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods of antiquity, who stole the fire of the Gods, i.e. the creative ideas of the Highest, to alleviate the suffering of humankind. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini and Virgo and a symbolism for the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly minds. With the passing of time, each one of us is required to learn how to tune theirs into the frequencies of the highest levels of life. When this has been achieved, the fire of the Gods of our time in the form of Divine wisdom and truth can flow us for the blessing and healing of all earthly life, including us.

The human brain is the instrument through which the Universal Forces are constantly thinking and expressing themselves. It’s not our brain that’s doing the thinking on its own, as many like to think. Where else would all those strange thoughts come from that frequently float through our minds and also the creative inspiration of the writers of our world?

Observations have shown that during the periods when Mercury goes retrograde, which happens fairly frequently, human plans somehow do not seem to work out, but these periods are excellent for looking within and reflecting on the past. This is helped by intuitive levels that are particularly high at these times. It has also been observed that occasionally extraordinary coincidences take place. Therefore, the general advice is to remain flexible in all things, for instance allowing extra time for travel and delaying the signing of contracts until Mercury moves direct again. There is no harm in reviewing projects and plans during the retrograde periods, but wise ones wait until things have returned to normal again before attempting to make them a reality in earthly life.

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Six pointed Star

Monday’s Child

Monday's Child - Rays of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro 'Files - The Technical Aspects

The energies of the day of the week on which we were born have a subtle and all-pervading influence on our pathway through life and our approach to it. Apart from helping us to find a better understanding esoteric matters, astrology can also be applied to mundane things like the days of the week. Everything on the Earth and in our life is affected by the stars, the same as we are. I wonder whether the writer of the well-known nursery rhyme was aware of this.

Sunday – Sun
Monday – Moon
Tuesday – Mars
Wednesday – Mercury
Thursday – Jupiter
Friday – Venus
Saturday – Saturn

Monday’s child is fair of face – it may have the typical round Moon features, with a clear and somewhat milky complexion.

Tuesday’s child is full of grace – the only day that appears to show more than a touch of poetic licence. Although I know two people who were born on a Tuesday and are good looking, grace is not at all what springs to mind in connection with Mars. A love of action, energy, an abundance of creative ideas, leadership, assertiveness, aggression and argumentativeness would be much more appropriate.

Wednesday’s child is full of woe – Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Each time we pass through one of these signs the analytical and critical aspects of our nature are practised and developed some more. As people born into them detect the tiniest flaw in everything, they may develop into the whingers and whiners of the zodiac. Incessantly grumbling and complaining about something can eventually take anyone into bouts of deep depression.

Thursday’s child has far to go – Jupiter’s energy brings long distance travel and expansion of horizons in mind and spirit, as well as of physical girth.

Friday’s child is loving and giving – Venus brings an enjoyment of beauty, harmony and love into our lives.

Saturday’s child works hard for its living – everything we want in life under Saturn’s influence always has to be worked for exceedingly hard. If Saturn is strongly configured in our lives, we are happy and willing to oblige.

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe and good and gay – the Sun gives an optimistic and outgoing outlook to life, a sunny disposition, although it would be unrealistic to expect anyone born on a Sunday – or any other day – to act that way, at all times.

It has been an interesting exercise to check the days of the week within the circle of my friends and family. To my astonishment, their characteristics – which were also reflected in their birthchart – were much in keeping with the energies of the day of the week they were born. To me, this is more evidence that nothing on the Earth plane happens perchance or is a coincidence, and of how all of us are influenced by everything that is in the whole of Creation, the same as we are affecting it.

Six pointed Star

Today Is A Good Day For:

Today Is A Good Day For: - Rays of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - The Technical Aspects

Monday is under the rulership of the Moon and Cancer. A good day for staying at home and attending to domestic duties. That’s no doubt why traditionally washday was on Mondays.

Tuesday is under the rulership of Mars, the Roman God of War, and Aries. A good day for creative endeavours and encounters that require an abundance of creative ideas, courage, strength and assertiveness.

Wednesday is under the rulership of Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods who stole their creative fire, their ideas, to bring them down to Earth plane to help humankind. Ruler of Gemini and therefore a good day for all kinds of communications and creative endeavours, especially writing, short journeys. A good day for taking exams and doing some neighbouring, but bearing in mind that whatever we send out into the world unerringly finds its way back to us, be careful not to get involved in tittle-tattle and gossiping – one of Gemini’s most loved pastimes.  

Thursday is under the rulership of Jupiter, the expansive and benevolent ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of humankind’s superconscious faculties. A good day for higher and highest education, long distance travelling and explorations on the earthly plane as well as into the realms of the religions and philosophies of our world.

Friday is under the rulership of Venus, the planet of peace, balance and harmony, ruler of Taurus and Venus. A good day for nurturing and enjoying all relationships, especially human ones and for making peace and healing them, whenever this is called for. In Germany Friday is traditionally considered to be the most propitious day for getting married. Among many other things earthy Taurus loves good food and wines of the finest, beautiful clothes, singing and dancing. Libra is the sign of balance, relationships, partnerships and marriage. Friday is the ideal day for enjoying the best of both signs. What better way could there be for enjoying them than in a wedding feast?

Saturday is under the rulership of Saturn, the stern und undeviating schoolmaster of the zodiac. Ruler of Capricorn, the sign of high achievements, which have to be worked for very hard. A day for putting all our strength into getting a step nearer to grounding our highest hopes and dreams, so they will eventually become a reality on the Earth plane. Knowing that Saturn eventually turns from the teacher into the rewarder and is then by no means stingy makes all toiling enjoyable, for as long as we do our best, the Universe will do the rest and the recompense may come in surprising ways and can be considerable.

Sunday is under the rulership of the Sun, giver and sustainer of all life and the most creative force in the whole of Creation. All creative endeavours will go well on this day, the least suitable one, in my view, for a Sabbath with resting and taking things easy. I have always found that most people find Sundays so boring that they simply have to do something, if only going shopping. Today’s energies no doubt are the reason. A good day for socialising and enjoying the company of children, doing childish things and together with them being a child once more.

The concept of Sabbath reached us through the ancient and long outdated Creation legends of the Old Testament, which the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam have in common. Genesis 2:2-3 tells us: ‘By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.’ Sabbath means rest and to do so implies that one has laboured. Exodus 20:10 follows Genesis quite logically with: ‘The seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God.’ My research has shown that although, according to the Old Testament God decreed that the last day of the week should be a day of rest for Himself, this clearly does not apply to us, otherwise the Universe would make different energies available to us on this day.

Every day is a good one for discovering what truly wonderful and amazing beings we, as immortal spirits in a material world, are. Unique and precious, many-faceted jewels each one of us, we glitter like tiny diamonds in the great web of life in which the rays of the great Sun of life lovingly reflects themselves. Loved and treasured beyond compare by our true and eternal parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life, we thank You for the gift of our lives and everything that ever was, now is and forever will be in them. All glory and honour and prise be to You for guiding us safely through the trials and tribulations of our earthly education, for patiently showing us the way back into the conscious awareness of our true nature and our oneness with You and all life, and for sharing ever more of Your wisdom and truth with us to light our way. Amen

Six pointed Star

‘The Purpose Of My Life’s Work – Reaping The Bountiful Harvest’

Every one of the small six-pointed stars in my e-mails and postings in Rays of Wisdom are bringing you a personal greeting and blessing from the Christ Star, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. My stars are miniature replicas of the great one. They are alive and radiate the Christ Star’s blessing and healing power first into you, dear Reader, and those around you. From there it flows into the worldwide web and then into the heart and soul of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with us. No matter how brief your call may be, each time you come you will be getting the benefit of these powerful energies.

Six pointed Star

Like the flow of the river of life itself, humankind’s store of spiritual knowledge and wisdom is never at a standstill, static or stagnant. The same applies to Rays of Wisdom, which is evolving and growing as fresh insights are entering my understanding of the spiritual background of life. Whole new jotting parts as well as updates of existing material are constantly arriving. To learn about them, all you have to do is click the image below:

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