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I have no time for any kind of negativity and especially the havoc wreaking variety the financial world is regularly causing, so the mass media can exploit them by feasting on the suffering such disturbances are causing to the peace of our world. I have even less time for the emanations of pessimism, which the mass media people are constantly pumping into the collective consciousness of our world. If only the people involved knew that every single one of our thoughts feeds into the pool of consciousness of our whole world, which in turn is part of that of the whole of Creation. And because on the inner level of life everything is one and there is no separation between anything, we must be influencing each other much more strongly than we think. Every one of us is an integral part of the great pool and – unbeknown to many, to this day – all of us are responsible for its wellbeing.

As far as the Jesus legend is concerned, I believe that it has always been intended by the higher powers to be used as a teaching and guide book, an educational tool. Through the symbolism of the crucifixion we are shown how every human spirit and soul, once it has become sufficiently evolved, is capable of withdrawing from and rising above even the worst kind of suffering of the physical plane of life. The earthly education for each one of us continues until we eventually reach the point when we are capable of freely and willingly reaching for the loving hands of our Highest Self and the Angels, to help us perceive our life and everything it contains in the right light. At all times they are standing by, ready to teach those who are waking up to their true nature and will now listen how to view all troublesome earthly situations from the perspective of the higher and highest realms of life.

I believe that it does not really matter whether or not someone believes in the value of the Christian teachings when they are taken literally. The way I understand the Jesus story is that as soon as a soul has become sufficiently evolved and has reached a degree of spiritual maturity, it can see for itself that the legend depicts the pathway all of us are eventually required to walk. When we walk in the Master’s footsteps and follow his example, we develop ever more of the highest character aspects, our Christ nature. Even if someone believes that the Jesus tale is based on historical facts and that every word of it is true and should be taken at face value, this do not release anyone from their duty of eventually bringing forth the characteristics of their own inherent Christ nature, which in them is probably still in seed form and slumbering.

Like the Master before us, instead of allowing ourselves to be tortured and crucified by the events around us and the unpleasant deeds of our fellow travellers on the road of life, we are in this existence to learn how to conquer its difficulties and traumas by looking at life as dispassionately as possible. This alone enables us to recognise the traumatic events of our own life and our world for what they truly are and always have been. They represent tests and trials that reveal to God and the Angels the degree of spiritual maturity we – individually and collectively – have reached at any given time. In spite of the fact that these things are of vital significance for the evolution of our world and everything in it, each one of such happenings in the final analysis is but a passing phase. It is a lesson that simply cannot be avoided and has to be endured by us, for the simple reason that we should learn from it and grow in wisdom and understanding.

In our role of aspiring healers and light-workers the task before us is to hold fast to our inner knowledge that we and our world rest safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels, and that even the various crises on the financial markets are happening for wise reasons and for the highest good of all. Through them we and our world are taught some invaluable lessons. Each one of us is involved and we do well to pay attention. Let us not give in to grumbling and in this way adding to the ocean of negativity that already exists in our world and into which far too many are all too happily pouring ever more of the same.

Because we understand the spiritual background and the purpose of such lessons, we need to feed nothing but kind and loving healing thoughts into the pool of human consciousness. We are here to show by our good example that we trust that God’s great plan of life is perfect and that – no matter what may still have to happen on the Earth plane – everything will work out for humankind’s highest good and greatest joy in the end and all will be well. This is made easier by focusing on the good, i.e. the learning that already has emerged from experiences of this nature and more will surely come to our world through anything that may yet have to be endured by us. For the growth of our Christ nature it is necessary to bring forth the best from within us. This we do when we concentrate on the good and desirable aspects of all earthly adventures, our own and also those of our whole world. At the present phase of its evolutionary development nothing else is good enough for wise ones who have awakened to their true nature.

The one great message the events in the financial world as well as elsewhere must be bringing home to even the most spiritually closed off souls on the Earth plane and that is: our whole world is one and we all influence each other. Wise ones are aware that we are all responsible for ourselves, each other and also our whole world. They are aware that the most powerful force in the whole of Creation is thinking and that thoughts are the most potent tools in the whole of Creation. We are the leaven in the bread of humankind and it is of the greatest importance that we learn how to use our thinking in positive and constructive ways. And that means refusing to tune into negativity of any kind.

Yet, we are human and we cannot help that negative thoughts and feelings creep into our conscious awareness from time to time. Not to worry! We can uplift and transmute them into positive ones by reminding ourselves that negative and destructive thoughts are no longer worthy of us, for the simple reason that we now know better. In spite of all the work I have done on this, negative thoughts still come to me from time to time. Whenever they do, I project thoughts of understanding, love, forgiveness and compassion into the situation. I do this in the hope that this creates good Karma for myself and at the same time makes a contribution towards the healing and redemption of our whole world.

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