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To forgive does not mean giving in but letting go. Whether or not we believe that someone deserves your forgiveness, we deserve to forgive them because that is the only way we can set ourselves free from the other one. Holding onto anger is a way of trying to compensate for the powerlessness we feel when someone hurts us. It is important to find a way of letting go of anger, by talking with the person who hurt us, without attacking or blaming them, but by describing the effect their behaviour had on us and the world of our feelings. Listening to another’s point of view helps us to perceive things from another perspective and in a different light. And that makes us more tolerant and shows us the way to true and lasting forgiveness that flows from our heart rather than our head.

If, for any reason, we cannot communicate with the people who have hurt us, writing down what happened the way we experienced it can also be a good way of releasing ourselves from them. Talking the matter over with a friend or a counsellor is another way of letting go. In my view, forgiving does not have to mean forgetting. It is not easy to forget hurts, but even partial forgiveness is beneficial, as re-living past painful incidents time and again increases our susceptibility to illness. That’s why forgiving is good for our body, as well as our soul. If it is more than we can manage on our own, God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to show us how to go about it.

They know better than anyone else that erring is human and forgiving Divine and that forgiveness brings inner peace. Meditations, quiet reflections and prayers are the best ways of finding both.

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