The Devil And His Daughter

Part 3

A Modern Tale For The Aquarian Age

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Devil And His Daughter

Our next investigation into the myths and legends of our world takes us into, as far as I can establish, a modern tale. The day after completing the finishing touches to Uranus and Gaia, my attention was drawn to a story in which a man’s thirst for spiritual knowledge leads him into seducing a woman. Once he has gained his objective, he leaves the woman because he believes her to be inferior to himself. To crown it all, he puts a curse on the woman that stops her from getting married to any other man. The woman is said to be the daughter of the devil and the man is believed to have been the Devil himself.

That is about all that I know of this tale which, as far as I can make out, was written by Denis Wheatley. Although the literary output of this author is very popular, it is not the kind of reading material that has ever appealed to me, at least not during this lifetime. However, for the purpose of finding the esoteric message behind this story, the less I know of its finer details the better it may be for exploring its hidden spiritual meaning. As all creative ideas have their origin in the Source of all wisdom and knowledge, this one is no exception. Bearing that in mind, one cannot help wondering whether it ever occurred to the author that, when the idea for his tale first came to him, his story would have a higher esoteric message to convey. It seems to me that it is one that reaches deep down into the roots of our race to the time of our first descent into matter and the beginning of gathering experiences of life in a physical environment, the Earth.

To demonstrate to us that each one of us is an individual spark of God and that the same energies that are in God are also in us, a world had to be created where this was possible. A great many things had to be explained to us, first and foremost maybe the concept that we and our world consists of dualities as a reflection of our Creator. To function properly, not only for the sake of procreation, we and all other creatures in our world require a masculine and feminine part; to show us this, in the long course of Earth’s evolution physical forms of women and men were created which our spirit could inhabit during each earthly sojourn.

The spirit in women and men alike is masculine, just the same as in God. The feminine aspect of the Divine is the Goddess. She is the spirit’s soft and sensitive feeling side, its soul. Any wisdom that has ever been gained by any spirit in the whole of Creation from living through its own experiences in the course of a great many lifetimes are stored in her. Astrologically, the masculine aspect, the spirit of God and in humankind is symbolised by Fire and Air and the feminine aspect, the Goddess, the soul and woman, by Water and Earth. The masculine part on its own is everything and nothing, both at the same time because it can only experience and know of himself through its feminine side. By taking turns living in either a woman’s or a man’s body in different lifetimes, the masculine and the feminine aspects of our nature assist each other in their search for growth. Through encountering and getting to know the other gender on the Earth plane, we learn to co-operate with each other.

Hence, if the masculine spirit wishes to know who and what he is, he has no choice but to seduce its feminine counterpart into helping him. The spirit of God knows that when the feminine aspect of each human soul has learnt enough in its physical existence, he is the only who can and will marry her. During that phase of her development her energies will merge with his and she consciously becomes one and is reunited with him. To grow in understanding of their true nature and their world, the feminine aspect of every human spirit he has created must take possession of and master all aspects of their nature, human and Divine.

To ensure that this can only happen at the right moment, he puts a curse on the feminine, as we know by now, the woman aspect in both genders. This ensures that spiritually she cannot get married to any other man, i.e. spirit – no matter how much she may love him. No soul can marry, that is become fully one with other earthly beings, because in the fullness of time he alone, the spirit of God, will marry the feminine aspect of each one of us. Only when the gathering of earthly experiences is complete for each individual spirit and soul, when the Earth plane can teach us no more shall we be ready to be married to and fully become one again with our Creator. Hand in hand with him, our heavenly husband, and the Angels every soul eventually returns to the higher and highest levels of life.

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