Stargazer's Astro Files - Introduction

The Random Jottings of a Stargazer

Section XII

Stargazer’s Astro Files

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Say (O Muhammad): Behold what is in the Heaven and the Earth!
But revelations and warnings avail not folk who will not perceive.’
The Koran Surah Yunus verse 101

Stargazer’s Astro Files were created to ensure that none of my guests have to partake in the spiritual food that is on offer here falls into the above mentioned category. The new Rays of Wisdom have allowed me to reorganise and restructure the Astro Files. I hope this makes them more accessible and the topics you are interested in can be found more easily. As a result, my interpretations of the Sun signs have found a new home in a section of their own in

‘The Sun Signs’

. They can now be accessed either each one on its own or in the All-In-One file.

I trust you will be able to make sufficient time available for the reading of my interpretations of all the Sun signs, as well as the many astrological observations and insights of the other parts. Each one of the Sun signs on its own contains much that also applies to all the others and relates to them. Those who merely study one of the signs are in danger of missing a great deal of wisdom from the stars that everybody ought to know and can benefit from.

For ease of selecting the files you are looking for, in the new Rays of Wisdom each aspect covered by my writings has been allocated a file of its own. If you hover your cursor over the main heading, a dropdown menu appears from which you can select that which is of interest to you. For those would like to continue to partake in my writings as if in a book, the ‘All-In-One’ files – hated by computer geeks – have been created. They can be chosen from the list below. Each item can be clicked on separately.

‘Astro Files –  My Philosophy  –  All In One’
‘Astro Files General – All In One’
‘The Sun Signs – All In One’
‘Be Your Own Astrologer – Do It Yourself’
‘Special Events – All In One’
‘Landmarks – All In One’
‘Excursions Into Numerology – All In One’
‘Saturn – All In One’

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