The God Of The Patriarchy

Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - The Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled

As the masculine aspect of the Divine had to be deprived of his feminine counterpart, the Goddess, for the duration of the patriarchy * our world had to make do with an all-male Divinity. That’s how in the consciousness of our world our Creator had to become something like an amputated God. This God had to be a reflection of humankind’s lower nature. He was portrayed as angry, wrathful and vengeance seeking and capable of frightening the living daylights out of anyone, the right characteristics on which successful warmongering is built.

The Angels presented this impression of the Highest as the Lord of warfare and destruction. This kind of God was necessary for that particular phase of our race’s earthly education during which the lowest manifestations of human nature had to experienced on a large scale. The cruelty and bestiality against each other that every human being deep down is capable of had to be taken part in, sometimes at the giving and on other occasions at the receiving end. Without exception, the training of every human being starts as a young and inexperienced soul and in the course of many lifetimes eventually reaches the highest heights. What else could one expect for a young God in the making *? Even though we are unaware that this is what in truth every one of us is, that’s what we are.

One of the first in line for creating the impression of the amputated God is the Creation legend the Angels gave us through the book of Genesis, which is part of the joint heritage of the sacred texts of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For the sake of the patriarchy the companion for the first man, who appeared in our world, in this tale was created from one of his ribs, out of all things. The higher esoteric meaning for this escapes me to this day and does not seem to have been found by anyone else either.

In some of our lifetimes we come as women and in others as men. For the sake of teaching us about the lower and lowest aspects of human nature, the creative masculine forces through large numbers of young and inexperienced souls whose desire nature, during their lifetimes as men, was given free reign. If, during these earthly sojourns, we suppress and exploit the women in our lives, the same will happen to us when we ourselves return as women. God’s justice is perfect, utterly fair and just.

The principle at the basis of this justice is a very simply one, the same as every other truly great idea *. Everything in the whole of Creation moves in circles and anything that goes out from somewhere in due course returns to its source. That’s the foundation on which the law of Karma rests and the reason why every one of our thoughts, words and actions returns to us in some form, either in this lifetime or a future one. They are our creations and therefore belong to us, for better as well as for worse. Whatever we hand out in one lifetime unfailingly returns to us in another one.

Even if it takes thousands of lifetimes, as soon as we have grown strong enough to cope with its demands *, back it comes. That’s why so many of us are struggling, including me. There are some in our midst who in their present lifetime are having a prolonged battle with the redemption of the karmic debts that were incurred by the abuse of power that brought about the downfall and destruction of Atlantis. You and I could be one of these people. There is no doubt in my mind that the events of Atlantis also took place under the supervision and guidance of God and the Angels. They were necessary for the sake of teaching our race some of the lessons that were right for our development at that time.

Much later it came about that for around six thousand years that we, in our earthly lifetimes as males of our species, were allowed to freely indulge the drives and urges of our lower nature. This includes killing, maiming and destroying anything that gets in its way, working very hard at suppressing and dominating, conquering and destroying each other in the course of taking possession of as great parts of our world as possible. Martin Luther, 1483-1546, was a professor of theology and composer, priest and monk who made a name for himself as father of the German Protestant Reformation. He wrote: ‘Study the animal world and you will understand human behaviour much better.’ * Wasn’t he a fine observer of human nature?

A fox breaking into a henhouse and massacring as many of the hens as possible, without having any intention of eating them is one of the finest examples of this kind of behaviour. For example, the testosterone driven warfare in which over 800,000 soldiers on both sides of World War I died in the blood and mud of the Ypres salient in Flanders, Belgium between 1914 and 1918. To this day the remains of dozens of men are found every year in the fields of this part of our world. By the colouring and markings of the boots in which they died it can be identified to which country they belonged.

The basic masculine drive, when allowed free reign, pursues brutally and mercilessly whatever it wants and takes it by force, if need be. Anything that gets in the way is removed in whichever fashion suits the chaser, without hesitating for a moment to kill and destroy at random. Every human being has this drive within. Without the balance of the love and wisdom of the feminine, disasters like wars and terrorist attacks are the result. Yet, there is no point sitting in judgement * over anyone who is still involved in such activities because in some of our early lifetimes all of us have taken part in such abominations. We have been there and thanks and praise be to God and the Angels for having brought us to where we are now.

It was during the time of the patriarchy when the Angels gave us the strangest story our world had ever experienced: the Jesus legend *. The strangeness of this tale is due to the fact that carefully and lovingly woven into its tapestry are symbolisms for the various initiations every human being has to undergo in the course of its long evolutionary journey through earthly life. The wisdom of the Great Mother, the feminine aspect of the Divine Trinity gave us this wondrous story with the help of the Angels. How is that for utter unselfishness and boundless wisdom?

It was the Mother’s decision that the words of any new legend the Angels presented to our world should at first be understood literally. Only when the time was right should their higher esoteric meaning revealed. All along they have been hiding behind the surface words of every sacred teaching that ever appeared. The Mother did this so that her children of the Earth would know in thousands of years in Earth terms * what became of our world without the softening, balancing and civilising influence of the wisdom and love of the feminine forces of life.

Thoughtfully, the Angels built hints that something of this nature was going to happen at some future time into the Bible’s New Testament. They have always been there for all to see. Yet, only when the time was right would people understand what the following quotes were trying to tell us:

•    Mark 4:22: ‘Whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.’

•    Luke 8:17: ‘For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.’

•    Luke 12:2: ‘There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.’

•    1 Corinthians 4:5: ‘Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time. Wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.’

Naturally, the Great Mother never went away. She merely removed Herself from our race’s conscious awareness, even though Her presence remained and continued to manifest itself in the shape of the females of every species of the animal kingdom, including humankind. Without the Mother there would be no material world anywhere. She IS the world, the physical manifestation of all worlds throughout the whole of Creation, as well as those who are invisible to ordinary earthly eyes.

A constant stream of ideas flows from the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Father. But it is the wisdom of the Mother who decides which ones should be given life and where and when they should manifest themselves, for example on the Earth. The masculine’s power and will then shapes and moulds them as close as possible to the prototype that exists in His mind of any given species. She lovingly responds and allows Herself to be moulded and shaped. As one complete unit the two aspects of Creation peacefully and harmoniously work together.

The form of everything that exists anywhere is the Mother. All sentient beings and inanimate objects alike in our world are part of the Mother and imbued by the Father. Whole Universes and every particle of matter that floats around in them, for example planets and everything they contain, are created from the Great Light, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Father/Mother, who through this is both father and mother of all that is.

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