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The Jesus legend tells us in the Sermon of the Mount St. Luke 6:37: ‘Judge not and ye shall not be judged; condemn not and ye shall not be condemned. Forgive and ye shall be forgiven.’ If the Jesus tale had at that time been meant to tell the truth, instead of hiding it behind its surface words, the Master would have told his disciples why this should happen to them. Knowing the truth would have helped them to avoid judging and condemning anyone. But that was not the intention then.

The Christian church and its religion was the finest instrument anyone could have wished for to familiarise us and our world with the lowest drives and urges of humankind’s unevolved nature. A veritable wolf who was hiding its intentions in sheep’s clothing, if ever there was one. Had anyone paid attention to and followed the Master’s words, the darkest chapters of our development like the witch hunts and the inquisition would have been impossible. We shall return to this theme.

It was for the sake of their lessons in the school of earthly life that the disciples of Jesus needed to think that their present existence was a one-off thing. For as long as they committed their crimes in the name of what they believed to be their God and were shielded by the protection of the organisation they served, they could not help being under the impression that they could do as they pleased. Nobody would know and dare to judge or condemn them because the Bible advised against it. For as long as no explanations why things should be the way they are, words of any kind lack the power to convince their listener or reader, even if the truth has been spoken in a way they cannot comprehend.

And as soon as we are told what happens when we judge or condemn someone, following the Bible’s advice makes a great deal of sense. At last we are allowed to know that it’s the law of Karma that sees to it that the same kind of treatment eventually finds its way back to us, so that we in turn find ourselves in situations of being judged and condemned by those around us. Something similar happens with every single one of our thoughts, words and actions, positive and negative ones alike. What the law unerringly returns to us does not necessarily come about through the same people but come it will, sooner or later, of that we can be sure.

We are our own ancestors and descendants and we ourselves are responsible for who and what we presently are. God did not create us this way, we did. If you wish to find out more about this, please follow the relevant link at the end of this chapter. The memories of the experiences of every one of our lifetimes are stored in our soul on the subconscious level of our being. For a long time we are protected against knowing of their presence. This is necessary because the earthly education of every human being  includes taking part in hideous and monstrous things like those described in the next chapter.

Countless times we must have experienced gruesome and cruel adventures that were part of familiarising us with the crude and unevolved aspects of humankind’s nature, our own and other people’s. If we knew of them, we would find it impossible to live with ourselves. That’s why the love and wisdom of the Highest provides that the memories of all previous lifetimes are stored in the subconscious part of our being. From there they are influencing our thinking and behaviour patterns of our daily lives in either positive of negative ways.

When, through attending to our more recent karmic debts, we have spiritually matured sufficiently and grown strong enough to tackle the older and eventually the most ancient one of our obligations. That’s how the fears, phobias and anxieties we develop in one lifetime accompany us into every subsequent one, in the hope that one fine day we shall be able to overcome and shed them. Until that has happened they are likely to manifest themselves as feelings for which no rational explanations can be found. The same applies to depressive and addictive behaviour patterns. You can find out more about these themes by following the relevant links at the end of this chapter.

Our spiritual awakening brings with it the realisation why our life has been so difficult to handle. Help is at hand because we can now ask God and the Angels to show us intuitively how to deal with the emotional ballast that for a long time has been waiting to be released from our subconscious. The law of life is love. To free ourselves of unwanted feelings that rise from there onto the surface of our conscious awareness, we first need to forgive ourselves for the transgressions against the Universal laws earlier in this lifetime and all previous ones. Then we need to turn to those who trespassed against us and forgive them. It makes no difference in which lifetime it happened. The karmic chains and shackles that connect us as if they were made of steel are of an emotional nature. Forgiveness alone can dissolve them.

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