A New Religion For A New Age

Part 9

At our entry into the Aquarian Age a new religion is gradually emerging. It consists of spiritual knowledge and truth that is flowing directly from the Divine mind into all human hearts. Whatever comes to us in this way from our inner teacher needs to be filtered through our conscious faculties and then put into practise in our everyday lives. The biggest difference between the old religions and the new one is that most of those of the past with the passing of time deteriorated into religions of the head and their spirituality, whose seat is in the human heart. The wars and conflicts of the past were possible because this part of our nature became less and less involved.

Any spirituality, especially that of the Aquarian Age, has to reflect itself in each one of our thoughts, words and actions, otherwise they remain lip-service only. When all have learnt to act from the heart, with love and respect for each other and everything that shares this life with us, then there will be peace on Earth. It can only happen through mutual, loving and intelligent agreement. One part of life, whatever it may be, trying to dominate the other, created all human difficulties in the past. If we wish to make the progress that is ours by potential only, all of us first have to sweep in front of our own inner doors. Peace can never be found by passing the buck on to others. Even the age-old ploy of attack being the first line of defence is spoilt, as soon as the other one recognises the intention behind such an action. No use in trying to achieve our ends through attempting to make someone feel guilty of wrong behaviour, when we ourselves are the offenders. All those things will only succeed, if we meet a sucker. Unless we meet an opponent who is willing to handle such situations with love and intelligence, the same as us, all we can hope for are discord, bad feelings and resentment.

During their present lifetime each has their own specific and unique lessons to learn. If we encounter someone who finds it difficult to respect our needs, wishes and space, the likelihood is that so far they have failed to recognise and respect their own. If they had, they would no longer dream of intruding into someone else’s, without being asked to. For those of us who have spent most of their lives fulfilling other people’s wishes, helping them to find their way, this is a particularly hard lesson to learn. But learn we must, and having learnt, we must pass our knowledge on to others. That is why we are here together in human relationships. Because of the freedom of choice that we have on Earth, we all have the right to choose our own friends and other people, whom we invite into our space and time. If someone does not yet understand this, we must teach them. 

On the inner level of life we are all one and we have come together in our present existence, so that we can simultaneously act as teachers and pupils to each other. We ourselves are under the obligation to teach others how we would like to be treated by them. Everybody has boundaries and limitations, and we teach others by showing them where ours are. If others are insensitive to our boundaries, then we must make it clear to them when they have transgressed, to stop the same thing from happening again. Some people have almighty problems with this, but learn they must, as we all do, otherwise there would be no point in being here.

If someone behaves like a spoilt child, who chases after a lollipop no matter what, whenever it feels like one, the onus is on us for speaking up and showing them that it is time for them to grow up. Everybody has to find out for themselves that certain sweets can only be obtained a certain way, and that human societies can only function properly when each one of its members abide by the rules that have to be obeyed, if life is to run reasonably smoothly. Those who already are aware of these things are required to pass their understanding onto those around them who are still in need of it. We pass it on to our children, as well as anyone else, so that they in turn may later show others the way.

We are all responsible for ourselves and, spiritually, up to a point also for each other, as well as our whole world. Spiritually it most certainly is true that no person is an island. On the inner level of life we are all connected with each other and as we act and inter-act in the great web of life, each one finds themselves constantly in the role of either pupil or teacher. If someone causes us distress and suffering, it is not right to quietly put up with it. We have to stand up and be counted, set up boundaries and get the message across to them that everybody is responsible for every one of their thoughts, words and actions and the resulting consequences.

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The above is a chapter from ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’.
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