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Section XII

Part 3

Introduction To The Sun Signs

Six pointed Star


Reaching For A Better Understanding

The Astro Files and in particular my interpretations of the Sun signs, are presenting you with a page from the great book of life that throughout contains signposts for the human race’s evolutionary pathway with the help of the zodiac, its signs and houses. In the course of more than twenty years, the Astro Files have grown organically, i.e. intuitively mostly from my own observations of life. They are a labour of love and, the same as all my other writings, attempts at sharing my ever-growing understanding of the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence with those who are interested to find out more about themselves and their predestined pathway through life.

You will gain most from the Astro Files in general and the Sun signs in particular, if you study not just one file but all of them, as well as the introduction. Ideally, this part should be read first and then the Sun signs starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. Accompanying the development of the human soul, as time and again it moves round the zodiac through all its signs is sure to help you grow in understanding of yourself and your own predestined pathway through life and the special lessons you have come to learn this time round. As the zodiac shows, we all have everything within and you are sure to glean something useful from every one of my interpretations of the signs. Each study of a sign has something to contribute to all others that cannot be found elsewhere.

Each Sun sign file describes what a lifetime spent in any one of them means to human souls on their evolutionary pathway back into perfection and the oneness with our Creator. The circle of the zodiac with its twelve signs and houses is a symbol of this process. The law of life is evolution and round and round the zodiac every one of us has to go, so that lifetime after lifetime we slowly absorb ever more of the lessons that are needed to integrate the characteristics and qualities of our Divine parents. Each new lifetime brings us bit closer to our final goal, the perfection, which in this sense means the wholeness of our true parents and ancestors, the Great Father/Mother of all life. This task will not be fulfilled until all aspects of our nature are functioning together in the same perfect harmony that is in God.

The law of life is evolution and progress and we are presently in this life because that is what the Universe also demands from us. To make the progress on the evolutionary scale that is potentially ours, we need to work on eradicating our weaknesses by transforming them into strengths. Yet, before we can sensibly be expected to set about doing this, we first have to become aware of our negative character traces and behaviour patterns. Many of them are by no means instantly visible on the surface. They are so well hidden in our subconscious that they can only be recognised by gazing deeply and with utter honesty into the mirror of our self and that is the world around us in the form of the people who accompany us on our pathway through life. Like a looking glass life constantly reflects back to us what we ourselves are on the innermost level of our being. 

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Getting To Know Each Other And Ourselves

Each one of the twelve signs of the zodiac has a different temperament and the two signs next to each other are usually of a profoundly dissimilar nature. In my view, we could all save ourselves a great deal of heart-ache in our relationships by making ourselves familiar with the inherent qualities and energies of the signs. This is particularly helpful when one wants to find out the compatibility of two people. For instance, if Sagittarian’s potential partners knew beforehand about their loved one’s strong thirst for freedom, many future problems could – one way or another – so easily be avoided. If you were in their shoes, armed with this knowledge you would be able to make a conscious decision whether you are willing to put up with this need for freedom. All will be well if you also have Sagittarius in a prominent position in your chart, for example if your Moon or Ascendant is in this sign, because in that case you too need a lot of freedom. It is true that like attracts like. This is because we are magnetic beings and therefore can only attract in our partners that which we are ourselves.

Becoming aware of the foibles and idiosyncrasies of each other’s signs helps us to become more tolerant, because we then realise that many times the other person cannot help acting the way they do, as their behaviour represents an essential part of the learning process of their current lifetime.

For anyone in search of more self-awareness, getting to know themselves through studying their Sun sign, to my mind, is one of the greatest necessities of life. The negative aspects of each sign are just as important to get to know as the positive ones, possibly even more so. How can we change our weaknesses into strengths, unless we first become aware that there are indeed certain flaws in our character? In any one of the signs, I recommend that you pay particular attention to their negative characteristics. We all love to hear about out positive qualities but shy away from the negative ones. If we are no longer expressing them in our own lives, as often as not we project them onto others, because they are now tucked away somewhere in our subconscious. From there they can cause considerable disturbances and are very difficult to locate and fathom out by ourselves. Although our behaviour could be a constant thorn in the flesh to those around us, we may not even be aware that we ourselves are the cause of many of the problems in our life. You can read more about this when you follow the link ‘Projection’.

Any quality we recognise in others, good, bad or indifferent, is also in us. Whenever you catch yourself thinking: ‘Ah, but I am not that way, thanks be to God!’ Stop kidding yourself and become aware that you are involved in projection. You can read more about this by following the links ‘The Dynamics of Human Relationships’ and ‘Karma in Families’ of the previous chapter. To make the progress that can be achieved potentially by each one of us in the course of our present lifetime, our unpleasant character traces are waiting to be overcome and eradicated by us. This is impossible without first becoming consciously aware that they are there. Astrology can help us find them.

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Born On The Cusp

Should you have been born on the cusp between any two signs, my notes about born on the cusp are of special interest to you. If so, please follow the link below. It needs bearing in mind that much of what is said in the interpretation of any sign also applies when our Moon and the Ascendant is in it. So, if you happen to know that yours is in Aquarius – even though your Sun is in another sign – you are sure to find reading on worth your while. Besides, this interpretation, the same as all the others, contains many things that are of general interest to every evolving soul.

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Premature Births Or Deaths

Premature Births or Deaths - Rays of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - Introduction Into The Sun Signs

I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a premature birth or a death, for that matter. Whatever happens in our present existence can only do so at the predestined time. Children can only be born when exactly the right moment for taking their first breath has come. The earthly calculations can at times be extremely wide off the mark. While we are here we cannot know the deepest mysteries of life – not yet. We have to search for them and when we come across one of them, it is our task to try to understand and make some sense of the event(s). 

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The Meaning Behind The Sun Signs

My interpretation of all Sun sign is based on my understanding of what each particular sign represents to human souls on their evolutionary pathway back into perfection or rather wholeness. The circle of the zodiac with all its signs and houses is a symbol of this process. The law of life is evolution and round and round the zodiac every human soul has to go. Lifetime after lifetime we slowly absorb ever more of the lessons that are needed to integrate the qualities of our Divine parents. Every new lifetime brings us that bit closer to our final goal, the perfection, i.e. the wholeness, of the Great Father/Mother of all life, our true ancestors. This task will not be fulfilled until they are all functioning together in the same perfect harmony that is in God.

The energies of our Sun sign are reflected in our approach to life and our attitude to and perception of it. Should this be the only sign you are interested in, it will be useful for you to know that the basic approach to life of the Fire and Air signs is masculine, active, positive and outgoing, whereas that of the Water and Earth signs is feminine, passive, receptive and reflective. Because of the passive nature of their feminine Water sign, it is unusual for souls born into Scorpio to be found among the shakers, movers and initiators of our world. And because theirs is one of the fixed signs, Scorpios can be astonishingly fixed and rigid in their views and opinions, as well as their perception and general vision of life, our world and their place in it. This in itself is a good demonstration of how the energies of our Sun sign reflect themselves in people’s attitude to and perception of life. 

For a better understanding of the astrological terms of cardinal, mutable and fixed, please read my notes about ‘The Qualities Of The Signs’. Should your own Sun sign be the only one you are interested in and you are as yet unfamiliar with these concepts, you might like to know that the basic approach to life of the Fire and Air signs is masculine, active, positive and outgoing, and that of the Water and Earth signs is feminine, passive, receptive and reflective.

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Freedom Of Choice

Any one of the astrological signs can either bring out the best or the worst in human souls. The greatest depravities and evil, as well as the highest good and the noblest character qualities are equally within our reach during each one of our lifetimes and particularly in Scorpio. In spite of the fact that all souls potentially contain the very best and the worst of human characteristics, during our explorations of the inner self, there is no need of being afraid of what we may find. Anything that is not to our liking, we can and indeed is meant to be changed by us. It is worth knowing that human behaviour is chosen and that the only real freedom anyone has is how to behave and react to people and circumstances that arise in our lives. The events of everybody’s life are predestined. They depend entirely on the Karma that we ourselves have created in the course of previous lifetimes and also the present one.

Humankind’s much cherished freedom is comparable to a dog going for a walk on a lead. We are the dog and our Karma is the lead. Our Highest Self constantly takes us where we need to go. It alone know which lessons we still have to integrate and which experiences have to be gone through, to achieve this. Therefore, if during our meditations and healing journeys, something of an evil nature surfaces into our conscious awareness, it is up to us whether we bring it forth and act it out in our environment, or whether we change and transmute the energies of this presence into something good. Life is constantly offering us choices, for example no-one can force us into doing anything we do not like. There is always a choice and it has to be made – by us. Yet, before any human soul can being to choose wisely, it first has to become aware of the necessity for it.

God is our partner in this adventure, known as life. We are children of God, co-creators with God and young Gods in the making. With the help and will of God all things are possible, negative energies can be changed into positive ones, and all situations and relationships improved and healed, especially the one between God and us. Every one of our wishes is always fulfilled and all prayers are replied to. It’s just that sometimes the answer is: ‘No!’ Yet, whatever our heart truly desires, for good as well as for evil, for better and for worse, God helps us to bring forth, so that we may learn from the resulting experiences and grow through them more heaven-tall.

By the way, I do not believe that every soul always has the right to choose. Very young ones must go the way they are shown, so that they can learn their most basic lessons. That is why it is unwise to ever judge anyone! I feel intuitively that it takes until we reach a certain evolutionary level that freedom of choice is revealed to us. But, having reached that crucial point, it is vital that to act accordingly. For example, if there is something we do not like about ourselves, it is up to us whether we remain the same or change the offending part into something positive and acceptable. Through our inner connection with God we are all capable of transmuting anything. But as our thoughts create our reality, first we must take charge of our unruly thinking patterns; only then can we set about cleansing our inner self, one small step after another, by the sheer power of thought.

The world around us is an outer manifestation of what is inside us and reflects it back to us like a mirror. Even the greatest evil that exists in us and our world in the end can and has to be transmuted into something good and positive. We are in this life to find healing for all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wounds we and our world ever had to endure, throughout the long process of our evolution. Each soul, through its very own efforts, must save and redeem itself and our world by doing their share of blessing and healing it. God and the Angels are waiting to show us how to go about it. That, in a nutshell, is evolution, and the reason why we are in this existence.

Six pointed Star

The Struggle Between The Higher And Lower Self

It is true in every sign that, with all its fears of the future and the unknown, our small earthly self works very hard on trying to hold our soul back in the past by following the lower drives, urges and instincts of our animal nature. This is particularly strong in Scorpio and awareness is the key for unlocking and overcoming this aspect of our nature. To reach for and fulfil the high potential of growth that can be achieved in every sign, the soul has to seriously work on bringing forth its very best, so that God and the Angels can do the rest, which they most happily do.

We all need their help for the reconciliation that is required to end the age-old struggle between the earthly and the heavenly twin parts of our nature.  They have to be brought together and taught to work harmoniously and for the highest good of all. One of the symbols of the healing magic of this process is the six-pointed Star, which was given by the White Eagle group of guides as a focal point for meditations, contemplations and prayers. The upper triangle of the Star represents the Holy Trinity of Mother/Father God and the Universal Christ, their only born Son, the spiritual Sun behind the Sun, whose tiny spark is now waking up in every heart. The lower triangle stands for the human three-fold earthly personality:

•    Mind – Air
•    Body – Earth
•    Spirit – the Divine spark in every heart – Fire

Pure spirit is Fire and of Air. As this spirit on its own is incapable of feeling and experiencing itself, it needs a soul. That is why in the course of many lifetimes, every human spirit has to develop a feeling side, an emotional body of Water, its own individual soul. The memories of all our experiences accompany us into each new lifetime, where they are embedded in the very atoms of each new physical body we enter. Thus the spirit belongs to the domain of the Fire and Air elements, the soul to Water and the physical body to Earth.

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Six pointed Star

Nailing The Small Earthly Self To The Cross

Every spirit and soul eventually reaches the stage when its earthly personality has to be nailed to the cross of consciousness of the Earth by willingly surrendering itself to the guidance and protection of its Highest or God Self. This is by no means something that can only be encountered in Scorpio. The birthchart reveals that everybody has Scorpio somewhere and it is in this part where the earthly self has to be sacrificed, so the spirit self can come alive, until it eventually takes over completely. If you are having difficulties with this rebirth and transformation, don’t be disheartened. Even the most highly evolved and spiritually aware Sun Scorpios are likely to be required to fight some arduous battles to overcome the drives and urges of their lower nature. One of the most famous examples of this is the life of the Indian teacher of the Aquarian Age, Sai Baba, born 23rd November 1926.

The necessary final transformation is unlikely to happen early on in anyone’s life, because the first part of this lesson consists of getting to know, through the soul’s own experiences, the over-strong pull of its earthly self. This is essential because that way alone can Pluto take human souls into the very depths of their inner self and, alas, at times also of human experiences. Those who still require this lesson are thus taken to the very gates of Hell. This is the only way God and the Angels can teach us, the children of the Earth, that even this is perfectly safe. Truly, there is nothing ever to be afraid of, because no matter what befalls us they will always bring us back safely and even after the most traumatic experiences help us to rise from the Earth plane onto the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

The Sun in the sky above us and in our birthcharts is a symbolism for the great Light of the Universal Christ, the Sun above and behind the Sun, who is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. This is the only or first born Son of the Great Father/Mother. As it moves through the zodiac, it pours its love and light through one sign after the other. When it reaches Scorpio, it combines its creative strength with that of Mars and Pluto. Together they represent the creative and regenerative healing power of God’s creative/sexual/spiritual energies that are a vital part of every human soul’s power supply. These awesome energies are waiting to be tapped into by each one of us, and it is not hard to see that with its help all things really are possible and it will be possible to remove the remaining inner mountains of a general lack of faith and trust in the collective consciousness of our race. 

All who come with good intentions and willingly submit themselves to the protection and guidance of their inner teacher can thus align themselves to the forces of the Universal Christ and Its healing power. We are in this life to take possession of it and learn how to use it wisely, with great reverence and respect, and never for selfish purposes. That alone can empower any soul to do its share of blessing and healing, regenerating and restoring its inner self and its outer life. And as both change, the world around does the same – alleluia!

As pointed out earlier, we all have Scorpio somewhere in our birthcharts. Whatever aspect of life is affected by this, transformation of the earthly self and resurrection of its Highest or God Self has to take place. No-one can do this for us, but those who are willing to do the work this requires can give expression to the highest form of creativity, namely re-birthing themselves onto a new and higher level of consciousness. For example, if our Ascendant is in Scorpio we can do this by transforming our personality. If our Moon is in this sign letting go of the past and its memories of hurtful happenings will be difficult. But whenever something from the past comes to haunt us, recognising and accepting it into our consciousness as old learning experiences, helps us to transform the energies of even the most traumatic events from destructive and painful ones into positive and constructive ones.

Six pointed Star

The Potential Of All Sun Signs

Each Sun sign can bring magnificent gifts to souls born into it. But for a long time this is by potential only, not until the soul wakes up to its true nature and starts to become aware of the existence of these gifts can it learn to take advantage of them. One of Scorpios greatest assets is the development of considerable inner strength. But, at this very special time in the evolution of our race every soul must learn to tap into the rich reservoir of its inner world and bring forth, from there, its godlike qualities which include this strength. Each spirit and soul is a spark of the Divine and in seed form at least contains all the powers that are in God. They are waiting to be tapped into, to help us rise above our earthly nature and surrender its desires and passions to our Highest and God Self; an awe-inspiring prospect if ever there was one!

The only true power that exists in the whole of Creation is the power of God; re-establishing its inner connection with it is every soul’s inheritance and birthright. Humbly the soul needs to kneel before the Highest and pray that its whole being should be cleansed and purified, so that it may become worthy of being used as Its channels. Each soul potentially is capable of bringing its wisdom and knowledge into this world. This sheds light into the darkest corners of human existence and brings healing to alleviate the suffering of our whole world, not merely that of humankind. Every soul must learn to once again walk hand in hand with God and the Angels; they alone can show us how to bring forth the Divine qualities of compassion, love and respect for ourselves and others. Through us they want to heal the sick, comfort the bereaved and bring new understanding wherever a need for it exists. Souls who no longer seek power for themselves and their own selfish purposes can be used by The Power to bless and heal our world and all that is in it. Every soul needs to let its inner light shine brightly and to be taught by God and the Angels how to become truly powerful, dynamic, and majestic beings.

The Survival Instinct
It’s easy to cry that you’re beaten – and die;
It’s easy to crawfish and crawl;
But to fight and to fight, when hope’s out of sight –
Why, that’s the best game of all!
And though you come out of each gruelling bout
All broken and beaten and scarred,
Just have one more try – it’s dead easy to die.
It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.

From ‘The Quitter’
Robert W. Service

For as long as the earthly self struggles in the darkness of not even knowing why it is on the Earth, it can hardly help constantly feeling like one of life’s helpless victims. This it will remain until it becomes aware that the Universe is now laying into the hands of every soul the tools for taking an active part in their personal evolution and destiny, as well as that of the whole race. Our character determines our life and also our destiny. Both are every soul’s own responsibility and the onus is on each one of us to make the changes and do the work on ourselves which this awareness demands.

As you can see, knowledge can truly be powerful. This one empowers each one of us to take charge of the ship of our whole being. And it is helpful to know that we all contain the Scorpionic energies, its strength and willpower, waiting to be tapped into by each one. Under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, we are in this life to develop and learn how to use them for the highest good of all. Once and for all, we can set ourselves free from pursuing what is commonly known as ‘power’ for personal gains.

Six pointed Star

Psychic Abilities

All human souls have inherent psychic abilities. The birthchart tells at a glance whether someone has a good chance of developing these gifts some more, maybe even bringing them to a full flowering in their present lifetime. The Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, rule the emotions and are mirrors of the soul. A strong Water element in someone’s chart, especially the Sun and/or Moon in one of the signs, indicates strong potential – possibly an ability that is already present because it has been worked on and prepared in previous lifetimes.

Our lives move in two and a half year cycles, the time it takes the progressed Moon to move through one sign. During its traverse through the Water signs, the souls sensitivity increases for the emanations of the psychic level of life, the astral plane. We become more open towards and receptive of them. 

Six pointed Star

All Our Needs Are Provided For

I can never stop marvelling at how the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, down to the tiniest details of our lives always provides for every soul’s needs. It is astonishing how it constantly tries to move each one of us forwards and upwards onto higher levels of awareness and understanding through our earthly experiences. Let me illustrate this with an example. Imagine you are a Sun Scorpio – whether you are or are not is irrelevant for this purpose – and you were born, say, into the first degree of this sign. By progression the Sun moves forward one degree per year of our lives. This means that by the time you reach your twenty-ninth birthday and first Saturn Return – most Scorpios live that long – the progressed Sun in your birthchart has moved into Sagittarius. This is the Fire sign of spiritual explorations and adventuring; its symbol is the Archer, the wise centaur who is half horse and half human. If you watch yourself carefully at that time you will notice that your consciousness is changing and that your approach to life is becoming more active and outgoing. For souls who have managed to leave the lower aspects of Scorpio behind, the energies of Sagittarius are then waiting to lift onto higher and highest levels of consciousness.

Happily you soldier along and if you pay attention to what is happening inside you, at age sixty you notice that your consciousness is slowly changing again. You are now moving into Capricorn, the cardinal sign with its high creativity, in which the highest spiritual achievements are possible once for sufficiently evolved souls. For them the time has come for grounding their spiritual aspirations on the Earth plane and attending to the life lesson of the Earth element, which is loving service to the One. In this way the Universe, in the natural course of events, takes every soul born into Scorpio through the three evolutionary phases of their sign, so they can be explored and developed to the fullest. Sufficiently evolved souls willingly follow the guidance of their Highest Self, symbolised by the Sun in the birthchart. Capricorn offers them opportunities for increasingly working as a Dove of Peace on the Earth plane.

Each sign in its own way offers every soul the same chances for growth in wisdom and understanding that expand its consciousness. Before God we are all equals and every soul has the same right to learn exactly the right lessons on this level of life that move it forward in its personal evolution, simultaneous with that of our race, our planet and all life.

To round it all up, in Aries the amazing human soul – and by that I mean each one of us – brings itself into being through the sheer power of its own will, to experience and grow some more. In Scorpio the survival instinct is added to its armoury. In its lowest form this is expressed as survival of the species and also the survival of the fittest. Souls who have reached the necessary evolutionary level this same drive, the power of our own will, takes us back to be reunited with our Source. By the time the soul has reached Scorpio its willpower has increased to such an extent that it is ready to be taught by its Highest Self how to develop the ability to restore and regenerate its whole being, so that when the need arises the soul learns how to bounce back from death’s door by willing itself to do so. By practising this skill the soul builds it into its permanent character make-up.

To guide each soul back to its true nature, eventually the Divine desires of our Highest Self break through into the consciousness of our earthly self. A great yearning stirs in us for happier and holier ways of living and being. We begin to dream of a life that is free from shackles, happy and joyous in a world where all live together in peace and harmony, where sickness and diseases, violence and crime are unknown. We have visions of a world where each to the best of their abilities makes their own contribution towards the welfare of the all, where everybody unselfishly shares everything that the Universe makes available to us.

Such a world can and is meant to become a reality on the Earth plane, but it cannot come about without each one of us making their contribution towards its creation. Our thoughts created our reality. That is why in our thoughts and imagination we first need to create the world of our dreams. By steadfastly and constantly holding onto these thoughts, by not allowing anything to banish them from our consciousness, we are actively helping to create the long promised New Heaven and Earth. This not only raises our own vibrations but also those of our whole world.

Six pointed Star

The Change Of Energies From Sign To Sign

Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - Introduction Into The Sun Sign - Change Of Energies Between The Signs

The change of energies, as the Sun moves from one sign into the next on its annual round through the zodiac, is always very marked. For starters, the masculine, active and outgoing signs alternate with the feminine, passive and receptive ones; each has a different approach to life. Furthermore, the Sun moves from Fire signs into Earth ones, from Earth into Air, from Air into Water, and from there back again into Fire. Earth after Fire is like piling a load of soil on top the enthusiastic rush of the fire element. Water after Fire is similar to pouring a bucket full of it on the fire element’s joyous outbursts; in each case its flames are extinguished most successfully. In the case of Water and Fire the result is steam, which may express itself in steaming resentment. As you can see, the energies of each set are not at all compatible, making even harder every soul’s struggles at coming to terms with its earthly existence. Yet, all such things are grist to the mill of our spiritual growth, because they add to the wealth of the experiences we gather. With every new cycle that takes us through the whole zodiac our consciousness becomes more rounded and whole.

All these things contribute to the difficulties souls born into adjoining signs encounter with each other. Leo and Virgo are possibly the most outstanding example of this; another one that comes to mind is the changeover from Pisces to Aries. Let’s have a look at Leo and Virgo first. After the soul’s exploits – some of them rather extravagant – in flamboyant, pompous and outgoing, larger than life Leo, full of itself and the glory of its own being in one lifetime, in the next one the soul comes down to Earth with a bump in Virgo. This time it is going to gather its experiences in the modest, shy, retiring and self-effacing harvest sign of the zodiac, Virgo, where two different types of crops are waiting to be brought in. After Leo’s fun, games, socialising and showing-off, in the next sign the soul discovers the benefits of a more solitary existence. And so it willingly buckles down to getting some serious work done on the Earth plane and also learns to enjoy it.

In the case of cusp born souls, the above described things are part of their wrestling with coming to terms with and reconciling the sometimes very contradictory nature and opposing aims of their two Sun signs. For example Pisces is all about endings and Aries about new beginnings. To my mind, such conflicts can only be resolved through a better understanding of the processes of life. Astrology helps me to recognise life as one huge cycle of deaths and rebirth. Without interruption every new season of gathering experiences flows and grows from the previous one, and all life is eternally moving forwards and upwards onto ever higher and more beautiful levels of existence.

Although on the outer levels of life one often gets the impression of utter chaos, spiritually that is most definitely not the case. The Universe – and we and our lives within it – is unfolding with the precision of one gigantic Swiss clockwork, where nothing is left to chance. Becoming aware of this, which human soul would still have difficulties to humbly kneel in awe and wonder before the splendour and magnificence of the Great Architect’s design of life?

So long as this you fail to see:
That death precedes re-birth!
A gloomy guest you’ll always be,
Upon this darkling Earth.

From: ‘The Soul’s Yearning’
‘Seliges Verlangen’


Six pointed Star


How Did My Astrological Work Begin?

Astrology is an intuitive art and the more one works with it, the more one somehow knows. You have no idea where it’s coming from, it’s just there. All along life has been my best teacher and the only astrology teacher I ever had was Wilfred, a Sun Scorpio, Moon in Cancer and Ascendant in Virgo. He was a highly enlightened man who had been practising the Divine science for thirty years when he decided to share some of his wealth of knowledge by teaching. He soon gathered around him a small group of about six people and proceeded to teach us all there is to know about the basics of astrology. It was very important to him that we should be able to erect a birthchart manually, so that we could later check whether our computer program was giving us the right information.

Each time Wilfred told us about another aspect of astrology that was new to others, I had an uncanny feeling of déjà-vu, that I knew it already. I couldn’t work out at the time why this should be so, but by now it is clear to me that I must have been a astrologer as well as writer, either each on its own or together, in previous lifetimes. The way I understand our existence now, both things as soon as I started practising them came to me with such ease that it cannot have been any other way.

All my writings are of an intuitive nature and the Astro Files were their beginning. Wilfred taught us with the help of ‘The Modern Textbook of Astrology, Revised Edition by Margaret E. Hone, D.F. Astrol. S.’ It’s such an excellent book that I have kept it to this day and once in a while refer back to it when I need to freshen up about some technicality. For a while I did birthchart interpretations for people. I did them free of charge. So that I didn’t have to repeat things endlessly, I began to write down my interpretations of the various aspects of someone’s chart and kept each one of them in a separate file for use in future use.

My first Astro File was the Sun in Virgo. I read what Margaret Hone’s book had to say about it and then retold the whole thing in my own words. With further charts the other Sun sign interpretations came into being in the same way. Each time I opened one of my existing files, new things came to mind, so I updated them by adding what I had learned from my observations of the people around me as well as what came to mind intuitively. In the course of many years this way the files grew and grew.

Therefore, should anyone wish to know where I did or do my research for the Astro Files, my answer is: within. Apart from their small beginnings gleaned from Margaret Hone’s book, every bit of each one of them was given to me or rather through me by my inner teacher, the wise one within. Thanks and praise be to Thee, for the help you are giving me at all times and in so many different ways.

Six pointed Star

‘The Purpose Of My Life’s Work – Reaping The Bountiful Harvest’

Every one of the small six-pointed stars in my e-mails and postings in Rays of Wisdom are bringing you a personal greeting and blessing from the Christ Star, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. My stars are miniature replicas of the great one. They are alive and radiate the Christ Star’s blessing and healing power first into you, dear Reader, and those around you. From there it flows into the worldwide web and then into the heart and soul of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with us. No matter how brief your call may be, each time you come you will be getting the benefit of these powerful energies.

Six pointed Star

Like the flow of the river of life itself, humankind’s store of spiritual knowledge and wisdom is never at a standstill, static or stagnant. The same applies to Rays of Wisdom, which is evolving and growing as fresh insights are entering my understanding of the spiritual background of life. Whole new jotting parts as well as updates of existing material are constantly arriving. To learn about them, all you have to do is click the image below:

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