Joy To The Earth

Part 1

 Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transit - Joy To Our World

How generous you are, Mother Earth,
And how strong is your yearning for your children
Lost between that which they have attained
And that which they could not obtain.
We clamour and you smile.
We flit, but you stay!
We extract your elements to make cannons and bombs,
But out of our elements you create lilies and roses.

Kahlil Gibran

The way Kahlil Gibran describes Mother Earth and her relationship with us shows us the way of past ages. But now that the Age of Aquarius is with us, we and our world are good and ready for some fundamental changes and crying out for them ever more loudly. The video at the end of this chapter shows how ordinary folks like you and me, throughout our whole world behave in the same manner. We, the people, need to force those who have been allowed a measure of power and would like to be considered as our spiritual and political leaders and in charge listen to us. This includes the ultra rich and powerful, the local, national and international  maneouvrers and manipulators who irresponsibly seek to make vast profits out of the suffering of others.

This applies as much to the banks and governments of all countries as it does to our industrialists. It does so in particular to the companies who supply the war machinery, with their greed and total lack of consideration for the wellbeing of our planet and all its lifeforms. The same goes for the pharmaceutical industry with its even more sinister and destructive weaponry. Read more about this in ‘The Ebola Outbreak’.

The people responsible for these organisations and those employed by them, the same as everybody else, have been placed in this life so that in due course they should learn how to work for the good of all and how they can make their contribution towards the healing of Mother Earth. Her abundance and beauty are there for all to share and our task as healers and lightworkers is to help every one of her children to have the basic comforts and security in life. The only road that can put us and our world right is the one that is paved with love and tolerance, friendship and kindness, caring and sharing and supporting each other. 

After six thousand years of patriarchy that has brought us not much more than the raping and polluting of our planet, don’t you think it’s the highest time for  change? The patriarchy with its greed and lust for power, wars, terrorism, religions, dictators, presidents, prime ministers, the ultra rich and powerful with their smoke and mirrors, lies and deceptions, pecking orders, divisive distractions, those who have and those who have not. The ever growing greed of the ones at the top has left those at the bottom of the ladder with nothing but terrorism and revolution as their way forward, while the rest of our world pretends to listen and does nothing, except taking even more from the poorest of the poor. For centuries the western world has raped and pillaged their countries of their assets and resources. And still these robber barons insist on trying to take more and more. They stop at nothing, if need be they achieve their ends through yet another war that gives them access to someone else’s oil, or by sending missionaries to expand their religious flocks, or through giving loans to the countries of the underdeveloped parts of our world that add to their debts and enables the west to subdue and control their leaders and their countries.

At any given time, all of us have a choice  whether we accept all these things as the status quo and continue to allow the mass media to fill our consciousness with their daily doses of fear, negativity and hatred about everything and especially other nations and their people. It is up to us as individuals to choose different ways of living and being. To get us started on this road, let’s keep signing petitions to voice our oneness and speak the truth, use any wisdom and understanding of life we have found thus far to help each other, not only our loved ones and dearest friends, but everybody to discover it for themselves.

Let’s all bring forth our own Christ nature with its characteristics of goodness, kindness, tolerance and fairness to bring joy and new hope to everyone we meet by showing respect and understanding for them and their lives, their needs, hopes, dreams and highest aspirations. Let’s support each other in whatever way we can, for none of us is meant to face life on their own. And whenever we are in doubt about anything, let’s go within and listen to the small, still voice of our conscience or inner guidance – the living God within, to find out what the Angels of love and peace and healing advise us to do and follow their instructions.

The link below takes you on a trip around our world that is sure to put a smile on your face. See for yourself that there are many happy people ‘out there’ who are calling to our spiritual and political leaders: ‘We want to see changes and refuse to be sent into wars by you. We’ve had more than enough of your ways of killing, destroying and exploiting in pursuit of power. Don’t you know, you fools, that the only true and absolute power belongs to the highest, by whatever name you may call this authority? Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that all your earthly possessions as well as every last shred of power you think you have, can be taken away from you and that at any given moment and in the fraction of a second?  

All of us, and that includes you, have received the gift of another lifetime so that we may learn to sing and dance and enjoy being on this wonderful planet of ours. Each is required to do their share of making the Earth an ever more beautiful place, where all lifeforms live together in peace and harmony, helping and supporting each other to the best of our ability, instead of taking advantage of and exploiting everything that comes our way. We pray that the light of God’s wisdom and truth may also fill your hearts and souls, so that the Divine spark in you comes alive and you too become ware of God’s true nature, your own and everybody else’s and the responsibilities this brings with it.

Praising the love and glory of our creator, the great Father/Mother of all life, for giving this life to us, is the only thing we want to do from now on and we hope that you will soon join us.

And now sit back, relax and enjoy:

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