Healing Prayer For Disaster Victims

Healing Prayer For Disaster Victims - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & Healing

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
And Your only born Son/Daughter,
The Spirit of the Universal Christ,
May the light of Your power, courage and strength
Flow freely into those affected by natural disasters
Like forest fires and earthquakes,
Flooding and landslides,
And also of the human-made catastrophes
Of war and other acts of terrorism,
Wherever they may be taking place.

Grant us and our world the gift of
Your love, wisdom and understanding
So that together with You and the Angels
We may lift the spirits and souls of those
Who under the influence of the powers of
Darkness and destruction have to return
To our true home, the spirit world,
Guided and protected by
The Angels of Rescue and Death.
May they find rest, peace and healing there,
As well as a better understanding of the
Higher purpose and the meaning
Of humankind’s earthly existence.

Thanks and praise be to You and the Angels
For ensuring that none of us will
Ever be lost in the vastness of space and time,
Left behind and forgotten,
And that all human beings,
Wherever they may ever find themselves,
Will always be resting securely
In Your loving arms.

May our hearts and souls be filled with forgiveness
For those who are still taking part in the
Earliest parts of their earthly education,
Sowing the seeds and reaping the fruits of evil.
May the radiance of Your Light
Shine into their hearts and souls,
So that the Divine spark in them
Also stirs from its slumbering state.
And may the hearts of the older and
More experienced souls in our midst
Be filled with forgiveness for their younger siblings
In the great family of humankind.
Grant them the gift of understanding that
The lessons the young ones are presently taking part in
Are similar to those that once were
Part of the initial stages of their
Own earthly education.

As payment for our karmic debts,
Help us older souls to patiently endure
What the youngsters are inflicting upon us,
In their ignorance of their true nature
And the existence of Your Universal laws.
Help us to forgive them, for they know not
What they are doing to themselves,
Creating ever more difficult Karma that
Undoubtedly will have to be redeemed by them,
In one or several of their future lifetimes,
When they have grown strong enough
To carry the cross of making good
Where once they sinned.
It will then be their turn to suffer,
The same as we are doing now,
At the hands of those who are
Treading the evolutionary pathway
Behind us.

May the knowledge of this assist the unfolding
Of our own Christ nature with its characteristics
Of compassion, forgiveness and love
In ever more human hearts.
And may the gift of Your Divine courage and strength
Flow into the survivors of any kind of disaster
And those who attend to the sick and wounded
In mind and body, spirit and soul.
These things we are asking from You,
In the name of love,
Your name and ours,
For the redemption of all karmic debts
And the blessing and healing of our world
And everything that shares it with us.


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