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In Poetry And Prose -  Part 1

Prayers And Words
For Comfort And Healing

For The Age Of Aquarius

Six pointed Star


The Candle

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wlisdom From Around Our World

‘There is not enough darkness in the whole of our world to put out the light of one candle.’ Robert Alden

Have you ever sat in front of a burning candle and stared into its flame for any length of time? If so, did you become aware of the feelings of warmth and comfort, of wellbeing and somehow being at home that radiate from it? And did you notice how the flame of one single candle can light up a whole room?

A candle can only do all these things by giving of itself and allowing the flame to consume its substance. Reflect upon this in your moments of disenchantment, when sometimes after your daily toiling and possibly fruitless strivings you feel as if you had given away every last bit of your strength. When you are in this state of exhaustion and sometimes begin to wonder about the sense, purpose and meaning of your efforts, the time has come for building more quiet moments of reflection into your daily life and that as soon as possible. Create a space where you can be undisturbed for a while and make yourself as comfortable as you can in it. Light a candle, look into it and then ask yourself: ‘Have I burnt myself out by being a light for others, giving them signs and showing them directions for new and better ways of being? How many candles of support am I giving to those around me, every day and throughout the whole year, trying to ease their load and lighten their pathway and through this maybe of our whole world? How about myself?’

Spiritually, light is knowledge and wisdom, and darkness is ignorance. It is true that when a candle gives of its light and warmth it can only do so until its own substance has been consumed by the flame and nothing is left. It is different for us because, whenever we attune ourselves to the stream of the Universal Christ’s consciousness, the source of all life and inspiration, every bit of light and warmth we give by nurturing others is constantly renewed by It and returned to us. The Christ’s warmth and light will never dry up or leave us, and the more of it we send into our world, the more we receive. The laws of the Universe command this. The Christ Star’s luminescence shines through all who are acting as Its channels on the Earth plane. The power of Its blessing and healing energies are constantly flowing into and through them and from there into our world, to be shared by all its lifeforms.

May the small still flame in all human hearts grow ever stronger, until the entire planet is filled with nothing but love and light, healing and peace. Instead of asking for earth- and mind-shattering enlightenments, let us pray that every single day of the coming year and all future ones will bring us and our world a constant supply of small rays of light that renews our whole race’s hope, faith and trust that the Divine great plan of life is unfolding as it should. And let’s give thanks and praise for the goodness of the life the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, so kindly provides for each one of us, God’s beloved children of the Earth.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Call Me By My True Names

Bird on the Nest - Call Me By My True Names - Rays of Wssdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Comfort

Do not say I shall depart tomorrow
Or that I have never been,
As every day I newly arrive.
When you look deeply you can see
That I do so every moment.
I am the buds on flowers and trees,
The baby bird who with fragile wings,
Learns to sing and fly when leaving the nest.
I am every caterpillar that crawls
And in the jewels that are still hidden in rocks.

I arrive so that I may experience Myself
Through each one of you,
In our laughing and crying,
Fearing and hoping.
And the rhythm of My heart is
The birth and death of all living things.

I am the mayfly that metamorphoses on the river,
The bird who with the arrival of spring
Is nourished by the mayfly.
I am the frog who swims happily in its pond
And the snake in the grass that silently
Approaches the frog and devours it.

I am the starving child who is all skin and bones,
And whose legs are as thin as bamboo sticks.
I am in the arms merchant who distributes
His death bringing wares throughout your world,
And I am in those who are maimed and killed by them.
I am the refugee girl or woman on a small boat who,
After having been raped by sea pirates,
Throws herself into the ocean and drowns.

But I am also the pirate who fails to respect and love others,
Because the Divine spark in his heart has not yet
Woken from its slumbers and so
His inner eyes are still closed.
I am the member of a politburo
Who has more power than is good for him.
And I am the man who redeems himself
For what he did to others in previous lifetimes,
By dying in one of this man’s forced labour camps,
The same as he one day will be doing
At the end of one of his earthly sojourns.

My joy is like spring.
Its warmth makes flowers
Open and bloom in all walks of life.
And My pain is like a river of tears,
So great that it fills all the oceans.
Please call Me by My true names,
So I can hear My laughter and crying at once.
When at last I re-awaken to My true nature
And doors of compassion and love in My heart open,
I recognise that in truth My joy and sorrow are one.

Thich Nhat Hanh
Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Peace Be With You

Rays of Wisdom - Prayers And Words For Comfort And Healing - Peace Be With You

May Divine peace fill your whole being,
within and without, today and forever.

May you be able to love and accept yourself,
just the way you are.

May you trust that you are always in the right place.

May you be aware of the infinite possibilities that
have their origin in trusting the basic goodness of your existence
and its Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
who constantly provides for all of everyone’s needs,
including yours.

May you use the gifts the Universe has bestowed upon you
for doing your share of making our world into
a more beautiful and peaceful place
for everything that shares it with us.

May you be able to give the full measure of the love
that is the most important part of your being,
to everything that comes your way.

May your soul enjoy the freedom of singing and dancing,
Praising and loving whatever comes your way,
 every moment of each day and week, month and year
of your present lifetime
and whatever waits for you beyond.

And may God and the Angels bless you and keep you safe,
now and forever.


Six pointed Star

Prayer For Today

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers For Comfort & Healing - Prayer For My Daily Walk

Great Spirit, Mother/Father of all life,
Help me find the lonely ones
Among those I meet today.
Let me say the right words to take
Their loneliness away.
Too many walk with aching hearts
Along life’s highway.

Too many walk with breaking hearts,
Which no-one understands.
To them, the roadway’s rough and steep,
As it crosses their barren lands.
Help me lighten their weary eyes
And strengthen their hearts and hands.

Help me to brighten gloomy eyes
And let my own sorrows be
A reminder of someone else’s grief,
Of those who walk this road with me.
And when my words and hands fail,
Let me go with them in silent sympathy.

Grace Noll Crowell
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Peace Of The Elements

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers For Peace And Healing - The Peace Of The Elements

Deep peace of the gentle Lake to you.
Deep peace of the flowing Air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet Earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining Stars to you.
Deep peace of the Son/Daughter of Peace to you.

A Celtic Blessing

Pachelbel’s Canon in D major

Six pointed Star

Deep Peace

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers & Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Deep Peace

Deep peace of the open prairie and the wind-swept sky,
The flowing rivers, quiet valleys and noble trees,
Standing stalwart and true on the mountain side,
Steady through the winds of life.

Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
By whatever name anyone may call You,
You are always there.
May Your peace dwell within each one of us,
To take us back into the conscious awareness
Of our eternal oneness with You.
Provide us with the courage and strength
To overcome everything that is ugly and evil in our world
And transmute it into something beautiful and good.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Peace In Our World

Rays Of Wisdom - Payers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Peace In Our World

Where there is righteousness in the heart,
There is beauty in the character.
Where there is beauty in the character,
There is harmony in the home.
Where there is harmony in the home,
There is order in the nation,
And when spiritual order has come to all nations,
There will be peace in our world.

Chinese Proverb
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Peace Prayer

Dove of Peace - Peace Prayer - Rays of Wisdom - Relationship Healing

In the cold of an over-materialistic world,
Where many are feeling lost and lonely
I wish you warmth and joy from the knowledge that
These are the days of miracles and wonders,
When ever more of us are once more
Becoming aware of their true nature
And the reason for their being here.

I wish you courage and strength
To heal your own pain and that of others.
May it grow from a steadily increasing awareness that
The love and wisdom aspect of our Creator,
The Great Mother of all life,
Is manifesting herself everywhere in our world.

I wish you a sense of humour and the gift of smiling,
To help you overcome all your fears,
So you can show others how to do the same for themselves.
In the silence of your inner being may you
Be at one with the will and power of the Great Father.
The Father/Mother and their only born
Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit,
Are as much part of us as we are part of them.
May their highest qualities reveal themselves
In our world through you and your life.

I wish for inner and outer peace in our world.
May it flow from the heart-mind of the Divine Trinity
Into the farthest, remotest corners of our world,
To bless and heal all its lifeforms.
And may the Mother’s wisdom and truth enter
Into every human heart and soul,
As that’s the only place where truth is known.

I wish that the creative fire
Of the ideas from the heartmind of God,
Lighten and warm everybody’s days,
So that Its dreams and visions can come true,
Through us and our world, and all worlds.
I wish for the renewal of hope, faith and trust in our world,
To assist every one of us with ascending the heights of
The spiritual mountain of Divine compassion.
I wish for God’s love to flow into every heart and soul,
So that we may all walk together hand in hand,
As one big family, peacefully and forever united.

Although this is still a dream,
I know in my heart of hearts
That one day it can and will come true,
Through all human souls, including you and me,
For when God’s love has at last come alive
In every human heart and soul,
Anything will be possible and achievable.

Above all I wish for the gift of understanding
To enter every human heart and with it
The ability to stop taking things literally,
When the true meaning of something is
Hidden behind its surface words.


Six pointed Star

A Beam Of  Starlight

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - World Healing Prayer - Part One

With the help of the Christ Star and the Angels surrounding it everybody can do something for the healing of Mother Earth. Let’s join hearts and hands with them in prayer and focus our attention on the Christ Star’s light, the highest star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation. Concentrate on it for a while and absorb it by bathing in its radiance, then send it to all those who are affected by wars, acts of terrorism and all other types of crime.


I hold all perpetrators of our world into the light of the Christ Star. May it penetrate every fibre of their being, until the Divine spark in their hearts stirs from its slumber and turns into a small still flame of love. I ask the Angels of Healing, Peace and Reconciliation to be with me and show me how to go about this, so that everything is done in keeping with the Great Father/Mother’s will and wishes.

I believe in the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star’s light and I trust the wisdom of God’s great plan.

Focussing on the Christ Star steadies our earthly minds and balances them, so that the light of the Heavenly Forces can shine through us into all dark aspects of earthly life. May all our thoughts be filled with positivity and light and may this continue until even the last shred of the darkness and despair of our world has been absorbed into the Christ Star’s light. Under the protection of Its radiance we form a circle and are together as one, so let’s join hearts and hands and pray as follows:

World Healing Prayer

Part One

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - World Healing Prayer

All glory, honour and praise be to You,
Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life
And the Angels around Your throne.
We bless the Christ Spirit, Your only born Son/Daughter,
The golden light of the Heavens, who is
The Sun of all Suns, Star of all Stars and Light of all Lights.
Through Him/Her all lifeforms come into being
And are constantly nurtured and cared for.

You are the Source of all life,
Love and wisdom, knowledge and truth,
You are the Great Teacher of all worlds and beings,
Promised of old and who, through waking up
In ever more human hearts and souls,
Is at last in flesh appearing.
From within the core of everyone’s own being
Guide and protect us,
Show us the way of all things and
Fill us, our whole world and all other realms
With the blessing and healing power of
Your eternal wisdom and truth
That cannot be destroyed by anything.

Thank you for allowing us to know that
Every human being contains a tiny spark of You
That wakes from its slumber in our hearts,
When our time has come for aligning our energies
With those of the sacred Fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun,
And we once more become consciously aware
Of our oneness with You.

That’s how, in the fullness of time,
Each spark in its own right evolves into
A blazing flame of love and light, wisdom and truth.
Hand in hand with You and the Angels
This fire burns away
The dross of all darkness and fear
That exists in the consciousness of humankind.
Each flame is capable of absorbing ever more of
The dark clouds of ignorance, false beliefs and prejudices,
Its own and other people’s,
That to this day abound in us and our world.

May the radiance of Your Divine illumination
Flow ever more strongly into each one of us
And through us into our whole world.
May the dark destructive energies
Of war, terrorism and crime
Be absorbed into Your Light,
To be uplifted and transmuted into
Blessing, healing and harmonising energies for all life
That are flowing into the farthest and remotest corners of Creation,
In accordance with Your will and wishes.

In the name of love we ask these things from You
On behalf of Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms,
As well as every other part of Creation,
For You are the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory.
We worship You, we give You thanks,
We praise You for Your Glory.
And so it shall be, forever and evermore.


Six pointed Star

Healing Prayer For Us And Our World

Part Two

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing - Prayer For Healing Us And Our World

Beloved Father/Mother of all life,
I am calling on You today to ask for healing
For myself and my world.
Your Divine wisdom and power brought us all into being.
You sustain and support us every moment of every day.
Every breath I take, every morning I wake,
Every moment of every hour,
I am in You and You are in me
And I rejoice that it shall be so in all Eternity.

Please fill my whole being with the blessing and healing power
Of Your infinite wisdom and love.
And with the power of Your Divine thoughts,
Which once brought me into this life,
Help me to re-generate and heal my whole being.
I surrender my whole being into your loving hands
And pray that Your will shall be mine.
May Your words of healing and peace flow through me,
So I can do my share of
Blessing and healing, saving and redeeming myself
And everything that is in this life with me.

Please guide me and show me ways of
Casting out the things that are no longer of any use to me.
Mending that which is broken in me and my life.
Regenerating and renewing every cell and atom
Of my whole being and of our whole world.
Open blocked arteries and veins.
Removing inflammations and cleanse my body of infections.
Healing damaged areas of my inner and outer being.
[Pour your heart out and tell the Highest forces everything that is troubling you.]

May the blessing and healing power of Your love
Fill my whole being,
So that every part of me that is presently not functioning
The right way becomes perfectly healthy
And my whole being begins to function
The way You intended it to be at the moment of my creation.

I wish to serve You and the life You have created for us
With all my heart and mind, body and spirit and soul,
For the rest of this lifetime and throughout Eternity.
But this I can only do when my whole being has been healed.
That’s why in the name of love,
Your own sacred name,
I ask it from You.


Six pointed Star

The Sun Beyond The Sun

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - The Sun Beyond The Sun

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
The Universal Christ, Your only born Son/Daughter,
Is the Spiritual Sun above and beyond
The golden disc in the sky above us.
With the help of the Christ light You have brought
The whole of Creation into being,
And it constantly nurtures and sustains all lifeforms
That emerge from you.

We worship You, we give You thanks,
We praise You for the glory
Of the light and warmth of Your love.
Without them there would be no life,
On the Earth or elsewhere.
Reveal ever more of Your sacred truth to us,
To help us attend to our earthly duties
With happy, loving and carefree hearts,
Trusting Your great plan of life
And the goodness of our earthly existence.


Six pointed Star

The Prophet – On Religion

On Religion - The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran - Rays of Wisdom - A Celebration of Kahlil Gibran

An old priest said: ‘Speak to us of Religion.'
And the Prophet replied:
Have I ever spoken to you of anything else?
Is not religion all deeds and all reflections,
And that which is neither one nor the other?
Isn’t it the wonder and surprise that ever springs in your soul,
Even while your hands are hewing a stone or attending to a loom?
Who can separate their faith from their actions,
Or their beliefs from their occupations?
Who can spread their hours before them and say:
‘This is for God and that for myself.
This is for my soul and that for my body?’

All your hours are wings that beat through space
From one part of yourself to the other,
From the Higher or God Self to your lower earthly self,
Its counterpart.
Those who wear their morality only as their best garment
When they go to church on Sunday,
Would be better off naked, so the Sun and the wind
Can tear and burn no holes into their skins.
And those who define their conduct purely by
The ethics of dogma and creed of one religion or another,
Imprison the songbird of their souls in a cage,
Unaware that the finest songs do not come from behind bars and wires.
If your worshipping is but a window
That one opens and shuts at will,
You will never get to know the house of the soul,
Whose windows are forever open.

Your daily life needs to become your temple and your religion.
Upon entering it each day take everything you are with you,
Be it a plough or a forge, a mallet or a lute.
Take all the things you have fashioned,
Either of necessity or for your delight.
In your dreams rise above yourself and your achievements,
And put your failures behind you as the lessons of the past.
Fly on the wings of the knowledge you now receive
Directly from the Great White Spirit and take everybody with you,
So that in adoration you fly higher than their hopes
And humbly join and comfort them in their moments of despair.

If you want to know your Creator, refuse to follow like a sheep
The things that were written a long time ago.
Most of it is likely to be outdated and in need of review.
The religion of the new age is one of the heart
That aims to help all souls, independent of colour or race,
To grow in wisdom and understanding
Of the true purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence.
This religion is a faith that invites all of you
To experience life’s processes ever more deeply.
Through consciously participating in them,
You become ever more aware of the living God and Goddess
Within you and everything that shares your present existence.

Now you can observe for yourself God/Goddess being as much
Alive in you as in your children and everybody else.
When you gaze into space, especially at night,
Discover how even in the stars and the clouds,
The Great Father/Mother of all life embraces all its Creations
With the same loving care.
With every ray of sunshine and drop of rain
That touches the Earth, they seek to comfort,
Bless and heal each one of you and your whole world.
In every flower, leave and blade of grass they are smiling,
In the trees their arms and hands are waving to you,
While the wind whispers words of healing and peace
To those whose inner eyes and ears have opened
To the new religion of love.

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Reinterpreted by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘The Religion Of The New Age’

Six pointed Star

The Lord’s Prayer

 A Healing Mantra For The Aquarian Age

Praying hands

Say the following words quietly to yourself and pay attention to the feelings that rise within your innermost heart and soul:

Our Father/Mother, Thou art in Heaven . . .

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, Thy Heaven is here on Earth with me, inside my own heart. God and Goddess, Thou art as much part of me as I am of Thee. Thy Spirit is nothing but love and dwells in me. The spirit of love knows no separation. Thou art The Eternal Light. All your characteristics are waiting to come alive in each one of us, merely waiting to be brought forth by us. Thy Divine spark of the Christ Spirit is now coming alive in me. Thou art the flame of pure love and the state of Heaven in my heart.

Hallowed be Thy name . . .

With my whole being I worship Thee, o holiest of holy Mother/Father, Lord and Lady, Master and Mistress, God of power and might and Goddess of wisdom and love. Heaven and Earth are filled with Thy glory. Thou art omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent and everything Thou hast brought into being is sacred. It includes me and with all my heart and soul I honour and worship Thee and Thy Creation. I bless Thy Holy Name. Deep within the silence of my heart I listen to its sound, the great AUM. It renews Thy light, life, and perfection within me, for I am Thy child.

Thy Kingdom come . . .

Whenever I reflect on Thee and speak Thy blessed name, Thy light in my heart grows more powerful and grows into a blazing flame that fills my whole being. It unites itself with the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun and that cleanses me and heals me by burning my weaknesses and impurities. My dark thoughts and feelings dissolve when I dwell on the splendour of Thy great love and devotion to me, until nothing but Thy shining purity of thoughts and feelings fill my whole being. By filling it with Thy light and beauty, I realise that Thy kingdom is coming alive in me and is here with me in earthly life.

Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven . . .

Thy will created me and brought me into being. With the passing of time Thy light and beauty has re-created me and that brings me ever closer to the perfection of wholeness. Please make me ever more like Thee, so that through me the world around me is blessed and healed and transforms itself into the new Earth. The more Thy light illuminates my whole being, the more I glorify and praise Thee and Thy sacred name. May the purity and perfection of the Christ Star, the symbol of Thy only born son/daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, come alive in all human hearts. May its radiance grow ever stronger, until the whole of humankind reflects Thy Glory and through us blesses and heals all life.

Give us today our daily bread . . .

O Christ Spirit, Thou art the Star of all stars, the Light of all lights and I am a tiny spark of Thee. Thou has placed me in earthly life so that I should grow and evolve and in the fullness of time respond to Thy calling. The light in me is a reflection of Thine. With every passing day it shines in me more powerfully and visibly, doing its share of removing more of the darkness of ignorance of earthly life.  As I consciously open my heart to Thee, my understanding of Thy wisdom and truth increases and with every breath I take Thou and I are growing a bit more into one.

The gifts Thou art bringing me are the bread that not only nourishes my heart and soul but through me that of those around me and ultimately our whole world. The sweetness of Thy Divine spirit is coming ever more alive in me and filling the cup of my love for Thee and my gratitude to overflowing. The pure flame of Thy Divine passion cleanses, purifies and heals every aspect of my being. All my human passions and earthly desires I surrender to Thee and pray that they should be transformed into blessing and healing energies for all life.

Having created us, Thou knowest better than anyone what rebellious creatures we are and how we hate to be lorded over. But as our whole being fills ever more with Thy love, we are willing and capable of fulfilling superhuman tasks as long as they comply with Thy will and wishes. Thou art the truly beloved of my heart and soul and that is much more than a Lord and Lady, Master and Mistress could ever hope to be. Thee I follow willingly and trustingly. And the power of Thy love, when it fills our whole being, provides us with wings to lift ourselves and those around us above the concerns of earthly life and helps us to view their importance from the right angle, that of the spirit.

And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us . . .

By sharing the gifts you so generously bestowed upon me to all who accompany me on my pathway through life, I freely give of my love. Freely and willingly, I forgive every one who has ever hurt, harmed or wounded me. And I pray that Thou will help the ones whom I have caused pain, to forgive me, so that we may set each other free and our karmic slates be wiped clean and we are ready for the experiences of the Age of Aquarius. My soul rejoices at the knowledge that the Christ Spirit is part of all my siblings in the human family.

May Thy glory and radiance, wisdom and power work through me to bring rest, healing and peace to the whole humankind. I pray that no shadow will ever again fall between Thee and us. Please help all of us to overcome our selfishness and transform our weaknesses into strengths. And with every day that passes, help me to love Thee more dearly and to see Thee more clearly in all that is in Thy Creation – totally and unconditionally, the way Thou lovest all of us.

Leave us not when we are in temptation,
But deliver us and our world from all evil.
Help us to uplift and transmute the greatest evil into the
Highest good and the greatest joy for all life,
In keeping with the will and wishes of Thy great plan.

Thou art the only one who knows what tests and trials my soul still needs to endure until the balance of my spiritual account has been restored to wipe out my failures and wrong-doings of previous lifetimes. I know that the obstacles I am still encountering are not punishments of some kind, but were created by my thoughts, words and actions of this lifetime and previous ones. I forgive myself for this and take responsibility for the things I am still struggling to resolve. I understand that any sickness of the human physical body and mind are indications of an underlying sickness of soul and spirit. Please help all of us to heal every aspect of our being.

With every breath I take, I breathe in Thy light and breathe out Thy love for the blessing and healing of all of Creation. In this day and every day, grant me Thy help and guidance, in all I say and do. Please, give me Thy strength and courage so that I may triumphantly overcome the things that are still troubling me. My whole being is crying for Thee to come to my rescue, to heal me and re-birth me into my true Divine nature, to once again be a fully conscious child of Thine, the way I once was and on the inner level of life never stopped being. Through the difficulties I am experiencing you are teaching me to take better care of myself in mind, body, spirit and soul. I thank Thee for this most gracious lesson.

May these struggles help me to discover and release my latent healing abilities, so that Thou and the Angels can work through me. And when I have recovered sufficiently, grant me the grace to show others how they, with Thy help, can also heal themselves. As I have been helped, one of these days I shall be a way-finder for others who are suffering the way I once did, so that my life grows ever more into a blessing and a gift for our world and everything that is in it, in accordance with Thy great plan of life, will and wishes.

Grant me the gift of Thy strength and wisdom to rise above the desires and temptations of my small earthly self. Deliver me from the evil of the dark thoughts and feelings that try to keep me from reaching out for Thee and Thy goodness. By learning to fully trust Thee and Thy Divine guidance and protection, help me to shed my fears and doubts, so that I may follow in total trust wherever Thou leadest me. And whenever the feelings of my earthly self threaten to overwhelm me, knowing  that they are not the work of the devil but that of my frightened earthly self, grant me the gift of Thy strength to say to this part of me: ‘It’s all right, calm down.’ Help me to rise above the lower aspects of my being and bring forth, from deep within me, my own Christ nature, so it can show me how to do that only that which is for the highest good and the greatest joy of all.

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory . . .

My life is one with Thee and it is my will that it shall be so, for ever more. Thou art the light within my spirit and soul that is now safely returning me into the oneness with Thee. Trusting that in all Eternity I shall be safe with Thee, I surrender my whole being unto Thy care. I pray that Thy will be my will and that my will be Thine, that Thy sacred words and prayers are ours, so that the great plan of life unfolds in keeping with Thy will and wishes rather than ours. Show all of us how to manifest Thy love, beauty and perfection that are also in us, although for many still in seed form. Help us to conduct our lives, now and forever in keeping with Thy Universal laws, so that our vibrations become ever more purified and be compatible with Thine.

Thou art the true Kingdom of our being and Thine is the power and the glory that is now coming alive in us and our world with the awakening of They Divine spark in ever more human hearts. May this continue until the healing power of Thy sacred love fills all our hearts and souls to overflowing. May it spread from there into the farthest and remotest corners of Creation, to finally return to Thee enriched with the wisdom and understanding all of us have gained thus far in the course of our evolutionary journey up the spiral of life and back into the oneness with Thee, our Creator.

O Great White Spirit, fountain of all Holiness, Thou art the source of all life, light and healing. May all human beings be restored and regenerated, giving and receiving love, breathing out and breathing in nothing but love and light, together with Thee. By making peace with Thee, beloved Father/Mother, the human spirit and soul enters into Thy light and is cleansed and healed. Our whole being comes to rest in Thee, our body relaxes and every cell and atom of it are restored and regenerated. And when one of us healing, all humankind, Mother Earth, and all of Creation are healing with us.

So it shall be – for ever and ever,
In Thy sacred and most holy name.

May the blessing and healing power of Thy love flow through us and everything that is in our world. Through all channels who are ready to serve you, may the power of Thy love flow for the healing of humankind’s emotional and spiritual wounds of all lifetimes. All these things I am asking in the sacred name of the Universal Christ. Thou art the highest Star, the brightest light, the greatest love and the highest mind in the whole of Creation.


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•    ‘The Lord’s Prayer’

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•    ‘The Background Of The Lord’s Prayer’
•    ‘The Cross Of Life’

Six pointed Star

The Song Of My Beloved

Rays of Wisdom - Words And Prayers Of Comfort And Healing - The Song Of My Beloved

Oh, listen!
I want to sing to thee the song of my Beloved.
Where the soft green slopes of still mountains
Meet the blue shimmering waters of the noisy sea,
Where the bubbling brook shouts in ecstasy,
Where still pools reflect the calm heavens,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

In the vale where clouds hang in loneliness
Searching the mountain for rest,
In still smoke climbing heavenwards,
In hamlets at Sunset,  
In the thin wreaths of fast disappearing clouds,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

Among the dancing tops of tall cypresses,
Among gnarled trees of great age,
Among frightened bushes that cling to the Earth,
Among long creepers that hang lazily,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

In ploughed fields where birds are feeding noisily,
On shaded paths that wind along full and motionless rivers,
Beside banks where waters laps,
Amidst tall poplars that play ceaselessly with the winds,
In dead trees of last summer’s lightning,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

In still blue skies,
Where Heaven and Earth meet,
In breathless air,
In mornings filled with incense,
Among rich shadows of a noon-day
And long evening shadows,
Amidst gay and radiant clouds of the setting Sun,
On its path on the waters at the close of day,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

In the light and shadows of stars,
In the deep tranquillity of dark nights,
In the reflection of the moon on still waters,
In the great silence before dawn,
Among the whispering of trees,
In the cry of birds at morn,
Amidst the wakening of shadows
And the sunlit tops of far mountains,
In the sleepy face of our world,
There thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

Keep still, O dancing waters,
And listen to the voice of my Beloved.

In the happy laughter of children
Thou canst hear it.
The music of the flute
Is His/Her voice.
The startled cry of a lonely bird
That moves thy heart to tears,
You are hearing this voice.
The roar of the ancient sea
Awakens the memories
That once were lulled to sleep
By His/Her voice.
The soft breeze that lazily
Stirs the tree-tops
Brings the sound of
His/Her voice to thee.

The thunder among the mountains
Fills thy soul
With the strength
Of this voice.
In the roar of a vast city,
Through the voices of the night,
The cry of sorrow,
The shout of joy,
Through the ugliness of anger,
You hear the voice of my Beloved.

In distant blue isles,
On soft dewdrops,
On breaking waves,
On the sheen of water,
On the wing of flying birds,
On the tender leaves of spring,
Thou wilt see the face of my Beloved.

In sacred temples,
In halls of dancing,
On the holy face of sannyasis,
In the lurches of drunkards,
With the harlot and the chaste,
Thou wilt meet with my Beloved.

On fields of flowers,
In towns of squalor and dirt,
With the pure and the unholy,
In flowers that hide divinity,
There too is my well-Beloved.

The sea
Has entered my heart.
In one day,
I am living a hundred summers.
Oh, friend,
I behold His/Her face in thee,
The face of my well-Beloved.

This is the song of my love.

Jiddu Krishnamurti
From the Indian Tradition
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Come To Me, My Truly Beloved

Rays of Wisdom - Words And Prayers Of Comfort And Healing - Come To Me, My Truly Beloved

I have had enough of silent nights, of my unspoken grief and tired wisdom. The more the years advance, the more I realise that this is not the kind of love I am on the Earth to seek. That’s why I ask you to come to me, my truly Beloved. You are my treasure and my breath of life, dress my earthly self’s inner wounds and be my spirit/soul’s cure. You and I we are one and need no words, just come to me without a sound.

I now know that love means reaching for the sky and with every breath tearing away a hundred veils. Love steps away from the ego. It opens the eyes of inner vision and does not take this world so seriously. If you understand all this, congratulations, dear heart! You have joined the circle of lovers, but please tell me in your own words how all this began for you. For me it happened when I was absorbed in my work in this world, though I never lost my longing for my true home in the realms of the Highest. One day, exhausted with no strength left, I turned to God and the Angels and asked for their help. Suddenly they lifted me into the grace of Divine love. Words cannot describe the mystery of this experience.

Dear heart, why are you are so unreasonable? You have fallen in love. Why then are you still worrying about your life? Those who insist on robbing and stealing have reason to fear earthly laws as well as spiritual ones. But although you profess to be in love with the Highest, nonetheless you are worrying about what people may think of you.

While in earthly life, I will run fast and keep running until I catch up with the spirits of the air and the wind. I will dissolve into air and become nothing, so I can reach my Beloved more easily. I will become fire, burn my house and head for the desert. I will become all pain, so I can be healed. I will become humble and turn into soil so your flowers can grow in me. I will kiss the ground and become water, so I can flow into your rose garden. I will make my face shine like a golden coin, so I can become worthy of you, my one and only truly Beloved. I came in this world helpless and fearful but now that I am approaching the end of my journey, I am finding comfort and safety in you. The blessing of truth is like water, it can only flow downstream, back into the great ocean of life. Was I born into earthly life to find my way home to you, my Beloved?

There is no bargaining with the love I feel for you. And the choices I make are no longer the ones of my earthly self but yours. Your will is mine and my will is yours. Now I know that love is the true nature of life throughout the whole of Creation and that it is also the essence of human nature that provides a mirror of our soul. This kind of love can only reveal itself to those who look into its face and have the courage to act it out in their own lives.

When you recognise the face of anger, false pride and all manner of other negative characteristics in others, do not turn away. Know that they are mirrors of your hidden inner self. Place your own negativity under your feet, turn it into a ladder for climbing ever higher into your true nature. There is no peace until you become the master of the desires of your lower earthly self. Let go of all anger. An outburst of it may taste sweet at the moment it is happening, but anger destroys – not merely the other one. In time it also kills you. Refuse to act as one of life’s victims. Be a conqueror by taking charge of every aspect of your being. If that sounds too difficult, ask God and the Angels for their help.

It takes humility to climb to freedom. My dear heart, never think you are better than others. Listen to their sorrows with compassion. If you want peace, do not harbour bad thoughts, do not gossip and do not teach what you do not truly understand yourself.

When a tree is planted every leaf that grows tells you of the tree’s love for its Creator. Let your life be like this and never forget that whatever you sow – in this lifetime and all others – is bound to bear fruit. Therefore, if you have any sense, my dear friend, plant nothing but love and remember that we show our worth by what we seek, not by our words but our actions and deeds. Water flows to those who want purity, so wash your soul of all desires and be cleansed for the table of the highest love.

Shall I tell you a secret? Flowers attract the most beautiful lovers with their sweet smile and scent. When writing poetry or prose, if you put the cravings of your small earthly self for fame and glory to one side and allow God’s inspiration to flow through you, it will do so and can then speak to people’s hearts and souls forever.

Do not spend unnecessary time with those who lack understanding. Never sit in judgement over them or throw stones at them or their talk. Each in their own sweet time they too will re-awaken into the awareness of their true nature. As the mirror of the soul easily gets rusty when dipped into muddy waters, it is better by far to keep the company of those who already have opened their hearts and learnt to love wisely, God’s way.

Maulana Rumi
From the Islamic Tradition
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Cosmic Touch

Rays Of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing - The Cosmic Touch

Just try to get the Cosmic touch,
The sense that you don’t matter much!
A million stars are in the sky.
A million planets plunge and die.
A million million men are sped.
A million million wait ahead.
Each plays his part and has his day –
What ho! The world’s all right, I say.

Just try to get the chemic view:
A million million lives made you!
In lives a million you will be
Immortal down eternity.
Immortal on this Earth to range
With never death, but ever change.
You always were, and will be aye –
What ho! The world’s all right, I say.

And though it’s written from the start,
Just act your best your little part.
Just be as happy as you can,
And serve your kind, and die – a human being.
Just live the good that in you lies,
And seek no guerdon of the skies.
Just make your Heaven here today –
What ho! The world’s all right, I say.

Robert W. Service

Six pointed Star

Thoughts Are Wings

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers For Comfort & Healing - Thoughts Are Wings

Thoughts are wings that carry us
In a way most marvellous,
Backwards into memory’s maze
And forwards into unborn days.

The mind can travel fast and far,
Reaching out to touch a star,
Breaking free from time and space,
Soaring beyond all common place.
Our spirit from the cage of mundane things
Can make its escape.
For thoughts are wings.

Patience Strong

Six pointed Star


Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Meditation

So we may know the Great Father/Mother of all life better
And feel Their wisdom, love and power,
Let us tune into their frequency in our meditation hour.
To tap into Divine greatness and use Its gifts each day,
We need to learn how to encounter it in a meditative way.
Making friends with the Universal Forces and finding out Its will,
Takes the inner silence where all is calm and still.

Nature’s forces are best observed in life’s quiet things.
Through Snowflakes softly falling like on Angel’s wings
Or the petals unfolding of a rose.
That’s how the Divine reveals itself to us
When our whole being is in repose.

So let’s carefully think about and plan to allocate
A portion of each day for being still and meditate.
When all is quiet within and without in deep meditation,
Our spirit and soul experience the kind of initiation
That enables us to quietly and peacefully endure
The outer world because we know
That in God we are secure.

Helen Steiner-Rice
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

On This Special Day And Every Day

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - On This Special Day And Every Day

May the Road rise to meet you,
May the Wind be always at your Back,
May the Sun shine warm upon your Face,
The Rain fall soft upon your Fields
And until we meet one of these days,

May the Great Father/Mother hold in His/Her loving hands.

An Irish Blessingway
Adapted by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Taking Time

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Take Time For

Take time regularly for:
Thinking –  taps into the source of all knowledge.
Playing –  the secret of staying young at heart.
Reading –  a fountain of information that,
when applied to our daily lives, can lead to an increase of
wisdom and understanding and an expansion of consciousness.
Quiet reflections, meditations and prayers –  connect us with the Source
of our being and we gain access to the only true power
that exists in the whole of Creation.
Loving and being loved –  a gift from the Divine.
Being friendly –  the road to happiness.
Laughing –  the music of the soul.
Giving and sharing –  life is too short for selfishness.
Working –  the instruments of success.
Charitable deeds –  the keys to Heaven.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star


Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Relativity

Time is too slow for those who wait,
Too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve,
Too short for those who rejoice.
But for those who are loving God’s way
And realise their oneness with God and all life,
There is no time.
They are dwelling in Eternity.

Henry Van Dyke
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Healing Prayer For Relationships

Rays of Wisdom - Relationship Healing - Healing Prayer for Parents & Children

O Great Spirit, Mother/Father Creator,
Grant me the gift of Your Divine wisdom and forgiveness,
So that I may pardon each and every one
Who ever hurt or wounded me, including myself.
Help me to forgive every cruelty and unkindness
That was ever done to me by anyone, in word, thought and deed.
With hindsight, I can see that all who treated me this way
Supplied me with a special service and were my best teachers,
Because they all helped me to become the one I am now,
And for that, Great Spirit, I truly am thankful.

Thank you for showing us that each one of us is Your child
Whom You have granted the gift of another lifetime on the Earth,
So that we should learn and grow some more,
Each through their own experiences.
Thank you for the Angels, Masters and guides who are
Protecting us and lighting the way back home into the oneness with You.
I rejoice to know that we are all children in the great school of life,
Which You so lovingly have created for us.

I pray for Your forgiveness for the mistakes I have made,
Throughout this whole lifetime and all previous ones.
Help me to draw the learning from them,
So that I may bring forth all that is good and noble within me,
Finding wholeness and healing through becoming
Ever more like You and being closer to You.

As the road of this earthly life is long and difficult
And strewn with many kinds of temptations
Which my earthly self finds hard to resist,
Assist me with being strong in my determination to overcome them.
Help me to accept and love myself the way I am,
Safe in the knowledge that Your great wisdom and love
Created me – and everybody else – in Your Divine image,
And that you love us all totally and unconditionally.

To break the vicious circle of acting against my own best interests
And of being my own worst enemy,
When it comes to solving any problem, help me
To listen to Your help and guidance that comes
From deep within my own heart, where You dwell.
Help me to stop finding fault with myself and those around me,
But to love and accept myself and them they way we are.
Whenever I encounter difficulties, especially in relationships,
Grant me the gift of the ability to first look to myself to resolve them.

Now that I understand that the purpose of life on Earth
Is growth and evolution that leads each and every one of us
To ever higher levels of consciousness,
And knowing that all my experiences only ever happened
Because they meant to teach me something,
I let go of all resentment and grudges I ever
Bore against anyone, including myself.

Help me, Great Spirit, to love wisely, the way You do,
Myself and everything that comes my way,
Knowing that it is part of Your Creation,
That it has been prepared by Your great wisdom and love.
Help us all to dissolve the chains and shackles of Karma that
Have bound us to each other, for so many lifetimes,
So that we may set ourselves and each other free
From the bondages that were created
By the darkness of the ignorance of our true nature of past Ages.

Help us to free our world from all hatred, resentment, envy and greed,
And to fill us and it with Your Divine Wisdom, Power and Love.
My soul yearns to make peace with You and all life,
Because I now so much better understand
You and the processes of the life
You created for us.

* * *

Help me to forgive the mother of this lifetime for any unlovingness
She has shown towards me, knowingly or unknowingly, especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who understands the way of all things]
Help me to forgive her for the times she failed to provide me with
The deep and fully satisfying Mother’s nurturing
That only You, my Divine Mother, can give to any of Your children.
Help me to forgive myself for expecting
Such love from someone who is merely human,
Like myself and who is, therefore, but one of your children,
On her own pathway of evolution and therefore still imperfect.

Help me to forgive the father of this lifetime for any unlovingness
He has shown towards me, knowingly or unknowingly, especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who does understand]
Help me to forgive him for the times he failed to provide me with
The deep and fully satisfying Father’s love,
Forgiveness and understanding that You alone, my Divine Father,
Can feel towards all my efforts.
Help me to forgive myself for expecting
Such love from one who is merely human,
Like myself and who is, therefore, but one of your children,
On his own pathway of evolution and still imperfect.

Help me to forgive my partner for any unlovingness
S/he showed towards me, during the times You have given us together,
Knowingly or unknowingly. Especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who does understand]
Help me to forgive her/him and also myself for
Any hurt and pain we ever caused each other,
For misunderstandings and abuse of any kind,
For not entering into the deep and fully satisfying
Relationship that is only possible between You and me.
Help me to recognise that it is folly to expect such
Perfect love and understanding from a mere human being who,
Like me, is Your child, on her/his own pathway of evolution
And therefore still imperfect.

Continue with this prayer until each and every one,
Who has ever hurt or wounded you, has been forgiven.
Finish off with:

Help me to forgive myself for all false expectations I ever hoped
Could be fulfilled in any of my human relationships,
When this can only be found in You, my Divine Mother/Father.
You are the Divine lover, who is alive in each one of us,
And You alone have the power to know and fulfil all my needs.
All those around me and with me are but outer manifestations of You.
And each one who has ever shared my life with me,
Is Your child and constantly searching the perfect loving relationship
That we can only have with You.

Help me to forgive my children for being [or having been]
Unable to fulfil the unrealistic hopes and dreams I once nurtured,
And that made me long and yearn for them,
Ever since I myself was a child who had to endure the suffering
At the hands of parents and other adults,
Who as yet failed to understand their own true nature and Yours,
And the reason why they were here.
Having no idea about the purpose and meaning of this life,
How could they understand me?

Thank You for allowing me access to the knowledge that
The children who came through me are not my children but Yours
And that they are in this life to fulfil their own Dreams
And reach their own Highest potential, not mine.
Like me, they are hoping to re-learn to walk
Hand in hand with You and the Angels, the way we all once did.

Help me, Great Spirit, to forgive myself and all those
Who ever hurt and wounded me for the suffering we,
In the ignorance of our true nature,
Inflicted upon each other, in the course of many lifetimes.
Help us all to set each other free.

Hand in hand with You and the Angels,
I release all those who have ever shared my life
From the Karmic chains and shackles of all lifetimes,
I forgive each and every one and set them free, now.
May the bonds that exist between us be transmuted into those of
True siblinghood, friendship and love,
For You, each other and the world You so lovingly
Brought into being for us, and re-create anew each day to our joy.

With my whole being, with all my heart and soul,
Mind, body and spirit I thank You for the gift of this life.
May the blessing and healing Power of Your Spirit
Now freely flow through me and all those mentioned in my prayer.
I love You with all my heart and soul and my whole being,
And I trust the blessing and healing power of
Your Divine Fatherly/Motherly wisdom and love
To bless and heal the wounds of all lifetimes in me and all life.


From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’

Six pointed Star

Health Healing Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Cancer Healing Prayer

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Please help us to love You more dearly and
To see You more clearly in all that is.
Show us new ways of understanding,
So that with every passing day our faith and trust grows
In Your infinite wisdom and love that,
For a long time unbeknown to us,
Has always been trying to guide us,
Not as a force outside of ourselves
But from within the very core of our own being.

In the conscious awareness that
We are Your children and that You
Are as much part of us as we are of You,
Forgive us the trespasses of all past lifetimes
And grant us the gift of healing for us,
Our world and everything within it.
May every last shred of the darkness
Of the doubts and fears, sickness and pain
Of all our past lifetimes be absorbed
Into radiance of the white healing magic
Of the Christ Star’s eternal light.
May it shine from our hearts and souls
As it does from the heart of the Universal Christ,
Your only born Son/Daughter.
And may this continue until
All traces of dis-ease have gone from our world.

You are the voice of wisdom in everyone’s heart,
The wise one and living God within,
Who tells us that fear is the underlying cause of cancer,
The fear of life and the unknown.
Help us to restore our race’s faith and trust
In the life you have created for us,
And provide us with some kind of evidence that
There really is a great plan of life in which
Our world and every one of us has
Their allocated space and role to play,
And that all is well with both.

May the awakening of Your love and wisdom
In the hearts of ever more human beings
Uplift and transmute all fears and anxieties of our world
Into blessing, healing and harmonising energies
For the whole of Creation,
Until nothing but these feelings are
Flowing from our grateful and loving hearts
Into its farthest and remotest corners.
Through a better understanding of the processes
Of creation and life in general,
And humankind’s role in Your great plan of life,
Help us to know – not merely believe –
That the gift of life you are bestowing upon each one of us,
Each day anew, truly is most holy and precious one.

In the name of love we ask these things from you,
On behalf of Mother Earth and all her kingdoms,
Especially that of the human race.
We ask this not only for those who are dwelling
On this plane of life, but also for those who are
Resting and recuperating
From earthly life’s stresses and strains,
On the other side of the veil of consciousness
That to this day separates our two worlds.
May that veil also soon be gone for good.


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From ‘All Conditions Can Be Healed’

Six pointed Star

Who Is Blind?

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers Of Comfort & Healing - Who Is Blind?

The one who can’t perceive another world.
Who is dumb?
The one who fails to speak a kind and loving word at the right moment.
Who is poor?
The one who is plagued by too many desires.
Who is rich?
The one whose heart is contented.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star


 Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers Of Comfort & Healing - Spirituality

The needs of our world are countless,
But none is greater than the one for seeking
The assistance of the spirit’s power,
To raise our vision above that which to this day
Appears to be sordid and squalid in our world.
On the wings of God’s sacred wisdom and truth
We can lift ourselves above these things
And perceive the greater picture.
This enables us to see that, in the fullness of time,
Everything that is still is ugly and wrong on our planet
Will be made beautiful and right.

The human spirit requires something to live for
And reach heavenwards to something that lies
Beyond our ordinary perception,
Instead of peering into the abyss.
We are here to learn how to look inwards,
To find the answers to all our questions
And to make the changes our world requires,
Rather than waiting for others
To do these things for us.
This alone can turn humankind’s instinct
For pursuing purely selfish desires and dreams
Into a victorious and unselfish serving of all life.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

On The Wings Of Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Healing And Comfort - On The Wings Of Prayer

Every one of us eventually reaches the point
When the burdens of our earthly existence
Feel like too much to carry on our own.
Maybe we heard others mention
That praying helped them.
But we, in our ignorance of such matter,
At that time may have smiled about
Such ‘nonsense’ or even ridiculed them.

Little did we know at that stage
That even though God and the Angels
Are invisible to earthly eyes,
They are as much part of us as we are of them.
That’s why every prayer is heard and responded to.
It’s just that, because of our karmic debts and
The life lessons we ourselves have chosen to walk,
Sometimes the answer has to be ‘No!’

Everybody carries the cross of their earthly personality
With its false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions.
But then, one fine day, when the tests and trials
That are coming our way are too hard
To be coped with on our own,
We begin to wonder whether they could
Be made more bearable by praying.
So why not give it a try?

When we first start praying,
The receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind
Starts tuning itself into the frequencies of  
The Angels and Masters in the Highest regions of life.
As the executors of God’s great plan of life,
They are responsible for the development of
The whole of humankind and every individual within it.
Every prayer we send into the Universe
Greases the rusty hinges of
Our inner door that leads to them.

It slowly creaks open and the more we pray,
The better they can respond and tell us intuitively,
Through our inner guidance known as the
Wise one or living God within,
How to go about resolving any kind of
Issue, situation and relationship
That’s troubling us,
Even, or rather especially,
The most difficult ones.

That’s what happens to wise ones who are willing
To learn flying on the wings of prayer!

Six pointed Star

Reflections On Prayer

Praying Hands Albrecht Duerer - Reflections on Prayer - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Healing and Comfort

In times of prayer our inner self is wide awake.
With our whole being we give
Our undivided attention to God and the Angels.
Failing to pray is a sign that someone is not yet
Aware of their own Christ nature and that
They are a spark of the Divine,
The same as everybody else.

Every human being contains this spark and
When someone feels no need to pray,
It is merely a sign that their spark is still
In its slumbering state and their time
For its awakening has not yet come.
Those who do not know how to go
About praying are still out of touch
With the most profound aspect of their nature.
And that’s the only difference between
Someone who prays and who does not.

Some believe that prayer
Separates us from real life,
Which to them means earthly life.
Yet, quite the opposite is true.
Prayer reconnects us with the eternal realities
Of the spirit realm, our true home.
It gives birth to our Christ nature and
We rediscover our own Divinity.
It returns us into the conscious awareness
Of our oneness with the Great Father/Mother of all life,
Our Creator and the whole of His/Her Creation
With all its manifestations of life.

J.M. Cagodevilla
Edited by Aquarius

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Six pointed Star

The Road Less Travelled

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - The Road Less Travelled

Two roads diverged in a wood.
Alas, I could not travel both.
Long I stood, looking down,
As far as I could,
To where they disappeared.

I chose the road less travelled,
Which seemed as fair,
But looked as if it could do with more wear.
Although those travelling it
Had worn it away about the same,
My inner guidance said for me it had more of a claim.

That morning, both equally lay
Covered with leaves
That human feet had trodden black.
Knowing that one way of necessity leads to another,
I promised myself I’d never come back
And for my life chose the road less travelled,
But not just for a day.

Now I am glad to tell you,
Though not without a sigh,
How ages gone by,
Two roads diverged in a wood
And I was the weary wanderer
Who picked the one less travelled by.

It turned out to be a long and hard road,
But I’m glad I chose it because
It helped me to grow so much
In wisdom and understanding
That it will forever make a big difference
To the way I conduct my life.

Robert Frost
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Angel In Disguise

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - The Angel In Disguise

There is nothing I can give you that you have not,
But there is much, so very much that –
While I cannot give it – you can take.
No Heaven can come to us,
Unless our heart finds rest in today: take Heaven.
No peace lies in the future
That is not hidden in this moment: take peace.

The gloom of this world is but a shadow.
Behind it – yet within everybody’s reach – there is joy.
There is a radiance and glory in the darkness,
Could we but see.
And to see, we have only to look.
I beseech you to look.

Life is so generous a giver, but we –
Judging its gifts by their covering –
Too often cast them away as ugly, heavy or hard.
Remove the covering and you will find beneath it
A living splendour
That has been woven with the love,
Wisdom and power of the Divine.

Welcome it, grasp it,
And you touch the Angel’s hand
That brings it to you.
Everything we call a toil, a sorrow or a duty,
Believe me, the Angel’s hand is there.

The gift is there and the wonder of the
Over-shadowing presence
That protects us, is joyous too.
Be not content with discovering these joys,
For they are concealing much greater gifts.

The gift is there and the wonder of the
Over-shadowing presence
That protects every human being, is joyous too.
Be not content with the discovery of these joys,
For they too conceal even greater gifts.

And so, at this time, I greet you.
Not quite as the world sends greetings,
But with a profound esteem of your true nature
And a prayer that for you, now and forever,
The awareness of your immortal and eternal
Being wakes up and fills your
Earthly existence with the light of its honesty and truth,
So that its shadows for you disappear forever.

Fifteenth Century Prayer
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star


Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Solitude

The older I get, the more I feel the need for periods of solitude to reflect on the fact that in truth every human being is a spark of the great light, the Universal Christ. Therefore, all of us are beloved children of the great Father/Mother of all life, each one an eternal and immortal being. I believe that without this knowledge it is impossible to deal constructively with the harvest of the seeds that our lower earthly self, in its ignorance of its true nature, so generously scattered far and wide in previous lifetimes.

For every human being eventually comes the time for accepting the lower self’s fears and anxieties, and starting to work on overcoming and leaving them behind. The first step on this journey is finding love and forgiveness for ourselves for setting the wheels of the things that are happening to us in motion. This then needs to be extended to those who are trespassing against us. They and the way we once were have to be lifted into the light and warmth of our own Christ nature. Developing it and learning to love and forgive God’s way is the ultimate goal of everybody’s earthly education.

To my mind there are two different types of solitude. The first one is a flight from those who have hurt and wounded us. Because we have no idea why they behaved towards us the way they did, it is not really solitude but loneliness we are seeking to separate ourselves from the offenders. As so far we have nowhere else we can turn to, we are left alone with our sadness, pain and bruised sensitivities. At this stage of our development earthly life is nothing but a cold and lonesome, unfair and unjust affair where bolts of misfortune can strike good people like flashes of lightening out of the blue without them knowing why. It’s a very frightening place where most people don’t know what the future may hold in store for them, where no-one truly loves us and cares for us. We could be no more wrong with these assumptions because in truth every one of us is loved and cared for most tenderly. God and the Angels never leave us. It’s just that for many lifetimes we are unaware of their presence.

But fortunately, every earthling eventually reaches the point when our spiritual nature wakes up from its slumbering state. Our inner doors then begin to creak open the slightest bit to allow small chinks of light, in the form of God’s wisdom and truth, to penetrate our consciousness. Time to realise God’s true nature and our own and discovering that God and the Angels have always been and forever will be as much part of us as we of them. They do not interfere unnecessarily with anyone because they want us to discover and develop our inner resources and strengths.

Nonetheless, they are always willing to guide and protect us and help us find our way through our present existence. The crucial point is that their assistance does not come uninvited to anyone but has to be asked for. That’s why the Bible tells us in St. Matthew 7:7-8: ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Everyone who asks receives, the one who seeks finds and to those who knock, the door is going to be opened.’ Without knocking at the door to our inner world in some way, gaining access to it is impossible. Prayers and meditations are the keys for removing the bolt that for a long time has been protecting it against intrusions from our earthly self.

The second type of solitude consciously connects us with the wise one or living God within, the higher aspect of our own and everybody else’s nature. Aware of its oneness with God and everything in the whole of Creation, this part of our being knows the way of all things and therefore knows the answers to any question we may ever care to ask. We discover that the spiritual background of our earthly existence is teeming with lifeforms that are invisible to earthly eyes, but once we have become aware of their presence, we can sense them.

We discover that on the inner level our trespassers are part of and at one with us, just the same as everybody is at one with their Creator, and everything that exists in our world and all others. Through this restoration of our inner connectedness the earthly self heals together and consciously unites itself with the spirit/soul of its heavenly counterpart. This is the healing that cannot be found anywhere else. We then know that, independent of what may still have to happen in earthly life for the redemption of everybody’s most ancient karmic debts, including our own, nobody is our enemy. On the inner level we have always remained brother/sisters and that blessed state will forever continue.

Nothing is good enough for us now but bringing forth, from deep within our own being, the highest and noblest qualities of our God or Christ nature and developing them. For all of us the only things that are of true and eternal value are kindness and friendliness, patience and tolerance towards all forms of life, as well as honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity in all our dealings with the world around us. These qualities are not merely second but first nature to us now. By practising them in every one of our daily encounters, we assimilate them into our character and make them our own.

And that, with every passing day, brings us closer to fulfilling the high and holy destiny that ultimately awaits every human being, which is evolving into a spiritual Master and a Christed one, in our own right. This means a person who has mastered and is in charge of the drives and urges of its lower earthly nature. The God-man Jesus is the symbol of this aspect of every human being’s nature. The story of his life was designed by God and the Angels as a legend that familiarises us with the different stages of our earthly educational journey of a thousand miles and the initiations each one of them brings with it. And like any other voyage this one starts with just one step – in the right direction and that is forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

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Six pointed Star

Birthday Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Birthday Prayer

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother Creator,
From where I stand now and reflect
On this lifetime’s journey so far,
It is easy to see that Your Grace has always accompanied me,
And that the failings, dangers and mistakes of my life,
As well as the joys, pleasures and adventures were
Necessary lessons.

I thank my companions on this side of the veil of consciousness
That separates our two worlds for their kindness and support
During earthly life’s journey of exploration.
And I thank my spirit friends and helpers for their loving kindness.
The more I progress in life, the more I sense
That they have always been there for me,
Guiding, inspiring and encouraging me to carry on,
No matter what lessons were presenting themselves.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel Your presence and theirs,
But to this day it frequently feels
As if I had to walk by faith alone.
Forgive me for finding it hard to trust
Your guidance and protection,
And also for the occasions when I failed to respond
To the will and wishes of my Christ nature,
Being unkind and unloving,
Towards others as well as myself,
Forgetting who and what I truly am,
A spark of You and Your beloved child.

With my whole being
I thank you for my ever growing awareness of
Your loving presence in everything that is, including me.
And for my ever deepening knowingness
That You really are as much part of me as I am of You.
My journey through what’s left of my present lifetime
Is lit by the memories of the many mercies
You have always shown me.

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life/
May the wisdom and love of the Universal Christ,
Your only born Son/Daughter,
Take over my whole being,
So I can serve all Your children of the Earth
With the wisdom and love with which
You always have provided for us
And forever will continue to do.

All glory and honour, praise and thanks be to You
For the gift of my life and all life.
May Your servants, the Angels and Masters
And all other spirit friends and helpers forever be
Guiding, protecting and keeping
Us and our world safe in Your loving embrace.


George Appleton
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

A Prayer For You

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - A Prayer For You

 I said a prayer for you today.
God and the Angels must have heard,
Cos’ I felt the answer in my heart,
Although no-one spoke a word.
I asked for neither wealth nor fame
I knew you wouldn’t mind,
But prayed for treasures
Of a far more precious kind.

I asked that they be with you
By night as well as by day,
With blessings of good health and cheer,
And friends to share your way.
Yet most of all, I requested happiness for you
In all things, great and small.
And it was for God’s never ceasing love and care
That I prayed most of all.

God be with you and keep you safe, always.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Prayer For True Wisdom

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Prayer For True Wisdom

Lord, Thou knowest better than I know myself
That I am growing older and will some day be old.
Keep me from the fatal habit
Of thinking I must say something
On every subject and on every occasion.

Release me from craving to straighten out everybody’s affairs.
Make me thoughtful, but not moody,
Helpful, but not bossy.
With my vast store of wisdom,
It seems a pity not to use it all,
But Thou knowest, Lord,
That I want a few friends left at the end.

Keep my mind free from the endless recital of details.
Give me wings to get to the point.
Seal my lips on my aches and pains.
They are increasing and the love of rehearsing them
Is becoming ever sweeter, as the years go by.
I dare not ask for grace enough to enjoy
The tales of others’ pains,
But help me to endure them with patience.

I dare not ask for improved memory,
Only for a growing humility and a lessening cocksureness,
When my memory seems to clash with that of others.
Teach me the glorious lesson
That I could be mistaken, occasionally.
Keep me reasonably sweet.
I do not want to be a Saint,
Some of them are so hard to live with,
But a sour old person is
One of the crowning works of the devil.

Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places,
And talents in unexpected people.
And grant me, O Lord, the gift
Of having the grace to tell them so.

A Nun’s Prayer
From the Seventeenth Century

Six pointed Star

Saint Theresa’s Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Saint Theresa's Prayer

May there be peace within you, today and always.
May you trust God that you are exactly who you are
And where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that exist in God
And may you use every one of your gifts
For the greatest joy and the highest good of all,
Never for selfish purposes.

May this help you to pass all your love
To anyone who is in need of it.
And may you forever rest safely in the knowledge
That you are a beloved child of God,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.

Peace be with you.


Saint Theresa
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Walking In Beauty

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Walking In Beauty

O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life,
Thank you for allowing me to take part
In the beauty and wonder of Your Creation,
At this special time of Mother Earth’s transformation.
Your breath gives life to all worlds and beings,
And I hear Your voice in every wind that blows.
As an earthling, I am small and weak.
Grant me the gifts of Your courage and strength
Wisdom and love.

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes
Enjoy the Sun’s rising as well as its setting.
I treasure the things You are creating through me
As manifestations of the abundance of Your love.
May my ears ever be attentive to Your voice
And may I be wise enough to understand
And follow the things You have been
Teaching my people throughout the ages.

Help me to recognise the lessons
That are hidden in every flower and leaf,
Rock and mountain,
And all human beings.
Give me the wisdom not to wish
To be greater than any one of them,
And help me to overcome my biggest enemy,
My own lower nature.

Make me ready to come to You with
An open heart and a clear conscience
That I have served the wellbeing of our
Beloved planet to the best of my abilities,
So that when my present lifetime fades,
The same as every sunset does,
My spirit and soul reach You
Without remorse and shame.

Based on the Native American Sioux Tradition
Adapted for our time by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Peace Prayer

From the Jewish Tradition

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Peace Prayer From The Jewish Tradition

 Let there be love and understanding among us.
Let peace and friendship be our shelter from life’s storms.
Eternal God, help us walk with good companions,
Live with hope in our hearts
And Eternity in our thoughts,
That we may lie down in peace and rise up every day,
To find our hearts ready to do Thy will.


Six pointed Star

Peace On Earth

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Peace On Earth

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Being omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient,
You are in all that is and know the way of all things.
You are the spirit of everything that is good, right and beautiful.
You are the will and power of the Great Father
That rules the whole of Creation.
You also are the love and light,
Wisdom and truth of the Great Mother.

We are Your children of the Earth.
Please help us to find ways
Of becoming ever more like You and at one with You,
So that the warmth and love of Your light
Can flow through us into everything that is in our world
And bring us the healing and peace we so badly need.
Help us to deal with the many spiritual and mental,
Emotional and physical challenges of our time,
By living one day at a time and conducting
Our lives in keeping with Your Universal laws.
May each one of us fulfil their highest potential,
Being aware of our own duties and responsibilities,
Whilst freely and unselfishly giving of ourselves
From a kind and loving heart.

We give thanks and praise
For the gifts You have bestowed upon us,
So that hand in hand with You and the Angels
We can work our way through whatever
Karmic issues are still waiting to be resolved,
To bring healing for every aspect of our being.
In due course may we be able to show others
How to deal with theirs.

When the right moment has come for them,
Open their inner eyes and ears,
So they too can listen to and follow Your guidance,
As it rises from within the very core of their own being.
May ever more of us come into the radiance
Of Your sacred wisdom and truth,
And may this continue until even the last one us
Has found their own way back home
Into the consciousness of their true nature.
May the light of the Christ Star always illumine our way,
Its love guide our every thought, word and action,
Its Divine wisdom bring us inner peace,
Its strength fortify us in times of need,
And Its compassion and love
Guide and protect us,
Bring us comfort and healing,
And keep us safe,
Now and forever.


Brian Reid
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Let Me Today

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Let Me Today

 Let me today do something that shall take
A little sadness from our world’s vast store,
And may I be so favoured as to make
Of joy’s too scanty sum a little more.

Let me not hurt by any selfish deed
Or thoughtless word, the heart of foe or friend.
Nor would I pass, unseeing, worthy need,
Or sin by silence when I should defend.

However meagre be my worldly wealth,
Let me give something that aids humankind.
A word of courage or a thought of health,
Dropped as I pass, for troubled hearts to find.

Let me tonight look back across the span
‘Twixt dawn and dark, and to my conscience say:
‘Because of some good act to beast or man
The world is better that I lived today.’

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Six pointed Star

Who Am I?

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Who Am I?

I am much more than a picture in a passport
Or qualifications and titles.
I am not the stories people tell about me
And I am not in the judgments of others.
I refuse to be placed in boxes
And can neither be numbered nor labelled.
I cannot be known by
Any knowledge of earthly human minds.

But who am I and who are you?
We are spirit and soul and on the inner level of life
We are one and you are part of me as much as I am part of you.
If you wish to meet the one we both truly are,
You need to look into your heart.
It knows how to recognise the true me and you,
And easily connects us with the vibration of love.

I am an experience and a feeling,
A wave and a vibration
That can come to you in a tear or a smile,
A flower, a tree or a butterfly,
But also the oceans of our world and the skies above them.
I am the wind that caresses your face and hair.
I am what I love within me,
As well as that of which I am afraid.
I am me, but even though
I am in anything and anyone
And any place where I want to be.

Do not tell me who I should be.
Do not mention my boundaries and limitations,
Or who – in your view – I could or should be.
All I ask of you is that you
Accept and love me the way I am
And allow me the freedom and space to be myself.
Whenever you wish to know me,
All you have to do is approach me
With a smile and a hug,
So I can recognise you.
Then let me take you to the place
And the experience where all is one,
For there alone we can find
The true ‘me’ and also the true ‘you’.

Edited by Aquarius

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Six pointed Star

Dare To Be Who You Truly Are

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Dare To Be Who You Truly Are
Learn to limit and content yourself
With the specific task of
Daring to be who you truly are:
A beloved child of the Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life
And a young God in the making.
Show yourself worthy of it by
Resigning, with good grace,
Everything you no longer are.

Then go forward and give of your best,
Intuitively guided and protected by
The living God, the wise one within,
Trust the great plan of life,  
Your place within it and
That it’s a good life that’s been given to you.
Unselfishly give of your best and use
Your gifts and talents that have
Taken many lifetimes to develop,
For the good of the whole.

Henry Frederick Amiel
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

I Am

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Arount Our World - I Am
O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
You and I, we are one.

What a drop is to the ocean,
I am.
I am the drop and the ocean.

What a lick of flame is to fire,
I am.
I am the flame and also the fire.

What the Sun’s rays are to God’s light,
I am.
I am the rays as well as the Sun.

Six pointed Star

What Is Love?

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - What Is Love?

There is an inner emptiness in every human being
That can only be filled by learning to love God’s way,
Totally, unconditionally and non-judgemental.
That is the only thing that can
Satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst
For reaching out to the higher
And eventually highest levels of life,
To claim our rightful place in it.
Everything was created by love from love
And so were you and I.
Our true nature is love and through loving God’s way
We realise that we are part of the whole of Creation.
That’s why all I want to do is being kind and loving
To everybody. This is the only way I can be
True to my real self.

On the inner level all life is one.
There is no separation between anything.
You are in me and I am in you.
And when I reflect on the state of our world,
I realise that I have done my share of
Bringing everything into being,
The good as well as the bad.
I accept my responsibility and,
By conducting my life in more harmonious
And peaceful ways, help to make our world
A better and more enjoyable world.

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Six pointed Star

I Am Love

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - I Am Love
Do you want to know my name? Does it matter?
But if you insist, I will tell you.
It’s no secret, you know me anyway: I am Love.
I am in you and you are in me. We are one.
I am all of you and you are all of me.
You know me, as I know you.
We have always known each other,
For we have always been one.
You and I are in the whole of Creation.
We are love and our hearts are part of
The living, loving and beating heart
Of the whole of Creation.

Yesterday and tomorrow exist only in the illusion
Of our earthly existence.
The essential and most important part of our being is spirit.
It is immortal and eternal,
And knows no yesterdays or tomorrows.
There is only now and this now is love.
We are all there ever was and all there ever will be.
We are alive and always have been.
We cannot die because we were never born
On the material plane of life.
We are eternally young and will never grow old,
And for us there truly is no death.
Therefore death, where is thy sting?
You have no hold on us!

All there is lies within us.
The eternal fountain of youth and Shangri-La
Are neither dreams nor illusions.
They are symbols for states of consciousness
That are part of our inner truth.
That’s why the two places will never be found on the Earth.
The realities of that life are a dream and an illusion
That frequently presents us with the nightmare of being
Trapped in a physical body that acts like a black box,
Which for a long time cannot be penetrated by
The light of spiritual wisdom and truth.
But eventually it takes us back into
The awareness of our true nature and
Roots in the spiritual background of physical life.

Rejoice, dear Friend, that you and I have already woken up
And can manifest in our world that which we truly are.
For ever more of us
Trumpets are sounding and mission bells tolling:
‘Are you sleeping still? Wake up, come alive!’
Listen to the sounds of your Highest Self calling
And pay attention to the responses that rise
From the very depths of your own being.
You are the only one who can take you
Forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life
Into your true inner eternal realities
And they are love.’

Something is stirring deep within all human hearts and souls.
It’s a fluttering like butterflies’ wings
That makes people wonder: ‘What could it mean?’
Until finally there comes the realisation
That there is nowhere to go and nothing to do,
Except being true to our real nature,
Going inside and gently surrendering to our Highest Self,
So It can show us ways of being once again
That which we always have been:

Hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Each one of us is potentially a manifestation of the
Great Father/Mother’s love on the Earth.
Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood are required
To act as pathfinders and lightbringers for our world.
May the light of the Highest Star, the Universal Christ,
Awaken ever more strongly in you and me,
So it can flow through us into those around us.
May this continue until every last shred
Of the darkness of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions
That to this day exist on our planet has been absorbed
Into the Power and Glory of the Christ Spirit,
To be uplifted and transmuted into
Blessing and healing energies for all life.
The power to do this is present in each one of us,
Waiting to be discovered and developed, and then
Used responsibly, unselfishly and with great caution
Under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels.

Armageddon is the symbol of the battle
Between the higher and lower aspects of human nature
That has been taking place inside all of us for far too long,
But neither part is meant to rule supreme forever.
Ever more of us are now working on reconciling and
Healing them together, so they can work together
For the Highest good and the greatest joy of the whole,
And that is love.

There will be no day of judgement or reckoning,
No retributions and punishments,
Only a waking up and coming home into
Knowing who and what we truly are
And always have been: Love.
And then hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Exploring what that truly means.

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Six pointed Star

The Magic Of Music

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers For Comfort & Healing - The Magic Of Music

Music is one of the most essential parts of the great Mother of all life. I am the feminine wisdom and love aspect of the Divine Trinity and the soul of the whole of Creation. Music is My voice that informs your world about the harmonies of the Heavenly Fields, on the highest levels of life. With the help of poets and composers who are serving Me, I share them with you on the earthly plane. The magic of My music has always captivated the senses of human beings, so that I could communicate with them more easily. Since time immemorial, making music and listening to it has had the power of lifting humankind above the trouble and strife of their earthly existence and lifting them into My loving arms.

I inspire the making of instruments and the musicians who use them. They, like everything in the whole of Creation, are constantly moving forwards and upwards on their personal evolutionary spiral of life and that of the whole humankind. That’s why I constantly encourage them to aim for ever better sounds that please them, their listeners and also Me. I am mistress and servant alike, not only of those who dwell on the earthly plane but also those who on that plane are believed to be dead, when in truth the essence of their being, their spirit/soul is alive and well in My world, the spirit realm. That’s humankind’s true home, from which you emerge at the beginning of each lifetime and return to when it has run its course.

As the feminine aspect of the Divine Trinity, I am eternal and immortal and so is every one of you. My music responds to the needs of all who are taking part either side of the thin veil that separates your two worlds from each other. In days gone by, I used to accompany you into battle and was there each time some physical remains were laid to rest in a grave. My vibrations have the power of making humankind laugh and rejoice, weep and mourn, wonder and worship. My sound can tell stories of love and hate, of souls who have been condemned as well as redeemed. Your prayers fly on My wings and take you into My world.

I am part of the smoke that falls over battlefields, where people are dying and thinking of their loved ones. Each one of you can only learn through their own experiences that there is no glory in warmongering, merely suffering and dirt, pain and blood, as well as tears for your own misery and of those you are leaving behind.

I reach and comfort human spirit/souls when their earthly selves have to wade through the depths of depression and despair, because of the karmic debts they themselves have created in other lifetimes or earlier in this one. I open human hearts to love and I am as much present and at home on marriage altars, as christening fonts and funerals. Each time someone stands at the open grave of a loved one, who has been called home into the world of light, I console those who are left behind. I heal the inner wound that was caused by the other person’s leaving.

I am but one of the many qualities and gifts of the great Father/Mother of all life. I am the Goddess and God is My masculine counterpart. I serve Him and the whole of our creation, and vice versa. Before Me everybody is equal. Kings and their servants alike are My slaves. In the school of earthly life, I communicate with you in many different ways. The birds of the air, the insects in the fields, the crashing of waves on ocean shores and the wind sighing in the trees, all are speaking My language. And once you have become aware of My presence, you can perceive me anywhere, even in the chatter of voices and the clatter of wheels on city streets.

All life is My family and you are as much part of Me as I am part of you. The very best as well as the worst is in every one of you. And all of you are instruments that were created to serve us, the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and our only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ spirit’s light. We in turn serve you. You are like us and we are like you. We have never left any one of you. During your race’s most traumatic experiences, the voice of My music has always served you upfront. I was there and I will never leave you. Each time one of you is wounded in mind and body, spirit and soul, listening to Me comforts and heals.

I am the inspiration behind all works of art. That’s the way I enjoy expressing and experiencing myself through you most. I have always inspired your world’s writers of poetry and prose, as well as your composers. To this day, I get some of you to write poems and others to set them to music, so that My messages can reach millions of you in this way. Some of you can use words and music together for the blessing and healing of the whole of humankind. Such gifts take many lifetimes to develop.

Everybody is gifted in some special way and the quality of what you produce depends on which evolutionary level you have reached, at any given moment and how well the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind is tuned into our frequencies. That’s how I inspired Aquarius to bring this to you. I hope that it encourage ever more of you, My beloved children of the Earth, to take to the wings of your own creative imagination. The Angels and I can then assist you to lift yourself, the whole of humankind and your world, to experience ever higher levels of life, whilst still taking part in earthly life but adding a touch of the magic and beauty of My world to everything you do.

The cosmic dance of your solar system’s planets is constantly making a sound that in your world is known as the music of the spheres. It’s My voice that always has and forever will be accompanying every one of you and the whole of Mother Earth with all here kingdoms on their journey forwards on an upwards winding spiral, in keeping with the Father’s great evolutionary plan. Every planet and house of the zodiac has a different lessons to teach and therefore plays a unique kind of music, during the times you spend attending the earthly school of life.

Whilst there, learn to pay attention to the birds, but not only their songs. They are My messengers and I am the one who orchestrates them and their movements. If you watch them, their behaviour patterns can give you valuable clues about your own motivations and what’s happening in the world around you. Their mere presence has always been trying to tell you that, in spite of the fact that you are tied to the earthly plane by your physical body for a certain length of time, your spirit/soul remains free. Every one of you has been provided with wings, just like the birds, and that’s your imagination because it enables you to go wherever and whenever you wish. As soon as you think of a place, even if it is in one of the farthest and remotest corners of Creation, you are instantly there.

And when you do not listen to the song of birds with your mind alone, you can sense the vibrations of their joy and happy feelings stir in you. They too are wings on which every one of you has the power of lifting themselves above the conditions of their earthly existence onto the higher and eventually highest levels of My realm. That’s how you can release yourself, at least for a while, from whatever could be troubling you at any given time. Music vibrations sometimes have the power of lifting you into My heart, to which yours responds with feelings of happiness. Regardless of how anxious and frightened you may sometimes feel about what’s happening in your world, when you listen to music whose vibrations deeply resonate with your innermost being, gladness fills your whole being and that increases your faith and trust in the goodness of the life that has been given to you.

Birds belong to the air element, the region of thought. They are telling you that your spirit/soul is part of their realm and that in truth it is as free as the birds. Try it out for yourself and observe how your thoughts can instantly take you into a distant corner of Creation. Every human spirit/soul has its own song. As soon as yours has become as pure and clear as that of the birds, nothing in the whole of Creation will even try to stop you from lifting yourself and the whole of humankind into the blessing and healing rays of the Universal Christ, so that all can share them with you.

The music of times gone by is living proof that I, the Great Mother, the love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity, never left you. This applied particularly during the six thousand years of patriarchy with its dominance of the masculine and the make-believe world of a nonsensical all-male Godhead. During that time, your whole world was particularly in need of Me and My gifts.

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Six pointed Star

The Value Of Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - The Value Of Prayer

  Immer wenn du denkst es geht nicht mehr,
Kommt von irgendwo ein Lichtlein her.

Just when you think you’ve got no more fight,
Out of the darkness appears a light.

German Folk Wisdom
Translated by Aquarius

Prayer is one of the finest gifts God and the Angels have bestowed upon us earthlings. It costs nothing and brings many rewards. But as much of the time we don’t know what’s really good for us, for our own protection the answer to our prayer sometimes has to be: ‘no!’ The inner spiritual level of life is a world of thought where there is no separation between anything and secrets are unknown. It is as if we were shouting our innermost secret thoughts and the intentions behind them from the rooftops. They are clearly visible to anyone who is interested in them.

The Angels and Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, are in charge of the development of our world on that on its many different levels. Our spirit guides and friends are their helpers and they are not allowed to interfere with our earthly lessons. It has been said that when our need is greatest, God is nearest. This is very true, but help will and cannot miraculously appear. It has to be asked for. That’s how it comes about that, during spells when nothing appears to be working for us and it looks as if the whole world were against us, eventually even the least religiously inclined humbly go down on their knees and pray: ‘If there is someone out there, can you please help me?’

That is the moment when our superconscious faculties slowly begin to open and the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind tunes itself into the frequencies of those in charge of us in the spirit world, humankind’s true home. This in itself is the start of our return journey into the conscious awareness that in truth we are – and always have been – one with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. And because God is as much part of us as we are of God, no thought, word or action ever goes unobserved or unanswered, see above.

Our spirit guides are just as much part of us on the inner level. Their task is to encourage us and coax us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, which in the end takes even the last and slowest ones onto the higher and ultimately the highest levels of life. If we ask our friends and helpers, they are willing to provide us with the courage and strength that is necessary for bringing forth the characteristics of our higher or Christ nature. Learning something from every one of our experiences increases our inner strength and that ensures that later on we cope better with further difficult situations that could still be in store for us until the last one of our karmic debts has been redeemed.

And because spiritual progress is the birthright of every one of us as well as the whole of humankind, it would not make any sense if our spirit friends did the work that is required for making it on our behalves. This is where praying comes into its own and together let’s pray: ‘O Great White Spirit, may Thy peace be present in every moment of our daytime thinking and protect our dreamstate at night. May Thy Spirit become increasingly manifest in every human being in ways that were never experienced on the earthly plane of life before, so that eventually for everybody each day can be all that we ever hoped for.

‘May humankind’s highest hopes, aspirations and dreams for ourselves and our world be fulfilled. With each passing day, may our faith and trust in the goodness of the life that has been given to us by God and the Angels. May our inner vision expand to help us bring forth the highest and best within us, so that the drives and urges of our lower animal nature can breathe their last on the cross of earthly life. Resting safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels, may peace, health and happiness then forever be with us and our world. Amen’

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Six pointed Star

I Asked And I Was Given

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayer for Comfort & Healing - I Asked And Was Given

I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.
I was made weak, that I might learn to humbly obey.
I asked for riches, that I might be happy.
I was given poverty, that I might become wise
And be able to appreciate abundance when it arrives in my life.
I asked for power, that I might be feared and praised by people.
I was given powerlessness, that I might become aware that
The only true power belongs to God.
I asked for all the things that would help me to enjoy my life.
I was given wisdom and the ability to enjoy all things.

I asked for health, that I might do greater things.
I was given infirmity, that I might grow in understanding
And become a better human being through bringing
Forth from deep within the highest and best qualities,
Which in those days were still slumbering inside me,
Waiting to wake up to help me evolve into
A true daughter/son of the living God on the Earth plane.

And when my awakening came,
I asked for Divine courage and strength,
But the lessons of my subsequent life taught me
That these characteristics cannot be given to us by anyone,
Not even by God and the Angels.
They can only be developed by following our inner guidance
And bringing them forth from within
The very core of our own being.

That’s how the Universe at all times meets everyone’s true needs.
It’s just that frequently it has to come about in mysterious ways,
Which we earthlings find hard to understand.
But rest assured that each time we ask for something
We get what we truly need and that’s why
It’s necessary to be careful what we ask for,
Because in some way our prayers are always
Heard and replied to.
It’s just that sometimes the response
To our small earthly self’s desires
Has to be ‘No!’ 

All these things have taught me
That my life – and everybody else’s –
In truth is filled with the goodness and love
Of the Great Mother’s wisdom,
And that ultimately, each life is a gift and a benediction
From the Highest Star and the Brightest Light
In the whole of Creation,
The Christ Star.

* * *

My Divine Parents,
The Great Father/Mother of all life,
Also gave me six thousand years of patriarchy,
With is unnatural all-male religions,
As well as a bird and swine flu, some years ago.
This was recently followed by a full-size Plandemic.
And that’s the finest example ever given of how, through fear,
Some people really can control our whole world.
But, as they are soon going to find out,  
Only for a while.

For quite some time, lying and cheating,
Greed and corruption have ruled our world
And steadily gained the upper hand.
This has been for a wise higher reason.
It’s how my Divine parents’ wisdom and love are
Teaching me the value of their characteristics of
Honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity.
That’s how they are showing us that nothing
Is more precious than these qualities,
In their world as well as ours.
At last, I understand.

And that’s why I will keep on sending
Ever more good and kind, loving and forgiving thoughts
To our world’s troublemakers and scaremongers.
They really do know not what they are doing to themselves
And what, in some years, will need to come to our world again,
When God and the Angels need to use
Another generation of young and inexperienced
Spirit/soul as instruments for bringing
Something similar or even worse to humankind,
To shake us from our spiritual slumber.

Yet, if we keep on sending kind and loving thoughts,
There will be no need for that, because we are then
Doing all we can to help the present troublemakers’
God or Christ nature to grow strong enough
To bring it’s earthly counterpart to its senses.
It then won’t be necessary for God and the Angels
To have another go at driving
The value of honesty and truth even deeper
Into the thick skulls of human beings.

And that’s what I definitely want!
How about you?

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius
Updated January 2021

Six pointed Star

Be Still And Know That I Am God

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Be Still And Know That I Am God

Listen to the beat of your heart in this moment.
Let go of all preparedness and knowing.
Just be still.
Reach beyond thoughts and words and
Empty your mind of thinking about desires and goals.

Cherish the now and bless each moment,
Give thanks to the Great Father/Mother of all life
For creating you the way you are
And know that you will never be more ready
For what you have been given
Than you are now.

Do not wait for a better version of yourself to grow,
Better times to come or the Sun to rise more perfectly.
No-one will arrive on your doorstep and knock,
To make it all happen.
You’ve got to do it!

The Sun does not rise to please you,
Although it does so perfectly every day.
It’s just that you are unaware of it most of the time.
The span of earthly life that God has allocated to you
Is at your command. So don’t wait.
Go out there and make things happen!

Nothing is gained from too many spiritual exercises
And merely reading a great number of books.
There’s no need for endless meditating either.
But every day, if only for a few minutes,
Take the time to be still and listen within.

And then get on with doing the things
That come to you naturally,
For that’s your inner guidance showing you the way.
And once again become
That which you truly always have been: Love.
That’s what you are, even though for a long time
You were no more than a tiny spark
Of the all-embracing and all-forgiving
Love of your Divine parents,
The Great Father/Mother of all life.

Be still and know that I am God and so are you.
You are part of Me and I am part of you.
I am your inner teacher and guidance,
Your intuition, the living God and wise one within.
Everything will always be well
For those who trust Me and follow Me.
You and your world are forever
Resting safely in My loving hands.

Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Breath Of Life

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - The Breath Of Life

O Divine Breath, breathe on me and through me
Flow into the whole of our world and all its lifeforms.
Show me how I, hand in hand with You and the Angels,
Can do my share of saving and redeeming,
Blessing and healing them.
Because on the inner level all life is one
And there is no separation between anything,
When one of us is doing this work,
The whole of Creation benefits from it.


Six pointed Star

Water, The Drink Of Life

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Water, The Drink Of Life

All water on the Earth plane is of God
And filled with the essence of God.
Each time I partake in a drop of it,
I affirm that my whole being is filling with
Divine love and wisdom and the power
To bless and heal all life.
And because God is part of me,
That’s precisely what happens.

Six pointed Star

Make Me Brave For Life

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayes And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Make Me Brave For Life 

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Make me brave for the life You have given me.
Help me to straighten after pain,
The way trees do after each rain,

Like grass that’s been blown down,
Let me rise from sorrow with an inner vision
That’s opened and knows
That Your ways are always wise.

When life brings blinding things,
Help me to remain focussed on
Looking forwards and upwards,
Never back,

Safe in the knowledge that behind
The darkness of humankind’s earthly existence
Your light has always been waiting
To eventually reveal our true nature to us,
The part of our being that’s only interested in
That which is good, right and beautiful.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Power Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Power Prayer

O Great and Eternal White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life.
I seek Your love and inspiration,
And every hour of each day I breathe in
Your life-giving power to:
Love and care.
Heal and share.
Protect life with deeds that are pure.
Think and endure.
Help, wherever there’s strife.
Forgive, whenever necessary in my life.

But above all, I wish to thank You
For the gift of my life and everything in it.

Based on the Native American Seneca Tradition
Adapted for our time by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Prayer For Understanding

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Prayer For Understanding

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
All over our world, the faces of Your human children are alike.
With tenderness they have come into their present existence.
Help each one of them to face the winds of life
And walk the good road,
Not only on the Earth plane,
But way beyond.

Great White Spirit,
Fill us with Your light, wisdom and love.
Grant us the gift of understanding
And open our inner vision,
So that we may be able to recognise Your truth.
Teach us to walk the Earth softly,
As a relative of everything that shares it with us.

Based on the Native American Sioux Tradition
Adapted for our time by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Sacred Feet

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Sacred Feet
O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life.
You are the architect and designer of the great plan of life.
The Angels are its executors and in charge of it.
You and they tenderly care for the whole of Creation.
Everything that exists in it,
Including me and my world,
Once emerged from You and will
In the fullness of time return to.

All things were created from
The Light of the Universal Christ Spirit,
Your only born Son/Daughter.
Through the Sun in the sky above our world
Its warmth and love radiates into our world,
Giving life and sustaining it.

The whole of humankind and our world
Are presently coming home to the recognition
Of our true self and the high and holy destiny
That ultimately awaits every one of us.
Literally and metaphorically, the feet represent
Our race’s understanding.

Thankfulness fills our heart and souls
As we kneel at Your sacred feet
And pray that even the last and slowest ones of us
Will be granted the gift of understanding
The Great Mother’s wisdom and truth,
So it can help us to lovingly attend to the tasks
That still have to be faced by us,
However unpleasant some of them are.

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Six pointed Star

Forgiveness Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Forgiveness Prayer

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
I ask for Your forgiveness for myself and all humankind.
Please, help me to forgive all those who ever hurt and wounded me,
In thoughts, words and deeds, consciously  and unconsciously,
In this lifetime and all others.
I forgive each one of them.

Help me also to forgive myself for everything I have ever done
To hurt and wound others, in thoughts, words and deeds,
Consciously  and unconsciously,  
In this lifetime and all others.
I ask each one of them to forgive me.

Please help me to forgive myself for the occasions when,
During the long spell of being ignorant of my true nature
And the higher purpose and meaning of my life,
I harmed myself through thoughts, words and deeds,
Consciously  and unconsciously, in this lifetime and all others.
I forgive myself for this.
Will you please forgive me, too?

Through the forgiveness we are projecting
With Your assistance into our world
And are receiving from others,
The chains and shackles of Karma dissolve
And fall from us.
We are setting each other free,
So that hand in hand with You and the Angels
Each one of us can evolve into
The master of the vessel of their own being,
Life and destiny.
In the name of love I ask this for myself
And on behalf of all humankind.


Use this prayer twice daily for thirty days,
but then only when bad feelings against someone
are rising from deep within you.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Illusion To Fusion

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Illusion To Fusion

Shadows that haunt us in dreams and waking,
Dissolve in the light of each dawn that’s breaking.
All fears with their black clawing terror,
Stand naked and harmless,
Each one revealed as an error.

Mountains for climbing and bridges to cross,
Regrets at their passing, but no need for a sense of loss,
Knowing that everything in the cauldron of mind
Can be transmuted by the new kind of love we find.

We are beautiful dreamers, awakening at last
From the loneliness of the past,
Into our true nature and life everlasting,
And connecting with all in the infinite flow
Of God’s life of light and love –
As above, so below.

Leane Grimshaw
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Advice For Living

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Advice For Living

We are in this life to become aware that:
On the inner level of life
The whole of Creation is one;
There is no separation between anything;
Everything is connected with
And related to everything else.

That’s why when we hurt
People and animals alike,
All life is harmed and when
Someone attacks the honour of one
Affects the whole of humankind.
And that’s by no means all!
Whatever one of us does,
In thoughts, words and deeds,
Influences the whole of Creation.

This shows the need for acting responsibly
And with the greatest of care.
When our hearts and minds work in unison,
The Divine power of the Great Father/Mother
Helps us to achieve our hopes and dreams.

So whatever you do in life,
Do the very best you can
With your heart and mind
As well as your hands.
When they are working as one,
Whatever we ask for,
God and the Angels do not hesitate
To make them come true.

Based on a teaching by White Buffalo Calf Woman
From Native American Lakota tradition
Adapted for our time by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Prayer For Mother’s Day

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Comfort & Healing - Prayer for Mother's Day

O Great Father/Mother in Heaven,
Whose love is Divine,
Thank you for the love
Of a mother like mine.

In Thy great mercy
Look down from above
And grant my dear mother
The gift of Your love.

And all through the year,
Whatever betide her,
Show her each day
That you are beside her.

Beloved Father/Mother,
Show me the way
How I can lighten her tasks
And brighten her day,

And bless her dear heart
With the insight to see
That her love means more
Than the world to me.

Helen Steiner Rice
Edited by Aquarius

Let us also pray in thankfulness for the mothers of our present lifetime who have already returned to the world of spirit for their hard earned and well deserved rest.

Six pointed Star

A Mother’s Love

Rays of Wisdom - Words And Prayers Of Healing And Peace - A Mother's Love

Naturally, there are exceptions to any rule, including this one. But generally speaking, nobody loves us like a mother is capable of loving her child. Somewhere in the finely meshed fabric of life, the love that existed between her and us in other lifetime wove a strong golden cord that connected us with her and released us into our present lifetime together with her. Ideally, this bond is not one of possession but of protection and caring, of being there for us whenever we needed it. In our younger days we may have felt the strain of over-watchfulness and too many questions. But the old equaliser time is likely to reveal to us eventually that the quality of her love has been less selfish than we thought, and more precious than we ever dreamed it could be.

The best part of the relationship with our earthly mother is not the blood connection, but the karmic ties between us that could reach a long way back into previous lifetimes. That’s the main reason why she chose to act this part in this one. She did it because that’s what she wanted and not because it was her duty. It was her choice to be our mother and ours to come as her child. The awareness of this sets us free to say: ‘I like you, mother’ or ‘I love you, mama’.

Quanah Parker from the Native American Comanche tribe writes: ‘Comanche may die tomorrow or in ten year’s time, but when the end of one lifetime comes for any of us, we know that we shall all be together again in the world of spirit. That’s where I want to see my mother again.’

But even if the mother of our present lifetime could not love and attend to us the way we would have liked her to, the Great Mother of all life has always provided for all our needs and accepted us just the way we were at any given moment. Having provided us with unloving mother for our present lifetime has been part of this and no matter what may ever happen to us, the Great Mother loves each one of us totally and unconditionally and will forever do so.

Joyce Sequichie Hifler
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Rosebud

Rays of Wisdom - Words And Prayers for Comfort And Healing - The Rosebud

Even the tiniest rosebud
Is a flower of God’s design,
And I cannot unfold its petals
With these earthly hands of mine.

The secret of opening flowers
Is not known to such as I.
But God does this easily,
When in my hands they’d just die.

If I cannot unfold a rosebud,
Or anything else of God’s design,
Where shall I find enough wisdom
To know this life of mine?

I trust the living God within to lead me.
Each moment of every day
I follow Its guidance
On every step of my way.

The path that lies before me,
You alone, Great Father/Mother, knows
And I trust You to unfold it,
Just as You do with every rose.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Dancing With God

Rays of Wisdom - Words And Prayers For Comfort And Healing - Dancing With God

Some time ago, I was meditating on the word guidance and noticed for the first time that this word ends in ‘dance’. This reminded me that somewhere I had read that doing God’s will can be compared to dancing.

When two people are dancing
And both are trying to lead, nothing feels right.
Their movements do not flow with the music
And are uncomfortable and jerky.
Yet, as soon as one person allows the other one to lead,
The energies of both bodies come together
And begin to flow easily with the music.
By giving each other gentle cues,
Perhaps with a nudge to the back
Or gently pushing in one direction or another,
Their bodies move gracefully, but this kind of dancing requires
Surrendering to the will of one’s partner
And attentiveness towards them.

After this reflection I took a closer look at the word ‘guidance’.
The letter G made me think of God, and the letters u and i
Were saying: ‘God, u and i dance.’
So I asked God to lead me
And told Him/Her that I freely and willingly
Surrender my whole being,
Knowing that this way I shall always be safe.
Ever since then the living God within me, my intuition,
Has been guiding and protecting me.
I trust that this will continue wherever God’s plan
For me and our whole world may wish to lead me.

May God’s guidance and protection also be
With you today and forever.
Like me, may you walk safely hand in hand
With the Great White Spirit and the Angels,
By simply following their instructions
As they come to you intuitively.
May your spirit and soul fly free and move in step
With the eternal dance of the Universal Christ,
The Great Father/Mother’s only born Son/Daughter.
S/He is the great Light of the whole of Creation,
Who is the light of all lights and the Sun behind all Suns,
Through whom all life is given, nurtured and cared for.
May you trust Its guidance and protection
Throughout all the seasons of your life,
Now and forever.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Six pointed Star

Let Nothing Trouble You

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Let Nothing Trouble You
Every event in earthly life is but a passing phase,
Because all life, including your own,
Is constantly evolving and changing.
Even God does this.
As God is with you and part of you,
Evolving and changing with you,
Guiding you from within the very core of your being,
Let nothing trouble and frighten you.

God takes care of everyone’s true needs at all times.
That’s why in truth no-one ever lacks anything,
And with patience you can attain anything
You have ever striven for.

Those who seek freedom from the limitations
Of their earthly existence,
Need to get in touch and bring forth
The Divine power within them
And use it for the highest good of our whole world.
In this way they are calling into action
The creative Universal forces.
In due course they return, with rich treasures added,
Whatever is sent out to the sender’s own life.

That does not mean they cannot ask for help.
Whenever they feel lonely, fearful and in need of it.
But they have to ask for it, the same as everybody else,
For it will not come automatically to anyone
From the spiritual level of life.

Six pointed Star

Slowing Down

Rays of Wisdom - Words And Prayers For Comfort And Healing - Slowing Down
O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life,
Help my earthly self to slow down,
Ease its pounding heartbeat,
Quieten its racing mind
And steady its hurrying steps.

To restore its ability to sleep at night,
Show me how to enjoy the serenity and peace
Of our world’s mountains, hills and lakes,
Far from the noise and confusion
Of humankind’s earthly existence.

Teach me the art of taking time off:
For smelling some flowers,
Seeing more of family and friends,
And reading things that nurture
My heart and soul.

With every breath I take
I give thanks and praise to You
For the beauty and wonder of Your Creation,
For everything that is presently in my life,
For that which once was
And for what one of these days
Forever will be mine.

Whenever I admire how the branches of trees
Are reaching ever higher into the Heavens,
I realise that they can only do this because
You allow them space and time enough to do so.
Help my earthly self to be like the trees,
With its branches reaching high into Your world
And my roots planted firmly in Mother Earth
To draw nourishment from her
Through the experiences of my life.
For drawing nourishing from her.

Make my lower nature come to its senses
So it stops running away from the calling
Of my spirit/soul, the eternal
Highest and noblest part of me,
The wise one or living God within,
My inner guidance who knows the way
Of all things and the answers to all my questions,
You, O Great White Spirit,
And the Angels around your throne.

Let them speak to me intuitively and
Grant me the gift of a humble heart,
The only place where we earthlings can
Find the rest, peace and healing
Our whole being has been yearning for
A long, long time.


Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

All Of Life Is Flowingness

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - All Of Life Is Flowingness

I trust God’s great plan of life
And the small one for me within it.
They are clear evidence how
All of life is flowingness
And that in this flowing,
There is meaning and law.
There is no need to worry because
I cannot lose, what is my own.
I need not seek, what is my own,
For what belongs to me, will come.
Whatever goes does not belong to me
And only what I am has power.

I give up my personal struggles and ambitions
And rest safely in the knowledge that
Everything that’s rightfully mine
Will always be drawn to me.
Therefore, I now let go
And put my hands into the loving hands
Of God and the Angels.
I trust the guidance I intuitively receive from them,
And the love and wisdom of the Highest,
To run my life for me
And to show me the way, now and forever.


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Rays Of Wisdom - Words & Prayers Of Comfort & Healing - Trust

O Universal Christ, only born Son/Daughter
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life.
Every cell and atom of anything that exists
In the whole of Creation was made from Your Light,
Therefore also all human beings.
Thou art the Sun of all suns, the Light of all lights.
Through the warmth and love of the Sun
In the sky above our world,
You shine into everything that shares it with us.

Amid the gloom that to this day
Surrounds it, human nights of the soul
For many are exceedingly frightening and dark.
They are feeling far from home,
Even though in truth none of us ever is.
May the radiance of Thy light
And the guidance and protection of the Angels,
Lead every one of us ever upwards and onwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life,
The way you always have done from
The beginning of human life on the Earth.

Lead Thou us on and help ever more us
Know that we and our world shall always be safe,
That Thy wisdom and love have always
Been trying to guide every human being
From deep within the very core of their own being,
And that we shall always be safe.
Until every last trace of the darkness
Of ignorance has gone from our world,
May Thy wisdom and love show us the way.

May everyone’s inner vision,
Upon waking each morning,
Confirm that the Angels really are there,
That they never left us and stopped loving us.
Please, thank them on our behalves
And bless them all.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Prayer For Renewal Of Faith

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers For Comfort & Healing - Prayer For Renewal Of Faith

O Universal Christ,
Light of all lights, Sun of all suns,
Star of all stars.
You are the Sun above and behind
The one in the sky above us.
Together with the Great Father/Mother of all life
You are the true Lord and Lady, Master and Mistress,
Of the whole of Creation.
You have more power than any earthly ruler
Could ever hope to hold,
Even in their most daring dreams.

Please draw us and our world close to you
And renew the awareness that every one of us
Is a spark of your Light and therefore worthy
Of being called Your child.
Through this knowledge may our faith and trust grow
In the goodness of the life you have given us
And the hope for a golden future
That is in store for us and world.
Now that You are revealing yourself
As the true world teacher of the Aquarian Age,
Teach all of us intuitively how we can do our share of
Making our world into an ever
More beautiful and peaceful place,
That the only thing we have to do is bring forth,
Each from within the very core of their own being,
The Christ qualities of kindness and tolerance,
Honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity.

Light our way forwards and upwards
The evolutionary spiral of life
That in the end takes all Your children
To the top of the spiritual mountain of life into
The conscious awareness of being one with You.
May the knowledge the Angels and Masters
Around your throne, together with
Countless numbers of friends and helpers
On the lower levels of the spirit realm,
With Your permission are bringing to our world,
Help us to see more clearly who and what You truly are,
So we can love You more dearly and slowly but surely
Become ever more like You and at last
Be at one with You again.


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The Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Comfort & Healling

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Grant me the serenity to accept
The things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

There is also a less well known, but equally beautiful part:

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardships and pain as the road to healing and peace.
Knowing that our world is a sinful one,
But becoming ever more aware that everything
That happens in it serves a wise higher purpose.
That’s why I now take it the way it is
And not yet as I used to think it should be.
I rest safely in the knowledge that
Some day in the not too distant future it will be that way,
Because God in the end will make all things right
And that which is ugly in us and our world beautiful.
So I surrender my will to His/Her will and
Continue reasonably happy and content with my earthly existence.
On the inner level of life I have always been at one with my Creator.
This state will continue forever when I move into the world of light
For good and am then free to explore ever higher levels of life.

Reinhold Niebuhr 1894-1971
Second Part Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Help Me To Believe

Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace Between Nations - Unbelief

O Holy Trinity,
Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator,
And Your only born Son/Daughter,
The Spirit of the Universal Christ,
Light of all lights and Sun of all Suns,
Please hear my prayer.
I so very much want to believe in You and trust.
Although I know that Your love and mercy are
Endless and as deep as the deepest ocean of our world,
And that Your forgiveness and understanding
For the trials and tribulations
Of all human hearts is very real,
But still I doubt.

Through an ever increasing understanding
Of the mysteries of my own existence and Yours,
And my relationship with You,
Help me to overcome every last trace of my unbelief.
Let my perceptions no longer be based on
Mere surface words, but a deep inner knowingness
Of the hidden meanings behind the texts of
The sacred teachings of our world.
And assist every one of Your children of the Earth
To grasp Your wisdom and truth,
The way many did in past lifetimes,
When this kind of consciousness was known as gnosis.
Help all of us to enter into this state.

The spiritual rebirth our race has for so long been waiting for,
Is dawning at last and ever more of us realise
That it was You and Your helpers,
The Angels and Masters of the spirit world, our true home,
Supported by their assistants, who has lovingly guided
Each one of us through the dark night
Of thinking that we are struggling on our own
In earthly life.

I thank you for allowing me to know that this happened
For a wise higher reason, the same as everything else
That ever takes place in our world.
The dark night is necessary for every human being
Because it teaches us how to appreciate the joy
Of reconnecting and consciously being one again
With You and all life, when it eventually comes about.
That’s why all human beings first have to lose the awareness
Of their inner connection with You,
Although in truth nothing will ever be able to take it away.
At some stage of their development, all human beings
Have to work their way through the narrow tunnel
Of thinking that they are on their own.

Now that the Age of Aquarius is with us
And having become aware of my true nature again,
I rejoice that Your total and unconditional love
Is bringing us and our world a renewed understanding
Of Your eternal wisdom and truth,
So that ever more of us are consciously gaining
Access to the healing rays of the Universal Christ,
To do their share of bringing about
The rebirth of every soul and that of our world.

With all my heart and soul I beg of You and the Angels
That any lack of faith in You in all human hearts
Should be replaced by a deep inner awareness
Of Your Divine presence in everything that is
And therefore also in my companions and me.
Hand in hand with You and the Angels,
Each on their own and all of us together
Are walking back home into the
Conscious awareness of our true nature
And oneness with You.

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
As surely as every night is followed by a new day,
Now that the darkest hour of humankind’s spirit and soul
Has almost run its course and is reaching its natural end,
May the radiance of Your Light reign supreme,
For ever and ever.


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Six pointed Star

Untie The Knots

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers Of Comfort & Healing - Untie The Knots

O Great White Spirit,
Beloved Father/Mother and
Creator of all life,
Please help me to untie the knots
That are in my mind, heart and life.
Remove the have nots,
The can nots and do nots
That are in my mind.

Erase the will nots,
May nots and the
Might nots that have made
Their home in my heart.

Release me from the could nots,
Would nots and should nots
That have obstructed my life up to now.

But most of all, beloved Father/Mother,
I ask you to remove from my heart,
Mind and life all the I am nots
I have allowed to hold me back,
Especially the thought
That I am not good enough
And unworthy of calling myself
One of Your children of the Earth.


Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

The Earth Reveals The Glory Of God

Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers Of Comfort And Healing - The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God

 You ask me how I know there really is a living God,
Who rules the Universe, the sky above us, the sea and the Earth?
Who holds all creatures in the hollow of His/Her hand,
And puts infinity into the tiniest grains of sand?
Who makes the seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring,
Whose flawless rhythm is contained in every created thing?
Who makes the Sun rise at the break of day
And gathers the stars and till next night tucks them away?
A God whose mighty handiwork defies the skill of man,
For none of us can alter His/Her great and perfect Master plan.
What better evidence could there be to prove the presence of this Holy being
Than the wonders all around us that are ours just for the seeing?
Helen Steiner Rice
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Prayer For Healing And Peace

Dove of Peace - Healing Prayer - Rays of Wisdom - Healing Words & Prayers

O Holy Trinity of the Great White Spirit, Mother/Father of all life, and Your only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, joy fills our hearts and souls that the dark night of the soul for humankind has almost run its course and is definitely drawing to its close, now that the Aquarian Age is with us. As we now know, on the inner level all is one and what any one of us does affects all life and lifeforms everywhere. The whole of Your Creation must be rejoicing and celebrating with us, because the troublesome energies of our world have been disturbing their vibrations for a very long time.

Having become aware that the powers that are in You are also in us, we want to make good where we once sinned and redeem ourselves. That’s why we ask You and the Angels and Masters around Your throne, and their helpers on the lower levels of the spirit world, to show us what kind of a contribution we can make towards the healing of each other, our world and everything that is in it, and also every aspect of our own being. You are the living God, the wise one within. Teach us intuitively the wise use of all Your powers, especially the one of infinite wisdom and love, never for selfish purposes but only for bringing peace and healing to wherever it is needed in all worlds and beings throughout the whole of Your Creation.

May Your will be our will and Your sacred words with their blessing and healing power be ours. May they flow from our hearts and souls into the soul of every individual human being, on this and the other side of the veil that separates our two worlds. And may they continue from there into the collective soul of our race and world and ultimately the soul of the whole of Creation. May the Divine spark in ever more human hearts and souls wake from its slumber and may this continue until Your loving Spirit has been fully born in our world and takes charge of it. For this purpose may Your prayers and ours join forces and harmoniously work together, so that our world once again finds peace the way it did during other golden ages of the past.

Please help ever more of us to become aware that every human being’s true nature is love, the same as Yours, and that love is the law of life. Teach us how to love wisely, the way You have always loved us. From love we have come and through the gift of the knowledge You are now allowing us access to, we are now returning into the conscious awareness of our oneness with You and all life. Help us to use the gifts and powers you have bestowed upon us wisely, with love and respect for the highest good of all in this world and all other worlds, now and forever. As Your children, we ask these things from You in the name of love, Your name and also ours. We welcome You, the living loving Spirit onto the Earth. Amen

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Six pointed Star

About Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Words And Prayers Of Comfort And Healing - About Prayer

Then a priestess said: ‘Speak to us of prayer!’
And the prophet replied:
‘Most of you pray only in times of need and distress,
But wise ones also pray in the fullness of their
Joy and days of abundance.
What is prayer but the expansion of yourself into the living ethers?
For as long as you receive comfort through pouring
Your darkness and negativity into space,
At least make an effort to create balance
By also sharing your delights and joys with the Universe.
And don’t forget to give thanks for all that Earth life itself,
Your kind, patient and loving teacher,
Brings to you all your experiences,
So that through learning and growing
You become ever more heaven-tall.

For as long as human souls are still unaware of their true nature,
They can do nothing but weep and complain,
Wise ones, however, give thanks and praise to their Creator,
Whenever their soul summons them to prayer.
Until you become one of them,
Shed your tears and be comforted by God and the Angels.
Through them they bring you healing, as they draw closer to you.
When you learn to surrender all your troubles and woes
To them, your Highest or God Self,
You, the small earthly self, together with your soul,
Will soon be smiling again.

Whenever you go within to communicate
With your soul and pray,
Your consciousness rises to meet in the ethers those
Who are also praying at that very moment,
And whom you would otherwise be unable to contact or meet.
For each one of you I wish that,
In the long course of your evolutionary journey,
In the fullness of time, every one
Of your visits to your inner temple of the soul
Will be for nothing but spiritual ecstasy
And sweet communions with God and the Angels.
I beg of you, when you go there,
Take care not to make demands on them.
Isn’t it enough that you are allowed to enter the temple
And just be there for a while,
To be recharged with their loving energies?

Nobody can teach you how to pray in words.
The Divine does not listen to your words,
Save when S/He utters them through your lips.
And as all of you can only learn from their own experiences,
You have to find out for yourself
The prayers of the oceans, forests and mountains.
The only ones who know their prayers in their hearts
Are those who were born in these places.

And if you listen in the stillness of the night,
You will be able to hear their silent pleas:
‘Our God, who art our winged self,
It is Thy will in us that willeth,
It is Thy desire in us that desireth,
And it’s Thy urge in us that turns our nights,
Which are Thine, into days,
Which are also Thine.
We cannot ask Thee for aught,
For Thou knowest everybody’s needs
Long before they are born into earthly life.

‘Each soul is born of Thy desires.
Thou art our need
And in giving us more of Thyself,
Thou givest us all.’

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius

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What Happens In Heaven When We Pray?

Praying Angel - What Happens In Heaven When We Pray - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Wisdom From The Tree Of LifeThe other night in dreamtime I went to Heaven. One of the Angels welcomed me and showed me round. When I asked what happens here when we pray, it replied: ‘No prayer is ever unheard or unanswered. It’s just that after being filtered through the receiver station of the Akashic Records on one of the highest levels of life, where they are constantly arriving. They are then checked by the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma, who are in charge of the records, and the answer sometimes has to be a downright ‘No!’ or something quite different and unexpected. Because the law of life is love and evolution, these Angels decide about the nature of the gift that should be given. The outcome depends on which lessons are likely to be most beneficial for the applicant’s present spiritual development.

This information is passed on to the Angel and its helpers in the first section of a department of the heavenly workshop which we are about to enter, so we can take a closer look at it. ‘This is the Receiving Section where the Lord’s responses to every one of the petitions that reached God are sorted,’ my Angel said. It was an extremely busy place with an Angel as supervisor and a great many spirit guides and helpers, who were following the instructions of the Lords. Each one is passed on to the relevant group of spirit guides and the Angel in charge of it, there are a great many, to be made a reality in earthly life.

Our next stop was the Packaging and Delivery Department. The Angel continued: ‘This is where every gift that has been asked for by anyone in earthly life is processed. Whatever has been granted is produced here and then despatched to the recipient.’ And because the hierarchy of the Angels is in charge of providing for the true needs of every human being, everybody in this section was working extremely hard. I had never seen such a busy place before!

But what a contrast, when we reached a door at the end of the department. We entered a very small room where, to my greatest surprise, only one Angel was sitting and doing nothing. ‘This is the Acknowledgment Section,’ my Angel friend murmured, obviously very embarrassed.

‘Why isn’t anyone working here?’ I asked.

‘Ah, it’s sad,’ sighed the Angel. ‘When people have received the things they asked for, very few have the presence of mind and good manners to thank us for it in acknowledgment.’

Never having given much thought to it myself, I queried: ‘What is the right way of acknowledging God’s blessings?’

‘It’s very simple,’ said the Angel. ‘It takes only a moment to quietly say: ‘Thank you, Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator and the Angels for taking such good care of me and my loved ones.’
‘But what are the blessings we should give thanks for?’ I queried.

‘First of all give thanks and praise to your Creator for the gift of your life and everything that’s in it. For example, if there is food on your table, in your larder and/or refrigerator, and if you have clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place for sleeping, maybe even a comfortable bed, you are richer than seventy-five percent of your spiritual siblings in earthly life. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and maybe a bit of spare cash somewhere, you are among the top eight percent of the world’s wealthy, and if you can read this on your own computer, you are part of the one percent who can do so.’

‘If you woke up this morning in a reasonable state of health rather than being ill, you are more blessed than the many who will not live to see another day on the Earth. If you have never experienced the fears of having to take part in a battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture or the hunger pangs of starvation, you are ahead of about seven hundred million people in your world. If you can attend church services without having to be afraid of harassment, arrest, torture or death, you are more blessed than three billion others in your world. And if you can hold up your head and smile, you are not the norm but an exception compared to the millions who live in doubt and despair in your world.’

‘I see what you mean and would like to do better in future,’ I said. ‘But where should I start?’

The Angel replied: ‘If you have received this message and can read it, you are already in possession of a double blessing because someone loves you enough to have sent it to you. On top of that you are more blessed than over two billion people in your world who cannot see and/or read at all. And that is by no means all. When this appears before you, you are blessed many more times. For starters, someone gave unselfishly of themselves and their most precious resource in earthly life and that is their time. Unstintingly, they are sharing their skills to serve as our channel for writing this and then bringing it to you. All of that is done without asking anything in return other than that you should find a better understanding of what happens on the higher and highest levels whenever someone prays on the earthly plane of life.

The next blessing is that their gift is coming to you with the help and will of God and us, the Angelic hosts. Without them nothing happens in the whole of Creation. And finally, those who are reading this are closer to God’s heart than they ever thought possible. This is what brings about healing miracles and they are constantly happening with the help of the energies of the Universe’s white healing magic. I suggest you begin by giving thanks and praise to the Highest for all these things.’

Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator of all life,
May all who read this find rest, peace and healing in You.
Thank you for each one of them being part of my life.

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Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

True Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - True PrayerThe following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘The Achievements Of Prayer’ Stella Polaris April/May 2017: ‘Did you know that there is such a thing as true prayer? If you are now asking yourself whether someone’s prayers are ineffective until they have learnt to access the power of this kind of prayer, rest assured that every sincere request is a true and effective one. The best way of praying in our view is with the simplicity of a child’s heart. Before God that’s what you truly are, after all. Children on the whole still have the ability to trust completely. Their prayers come from their hearts and go straight to God, whatever this means to them and that depends on into which civilisation they were born in their present lifetime. However, the understanding of the concept of God has for some time been in the process of changing, as increasing numbers of you are becoming aware that there is only one God.

‘Generally speaking, for praying truly it is not necessary for human beings to wait until they have become initiates or even be particularly highly evolved. Simplicity, genuine humility and sincerity are the three most important factors in this context. Always bear in mind that prayer is a very powerful instrument, so consider very carefully what and how you wish to pray for anything specific. The best way of praying is by asking for something very simple, for example that the inflow of God’s love and light should constantly increase into everything taking part in earthly life. The finest way of praying is not for yourself but so that others may be blessed and healed with the help of your loving thoughts and words.

‘So, dear friends, together let us pray for the Divine spark of God to awake in ever more human hearts and for the blessing and healing of all humankind, the whole of your world and all other worlds and beings. Naturally, when all life is healing you cannot help doing the same. At the end of your prayer resign everything to God with the words: ‘May these things be done not my way, Great White Spirit, but Thine. Into Thy loving keeping I place all those I love and that is everybody. May Thy will be done on the Earth as much as anywhere else in the whole of Creation.’

And this is the essence of another teaching that reached me through the White Eagle Lodge’s Monday thought 3rd April 2017, when I had just completed the above item: ‘When you sit devotedly in meditation and contemplation and open your heart to the inflow of the Divine love, it is possible to become so raised in consciousness that you may be able to see the Angels. Hand in hand with God and the Angels each one of you will eventually reach this state of ecstasy and glory. It is a spiritual gift and this developing and bringing forth the Divine Fire through the love in your heart is every human being’s goal. Developing the sixth sense or psychic power is as nothing compared with it. When your soul can see the Angelic hosts, you are dwelling in the abode of Christ, your true home.

‘We are not decrying psychic gifts, but in the natural course of evolution they eventually come for every human being. These gifts have their place, but they are very ordinary and by no means the be all and end all of anything. No-one should be content with developing them and then remain on that level. It is necessary for each one of you to reach beyond it to ever higher and eventually the highest levels of life.’

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Visiting The Niagara Falls

 Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers Of Healing And Peace - A Virtual Trip to the Niagara Falls

For an excursion of a very special kind, please follow the link below to the:

‘Niagara Falls’

There we stand – or rather in our case – sit in awe and wonder as one small part after another of the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation unfolds before our eyes. Included in this are the ideas for the technological miracles that make it possible for us to go on such splendid journeys and can with equal ease take us to many other marvels of our world. At the top of your screen it says: ‘AirPano’. Click that and take it from there.

What power, glory and might are revealing themselves to us through things like these! And they are only there and appearing before us by the will and power of our Creator. There is no greater power than that. It not only controls our lives down to their smallest details but also brings new Universes, planets and solar systems and everything that dwells in them into being. It also holds them in their places, moves them through space and – when they have outlived their usefulness – destroys them again, at will. That certainly puts our existence on this planet into perspective and one cannot help marvelling at the sheer size and magnificence of life that is almost too great to grasp for our small earthly minds. Then at the latest my soul wants to go down on its knees, join the Swedish Pastor Carl Boberg and sing:

O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made.
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the Universe displayed.
Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee.
How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

We worship Thee,
We give Thee thanks,
We praise Thee for Thy glory.
In the name of love.


Six pointed Star

The Internet Prayer

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - The Internet Prayer

Thank you, Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life,
For the beauty and wonder of Your Creation.
Thank you for allowing us all to take part in
The natural beauty of the planet
You have given into our care,
Our beloved Mother Earth.

Thank you for also providing us with the ideas
For the technical revolution that has been taking place
In our world for quite some time.
May Your creative ideas continue to inspire all of us,
And especially our scientists and technicians,
So they too can do their share of making our world into
An ever more beautiful and peaceful place
Where all can partake freely and equally in
The gifts that so generously flow from Your abundance.

We thank You for the miracle of the Internet
And the connections it makes possible in seconds
For meeting and getting to know
Like-minded people throughout our whole planet.
Not only they but everyone is our sibling
In the family of humankind.
We are Your children of the Earth.
Please help all of us to become aware of our true nature,
So that we may tune into Your wisdom and truth
Until our whole world, including the Internet,
Is filled with Your light and Mother Earth
Turns into a planet of healing and peace.

Guide and protect us and show us how to use
All your gifts wisely and especially
The Internet. Help us to treat it with respect
And use it for the highest good of all,
As a tool and instrument that brings
Ever more understanding into our world.
Help us to treat every one of the miracles
Of Your Creation, technical and otherwise,
With the reverence they deserve
And with love for You,
The One who brings all things into being
And who has created and constantly re-creates
Us and this splendid world for all to enjoy.

Guide and protect us and
Help us to make our contribution towards
Our own salvation and redemption,
Of each other, our world and
Everything that shares is with us.
Hand in hand with You and the Angels,
In accordance with Your will and wishes,
It shall be so, now and forever.


Six pointed Star

To Everything, There Is A Season

Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace Between Nations - To everything there is a season

To everything there is a season
And a time for every purpose under the Sun:
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time
To pluck up that which has been planted.

A time to kill and a time to heal.
A time to tear down and a time to build up.
A time to weep and a time to laugh.
A time to mourn and a time to dance.
A time to cast away stones and
A time to gather stones together.

A time to embrace and
A time to refrain from embracing.
A time to lose and a time to seek.
A time to tie up and a time to untie.

A time to rend and a time to sew.
A time to keep silent and a time to speak.
A time to love and a time to hate.
A time for war and a time for peace –

He has made everything beautiful, in its time.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

To everything there is a season and
Everything that ever happened in our world
Served the wise higher purpose of teaching us something.
That’s why there were times when during our earthly sojourns
We had forgotten God’s true nature and our own;
When we thought that the death at the end of
Each one of them was the end of everything;
That we would be snuffed out like a candle;
When we didn’t know that our departure from one level of life
Means to be reborn into our true eternal home, the spirit realm,
For a while once more returning into the awareness
Of who and what we truly are.

Our ignorance sucked us and our world ever deeper
Into the patriarchy with its masculine lust
For empire building through warmongering.
With the passing of time, this dragged humankind
Ever deeper into hurting and wounding others
As well as being wounded ourselves.
That’s how the Great Father/Mother of all life,
Many times over helped every all of us to take part in the
Lessons our world needed, at the end of which
We would be able to differentiate between good and evil.
That’s how through the warmongering of this
Evolutionary period grew the wisdom and understanding
Of who and what God is and what we truly are.
And that knowledge helps us to renew and rekindle
Our kinship and friendship with all life.

Rejoice, that time for doing so is now.
Time for finding forgiveness and healing,
For ourselves, each other and everything that happened.
Time for blessing and healing everybody’s deepest
Innermost spirit/soul wounds of all lifetimes.
That’s what the Aquarian age is bringing us.

The main laws of life, throughout the whole of Creation, therefore also on planet Earth are love and evolution, evolution that is based on nothing but love, honesty and truth. From the beginning of human life on the earthly plane, the Divine great evolutionary plan of life has decreed that whatever is ugly, evil and dishonest in our world at any given time, in the fullness of time will be transmuted into something that is good, right and beautiful, honest and sincere. Anyone who to this day does not behave in this way is our spiritually younger, i.e. less highly evolved sibling in the great family of humankind. Let’s keep on sending them kind, loving and forgiving thoughts, for they know not what they are doing to themselves and what, in due course, the Divine law of cause and effect or Karma will surely return to them.

Ecclesiastes is one of the most ancient parts of the Old Testament. It has its roots in Judaism and from there they penetrate ever deeper into the much older spiritual traditions of the Middle East and Africa, and in particular the Ancient Egyptian religion.

Updated November 2021

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Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers & Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Hallelujah

Now, I’ve heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord.
But you don’t really care for music, do you?
It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift.
The baffled King composing hallelujah.

Your faith was strong, but you needed proof.
You saw her bathing on the roof.
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you.
She tied you to a kitchen chair
She broke your throne, and she cut your hair,
And from your lips she drew the hallelujah.

You say I took the name in vain.
I don’t even know the name.
But if I did, well really, what’s it to you?
There’s a blaze of light in every word.
It doesn’t matter which you heard:
The holy or the broken hallelujah.

I did my best, it wasn’t much.
I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch.
I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you.
And even though it all went wrong,
I’ll stand before the Lord of song
With nothing on my tongue but hallelujah.

Leonard Cohen

Recommended Viewing:
•    ‘Hallelujah’

Hallelujah is a Hebrew word that means ‘Glory to the Lord.’
The song tries to explain that there are many different kinds of Hallelujah.

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Our New World

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers & Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Our New World

Because our thoughts create our reality,
Just take a moment here and there to think about
How Mother Earth will be in the new golden age,
When honesty and truth are its supreme rulers,
People live together in peace and harmony,
Helping and supporting instead of exploiting each other.

There is only one God, the God of love,
And only one religion, the religion of love.
Warmongering and empire building are no more.
Nobody goes hungry or thirsty and that’s come about
In a natural way because everybody takes merely
What they need and leaves the rest for those behind.
Everybody is well fed, housed and clothed,
And has a plentiful supply of clean water.

Children are well cared for and looked after.
Each one is loved, appreciated and encouraged
To bring forth the best from deep within their own being.
Everybody knows that they are not vessels waiting to be filled,
But probably have spent many previous lifetimes
Developing a unique set of gifts and talents which
The Great Father/Mother bestowed upon them
At the moment of their creation.
They are our true eternal parents, who never leave us.
The Angelic kingdom, on their behalf,
Cares for everyone’s true needs.
Everybody is gifted in a special way.
In each new lifetime everybody brings their
Gifts and talents with them, waiting to be coaxed
To the surface of our consciousness and then
Developed and unfolded some more.

With every day that passes the golden age draws closer.
That’s not merely a hope and dream but will soon
Turn into a reality on the earthly plane because it’s
Written in God’s evolutionary plan for us and our world.
And each one of us has been gifted in some
Special way that enables us to make,
Hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Their own unique contribution to this new era
Of peace, harmony and plenty for all.
Each in their own way is required
To give of their best.
That’s all!

Updated September 2021

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•    ‘You Are Special’

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The Awakening

Rays of Wisdom – Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey – The Awakening

One fine day, though more likely during the cold,
Dark and lonely small hours of a night,
When we are at our wits end,
Trying to make some sense of earthly life
Where too many nasty and downright evil things
Seem to be the order of the day,
Sleep won’t come and we toss and turn.
Suddenly we feel the need to pray,
Even though we’ve never prayed before
And have no idea how to go about it.
The only prayer we know is the Lord’s prayer
And when we quietly say it to ourselves
Over and over again, sleep eventually comes.
And that once was the start of my bedtime prayers.

This is a sign that the Divine spark in our heart
Is stirring from its slumber and
Our superconscious faculties are starting
To open and unfold.
Unbeknown to us, we have reached
The beginning of the end
Of our homeward bound evolutionary journey of
Of being educated in the earthly school of life,
Ready to be returned by our Highest Self into the
Conscious awareness of God’s true nature,
Our own and our relationship with the Divine,
But so far we have no idea that there is
Something like a Higher and lower self.
Time and again our earthly self works its way
Round the whole of the zodiac.
In the course of many lifetimes
We become familiar with the
Negative as well as the positive characteristics
Of every sign and house.
In this process we mature from a beginner
In the earthly school of life into spiritual adulthood.
Old and experienced souls
No longer have difficulties grasping
That every human being is part of God
As much as God is part of us;
That on the inner level the whole of
Humankind is one big family in which
We are all connected with each other.
Because of this, when one of us gets hurt,
All of us are feeling the pain and suffers with them.

During the early stages of our earthly education,
We are disinclined to reach out
For the blessing, healing and helping hands
Of God and the Angels.
Why should we? As we cannot see them,
As far as we are concerned,
They do not exist.
But eventually we reach the point
When our superconscious faculties
Start to unfold.
We find out that everybody
Has an inner teacher and guide,
Who has always tried to communicate
With us intuitively.
Now the time has come for consciously connecting
With this our inner guidance,
Paying attention to and following the advice of
The wise one or living God within,
Who knows the way of all things and
Has the answers to all our questions.

For this is now happening to ever more of us.
The Christ Spirit is the living God within
And the Master Jesus is the symbol
Of this part of everyone’s own nature,
Who is calling the whole of humankind
Ever more urgently to become
Aware that humankind’s true nature
Is love and that on the inner level of life
We have always remained at one with God,
The Great White Spirit, Father/Mother Creator,
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The spirit of the Universal Christ,
Who to this day speaks to us
Through the Jesus legend.

Our Divine parents care for us
More than we frequently do for ourselves.
God’s nature is love and so is ours.
Trusting that all is well with the Divine architect’s
Great plan of life and the goodness of
The life we have been given,
Loving it and its Creator with all our hearts and souls,
That alone can bring true and lasting happiness
And the peace we and our world have been
Dreaming of for a long, long time.
Finding it is every human being’s birthright and
The Angels in spirit realm are waiting for our call,
So they can show us through our in-tuition,
The long promised new world teacher,
Our inner guidance,
How each one of us can do
Their share of making it happen.

For a long time God and the Angels have been
Waiting to be asked for assistance with this task.
They are ready and willing to show the way
To everyone who requests it in their times
Of prayers, meditations and quiet reflections.
All we have to do is call.
And that’s why an increasing desire for praying
Fills ever more human hearts to ask for
The healing of our world and
Everything that shares it with us,
So that in God’s way and time
Peace and prosperity may come
To our whole world.

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Rays of Wisdom - Words of Wisdom for Friendship & Relationship Healing - Affirmations

As you move along the pathway of your present lifetime, whenever your needs change be creative and make up new affirmations. Here are a few examples to help you on the way:

•    O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, may Your will and wishes as well as Your words and prayers be mine. In my life may Your will be done this day and always. Today is a day of completion and healing, for which I give thanks and praise. Divine healing miracles are constantly taking place in my world and therefore also in me. Your miracles and wonders shall never cease.

•    My love for You floods my whole being and fills every cell and atom of my physical body and restores them to perfect health, happiness and wellbeing. With every breath I take the love and warmth of Your sacred fire flows through the painful parts into their deep underlying causes and dissolves them.

•    Before going to sleep, I affirm that in dreamtime energies that are no longer good for me will be flowing through my feet into the sacred fire of Mother Earth. I ask the Angels of healing and peace to uplift and transmute them into blessing and healing energies for all life. No other energies can enter my consciousness.

•    My earthly personality is the cross I have been carrying for a long time. I now hand it over to you, Great White Spirit, the wise one or living God within. You communicate with me intuitively and at all times are showing me where and how I can best serve You.

•    God and the Angels are guiding and protecting me and forever will continue to do so. Nothing can hurt or harm me because I now walk in the light of the Universal Christ, Your only born Son/Daughter. My fears and anxieties are dissolving because they are no longer required.   

•    I only need to remember the things that are worthy of keeping. So I let go of that which no longer serves my highest good and greatest joy and the wellbeing of our whole world.

•    Knowing that Your evolutionary plan is perfect and that this also applies to the millions of small plans, one for every human being, within  the great plan, the fire of Your Divine enthusiasm eases me forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Intuitively, You and the Angels are showing me ways of fulfilling my highest potential and how through this make my contribution to the healing of our world.

•    My pathway up the spiritual mountain of life now lies open and inviting before me. You and the Angels are guiding me through the tests and trials that still have to come my way until my last karmic debt has been paid and the path for a healing miracle is clear.

•    My inner light of Your wisdom and love fills my whole being and flows into everything I touch with my thoughts, words and actions. This is my way of bringing my own small corner of Heaven onto the Earth, so it can be shared with the whole of my spiritual family.

•    I am consciously aware that You have always been and forever will be with me and part of me. This means I have re-entered the state of Paradise and the knowledge of my oneness with You and all life fills my whole being to overflowing with a new kind of hope and faith, trust and devotion that is unshakeable. And my gratitude for the goodness of the life You and the Angels have always given us is boundless.

•    You are the small still voice of my inner being. At all times I pay attention to Your directions and follow them without hesitation. I hear with Your ears and joyously perceive the Angels’ glad tidings of the new golden age of our world, when Mother Earth has become a place where people and animals co-exist peacefully. I see how hand in hand with You and the Angels, everybody harmoniously works together for the highest good and greatest joy of all manifestations of life.

O Great White Spirit,
All glory, honour and praise be to You,
For You are my inspiration,
Revelation and illumination.
I know that with the help and will
Of You and the Angels
All things are possible,
Every condition can be healed
And crooked corners made straight.


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What Do I See?

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Vision

 Looking behind I am filled with gratitude.
Looking forward I am filled with vision.
Looking upwards I am filled with strength.
Looking within I discover peace.

From the Native Indian tradition of
The Quero Apaches

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‘The Purpose Of My Life’s Work – Reaping The Bountiful Harvest’

Every one of the small six-pointed stars in my e-mails and postings in Rays of Wisdom are bringing you a personal greeting and blessing from the Christ Star, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. My stars are miniature replicas of the great one. They are alive and radiate the Christ Star’s blessing and healing power first into you, dear Reader, and those around you. From there it flows into the worldwide web and then into the heart and soul of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with us. No matter how brief your call may be, each time you come you will be getting the benefit of these powerful energies.

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Like the flow of the river of life itself, humankind’s store of spiritual knowledge and wisdom is never at a standstill, static or stagnant. The same applies to Rays of Wisdom, which is evolving and growing as fresh insights are entering my understanding of the spiritual background of life. Whole new jotting parts as well as updates of existing material are constantly arriving. To learn about them, all you have to do is click the image below:

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