The Law Of Life Demands Evolution

Love is the law of life for the whole of Creation and all other laws have their origin in this one and radiate out from it. First and foremost there is the law of Karma and another, equally important one, is evolution. Karma is created whenever the law of love is broken by any one of us. And for any kind of suffering we inflict upon one of God’s creatures – human and animal alike, and also ourselves – amends have to be made at some stage of our evolutionary pathway.

As a spark of the Divine, we come from love and love is our true nature. Only when we act in kind and loving ways are we true to it. Although they are an important part of every soul’s learning process, all negative character traces are but interim states of this. When each one of them has been mastered and overcome by us, we shall have returned to love. And we are all in this life together, so we can help each other to do just that. But what each one of us needs most of all is learning to trust God and the Angels and once again walk hand in hand with them. That’s what we did before our descent into matter and physicality took us ever further away from our true nature and the awareness of our oneness with God and all life, as the evolutionary law demanded from us.

All life is constantly evolving on a forward and upward pointing spiral. I believe that when the development of our race had reached a certain stage, the Great White Spirit, our Father/Mother, decreed that each one of us should be released and go forward to develop as an individual. For this purpose a life was created in which every soul must learn to exist and get along in a physical body of their own. On the surface of Earth life this creates the illusion that we are all separate from each other, in spite of the fact that everybody’s inner oneness with the Divine, with each other and all life and lifeforms never ceased.

Spirit evolves in matter and as the matter surrounding the spirit absorbs the vibrations of everything that takes place inside it, it responds to its indwelling spirit by evolving simultaneously. Humankind came to the Earth plane to grow and learn from its own experiences, whilst at the same time helping the planet in its evolution. As we descended ever deeper into matter and the physical life, and the more the process of individualisation progressed, the more we lost our conscious awareness of our roots. In a future volume of these jottings we shall explore this theme in more depth.

What a long time it seems to have taken us and our world before finally we could be guided back into the understanding of the true purpose and meaning of this life. It is this knowledge that brings us the much needed and long awaited renewal of hope for the future of our race and our world. But what of those who do not yet know why they are here; what will happen to them? In case you are among them, please allow me to reach out a bit further.

We are all in this life together to learn about and reconnect with our highest or God Self. To ease our way and help us make some kind of sense of our earthly sojourn, many beautiful old stories came down the ages to humankind through all the spiritual traditions of our world. But only now are we ready to find the understanding that none of these tales were ever meant to be taken literally; that they all contained invaluable grains of the pure gold of Divine truths that first have to be unearthed by us. Many of the teachings that were given to us over the ages have well hidden esoteric meanings. Only when we look behind the scenes of life do they at long last begin to reveal their deep and powerful meanings, which for sound spiritual reasons until recently had to remain hidden from common view and knowledge.

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