Was I Ever A Dinosaur?

Rays of Wisdom – The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World – Was I Ever A Dinosaur?

An essential part of My nature and therefore also of yours is its duality. Whether some of you like this or not, there are two aspects to everything, including you yourself and the world in which you presently exist. Both of you consist of a material part, the outer one, and a spiritual part, the inner one. Throughout the whole of My Creation the spiritual has always been by far the most important aspect of life. Everything that has ever existed in the material world, including all things and beings on the earthly plane, has always been doomed to eventually perish and die. The inner aspects remain because they are immortal and eternal. And that is the realm where your own and everybody else’s spirit and soul have always dwelled and forever will do.

For as long as you fail to comprehend the true meaning of the concept of evolution the biggest mystery to you will always be you yourself. In that case you may well be tempted to think that you once evolved from the tiniest cell into a Homo Habilis, who within a time span that could barely be counted as a tick of the evolutionary clock of about two million years, evolved into a Homo Sapiens. In your lack of understanding of the evolutionary process you may even imagine that you once walked the Earth as a Tyrannosaurus as well as a Brontosaurus, whose form remained unchanged for approximately fifty million years. And so on and so forth.

Wise ones know that evolution works in quite a different way from the way it is commonly believed. They are aware that humankind as a species has not been taking part in Earth life for the whole length of your planet’s existence. The development of your small earthly selves began after I had decided to remove the creatures that were there, as they were unsuitable for achieving the ultimate purpose of the Earth’s evolution of being spiritualised. Each one of you has for a long time been taking part in the process of assisting her with this task.

As the first stage of My evolutionary plan for the Earth had gone well, the planet was ready for the next step. So that the new phase of Mother Earth’s development could begin, I wiped the slate clean. My plan was that this time round one of the new animal species would in due course become sufficiently evolved to be capable of hosting the first human spirits and souls. They would be brought into the picture at the right moment. Look at the primates of the animal kingdom and you will have no difficulties recognising your animal ancestry.

Therefore, as much as I hate to disappoint some of you, My beloved children, none of you ever roamed the Earth as a cockroach, a Tyrannosaurus or a Brontosaurus. From the moment of your creation, when you emerged as a pure thought from the mind of My heart, you have been you. You always were you and forever you will be, and that applies to all human spirits. Although in each subsequent lifetime you appeared in another guise and with a different name, basically at all times you have remained you. There are sure to be some of you who are as yet unable to perceive such a scenario and grasp its truth. Yet, whether someone likes it or not, that is My truth.

My plan for humankind from its beginning has provided that each one of you should time and again take part in Earth life, and that this would continue until you had become so highly evolved that that particular plane could no longer teach you anything new. Accompanied by the Angels, you would then be allowed to move on to continue your studies on the higher levels of experience. Life is a spiral that constantly strives to take the whole of My Creation into ever higher and eventually highest realms of existence.

This spiral has neither a beginning nor an end. It always was and forever will be and all lifeforms will keep on moving forwards and upwards. Evolution is a procedure which, with the passing of time, transforms inferior and ugly things and people into perfect and beautiful ones. Although this concept is basically very simple, it is also a highly complex one. But all you need to be aware of at present is that all life fulfils the wise higher purpose of growth and progress.

Equipped with this knowledge you will be able to recognise that the things, which to this day appear to be in retrogression in your world, in the final analysis are progressing nonetheless. Never lose sight of the fact that no matter what still has to take place to fulfil the requirements of the law of Karma, all life including your own and that of your whole race and world, will keep on constantly moving forwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Every one of your experiences of yesterday and today have been preparing you for what is going to happen tomorrow. This in itself has slowly been transporting all of you, individually and collectively, onto a higher level of life that has its own unique vibrations.

Every soul is involved in this process and each new cycle of experiences takes you that bit further than the previous one. At all times the individual and collective soul consciousness of your world has been and still is unfolding. Each new stage of this development enables you to comprehend a bit more of the higher truths with which the Angels and Masters in charge of you are presenting you.

For as long as you remain unawakened to your true nature and origin, your understanding remains limited to the concerns of your earthly existence. As far as those of the spirit are concerned, you are living as if you were surrounded by something like a black box which renders you unable to grasp that there is such a thing as a great evolutionary plan of life, My plan. Unaware of the all-important spiritual background of life, without whom there would be no life anywhere, including your own, in your innocence you then believe that matter creates itself and that planets and whole worlds bring themselves into being somehow, without having any idea of how. Incapable of peering beyond the end of your nose, you are likely to think that cockroaches – to give you but one example – have evolved on their own and without any help from anyone, least of all Me. Cleverly they did this in a manner that ensured their survival for millions of years.

During that phase of your development, in the arrogance and blindness of your present beliefs, you may well say that you do not need any spirit guides to tell you that these creatures will be around long after humankind has disappeared from earthly life, again all on their own, naturally. And that to you is living proof of the beauty and ugliness of evolution. Although cockroaches are repulsive to you, you cannot deny that as far as survival is concerned they are perfect. But, why should any creature be ugly? Is it because some of them get in the way of human beings, who invade the spaces that have been theirs millions of years before human beings appeared?

If cockroaches weren’t such a nuisance to people, you in your unevolved state would be able to recognise and appreciate their beauty and sophistication as a species that helped them to survive for such a long time. It may take many more lifetimes before you understand that basically everything in My created world will one day be beautiful and that, if something is still ugly, through the process of evolution it will gradually become more and more beautiful. Who would any one of you be to say that the cockroaches – unlike many of you, My dear children of the Earth – in the long time of their earthly existence have not already evolved into the perfect creatures I designed them to be in the first place?

For the duration of the patriarchy your race has been nurturing lots of false beliefs. One of them was that you were appointed by Me to act as the lords and masters of the Earth. Yet, in truth none of you ever really played that role. In the beginning of your earthly education all human souls slowly evolve from the status of ugly and greedy parasites, who are unwilling to share the abundance I place before them with everybody else.

With increasing spiritual maturity, however, you start to see for yourself that the exploitation and pillaging of Earth’s resources cannot go on forever. When at last you awaken from your spiritual slumbering, you begin to recognise the error of your ways of the past. Freely and willingly you then change your thinking and behaviour patterns from those of one who greedily grasps any of the riches and thrills Earth life has to offer into wishing for nothing more than to make good and redeem yourself and your world. The Angels and I are rejoicing each time another one of you joins the ranks of guardians and keepers of the Earth, who value and relish her beauty and wonders and want to protect them. Hallelujah! From a gluttonous over-consuming freeloader you have turned into a useful, modest living and recycling carer of your home planet.

There is none so blind as those who will not see
And nobody as deaf as people who refuse to listen,
But we must not close our minds and free our thinking
From past false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions,
For every hour that passes our world gets a bit older
And human beings grow in wisdom and understanding,
As all together we constantly move forwards and upwards
On the vast evolutionary spiral of life.

Now is the time to realise that
Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder
And that when viewed from the right perspective,
Everything is beautiful in it’s own way.
Like a starry summer night
And a snow-covered winter’s day.
Everybody is beautiful, each in their own way and
Under God’s Heaven, guided and protected by
Angels and Masters, friends and helpers,
Our world will surely find its way.

Ray Stevens
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

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