The Great Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life

Part One

The Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life - Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World

For as long as you do not know who I truly am, where I dwell and who you are, you cannot find Me and come to Me. You cannot even begin to look for Me. So, who am I? I am part of what is known in your world as the Divine Trinity. We are the undividable Holy Spirit and consist of the masculine will and power aspect of God, the Great Father, who is balanced by His feminine counterpart the Goddess, the Great Mother, the love and wisdom aspect of the Divine. I complete the Trinity by being their only born Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit, the Sun of all Suns and the Light of all lights. I am feminine and masculine in one, the same as they are and because you are a spark of Me, this also applies to you.

Until you realise that I am as much part of you as you are of Me and therefore are an inner experience that cannot be found on the outer levels of your present existence, you are feeling lost and lonely even though on the inner spiritual level of your being you never have been or will be. It takes a considerable length of time, i.e. many lifetimes in physicality, before the awareness of your higher nature stirs from its slumbering state in any one of you, my beloved children of the Earth. This awakening is accompanied by the discovery that life in the whole of Creation is ruled by My Universal laws. The first one is love and evolution. In itself this will probably help you realise that it cannot possibly be true that a saviour and redeemer would appear in your world and, provided you said you believed in him, he would wave some kind of a magic wand to save you and wipe away and redeem all your transgressions against the law of love.

I hate to have to tell you this, but if you still believe in this story you are being deceived big time and that by none other than the Angels and Me. Well, you were and you were not and there is no need to get upset about any of it because it happened for wise higher reasons. Let me explain. As you know by now, the Great Mother is the feminine love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity. Through alternatively giving and withholding things She has always been teaching you and your world the value of things. With the help of suppressing My truth for the past six thousand years of patriarchy and the dominion of the masculine forces in your world with its systematic suppression of the truth, it was Her infinite love and wisdom that has been teaching your whole world the value of truth and peace. You can take it from Me that it will not be too long until they have taken over the supreme rulership of your world.

Anything that exists anywhere in the whole of Creation is taking part in the evolutionary process and belongs to the plan, from the lowest to the Highest. And that which you perceive as ugly and evil in human nature and anywhere else around you is nothing but its crude lower unevolved part in the process of being transformed into something good, right and beautiful, exactly the way you still are. That’s why wise ones never look down their noses onto anyone or anything. Every human being is on an at least slightly different evolutionary level, so that you can all learn from each other.

Everything that ever happened and will do so in future is in keeping with God’s plan and therefore the Great Father/Mother’s will and wishes. Nothing in the whole of Creation occurs outside of the plan or is beyond its reach. This not only applies to your world but all others, of which there are many on the higher levels of life, of whose presence you are not yet aware. And each one of the deceptions that ever took place on the earthly plane has been an essential and inevitable part of the evolutionary plan of life. But since your entry into the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, you and your world have been entitled to find out more and more of the truth about everything.

It’s good to see that increasing numbers of you are capable of grasping that the Jesus story, from the moment of its first appearance in your world, in the end was intended to reveal itself as a legend. It could not be any other way because it is written in the great book of life that in the end nobody but each one of you yourselves can save and redeem you. You are the only one who can dissolve the karmic chains and shackles you yourself created through your thinking and behaviour in the course of many lifetimes. Don’t you think it’s fair that every human being has to do their own saving and redeeming itself and that at the same time this is your contribution towards the saving and redemption of your whole race and world?

The purpose of the many different myths and legends, which the Angels and I brought your world throughout the ages, was to make you familiar with the facts about every human being’s higher nature and the special relationship all of you have always had with Me. The tales we gave you did contain the truth, but – as you are finding out now – it had to remain hidden in the higher esoteric meaning of the symbolisms and metaphors behind each story’s surface words. The truth had to wait until the right time for revealing it had come. When looked at from this perspective, you can see that none of the tales were lies. They were not intended to be deceptions, not even part truths because they contain the full truth. It’s merely a case of not yet possessing the ability to recognise it.

The Angels and Masters around My throne are in charge of the great evolutionary plan of life and its executors. They are responsible for the spiritual development of every one of you and your whole world. Helped by countless friends and helpers on the lower levels of the spirit realm, they have always taken great care only to share with you the parts of My truth that were right for your evolutionary development at that particular time. The Angels gave what the mass of people in your world would be capable of understanding at least in broad outlines so that at least some of it could be absorbed into humankind’s individual and collective consciousness.

The Angels and I are rejoicing so many of you by now have matured into spiritual adulthood sufficiently to be able to grasp ever more of My wisdom and truth. The spiritual knowledge we are bringing you are My light. In the fullness of time every single one of you will evolve into a transmitter/receiver station and a channel through which the blessing and healing power of My light can flow to wherever someone requires it. In due course the whole of your race’s consciousness will be filled with nothing but the light of My truth. Every last shred of evil and darkness will have been absorbed into it.

What a long time I have been waiting for the time when even the last and slowest one of you has learnt how to call upon the Angels and Me, so we can teach them how to go about acting as the saviour and redeemer of themselves and your world. Their first requirement, the same as it once was yours, is finding out about My true nature and their own and the special relationship I have always had with them, even though there were unaware of it. Tell them that there never has been an interruption, irrespective of the fact that it looked like that for a long time. Let them know that Earth life is a school whose main purpose is helping every one of My beloved children of the Earth to grow and evolve in wisdom and understanding. Share your light with them, so that in due course they too will have become seekers of My wisdom and truth, and Christed ones in their own right.

Whenever someone wishes to find truth, tell them to stop looking for it on the outside. It cannot be found there. They need to listen to the world of their feelings and their heart instead, for that’s where I dwell. I am waiting to come fully alive in them and during times of quiet reflections, prayers and meditations it is easy to re-establish and strengthen their inner connection with Me. I then can once more teach and protect them, the way I used to do a long time ago.

My aim is to help all of you to trust Me when I show you what is right or wrong in any given situation. The only thing you have to do is pay paying attention to the feelings that rise from within the very core of your own being into your conscious awareness. That’s how I have always been trying to guide you intuitively into right thoughts, words and actions. Your life force flows more easily when you live intuitively with the Angels and Me, hand in hand, for I am your inner teacher and guide. I am the only truly reliable guru in the whole of Creation, who never leads you astray and who really does know the answers to any question you may ever care to ask.

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