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Rays of Wisdom - New Releases

In the course of the six years of its existence the old Rays of Wisdom had dynamically expanded so much that the new Rays of Wisdom became a necessity. As ever more fresh insights have always constantly been  flowing into the existing material, new releases continue to appear regularly. They are announced by e-mail and if you would like to join my mailing list and the circle of spiritual family, you can find a link on the contact page for getting in touch with me.

A typical response to one of my releases received a few days ago read: ‘I soooooo love your e-mails;  don’t let anything stop you from sending them. They bring so much love and light into my life. Blessings.’ J.G. My reply was: ‘Thank you, dearest Friend, for as long as I am capable of doing so, I will continue to hold my insights down in ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’, publish them on Rays of Wisdom and inform you about new sections and updates by e-mail, as soon as they become available.

As spiritual knowledge is a living organism that will forever continue to grow and evolve, new, original and exciting dishes are constantly in preparation and being served in the form of updates and additional chapters, for you to be enjoyed and fed to others with your own long-handled spoon. How about supplying them with some links, so they too can partake as much as they wish of the feast we have prepared for you with the help of Aquarius?

‘It is through generously distributing your finds and nurturing others that you yourself will never fail to be fed and sustained by us and ultimately the Life Force itself. The more you manifest your Christ nature and conduct a life that is filled with love for everything that shares it with you, you will soon see for yourself how every one of your needs are constantly met and that frequently before you have become aware of them yourself. If that isn’t everybody’s idea of Heaven on Earth, please tell us [the Angels] what is?’

Freely, freely you have received.
Freely, freely now give.
Go in our name, and because you believe,
Others will believe in us, too.

Carol Owen
Adapted by Aquarius

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With love and light,

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