Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance - Rays Of Wisdom - War & Peace Between Nations - The Random Jottings of a StargazerCreating abundance by the sheer force of thought appears to have become a popular pastime these days. To my mind, casting whatever bread in the form of the gifts and talents the Universe has bestowed upon us onto the waters of life in order to alleviate human suffering is the only healthy, i.e. spiritually correct way of tapping into the Universe’s abundance. I am aware that not everybody shares this view. But I believe that the spiritual progress of our world will be speeding up considerably when it becomes more commonly known that thought is the most powerful force * in the whole of Creation; that our thoughts have always been creating the realities of our existence; and that we are all responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions.

The Universal Forces know everyone’s true needs. In spite of this, whatever someone desires with all their heart and soul is given onto them, so that they may learn from it – one way or another. So, next time you wish for something, think about it carefully before asking for it, as your wish may be granted in an unexpected and unwanted manner. And forget about being jealous of other people’s achievements. Nothing disturbs the human peace of mind as much as jealousy, when in truth there is never any need for it.

Each one of us is a precious and unique being *, who has been gifted in some special way. All of us have their predestined pathways to walk and any success that crowns someone’s efforts in earthly life has to be worked for very hard at some stage. No success ever falls into anyone’s lap. Although on the surface of things this may often appear to be the case, there is no such thing spiritually. Accomplishments have to be earned, if this did not happen in the course of our present lifetime, then they are due to the credits we have brought with us from previous ones. They are part of the spiritual ledger that accompanies each one of us throughout the whole course of our development.

True and lasting peace of mind can only come to anyone through knowing and accepting that all things on our present level of existence have been created by us and are there for karmic reasons. So, whenever you are trying to achieve something, make your peace with the Universe by saying: ‘Thy will be done, not mine! If I keep on trying, success will come to me in the end, in Thy time and not mine!’

From the all-important spiritual point of view, the outcome of all our endeavours in the final analysis depends not only on what we have brought with us from other lifetimes in our spiritual ledger on the credit as well as the debit side. Our inner motivations are of equal importance. Are we hoping for material gains and wish that our enterprise should turn into a money spinner for us?

In contrast to this, wise ones as their inner guidance to show them how to make a contribution to altruistically serving life on the Earth plane and the One who created it. One course of action is alleviating the suffering of humankind by releasing ever more of our siblings from the dungeon of their false beliefs and prejudices. Each time one of us wakes up from their spiritual slumber as a result of such actions, our world moves that bit closer to the end of the suffering these things once created. Paying attention to their inner guidance, wise ones do the things they feel drawn to naturally. That’s how they always find what should be done and that which is rightfully theirs comes to them – without having to ask for it.

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