The Little Things

Daffodils - Rays of Wisdom - The Healing Journey Up The Spiritual Mountain - The Little ThingsEverything in our world is a gift from the Universe, to be experienced, appreciated and shared by all. Alas, sometimes things fail to turn out the way I would have liked them to and I find myself grumbling about the usually petty inconveniences this causes me. When I take the time to turn to that which behaved in a manner that meets with my approval, I discover that these mostly unnoticed things far outnumber the ones that did not. They tend to be overlooked because they are the way they are meant to be. As I am no different from anyone else, I have decided to establish the good habit of saying a small but sincerely felt thank you for everything that goes right and works well and smoothly in my life.

When something refuses to do so, I make an effort at trying to understand why it happens and how this behaviour could be benefitting me in some way because it is trying to teach me something. But what? As the world around me is a reflection of my inner life, might they wish to reveal to me an aspect of my nature that needs to be worked on? Could I have been too dreamy and other-worldly? What if they were sent to keep my feet on the ground and me in the present? In the course of our healing journey up the spiritual mountain, our Highest Self draws us ever closer to itself and the higher aspects of life, and our perception of life changes profoundly. Our worldly desires wane and there waxes within us the wish to do something – anything – to alleviate humankind’s suffering by helping and supporting people in distress in some way.

Earthly occupations and pastimes may no longer attract us the way they once did. Instead, we may look for joining a meditation class or connecting with a group that prays for healing and peace in our world. A nature walk is now more satisfying than an outing to the pub. As a result of changing our inner attitudes, our energies are doing the same. Rather than staying on the higher and highest planes of life, it may be necessary to take a few deep breaths here and there by paying more attention to the little things that make life on the Earth plane worth living. Better than anything else they can frequently reveal that all life really is moving forwards. Although they are all too easily overlooked, it’s the little things that better than anything else can help us get things back into perspective when our grip on life is in danger of getting out of focus. When that happens, one fine day, as if by magic something draws our attention to them. This is the Universe’s way of creating opportunities for learning to appreciate them all over again.

The list is endless and to name but a few: a bird in flight; a breath-taking Sunrise or Sunset; the scent of any flower, especially a rose; feeling the warmth and the love of the Sun on our faces and backs, especially in winter; the miracle of the first snowdrops in the depth of winter; the arrival of the first daffodils, the most charming and cheerful messengers of spring of all, each one a golden six-pointed star in its own right that reflects the healing power of the Highest into our world; the discovery of new buds on trees, even before there is any sign of the old leaves dropping off; the first flower opening on a plant we have reared and nurtured from a seed or a cutting; the sounds of nature, like the rustling of leaves, the rushing of water and the lapping of the waves; the tranquillity that comes from watching the sea; a warm soothing cup of tea, lovingly prepared especially for us; a small child putting its hand trustingly into ours; a friendly smile where there wasn’t one before; someone walking again, after a long illness patiently endured.

Each one of these things is a miracle and a wonder and a joy to behold. They are the true treasures of life that cannot be bought, begged or stolen. They exist every day and in every life. All we need to do is open our eyes and start enjoying them, the way they deserve to be. At first, many of them may seem inconsequential, but only until we slow down and consciously take notice of them. It is then that we realise how good they make us feel and that the little things in life truly are the big ones. Thank you, Great Spirit, for giving them to us.

Such reflections are particularly helpful when we, the human soul on the spiritual pathway, begin to feel increasingly restless and dissatisfied with our daily work and start dreaming of different outlets for our talents. We may yearn for meeting like-minded people, who also devote much of their time and energy to spiritual practices that assist their healing. When sufficient progress has been made by us, there grows within a growing need for reaching out to others and for sharing our learning with them. The more the living spirit within us comes alive, the more the Divine qualities of our higher nature take over and establish themselves. Almost imperceptibly we then evolve into kinder and more loving beings with an appreciation of other people’s needs as well as our own.

Our soul’s quest for finding an ever better understanding of life’s purpose and our hunger and yearning for yet more spiritual truth brings the realisation that, if we ever wish to clear our Karmic slate completely, utter honesty with ourselves and others is essential and that in all our dealings, worldly and spiritual alike. Our improved grasp of Earth life’s meaning expands our consciousness and makes us more positive and optimistic about our present existence.

As a result, we smile more easily and never hesitate to offer a helping hand, a kind word and encouragement wherever any opportunity for these things arises. Every small effort to alleviate the suffering of our world and making it a better place for someone is a valid contribution towards establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth. Thus each can – and indeed has to – do their share of saving and redeeming ourselves and our world. Leo Buscaglia wrote: ‘Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life round.’

Last but not least, because our whole being has changed and our requirements and likes and dislikes with it, we may feel the need to re-assess all our relationships. Do the people surrounding us have the right input into our life and we into theirs? If any of our connections are destructive rather than supportive ones, and if we cannot encourage each other to bring forth that which is best in both of us, it would be best to part company with those who do not fulfil these conditions and let them go.

Seek your happiness in things on which you can depend.
Nature offers her children pleasures without end:
Rosy dawns and golden Sunsets, fields and forest bowers.
Hills and mountains, streams and meadows,
Gardens, birds and flowers.

Patience Strong
‘Thoughts for every Day’

Six pointed Star

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