You Are Special - All Parts

Part One

You Are Special - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & Suicide

Are you aware that every human being, each in their own way, is a priceless many-faceted jewel with its own unique set of gifts and qualities that represents a certain aspect of our true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life? We are very special creatures with a high and holy destiny, who are loved totally and unconditionally by them. Just imagine, in the entire history of the whole of Creation there never has been or will be another one quite like us and who is irreplaceable.

Our eyes and hair, hands and handwriting, smiling and weeping, voice and mind are unique to us. No-one walks, talks, thinks, acts or even meditates exactly the way we do. Nobody can paint our brush strokes or has exactly the same taste as ours for food and clothing, music and dancing as well as other artistic endeavours. Nobody perceives things quite the way we do and no-one can feel our feelings or think our thoughts. And there has never been someone who laughs exactly like we do, and the things that make us laugh or cry may have quite a different effect on someone else.

That’s because we are all different from everybody else who ever walked the Earth and each one of us is gifted in a particular way. Even if others pursue the same creative activities as we do, they still have their own way of expressing themselves within them. In the course of our evolutionary journey as individuals that lasts many lifetimes, every one of us develops their own set of abilities. Therefore, it’s quite likely that there will always be someone who is better at something than we are and therefore superior to us in at least one way. But this applies to every human being because the Great White Spirit, our Father/Mother Creator, has provided all of us, His/Her beloved children of the Earth, with a different set of talents.

Our set may already have taken many lifetimes to develop and we have been granted the gift of another one to provide us with many more opportunities for improving them some more. The whole range of our gifts produces a vibration and a sound that is uniquely our own. And the entire human race can be likened to a room filled with billions of musical instruments. Don’t be disturbed when you sometimes get a sneaking feeling that some instruments sound better than yours. This is intentional and due to the fact that every instrument is a unique creation and that ensures that no-one’s sound matches exactly anyone else’s. No matter how hard we may try to sound alike, it’s impossible.

Every human being is a tiny particle of a vast whole, for whose functioning the wellbeing of one is as important as anyone else’s. All of us are rare and precious in the eyes of the Great Father/Mother of all life, who holds a giant plan of life for the whole and a small one for each one of us within it. We were created in God’s image from the idea of the archetypal perfect son/daughter of God that exists in our Creator’s mind. In the course of many lifetimes we created the earthly personality that is ours. And whatever anyone imagines God to be, even the greatest sceptics are bound to admit that it’s impossible that we and our world appeared out of nothing and nowhere.

Humankind is not some kind of a random and haphazard appearance or cosmic joke. Earth life is a school and we are spending time in it so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that’s how our Creator wants us to be. Everybody contains the seed of perfection and the only thing we have to do to achieve it, is integrate every aspect of our nature, our earthly mind and body as much as our spirit and soul. By constantly giving of the best that rises from within the very core of our own being, our nature’s Divine characteristics move ever more into the foreground of our consciousness and gradually take over.

Wherever we shall find ourselves, we can be sure that we are always at the right time in the right spot. We have been placed there to do our share of making our planet a happier, more peaceful and beautiful place for those around us, whilst not overlooking our own needs. Each one of us was created to fulfil one specific task in earthly life during our world’s transition from one age into another, which for some time has been taking place. One particular job is waiting to be done by all of us. It can only be carried out by us and therefore rightfully ours. To enable us to find it, it’s essential to pay attention to the guidance of wise one or the living God within. This part of us has the ability to reveal the right way of how to go about things through the world of our feelings and our natural inclinations.

We are in this life to dream our own dreams and pursue them and not those of others, no matter how dear they may be to those around us, even our parents or grandparents. Only by never imitating or copying others can we hope to be true to our real and highest nature and attend to our special assignment. We are sure to find it when we act in keeping with Its will and wishes, say a loud and clear ‘no’ to the drives and urges of our lower earthly nature and give of our best at all times. Hand in hand with God and the Angels can we then go full steam ahead with developing own unique and precious set of gifts to its highest potential and bring it to full flowering. The success we are dreaming of is sure to come our way if we are willing to work sufficiently hard. If this does not happen in our present lifetime, it will do so in a future one. So, why not get stuck into it, now?

It’s a bit like applying for a job, but this time we shall be luckier than we have ever been before. Just imagine, out of the billions of potential applicants we alone have the right qualifications. What more could anyone ask for? However, the success that is our promise is not going to drop into our lap like manna from the Heavens. Wise ones know that insisting on living selfishly and treating life as an endless round of pleasure-seeking is not the right way to go about it. On the road to fulfilling their highest aspirations and hopes, ideals and dreams, they work for the good of the whole in keeping with the guidance they receive through the world of their innermost feelings.

Only a fool would deny that we are living in exciting times and to make the most of the opportunities they have in store for us, all we have to do is reach out for the guiding, helping and protecting hands of God and the Angels, the highest authorities in the whole of Creation. Persevering with our efforts is worthwhile, so that we don’t miss our chance for learning to walk once again in safety and peace on our beloved planet in the process of evolving into one of its healers, guardians and keepers. Each one of us is required to make their own contribution to the blessing and healing of Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms. These notes are part of mine.

All of us eventually have to learn how to take care of the welfare of our world, so that it slowly evolves into a better place for everybody and everything that shares it with us. This is by no means entirely unselfish, because although we are presently working for future generations, let us not forget that in coming lifetimes we may once again be walking amongst them in a different guise. And if that does not make every small effort one of us makes worth while, then please tell me what is.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris December/January 2010. It came to me as a confirmation of the above which I had written a long time ago. ‘Each one of you has their own special part to play in bringing greater light, i.e. spiritual understanding to your world. When you manifest and express God’s love in your daily lives and hold communion with the Divine aspect of your being in the innermost sanctuary of your heart, you radiate this love and bring it to those around you. Your responsibility towards them gradually increases and so will the wisdom and knowledge you are given access to, intuitively or otherwise. God is as much part of you as you are part of God. Each one of you is destined to evolve into an instrument through which the blessing and healing power of the all-knowing infinite Divine spirit can flow into your world.’

However, God and the Angels do not allow anyone in search of self-aggrandisement and easy ways of accumulating vast amounts of money to get anywhere near the Christ Star’s white healing magic. It is strictly out of bounds for people like this. Access will be denied to them until their Christ nature has taken over sufficiently to have cleansed their energies of the desires of their lower self. Genuinely aspiring lightbringers would never think of themselves as the greatest healers ever and present themselves in this way. Anyone who does this cannot take part in the healing power that constantly flows from the Highest Forces of life into everything in earthly life.

When wise ones think only of the good of others and aim to alleviate their pain and suffering, they are contributing to the transmutation of earthly life’s dense vibrations into higher and more heavenly ones. Anyone else who seriously longs for spiritual development and the unfoldment of their higher vision first needs to surrender their small earthly self’s desires to the will and wishes of the Divine forces. As soon as they selflessly offer themselves as channels for bringing comfort and healing to those who are sick in mind and body, spirit and soul, they are serving not merely the good of their present lifetime but all future ones.

That’s how each one of us freely and willingly will eventually be doing their share of helping God and the Angel to create a better and more spiritually advanced state of life for Mother Earth and every one of her children. To paraphrase the Jesus legend: ‘On my own I can do nothing. On my own I am nothing. The Great Father/Mother and their Angels are doing their work through me. I am but their humble servant and channel.’ In the fullness of time this will become the leitmotif of every human being.

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You Are Special – Part Two

Give Of Your Best

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom From The Tree Of Life - You Are Special - Part Two - Giving Of Your BestMy inner guidance says: ‘Life on the earthly plane is a place of learning. It’s a school in which everybody simultaneously plays the role of teacher and pupil. Everybody taking part in it is equally loved and all have been equally gifted by the Great Father/Mother of all life. They are humankind’s true parents and preferences of any kind are unknown to them. Every one of you has come through earthly parents, but you are not of them. You live in physical bodies and that’s your vehicle for getting around on the material plan, which is meant to last for one lifetime only. It’s the outer shell in which every human spirit/soul is temporarily clothed. Like all earthly things, physical bodies get worn out and then have to be recycled.

‘Your physical body’s genes have been inherited from the ancestral life through which your earthly parents entered their present lifetime, because all were taking part in the same lessons which they needed for a specific part of their earthly education. Your inner being, however, is something quite different. It’s uniquely everybody’s own because it was created by them alone and that could have taken many earthly lifetimes. Everything you ever learn is eternally yours. No-one ever can or will even attempt to take it away from you. The memories of everything that ever happened to you are stored in the subconscious part of your own being. This includes the weaknesses as much as the strength you’ve developed thus far. To enable you to continue working on and with these character traces, your soul memories accompany you into every new earthly lifetime. From the moment you take your first breath, they are influencing you in either positive or negative ways.

‘For some time by now, the greatest transformation that your world has ever experienced has been and  still is taking place. Your planet is changing from an over-materialistically and especially money-spinning orientated place into an ever more spiritual one. Every one of you has a special and unique role to play in this transformation. What God and the Angels expect from you is basically very straightforward and simple. The only thing they are asking is that each one should share whatever is already at their disposal from their special gift. For as long as you give of your best and wish to serve the good of the whole, instead of pursuing selfish aims, they will do the rest.

‘Each one of you was gifted in some specific way, because that enables you to play your very own unique role in your world’s present transformation. It does not matter that to this day, many of you have not yet discovered their gifts. Although they are still slumbering in the subconscious part of your being, all you have to do is go in search of them and start developing the. Ask God and the Angels to help you find them. There are also many in your midst who have already spent many earthly lifetimes of unfolding their gifts. Giving of them freely and unselfishly for the highest good and greatest joy of the whole of humankind and your world, that’s the only way they can come to full flowering.

‘Every one of you was brought into being and released into experiencing earthly life at a different time. Regardless of this, since then all of you have been occupied with attending to the initial part of your apprenticeship as a young God in the making. This is how it’s come about that the spiritually older and more mature members of the great family of humankind were able to assist their younger and less experienced siblings to cope with their earthly existence. And that’s not different to what happens in any good earthly family. It was the love and wisdom of your Divine parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life, that designed both parts of humankind’s existence in this manner. It goes without saying that the spiritually more advanced children of the Earth should help their younger and less experienced siblings to grow in wisdom and understanding. That’s how all of you have always been moving forwards and upwards on the great evolutionary spiral of life, steadily and one step after another, each on their own spiral and simultaneously on the one for the whole of humankind and your world. This will forever continue.

‘Something like a veil separates your world from its inner spiritual background and us, your spirit friends and helpers. Not just one Guardian Angel but a whole group of us have always accompanied each one of you, from the moment of your first appearance on the earthly plane. Although these helpers are invisible to earthly eyes, rest assured that they have always been with you and that they will never leave you. At all times they are occupied with guiding and protecting every earthly self against damaging or destroying the essence of their being and that’s the Divine spark within every human spirit/soul. These friends never interfere with anyone’s earthly existence and the development of their unique earthly personality. Only when something is in danger of getting out of hand are we allowed to step in and say: ‘So far and no further!’ That’s our reaction to your world’s present state, in which every one of you has their own unique role to play. And just in case you have not yet have discovered what your gifts are, turn to your very own inner guidance, the wise one or living God within every human being, and ask to be shown intuitively.

Aquarius is the voice of God, whatever that may mean to you at present. ‘You Are Special’ is one of the oldest and best loved parts of the Aquarian writings. For many years by now, the voice of the Great Father/Mother of all life has been communicating with you through these writings. ‘Call Me by any name and I shall be there. I always listen but only respond when someone asks for it. You always have been and forever will be as much part of Me, as I am part of you. Never doubt that I am always with every one of you, that you have always been safe and forever will be, and that all is well with you and your world and that its reins are resting safely in My loving hands.

Updated June 2021

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You Are Special – Part Three

The Plandemic : Twice Over

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom Words From The Tree Of Life - The Plademic : Twice OverMy inner guidance continues: ‘Your whole world’s most urgent need is being healed, the same as every aspect of each one of you requires healing. As soon you feel that yours is beginning, your time has come for reaching out to those around you and for sharing with them everything that your healer’s pathway has taught you thus far. That’s how every one of you can make their own contribution to the healing of the whole of humankind and your world.

For this task God and the Angels need your help as much as you need theirs. And for as long as you really are doing your best and do not forget to ask for the assistance from the Highest, they are more than happy to show you intuitively how to each one of you can make their unique contribution to transforming Mother Earth into a more honest and truthful, harmonious and peaceful place.

‘Each time one of you is proceeding in this manner, for as long as your requests are in keeping with God’s great evolutionary plan, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, are more than happy to oblige and do what has been asked for. There is every reason for trusting that all is well with your world and that’s because its present state is an essential part of the Divine plan. And that’ the first reason why it’s good and right to call your world’s present state a plandemic. The second reason, as touched upon in earlier parts of the Aquarian writings, the pharma industry for a long time has been concentrating its efforts on the planning of another pandemic. The greed of the companies involved blinds them to the fact that the lying and cheating that’s necessary for sowing the fear of a non-existent virus into ever more human hearts is the very rope on which the entire industry, for many years by now, has been busy with the process of hanging itself. We shall return to this in the next chapter.

‘This is how, with every passing day, a bit more of the faith and truth the people of your world once had in the pharma industry’s products is disappearing. It’s in keeping with God’s evolutionary plan that humankind, in due course should return into the welcoming arms of the time-proven natural healing methods that always have been available to humankind. This will continue for as long as the last one of you requires them. We, your spirit friends and helpers, are delighted to observe how ever more of you these days are becoming aware that every aspect of their being, i.e. mind and body, spirit and soul, can be healed by tuning into the blessing and healing energies of God and the Angels.

‘The only thing anyone needs to do is tune the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly mind into their frequencies. And that’s how every one of you is destined to evolve, with the passing of time, into a channel through which the healing energies can flow into your world. They are meant to be used first for the healing of every aspect of your own being and then for all those around you who are in need of them. All you have to do is ask and never forget: ‘Call Me by any name and I shall be there and happy to respond.’

‘One of the main reasons why God and the Angels allowed a plandemic to come about is because it serves the purpose of weaning humankind from the bad habit of believing that everything they hear, see or read anywhere is true. This behaviour is a leftover from the previous age, the Piscean age, which has been over for quite some time by now. This age was co-ruled by the planets nebulous Neptune and vast and extensive Jupiter. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac in which every human being stands before themselves and has to deal with at least some of the karmic debts that up to that point have accumulated in their spiritual bank accounts. That’s what the whole of humankind had to do during the Piscean age. The negative aspects of the ruling planets Neptune and Jupiter explain why the Piscean age could not help being a period when blind faith and extreme gullibility ruled supreme.

‘We are glad to observe that the majority of those who at present are attending the earthly school of life, in the meantime have matured into responsible mature spiritual adulthood. Gullibly swallowing everything that comes their way and believing it really is true, just because it’s written or shown somewhere and someone insists that it is true, that’s not all right for anyone. Although it’s understandable for those who are still experiencing their spiritual childhood and adolescence, but for the spiritually older and more experienced ones in your midst that’s not good enough. The time for learning how to make the best possible use of your God-given right of freewill has come. And that means making your own decisions, thinking your own thoughts that are based on the reactions of your very own inner guidance to everything you see, hear or read, and only then coming to your own conclusions.

‘Every one of you has been granted the gift of another earthly lifetime to enable them to bring forth, each from deep within their own being, the special gifts and talents that were programmed into the Divine spark when you first came into being. And if sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers is the only thing you can do with your gifts so far, that’s good enough. People who behave like that are sure to be your spiritually younger and less experienced siblings in the great family of humankind. If they were not, they would never dream of wanting to hurt or harm anyone. Forgiving them is good and right, for they really do not know what they are doing to themselves and what, in the fullness of time, is sure to return to them – unless you in some way helps their higher God or Christ nature to stir from its slumbering state.

‘It’s good to observe how ever more of you in your world are becoming aware that their earthly existence has an inner spiritual background; that it’s but a thin veil of consciousness that separates your two worlds from each other; and that the spirit part is a realm of thought. Even what many in your world to this day like to think of as their most secret thoughts, on our side it’s as if they were being shouted from the rooftops. The intentions behind every thought, word and action in your world also are clearly visible in ours. It’s the thinking of those on your side that, at any given time, shows us whether someone has spiritually ripened to the state of pure wheat or should still be counted as chaff.

‘The purest of wheat are those who know that they are personally responsible for every thought, word and action they ever released into the Universe. The spiritually younger and less experienced siblings need the assistance of their elder siblings. People’s behaviour shows us, at any given time, what category of sheep they belong to. How about you? Are you glad to be led by your nose like a sheep to the slaughter or in this case taking part in being vaccinated with some of the pharma industry’s dubious products? Wise ones pay attention to how their inner guidance, the wise one or living God within them, reacts and says either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

‘As touched upon earlier, nothing on the earthly plane belongs to you. Everything is borrowed and a gift on time. Even your physical body is not yours. It’s been given to you as a vehicle for getting around in the material world and that for but one lifetime. When that has reached its end, independent of how long it may last each time, be it one day or a hundred years and more, your physical body is your spirit/soul’s outer shell that needs to be recycled, even though it may not be worn out.

‘Nothing on the earthly plane is meant to last forever. That’s why it decays, but the only exception is gold. Even if this metal has been buried underground for thousands of years, it remains unchanged. The world around you is constantly trying to tell humankind about what’s happening on the inner levels of someone’s being. The unchanging state of gold is the Universe’s way of saying that the only variety of gold that’s truly worth acquiring on the earthly plane is that of spiritual wisdom and truth. This kind of knowledge, when it is combined with the ability of not merely knowing something but also understanding it, spiritually is the purest of gold that never changes is texture or loses any of its value. This is the only thing that every one of you can take with them, when the end of each earthly lifetime has come round. It’s the only property that truly belongs to you and accompanies you throughout Eternity. No-one would dream of taking it from you.’

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You Are Special – Part Four

Journey’s End

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom Words Grown On The Tree Of Life - Journey's End

My inner guidance continues: ‘Your world’s present situation is the end of humankind’s long journey through the dark tunnel of not knowing the true nature of God and who and what every one of you really is. From the dark tunnel of being ignorant of these things, ever more of you are rapidly moving into the light of discovering plenty of spiritual wisdom and truth as well as understanding it. That’s why Albert Einstein, 1879-1955 wrote: ‘Any fool can know. Understanding is something quite different.’

‘This is how the plandemic is serving the ultimate purpose of waking steadily increasing numbers of people out of the sleeping beauty slumber of their higher God or Christ nature. The Aquarian age is bringing your world the discovery that behind the thorn-hedge that grew in the course of thousands of years of all-male religions with its web of false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices, the beauty and wonder of spiritual wisdom and truth has merely been hiding. It’s not gone away; it never will. And that’s how ever more of you are in the process of finding out about humankind’s origin, spiritual nature and the high and holy destiny that has always been in store for every human being, as soon as someone’s earthly education has reached its end.

‘Let’s stop for a moment to have a closer look at your world’s fairy tales. First ‘Snow White and the seven Dwarves’ and the piece of poisonous apple that in the first part of the story gets stuck in the throat of the most beautiful young maiden the world had ever seen. To cut a long story short, when Snow White bit into the poisonous half of the apple her jealous step mother offered, the girl fell down and appeared to be dead. But, as we later find out, she merely went to sleep and her great beauty remained unchanged. Eventually, the poisonous apple piece emerges from her throat, Snow White comes alive again and so does the world around her. The story is filled with symbolisms that are reaching beyond the end of the patriarchy and the age of truth.

‘The same applies to the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. It’s about a princess who on her fifteenth birthday falls into a deep sleep after pricking her finger on a poisonous spindle with which an old woman had been spinning wool. Thirteen fairies existed in the girl’s father’s kingdom and every one of them blessed the girl with some kind of a special gift. However, because the king had only twelve golden plates and sets of cutlery, the thirteenth fairy was not invited. She found out and attended the festivities when they were almost over. In her anger she cast a spell that on her fifteenth birthday the princess should fall down dead. Fortunately, the twelfth fairy had not yet given her gift. As she could not undo the curse, she softened it by saying that the princess should not be dead, merely fall into a deep sleep.

‘This is what happened. The girl fell asleep and a thorn hedge started to grow around the place where she was lying. With every passing year, it grew thicker and the thorns became more poisonous. The king was so desperate that he promised the hand of his daughter in marriage to any prince who could wake her. The sleeping girl’s beauty had become known far and wide and many princes arrived, who were willing to risk their lives trying to penetrate the thorn hedge. None of them succeeded, one after the other perished by getting stuck in the hedge and its thorns. But when the time is right, another prince appears on a white steed and, quite magically, the hedge opens on its own and its thorns change into beautifully scented roses. The prince finds the girl and straight away falls so deeply in love with her that he kisses her. She wakes up, comes fully alive and so forth. . .

‘Sleeping Beauty is another story that appeared during the patriarchy to indicate that the beauty of God’s sacred spiritual wisdom and truth has never gone from our world entirely. In both cases it’s a beautiful girl who falls into a deep slumber. The stories were trying to tell you that the feminine wisdom and love of the Great Mother of all life never went from your world altogether. It merely withdrew for the length of the patriarchy. Even though it lasted approx. six thousand years, in God’s time of Eternity it does not amount to more than the batting of an eyelid.

‘The sleeping beauty is a symbolism for the Great Mother’s wisdom and love. For the wise higher reason of teaching humankind the value of honesty and truth, Her beauty fell asleep behind a hedge that had carefully been equipped with the most poisonous and deadly thorns of the false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices that, with the passing of time, accumulated in the teachings of your world’s old religion’s. Stories like those of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were given to humankind in the hope that sufficient numbers of people would be able to recognise their symbolisms and the higher esoteric wisdom and truth that in these tales, like your world’s religious teachings, were hidden behind their surface words. In times gone by, it was a safe way of telling that in due course your world’s feminine energies would reappear; that their softening, beautifying and civilising influences were destined to wake up one day and be restored in all their glory, for the blessing and healing of your world.

‘Rejoice, because that’s what has been happening in your world for some time by now. The process of rectifying its balance at present is not quite complete. For quite a while humankind has been occupied with the gradual returning of the feminine to its rightful place as equal partner of the masculine. It’s not surprising that this is a difficult task after approx. six thousand years of patriarchy, with its unnatural all-male religions. The Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the spirit and light of the Universal Christ, never changed. Nothing can or ever will, in spite of what your old religions to this day are telling you about who is at the head of the whole of Creation.

‘1 = first impulse of Creation, the Great Father’s masculine elements of Fire = creative ideas and Air = the power of thought that transmits them to
2 = second impulse of Creation, its counterpart, the Great Mother’s feminine elements of Earth and Water. The Father’s ideas are constantly flowing into the Mother’s womb, i.e. the whole of Creation. Her wisdom and love decides which ones should come into manifestation, first on the inner spiritual plane and then on the outer material one. The Angels and Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, are in charge of the Divine evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation. Serving the Great Father/Mother, they are responsible for manifesting the ideas that have been accepted and see to it that they appear wherever they are meant to go.

‘The Angelic kingdom, together with its countless spirit helpers on all levels of life,  then starts slowing down the vibrations of  3 = the spirit and light of the Universal Christ. And that’s how the Great Father/Mother in close co-operation with each other and the Angelic kingdom always have and forever will be bringing everything into being that is intended to appear in the world of matter, after it having been created on the inner spiritual plane. Even though that part of your world is invisible to earthly eyes, it is teeming with millions of different lifeforms.

‘And whether you are as yet aware of this or not, every one of you consists of a masculine and a feminine part, just like your Creator. That’s why the nature of every man in your world consists of masculine as well as feminine energies. From the subconscious level the feminine aspect of his nature affects everything he does in his outer masculine physical body. And vice versa. It’s the Universe’s way of helping you to get to know your innermost being. The world around you is its outer material manifestation.

‘The re-balancing of your world’s energies could only come about in God’s time, not yours, i.e. only when the planetary energies are right. And that time is NOW. The deeper you penetrate into the Aquarian age, the age of truth, the more of God’s sacred wisdom and truth will become known to everybody in your world. The energies of the year 2022 for some time by now have been in the process of steering your world through its greatest transformation ever. We shall return to this theme in the next chapter.

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You Are Special – Part Five

2021 : Year Of Miracles And Wonders

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom Words Grown On The Tree Of Life - 2021 : Year Of Miracles And Wonders

My inner guidance continues: ‘I would like to remind you that the 1st January 2021 in truth was the end of the year 2021 and the beginning of 2022. And that’s a year when miracles and wonders, and especially the greatest miracle of all, the transformation of your whole world, can and will happen. The numbers 11 and 22 are your world’s Master vibrations. The 222 moves the whole of humankind, individually and collectively, onto the next higher evolutionary level. The 22 being followed by the 0 = the circle of Eternity and then another 2 confirms this.

‘Monday 21st June 2021 is the day of the summer solstice and the Sun moves into Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon that’s dedicated to the Great Mother of all life. Monday is also under Her rulership and that increases the influence of Her feminine energies on everything that exists in your world, including every one of you, your loved ones and friends. The solstice day this year is under the influence of 2 + 1 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 = 15/6 = Venus, the planetary ruler of the earthy fixed sign Taurus and airy cardinal Libra.

‘In each sign Venus brings beauty, peace and harmony in a different way. During a lifetime in Taurus you concentrate on enjoying the good things of the Earth. You learn about the value things. Taureans above all love money because that will buy them as much as possible of the good things of the Earth. Libra is the sign of marriage and relationships in general. Lifetimes in this sign are spent by concentrating on good relationships. Libra is the peacemaker and diplomat of the zodiac.

‘The energies of the next Full Moon are going to be beneficial. It takes place on Thursday 26th June 2021 at 18.40 hrs Greenwich Meantime in the sign Capricorn. Ruled by the stern and undeviating schoolmaster of the zodiac, Saturn, this is the sign in which humankind’s hopes and dreams of the highest achievements can find fulfilment, but only when you go about it the right way, i.e. with self-discipline and self-mastery. This full Moon promises to bring enlightenment to your world, i.e. a better understanding of things that could have been puzzling you for a long time. This time it is likely to emerge about the leaders of large public organisations and institutions, for example governments and their police forces, health systems and the industries that are supposed to serve them.

‘But let’s return to fairy tales for a moment. They were originally not written for the entertainment of children. Each one was an attempt to provide grown-ups with spiritual education, hope and encouragement about what’s ahead for humankind. During the time of the patriarchy, the spreading of such stories was a dangerous pastime. But in spite of that, for a long time they circled by world of mouth only. The German Brothers Grimm eventually set about collecting them and writing them down, so they could be published in bookform. The truth about your world’s situation, destiny and future at that time had to be hidden most carefully behind the stories’ surface words and they were presented to your world as fairy tales. This was necessary because at that time your world’s old religions did all they could to hide the truth. They did not shy away from wiping out anyone who dared to voice the slightest of doubts that any of their ever stranger tales was not literally true.

‘Through them, with the passing of time, layer upon layer of fear was piled into humankind’s individual and collective consciousness. That’s how the knowledge of our race’s origin, the true nature of God and everyone’s own was almost lost, but not quite. The separation from your Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, left a deep inner wound behind in every one of you. During each earthly lifetime another layer of fear was piled onto this wound and stored in the subconscious part of everybody’s being. Without working your way through every one of these layers and dissolving each one of them, gaining access to the Source of your being and directly connecting with it is impossible. Yet, that is every human being’s birthright. Each layer has to be removed in a process that can be likened to the peeling of an onion.

‘God’s great evolutionary plan provides that, with the help of the plandemic, ever more of you are waking up from the illusion that their earthly existence is all there is to life. Their time has come for realising that earthly life is but a school and a place of learning that exists for the wise higher purpose of helping every human being to grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding. They, the same as everybody else, have been granted the gift of another lifetime to enable you to go in search of consciousness expanding experiences. The limited time of every earthly existence is precious and by no means meant to be spent with money-spinning and acquiring ever more of the good things that Mother Earth seems to offer. It seems as if they were there just for the taking, but that impression is misleading. With the passing of time, every one of you is destined to turn into a gold-digger of a very special kind. You then realise that the only gold that’s truly worth owning on the earthly plane is spiritual wisdom and understanding and that hunting that type of fortune is good and right for you.

‘This brings us full circle back to the pharma industry’s products. Your world’s natural healing methods were only temporarily pushed out of their time-proven place by them. For many of you, though only for a while, pharma chemicals seemed to work and the pharma industry worked very hard on systematically suppressing all natural healing methods. Steadily increasing numbers of you by now realise that the best the pharma industry’s products could ever hope to achieve has been suppressing the symptoms of illnesses. And that will never be a substitute for looking for and, with the help of God and the Angels, locating their underlying causes and then setting about healing them. That’s what your world’s natural healing methods have always been doing and will continue to do, for as long as anyone in your world requires them.’

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•    ‘The Greatest Healing Miracle Ever’
•    ‘To Jab Or Not To Jab’
•    ‘Our World In Transition’
•    ‘Be A Miracle Worker’

Recommended Viewing:
•    ‘I’ll Find My Way Home’

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You Are Special – Part Six

All About Flu And Vaccinations Against It

Rays Of Wisdom - Wisdom Words Grown On The Tree Of Life - All About Flu And Vaccinations Against ItOne of my friends wrote to me in the year 2005. This year has become known as the year of bird flu. Across the globe, the fear of avian influenza has caused government officials to place a higher priority on developing plans to deal with pandemic influenza. That’s when one of my friends wrote the following: ‘I swear this whole bird flu saga is something straight from some television mini-series or fiction novel. However, as you know, you couldn't make up a story like this tale of greed and political corruption.

Earlier this year, the United States placed an order for 20 million doses of this worthless drug at a price of $100 per dose. That comes to a staggering $2 billion. It was abundantly clear that this drug was not going to help anyone with the flu, and now we find out that it has a serious potential of killing children that are vaccinated with it.

To add insult to injury, the drug companies have made a sweet arrangement with the U.S. government that they are not liable for any of the side effects from the drugs. President Bush's $7.1-billion pandemic flu plan seeks broad limits on lawsuits against producers of vaccines and antiviral drugs, but is silent on how those injured or killed by adverse reactions might be compensated.

The liability shield is contained in the Pandemic Flu Countermeasure Liability Protection Act of 2005. It would protect producers and distributors of emergency vaccines from injury suits except in cases of "wilful misconduct," a term to be defined later by the attorney general and the secretary of Health and Human Services.

So, even if these drugs or vaccines wind up killing innocent children or adults, for that matter, these companies will not be held liable. But you don't have to worry as on Saturday the FDA announced that Tamiflu was safe. Of course, this is the same agency that gave Vioxx its safety blessing, before it killed 55,000 people.

If Tamiflu kills U.S. children, Roche will plead that they had no idea it could do such a thing! They will claim reports such as this one out of Japan were unverified, and that there was no way they could have known it was a problem.

It just doesn't get much worse than that. When will America wake up and say enough is enough? If this bothers you as much as it does me, you will want to be on the alert for a special animation I have created that could make a major difference in this country by helping people realize that we are not hopeless and that we can make a difference. I plan on releasing the video the first week of January, and we hope it will gain as much national attention as the Jib Jab video did last year.

Not that they will make any great efforts to find out if it is a problem -- if you've been paying attention to the way the drug companies operate, you know that any potential problem with their drugs is something they want to find out about after it has been sold to millions of people, not before.

As you probably understand by now, drugs are rarely the answer to your health problems. And vaccinations are a dangerous alternative to simply taking care of yourself.

Vaccines, which often contain mercury, are linked to several chronic illnesses including:
Behavioral disorders
Ear infections

An essential resource for anyone interested in protecting their health and the health of their loved ones is Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal, a two-hour video by world-renowned vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The video is the culmination of Dr. Tenpenny's three-year investigation into the real story behind vaccines. The facts on several crucial areas are covered including:

1.    How vaccines can cause illnesses
2.    The very real link between vaccines and developmental learning and behavioural disorders in children
3.    How vaccines have never been proven safe
4.    The ingredients and contaminants in vaccines and why they're detrimental to your health
5.    How vaccine studies are seriously flawed

If you want to avoid catching the flu , drugs and vaccines are not the answer. Your body and health are better served by addressing the reasons why the immune system is impaired, which allows it to acquire the infection to begin with. Here are some much healthier and less expensive steps you can take:

1.    Avoid sugar
2.    Get enough rest
3.    Eat garlic regularly
4.    Don't let stress overwhelm you
5.    Exercise regularly
6.    Wash your hands

Last but not least, here are some more of Jon Rappaport’s recent offerings that are once again spot on, especially item three. Consult your own inner guidance about everything else that’s available in Jon’s blog.

1) ‘Millions of face masks officially declared dangerous.’ On 28th May 2021 the following reached me:

2) ‘Who needs a fake virus when we’ve got opioids?’ by Jon Rappaport 2nd June 2021

3) ‘Forgotten moments from the history of vaccines; yes, history matters.’ By Jon Rappaport 9th June 2021

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From 'Words Of Hope And Encouragement'

You Are Special – Part Seven

All Things Are Possible

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Hope And Encouragement - All Things Are Possible

With the help and will of God and the Angels
And a better understanding of
God’s true nature and our own,
All things really are possible,
Any condition can be healed,
Crooked corners made straight
And mountains of false beliefs,
Prejudices and superstitions uplifted and
Transmuted into Divine wisdom and truth.

If our minds can conceive something is possible
And we believe in it with all our hearts and souls,
God and the Angels will do the rest.
That’s why I now ask you,
O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
To grant me the gift of Your wisdom
And help me to choose wisely,
So that hand in hand with You and the Angels
I can serve you and together with You work
For the Highest good and the greatest joy of all,
Rising above and leaving behind
The selfish desires and destructive urges
Of my earthly nature.

May Your will be mine
And my will be Yours.
May Your inspiration flow through me,
And Your sacred words and prayers be mine
So that they contribute to the
Peaceful and harmonious unfolding of all life,
In keeping with Your will and wishes
That can clearly be seen in Your Great evolutionary plan.

Through transmuting, hand in hand with You and the Angels,
All influences that are harmful and damaging for
Us and everything that shares our world,
Into beneficial ones that strengthen and heal
Every individual immunity system
And also that of our whole world,
May the 2019/2020 pandemic soon reach its
Natural and happy ending.
In the name of love and on behalf of
The whole of humankind
I am asking for this.


Updated February 2021

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From 'A Celebration Of Kahlil Gibran'

You Are Special – Part Eight

About Children

Children at play - About Children, Kahlil Gibran - Rays of Wisdom

Holding a babe on her bosom, a woman said:
‘Speak to us of children’,
And the Prophet replied: ‘Your children are not your children;
Every human being is a beloved child of the Earth
Of the Great Father/Mother.
We are all manifestations of life that’s steadfastly moving
Forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral
Of the whole of Creation, one of their own as well as
One for the whole of humankind and our world.

Your children come through you, but they are
Neither of you nor from you.
Even though they are with you for a while,
They do not belong to you.
You can give them your love, but try not to make
Them think your thoughts.
From as early as possible, teach each one how
To think its own thoughts,
Come to its own conclusions and
Develop its own opinions.

Although you house their physical bodies for a while,
Their spirit/souls are uniquely their own.
In their soul memories they have brought with them
Their own hopes, dreams and aspirations
And they may not be the same as yours.
That’s what you also did when you entered
Your present lifetime and will do again,
Should you need to return to this plane
In a future lifetime, in case you have not yet
Finished your education in the earthly school of life.
Being like your children is good for you.
It keeps you young at heart with them and you continue to
Observe our world with the innocence of a childlike perception.
Whatever you do, forget about making your children like you,
As that would be holding back their development
And not do nothing to assist yours.

Sagittarius is the zodiac’s sign in which
Humankind’s superconscious faculties are developed.
It symbol is the archer, half human and half God.
Parents are the bows from which
The Great Father/Mother of all life
Is sending everyone of Its children forth like
Living arrows onto the material plane.
The members of Angelic Kingdom serve the Divine archer.
They love to shoot their arrows as far and wide as possible.
They alone can see the marks, which are invisible
To earthly eyes, that every arrow leaves behind
And how much progress it is making
On its pathway of getting to know itself
As a spark of the Great Light and
A young God in the making.

That’s how, in the course of many earthly lifetimes,
Every one of us evolves into an ever more perfect and beautiful
Manifestation of the archetype that exists in
The Great Father’s mind.
The first step of our apprenticeship as a young God
Is taking part in the earthly school of life’s lessons.
It has reached its end as soon as
We have evolved into a Christed one,
Each in their own right.

The Divine archer loves parents who not only
Give their children roots in which they can grow but also
The freedom to fly when they are ready to leave the nest;
Stepping back and setting their offspring free,
Safe in the knowledge that they will do well because
From early on they have been encouraged
To make their own mistakes, so they can learn from
Their own experiences and dream their own dream.
Support your children to fulfil their own highest potential,
As that sets you free to attend to yours.

The Archer loves wise parents and teachers,
Who tell the children in their care that they are the children of God
And that therefore each one is as precious and unique as the other;
Who appreciate that although children at first live
In smaller bodies than their own, they have nonetheless
Come into our world as a fully developed spirit/soul,
Who may have a much longer evolutionary history
Behind it than its parents;
And that their gifts and talents are not inherited from
Any of their forebears but it could already have taken
Many lifetimes to develop them and bring them
To full flowering, maybe in this one.

Wise parents tell their offspring that:
They are not some kind of appendix of them;
They have been granted the gift of another lifetime
To learn, evolve and grow some more through their own experiences,
The same as they are doing and forever will continue to do.
When their children go to school, they point out that they are
Learning for themselves and for life itself,
Not only for this lifetime, but for Eternity.
They explain that every human being is personally responsible
For every one of their thoughts, words and actions,
And that the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma,
In due course returns every one of them to is sender.
That’s why in each lifetime we are born to parents who are
Like the parent we ourselves were during our most recent lifetime.

Wise parents teach their children that they are personally
Responsible for every one of their thoughts, words and actions
And that the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma,
In due course returns every one of them.
Through their example they are showing that,
If one wants to get anything of value from earthly life,
It’s essential to first put something valuable into it.

From as early as possible, wise parents encourage their children not to blindly swallow everything they hear, see or read; not to believe that something is true just because someone says so, whoever they may be; to let everything flow through the inner filter of their very own wise one or living God within, who communicates with everybody through the world of their feelings. If something is true or false, this guidance reliably lets us know.

Wise parents don’t endlessly give to their children. Through first giving something and then withholding it for a while, their offspring learn about its value. That’s how the love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother have always been teaching us, their beloved children of the Earth the value of honesty and truth. And this is why our world needed approx. six thousand years of patriarchy. With the old religions unnatural all-male God-head and their steadily increasing store of false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices, and the insistence of their leaders that they are literally true, one step after another honesty and truth were almost completely removed from our world.

Although it seems that God and the Angels are allowing the present outburst of lying and cheating, deception and corruption, they will never cease to be the eye that does not sleep. Wise ones know that it must be happening for a wise higher reason. They forgive your world’s present troublemakers and scaremongers because they really do not know what they are doing – most of all to themselves when, in due course, the law of Karma returns to them the seeds they are so happily sowing far and wide.

Wise ones know intuitively that our world’s present state is the crescendo and final instalment of being taught the value of honesty and truth. When they have reappeared, they will be appreciated and treasured beyond compare. Every one of us will ensure that they will never again go from us and our world. Wise parents realise that the Great Father/Mother together with their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ’s spirit and light, are the true parents of the whole of humankind. Earthly parents can merely act as their representatives and can only ever be substitutes for the real thing.

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius
Updated June 2021

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From 'Healing Corner For Parents & Children'

You Are Special – Part Nine

What Do Our Children Learn At School?

Rays of Wisdom - Healing Corner For Parents And Children - What Do Our Children Learn At School?

Well, what do they learn?
That two and two make four,
And Paris is the Capital of France,
But where and when are they going to learn
Who and what all of us truly are?
Why don’t we ourselves ask them:
‘Do you know who you are?’
When they say they don’t know, tell them
‘You are a unique marvel – every human being is.
There is no-one in the whole of Creation,
Who is exactly like you or me.

What’s more, during all the millions of years
That have come and gone, since humankind
First appeared on the Earth,
In the long course of its evolution,
And however many more years of this are still to come,
There has never been another being like you and me,
And there never will be.

Humankind eagerly searches for miracles and
Loves to dig deep into all kinds of mysteries.
Why then is it so hard for us to recognise
That we are the greatest mystery of all and
That the physical bodies each one of us is living in
Is one of the greatest wonders of our world?
This means every one of us has been born
Into their own private marvel.
Take a good look at your whole body,
Your arms, hands and fingers, legs, feet and toes.
See how cleverly everything moves and works together?
It’s nothing short of a magnificent work of art and
A masterpiece of engineering.
Isn’t that’s worthy of being called a miracle, my child?

As you grow up, you will sometimes be in danger
Of despairing about the state of our world.
I say: ‘Don’t!’ You are here to do your share
Of making it a better place for all its lifeforms.
Every one of us is allowed freedom of choice
And this includes our behaviour.
Yours, the same as mine and everybody else’s,
Is never accidental, but chosen.
It’s up to us how we react to those around us
And which way we behave, at any given moment.
When everybody knows this and acts on their knowledge,
Their behaviour will always be a conscious choice.
We will then have freed ourselves and our world
From the ignorance of the lifetimes during which,
All of us together, created our world’s present state.

Only a fool would pretend that making the
Necessary changes is going to be an easy task.
It’s difficult because each one of us has
Brought with them into their present lifetime
Thinking and behaviour patterns that were
Developed in the course of many previous ones.
That’s why by now they are so deeply embedded
In our soul memories and consciousness
That shedding them is difficult.
Yet, it can and has to be done, by each one of us.
Rejoice, for you have re-entered earthly life
During the period in which the greatest transformation
And renewal of Mother Earth is taking place.
For quite some time by now, she has been changing from
A predominantly materially oriented place into a spiritual one.
This is becoming ever more visible.

God and the Angels are offering everybody the
Same opportunities for doing their share and contributing
To bringing the whole of humankind and our world
Ever closer to what so far we can only perceive in our dreams:
A world where all live together in peace and harmony,
Where lying and cheating, deception and corruption,
War- and scaremongering, exploitation of any kind are unknown.
Mentally hold onto these images, think about them often and know
Deep down in your heart that you are helping them to
Come about and that one day they will have become a reality
On the earthly plane.

In the inner spiritual background of our world,
Wise ones always have been and forever will be
In charge of humankind’s education.
Individually and collectively, they are allowing
Us the freedom to make our own choice.
This is the only real freedom we earthlings have whenever
We are taking part in the earthly school of life’s lessons.
Whilst there, we are constantly presented with choices.
That’s why, from as early as possible during each lifetime,
Choosing wisely and at the same time striving to be true
To our higher God or Christ nature,
Is of the greatest importance for every one of us.

This is because the Great Father/Mother of all life want us,
Their beloved children of the Earth, to grow ever more Heaven-tall
And, with the passing of time, evolve into ever more beautiful beings.
Every human being’s potential is unlimited and
Has the same right of developing into someone like
Mother Theresa, Saint Joan of Arc,
Shakespeare, Michelangelo or Beethoven.

Each one of us is living in their own physical body
Creates the illusion that we are all separate from each other.
Don’t allow earthly appearances to fool you because
Nothing could be further from the truth.
On the inner spiritual level, all life is one,
There is no separation between anything and
The whole of humankind is one big family.
That’s why whenever we hurt someone,
We hurt everybody, including ourselves.
Knowing that and also that everyone is a miracle and
A unique marvel in its own right, just like you,
Could you ever hurt or harm another?

Life is a precious gift and you have received this lifetime
So that you may learn that we are all on the Earth
For good and wise reasons, and that is
Learning, individually and as a race,
To love wisely, to cherish, help and support each other.
We are all personally responsible for every one of
Our thoughts, words and actions.
The law of course and effect or Karma, in due course,
Return every one of them to us.
All of us are responsible not only for ourselves
But the whole of humankind and the state of our world,
At any given time.

Learning to work together for the highest good and the
Greatest joy of all is the ultimate purpose of every human being’s
Earthly education. All of us are required to contribute to making
Mother Earth into an ever more beautiful and peaceful place
For everything that shares her with us;
A world that at last is worthy of being the home,
If only a temporary one from time to time,
Of the beloved children of the Earth
Of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
And their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.
S/He is the Light of all lights,
And the Sun of all suns, whose warmth and love
Gives and sustains all manifestations of life
Not only on our plane, but throughout the
Whole of Creation.

Pablo Casals
Edited by Aquarius
Updated June 2021 

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