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It is true that thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation, but do you know why? The creative idea required to set any act of creation in motion is the masculine power aspect of the Great Architect of life, which belongs to the abstract world of intellect. Astrologically this is represented by the elements Fire, creativity, and Air, intellect. Through the feminine elements of Earth and Water, God creates and destroys whole worlds at will, by the sheer power of thought. Created in the image of God, the same truly awesome force is also part of us. Because in God all is one and there is no separation between anything, our small earthly minds are a part of the intelligence of the Universe, God’s great mind.

Would you agree that we urgently need someone to teach us the control of such forces and how to use them wisely? That is why Saturn, the planet of Karma, is such a vital and invaluable part of the great picture of life, especially at the present time. Saturn is a symbolism for the stern and undeviating celestial schoolmaster who requires that every soul must eventually achieve control over its lower nature and complete mastery of all aspects of its being. It sounds daunting but we are not alone in this. God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to help each one of us fulfil these requirements. Saturn is the great accountant of life whose ledgers are perfect and justice is wielded accordingly, under the supervision of the Lords of Karma. For this purpose the Universe keeps on the etheric level of life what is known as the Akashic Records.

This is the place where at any given moment everyone’s thoughts, words and deeds on their evolutionary pathway through life is noted. Because we are responsible for them, they are recorded and each ones leaves its mark behind in the great book of life, similar to writing in indelible ink on the earthly plane of life. These files can be likened to a vast library and a bookkeeping system that, like any other, consists of credit and a debit entries and ledgers. None of these entries in the Universe’s system can ever be wiped out. It is just that the ones on the debit side can and must eventually be redeemed and balanced by our good deeds on the credit side. This continues until perfect balance has been achieved and we have grown wise to stop creating difficult Karma for ourselves and our world.

That’s the only way all of us, each through their own efforts, can and must eventually release ourselves from the wheel of rebirth into Earth life and the redemption of its karmic debts there. The Akashic Records are shown to us on ‘judgement day’, i.e. when we are back in the world of spirit and stand before ourselves. Stripped of everything that mattered to us on the Earth plane and guided by the wise ones in charge of us, we ourselves then assess our performance of all lifetimes including the most recent one. Together we then discuss our options and finally decide about the experiences we shall require to ensure our future soul growth, whilst satisfying the requirements of the law of Karma. Knowing all that it’s not hard to see why it is of the utmost importance that we learn self-mastery and especially the control of our thought processes.

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