Be A Miracle Worker

Part One

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology On The Healing Journey - Be A Miracle Worker - Part One

Ah, Love! Could you and I with fate conspire,
To shatter our world’s sorry scheme of things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits – and then,
Re-mould it nearer to our heart’s desire?

Omar Khayyam
1048 – 1123 AD
Adjusted for our time
By Aquarius

This new part of my jottings was launched 20th January 2020 when the Sun had just moved from Capricorn, the densest of the Earth signs, into Aquarius, one of the Air signs devoted to the development of humankind’s intellectual and mental capabilities. From the energies of gloom and doom loving Capricorn everything in our world for thirty days will come increasingly under the influence of forward looking Aquarius, the sign in which humankind’s highest hopes, dreams and aspirations can and eventually will find their fulfilment.

The time has come for leaving behind the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions with which our soul memories have been filled by the religions of times gone by. The Aquarian energies provide us with the iconoclastic powers of smashing them into smithereens that can be absorbed by our Highest Self, to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for the whole of Creation. They are flowing to wherever they are needed and especially to those who are asking for them. The Aquarian energies are excellent for practising our spiritual wings by taking to the air and becoming a miracle worker in our own right and in this way make our contribution towards the blessing and healing of all life.

* * *

I hope that those who are familiar with other parts of my writings are going to forgive me for repeating some of the concepts mentioned here. I do believe that this is necessary for the sake of anyone who is new to my work. I am equally convinced that all our world’s problems will one day have been solved when the following things have become common knowledge and that’s the reason for sharing them once more here:

a) Who and what we truly are, where we are coming from and going to. b) The essence of everyone’s being is spirit/soul, part of God and therefore eternal and immortal like our Creator. c) A human life is not a one-off thing but a long drawn out process that consists of countless lifetimes that, slowly but surely, take every one of us forwards and upwards on the vast evolutionary spiral of life. d) Earthly life is a place of learning, a school that takes us from its lowest lessons to the highest. This journey starts with experiencing the meanest drives and urges of humankind’s lower earthly nature. It ends with the high and holy destiny, which is in store for every human being, of evolving into a Christed one, someone who moves about on the Earth like the legendary Jesus, who is a symbol of humankind’s Christ nature. The tale of the Master’s life depicts the various initiations every one of us experiences on the road to this goal.

Alas, to this day many are still unaware of why they are here and what is happening to them and at the same time their world. The wise higher purpose of all aspects of our race’s earthly education is that, with the passing of time, even the last and slowest ones of us evolve into seekers of wisdom and truth. The Aquarian Age is the age of truth and anyone who has woken up from their spiritual slumber is one of the pioneers and wayfinders for those who are following behind. We are here to ease their way because that sets them free to attend to the special kind of work that, as written in their book of life, is destined for them, the same as for everybody.

Hand with God and the Angels, protected by them and intuitively guided, aspiring healers and light bringers need to willingly explore areas of human consciousness where no-one has been before. Their task is the spreading of the news that for quite some time, each one of us individually and all of us together, have been travelling towards a miracle and wonder of truly majestic proportions and that is the healing of the whole of humankind, our world and everything that shares it with us.

If you wish to make a contribution to the success of this enterprise, first and foremost you need to inform those around you about the following: a) Help them to become aware of humankind’s true nature. b) The higher purpose and meaning of everyone’s earthly existence. c) The presence of God’s Universal law of cause and effect, commonly known as the law of Karma. It ensures that everything eventually returns to its source in somewhat strengthened form. Everything in the whole of Creation is subject to this law, naturally also humankind as a whole and every individual spirit/soul within it.

d) Every one of us has the power to put an end to the last bit of the suffering of our world through the realisation of how this law has always affected us and everything that is in our life. With the knowledge that this will forever continue the Universe places the instrument for influencing our own destiny and that of our world in positive and constructive ways, so that all suffering will eventually come to is natural end.

The scandals that for many years have been rocking our world to its foundations, in particular those about sexual abuse, are part of the patriarchy’s legacy. Dealing with the aftermath of such offences is well and good, but if we wish to remove sores of this nature from humankind’s character once and for all, it is necessary to look in a different direction. When one starts digging for the roots of the dilemmas that to this day are troubling us, they need to be approached from the spiritual perspective. It is astonishing how solutions offer themselves, practically of their own accord. By following them through and working with what is on offer, in my view, every last one of our world’s blemishes will in the natural course of events eventually have been wiped out once and for all.

The heart of what is at stake here is that every one of us, without exception, is a spark of the Great Light of the Universal Christ and a child of the Great Father/Mother of all life. That means we are a young Gods in the making who are spending the initial part of their apprenticeship as physical beings on the Earth. And because God is in everything, anything that exists in the whole of Creation is an image of God, including the humankind. We are co-creators with God, we ARE God. God did not make us the way we are, we ourselves did this in the course of many lifetimes and everything that is in our lives came about the same way.

Whatever we ever did and still are doing, God and the Angels have been and are helping us. On our own we could not do anything; we would be nothing; we would not be! But as sparks of the Divine and chips off the old block, our Creator’s powers and characteristics are also in every one of us. I hope you’ll forgive me for using this expression in this context, but that’s what we are. That’s why all of us have the best as well as the worst within. The best is waiting to be nurtured and developed by us, but it cannot do so until we have reached a certain developmental point.

When we peer into the mirror of the self with honesty, the urge overcomes us to seriously start working on overcoming our unpleasant characteristics. Reaching out for higher and better ones helps us to gradually rise above the drives and urges of our lower nature. That’s how we ourselves have to nail them to the cross of consciousness of our earthly existence, until the last one of them has gone.

In a nutshell, the ugly and evil parts of humankind’s nature and that of our world are manifestations of their crude and unevolved state. They in particular, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, are struggling to work their way forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral towards developing into something that is good, right and beautiful. For a long time we believe that only those things alone are God. But in the end it dawns on us that in truth everything is God and part of God and therefore also of us. We become more careful with what we think, speak and do because we know that as God-like creatures we are responsible for every one of them and that in the fullness of time, the Universal laws return their results to us with ever increasing strength.

Even though the development of every human being is basically the same, no two human pathways turn ever out to be quite alike. And by the end of our earthly education we are likely to have taken part in many different cultures of our world. The general direction of everybody’s evolutionary journey moves through one lifetime after another forwards and upwards on the great spiral of life. Round and round the zodiac we travel, touching down on many occasions to spend another earthly sojourn in all of its twelve signs and houses. Through acting them out, we are initially concerned with absorbing their negative characteristics. As with the passing of time our Highest or God Self draws us ever closer towards Itself, the higher or Christ nature begins to rise to the surface of our earthly self’s consciousness. The time then has come for bringing forth and integrating the highest, best and noblest that is within us. Should you wish to find out more about how it all began, go to the relevant link below.

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