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The new Rays of Wisdom is a continuation of the old and well loved one. Nothing has changed and the writings are the same. It’s just that the new website is giving me the space I need for constantly adding my latest insights and observations. Rays of Wisdom has always been a non-religious spiritual enterprise that embraces, honours and respects all religions and belief systems that ever helped to shape our race’s spiritual pathway and destiny. For me all of them together can be likened to one gigantic jigsaw puzzle whose picture emerges when one recognises that every one of its pieces is an essential part of the whole of our world’s  spiritual background.

I believe that every one of the religions and belief systems that were once given to our world by God and the Angels were of equal value and validity, at the time of their appearance. Each one has made its own contribution. However, now that a new vision of humankind’s destiny and spiritual future is unfolding, it is becoming ever clearer that many of the things that once were given by now have become surplus to requirement. The only purpose they now serve is waiting to be discarded. Astrology shows me there really is a Divine great evolutionary plan that ensures that it will not be long until all of the old religions have been replaced by a new one for the Aquarian age:

There is only one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race, the race of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ’s spirit and light.
They are the Divine Trinity who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

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Rays of Wisdom - Old Website main heading

The Old Rays Of Wisdom

Rays of Wisdom from its earliest beginnings has been a private initiative dedicated to the healing of our relationship with God, ourselves, each other and our planet. During this very special time of transformation and transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius is getting to be of ever greater importance. God and the Angels are eagerly waiting to teach us how to walk hand in hand with them, the way we once did. Through this each one of us is required to make their contribution towards the healing of our planet and transforming it into a place where all lifeforms coo-exist in peace and harmony.

Because God and the Angels are spirit – the same as the essence of our own being – to my mind, they are connected with spirituality rather than religions. But what is spirituality? To me it means nothing more than an awareness of the most fundamental understanding that there is a great deal more to each and every one of us than merely a physical body. In truth, we are spirit/souls who from time to time are taking part in the earthly school of life’s lessons. For getting around on the material plane we need some kind of a vehicle and that’s why we sometimes need to be encased in matter, but only for a while. The realisation of this brings with it a better understanding of our own nature and that of God, the Great Father/Mother of all life, as well as the high and holy destiny that’s in store for every human being, at the end of their earthly education.

Religions, not one but all of them, have always been on the periphery of my life rather than being its main focal point. It’s just that occasionally the inner guidance of the wise one or living God within me, draws my attention to one or the other. It happens because some of that religion’s teachings contain what the Ancient Wisdom of the Source of our being a long time ago gave to our world, even though humankind was then a long way from understanding their true meaning. The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth and the deeper we move into it, the more we are going to find out the higher esoteric meanings that up to that point had to remain hidden behind the surface words of tales, myths and legends from the days of yore.

Throughout the ages, Divine wisdom and truth time and again were presented to humankind by the Angels and Masters, who are in charge of the execution of God’s great evolutionary plan, in different formats and through different channels. I am but one of them and so – at least potentially – are you. Having been a free spirit thus far, I have every intention of remaining that way. Over the years, I have developed into an interested observer of life who enjoys picking the best from all the belief systems our world has ever known, so it can be shared with all those who are interested in it. From time to time someone asks me: ‘What – not who – are you?’ My reply will always be: ‘I am a very ordinary person and a beloved child of the Universe, the same as the trees and the Stars, as well as you are and everybody else.’

Each one of you is a member of my spiritual family and my only aim over the years has been the sharing of spiritual knowledge with as many of you as possible. All the religious, spiritual and/or philosophical belief systems of our world provide inspiration for my writings, in spite of the fact that Rays of Wisdom has never been in any way connected with or sponsored by one of them. My work has always been aimed at aiding my readers to find their way into an ever expanding awareness of the true purpose and meaning of our earthly existence and the processes that work in the background and keep all of us moving along.

By looking into the esoteric meanings behind some of the outdated teachings of the religions and belief systems that are with us to this day, ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’ show how rising above the conditions of the Earth plane is possible when we still have to take part in them. There must be a wise higher reason, which may or may or not be known to us, why we still have to take part in them.

To benefit as much as possible from what is now before you, I recommend that you download and print out whatever is to your liking. You might later like to re-read what you have found and contemplate on it. How about going into in the peace and quiet of your inner sanctuary to seek the help of your inner guide and the Angels, so that they can show you whether any of it is of value to you?

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Rays of Wisdom's truly international Team:

Rays of Wisdom proudly presents its original truly international Team:

1.    Marc – Born and bred Australian, now lives and works in France. Rays of Wisdom is his brainchild. Marc’s idea and initiative brought the first website into being. For the six years of its existence he was the co-ordinator and connecting link between Thomas, his brother-in-law and the Aquarian writings. All along Marc has been my much needed loving support and that’s why, having reached the departure lounge of my present lifetime, I am legally giving the copyrights for my writings to Marc.

The new Rays of Wisdom is my own sole and soul initiative and responsibility, but for as long as Marc will be around, his support will continue.

2.    Thomas – Frenchman born and bred. Marc’s brother-in-law who designed the first website, made it available to me and hosted it for most of the first six years of its existence. He is not involved with the new Rays of Wisdom.

3.    Aquarius – German born and bred, naturalised British citizen for many years. Lives and works in the UK and is the only one responsible for the contents of the old and the new website. All writings that are not expressly marked otherwise are the spiritual property of Aquarius, who publishes and edits them, as well as everything else that can be found on this website. I shall always be deeply indebted to both my team mates of the early days. My thanks and special blessings also go to the designer of the new Rays of Wisdom and the person who is presently hosting it most capably, which is

4.    Christoph Schmitz, who is German and lives in Germany. He will be hosting my website at least until the year 2026.

Being a charitable enterprise, for the old site each team member made their gifts available free of charge. No money did ever change hands between us. I have been retired for some years and live on a small pension. The new site is completely financed from my own resources and I am happy to pay for its hosting.

From the beginning, Rays of Wisdom has been a private initiative aimed at the upliftment of our whole world through the sharing of spiritual wisdom and understanding. This never changed with the new site. Although much of the wisdom published there was inspired by teachings of one or the other of or world’s religious, spiritual and/or philosophical belief systems, neither I nor my website have ever been connected in any way with one of them.

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The Purpose Of My Life’s Work

In the course of many years my writings have become ever more like the great and mighty river of life itself. In like manner they meander from topic to topic the way my inner flow of inspiration and intuition has brought them to me and still is constantly adding to them. That is why the main part of my writings carries the title ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’. From a small trickle these jottings soon grew first into a steadily flowing brook and from there into a river with many tributaries. As time goes by, each one of them has a more powerful outflow.

I trust that you will enjoy drinking from the waters of my river of consciousness as much as I love adding more insights to the wisdom that has already accumulated, whenever more of the waters from the Eternal Source of all wisdom and truth flow through me. This applies to all my writings and especially the Astro files. May the flow of my river do its share of cleansing and purifying the consciousness of our whole race and our world, thus facilitating for as many as possible the rebirth and return to our true nature – which is love.

Like any river, mine is always willing to nurture and sustain anyone who comes to partake of its gifts. The only vessel you need to bring is yourself and please bear in mind that anyone’s writings can only ever come into being through that person’s – or rather that soul’s – vision and perception of life. All my own contributions that can be found here are from the highest point of my consciousness and represent my inner wisdom and truth. Yours may well be different and you alone can tell what – for you – is truth. But if you listen to your inner guidance, the living God within, you will know exactly what is right and wrong for you and your life, now.

All my work is based on the premise that everything that is in our world, and all others, is of and from God. With that I mean the supreme Intelligence of the Creator, known by as many different names as there are cultures in our world. For simplicity’s sake, I shall call this being God. To me, all life is sacred and a sacrament of God. God is omniscient and omnipotent and no force exists outside of God. There are no exceptions; therefore this also applies to astrology. With the help of this valuable tool I am exploring this life here, its purpose and meaning, as well as its processes. And you are most cordially invited to join me.

I hope you will not be put off by the word astrology. In case you are as yet unfamiliar with my kind of astrology, if you read on you will soon discover that it has nothing in common with fortune-telling. I promise you that if you venture forth, your visit to this site is likely to turn into a wonderful opportunity for finding out that there is a great deal more to astrology than you ever believed possible. I would like to show you how, in the right hands, the Divine science can become a healing tool through gaining a better understanding of ourselves, each other and our world.

Most people have at least a vague idea and a fleeting interest in astrology, and that is enough for our purposes. To explore this site, no knowledge of the subject is necessary. All you need to bring with you are three of the greatest gifts the Universe can bestow upon any of us. The first is an open mind; the second is a willingness to learn and embrace new concepts that may help you to view yourself and this life from a different perspective; and the third is the wish to let go of old prejudices that may be cluttering your consciousness.

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How It All Began

 Rays Of Wisdom – Our World In Transition – Nothing But The Truth – How It All Began

There was a time when astrology was as ‘way-out’ a topic for me, as at present it may still be for many of the visitors to my website. I have never been one for fortune telling, neither at the giving nor the receiving end. If astrology fell into that category, it is likely that I would not have become interested in studying it seriously and in depth. I am well aware that many use astrology for forecasting the future, but then it is possible do dabble at this with the help of a great many things, for example tea leaves. Such things are not for me.

From the beginning of my studies I have been fascinated by the spiritual aspects and the higher esoteric meanings behind the Divine Science, as astrology was called in ancient times. That’s why in my writings I have always dug ever deeper into them. As the ancients were aware that astrology is of Divine origin, in many cultures it was held in great esteem and practiced by the priesthood of its day. In those days it was available only to kings, queens and high-ranking officials, never to ordinary mortals like you and me, as it is today. How lucky we are!

Astrology can be used as a tool for getting to know ourselves and for becoming aware of our deepest innermost motivations. It is an invaluable help when it comes to developing one’s character in order to speed up one’s personal evolution. Although I always stress that I am no soothsayer, it occurred to me that, when all is said and done, our character is our fortune. It alone determines our destiny because of the soul lessons that are still required by us, at any given time. Does that make me a teller of fortunes, after all, whether I like it or not?

Be that as it may, astrology can help us find a better understanding of a great many things, including how the planetary energies affect our whole planet and every individual being on it. And there is nothing quite like it when it comes to finding the right time for doing things, especially for launching new projects. Besides, the progressions of the planets can give us valuable pointers of how far we have got on our evolutionary pathway during our present lifetime.

My interest in astrology, earlier in life, always had been as casual and as much of a joke, as is usual for anyone who is still unaware of its true nature. In those days, I used to read magazine and newspaper forecasts, the same as many do. I never gave any thought as to why and how things are as they are here on the Earth and how they might be influenced by higher and highest forces in the Universe. I would not have occurred to me to enquire where subjects like astrology have their origin, and I had no idea that there could be so much more to it! Until one fine day a friend told me that she had her chart done and that we was fascinated by how accurate and true to her character it was. ‘Hm!’ I thought: ‘Why don’t I have a go?’ So, I rung the man who had worked for her, but he was in the middle of moving house and could not oblige. Could I phone back in a fortnight?

As is the way of things, I was so busy and astrology had no kind of priority in my life then, I forgot about the whole thing until, some time later, I met a man who was said to be a brilliant astrologer. I asked him whether he was interested in doing my chart; he was. As I had no idea what to expect, I approached the matter with an open mind; that to me is the single most important ingredient upon encountering anything new. When my chart arrived, I was astonished how much this man seemed to know about me. After all, we had only chatted for no more than ten minutes and apart from my birth details he did not know anything about me.

Yet, in my chart he told me a great many things about myself which I was only vaguely aware of doing and some of my character traces, which although true at that time were still totally unfamiliar to me. Soon after he announced that he would be starting an astrology class and I was one of the first to enrol. I just had to find out how it is possible to know so much about people one has never met before and whom, by rights, one never needs to meet in person.

In the course that followed I learned the basics of astrology. The rest is self-taught, i.e. life itself has been and still is my most valuable teacher. All my writings are of an intuitive nature and I rely upon the guru within to know the way of all things and to show it to me. It did not take long until it became clear to me that there is a great deal more to astrology than meets they eye. I am glad to say that I am still learning something new with each passing day and that, to me, is the most interesting and fascinating aspect of the Divine science.

To benefit as much as possible from what is now before you, I recommend that you download and print out whatever is to your liking – hopefully all of it. You might later like to re-read what you have found and contemplate on it. You could then go into in the peace and quiet of your inner sanctuary to seek the help of your inner guide and the Angels, so that they can show you whether any of it is of value to you.

For those who are not very familiar with the use of computers I have designed some easy to follow tips for budding computer geeks. For easy access I have placed them as a separate item in this section.

With Love and Light,

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Like the flow of the river of life itself, humankind’s store of spiritual knowledge and wisdom is never at a standstill, static or stagnant. The same applies to Rays of Wisdom, which is evolving and growing as fresh insights are entering my understanding of the spiritual background of life. Whole new jotting parts as well as updates of existing material are constantly arriving. To learn about them, all you have to do is click the image below:

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