The Importance Of Forgiveness

The Jesus legend in St. Matthew 18:22 tells us: ‘Then Peter came and said to him: ‘Lord, if another member of the church sins against me, how often should I forgive? As many as seven times? Jesus said to him: ‘Not seven times, but I tell you, seventy-seven times.’

This also applies to our whole race. After all, we have been placed in this life to bring forth from within ourselves the finest characteristics of our Divine parents, which at least in seed form are also ours. The growth of understanding of God’s nature and our own is accompanied by a natural outflow of consideration, forgiveness and compassion for our own and everybody else’s suffering, as well as that of our whole world. Forgiveness slowly becomes as natural a part of our being as breathing in and out. It develops into a good habit and represents a steady and natural outpouring from our innermost heart and soul towards all life. When we are healing, our whole world heals with us. And with every single human soul undergoing this development, our whole race individually and collectively moves on to a somewhat higher evolutionary levels.

Forgiveness is the beginning of all healing processes. Continuing to forgive keeps them going, until the wounds of all lifetimes have been healed. Any resentment and hatred that may still be stored in the soul memories of other lifetimes, begins to dissolve as soon as the human heart and soul grasps that certain things in us and our world were and are, to this day, inevitable as part of our individual and collective lessons – past and present – in the great school of life. As even our most ancient recollections have to undergo this cleansing procedure, it may take many years to complete. If it does for you, as it is doing for me, take heart for it contains the precious gift of gradually coming to terms with everything that ever took place in us and our world. In this way, our own soul and that of our world find rest, peace and healing. No-one can do this clearing out for us. Every soul has to work its own way through it.

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