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Nothing in the whole of Creation happens perchance or is a coincidence, even though on the Earth plane it often seems that way. Every experience that comes our way serves the wise higher purpose of teaching us something. If it is not immediately clear what that might be, it’s up to us to go within and ask our Highest Self, the wise one within, to help us find the answer. And the more familiar we become with the spiritual background of life, the clearer we can see for ourselves that in truth there is no such thing as a judgement day in the traditional sense.

The Great Father/Mother of all life created each one of us in His/Her image and perfect. A perfect, whole or holy human being means someone who has successfully integrated the higher and lower aspects of their nature, and they are now working peacefully and harmoniously together for the highest good of all. The archetype of a perfect human being for each one of us exists in the heartmind of God and we all carry within the core of our own being, though for a long time only in seed form, every one of the characteristics and powers of our Divine parents. Bringing them forth from within is the final aim of every human being, until we have become their mirror image.

As can be seen from that, each one of us in truth is a young God in the making. More about this theme later. Learning the wise use of our Divine characteristics by applying them to everything that comes our way is the purpose of our earthly education. When we do our best to alleviate the suffering of everything that exists on our planet, we are bringing a small part of God’s kingdom onto the Earth. As we grow in wisdom and understanding, we evolve and Mother Earth is moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life with us. The more of us walk this pathway, pursuing the interest of the whole instead of their own, slowly but surely our world turns into a better place for all. And that’s the only way the Divine qualities can be developed to their highest potential and into the wholeness that is in our true parents.

Each one of us is a special and unique being *, who is loved totally and unconditionally by our Creator. S/He accepts us the way we are at any given moment of our evolutionary journey through experiencing the various levels of life. No-one ever sits in judgement over us. At the end of each lifetime we return to the world of spirit, where we recover from the stresses and strains of our latest earthly adventures. As soon as this has been attended to sufficiently, the time has come for taking stock and assessing the performances of all our lifetimes, not merely the most recent one.

This appraisal is carried out in close co-operation with the wise ones of the spirit world, who are in charge of us, and with the help of the Akashic Records * on the etheric level. That’s where a record exists of every word that was ever spoken, every thought ever thought and every action that was ever taken, not just by you and me but everyone. We are responsible for each one of them and in the world of spirit we are confronted with them when the time for doing so has come. With great clarity we can then see for ourselves where our weaknesses and strengths lie, where we have done well, where we failed and need to do better next time round. These things help us to decide, together with the wise ones, which lessons are most urgently required for our next lifetime.

When the death of our physical body has stripped our earthly possessions and achievements from us and we are once again aware of that which we always have been, namely spirit and soul, the Akashic Records provide us with an unfailing mirror of ourselves. Isn’t it a comforting thought that no-one will ever judge us? And that reminds me of a somewhat unusual gentleman who was recently introduced to me. Dressed and made up into a very attractive lady, he confessed that throughout his life he had wanted to be a woman instead of a man. His lifelong struggle with a conflict of such severity is sure to have brought him a great deal of suffering – and therefore, soul growth.

When he had finished telling me his story, he added: ‘What will God think of me?’ He was visibly relieved when he heard: ‘You need to become aware that you yourself are God and that when you return to the world of spirit, there will be no judgement day at the end of your present lifetime or ever. However, you will be confronted with yourself – you will stand before yourself and look at yourself with utter honesty. God never judges us; no-one does; we ourselves have to do it.’

Therefore, whenever difficult decisions have to be made by you, tune into the world of your feelings and pay attention to the reactions of your inner guide and teacher. Try to imagine yourself before the mirror in the spirit world and see how you would then be judging your chosen course of action. Will you think of it as a good and constructive one or a negative and destructive one? If the latter, what can you learn from it? Because God loves us, all our desires are always fulfilled, so that either way we can learn from the experience and grow. Maybe you need to do what you have in mind to find out whether it is really what you wanted and needed. You may be surprised!

Learning to appreciate the value of peace is the most crucial lesson for humankind at the present time. Those who have already learnt it sufficiently during their present lifetime and/or previous ones will have no problems dedicating every bit of all their resources to act as one of the peacemakers of our world. There is every possibility that under the protection and guidance of God and the Healing Angels, they can become a driving force for establishing the Age of Aquarius * on the Earth and bringing peace to it. To such people applies the Bible’s St. Matthew 5:9: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.’

However, not only these particular children of God are meant to make their contribution towards bringing peace to our world; the same applies to everybody who is presently taking part in earthly life. Each can make a valuable contribution simply by conducting their lives in a more peaceful manner. And that, dear friends, is the only way that healing can take place and peace eventually come to our world and rule it, for evermore.

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