Looking At The Year 2020

Looking At The Year 2020 - Part One

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

Rays Of Wisdom - Excursions Into Numerology - 2020

The beginning of this new part of the Aquarian jottings is coming to you on Wednesday, 8th April 2020, the day of the Full Moon in Libra, the zodiac’s peacemaking sign. A full Moon takes place approx. every twenty-nine and a half days and each one is a time it is possible to find enlightenment. Usually, it does not consist of earth-shattering revelations. It’s far more likely that we find a better understanding of situations that could have been puzzling us for a very long time. If you have seen this article before, reading it again is likely to be worth your while because this is its latest update. So here we go:

What a long way you and your world have already come. Rest assured that there is a great deal more in preparation and all of it, for those who go about it the right way, good. And because every birthday is in truth the end of a year and not its beginning, this also applies when another year of your calendar has come to its end. This means that the New Year 2019 was really the beginning of the year 2020. Let’s take a look at what numerology can reveal about what was then ahead of you. The 2 is ruled by the Moon, the sign of Cancer and the Great Mother, the mothering, caring and nurturing aspect of the Divine Trinity. And for the whole of the year 2019 the Mother has been providing you with the double strength of the civilising, balancing and harmonising influence of Her energies of wisdom and love.

2019 has been a period in which your world was ruled by the master vibration 22 and this is true not only for that year but for the whole of the decade ahead. And because 2 + 2 = 4 and the 4 is under the rulership of Aquarius, it will also be much more strongly under the influence of the energies of the Divine Waterbearer, the astrological symbol of Aquarius. In support of humankind’s efforts, the civilising and peace-loving influence of the feminine wisdom and love energies are going to become more prominent and noticeable in both genders and that throughout the whole of the decade. The strong presence of the Great Mother’s caring and nurturing energies can be tapped into to assist you with improving and healing your relationship first with yourself and then with those around you. From there they can then be directed to flow into the welfare of your planet and all lifeforms that are sharing it with you.

As the year 2020 is the beginning of 2021, the energies available to you for the year ahead are going to be ruled by 2 + 2 +1 = 5. 2 = The Moon, ruler of Cancer, the nurturing and caring sign of the zodiac that represents the Great Mother’s love and wisdom. 1 = The Sun, ruler of Leo, representing the Great Father’s will and power. 5 = Mercury, planetary ruler of Gemini, the sign of your siblings and the world around you, as well as Virgo, the teaching, healing and harvest sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is the Virgin who holds a sheaf of corn in her arms. The energies of this sign have the power of bringing the spiritual harvest down to the Earth.

In Roman mythology Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods. He stole their sacred fire, i.e. their wisdom and knowledge and brought it to the Earth to relieve the suffering of humankind and all lifeforms that are sharing your planet. And that’s what Mercury is waiting to help ever more of you to do. His efforts are supported by a double dose of the Mother’s feminine love and wisdom, assisted by the masculine will and power of the Father. Notice how He no longer dominates the earthly scene but has moved quite naturally into the background of what is happening.

Anyone who tunes into the frequencies of the Angels and Me and whose intention is to unselfishly work with our energies for the highest good and the greatest joy of your whole world, together with us wields the power of bringing all of you closer to the promised new golden age that lies within your reach now. Avarice and greed will by then have gone from your world and everybody merely takes what they need. The rest is left for those who are walking behind and that’s why hunger and starvation will no longer be known. Goodwill and peace, harmony and happiness will be the supreme ruler of your world. Sickness and diseases will have been overcome because all those taking part in earthly life have learnt how to heal themselves, those around them and your world, assisted by the healing miracles that could be performed by us through these people.

This is how the cells and atoms of their physical bodies are gradually filling with so much light that this their vehicle for getting around on Mother Earth slowly but surely is becoming more ethereal. The vibrations of everyone who turns to us to request our guidance and protection are speeding up. As their bodies grow lighter and brighter, the same happens to your planet. Bodies that are filled with light no longer need to perish, the way they used to do in times gone by. And that’s how the notion of death and the fear of it with the passing of time will fade away. You know that the Universal laws rule life throughout the whole of Creation and that whatever you send into your world and the rest of the Universe can do nothing but return to you. It enables you to do only that which is good, right and beautiful so that in due course nothing but more of the same can come back. This knowledge will gradually free your race and world from the fear of the future and the unknown.

My beloved children of the Earth, as you will be able to see for yourself by now, there really is no need for being downhearted. So be of good cheer! For as long as you live in hope and with your whole being trust the blessing and healing power of the Angels and Me, everything will be well and in the end work out for the highest good and greatest joy of you and your world. Because of the laws of love and evolution it cannot be any other way.

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