Are Marriages Made In Heaven?

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Well, they are not exactly made in Heaven but in the world of spirit. Long before any soul ever makes its appearance in physicality, the whole plan of the coming lifetime, including the people it is going to get more intimately involved with, is carefully laid out in the great book of life. To ensure maximum room for the expansion of our spiritual growth on the Earth plane, this is done in broad outlines only. Behind the scenes of life, our God or Highest Self and the Angels plan and prepare the learning opportunities that are most suited to the requirements of our present level of development.

The relationships we are going to have, to whom we shall get married – if so – and what children will come through us or whether there will be none this time round. To offer us as many opportunities for learning and growing, and at the same time repaying some of our  Karmic debts that accumulated in previous lifetimes, all these things and many more are predestined and prepared for each one of us with the greatest loving care. Now that we know that none of these things happen perchance or by coincidence, let’s be content with our lot and do our best to learn as much as possible from the experiences the Universe presents to us. This is made easier through the knowledge that in the fullness of time what we are doing now is getting us ready for exploring and getting to know the higher aspects of life.

Human relationships, as difficult and nauseating as some of them can be or eventually turn into, are a vital part of every soul’s development because we learn and grow through our relationships. The best possible evolutionary/spiritual progress can be achieved when both parties are aware that each one of us is an individual and unique soul and spirit. Each partner in any kind of relationship always remains an individual. This does not change when two people are married to each other and on the same pathway of healing and improving their relationships, so that even the most difficult ones are converted into friendships. The further we advance into the Aquarian Age, the more urgently this is required from all of us.

This is especially true for the hardest relationship of all and that is the one with ourselves. As everything starts with us, if we wish to find friends, we first have to learn how to be a good friend to others and that, like any other skill, can only be acquired through constant practice. And before we can be a good friend to others, we have to learn how to be our own best friend. Without too much selfishness, we are required to safeguard and take care of our own needs, wishes and interests. If we do not respect ourselves and them, how can we expect others to do so?

True friendships last beyond our present earthly existence. We take them with us wherever we go and bring them with us, should another incarnation become necessary. They will then be part of our support system. That’s why there is every reason to nurture our human relationships and look after them, right here and now. Spiritually it is desirable that we should make every effort to transform even the most difficult and traumatic relationships into bonds of friendship and love. True love is an eternal link between two souls, who will always recognise each other, wherever and whenever they may meet again.

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