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Being Like The Angels – Immortal And Androgynous

Finding a more spiritual approach to all aspects of our lives is essential when one wishes to make one’s contribution towards creating a more peaceful future for us and our world. The spiritual wisdom we are constantly finding helps us to build our existence on more solid foundations than has ever been possible before. As the way we handle our sexuality and the energies involved is one of the most delicate issues, in my view it deserves a closer examination. Human sexuality is part of God’s pure creative/spiritual energy and all sexual activities are making use of something extremely valuable and precious. It therefore demands and deserves to be handled by us wisely and with the greatest care and respect.

Created in the image of God, women and men alike contain in equal measure the masculine as well as feminine energies of their Divine Father/Mother. Yes, we are part of God and God is part of us. In a sense, therefore, we ourselves are the ones who are the creators of all that is. Yet, we do well to always remember that this does not alter the fact that nothing happens and no new creation of anything, on the Earth plane or anywhere else in the whole of the Universe, ever takes place without the help, the will and the consent of God and the Angels. Let us never overlook that the final decision whether new life is created on any of its levels, and removed again from its present plane when it has served the purpose it was designed for, rests with the Great Father/Mother of all life, the Universal God and Goddess. New physical bodies to roam the Earth, human or otherwise, are no exception.

One of the most puzzling features of us and our world is that we all contain many dualities and polarities and that our world is one of paradoxes. Discovering, exploring and learning to live with them is probably the most urgent and vital part of our role as pioneers of a New Age. A great many experiences are in store for us that have never been tried before on the earthly plane. One of them is androgyny, the state of wholeness which was never lost on the inner spiritual levels of life.

However, to teach us the meaning of feminine and masculine, this had to be given up during the earlier parts of our earthly education, but as soon as human souls have fully imbibed this lesson, the time approaches for fully taking possession of their sleeping inner partner again. Many are ready now to integrate this part of themselves, so that in the process they may become whole and healed. The evidence is all around us that this is presenting us and our world with many new experiences and challenges of a very different kind to those we encountered during past ages.
The Bible in St. Mark 12:25 gave us an early inkling of the wholeness that eventually waits for all of us: ‘For when they rise from the dead, men neither marry women, nor are women given in marriage to men; but they are like the Angels in Heaven.’ Having grown into spiritual adulthood and reached the degree of understanding we have found by now, I believe this teaching could – maybe should – be replaced by: ‘Every human soul, from the moment of its creation, has been betrothed to its Highest or God Self. At the right moment each one rises from its state of spiritual catalepsy of not knowing who and what they truly are, takes possession of its spiritual self and re-discovers its immortality. Having reached this point, men will no longer need women to make them whole and women will not require men to do this for them either. Both genders will then get married to their Highest Self and together with it return into being like the Angels, immortal and androgynous.’

During vast periods, each stretching over thousands of years, the feminine aspect of life was developed in our world by dominating it. To keep our world in balance, the same happened during other epochs to its masculine counterpart. This led to an over-development of the masculine faculties in our world. The ever increasing ferocity and destructiveness of the wars we have fought and still are fighting against each other and the devastation caused by them bear witness to how God’s masculine power to create and destroy at will can and does get out of hand unless it is handled in the right way.

Looking at the present state of our world one could be tempted to wonder sometimes whether we have learnt anything from the events of the past. They show us what happens when pure masculine logic and cold reason on their own are allowed to dictate the ways of our world, without getting the benefit of the harnessing, controlling and mellowing influence of the feminine wisdom of the Goddess, the nurturer and protector of all life. She alone knows when it is wise to give birth and when to destroy, when and where new creations shall come into being, and something old should be removed to make room for them.

The exaggerated emphasis of the masculine of the past also happened for wise higher reasons. It was necessary, so that the human, scientific and technical progress could be achieved that is essential if we and our world are to cope successfully with the tasks that are undoubtedly waiting for us during the Age of Aquarius. Now that at long last our race has reached the evolutionary point when sufficient numbers of us are ready to find their way back into the above described state of wholeness, it is heart-warming to witness the end of the patriarchy and male dominance.

The past is teaching us that when either the masculine or the feminine energies are required to function each on their own, the result can only be an inner and an outer world out of balance, the way both parts still very largely are. The good news is that we are working our way out of this unbalanced state. The most important step forward has been giving equal rights to men and women. Roll on the time when this finally extends to all the people in our world. To create the new world we are dreaming of, the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and our world, have to be reunited and balanced. To enable each one of us to give of our best and fulfil our highest potential, both parts have to learn how to work peacefully and harmoniously together, the way they do in God.

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