Our World In Transition

The Random Jottings Of A Stargazer

Our World In Transition

Humankind At The Crossroads And Seeking Understanding

Section VIII

World in crisis - holding the world in our hands

Peace Prayer

I wish you warmth, in a world that has grown cold.
I wish you joy, for all your days,
To soothe your own sorrows and those of others.
I wish you wonder and a growing awareness that
The Glory and the love of our Creator is present and
Manifests itself in every being, place and thing.

I wish you a sense of humour and the gift of smiling,
To help you overcome your own fears and those of others.
And I wish you silence,
In which to recognise the Will of our Creator
Who loves us and is alive in each one of us,
And constantly reveals His/Her presence
Also in you and your life.

I wish for peace in our world, within and without.
May it flow from God’s loving heart and ours
Into the farthest, remotest corners of our world,
For the blessing and healing of all life.
May God’s wisdom and truth come alive in every heart,
The only place where it is known and can be born.

I wish that the creative fire of the Gods,
The ideas that constantly emerge from God’s loving heart,
May lighten and warm everybody’s days,
So that His/Her greatest dreams and visions,
As well as our own, can come true,
For us, our world and all other worlds.

I wish for the renewal of compassion and love in all humankind,
So that hand in hand with God and the Angels
All of us can learn to comfort the bereaved
And reassure those who are frightened, lonely and in pain,
Until no-one has to endure those states any more.

I wish that God’s courage and strength comes alive
In each and every one, so it can be shared by all
And hope, faith and trust are renewed in our world,
Until every last one of us becomes capable of
Ascending to the heights of Divine compassion.

I wish for the Great Mother’s wisdom and love to flow
More and more into every heart and soul,
So that once again we may walk together as one big family,
Peacefully and forever united.
With all my heart and all my soul and all my being,
I wish for peace, harmony, and healing
To come to our inner and outer world,
All worlds and all beings, whoever they may be
And wherever they are.

Although at the moment this is still a dream,
I know in my heart of hearts that one day it will come true,
And that it will happen through ordinary folks like you and me,
For when the living God has come alive
In every human heart and soul,
All things shall indeed be possible.


Edited by Aquarius

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‘World In Transition’

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