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The following is the essence of a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘Stella Polaris’ February/March 2007: ‘Everything in the whole of Creation consists of circles within circles and cycles within cycles and that also applies to the human thinking processes. The more steadfast and stronger an individual’s mind is, the more powerful that person’s thoughts are and the more power is behind every one of them that goes out into the Universe. Thoughts of this nature can also be picked up and joined by others of the same calibre.

‘Humankind does not yet understand the intricacy of the forces of communication in the etheric realms of God’s Creation that is created by thoughts as well as words that are sounded anywhere and at any given time in your world. Each one of them creates a vibration and leaves an impression on the etheric level of life. For good and evil alike the vibrations  of the things you release from your mind keep on travelling and create more of the same. Good and constructive thoughts and words are light that creates more light, which has the power of penetrating the minds of others in the great human family on the earthly plane and also of the members that are presently dwelling in our world.

‘The ultimate purpose of your earthly existence is to become conscious of God’s true nature and your own. As a spark of the Divine each one of you, without exception, carries within – for a long time hidden from your own view – the same qualities and glories that are in God. To help you bring them forth, endeavour to continually rise in your thoughts and hopes, dreams and aspirations to the spheres of light. This shows them that you are receptive to the constructive forces and creative power of God. Let it become something natural to you to daily direct good and kind, loving and tolerant thoughts to everybody in your world and beyond. Basically, it’s as simple as that.

‘Nothing in your world ever happens perchance or is a coincidence. Everything was created by all those who – at any given time – are taking part in it, with the help of their thoughts, words and actions in previous lifetimes or earlier in this one. Each one of you is responsible for bringing about your world’s present sad state. Otherwise you would not be here and have to take part in it. Earthly life is a place of learning, a school where every so often all of you are spending a predestined length of time in pursuit of consciousness expanding experiences.

‘When you have reached the end of this school’s curriculum, you have evolved into a Christed one in your own right and whatever you then think, say and do can have a very positive influence on the earthly plane. You then know that good and kind, loving and forgiving, positive and understanding thoughts are God thoughts. You are aware that the more freely they emerge from your whole being, the more you are feeding into your world’s light stream of consciousness and that helps it to grow in strength. It is a signal to God and the Angels that the  receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind is tuned into their frequencies. This draws their forces of good and light towards you and they are only too happy to assist you in all your endeavours.

‘And that’s how, in the fullness of time, every human being is destined to build a golden temple not only for their own spirit/soul, but also for the collective spirit/soul of humankind and your whole world.’

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