Freedom Of Choice

As the issue of the splitting one part of the human race from the other is such a vital and also profoundly disturbing one to the human psyche, I hope I shall be forgiven for repeating from the chapter ‘Free Will’ the following: Every soul eventually reaches the point when it dawns on us that we do have free will and that freedom of choice is one of humankind’s most precious gifts on the Earth plane. Yet, that this by no means represents unrestricted freedom, as many would like to think we have, because we – the same as everything else in the whole of Creation – are subject to the Universal laws.

We, our destiny and our freedom are not unlike a dog, who is taken for a walk on a very long lead. On one end of this lead are we, the dog, and the lead itself is our Karma, which we ourselves are creating, one lifetime after another. Our destiny is at the other end of the lead and rests safely in the hands of God and the Angels. The world of spirit is our true home and no soul is ever forced into another lifetime. But for every soul in that world there eventually comes the moment when we have rested sufficiently and urge awakens in us to grow and evolve some more through continuing our earthly education. Until this has been completed and our energies have changed sufficiently to be compatible with those of our Source, no soul can return into the oneness with God. 

The Roman philosopher Cicero, 106-43 BC, struck this warning note: ‘To be free, people must be enbonded to the law.’ Cicero seems to have had the earthly laws in mind, but his words of wisdom are even more true for the Universal laws. Only those can be free who willingly submit themselves to the these laws. In a way they create a cage, but at the same time they provide a structure and framework in which all life, including ours, will always be securely anchored. Most important of all, they ensure that no soul can ever get truly lost or stranded in the vastness of space and Eternity.

Having become familiar with the Universal laws, when we strictly obey them by conducting our lives in harmony with the Universe’s demands, we cannot possibly go wrong. Following our inner guidance, we rest safely within the protection of their Highest Self, the living God within and Its helpers, the Angels and Masters in the world of light, all our fears will eventually be shed. Wherever our pathway through life may take us, onto ever higher and holier levels of experience, we shall freely walk in the safety of our inner awareness that our Highest Self knows the way of all things and has the answers to all our questions.

Unbeknown to us for a very long time, this is how all along the Universe has been willing to lay the keys to genuine freedom into the hands of all souls who can prove through their behaviour that they are ready for it. And that takes no more than leading a good life and as soon as we are showing that at all times we do not hesitate to give of our best, the laws ensure that only more of the same can in due course find its way back to us. Because of this, until the last one of our karmic debts has been paid, when someone does us a nasty turn, instead of taking vengeance and creating more difficult Karma for themselves, wise ones prefer to forgive and walk away. Making such choices is the only true freedom we shall ever have.

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