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Healers are beacons of light.
As still flames they hold our world in peace and light,
Lifting it into the heartmind of God.
Be that light.

Each time we pray for someone,
We light a candle within
And project our loving thoughts
Into the Universe.

We thus create seeds of light
That touch down somewhere and germinate.
These seeds have grown in our heart,
Our very own centre of light.

With every prayer and loving thought
That is sent anywhere
Our light grows more powerful,
Until eventually we have evolved into
A blazing Star in its own right.

Hand in hand with God and the Angels I am filling
Every cell and atom of our world with golden healing light.
In perfect and natural ways it restores, regenerates and heals
Everything that is in need of it,
Including all parts of my whole being.
Miracle now follows miracle
And wonderful happenings shall never cease.

We are told in the Jesus legend St. John 14:12: ‘Whoever believes in me, those works which I have done he will also do, and he will do greater works than these, because I am going to the presence of my Father.’ These words reveal to us how every one of us eventually has to do their share of healing our whole world. This process has been taking place for quite some time by now and that is the greatest miracle that has ever taken place on the Earth plane. When we behave in increasingly peaceful ways and make an effort to think kind and loving thoughts only, we are making a valuable contribution towards bringing our new and peaceful world into being.

With the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible and mountains of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions can and will be removed. In the course of our long evolution huge amounts of these things have accumulated in the consciousness of our race and our world. The best news of all is that through the spiritual knowledge that is now coming our way ever more powerfully, more and more of them are dissolving. And should anyone ask you: ‘By whom shall humankind’s most treasured and ancient dream of a harmonious and peaceful world be brought about?’ tell them: ‘By none other than the likes of you and me.’

The Angels and Masters on the highest levels of life are ever seeking channels through which they can pour their light in the form of advanced spiritual wisdom and knowledge into the consciousness of our race. Therefore, let’s not allow the more earthly vibrations to hold us in bondage, but make every effort to get in touch with the highest aspects of our own nature and project them into our world. Once we have connected with the power of the Angels and Masters, with the passing of time we will not only hear their spoken words, but also perceive the inner ones that are constantly traversing the ethers, trying to find openings for flowing into the individual and collective consciousness of our world.

Developing this skill requires regular daily practise through quiet reflections and meditations. It does not mean setting ourselves apart from the daily events of life around us. It’s more a case of gradually becoming conscious during our own earthly activities of an all-pervading spiritual force that is constantly growing more forceful into us and our life. Aspiring healers and lightbringers show their willingness to act as channels through which the blessing and healing energies of the Highest can flow into our world, by opening open their consciousness and tuning the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly minds into the frequencies of the higher and highest levels of life. Rays of light are immediately concentrated upon anyone who becomes available.

The wisdom of our inner teacher or intuition is our higher mind working at guiding us, its earthly counterpart, to the truth. Walking the path of intuition is the only reliable and safe way of conducting our existence in physicality, because it will never lead us astray. Even though many cosmic mysteries may for a long time remain inexplicable to our intellect. Only when the Great Mother’s ray of pure love and wisdom enters our being can we begin to comprehend these mysteries. But as we may still be a long way from understanding them completely, whenever thoughts of this nature enter our field of vision, it’s a good idea to store and keep them for future consideration.

The essence of a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides that came to me through the Lodge in the year 2007: ‘In every one of your thoughts, words and actions do your share of blessing and healing our world by prayerfully striking the heavenly chord of love. Whenever you do this, you will be able to sense the closeness of the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light, who are working with you. All healers are known to them and under God’s command you are being used as channels of healing. This means that the white ether, God’s white magic, is flowing through you and you are acting as one of God’s instruments. Always be true to your real nature and the I AM, the Christ Spirit or living God within you. Whenever you sound the true note of your spirit and soul, pure spirit rays and vibrations are released from your loving heart.’

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