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From Darkness Into Light

Waking Up From The Dark Night Of The Spirit/Soul

Light At The End Of The Tunnel (1)

Rays Of Wisdom - Depression And Suicide - Leaving The Dark Night Of The Soul Behind

Darkness spiritually means not knowing and light knowing and understanding, hence the term enlightenment. With every bit of new spiritual knowledge that reaches us we slowly become an ever more enlightened being. This part of my jottings is for anyone who is struggling to survive the darkness of their existence and is asking: ‘Who am I? Where do I come from and where will I eventually be going to? Has my life any purpose at all? I feel so lonely, even when I am surrounded by people. Will I always feel that way?’

If questions of this nature are popping into your mind ever more frequently, they are signals from your higher nature that it is trying to break through into your conscious awareness. But because you are still so closed off from this part of your being, you might be in need of some assistance and could be ready for this part of my writings. It is about the developmental pathway every human being has to walk in earthly life, which eventually leads every one of us to leaving the prison of depression and suicidal tendencies behind and walking into the freedom of understanding of our true nature and the meaning and higher purpose of our existence.

Because all life is consciousness, whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, every human being on this plane is constantly in search of consciousness expanding experiences. The degree to which this is happening depends on our actions and reactions to the experiences that come our way in every one of our daily encounters. Independent of whether they are insignificant or great, sweet or bitter, each one is meant to provide us with further opportunities for evolving through growing in wisdom and understanding. And the extent of the spiritual power we are gaining with the passing of time depends entirely on how conscious we are of how everything in the final analysis is designed and sent to us by the wise ones in charge of us in the higher realms of life.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (2)

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide - Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.
There’s calm at the end of the storm.
There’s rest at the end of life’s journey,
And a hearth that is welcome and warm.

There’s a Star on the top of the mountain,
You can touch when the last crag is scaled.
There’s a certain reward for the faithful,
At the point where they think they have failed.

There’s spring at the end of each winter
And behind the black cloud, there is blue.
There’s a song at the heart of all sorrow
And happiness waiting for you.

Patience Strong

My life has shown me that the tunnel mentioned in the above poem represents the illusion of earthly life and the light at its end is the knowledge and re-awakening into our true eternal reality. My aim is to share what my pathway so far has taught me with those who are still lost in the depths of depression, feeling frightened and desperate, lonely and isolated, without hope and possibly suicidal. Take it from me, as one who for many years has waded through this state of utter misery that, no matter how dire things sometimes may appear on the surface of things, life inexorably moves forwards and upwards on a great evolutionary spiral.

Whenever problems present themselves, a way is always meant to be found – though not on our own. Irrespective of how long our individual struggle through the dark night of the soul may last, for every one of the Great Father/Mother’s children of the Earth there eventually comes the moment when we are ready to reach out for the helping hand of our true parents and the Angels, their messengers and helpers. Alas, no help can come to any one of us unasked and even if you do not believe that there is some kind of higher force, why don’t you give it a try and see what happens?

Or maybe you did ask and that’s why you have found this. Take a moment to look around you and pay attention to the world we live in. Reflecting on its natural beauty and wonders, the age old question comes to mind: ‘Why is there so much sadness and suffering on this planet?’ Bereft of an answer to this question and unable to see an end to our own miseries and those witnessed daily everywhere, it is all too easy for human minds to imperceptibly slide onto an ever deepening spiral of depression – until eventually suicide appears to be the only way out.

The Statistics speak for themselves and reveal that for far too many of us this indeed is the case. Worst of all affected seems to be Japan where, up until recently, an average of 30,000 people committed suicide every year. That was sad enough, but according to Japan’s National Police Agency, in the year 2007 nearly 100 Japanese killed themselves every day; the total for that year was over 33,000. This represented a rise of three per cent on the previous year and it was the tenth year in a row that the figure exceeded 30,000. And that is a clear demonstration of how the suicide rate of that country – in common with the other countries of the developed world – has by now reached epidemic proportions.

This part of my writings is dedicated to sharing some of my insights and reflections on the sister subjects depression and suicide. It aims to shed a chink of light and a ray of hope into these themes that to my mind represent one of the darkest corners of our earthly existence. With the help of God and the Angels I hope to reach some of those ‘out there’, who have got lost in the mists of the illusion of their earthly existence. My heart goes out to all who can no longer see their way forward and through to the end of the dark tunnel, which our present state can all too easily become. In my view, for as long human souls remain unaware of the higher meaning and spiritual background of their present existence, this is not going to change.

And that’s what this work is about and because of the urgency of the issue I hope to reach as many as possible. In case you yourself are feeling depressed and at times possibly even suicidal – who does not get into that frame of mind sometimes? – you might like to take a printout and retreat with it to a quiet place, so you can read it in peace. If you are one of the fortunate ones who are not afflicted by this condition, be thankful and count your blessings. In case there is someone around you who is, maybe you could show your love and concern for them by presenting them with a copy of their own. Who knows? You might be able to get through to them on some level. The way I see it, the least you and I can do together is try.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (3)

Why Do We Get Depressed?

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Suicide And Depression - Why Do We Get Depressed?Depression that on many occasions drives the sufferer to the point of feeling suicidal, in my view represents ‘the dark night of the soul’. Having worked my way successfully through this particular part of my personal healing journey of a thousand miles, I am ready to share that which my life has taught me with you here, in the hope that it may be of benefit to some of the readers of my jottings.

It seems to me that depression is the most mysterious and serious condition of all, whose full understanding has evaded our race thus far. It is likely to have plagued some of us ever since our spirits and souls were required to descend deeper and deeper into the experiences of life in physicality. Depression must have been the cause of much of the suffering and pain that to this day appears to be such an inevitable part of Earth life. Although it presently rages in our world and in spite of all efforts and research, conventional medicine and psychiatry continue to fail finding effective treatments that instead of temporary relief bring genuine and lasting healing to the sufferer.

Why should this be so? In my view, we shall get no further in this quest unless we are willing to search into the background of depression and suicide. That takes us into a different direction and onto another wavelength, namely the spiritual aspects of life and the realm of the human psyche. I do not mean this in the sense psychiatry uses this word, but am starting from the premise that first and foremost we are spiritual beings and the most vital and beautiful part of our being is by no means our physical body but our spirit and soul.

Realising that only from time to time they are encased in matter, though not only during one single lifetime but a great many, opens some of the inner doors of understanding that have long been closed to human souls. There then dawns in us the realisation that tucked away in the deepest innermost recesses of every soul must rest the memories of our true home and our – only seemingly – lost oneness with God. As a result, we begin to grasp why for every soul occasionally some of its most ancient hidden soul memories should start to bang every more forcefully against the consciousness of its earthly self.

It is doing so in the hope that its other part is by now ready to look at, deal with and release them, once and for all. Such memories do not come to create even more miseries for us. They are intended to remind us that Earth life is not all there is to our existence; that we also have a soul and that this soul is suffering because we, its earthly counterpart, have lost our inner connection with our Highest or God Self, which they have come to help us re-establish.

The deeper our spirit once moved into the experiences of Earth life and the more our earthly self developed its individuality, the weaker our link with the Source of our being grew. Although the recollection of this state gradually faded into the background of our conscious awareness, it was never lost altogether. The more intensely the small self suffers on the Earth plane, the stronger it feels its soul’s longing and yearning to return to its original state of Heavenly bliss, into the union with the One.

As the Greek philosopher Plato, ca. 428-347 BC once put it: ‘The soul yearns to fly home on the wings of love to the world of ideas. It longs to be freed from the chains of the body.’ And to ease our way home, the sadness and the suffering of our world need to be alleviated by an ever growing inner awareness that they are an essential part of every soul’s individual growth process. To enable us to move on to new experiences, we have to learn to let go of people, places, situations and their memories. The doors of the past need to be closed before we can fully enter the ones that are waiting to open for us today, but take heart because no experience ever comes our way for nothing. All of them together contribute to the way we handle the events that are before us now.

Every new day that dawns on the earthly plane of our existence the Universe offers all of us countless opportunities for learning and growing in wisdom and understanding. This continues until eventually we have rediscovered our true nature and come home into the full awareness of our oneness with God and all life. Yet, our learning does not stop there. It will forever continue. Each one of us through their own experiences slowly but surely  progresses on the pathway of their individual evolution, which is part of the collective consciousness of our whole world. All of us have our own road to walk that is unlike any other. The wisdom we gather from our experiences are ours alone and that’s the only thing we can take with us into Eternity. There is no need to envy anyone what they have gained because for everybody life forever will keep on unfolding. And the Universe sees to it that at any given moment our true needs are met.

Sometimes pain is necessary to help us forward and there is no point in begrudging it, as it may well be that today’s suffering wishes to bring us the progress and pleasure of tomorrow. With joyful hearts let us therefore accept the unfolding of God’s great and perfect plan in our own lives, and rest safely in the knowledge that the ultimate goal of every human soul’s inner being is this return into our true nature and our loving re-union with our Creator, Father/Mother of all life. For this purpose all remnants of the shadows of the past have to be left behind, so that with each passing day the tasks before us can take us one more step closer to this our final destination.

It’s the plugging away that will win you the day,
So don’t be a piker, old pard!
Just draw on your grit, it’s so easy to quit.
It’s the keeping-your chin-up that’s hard.

It’s easy to cry that you’re beaten – and die;
It’s easy to crawfish and crawl;
But to fight and to fight when hope’s out of sight –
Why that’s the best game of them all!
And though you come out of each gruelling bout,
All broken and battered and scarred,
Just have one more try – it’s dead easy to die,
It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.

From: ‘The Quitter’ by Robert W. Service
‘Rhymes of a Rolling Stone’

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (4)

Creativity And Depression

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide - Depression And Astrology

The legend of Pegasus, the winged horse of the Ancient Greek mythological tradition, can help us find a better understanding of the creative processes. The steed is a metaphor for the creative imagination of writers on whose wings it is possible to lift ourselves and those around us into the heartmind of the Universe. The ideas from the Source are the inspiration behind all creative efforts in earthly life and elsewhere. They are constantly flowing from the highest levels into those who are ready to receive them. This is how the ideas are seeded into the consciousness of the creative writers of our world.

Whether we are aware of this as yet or not, in all our creative writings we act as channels through which the Universe’s ideas are expressed with the help of the author’s unique individual perception and understanding of life. In humankind’s arrogance and vanity younger and less experienced souls may believe all their ideas come from them and are therefore their property. This they only are in a much wider sense because all creative ideas have their origin in our Highest Self who, independent of how unaware we may still be of this fact, at all times remains an integral part of us.

People who are used by the Universe as a channel for bringing its ideas onto the earthly plane of life, in the course of many lifetimes are prepared – maybe unwittingly – to fulfil a task that may be waiting for them in their present lifetime. It may consist of bringing some specific work of art, maybe several, onto the Earth. One major problem arises in this process and that is in order to reach the intended recipient’s conscious awareness, the Universe’s ideas have to work their way through layer upon layer of that person’s residues of the soul memories from all its previous lifetimes. That is the reason why frequently bouts of deep depression have to be endured by creative writers, before the next creative outburst becomes possible. Two outstanding examples of this come to mind.

The first one is the English novelist and essayist, Virginia Woolf, born 25th January 1882, a Sun Aquarius with an Aries Moon. She died 28th March 1941 when her second Saturn Return was almost complete. Saturn returns are times for taking stock and clearing out from our lives that which has outlived its usefulness. Who knows? Maybe Virginia took her own life because her earthly self could no longer endure the pain and pressure that was coming from its soul.
The second one is the American novelist, poet and short story writer, Sylvia Plath, born 27th October 1932, a Sun Scorpio with her Moon in Libra. She died by her own hand on 11th February 1963 at age 30, shortly after the completion of her first Saturn Return. Most striking in the dates of birth of both women is a prominent presence of the seven and therefore Neptune. The vibration of this number is under the rulership of this planet. In Virginia’s case there is the 25th, the day of her birth = 2 + 5 = 7. Sylvia’s is the 27th, 2 = Moon. 7 = Neptune. 2 + 7 = 9 Mars and Scorpio.

As I do not know the birth time of either woman, it is impossible to establish whether a strong Neptunian influence was also expressed in their birthcharts, but it is highly likely that this was the case. However, Sylvia’s Moon in Libra sheds some light onto her fate. If you read the Sun in Libra in the Astro Files, you will find that people with their Moon in this sign tend to draw fateful encounters in their relationships with the other sex into their lives, because of the Karma they themselves once created and brought with them into their present lifetime.

Neptune represents the highest love vibration of the whole of Creation and the higher octave of Venus. It knows nothing of this world and its concerns, and everything about those of the highest realms of life. And that is a world of beauty, peace and harmony, without trouble and strife, the world for which all human souls secretly long and yearn. The upside of Neptune’s energies is that under their influence it is possible to bring the inspiration for the most magnificent works of art onto the Earth plane. During the Age of Pisces, the sign co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune now behind us, this could strongly be felt in all fields of artistic endeavours and especially music.

The downside of the Neptunian energies is an increasingly strong desire of wanting to escape the dark and harsh conditions of earthly life. Besides in us and our world these energies all too easily express themselves in deceptions and delusions, of the self and others. For as long as Pisceans have not yet taken possession of the stabilising and balancing energies of their polar opposite, known as the sleeping partner, the Earth sign Virgo, the Neptunian energies will remain difficult to handle. Virgo sign is ruled by Mercury, the mythological messenger of the Gods. He was the one who stole their fire and brought it down to the Earth to relieve the suffering of humankind struggling in the darkness of its ignorance.

In view of all this it is hardly surprising that the Neptunian energies provide us with an increased sensitivity to the higher and highest aspects of life to human souls, but unfortunately also to the much rougher and coarser vibrations of the Earth plane. The escapist tendencies in the end may get too hard to resist when the going gets too tough for super-sensitive Neptunian souls. Upon their arrival in the world of spirit they will no doubt find out that what once promised to be a permanent answer to their problems, taking their own life, is in truth the most temporary solution of all. There is no way any soul ever escapes from a single one of the unresolved issues it thought had been left behind. Each one has to be attended to in their next lifetime, and the next, until a resolution has finally been found.

Pisceans are particularly prone to deep depressions. Virgos, their polar opposites in the zodiac, through their inner connection with this sign, are also affected by this. The same happens to the polar opposition of Sagittarius and Gemini, the signs in which the superconscious mind of our Highest Self tries to reach and awaken its small earthly counterpart to Its presence. More often than not this is unsuccessful, as we all seem to be remarkably reluctant to go along with and move into the experiences that are then called for. Wary of this new and strange adventure, our soul shies away from rediscovering the most beautiful and precious aspect of its nature.

The Chinese call Gemini the monkey sign, because of the ceaseless mental activity of the earthly human mind that is particularly strong in this sign. Therefore it is hard to get under our control, which is a main requirement for all of us. Gemini is a mental sign and not an emotional one. Rather than buckling down to the task of taking charge of their earthly minds and going into the depths of their world of feelings and emotions to listen to their inner guidance, Geminians may prefer spending their time in endless small talk and revelling in the minutest details of the most trivial things. And Sagittarius, its polar opposite, is the procrastinator of the zodiac who would rather go jet-setting round the globe in pursuit of those illusory greener pastures than seeking them on the inner levels of life with the help of it Highest Self. The result in both cases is the same: depression.

Scorpios may suffer from depressions because of their great reluctance to reveal their true feelings. Deeply feeling and highly sensitive to the emotional vibrations of their environment, they are particularly good a hiding what they feel away, even from themselves. It is inevitable that in the fullness of time this too results in depression. Pisceans, ruled by Neptune, are under similar influences, as the danger of deceiving oneself and others always loom large wherever this planet’s energies come strongly into play.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. The energies of the latter ensure that hidden things come to the surface of the consciousness of the soul’s earthly self. Their cathartic purging and cleansing effects are designed to gradually purify the human soul’s lower nature, especially selfishness and greed. The energies involved are then meant to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing ones for all life. The human soul’s highest potential in all the signs mentioned, but especially Scorpio, is to lift itself and our whole world on the mighty wings of the Great White Eagle above the Earth plane into the blessing and healing power of the Highest Star, the Spirit of the Universal Christ. The eagle is its symbol.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (5)

Free Will

Rays of Wisdom - Overcoming Depression & Suicidal Tendencies Through Understanding - Free Will

If we wish to make any progress in our search for new ways of eliminating anything that is troubling our world, including depression and suicidal tendencies, to my mind, we have to look for their possible causes and that means digging for their roots. My own life has taught me that to find them it is necessary to reach deep into our own individual psyche, as well as that of our whole race. We have to go much further back in time than we can imagine for as long as we are still merely concerned with that which is visible and happening on the surface of our lives. Things change profoundly as soon as we find out the true, that is spiritual purpose and meaning of our earthly existence.

Many of us live in societies that to a large extent have lost their spiritual centre and focus of life. Although many by now are regaining theirs, great numbers of people are not even aware of why they are presently here and what they are meant to do with their lives. Take for example the Rabbi Yehuda Ashlay 1884-1954, who wrote under the name Baal HaSulam. Undoubtedly a very learned man, in his ‘Freedom of Will’ he stated: ‘We are born into a family we did not choose. We are also raised in an environment we did not choose.’

In ‘Attaining The Worlds Beyond’ Michael Laitman, Kabbalist, Founder and President of Ashlag Research Institute, another learned man no doubt, wrote: ‘Against your will you are born, against your will do you live, and against your will you will die. . . We continue to grow and develop in an environment not of our choosing. During this growth and development stage we are sculpted by the environment and our own genetic attributes until we are able to begin processing various choices available to us. We may think we have free will since we are able to choose what we want to eat, drink, which friends to have, what we wear, or what is our stand on environmental issues. However, choices we make and inclinations we have come from society and genes and we are ultimately influenced by them, no matter which way we turn to. Where is free will then?’

There is more in this vein, but I imagine you get the drift. Everybody can only write from their own perception of life and what a bleak and cheerless picture the two men are painting because of being trapped in the beliefs and dogmas of their respective belief systems. I know from first hand experience what a gloomy, sad and depressing our earthly existence can be for as long as one still views it from the blinkered view that our life is a one-off thing. The more our earthly self becomes detached from the knowledge of its true reality as an immortal spirit and soul, a spark of the Divine, who is experiencing life in physicality, the more we feel like being trapped in a dark box from which there is no escape. With the passing of time this becomes a veritable dungeon of despair, which unknown to us for a long time, is entirely of our own making. The walls of our prison consist of the many false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices about God, and of who and what we truly are. Our earthly personality has accumulated them in the course of many lifetimes

In that impoverished state the world is indeed a very threatening and frightening place, in which we feel hopelessly and helplessly subject to the forces of a frequently unkind destiny, which we fail to understand. God and the Angels alone know for how many lifetimes anyone’s earthly self has been in this position. Is it any wonder that depression is so widespread and causing severe problems to so many?

All of that sounds discouraging, doesn’t it? But take heart! Spiritually knowledge is light and not knowing is darkness. And every earthly self eventually reaches the point on their evolutionary journey through life when the first glimmers of the light of understanding appear in the deepest and darkest hours of what is known as ‘the dark night of the soul’. There comes the moment when the Divine spark in our heart begins to stir from its slumber and our spirit and soul start knocking on the inner door of our earthly consciousness. As this aspect of our nature slowly awakens and stirs into life, influences enter our field of vision to help us realise that there is much more to Earth life than that which we have known up to now. Through catching occasional glimpses of other realities and dimensions, maybe by reading or watching a film about them, a new perception of life sneaks into our consciousness.

The more it opens up, the clearer it becomes to us that the things that are invisible to earthly eyes are of far greater importance than everything that takes place on the physical plane of life. We discover to our astonishment that God and the Angels really do exist on the higher and highest levels of life, and that this is humankind’s true home, the place where every one of us once came from and one of these days shall return to. With increasing clarity we recognise that God and the Angels are something much greater and far more beautiful than anyone on the Earth could ever have imagined. They are part of everybody’s own true eternal reality, very real and most certainly not something that just exists in stories for children and people who are a bit soft in the head.

The awareness that life is a continuum without beginning or end brings comfort and relief to our heart and soul. It’s good to know that time and again we have been returning to Earth life, and that from the moment we emerged from the heartmind of God, until our final reunification and homecoming, Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the spirit world are surrounding and helping us. Although they are invisible to our earthly eyes, they have always been and forever will be our constant companions who never leave us. They are the ones who safely every new earthling into their next lifetime and out of it again. On the inner level of life all is one and in truth none of us is ever alone on the Earth plane and the same applies on all other levels of life that are still waiting to explored by us.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (6)

Obeying The Universal Laws

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Obeying The Universal LawsEvery human being finally matures into the awakening of their true identity as a child of the Highest who is first and foremost spirit and soul. It then dawns on us that although we do have free will and that freedom of choice is one of humankind’s most precious gifts on the Earth plane, this by no means represents unrestricted freedom, as many would like to think we have. We, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, are subject to the Universal or God’s laws. The law of Karma is of particular significance here.

Epictetus, the Greek Stoic philosopher, 55-135 AD, came to the conclusion: ‘Although we cannot choose what happens to us, we can choose how to respond.’ And that is the only freedom any one of us has. Whether we are as yet aware of this or not, to help us grow into spiritual maturity the Universal forces are constantly presenting each one of us with the necessity to make a choice of some kind. We do well to bear in mind that even not choosing, in the final analysis represents a choice.

 We, our destiny and our freedom are not unlike a dog, who is taken for a walk on a very long lead. On one end of this lead are we, the dog, and the lead itself is our Karma, which we ourselves are constantly creating, one lifetime after another. Our destiny is at the other end of the lead and rests safely in the hands of God and the Angels. The world of spirit is our true home and no soul is ever forced into another lifetime. But when we have rested sufficiently in that world the urge awakens in us to grow and evolve some more and this can only be done by continuing our earthly education. No soul can return into the oneness with our Creator until it has been completed and as a result our energies have changed sufficiently to be compatible with those of our Source.

The Roman philosopher Cicero, 106-43 BC, struck this warning note: ‘To be free, people must be enbonded to the law.’ Cicero seems to have had the earthly laws in mind, but his words of wisdom are even more true as far as the Universal laws are concerned. Only those can be free who willingly submit themselves to the these laws and make every effort to live by them. The laws are designed to provide a structure and framework in which all life, including ours, is forever securely anchored. Most important of all, the laws ensure that no soul can ever get truly lost or stranded in the vastness of space and Eternity.

Only through learning to obey and living within the Universal laws can we hope to grow into trustworthy and reliable citizens of the Cosmos. And as always, actions speak louder than words. The Angels and Masters are in charge of and responsible for the development of us and our world. Every thought, word and action reveals to them at any given time how far we have got. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing for it but conducting my life strictly in harmony with the Universe’s demands, because from the moment we do and send nothing but good, right and beautiful thoughts, words and actions into our world and beyond, nothing but the same can return to us.

Our fears once served the purpose of protecting us against experiences for which we were unready. When we follow our inner guidance and rest safely in the knowledge that we and our whole world are enjoying the protection of God and the Angels, the time has come for shedding our fears, until the last one of them has gone for good. Although I have by no means reached that point as yet, I am sure that this will eventually be possible. Wherever our evolutionary pathway may take us, onto ever higher and elevated levels of experience, we shall be able to freely and fearlessly walk hand in hand with God and the Angels. They are the only ones who truly know the way of all things and the answers to all our questions.

The only genuine freedom that can be found in earthly life is the spiritual freedom to believe what our hearts and souls are telling us to be true. With the knowledge we are finding the Universe is laying the key to it into the hands of all who prove through their behaviour that they are ready to receive this freedom. All it takes is doing that which is good, right and beautiful and leading a good, honest and upright life. And when we show that at all times we are giving of our best, the Universal laws ensure that only more of the same will in due course find its way back to us. When someone does a nasty turn to a wise one because the last bits of their karmic debts have not yet been paid, they refuse to take vengeance as this would only create more difficult Karma and prolong their times spent in earthly life. Keen to move on to experiencing the higher levels of life, they choose to forgive and walk away.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (7)

Living In Polo Mint Societies

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Living In Polo Mint SocietiesFor as long as our earthly self still lacks the inner direction of knowing that this life serves a higher evolutionary purpose that is hidden from the common view and knowledge, we are like ships without a rudder and an anchor that have no safe haven anywhere, to which we can retreat regularly for some rest and to be restored. My own life has taught me that human beings cannot live by bread alone. Never were wiser words spoken than this.

Until the earthly self realises the most basic truths of its existence, namely that we are all spirit and soul and merely temporarily encased in matter, our existence in physicality can do nothing but turn into an ever more threatening, hopeless and pointless enterprise. It is not hard to see that in some the temptation of seeking to escape from this terrifying experience gets ever stronger, and how they may start looking towards suicide because on the surface of things it appears to be a way out – maybe the only one.

Statistics reveal that this ‘escape route’ is by now reaching epidemic proportions, especially among the young. At the threshold of the Aquarian Age this is hardly surprising because among the souls that are now coming into this life are a great many highly evolved and therefore extremely sensitive ones. Their earthly selves on their own have no way of knowing that their souls have chosen to live through one of their most difficult experiences ever, and that is having to face and coming to terms with an existence in over-materialistically orientated societies and world.

We seem to have created veritable Polo Mint societies for ourselves, i.e. societies without centres. In case they are unknown in your part of the world, Polo Mints are small round mints with a hole in the middle. In my view, there is no need to get unduly upset about this state of our world, because this too undoubtedly serves a wise higher purpose. We shall return to this theme. Only through the lack of something is it possible for human being to learn how to appreciate its true value, in this case the presence – or absence, as the case may be – of the awareness of the Divine and our inner connectedness with all life. There can be no sadder and more depressing experience the Earth has to offer than plodding through life in this state, maybe for several decades, the way I did.

Scores of people are still in this predicament. Yet, eventually the time comes for each one of us when the conditions around us force us into facing up to ourselves and asking a few searching questions about the purpose and meaning of our lives. Many initially turn to a pastime that has become extremely popular these days and that is trying to intellectualise the emotional/spiritual problems of the human psyche. The abundance of books that have been written in this vein and their sales figures speak volumes in themselves.

Superficially, it may well appear that all human problems can be solved by intellectually explaining them away. This approach is so tempting because it looks as if it offered some kind of a quick fix and a shortcut on our soul’s way into enlightenment. True, it is every soul’s birthright to eventually become an enlightened being, but this is not going to come about through spending our time by playing with words. The words themselves are part of the illusion of this world and unless they are followed up by right thoughts and deeds, at best they will count as nothing; at worst they will rebound on us and work against us.

The spiritual pathway – more about it in the chapter ‘The Resolution’ – is a steep and narrow one. To my mind, the only safe way of treading it is by paying attention to our inner teacher or intuition. The only guru in the whole wide world who can be completely trusted and relied upon, who will never let any one of us down or lead us astray, is the living God within, waiting to come alive in everybody’s heart. This is the long awaited Great World Teacher, who knows the answers to all the questions we shall ever care to ask, and the only authority in the whole of Creation who can tell us reliable what is right or wrong for us in any given situation.

Because God is part of us and we are part of God, truly none of us has anything to fear. We shall always be safe and it is good to know that no soul ever had to walk the Earth alone. Whether we are as yet aware of this or not, the Angels and Masters as well as all other friends and helpers in the world of light are constantly with each and every one of us. Our Guardian Angel has always been there to help us work our way through the darkest and traumatic, as well as the happiest an contented moments of all lifetimes. The Angels know when one of us is ready to find out about God’s true nature and our own and the purpose of finding ourselves in earthly life. Whenever a right moment for taking a step forward on our evolutionary journey of life, they are guiding us towards the right people and places.

Nothing To Fear
What do we have to fear? Nothing!
Whom do we have to fear? No-one!
Do you know why?
Consciously becoming one again with their Highest Self,
Gives us three great privileges:
Omnipotence, though happy and safe in the knowledge
That true Power is with God alone;
Intoxication, without the need of wine;
And because of coming home into the awareness
That we are eternal beings of light and immortal,
Never again will there be death for us, merely transformations.

After: St. Francis of Assisi

Six pointed Star

Light At The End Of The Tunnel (8)

Every Soul Creates Its Own Suffering For Good Reasons

This is true, but not because human beings are masochists by nature. The soul does this for the specific reason that it wants to learn something from each one of its experiences, so that it may grow in wisdom and understanding. What, to my mind, depressed souls are crying out more for than anything else is to find the cause of their condition. Depression is a prison that we ourselves build while we still lack sufficient awareness of the deeper spiritual, i.e. invisible, aspects that lie behind all life. My own has taught me that without at least a degree of this kind of understanding it is impossible to even get started on working our way out of our self-created confinement. This article is my attempt to share with you some of the learning I have found along the way.

Breaking out of this prison and the road to recovery is a journey, a healing journey to be more precise. Its first step, like on any other excursion, is the most important one. It is an expedition of discovery and to enable us to get going it is essential to first wake up from our spiritual slumber and become aware again that we are so much more than the physical bodies we walk around in. We are a spark of the Divine, children of God, eternal beings who can never die. To this day, it is something of a miraculous revelation to me that human life really does continue after our spirit and soul have parted company with our physical bodies; that we go into what is known as the world of spirit. Although I have never had any taste for this kind of thing, a great deal of evidence is by now available that proves that this world does not only exist but that it is just as real as this one.

Our other world is the place – better the level of life – where we go at physical death to recuperate and recover from the stresses and strains of Earth life. Death of the body is but one single phase of life and means nothing more than a transformation that moves the human soul onto the above mentioned level. Life always continues and there is an uninterrupted flow. Nobody can run away from their problems; sooner or later they have to be faced; at the latest, when we have reached the other side of the veil of consciousness.

Awareness is also the key for unlocking all human problems, including that of depression and suicide. What is the point in giving in to one’s self-destructive thoughts and feelings, when one knows that our troubles came into our life for a specific purpose, namely to teach us something, and that they will always be there and waiting to be resolved, by none other than us? Being aware that if we do not do so here and now, one way or another, they must be faced again, worked with and hopefully resolved, in one of our coming lifetimes, probably the next one and – if need be – the next, one realises that it is best to make an  effort to tackle them, now.

Knowing all that, surely one cannot sensibly come to any conclusion other than that it is better by far to work on finding resolutions to bring healing to all our troublesome relationships – especially the most difficult one of all, the one with ourselves – while we are still here. If that seems too difficult a task to tackle on our own, swallowing our pride and reaching out for helping hands, either on this or the higher level of life, ideally both, is sure to bring great rewards. I admire the wisdom of all those who pluck up the courage and have the determination to seek healing for their condition. It is never an enterprise for the faint-hearted and I applaud most sincerely any effort that is made to find healing for their soul on the Earth plane. That, after all, is the very reason why we are all in this life together.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (9)

The Inner Teacher

All my writings are of an intuitive nature. They represent a flow of consciousness that is like a river and like any river this one must be allowed to find its own way. The same as my writings, my beliefs and understanding have their origin in my inner guidance, the only truly trustworthy teacher and guru in the whole of Creation.

This does not make me in any way exceptional. Everybody has this inner teacher and to be guided by it is every soul’s birthright. Its guidance has nothing to do with outside forces; it rises from the very depth of everyone’s own being, where our Highest or God Self dwells. It knows the way of all things and is always waiting to give us feedback as to what is right or wrong in any situation. There’s a snag though! It speaks to us through the world of our feelings and can only be contacted through them.

Many men are finding it difficult to get in touch with their inner teacher, because in the past they were not encouraged to stay in touch with and acknowledge their feelings. This is a dangerous practice! Those who persistently neglect and therefore fail to respond to the guidance that comes to them through their emotions are courting the hazard of falling prey to deep depressions, which are caused by leftover feelings from the undigested traumatic events of past experiences.

Some of them are likely to be from earlier during this lifetime, but their main bulk has almost certainly been accumulated in the course of a great many previous ones. Ever more memories of unresolved issues and their accompanying feelings have in this way accumulated inside us. Those from earlier during our present earthly sojourn have been piled on top of even older ones. There is only one purpose that all these memories are serving by now; they are waiting to be looked at, dealt with and then discharged.

The residues of the feelings that are too difficult for us to handle, at any given moment, always leave an imprint behind on the memories of our soul. For a while, maybe for many lifetimes, they thus remain tucked away in our subconscious. There they wait patiently until the earthly self, at some stage in its spiritual development, wakes up from its spiritual slumbers and starts working on their release.

When that moment has come the past must be dealt with by us; it will then no longer tolerate being pushed away, buried and forgotten. Many of our most difficult memories, having left their imprints on our souls, demand our attention and want to be healed. We need to work our way through them and, through a renewed understanding of the higher purpose that lies behind all life and every one of its experiences, find the kind of forgiveness that comes from the very depths of our heart and soul for ourselves and the ones who trespassed against us. This brings healing to our whole being, mind, body, spirit and soul.

The first step on this healing journey consists of a very careful and honest look at our inner life and the world of our feelings, always bearing in mind that we are here to seek healing for the wounds we received in the course of all lifetimes, not just one or two but many. To find it, everything that surfaces has to be accepted. Before God, i.e. in our perception of the nature of God, we all stand alone and each must work on their own salvation. This means looking for ways of dissolving every last shred of the unpleasant soul memories we have brought from previous lifetimes into this one, so once and for all they can be shed.
That is the reason why, at certain times, some of our most ancient soul memories in the form of our feelings begin to knock ever more urgently at the door of our consciousness and rise to its surface. They are not doing this to hurt or harm us in any way, but merely to remind us that they are there. In truth, they are saying: ‘Look at me! Pay attention to me; you don’t need me any more; let me go and release me! Set yourself free from the past and from me.’ But it is difficult to recognise this because some of the feelings that come can be so unpleasant and frightening that, rather than facing them and dealing with them, we turn heel and try to run away from them.  Constantly reminding myself that they are just feelings and not real, shadows of past realities, and nothing more, I find most helpful in such situations.

Trying to reason them away with intellectual jargon and arguments is probably the most counterproductive approach altogether, as it can bring neither the wisdom nor the healing that is the very purpose of our being in this life. The only way the earthly self can find the true enlightenment that will release it from its prison of darkness and depression is not by talking endlessly about enlightenment. The emptying process, which the mystics of all ages have known and talked about, is something that every soul must eventually go through at some stage in its long evolution. For many the time for doing so has come.

Staying with our feelings and fully experiencing the events of times long gone by once again, though in a somewhat milder form, creates fresh opportunities for finding enlightenment, i.e. new understanding. It is highly unlikely that this will ever come to people who would rather read and talk about illumination than actively working on finding it. In my view it is far more constructive to surrender our feelings to our Highest Self and ask for Its help with shedding all unpleasant ones from our soul consciousness, once and for all.

That, in my view, is the only safe way any one of us can sensibly expect to find the wisdom and growth we are all in this life to search, since the moment we came away from God. As our perception of life slowly changes and we make peace with our soul, we find the healing that is the main purpose and the final aim of our earthly existence. As pointed out earlier, shortcuts and quick fixes do not exist on the spiritual pathway through life and the reason for this is a very simple one, as explained in the following chapter.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (10)

Created In God’s Image

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spirittual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Created In God's Image

Because we have been created in God’s image, everyone of our Creator’s characteristics and powers are also in us. To enable human souls to take possession of their higher and highest attributes, the Great Mother of life in Her infinite wisdom has decreed that this can only be done through each one of us getting to know through their own experiences not only the miseries, disappointments and failures, pain and suffering of Earth life, but also its joys and the beauty and wonders of God’s Creation. The reason why one lifetime after another we find ourselves in this existence is because every soul can only learn from its own first hand experience to appreciate what it feels like to wounded. When this part of our lesson has been fulfilled, we begin to feel motivated to go in search of healing for the many wounds our soul has received in its struggles.

As each one has to become as familiar with good as with evil, we all must at some stage find ourselves at the giving as well as the receiving end of both. Through all these things we steadily grow in wisdom and understanding. And it is through the world of our feelings that our inner self teaches us the difference between the two by constantly giving us signals and telling us what is right or wrong for us in any given situation. So, if anyone ask you: ‘What’s the use of having feelings, when they’re so troublesome?’, you can reply with confidence that they are necessary because without them we would not learn anything.

Created in God’s image, each one of us contains masculine and feminine energies. At this vital crossroads in the evolution of our race, the full acceptance and integration of both of them is of the greatest importance for both genders. Neither of the energies is better, more valuable and precious, stronger or weaker than the other. They are meant to be equal partners who are perfectly balanced and working together in complete harmony. Each has its own vital role to play and contribution to make in the act of creation. And we are in this life to learn how to use our masculine and feminine energies with the same ease they do in God. It is our task to teach them how to work together just as harmoniously and peacefully.

There is no battle or competition between God and Goddess, as has been the case on the Earth plane among men and women for a very long time. For evolutionary purposes this was necessary, but with the coming of the Aquarian Age, and the increased understanding of the true nature of God and our own, such things have outlived their usefulness and are therefore ready to discarded. As the world around us is a mirror of what is happening inside us, if we want peace in our world, each one of us must first make peace within through uniting their very own two forces of Creation inside their own being.

The masculine aspect of God and also of our spirit is the abstract world of thoughts – it is the essence of creative intellect. The feminine part of God and of us, women and men alike, is the soft and sensitive world of feelings, the soul. For as long as the masculine fails to filter its creative ideas through the wisdom of the feminine, it can be extremely cold, callous and destructive. God in his omniscience knows that he, the creator, exists in the abstract world of his creative ideas and that he can only recognise himself in his creations. That is why created worlds come into being in the first place and why he, with the help of his Goddess, produce ever more new worlds. Together they populate them with their children, so that through their experiences more and more knowledge and wisdom is gathered about all aspects of himself.

That is the reason for the very existence of the human race. If we deny ourselves our experiences, what would be the point of being in this life? In the long run this cannot be done in any case, because the law of life demands from every soul that it evolves and constantly grows in wisdom and understanding. Attending to our duties as children of God is the only way any soul can hope to ever find its way back home into the full enlightenment that is waiting for each one of us at the end of our long evolutionary journey in the re-union with God.

Can you see that there is every point in getting on with our life lessons, as best we know how to? This can only be done by shouldering them resolutely and moving forward. With the necessary spiritual awareness of what life is really all about, Earth’s suffering will eventually cease. We shall get there in due course, of that I am sure. But, without living through all our experiences, becoming familiar with the accompanying feelings and dealing with them in the appropriate manner, we would never have found any of the wisdom that’s already ours. Now, wouldn’t that be a pity?

Therefore, let’s persevere with our learning. Souls who refuse to do so, whatever their reasons may be, cannot grow. They stagnate and are then in danger of wasting a whole precious lifetime. However, as nothing in the whole of creation is ever lost or wasted, upon their return into the world of spirit they will be helped to realise this by the wise ones in charge of them. In this manner dallying souls receive one of their most valuable lessons ever, which they will never forget. In coming lifetimes they will remember and really buckle down to their learning.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (11)

Suicide Is Not The Answer

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Suicide Is Not The AnswerLet’s now take a look at what happens on the inner plane of life, when one of us earthlings has chosen to die by their own hands. God, our Divine Father/Mother, some prefer to call this the ultimate authority of Creation the Universe, is as much part of us as we are part of It. The Great Mother is the wisdom and love aspect of the Divine, whose symbol is the yellow rose.  It is with everybody and knows the way of all things, including our hearts and souls. It knows them better than we ourselves do. God is aware of everyone’s past, present and future, and appreciates when one of us has suffered long and hard enough, has taken in a sufficient amount of their present earthly lessons and simply cannot take any more.

Apart from being omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God is merciful. Whenever a soul has truly reached the end of the line, the Angel of Death takes it back into the world of spirit, its true home, where it is tenderly ministered to. Here it rests and receives healing, until it is ready to be confronted with itself and the way it has coped with the lessons of all its lifetimes thus far.

As briefly touched upon earlier, there is no such thing as Judgement Day. Because the Universe loves us, it never judges anyone. Instead, we are required to evaluate ourselves. Only when the purpose of any given lifetime has been fulfilled is the human soul called back home. It makes no difference at what earthly age this takes place and in what manner we depart from this plane. To talk about anyone’s earthly demise as ‘untimely’, to my mind, means to doubt the great wisdom and love of our Creator. The Great Spirit is the Father/Mother of all life. This is the highest authority over everything in the whole of Creation and the only one who has any true power; nothing is beyond or outside Its will. Therefore, no soul’s departure from the Earth plane ever takes place without Its consent and that applies to any kind of death, including suicide.

No matter how low a soul may have fallen or how depraved it has become, in the course of this lifetime or any other, none of us will ever be beyond the love, the mercy and the forgiveness of God. This is the only authority in the whole of Creation who can truly appreciate when any soul’s mental, physical and/or spiritual struggle has been going on for long enough. When the suffering of any particular soul threatens to be more than the amount that is good and reasonable for its growth to endure, the Angel of Death draws close and releases us.

I do believe that the manner and the moment of our death are predestined and that suicides are no exception to this. After all, it is but one of many ways of returning to the world of light. Nothing in God’s Creation can ever be truly lost and every experience is valuable somehow. And the great transformation from one state of life into the other is always intended to provide valuable lessons for all involved, on both sides of the veil of consciousness that separates our earthly existence from our true home, the world of spirit.

Whenever the going gets too tough for our liking, what is it that stops us from trying to escape this life wholesale and leaping off its edge like lemmings into the sea? The wisdom of our Creator has stored in the deepest innermost recesses of every soul’s memories the sacred knowledge of our own true nature and home, and that is the place our soul yearns for and wishes to be released to when life becomes too hard to endure. But, the laws of the Universe decree that every soul must evolve and grow. The Highest Self and the Guardian Angel know this; they are guiding and protecting the small earthly self and taking it through the whole of its education, at all times standing by in total and unconditional love. Although they are ready to catch us when we fall, they will not interfere with any soul’s learning; if help is wanted it has to be asked for.

However, once we have learnt the lesson of killing ourselves, the memories of this event – before, during and after – are converted into one of the most valuable properties any soul can have. They are stored and referred to in coming lifetimes when particularly harrowing experiences have to be undergone. Such recollections are what stops large parts of our race from committing mass suicide, for example during times of wars and famines. Undoubtedly, this too is a gift from the Universe because it stops us from wasting precious lifetimes and delaying our evolutionary progress by unnecessarily repeating painful and traumatic occurrences like taking our own lives.

Every soul’s final destiny is constantly winking at all of us from afar and that is our loving reunion with our Source; the state that some religions describe as Paradise. To reach it, our soul has to cleanse and purify itself of all earthly desires and concerns; this process continues until the human energies are compatible again with those of God. Only then can a full merger take place. Now, who in their right senses would want to get away from that?

This highlights the urgency of seriously getting to work on the development of our character. Besides, the closer one comes to the light of the knowledge of humankind’s true being, the more one realises that when on the surface of life things at times seem too difficult to handle, taking one’s own life never has been or will be an escape route at all. But, the same as all lessons of life in physicality, the one of suicide can only be learnt through first hand experiences. That is why every soul has to end its earthly existence in this manner at least once.

Six pointed Star

Light At The End Of The Tunnel (12)

The Resolution

All of us, without exception, are spiritual beings. Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, each one of us is on their own individual spiritual pathway by which I mean the way back home into the conscious awareness of our true nature. At our entry into the Aquarian Age, the long promised spiritual rebirth of our race and world is in full swing. Because of this the evolutionary tempo is speeding up and the vibrations of the Earth are becoming higher and faster. All these influences are helping ever more of us to wake up and start working on gaining access to the spiritual wisdom and truth that comes directly from the Source that has always been every soul’s birthright.
Every soul has the same way to walk, no matter how anyone’s way of life and outlook on it may still vary from that of others. As each human being contains a spark of the Divine, each one of us is a child of God or the Universe, as some prefer to call the Universal intelligence of the Highest mind. The Divine spark has been dormant for a very long time; it is now trying ever more forcefully to come fully alive in every heart. Our Highest Self is calling its earthly counterpart; it is waiting for its surrender, so that its soul and spirit may be reborn and take charge. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult because in most of us the inner connection with God has been buried underneath a great many layers of unexpressed and suppressed feelings, especially those of our deepest and innermost fears. They are waiting to be faced and released, and there is no way of running away from ourselves.

Before God our small earthly self stands alone and each has to tackle the arduous and heroic task of working their own way through all our fears. The fear of God and of life, of the unknown and going forward under all circumstances, and the fear of death – each one must be faced head on by us. This is the most demanding and final test each soul must pass on its way home into the full realisation of its true nature. As that would be far too hard for the soul to do on its own, help is at hand. Yet, it will not come to anyone unless it is asked for. At all times, God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to rescue each one of us. The love and devotion with which we meet them are the only solvent that can set us free from our inner prison.

Meanwhile, on the Earth plane, the latest research reveals that antidepressants may not be as effective as the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession had once promised and hoped for. As I never believed that they had any solutions to offer, this does not surprise me. I see this revelation as a very positive one, as it forces those who suffer from depression and those to whom they turn for help to look for alternative ways of bringing relief and, hopefully, healing. Putting an end to depression and suicidal thoughts reliably and permanently never was possible by pumping our bodies full of chemicals.

As a crutch they may be helpful and even necessary, to mask and suppress the most unpleasant symptoms for a while. But our energies change and with them the experiences we are drawing into our lives. Eventually, the time comes when one feels strong enough to let go of one’s medication again, which needs to be done slowly, in stages and over a prolonged period. But it is time now to go in search of alternative ways for getting to the underlying emotional/spiritual soul issues that are at the roots of all our problems.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel (13)

Unresolved Past Lifetime Traumas

Many of the most unpleasant and fearful feelings that accompanied past life traumatic experiences are now stored in our subconscious. They have been slumbering there for a very long time and all those that were too unpleasant and difficult to face and handle at the time had to be ignored and suppressed by us. They had to remain unacknowledged by our earthly self, until the right moment for releasing them safely had been reached.

By now, this is happening to a great many of us. Until even our most distasteful feelings have found their final resolution, they are going to seriously impair and hold up our soul’s spiritual progress. Every soul must eventually go through this vital cleansing and purifying exercise of acknowledging and feeling its most ancient feelings. Whatever their nature may be, they must be experienced once more; only then can they be released, once and for all.

This process cannot be delayed forever by any one of us; that’s why at certain times in our earthly existence, our most difficult feelings refuse to be pushed away. Ever more urgently and loudly they then demand attention and start knocking at the door of our conscious mind. The poor earthly self hardly ever understands what is at stake, especially not when strong fears rise to the surface. Frightened of one’s own feelings, one naturally shies away from them and does not want to know. The more one does this, the deeper one sinks into depression, until things get so bad that we cannot stand it any longer.

In desperation we then visit our doctor, in the vain hope that there may be some kind of magic wand that can be waved to make the unpleasant feelings go away. Believe you me, I have been there – I have done it. Conventional medicine used to believe it had one of those in the form of different types of chemicals. What a long time it has taken until there comes the news of the above mentioned official confirmation of their ineffectiveness. That’s what they are at best. At worst their side-effects can be as disagreeable as the illness they aim to or rather pretend to be able to cure. This kind of exercise could not be any more counterproductive.

As all unresolved issues that are left behind at the end of each lifetime have to be brought back into every subsequent one, isn’t it preferable by far to attend to our feelings right here and now? Regardless of how much anyone hopes they can escape from their problems. As our consciousness has to be cleansed of them, not a single one of them will ever go away on its own. For as long as we steadfastly refuse to deal with them in the appropriate manner, they will rise – if need be time and again – to the surface of our consciousness.

They do not come to torture us but in the hope of being faced this time and worked with until their final resolution. That is why, to me, the only sensible solution for ending depression once and for all is through seeking healing. However, this can only come through finding a better understanding of ourselves and the purpose of our present existence.

The first and most important step for me on my personal healing journey was the recognition that evolution is the purpose of all life throughout the whole of Creation, including that of the Earth. This knowledge helped me immensely and I hope that it may do the same for you. The time has come for looking beyond the end of our own noses and suffering, and for becoming aware why we are here and that a great many more wonderful moments of revelation are in store for us, the more our inner eyes begin to open.

As the vision slowly clears, one begins to distinguish that there is so much more to Earth life than meets the eye. And a deep sense of security develops with the increasing realisation that there really is such a thing as a benevolent higher authority at work behind our present existence that takes care of all our needs on all levels of life. Its nature is so kind, gentle and loving that it never forces anyone to do anything against their will. It merely tries to coax the human soul, individually and collectively, forward and upwards onto ever higher levels of perception.

Six pointed Star

Light At The End Of The Tunnel (14)

Shedding Excess Emotional Baggage

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Shedding Excess Emotional Baggage

These days, I approach all life, including my own, entirely from its spiritual aspect. By this I mean from the knowledge that the spirit behind all earthly manifestations is by far its most important part. I do so not because someone says I have to but because nothing else makes any real sense to me. Depression is something I have been struggling with for at least thirty years, though probably more likely for the whole of this lifetime. I am well aware that many of the things I have to deal with, to this day, are part of the unresolved issues I have brought with me from previous lives, in the hope of attending to them this time round. I am a very private person and not given to public confessions. Yet, this is such a vital issue that I am willing to make an exception, in the hope of being able to bring new hope and understanding to those who to this day have been unable to make any progress in their fight against the miseries of depression.
My plea with anyone feeling suicidal is: Don’t! There is no point, because once you are safely back in the world of spirit – our true home – you will be able to see for yourself that because the core of our being is eternal and immortal and life is a flow that will forever continue, it is impossible to snuff ourselves out like candles. In the fullness of time you too will realise that if you wish to make any progress on your evolutionary pathway, it will be necessary for you to return to the Earth plane by your own volition, so that you can repeat the lessons you, struck with the visionary blindness of that level of life, tried to avoid during your most recent lifetime.

As your feelings by then will have been buried under yet another layer of the fear of facing yourself and your issues, resolving them will be even more difficult. Therefore, regardless of what kind of situation you have to deal with, make it clear to yourself that there is always a way forward. You cannot see it? All you have to do is ask and it will be shown to you. ‘Seek and ye shall find,’ is true here, possibly more than in any other aspect of life. Knock at the inner gate of your Highest or God Self and ask for Its help, and rest assured that the door will be opened unto you and that help will come!

In fact, the direct inner connection with our Highest Self that we once had – or rather the loss and the lack of it – is what all depression is about. In the course of many lifetimes it has been buried under layer upon layer of the rubble of all manner of feelings that once accompanied the soul memories of past traumas. Each new lifetime has piled yet another layer on top, causing the bottom layers to become ever more compacted. All these feelings by now have become excess baggage that has no value other than waiting to be worked through and discharged. That’s the only purpose they now serve. Shedding yet another layer of mine always feels like the peeling of an onion. As skin after skin falls away and dissolves, my inner connection with God grows clearer and stronger. Once you get to work on yours, yours is sure to do the same.

To paraphrase ‘Desiderata’: You are a beloved child of the Universe, the same as the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. You are a precious and unique being of light. Whether you are as yet aware of this or not, we are all on a spiritual pathway. Don’t shy away from this expression. All it means is the rediscovery of the fact that we are a spirit and soul who is only temporarily encased in matter. Before God you are responsible for yourself and for the life you have been given. You are here to become aware that all life is subject to Universal laws and to learn to conduct your life responsibly and in accordance with any spiritual knowledge you may find.

Try not to miss any of the opportunities the Universe is presently offering you. If you open your inner eyes, you cannot fail to recognise that your depression is in truth a gift of major significance that wishes to come into your conscious awareness. Any kind of deep suffering is invariably an Angel in disguise who is reaching out for us. Don’t refuse its invitation, but courageously reach out for its hand and walk with it to find out what it may wish to bring you. The very first thing is the knowledge of your true nature and that is your passport to immortality! To find it, that’s what you came into this lifetime for. Don’t throw this chance away or you could be very sorry when you return to your true home.

No-one on the Earth plane has any way of knowing someone else’s Karma and what life lessons anyone has come to integrate during their present lifetime. That’s why it would be unwise to state categorically that suicide is wrong in all circumstances; for some it is not. If your soul does not yet know from first hand experience that there is no point in suicide, then you may have to go ahead and find out. But, before you walk into the unknown, stop and take a little time out. Try to feel inside and ask your inner guide: ‘Is this what I really want; is this what I need? After all, I could be wasting a whole lifetime!’ Listen carefully to its reply; it will come to you in the shape of a feeling that either says: ‘Yes, do it!’ or ‘No, don’t!’

Whatever you decide to do, know that you have a right to be here; that you are entitled to find happiness and healing; and that – if you but stay – you have a good chance of finding all of these things. Try to look at what you are going through at present as an opportunity that will, if you seize it and work with it, in due course lead you into becoming a healer in your own right. Your present experiences are meant to help you become a kinder, more loving and compassionate person, towards others and also yourself. Going in search of one’s own light at the end of one’s personal tunnel of suffering, in your case the one of depression, gradually develops the ability to show others that their lives and their experiences are valid and worth living through, the same as yours have been and always will be. However, this inner knowing must grow organically from within you, through your very own experiences. Only when this growth has taken place, will you be able to convincingly teach others how to do for themselves what you did in the past.

So long as this you fail to see:
That death precedes re-birth!
A gloomy guest you’ll always be,
Upon this darkling Earth.

From: ‘Seliges Verlangen’
‘The Soul’s Yearning’

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•    ‘Beyond Fear’ by Dr. Dorothy Rowe
•    ‘The Courage to Live’ by Dr. Dorothy Rowe
•    ‘The Art of Effortless Living – Simple Techniques for healing, mind, body and spirit’ by Dr. Ingrid Bacci, mentioned earlier.

‘The Way Out Of Your Prison’ is my favourite book of all times. Finding it many years ago truly changed my life, in spite of the fact that this took place without bright flashes of enlightening. It was more a gradually awakening understanding within me that we always have choices in life and that no-one has to put up with circumstances in their lives that are no longer right and possibly never were. Over some time, this led me into the realisation that this freedom of choice brings with it the responsibility of acting on our knowledge and learning to choose wisely.

To me, the greatest beauty and attraction of both Dr. Rowe’s and Dr. Bacci’s writings always has been that neither comes across as one of those ‘oh, so spiritual’ writers. If anything, they are the opposite. Their writings are in a class of their own; although they are of a deeply spiritual nature, both authors insist on telling their readers that this is not so. And they are right; on the surface of things all the above mentioned books are not spiritual ones. It’s hard to explain, but if you have never read any of them, you really have missed out on something.

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Part 2

Families And Their Energies (1)

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Famlies And Their Energies

The energies of all family groups are made up of the energies that in some way are present in every one of its members. This may not be obvious from individual birthcharts but numerology usually reveals more of the hidden factors when one examines the dates of birth, the destiny numbers and the names of those involved. Why should this be so? It is because we are magnetic beings and everything in the whole of Creation is an attraction of energies. It is because of this that like can only attract like into its orbit. The result of this is that in all our group efforts, and especially in families, the same energies are at work and the need for similar life lessons draws those involved together, one lifetime after another.

The world around us is a manifestation of what is inside us. It acts like a mirror that on the outer level of Earth life, including in all our own daily encounters, constantly reflects what is happening within. Before we sit in judgement over anyone’s character, we do well to remind ourselves that we all contain everything, the very best as well as the worst. Any character traces – good and bad alike – that are openly displayed by one human being are therefore also in us. Each time we have to endure human unpleasantness and, failing to recognise the same in ourselves, get hold of yourself.

Before you think smugly: ‘Thank God I am not like that!’ consider that there is every likelihood that the characteristics displayed by the other one are slumbering invisibly and tucked away – not at all safely – from our own view in our subconscious. As even from there they are quite capable of bringing suffering and pain into our lives, it is well worth our while to regularly spend a moment or two before the mirror of our world. Gaze deeply and with utter honesty into it and see what you can find. As you may imagine, there is a great deal more to this theme. You can read on about it by following the links at the end of this chapter.

I cannot think of any better example for demonstrating how the family energies express themselves in our lives than telling you about m friend Eugene’s experiences. He and his parents show quite clearly how they manifest themselves and can be recognised in every member of a family circle, even though one or the other sign may not be highlighted in the birthcharts of each one. Eugene is a Sagittarian and his parents are both Virgos, which means that his family is strongly under the influence of the energies of these two signs. Eugene once told me that his father loves to play practical jokes on people and wanted to find out whether Virgos are known for their outstanding sense of humour. That, however, is by no means one of the best features of Virgo. On the contrary, some Virgos may show a distinct lack of humour. So, what could be at work in Eugene’s father?

To establish his family’s energies it would be necessary to investigate his parent’s charts to find out the positioning of their Ascendants, Sun in houses and their Moon in signs and houses. It would be interesting to find out whether Sagittarius is strongly configured in the parent’s birthcharts, for example by their Ascendants in Sagittarius and/or their Suns and Moons in the ninth house, the natural domain of this sign. Without having access to Eugene’s birthchart as well as those of this other family members, let’s try to figure out where the Virgo energies are showing up.

Even if they were not highlighted in Eugene’s chart, it’s really quite simple. His name reveals a natural inclination towards Virgo and Sagittarius. Numerologically, the 5 represents Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. The name Eugene contains it four times, three times as the vowel ‘e’ and once as the consonant ‘n’. Vowels represent the name owner’s soul vibration and the consonants their outer earthly personality. The letter ‘u’ is a number 3, ruled by Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius. The ‘g’ is a 7, ruled by Neptune, one of the planetary co-rulers, with Jupiter, of Pisces. Add the 5 from the ‘n’ and the 7 from the ‘g’ on the personality together = 12. Take this us one step further 1 = the Sun, ruler of Leo. 2 = the Moon ruler of Cancer. 1+2 = 3 = Sagittarius. Can you see how the strong influence of Virgo and Sagittarius reveals itself, even though we are merely considering the name Eugene?

Discovering how the family energies reveal themselves in all its members may take a bit of detective work, but if you can be bothered you will be delighted by the results, of that I am sure. For example, if our father and/or mother were Sun Scorpios or Taureans, although these signs may not be highlighted in our own chart and those of our siblings, the Scorpio and Taurus energies would still form an important part of our general make-up. The reason why we could be born into this family in the first place is for three reasons: 1) Our energies are compatible with theirs. 2) We already shared certain character traces with them, long before we came into our present lifetime. 3) Their present life lessons are similar to ours.

Had this not been the case, there would have been no point in coming through this particular set of parents. In truth children do not inherit a great deal from their parents and that is because we are not of our parents, we merely come through them. None of our characteristics were handed down to us by anyone. We ourselves developed each one of them – good, bad and indifferent alike – in previous lifetimes. We are responsible for them and everything else that is in our lives, especially for our character and behaviour.

In case you are still puzzling about Eugene’s father’s love of practical jokes, let’s see how they fit into the picture. The Fire signs love excitement and having fun. To see this demonstrated in real life situations, stand before a fire and watch it for a while. Look at the way it’s enjoying itself and while you are about it, can you also see how quickly it can get out of hand? The Earth signs, on the whole, have a more practical, down-to-Earth and sensible approach to life. The Fire signs, Sagittarius in particular, have a childlike sense of humour that in some souls may border on the childish. Eugene’s father’s behaviour, with all due respect, points in that direction.

When you combine the energies of Earth, Virgo, and Fire, Sagittarius, it’s not hard to see how in this case they added up to someone who loves playing practical jokes on those around them. And what a pain in the neck such people are! Have you ever come across any grown-ups who enjoyed being at the receiving end of such jokes? I have not!

Just at the time when I was revising this chapter, a lady came to my house. When she asked me what I was doing, I showed her and explained what it was about. ‘That sounds interesting,’ she said. ‘I am a Capricorn and was born on the 10th January.’ In that case you are not only strongly under the influence of Saturn, Capricorn’s planetary ruler, but also of the Sun, the ruler of Leo.’ ‘Funny you should say that,’ she replied. ‘My son is a Leo. Before he was born I had thought of actually calling him Leo.’

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Families And Their Energies (2)

Our Afflictions Are Not Ancestral Curses

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background of Depression & Suicide - Our Afflictions Are Not Ancestral Curses

The greatest glory is not in never falling,
But in rising again, each time we fall.

Confucius 551-479 BC

If before God we are all the same and every human being contains everything, the very best and the worst in equal measure, and if everybody is gifted in the same way, why then don’t we all know the same things? Why don’t we all think and behave the same way? To be sure, before God we are all alike and each one of us has been bestowed with the same abilities and potentialities, but initially they are present in seed form only. To become ours, they have to be worked with and developed. And we all perceive matters in different ways because everybody has reached a degree of evolutionary development that is at least slightly different from anyone else’s. This makes it possible for life on Earth to be a school in which all those present at any given time can simultaneously play the role of teacher and/or pupil for each other. Hence the need for some of us to be slightly ahead of the others.

We are children of the Universe, co-creators with God and young Gods in the making. Every one of the powers and characteristics of our Divine parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life, are also in us and because everything was created by and is of God that means the very best as well as the worst. All of these characteristics have to be explored and experienced by us, so that we may become familiar with them and make the beneficial ones our own. Can you see why life on Earth is such a tough and demanding school? Nothing that exists here and also in our personal lives was inflicted upon us by some ancestral curse or outside force – known or unknown. Every bit of it was created by each one of us ourselves and there are no exceptions to this.

God and the Angels in their infinite wisdom and foresight help us to bring everything our hearts truly desire into being, so that we should learn something from it and grow in wisdom and understanding. In the course of many lifetimes each one of us can do this only through their own experiences. When the lower and lowest aspects of our nature have been sufficiently explored and understood during the early stages of our earthly education in the infant, toddler and adolescent classes, we begin to prepare ourselves for leaving this part of our development behind for good. In the higher grades of the earthly school of life the focus is on bringing forth from deep within our own being the characteristics of our Christ nature, the highest and noblest parts of our being. Through developing them we gradually become ever more God-like.

When one studies the lives and times of those who came before us during other phases of our race’s evolutionary development, to my mind the right way of looking at them should not be a question of ‘They did this, that or the other. How terrible!’ It was not ‘them’ but ‘us’. There only ever was ‘us’, for we – and by that I mean the likes of you and me – are likely to have taken part in many of the events of bygone days. Lots of those in our midst are very old and experienced souls, who in previous lifetimes reincarnated into some of the most ancient civilisations that ever existed on the Earth and share their habits and religions, their ceremonies and rituals. For good and evil alike, they carried their load of whatever trials and tribulations had to be endured by humankind in those days.

Let’s not forget that every human being, without exception, is a spark of the Great Light of the Universal Christ and therefore a child of God. And whatever may still have to happen to any one of us, even the meanest and lowest among us is not some kind of a miserable worm or sinner, as some to this day would like us to believe we are. Each one of us always has been and forever will be a student in the great University of God’s Creation, which every so often takes us temporarily into earthly life, no more and no less. In this academy every pupil is constantly in search of consciousness expanding experiences that increases their wisdom and understanding, and that consists of, to paraphrase the words of Yates: ‘The lighting of a fire and not the filling of a pail.’

That’s why whenever someone brings a new item of spiritual wisdom and truth to the attention of wise ones, they listen carefully to what their inner guidance has to say about it in the form of responses received through the world of their feelings. If something is right, it feels right and if something doesn’t fit into their present belief system, they refuse to stick their heads into the sand ostrich fashion and pretend that what they are hearing is untrue and a load of nonsense. They appreciate that it is in the nature of anyone’s spiritual awakening that their existing store of beliefs is constantly in need of updating and expanding. That’s why, whilst searching for growth in wisdom and understanding, they willingly let go of some – maybe all – of their long held and often cherished false beliefs about what truth is, so that they can be replaced by fresh insights and ideas into the concepts that arise as they progress on the journey of their predestined pathway.

Wise ones leave it to the earthly selves of young and inexperienced spirit/souls, who do not yet know any better, to frequently stick their heads ostrich fashion into the sand. Wise ones don’t forget that they too once did this when they could not yet tell the importance of the new parts of God’s wisdom and truth that were coming their way. In those days they had not yet learnt how to discern which of their beliefs were outdated and in need of being replaced by fresh insights. Never mind, it’s all part of the earthly lessons of our youngsters. When they have matured into spiritual adulthood, they too will understand. They will then be able to grasp the meaning of the Universal law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma, how it has always affected their lives and that of the whole of humankind.

The youngsters then realise that certain things apply to every human being in earthly life and that only by following them can spiritual progress be made. This means that: we are all responsible for ourselves and also our world; whatever befalls us in our present existence was brought about by the Karma that was created by everyone’s own thoughts, words and actions of previous lifetimes; everything in our world at present was created by all of us together; every one of us is accountable for its present state; and because of this all of us are expected to do our share of putting things right and doing our best to make Mother Earth a more peaceful and harmonious place for all lifeforms she holds in her loving embrace.

Many in our world appear to be as yet unaware that every right they have in this life brings with it a duty. Because of this every lifetime we are allowed to spend on this planet eventually presents us with the moral obligation of doing our best to look after and care for it. We are here to do everything that is within our power to redeem the damage we inflicted earlier in this lifetime and countless others before. Every small effort one of us makes to this end is an expression of our gratitude towards Mother Earth for putting up with our race’s presence, for sharing her abundance with us, for her patience and the hospitality she has always shown us, in spite of our atrocious behaviour towards her.

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Families And Their Energies (3)

Do Not Look For Scapegoats

 Rays Of Wisdom - Overcoming Depression And Suicide Through Understanding - Do Not Look For ScapegoatsAs a spark of the Divine, every characteristic and power that is in our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is also in us. Because of this, just like them we are constantly in the process of creating something. This happens with every thought one of us thinks and each word we utter. And when it comes to the things, people and conditions that are causing us most trouble and heartache in our present lifetime, let’s not waste our time on scapegoats and blaming others, especially not God and the Angels or any other unknown force who does not seem to wish us well. It is better by far to take a good and honest look at ourselves, for we ourselves have created these things at some stage of our development.

Don’t be discouraged by this because with the help and will of God and the Angels crooked corners can be made straight and every condition of mind and body, spirit and soul healed. As soon as our Karma allows it, a miracle can be worked by them, but only then. This is a healing journey like there never has been one before and accepting the responsibility for the character make-up of our earthly self and the karmic debts we accrued, with its help in the course of many lifetimes, is the first and most essential step we need to take. And when we shoulder our responsibilities bravely and do our best to restore the balance of our spiritual bankbook, the Highest Forces of life are glad to do the rest. When their conditions have been fulfilled, they then reward us with what on the surface of our earthly existence appears to be a miracle but was merely the result of our work in co-operation with the Angels in charge of our development.

There are no shortcuts on this road, which for some of us can be a painful and protracted one. But if we wish to find healing for our afflictions, whatever their nature may be, honesty and truth are the only things that can help us move forward and upwards on our own individual evolutionary spiral and that of our world. Finding this kind of healing is every human being’s birthright and for each one of us there comes the time when the Divine spirit wakes from its slumber and we slowly become aware that in truth we are a young God in the making. As with the passing of time our Christ nature unfolds, we increasingly look at our own suffering and that of our whole world with compassion and love. The only thing we then want to do is making some kind of contribution towards alleviating and bringing it to its natural end.

The set of parents and siblings the Universe in its great wisdom provided for us for the lessons of every earthly sojourn each time were carefully chosen by the wise ones in charge of us in the world of light, long before we emerged into the next one. We agreed with their suggestions because on the one hand the people were willing to act as our parents. On the other hand their energies, as well as those of the environment we were going to be born into, were compatible with the learning requirements of each. This included that on every occasion the lessons of our future parents were similar to ours. These things are true even if we came through a long family line of alcohol and/or drug addicts, manic depressives or any other kind of affliction.

Let no-one run away with false ideas about the connections every human being has with their forebears and that they have anything to do with the way we are, our thinking and behaviour patterns and everything that is coming our way in the course of our present lifetime. We alone carry the full responsibility for every one of our character traces and afflictions, be they of a mental, physical or spiritual nature. And even though it may often seem as if we had inherited agreeable and disagreeable characteristics, difficulties and limitations, as well as gifts and talents from those through whom we came into this life, every part of it was created by us and is our own doing.

No-one other than we ourselves should either be blamed or take credit for anything. The cross was by no means invented by Christianity. Even though it features strongly in this religion, the cross is the most ancient symbol for our earthly existence known to humankind. And every human being has to carry theirs on their own shoulders in the form of the earthly personality each one of us created ourselves us in the course of many lifetimes. We brought it with us into the present one with the intention of improving it and nobody can do the work this involves for us. And that’s how the Universal law of evolution from the earliest beginnings of humankind’s existence has always affected us, individually and collectively.

It is not surprising that some of the characteristics we have in common with our ancestors show up in our genes, as otherwise we could not have come through them. In particular this applies to our parents who were chosen because they are exactly right for the state of our development at the beginning of this lifetime. They agreed to this arrangement and so did we, a long time ago in the world of spirit. They declared their willingness to be there for us and do their best to support us, in their own inimitable way – sometimes in a positive manner and on other occasions in negative ones – so we would be able to take possession of our strengths and build up on them some more, whilst trying to convert our weaknesses into strengths. If we wish to recognise what our strengths and weaknesses are, it’s essential to look at ourselves with utter honesty.

And when that has been done successfully and we accept the responsibility for the way we are, we longer feel the need to fool ourselves and make up excuses like: ‘Ah yes, you see I can’t help myself. I am this way because my Father and Mother, Granddad and Grandma and so forth made everybody’s life a misery with their drug and/or alcohol addiction/over-eating/violent temper/ gambling/ manic depressiveness/squandering their resources and acting the spendthrift and so forth – the list is endless. Because of the teaching effect these things have on each new generation, negative characteristics frequently seem to jump a generation. For as long as we do not yet understand the processes of life, to our greatest chagrin they seem to reappear in some of our grandchildren or great-grandchildren and not in others. In quiet moments of reflection we could then be asking ourselves: ‘Why has my child or grandchild inherited them, when they have passed me and the others by? How can this be?’

These things happen because a dual purpose of a wise higher nature is fulfilled through the effect unpleasant behaviour patterns of one generation have onto the next one(s). First, the suffering that has to be endured at the hands of the older generation redeems some of the karmic debts of the younger one. Second, and this is even more valuable, through their behaviour the older is showing the younger how it does NOT want to be. And that’s how the Universe in its boundless wisdom and love provides us with an entire lifetime of avoiding to fall into the trap of acting out what we see as the weaknesses of others, whilst transforming them into strengths. The world around us acts like a mirror that reflects our inner being back to us and we can only recognise in others what we ourselves have within. Therefore, when someone’s behaviour draws our attention for good and bad alike, we can rest assured that the same is also in us. Otherwise there would be no need for that person having entered our orbit.

To assist us on our personal evolutionary journey of life, for as long as the residues of difficult behaviour patterns remain in our subconscious, they will continue to manifest themselves time and again in the conduct of those around us and keep on bothering us. The end of this tribulation is near when at last we realise that our world acts like a mirror the Universal Forces are constantly holding in front of everybody’s eyes. And even if we are unable to recognise the challenging aspects of someone else’s personality in our own behaviour, for as long it is troubling us we can rely on it that they are there. If they were not, they would not affect us the way they are doing.

Unless we bravely and honestly tackle this issue in our present lifetime, we shall continue to take the negative thinking patterns that are the root of our behaviour problems with us into all future lifetimes. Until they have been changed into positive ones, they are likely to continue to cause us a great deal of discomfort at the hands of those around us. These things cannot disappear on their own as if someone was waving a magical wand. To shed the unfavourable character traits we observe in others once and for all, we first have to accept that they are also part of us. This moves them into our conscious awareness from where they can be transformed into pleasant ones.

The holding of the mirror before us never was intended to be some kind of punishment. All along it has been the Universe’s way of trying to provide us with as many opportunities as possible for cleansing our consciousness of every trace of our lower earthly nature. When the characteristics that once used to disturb us deeply in others have been released from our consciousness, they no longer upset us unduly when we see them in the mannerisms of others. We can then shrug our shoulders and accept them as part of life’s rich pattern and someone else’s learning experience that fortunately no longer is ours. Smilingly, though not smugly I hope, we can watch them and say to ourselves: ‘Ah yes! Thanks be to God and the Angels that it’s their task now to work on this, their lesson and responsibility, not mine.’

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Families And Their Energies (4)

Dissolving Our Karmic Ties

Rays Of Wisdom - Overcomig Depression And Suicidal Tendencies Through Understanding - Dissolving Karmic TiesAmong many other things, the Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship and group activities. But above all things it is the age of truth and the truth of the matter in hand here is that our earthly parents only play this part for the duration of one lifetime. The Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Great Light of the Universal Christ, is/are our true parents. We come through our earthly parents but we are not of them and we most certainly don’t belong to them. Nobody and nothing in earthly life belongs to one of us earthlings, and each one of us belongs to God. In our present existence everything is borrowed and a loan on time that in due course has to be returned to Mother Earth in as good condition as possible, so it can be recycled when it has lost its usefulness for us.

In the whole of Creation nothing is ever wasted or just frittered away, the way it is frequently done in earthly life. The former applies to our physical bodies, every cell and atom is recycled in some way independent of which method of disposal we choose. Our physical bodies are created by God and the Angels to serve us as a vehicle for getting around on our planet and that for one lifetime only. Our earthly parents did not create us, they merely were the instruments through which God and the Angels brought us into being. Spiritually blood ties are of no great significance when compared with the karmic bonds that are created by us in the course of many lifetimes. They are indestructible. Love and forgiveness are the only force that can dissolve the negative ones. Positive ones of friendship and love are ours to keep in all Eternity. They will never leave us and nothing can destroy or take them from us.

Every member of our family is as much part of our Karma as we are of theirs and the problems we created for ourselves and each other in previous lifetimes are the lessons that have to be tackled in this one by them and us, individually and as a group. Karmic ties are of an emotional nature that draws human beings together like powerful magnets, time and again. There can be no parting of the ways until each has learnt their lesson and solutions have been found for the outstanding issues between two people that may have kept them welded together like cast-iron chains over many lifetimes. Love and thought being the most powerful forces in the whole of Creation, the energies of loving, kind and forgiving words possess a special power of their own. They can bring healing to those who are wounded and in particular to human souls, the most wounded part of every one of us. This power can dissolve even the most difficult karmic ties that ever were created between two human beings.

Kind and loving thoughts, words and deeds are an essential part of developing our Christ nature which provides us with the Divine qualities of compassion, love and forgiveness. First and foremost we have to find them for ourselves and the suffering we created with the help of the thought and behaviour patterns of the past. Then we need to reach out to anyone who trespassed against us, earlier in this lifetime and all previous ones. Kind and loving thoughts and words enter our earthly mind quite naturally after the truth about our true nature, the spiritual background of our existence and that the cause of everything that is presently troubling us was created by us has sunk into our consciousness. We then no longer have any difficulties understanding that it was for wise educational reasons that this kind of knowledge had to remain hidden from our earthly self for such a long time.

Until the final phase of our development has been reached, our Karmic debts are going to keep us firmly fastened to the wheel of our earthly existence. One lifetime after another we then find ourselves either at the giving or the receiving end of one of the many lessons that is compulsory for every human being in the school of earthly life. Our attitude towards our existence and with it our thinking and behaviour patterns need to change. This alone can finally bring the otherwise endless repetition of the Karmic cycles to its natural conclusion. And we are the only one who can change our character, no-one can do the work this requires for us, just the same as nobody can save and redeem us, except we ourselves.

Without being aware of it, we have always been in charge of building ourselves an earthly personality, and the direction in which our destiny flows at any given times lies in everybody’s own hands, but only partially. God and the Angels are in charge of us and they are the admiralty that steers the boat of our life through all its lessons, the highest and the lowest alike. The story that a saviour and redeemer will appear in our world and free us from our sins is only partly a myth and a legend. The God-man Jesus is a symbolism for the Divine spark of everybody’s own Christ nature who for a long time slumbers in every human heart, waiting to come alive and be born.

The tale of the saviour and redeemer was given to our world by God and the Angels, so that during the early stages of our earthly education, we would explore without inhibitions the lower and lowest drives and urges of our small self. That way, no matter now low we had to fall in the course of our lessons, we would feel safe because if we just said we believed in Jesus – whether we did or did not was irrelevant – the Master would take all our sins upon Him and wipe ours away. With a waving of his magic wand all our sins would disappear. He would save those who believed in him and take them to his heart in paradise, while those who refused to follow him had to fry in the fires of hell in all Eternity.

Oh yes, that too has been part of the boundless love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother and the Angels, who have always been providing for the true needs of every one of us. That’s how, each one of us through their own experiences, has always been offered sufficient opportunities for experiencing the whole gamut of human behaviour during our learning curve as physical beings. Starting at the lowest point each one of us, guided and protected by the wise ones in charge of us, slowly has to work their way up the evolutionary spiral of earthly life. When we have reached its highest point, Earth life can teach us no more and there will be no need for further lifetimes here. We are then allowed to continue our studies on the higher and eventually the highest levels of life. That’s how the wisdom of the Highest allows each one of us to learn from their own experiences what good and evil is and what’s right or wrong for us in any given moment. There is no substitute for direct knowledge, so we don’t have to take anyone’s word for these things.

And if, after having imbibed this part of my jottings, you are yearning to free yourself from your afflictions, ask God and the Angels to show you how to go about it. Then let’s keep on keeping on, because just when we think we can go no more, that could be the moment when our Karma allows the reward of a miracle to happen to us. And the learning we have gained from our healing journey is meant to be shared with as many as possible of anyone who is in need of it and spiritually enough  awake to understand how in this way they too can work on bringing about a miracle.

Immer wenn du denkst es geht nicht mehr,
Kommt von irgendwo ein Lichtlein her.

Just when you think you’ve got no more fight,
Out of the darkness appears a light.

German Folk Wisdom
Translated by Aquarius

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Rays Of  Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Invictus

‘Whatsoever we perpetrate, we do but row.
We are steered by fate.’
Samuel Butler
 * * *

‘We all have to row with the oars life has given us.’
English Folk Wisdom

* * *

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever Gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade.
And yet, the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate
And the captain of my soul.

And yet, it’s good to know that:
The Highest forces of life are steering my boat
And all I have to do is row.
The Great Father/Mother is the Admiral of my destiny’s fleet,
And my spirit guides are piloting me safely through
The treacherous waters of earthly life.
At the end of each lifetime, they take me home
Into the world of spirit, my true home
Whose harbour lights shine warmer and more welcoming
Than any other place I have ever visited.
Each time I drop my anchor there,
The wise ones in charge of me reassure me
That all is well with me and my world,
And forever will be.

Having got as far as I presently am
On my evolutionary pathway through life,
I am glad to aware that:
I am much more than a mere physical being.
The essence of me is spirit, a Divine spark that is
Part of God, eternal and will never die.
Each time I pass from the earthly plane of life
I am not snuffed out like a candle,
I merely move into another dimension and
A different level of existence, that’s all.

My destiny is a high and holy one.
I shall always be safe and never lost,
Wherever the ocean of my life is taking me.
I am grateful for everything that has been
And sometime in the future will be.
Great Father/Mother of all life,
Forever I shall sing the praises
Of Thy wisdom and love.

William Ernest Henley
Edited by Aquarius

For every human being there exists a small developmental plan within God’s great plan for the whole of Creation. Each new lifetime presents us with another birthchart and in the right hands it can reveal what the newly born has brought with it and indicate in rough outlines the lessons awaiting it. For wise higher reasons, however, the birthchart on its own does not give a great deal away about what’s in store for the newcomer. Ah, but wait a moment! The Moon represents our earthly personality and where we have come from. The Sun shows our spirit’s predestined pathway. That’s why to my mind the progressions of the Sun and in particular the Moon are much more revealing than anything else.

The Sun moves forward at the steady pace of one degree per year. The Moon is known as the runner because it progresses at the rate of one degree per month. When you can see for yourself how both these energies have always been affecting your own life and that of those around you, the way I have been doing for a long time, the Universe is providing you with living proof that we can but row our life’s boat. The behaviour of every one of us is comparable to a dog on a lead, which the Angels of Karma are holding it in their hands. It’s our karmic debts that determine what kind of relationships and lessons we have to encounter.

The Sun/Moon progressions show quite clearly how the Christ Spirit, the Light of all lights and the Sun behind the Sun in the sky above us, is constantly pulling all earthly life, including you and me, forwards and upwards on humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary spiral and also our world. Even though we can but row the boat of our life, we are not manoeuvred like marionettes or pulled like puppets on a string. Because the Highest Forces of life have given us the precious gift of freedom of choice, at all times we are allowed to make our own decisions of how we wish to react to whatever comes our way. However, we are personally responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actins. The Universal law of cause and effect, widely known as the law of Karma, decrees that they have to return to us in the fullness of time. This can come about later in the same lifetime or in a far distant future one, when our earthly self has grown strong enough to cope with what it once created.

Unbeknown to us earthlings for a long time, our choices have always decided what kind of Karma we are creating for ourselves, the whole of humankind and also our world. There are two streams of consciousness, a constructive positive one of light and a destructive negative one of darkness. Everything we think, speak and do has constantly been feeding into one of these streams and strengthened it. The decision which stream we wish to support from now on is ours alone. Everything depends on the degree of spiritual maturity we have reached when we find out about these things. They empower us to steer the boat of our life and destiny in the desired direction. And that shows that knowledge truly is power!

In the spiritual background of our earthly existence wise ones have always been in charge of the individual and collective development of us and our world. The Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, assisted by countless groups of spirit guides and helpers on the lower levels of the spirit realm always have been and forever will be the eye that never sleeps. Our decisions show them the degree of spiritual maturity we have reached at any given moment.

As a spark of the Great Light every human being in truth is a young God in the making. Attending the lessons of the earthly school of life is only compulsory for the initial part of our development. It has run its course when the following conditions have been fulfilled: a) all earthly lessons have been learnt; b) every aspect of our nature, i.e. the masculine and feminine, darkness and light, lower and higher personality, have been integrated; and c) when the last bit of the Karma we created in this lifetime and all previous ones has been redeemed. And that can only come about when we bravely and patiently work our way through any kind of suffering that comes our way and accepting our responsibility for creating it.

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From 'The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World'

Navigating The Ocean Of Life

Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - Navigating The Ocean Of  Life

Desire is at the basis of all life and the energies of the planet Mars are the pure creative/spiritual/sexual ones that fuel all your desires and as you are well are of by now there are a great many. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, represents human souls experiencing their primary encounter with life when of necessity all their desires and interests are still focused on themselves. They are propelled into life by the desire to build themselves an earthly personality that will help them to carve out a niche for themselves and maintain it. In the second sign, Taurus, the desire for all the good things of the Earth and especially earthly possessions are explored. In the third sign, Gemini, the soul concentrates this precious energy onto developing its abilities to communicate. In the fourth sign, Cancer, it learns to appreciate the value of home, mother and tradition. In the fifth sign, Leo, it becomes aware of itself and its own creative powers. And so forth.

It is good and right that the human earthly self wants the things of the Earth, but once you have woken up from our spiritual slumbers, you need to learn how to rise above and overcome these desires. At first the temptations of your earthly nature will continue for some time to rise into the consciousness of your lower self. However, the more you recognise them for what they truly are, i.e. tests and trials that are meant to help you grow, the easier you will find it to resist them. Your present existence is meant to teach you mastery over its lower planes. To achieve this, your higher God or Christ nature needs to take charge of its earthly counterpart, learning to ride its desires instead of being ridden by them.

Your mind and your physical body are like a ship with whose help you, with the passing of time, are learning how to navigate the great ocean of life successfully and to your advantage. Your God or Christ nature is the captain who is in charge. But, I am the Admiral of the Fleet, your supreme commander, and each one of you is responsible to Me for their own wellbeing, that of their craft and also the state of your world. My Universal laws have always ensured that that the ocean of life would never be reigned by chaos and that will continue forever. For young spirit/souls taking part in the lesson of the earthly school of life is compulsory. It’s essential that in some of your lifetimes you are placed at the giving end of one of its lessons and in others on the receiving one,.

In the beginning of your earthly education you are unaware that life throughout the whole of Creation, therefore also yours and that of your world, is subject to My laws. But when you have matured sufficiently, your consciousness expands to  understanding the necessity for my laws. This  knowledge empowers you to take your destiny into your own hands, but even then only up to a point. You will always be answerable to Me and the gift of your present lifetime has been granted in the hope that this time round you will be able to gain control over every aspect of your being, the feminine and masculine, the higher as well as the lower.

I am the Highest Star and the Brightest Light in the whole of Creation, the Pole Star, whose light consists of spiritual wisdom and understanding. By this beam you will, in due course, be able to steer the vessel of life back home into the conscious awareness of being at one with Me. Every night before going to sleep and especially when the end of your present earthly lifetime comes round, place your whole being into My loving hands. Rest safely in the knowledge that there is no death, that you will merely be moving into different dimensions of life and that in all Eternity you will be secure with Me. Each one of you is the centre of their own Universe and all the love, wisdom and power that has ever become manifest in the whole of My Creation is also in every human being, wherever you may eventually find yourself.

Lay your hands trustingly into Mine, so I can tell you intuitively the best and wisest use of your inner resources. Your earthly self is filled with doubts and fears. When they come to trouble you and threaten to overwhelm you, turn towards Me, your God Self and Divine consciousness. I am with you always and will help you overcome any adversary, even the worst one and that is everybody’s small lower earthly self. Many of the ghosts and the shadows from your past are still waiting to be released, so that the wounds of all lifetimes can be healed. Whenever you are in trouble of any kind, call upon Me and I will show you the way. Learn how to walk hand in hand with the Angels and Me, so I can teach you how to do your share of blessing and healing, saving and redeeming yourself, your world and everything that is in it. I love you all and I bless each one.

It may surprise you to hear that I am longing, just as much as you are, for the moment when all My children of the Earth can receive and comprehend My whole truth. During the spiritual infancy of your race this was impossible, as much of the knowledge you are receiving now would have frightened you to death in those days. That is why I only small part of My truth were given through the teachers I sent to your world from time to time. When you look back, you will be able to see for yourself how, as humankind slowly progressed on the evolutionary spiral, every so often another instructor appeared to relate to you the same story in a somewhat different manner.

This is how it came about that I gradually revealed ever more of My truth to you and your world. By the time I gave you the Jesus legend, many of you had grown into their spiritual adolescence. The stories about the Master’s birth and life seeded into the consciousness of your race some new and essential parts of My truth about the initiations every human soul on its evolutionary pathway eventually has to undergo. Upon reaching spiritual adulthood, you begin to grasp the underlying esoteric meaning of all the teachings I ever gave to your world through fresh myths and legends that from time to time appeared. The degree of understanding of their concepts reveals to the Angels and Me when another one of you is ready to be taught, guided and protected exclusively by Me, your inner teacher and guide, the living God within.

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From 'The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World'

The Power Of Thoughts And Words

Rays Of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - The Power Of Thoughts And WordsTaking the religious teachings of your world at their face value and believing that every word of them should be understood as being from God and true, for a long time has served the wise higher purpose of making human beings think during the early stages of their earthly education: ‘Great! No need for doing anything. I can satisfy my lowest urges and desire and behave any old way. It doesn’t matter, no-one is watching me.’ The earthly curriculum of young and inexperienced spirit/souls contains that lesson to this day. It was designed that way by the Angels and Me.

However, the small earthly self of every human being eventually reaches the developmental point of waking up from their spiritual slumber and finding out about their true nature and the spiritual background of their  present existence. For quite some time this has been happening to steadily increasing numbers of you. This is an essential part of the long awaited spiritual rebirth and the birth of the true Christ child, the saviour and redeemer of humankind, for whom your world for aeons has been preparing itself.

Christianity proclaims this event as the ‘Second Coming’ when in truth it is the first one. The Master Jesus is not a historical figure who once walked the Earth. The story of his life was merely the birth of a new legend, which the Angels and I gave to your world as a preparation for what is presently taking place. The birth of the legend’s Christ child in the stable, one of the humblest places on Earth, is the symbol of this event and the stable represents all human hearts. Bethlehem is a metaphor for the whole of humankind.

The awakening brings with it the realisation that each one of you through their own thoughts and words are constantly in the process of creating something, like Me. You are personally responsible for the conditions of your life because you yourself created them. And on the spiritual pathway, which eventually takes every one of you back home into the conscious awareness of your oneness with Me, there never was any room for easy options and escape routes and there is no substitute for hard work in life on all its levels. Spiritually, everything that happens anywhere in the whole of Creation is for real and has weight and value, and that includes every thought you think and every word you speak.

All of them are noted in the Akashic Records, as you will be able see for yourself when you have once more returned to your true home, the spirit world. As soon as you have rested and recovered there sufficiently from the trials and tribulations of earthly life, the wise ones in charge of your development – with the help of your very own Akashic Record – invite you to take a look at the sum total of the understanding and wisdom you gained from all your lifetimes, including the most recent one. Nobody sits in judgement over you. You are the only one in the whole of Creation who assesses what your weaknesses and strengths are. You decide which lessons you feel strong enough to tackle in your next lifetime and which karmic debts you will try to redeem.

The Angel merely suggests the best ways of going about this, but you are the bottom line. The choice is always yours and nobody ever forces you to do anything. But you know that if you wish to make the progress that is potentially yours, you have to go forward. Wishing to be released from studying in the school of earthly life as soon as possible, so you can continue with them on the higher and eventually highest levels of the spirit world, you agree. And that’s why wise ones in your world, who are aware of what’s at stake, before speaking take a deep breath that allows them to think carefully about what they are going to say. This they do because they appreciate that, even though on the earthly plane words seem to be worthless unless they are followed up by positive and constructive actions, every one of them leaves an impression on the etheric level and weighs either for or against people in the unerring scales of justice of their spiritual bank account.

If you want to establish reliably what is right and wrong for you in given moment, instead of asking other people or looking for books for advice, call upon Me, your inner teacher or guru, who knows the way of all things and the answers to any question you will ever care to ask. I have always been with you and for a long time have been trying unsuccessfully to communicate with you through the world of your feelings. I am the small still voice of your conscience. Alas, initially you push Me away, so I cannot warn you whenever you want to do something, which in the final analysis turns out to be damaging and destructive for you. You ignore this voice and the feelings that rise from your innermost being to your detriment, as you are going to discover later. In itself there is no harm in this because it is a valuable part of your learning curve in the academy of earthly life.

But when your spiritual development has advanced enough for you to know about the importance of paying attention to the reactions of your inner world, you discover that beliefs like taking the religions of your world literally and their teachings at face value are no longer valid for you. You realise that they were part of the illusion that humankind’s earthly existence is a one-off affair and that when one of them hands their physical body back to Mother Earth, they are snuffed out like candles. The knowledge that the essence of your being is eternal and immortal and therefore can and will never die, tells you that nothing could be further from the truth. As a result of this awakening your whole attitude towards life changes and with it your thinking and behaviour patterns.

The Angelic hierarchy are the executors of My great plan of life and the small plan for ever individual being within it. The Angels and Masters, together with countless numbers of spirit friends and helpers on many different levels, are in charge of you and responsible for everyone’s development. The degree of your spiritual maturity reveals itself through your thinking and behaviour patterns to those who are toiling without respite for the wellbeing of your whole world and everything that takes part in it, including you. And because they know that the outcome of their soul’s destiny influenced beneficially by even the smallest efforts at bringing forth the best that is within them, wise ones at all times strive to develop the character traces of their Christ nature. Being aware how important every choice they make is, encourages them to stop and think before speaking and swinging into any action.

It has ever been true in your world that in the land of the blind the one-eyed is king. Such people are placed on thrones and declared to be leaders. People willingly allow themselves to be led by your noses and like sheep to the slaughter by them. For a long time that’s much easier than thinking and deciding for yourselves what is right or wrong, but such behaviour seriously hampers people’s spiritual progress. A great awakening is waiting for anyone who is still going for that only apparently easy option, without knowing what they are doing to themselves. And when they return to the world of spirit, at the end of their present lifetime, they are likely to be sad to realise they have been wasting a whole lifetime.

Never mind, they can apply for another one that provides plenty of opportunities for their earthly self to discover – and hopefully that’s what it will do – that there is only one guru in the whole of Creation, who is truthful, utterly trustworthy and reliable, and that this is Me, the wise one or living God within, who communicates with you intuitively. And that’s the long promised world teacher, who cannot be found anywhere in the world around you because connecting with Him/Her is an inner experience. Oh, how I am waiting to be asked by ever more of you, to show you how to sort the wheat form the chaff, and to tell truths from untruths.

A long time ago, I told you through the Hebrew Bible and Christianity’s Old Testament in Psalm 107:20: ‘He sent out His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.’ But before any healing can take place for any one of you through My words, you first have to find out where they are and what they truly mean. This is what, through reading this, you are doing right here and now. The key to unlocking the healing power of the words of your religious texts is the discovery that none of them should be taken literally. Yes, I have tried to communicate with you through them, but their language could only be understood by those who learnt to decipher the higher esoteric meanings of the symbolisms and metaphors the Angels and I have been hiding behind the surface words of our world’s sacred texts.

Until fairly recently they had to remain that way in the many myths and legends the Angels, on behalf of Me, the indivisible Divine Trinity, have been giving to you during the rule of the six thousand years of patriarchy. The Angels and I decided that for this time span the feminine influence would be more effective if it were withdrawn altogether from your world. The most effective instrument for bringing this about were the religions of your world. The truth had to remain hidden in the background of their teachings and would gradually be revealed when the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, had been reached. You would then receive ever more of My wisdom and truth directly from My realms and understand why for such a long time it had to remain hidden in the background of the sacred text, for which the Angels and I provided the inspiration.

I am the Holy Trinity that cannot be divided into separate parts, even though the will and power of My masculine aspect is the God, the Great Father of all life. The love and wisdom of My feminine part is the Goddess, the Great Mother. The spirit of the Universal Christ is My only born Son/Daughter, the Light of all lights and the Sun above and beyond all Suns in the whole of Creation, through whom Father and Mother bring their creations into being. The three aspects of My nature are perfectly balanced and are constantly working harmoniously together. And you are a spark of Me and a ‘chip off the old block’, as the saying goes in your world. Every one of My powers and characteristics are also in you and it takes a long time until you are capable of mastering them, the way I do.

An essential part of My powers is the ability to create through thoughts and words. Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and every word you speak is an outer expression of an inner thought. It is essential for you to become aware that your thoughts are by no means secret, as you would like to think. Because of the imprint they make on the inner etheric level of life they are visible to your spirit guides and helpers. To them it is as if you were shouting your thoughts from the rooftops. That’s why every one of your prayers is heard by those who are working very hard on your behalf in the background of earthly life to fulfil your wishes, whenever possible. It’s just that sometimes for your own protection and highest good, the reply has to be a firm and decisive: ‘No!’ It makes no difference to the wise ones behind the scenes of earthly life whether a spirit/soul is young or old. All of them need their care and attention and receives them, depending on which earthly lessons they are taking part in at any given moment.

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Families And Their Energies (8)

From 'Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing'

The Power Of Words

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - The Power Of A Kind Word

Words are powerful things.
They are like pebbles dropped into
The vast ocean of human consciousness.
Although what we say is instantly gone,
Its ripples create vibrations that travel on and on
And reach many different levels of life
That are invisible to earthly eyes.

Because of the duality of our world,
Everything is part of two streams of consciousness.
One is light and good, creative and constructive,
Let’s call it the God stream.
Individually and collectively,
It constantly takes us forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.

This stream is balanced by its counterpart,
A dark, destructive and evil one that tries to keep
Us prisoners of the past.
Let’s call it the Devil stream.

Every kind and loving, forgiving and understanding
Word we give to those who are in need of it,
Feeds into the God stream and strengthens it.
And that enables it to absorb some of the
Darkness of the other stream.
This is how, with the passing of time,
Every last shred of the evil of our world
Will be absorbed into the light of the good stream,
To be transformed into blessing and healing energies
By God and the Angels and that
Not only for us and our world,
But for the whole of Creation.

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Families And Their Energies (9)

The Rescue

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Coming To The Rescue

I know from first hand experience what a gloomy, sad and depressing existence one leads for as long as one still looks at our earthly existence from the blinkered view that it is a one-off thing. While it is still in this state the human spirit and soul cannot help feeling as if it were trapped in a dark box from which there is no escape. This is a dungeon of despair that is entirely of our own making, if ever there was one. The walls of this prison consist of all the false beliefs and prejudices about God, ourselves and our reality, which our earthly personality has accumulated in the course of many lifetimes.

In that impoverished state the world is indeed a very threatening and frightening place, in which one feels hopelessly and helplessly subject to the forces of a frequently unkind destiny, which one does not understand. God and the Angels are the only ones who know for how many lifetimes any soul already has been in this position. Is it any wonder that depression is so widespread and causing such severe problems to so many?

However, the building of one of these boxes is a necessary part of every soul’s evolutionary pathway. Dunk and dismal jails that they are, their walls – when we finally start to dismantle them – can turn out to be surprisingly tough and resilient to our attempt at knocking them down. Legends, myths and fairy tales of our world have long told of this inner process of the spirit and soul waiting to be released from their ignorance by the wisdom and love of their Highest Self. Its symbol is the knight in shining armour. He comes riding on his white steed – symbolic of the power of God – to rescue the maiden in distress or the beautiful princess. The maiden/princess represents the human spirit and soul. Caught in the illusions of Earth life and its imaginings and false beliefs, she has fallen into a deep sleep from which her Highest or God self alone can awaken and release her.

George slaying the dragon is another version of the same myths. George, the Highest Self, comes to the rescue of the small earthly self by helping it to find a renewed vision of God and of its true nature and origin. This kills dragon of the fears that we ourselves once created through misrepresentations and misunderstandings of God’s wisdom. The more the light of the Divine sacred truth penetrates the walls of the black box, the prison of the small earthly self, the more this part of our nature rouses itself from its spiritual slumber. We begin to realise that life, our own and everybody else’s, really is a good one and that the Universe for all of us truly has nothing but the best in mind.

With every passing day, one tiny step by another we grow in understanding. Through this our fears and anxieties start to transmute themselves into a total trust in the fundamental goodness of life and its creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. Seeing is believing and being able to perceive with our inner vision what our existence truly is about helps our faith to grow. And every time we suddenly know something we never knew before, makes us more aware of the presence of our inner teacher and guide. We discover to our astonishment that its infinite wisdom and great love really does know the answers to all our questions. Each time another one comes to rescue us from a situation, our confidence in its existence grows and we follow its instructions ever more willingly.

Building the black box and also freeing ourselves from it are vital steps in every human soul’s evolutionary maturing process. It cannot be escaped by anyone and each one of us has to deal with it in their own way – though never on our own. For a long time God and the Angels have been waiting to be called upon by each one of us to come to our rescue. And if you are suffering from depression, rest assured that you have not been singled out in some way or treated unfairly by life. Wise ones, who are already on their road of consciously being reunited with their Source, accept that this too ultimately aims to show them the way towards finding their highest good and greatest joy, the same as everything else that has been in their lives. Reaching out for the helping hands of God and the Angels, they get to work and intrepidly move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

We are magnetic beings and everything in the whole of Creation is an attraction of energies. Therefore, even if we were born into a family of manic depressives, there is no need to give in to the temptation of saying: ‘Ah well, it’s in my genes. There is nothing that can be done about it.’ Don’t you believe it! Something showing up in our genes is no kind of evidence for anything. Because anything that was and now is in our lives was in some way created by us, that is far less than half the story.

Viewed from this angle, the issue of nurturing versus nature takes on a different slant. Yes, we are influenced by our environment, especially by the early participants in our upbringing. But, the more experienced and older in soul terms we become, the greater the percentage of the characteristics we developed in previous lifetimes and brought with us into this one is bound to be. As we move through Earth life, time and again, the ratio of nurture and nature constantly changes. The more highly evolved we become, as one of these increases the other one decreases and shrinks away.

Gradually, we grow into what at birth and during childhood is commonly known as ‘an old head on young shoulders’. In some newly born infants this can be observed clearly because the way they look and behave and react very early in their present lifetime. That must be the reason why some children look surprisingly like wizened old women and men at birth. It is because a very old soul and spirit is looking through their eyes at us and our world and are probably finding the whole thing quite tedious. Who knows?

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Families And Their Energies (10)

Negative Thinking – Prime Cause Of Depression

The human intellect is an integral part of the great Universal intelligence. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs. They are the thinking and communication signs of the zodiac that serve the individual and collective development of this aspect of our nature, which slowly but surely leads us and our world into ever higher levels of comprehension of that which is known to us as God’s Divine truth. Each lifetime spent in one of the Air signs presents the human soul with many opportunities for the further advancement of their earthly intellectual faculties of logic and rational thinking.

Bearing this in mind, it is hardly surprising that during the time of our entry into the Aquarian Age, there comes to us the realisation that thinking is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that our thoughts create, colour and influence the perception of our reality on the Earth plane. Suppressed emotions and negative thinking patterns, in my view, are the main cause of many ailments that befall us in this existence. Among them is the condition commonly known as depression, which is presently reaching epidemic proportion. But why should this be so?

The way I see it, having reached this very special evolutionary point, the time has come – by rights for everybody – to change their destructive thinking patterns into constructive ones. Next in line in need of special attention are old bottled up emotions, some of which are likely to be shadows from the past that hark back to experiences of lifetimes long gone. To enable us to release and get rid of them for good, with steadily increasing urgency they demand to be looked at, worked with and digested to establish their educational value, i.e. what lessons the experiences they once accompanied were meant to teach us.

My own life has taught me how negative thinking patterns can all too easily draw us into a downward spiral of negativity that takes us deeper and deeper into the vortex of depression, which in turn has its roots in false beliefs and prejudices, things we believe to be true about ourselves and our own worth – and everybody else’s. For example, in previous lifetimes and possibly also earlier during this one, we may have been programmed and brainwashed into believing that we are unworthy and miserable sinners. In truth, however, we are here to learn to appreciate ourselves and those around us as precious and unique children of God, who from time to time take part in Earth life so that they may grow in wisdom and understanding of their true home and origin.

My healing journey is living proof of the fact that all false beliefs can gradually be shed through a slowly increasing spiritual understanding of the true meaning of life and the value of our companions on the pathway through it. Each one of us is a many faceted jewel who is personally in charge of the ship of their own life and destiny. We are responsible not only for every thought, word and action, but also for the wellbeing of every part of our being, especially the vehicle that has been given to our spirit and soul for this lifetime, our physical bodies.

What an amazingly complicated and beautiful work of art it is and therefore surely deserves to be taken extra good care of by us. It most certainly does not warrant to be hurt or harmed wilfully by its occupier or simply left and discarded, when the going seems to be getting too tough for the soul’s earthly self. At such times our spirit and Highest Self wishes to take us into experiences that are sure to result in much soul growth and expansion of consciousness through gaining a greater understanding of certain life situations.

For me, the surest and safest way of avoiding the depression trap is becoming aware that we all have everything in us, the very best and the worst. Some good is therefore in everybody and to find it, all we have to do is look for it. This helps us to become more tolerant towards ourselves and others, because it enables us to make a conscious effort at focussing our full attention on the most positive aspects of all the people we meet.

The finest gift the Universe can bestow upon us any one of us surely is an open mind and a good dose of tolerance. Whenever people who possess this, disagree about something, they are likely to make peace instead of war through a mutual willingness to listen to each other’s point of view. And even if in the end they agree to disagree, so what? Both participants will benefit in any case, as their friendship in this process is sure to grow stronger, more reliable and mature.

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Families And Their Energies (11)

Human Behaviour Is Chosen

It comforts me to know that we all have everything within, the very best but alas, the worst as well. That’s why, instead of looking in shock and horror at what some people are doing, the wise ones among us remind themselves that what is in them is also in us. In truth, we are all capable of all kinds of behaviour and it is entirely up to us who we want to be and how we wish to behave. The discovery that human behaviour is chosen and by no means compulsive is an empowering and liberating experience, because it brings the realisation that there is nothing to be afraid of inside ourselves. The right to choose how we wish to behave and react in any given situation is what freedom of choice is all about. In fact, that is the only true freedom that anyone ever has on the Earth plane.

The precious gift of free will has not been given to us for nothing. But, it is essential that we should never forget that every right inevitably brings with it a duty and a responsibility, which in this case is the one of having to choose how to behave, and that at all times. Nobody has to act upon bad or downright evil impulses; there is always a choice. It is up to each one of us to resist the pull of their lower earthly nature and to rise above its urges. If any of the unpleasant characteristics we observe in others upset and disturb us, it is a signal from our inner Self that they are still waiting to be lifted into our conscious awareness, so they can be released and got rid of, once and for all.

It is essential that we do not reject anything that surfaces in this way; everything has to be accepted and acknowledged. All lower instinctive reactions have to be reacted to with a firm: ‘No! This is not what I want to do.’ Then it is best to turn to God and the Angels, to ask them to teach us how to rise above and release all lower drives and urges, so their energies can be transmuted into blessing and healing ones for all life.

Going through the above described process can be a painful one. Yet, diligently attending to whatever surfaces into our conscious awareness is well worth anyone’s while. For those who do, enormous evolutionary forward strides are possible. There is every likelihood that in the end we shall be a far more whole and integrated person than our loved one could have hoped to become in their own right, during their most recent lifetime. If we can muster the courage to consciously accept and integrate the obnoxious parts, we shall never have to act out these behaviour patterns ourselves.

Having served us well as teaching aids, it is a good idea to give thanks for them. And then, it’s time for moving on and seriously getting to work on letting go of all excess baggage from the past. This makes room for concentrating on bringing forth from within all the desirable qualities we wish to integrate into our character make-up. Once the change of energies has taken place inside us, the necessity will never again arise to draw people who act the old distasteful traces out towards us.

If however we fail to do this and the offending item remains unrecognised and therefore unresolved in our subconscious, the mirror that such experiences represent will be held in front of us again and again. Until this has been attended to by us, there is every likelihood that we shall attract others into our orbit who behave towards us in a similar fashion. This does not change even when one of the perpetrators returns to the world of spirit. Until the offending character traces have been eradicated from our own consciousness, we shall continue to be at their receiving end, as a constant reminder of the way we once sinned against others in previous lifetimes. Thus balance is created in the greater scheme of life and excellent teaching and learning opportunities are provided for all parties involved.

Never forget that karmic conditions do not come into anyone’s life as some kind of a punishment. The law of Karma is one of opportunities, because with its help ever more of these are created for resolving issues and for once and for all shedding the parts that are no longer required by us. The karmic chains and shackles that were created by us for ourselves and each other in the course of many lifetimes, can only be dissolved by true forgiveness that comes from the heart. The increasing awareness of our true nature and the reason for our being on this plane of life makes this ever easier.

I believe that awareness is the device for putting an end to all the suffering that still exists in our world and understanding is the key that unlocks all its doors – inner and outer. It opens our hearts and souls to the need for first finding forgiveness for all those who have ever hurt and wounded us, and then also towards ourselves for having created all that suffering in the first place.

There eventually comes the time in everybody’s healing process when sufficient distance has been gained from the events of the past. We can then recognise that in truth there is every reason why we should be grateful to our perpetrators. We need to thank them for having been such excellent teachers, as through their offensive behaviour they showed us how we do not wish to be. They made an extremely valuable contribution towards our personal evolution by playing a major part in helping us to become the person we now are. Therefore, if any loved or unloved person who ever took part in our life – whether they are by now in the world of light or not is irrelevant – had in our view a few too many obnoxious qualities, which we with their help have overcome, let us give thanks to God and the Angels for providing us with such good teachers.

All human relationships are invaluable tools for personal growth and development and the importance of changing our character make-up cannot be stressed sufficiently. It is by no means as difficult as it may sound when one first encounters this concept. All that is required from us is that we should own up to the less pleasant qualities we witness in others and to accept them as our own. There is never any need for acting them out ourselves. If they have already been changed by us into agreeable ones there is no need to do anything but to say: ‘Yes, I also have this character trace. If the other person had not acted it towards me, I would probably have been like that myself, perish the thought. Thanks be to God and the Angels for protecting me from that!’ Something along these lines. Be creative and above all things forgive, forgive, forgive!

Forgiveness alone can break the vicious karmic circle that once drew those painful experiences into our lives. It set us and the other one free to move on to more advanced learning.

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•    ‘Our Afflictions Are Not Ancestral Curses’
•    ‘Love Your Enemies’

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Families And Their Energies (12)

Moving On

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Moving On

As every flower must fade and youth give way to old age,
So all wisdom and virtues may be valid only in their day.
Nothing but our Highest Self stays with us forever.
At life’s calling the small earthly self has to say farewell
And be ready for another new beginning.

Bravely and without sadness fresh learning can be tackled
With the knowledge that in the spiritual background
Of our earthly existence the power of the Unseen,
Even though it is invisible to earthly eyes,
Has always ruled supreme and forever will do so.
This means that wherever our evolutionary pathway
May still wish to take us,
We shall be guided and protected by
The wise ones in charge of us,
Who will encourage us and help us to live.

Knowing that the Earth is not our true home.
Allows our spirit and soul to roam freely and happily
Through space and time,
Without any shadow of a doubt that
The loving arms of the Great Father/Mother of all life
Are surrounding us and keeping us safe.
These parents do not wish to restrict any of
Its children of the Earth and tie them forever
To such a lowly existence,
When quite the opposite is true.

A high and holy destiny awaits each and every one of us.
Step by step the Universe has always been trying to lift us
Beyond the horizons of our understanding.
And whenever someone stays with one particular
Way of living for too long,
Their spirit and soul stagnate and begin to yearn for
Different kinds of learning.
This, however, can only be found
In new adventures and explorations.

The awareness that there really is no death,
That life is eternal and without beginning or end,
Makes it easier to respond to life’s demands,
When our time for moving on
Into different dimensions of life has come.
It turns the hour of our departure from the physical plane of life
Into an occasion of gladness and enjoyment about
Our rebirth into the world of light and
The approach of studies of a more elevated kind.

But even before it comes to this,
The realisation that in truth life’s call
For all human beings will never end
 Fills our whole being with good cheer.
It enables us to cheerfully say good-bye,
Whenever the need for it arises.
Having found healing and peace
In the conscious awareness of
Our oneness with God, the Angels and all life,
Willingly and peacefully we shall
Forever move forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.

‘Stufen’ by Hermann Hesse
Freely translated by Aquarius

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Families And Their Energies (13)

When Things Go Wrong

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - When Things Go WrongTo enable us to get to the bottom of our depression, we need to ask ourselves a few questions like: ‘Why did I get depressed in the first place? What’s up with me? What kind of mistakes did I make?’ As often as not when things fail to unfold and refuse to turn out the way we once hoped and dreamed they would do, it’s because we are as yet unfamiliar with the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence. Possibly the course of our whole present lifetime is calling for our attention because the time has come for changing it. I know from first hand experience that a better understanding of the processes of life and of the Universal laws to which life on all levels is subject, can bring dramatic improvements and healing to minds that are in a state of depression. If people affected by this are not attended to in time, they may eventually see no other way out of their hopeless frame of mind than suicide.

Equipped with the gift of hindsight it is not difficult to recognise that when things sometimes seemingly go wrong in our lives, it is always us who are out of step with the Universe and not the other way round. It is then more than likely that the energies that are currently at our disposal wish to teach us different life lessons and are therefore doing their best to steer us into that direction. If one seems to run into one invisible wall after another, when obstacle after obstacle rears its head, it is a safe bet that the Universe in this way is trying to tell us that somehow we are barking up the wrong tree. It may well be that it has something much better up its sleeve for us, if only we weren’t as deaf and dumb to is messages.

The world around us is always a mirror of what is taking place within us. Through its actions and reactions it is constantly trying to give us some kind of guidance *. Therefore, it is always worth our while to pay attention to what is after all Universal guidance. When things are not going the way we would want them to, the time may have come for taking stock and for finding ways of getting back into harmony with ourselves and the lessons we have come to learn during this lifetime. To help us re-align our energies to those of the Universe, the time for making a change of direction in our lives may have come.

It almost goes without saying, but I will mention it anyway that because we have freedom of choice, we do not have to do anything of the kind. Yet, if you are a wise one, you will pay attention to whatever guidance comes your way. So, next time things seemingly go wrong in your life, why not try your hand at something else and look towards channelling your energies into different avenues of expression?

You can save yourself many disappointments by bearing in mind that doors will only ever open for anyone when they are meant to. And when one of them does, the experience can be like something one usually sees only in funny films. Having so got used to pushing and shoving uselessly at far too many doors, there may well come the moment, when – metaphorically speaking – we have found the right one. It then flies open so suddenly that it feels as if one was almost shooting out through the window, at the other end of the room. Why not try it out for yourself, sometime?

True trust and faith in ourselves, our life and the Universe can only grow in any one of us through first hand experiences, like the one that is now before you. To enable us to learn to trust, when attempting to open one door and it refuses to do so, no matter how hard we try, when things seem to be going wrong, as they sometimes will, it is worth our while to reflect and have a bit of a dialogue with ourselves. Maybe something like this: ‘Let me see, this door is obviously not meant for me. Could it be that the Universe has something else for me in mind? In that case I’ll better be patient and wait for another opening, as surely it will come. In any case, are things really going wrong in my life or is Universe by any chance signalling me that a change of direction is necessary for me?

‘Could this be happening for my own good and because the Universe loves me and knows my true wants and needs better than I do? Could it be protecting me against myself, because it wants me to find what is rightfully mine? Is it possible that something better is in store for me, something I might not have imagined even in my wildest dreams? Perhaps it would be better if I waited patiently for a while; maybe another chance will then come my way. Now, isn’t that better than despairing or even swearing at the Universe because it does not seem to wish to fulfil my wishes? Because I am your child, Universe, let me try the loving way instead. Alright, here I go! I love you and trust you, as you love and trust me. After all, that makes an awful lot of sense, you know!’

And when funds are low and debts are high, do I need to ask myself: ‘Why am I not taking part in the Universe’s abundance? Is it because I am not sharing my own abundance with it, my gifts and talents, of which we all have many, with those around me? How can I increase my input into life, so that I can get more out of it? Do I need to be less selfish and think more about the good of the whole of society, life, the planet and the Universe? Why don’t I try and see what happens?’

* Recommended Reading:
•    ‘Universal Guidance From The Environment’

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Families And Their Energies (14)

Don’t Quit

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Don't Quit!

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will;
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill;
When funds are low and debts are high;
And you want to smile, but have to sigh;
When care is pressing you down more than a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t ever quit.

Life can be queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns.
But many a failure can turn about,
And we could be winning, if only we stick things out.
Don’t give up, even if the pace appears to be slow.
You may succeed, with just one more blow!

Success is failure turned inside out;
It’s the silver tint on the clouds of doubt.
And you never can tell how close to it you are,
It could be near, when it still seems very far!
So, stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit.
And when things seem at their worst.
That’s just the time when it’s most unwise to quit.


Six pointed Star

Families And Their Energies (15)

Suicide – A Permanent Solution To All Our Problems?

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Suicide - A Permanent Solution To All Our Problems?

I believe that all of us are responsible towards our Creator, whoever or whatever that may mean to us, for ourselves and the gift of life we have been granted. No-one will wave some kind of magic wand to take all our troubles away and come to save and redeem us. We alone can and indeed have to do this. Yet, to this day there are many in our world who fail to understand that the moment of death of the physical body is by no means the end of everything. We are not snuffed out like candles and the event of every passing from physicality is not followed by oblivion and the wiping out of our identity, but the world of spirit, our true home. Wider horizons open up when one becomes aware of humankind’s eternal nature and the spiritual background against which all life is constantly unfolding and evolving, not merely on the Earth plane but throughout the whole of Creation. This changes everything and one realises that suicide never yet presented anyone with a permanent way out of their troubles and that in truth suicide can only ever amount to an exceedingly temporary measure.

To me, life is an uninterrupted flow and an absolute continuum. In truth there is no such thing as death and that which on this plane by many is still considered to be death is but a transformation into a different lifestate. Realising this one wakes up to existing in a miraculous world and being here in truly amazing times. I believe that in spite of all the things that are still happening here, all’s well with our world and us. After all, there comes the time for every human soul when it slowly becomes aware of its own true nature. It then discovers that there is a great deal more to this life and us than meets they eye, for in reality each one of us is a spirit and soul, who has only temporarily been encased in matter. We ourselves and everybody else on this plane of life are many faceted jewels, whose true home is not on the Earth plane at all, but on the higher and highest spiritual dimensions of life. The same applies to all other lifeforms that can be observed on our planet and throughout the whole of the created world.

All life in the whole of Creation is subject to Universal laws, for simplicity’s sake let us call them God’s laws. The first one of them is the law of evolution. It demands from every human soul that in the fullness of time it needs to learn how to live in accordance with all Universal laws. Nothing that exists in the whole of Creation is exempt from this, including our whole world and us. Without fulfilling this duty no human spirit can ever hope to be released from its lessons on the Earth plane.

Each one of us who is presently in this life is on a slightly different evolutionary level from everybody else. This is how it comes about that in our world we find in all walks of life younger, less experienced souls, who have not yet been recycled that many times, as well as older and already more knowledgeable ones, who may have been round and round the wheel of life innumerable times. Like in any family, the younger members are meant to learn from their elder siblings.

For those who are at the moment involved in this process, just the same as it once did for those who came before them and are already familiar with it, lifetime after lifetime they will return to the Earth plane until they too have become spiritually mature enough to understand what this kind of existence is all about and why they are taking part in it. Until such times, because of their thus far limited perception, they are likely to insist that only that which can be weighed and measured does actually exist in our world. That’s all the earthly mind of any of us for a very long time can perceive and grasp, in spite of the fact that carefully hidden from our own view every human soul also possesses superconscious faculties. In the fullness of time, in each one of us it begins to come alive and we feel an ever increasing urge to go in search of spiritual wisdom and truth that will take us into better understanding of the purpose and meaning of life.

Six pointed Star

Darkness And Light

Spiritually ignorance is darkness and knowing is light. For every human soul there comes the moment when we slowly begin to gain an appreciation of the higher and highest aspects of life. This is because the time is right for us that its ideas should start to flood our consciousness and our understanding of its concepts should increase. With the passing of time this gets ever stronger. It’s as if someone had switched on a light in a darkened room and we find that we can grasp things we couldn’t have possible accepted and come to terms with before. With some of us this happens with such a force, as if a dam was bursting and masses of water – the waters of consciousness, i.e. spiritual wisdom – come rushing through us. This happened to me many years ago, which is why I know what a frightening experience this can be.

To me, the whole of Creation represents one gigantic and intricate work of art and a labour our love by the One, the Great Father/Mother, the architect of life in whom everything has its being, including you and me and our whole world. This power alone knows the great plan of life. It holds the reins to it safely in Its loving hands. I see life on Earth as a school and a mystery in which we ourselves are the most wondrous and mysterious occupants of all. On our planet, the same as everywhere else in the Universe, life is an ongoing process that constantly moves onwards and upwards into ever more beautiful and sophisticated lifeforms.

Each one is a work of art designed in the great Universal mind, the One. Nothing in the whole of Creation ever stands still and all life and lifeforms are inexorably pushing forwards and upwards on a never-ending evolutionary spiral. Seamlessly and without interruptions, life moves restlessly onto increasingly higher levels of consciousness and we and our world with it. Those who willingly submit themselves to their earthly lessons, in due course shall be allowed to move on to studying ever more elevated and beautiful aspects of God’s Creation.

My perception of God is that this is by no means a dark, cold and threatening outside force. It is most certainly not a vengeful old man with a long white beard sitting ‘up there’ somewhere, like the Jehovah, the God of the Christian Old Testament, whose roots are deeply embedded in Judaism, the same as the sacred texts of  Islam, the Koran. When these ancient parts of the Torah were written, humankind still looked upon its Creator as one who threw wars, crime and pestilence upon its children of the Earth. We also know by now that God is not a kind and loving, all forgiving and understanding young man with a beard, wearing sandals and a flowing white gown, like the Jesus of the Christian New Testament.

In my view, he is but a part of the many myths – the legend of the Lord Buddha is another one – that were given to humankind in its spiritual infancy, to bring us closer to grasping the ideas of the higher and highest dimensions of life. The Christ of the Jesus myth is an archetype and a symbolism that stands for the warm, kind and benevolent influence that – for a very long time in seed form only – dwells inside every human soul. Since the moment of our creation it has been patiently waiting to come alive and be born in our hearts. This, for every soul, can only take place when it has reached the right point on its personal evolutionary pathway.

Each one of us is a spark of the Divine and the stable in which the baby Jesus was born represents the most humble place on this planet, the human heart, where this spark has been dwelling since the moment of our creation. In each one of us the spark eventually comes alive and the Christ child is born, to help us – our small earthly self – to grow up into spiritual adulthood. This is basically a very simple procedure. It is done by bringing forth in our daily lives ever more of the human kindness, goodness, consideration, compassion and tolerance towards all life, which we are all capable of giving and receiving.

Whether it shows as yet in people’s behaviour, these things are an intrinsic part of every human soul, but it is only when we act in the above described manner that we can be true to our real higher nature and Highest self. Lending a helping hand and providing a shoulder to cry on, whenever the need for it arises, without distinction of colour and creed, are essential parts of this experience with whose assistance we gradually grow into young Gods in human form, as the events of the legend of the Master Jesus’ life demonstrate. I believe that this is the only way in which each and every one of us can and indeed is meant to save and redeem ourselves and doing our share of the same for our whole world.

Until this has been carried out, none of us can hope to be released from the wheel of their own Karma and that of the Earth. Only when the very last shred of our Karmic debts has been paid shall we finally be allowed to leave the lessons of our present existence behind and graduate to lessons of a higher nature. Considering all that has been said in this chapter as well as in the other parts of this section of my jottings, to my mind suicide can only ever provide human beings with an extremely temporary solution to problems that will remain permanent, i.e. stay with us in future lifetimes, until resolutions have finally been found, issues resolved and Karma redeemed. Well then, why not this one?

Six pointed Star

Part 3

What Happens When Someone Dies?(1)

What Happens When Someone Dies? - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & Suicide

How many times have you heard it said that nobody has ever come back from the dead? To my mind, this is simply not true. Most of us have passed over into the valley of death and returned from it on numerous occasions. The problem is that, in our present existence as earthlings, we have no conscious recall of what happened to us. To find out more, to whom can we turn? First to the Angels. The Angelic hierarchy is in charge of us and our world and has always communicated with us through groups of guides and helpers who dwell in our other world, that of spirit. There are many of these groups and White Eagle is one of them.

Each group is headed by a highly evolved Master soul. Under their guidance and protection I am about to share with you something from a White Eagle teaching that appeared in Stella Polaris October/November 2013 under the heading ‘What the Saints Give Up’. By capturing its essence and adding my own intuitive understanding, I hope that together we may be able to shed some light into this shadowy corner of our existence. Here is what our spirit guides would like to tell you through me:

At the moment you pass from the physical plane of life you move for a time into the inner world. When we, your guides and helpers in the world of light, speak to you of an inner world, forget about thinking of this as a state of annihilation or pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. The inner world is one of light and enfoldment, for taking stock and seeing your own soul from God’s perspective. Those who have arrived in the inner world find that their bodies, surroundings and all the things that are there manifest themselves in forms that are as solid and real as those in the physical world. We want to make it quite clear to you that ours is a living world that has nothing in common with a valley of death. It is vibrant and teeming with life that you cannot see during your times on the Earth plane.

 The only difference between your present world and the inner one is that, when a soul enters the latter, one of the layers of perception, known as the veil of consciousness,  is removed. This is a shield that acts like a bandage or blindfold during your stays on the Earth plane. Once again you become aware of God’s true nature and your own as a being of light, who has all Eternity in which to grow and evolve through learning and exploring life on all its levels. There is no judgement day, merely a time for taking stock, when you yourself with the help of the ministering Angels assess your most recent lifetime and all previous ones. Knowing who you truly are, you are bound to have some regrets about missed opportunities to express your true nature. In your sadness about not having been kinder, more loving and tolerant towards all life, you promise yourself to do better as soon as new occasions for doing so arise.  

New hope rises in you when the Angels explain to you the things that are of real importance. In a gentle and merciful manner they draw your attention to the things you are meant to learn during each one of your sojourns on the Earth plane. Every time you have sufficiently absorbed of its lessons, there follows for you a period of resting in a state of perfect happiness and bliss, which you would call Heaven. As time does not exist on the inner level, we would give a wrong impression by saying that before reincarnating a soul remains there for a hundred, three hundred or maybe even a thousand years in Earth time, if it is going to reappear in earthly life again at all.  

Because in our world there is no time the way you understand this concept in earthly terms, it is impossible for us to explain the idea of Eternity to you. Time and space are parts of the illusions that are real only in humankind’s earthly mind with its purely logical and rational thinking capabilities. You can easily verify the truth of this in your meditations, for example by imagining yourself ten thousand years or so back and asking your Highest Self to help you relive one of those lifetimes. Memories of experiences that once helped your soul to grow remain the property of your consciousness forever and can be lived again at will, although everything that ever happened to you and your present world did so in the vastness of the Eternal now.

Whether you can grasp these things depends on the level of your present awareness of God’s true nature and your own, and the purpose and meaning of your existences on the Earth plane. Whenever you think of God as the ultimate and highest level of life and meditate on this, the power of your thoughts lifts you into the heights. Rising into the light at the apex of the spiritual mountain of life, you are then bathed in God’s Eternal power and glory. Knowing that you are in God and God is in you, you become aware that on this level of life past and future, heights and depths are no more. A feeling of warmth, harmony and love begins to fill your heart and flows from there through every cell of your being, soothing and healing all of them. Wherever some cells are in need of it, they are restored to normal and healthy functioning.

This kind of meditation takes you into the dimension of supreme or cosmic consciousness of which many of the scientists of your world to this day believe that it does not exist. They too will understand in due course.

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (2)

Do I Have To Have Another Lifetime On The Earth?

Do I Have To Have Another Lifetime On The Earth? - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & SuicideThis chapter is a continuation of my interpretation of the essence of a White Eagle teaching that appeared in Stella Polaris October/November 2013 under the heading ‘What the Saints Give Up’.

In case you are sometimes asking the question whether you have to have another lifetime on the Earth, the simple answer is: ‘No, you don’t!’ Nobody forces any one of you to return to the Earth. But, having passed through the period of stocktaking and resting in the heavenly state, and knowing that the purpose of your existence is evolution, after a while your soul becomes restless. You realise that, if you ever wish to be released from the treadmill of cycles of lifetimes in physicality, there is nothing for it but calling upon the Angels and applying for another one.

Following the advice of the Angels, most souls eventually choose another period of studying earthly life and helping their siblings in the great human family on that plane with their spiritual evolution. We assure you that every man and woman and child who ever walked the Earth has left behind an indelible impression on the ether and has tried to contribute to making your world a better and more beautiful place for all, even if only by stimulating the light of spiritual awakening and awareness in another soul.

All gifts, be they material or spiritual, can only come to you through the effects of the law of Karma, and by the will of the Great Father and the wisdom of the Great Mother. Nothing in the whole of Creation happens without them. One of your most vital earthly lessons is learning how to discern between the value of physical and spiritual things. Spiritually, it is better by far for you to lose all worldly possessions and through this receive Divine illumination than clinging to earthly things and concerns.

Every one of you contains the Christ spirit. At first it only appears as a tiny bud on the great tree of knowledge. From this state of spiritual childhood it grows into adolescence and eventually adulthood. There then comes a time during one of your earthly sojourns when you have to decide which master you wish to follow from now on. Serving both of them at the same time is impossible. For every human soul there comes the time when the pull of the desires for the pleasures of your lower earthly nature has to be freely and willingly surrendered by you. This is necessary, so that the saving grace of the Christ Spirit, whose spark you are, can awaken and come fully alive in you, until this aspect of your nature gradually takes over your whole being.

All of this does not have to mean that wealth and abundance of earthly things are wrong, as they provide your soul with tests and trials of a different nature. Before a soul is reborn on the Earth plane, its Karma decides the pathway of the coming lifetime. In spite of this, the soul itself has a certain measure of choice as to the kind of life it would like to lead. Those who choose to respond to the drawing of God’s light and are longing with all their strength to live in truth, love and mercy by giving service to their fellow creatures are sure to find their enjoyment in the riches of the highest levels of life.

Such souls do not mind being poor on the material plane of life, because their happiness has its origin in other things. For example, the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation manifested in Mother Earth’s gifts that are freely available to those whose inner eyes and ears have opened to the higher vibrations of life. During their present lifetime such souls are strengthened, supported and illumined by serving their Creator, whom they now recognise in all creatures and things. By turning their desires away from the darkness of the material plane to the light and glory of the spiritual life, they are building in their hearts a most beautiful state of being and heavenly home.

This is how it comes about that highly evolved souls frequently appear on Earth to act as teachers and wayfinders for younger and less experienced souls who are walking the pathway of life behind them. Those who have particularly difficult Karma to redeem, to restore the balance of their spiritual account, may decide to spend their next reincarnation by serving, in saintly ways and possibly in great material poverty, the needs of the underprivileged of your world.

In contrast to this, you are sure to encounter people who seem to be lucky in everything they touch. What they are receiving in their present lifetime is their reward for great spiritual efforts and sacrifices they made in others. The bread they once cast upon the waters of life is now returning to them in great abundance. If this is happening to you, you do well not to allow your good fortune to make you complacent and smug. Endeavours of a different kind are expected of you by the Highest to keep the flow of abundance going from this lifetime to subsequent ones.

Typical examples of these two diametrically opposed pathways of life are those of individuals like Mother Theresa in her time, John D. Rockefeller in his, and Bill Gates of Microsoft, now. Mother Theresa finding great spiritual wealth, while people like Rockefeller and Gates accumulate vast fortunes and spend large parts of them on philanthropy and charities. Once again we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is no need to be jealous and envious or sit in judgement over anyone because no soul is either all good or all bad. The seeds for monster and saint alike are in all of you, and every soul has the right to know that they are part of the Christ Spirit and therefore worthy of its protection.

The more you become aware of your true nature, your oneness with all life and the effects of the Universal laws, the less you will feel inclined to inflict pain on other souls or parts of creation, because you realise that harming others can only bring suffering to you. The Christ Spirit waiting to come alive in each one of you is the light that has the power to heal all infirmities. It comforts and restores each soul. It is the light that comes like a hand to hold yours, when your time has come for walking through the valley of the shadow of death, i.e. passing from the physical world to the inner one. This is the hand that leads every soul to its reward, when its toiling on the Earth plane is finished, into the state of heavenly bliss, rest and peace.

The blessings of the Most High, the Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, rests upon each one of you to strengthen and uphold you. With great mercy it fulfils every human need.

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What Happens When Someone Dies? (3)

About Angels

The Guardian Angel - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & SuicideThe Angels are beings of light. For simplicity’s sake I have also given them this name used by many of our world’s religious traditions. The Angelic hierarchy together with the Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, are the executor of the Divine great evolutionary plan of life. The Angels are in charge of the development of the whole of Creation, therefore also for us and our world. The Angels are attending this in close co-operation with the most highly evolved human spirit/souls. For simplicity’s sake I am calling them Masters. From the earliest beginnings of humankind’s earthly existence the Angels have accompanied us and this will forever continue, wherever we – individually and collectively – may still be going.

There are no Lords and Masters on that level of life. The Angels and humankind are moving forwards and upwards on different evolutionary spirals. The most highly evolved of both quite naturally take the lead and everybody is happy to follow them. All are giving of their best and using their special gifts for the benefit of the whole of Creation. The spirit realm is the innermost level of our world where everything that exists on the outer plane was created. Without the inner world there would be no outer one; there most certainly would be no you and me. On the inner level everybody kneels with the same humility before the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ and Its light. There is no doubt here that all manifestations of life throughout the whole of Creation are equally loved and treasured by their Creator. Each serves them to the best of their ability and pursuing selfish aims is unknown in the spirit realm. The highest levels of it have always communicated with our world through groups of spirit friends and helpers. The spirit realm is humankind’s true home, from which all of us – without exception – emerge at the beginning of each new lifetime and return to as soon it has reached is end.

Angels are a great force and a power that can present itself to humankind in many different forms, so that we can recognise their presence and connect with them. Great streams of Christ light radiate from their heads and shoulders that creates the impression that they have wings, but in truth it is light. They have no need for physical bodies to get around in their world, like ours on the earthly plane. The power of thought takes them to wherever they may wish to appear anywhere in the whole of Creation. This is how everybody in the spirit world moves and so will you and I do when we have once more returned to it.  

The spirit realm is not ‘out there’ somewhere, as many believe to this day. It is the inner level of our material world where all life is one and there is no separation between anything. The Angels are as much part of us as we are of them and that makes it easy for them to keep track of which the degree every individual spirit/soul’s spiritual maturity has reached. The same is true for the whole of humankind and our world. At any given time, the Angels responsible for the development of both decide how much more of the Divine eternal wisdom and truth should be revealed, in what form and at what time it should be presented in which part of our world.

Whenever it is desirable that we should become aware of their presence, the Angels may take on a human form. They have no need for wings like our feathered friends, the birds, and every one of us will eventually be able to get around like the Angels. The speed of thought being faster than that of light, by thinking ourselves in some distant place we are instantly there, even though so far that’s only possible in thought. But as soon as we have become sufficiently evolved, there will be nothing to stop us from going on interplanetary exchanges. There will be no need for prohibitively expensive and clumsy spacecrafts, the way space travel can at present only be carried out even for comparatively short distances. If in times to come we want to go and visit some of our cousins in the great family of life on far distant planets, all we shall need to do is think of them and their place and our thoughts will take us there. Naturally, that cannot come about for as long as our spirit/souls are trapped in earthly life’s illusions of time and space.

Quite literally, Angels are everywhere. When climbing a mountain we may somehow sense their presence. How about paying our respect to the Angels of the mountain by thanking them? The same happens with the Angels of the Water element. If we feel drawn to water and love the crashing and pounding of the sea or at other times the gentle splashing of the waves, the roaring sound of great rivers and the tumbling of waterfalls, we are responding to the water element’s Angels. If we are a Sun worshipper, enjoy gazing into the flames of candles and/or hearth fires, we are tuning into the energies of the Fire element’s Angels. If we love the sound of the wind whispering in leaves and howling in a storm, we are in tune with the air element’s Angels.

If your Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant are in one of the Fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you are likely to feel an affinity with the Angels of the Fire element. If they are in one of the Air signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, it will be for the Air element. If these planets are in one of the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, you have a strong connection with the Water element. And if they are in one of the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you are likely to prefer earthly possessions and money to everything else.

But what about the etheric element? That’s the realm of spirit, God’s spirit as much as Mother Earth’s, the Angels’ and also our own. The etheric element is in charge of all others and together they are constantly toiling to transform Mother Earth’s  physical manifestation into an ever more spiritual one. The elements are an orchestra of life that’s directed by the love, wisdom and power of the Great Father/Mother of all life.

Where do the Angels live? Sorry to disappoint you, but they do not live in Heaven for the simple reason that such a place never existed anywhere. Being spirit, their home is the spirit realm and that is also humankind’s true home. It is a world in which love and light, honesty and truth rule supreme and the material manifestation of Mother Earth is in the process of evolving into that kind of a place. Heaven and hell never were places that anyone went to. They are states of consciousness that we ourselves create, through our behaviour towards each other and our planet. The spirit realm is not ‘up there’ somewhere, it is around us and with us. Although for a long time we are unaware of it, we are part of it and it is part of us. Our world is its outermost manifestation.

It is wrong to speak of Angels as he or she. They are part of God, just like we are. Therefore, they are androgynous and whole, like God and also every human being on the inner level of their being. To appear to us, so we can recognise them, they sometimes do so as women or men. But the masculine and feminine aspects of their nature are one and there is no separation between them. At all times they lovingly respond to each other’s requirements and work together in sweet harmony for the whole of Creation, including us and our world. In God the two parts are never in discord and at loggerheads with each other, the way the human ones are during the early stages of our earthly education. It’s up to the earthly self of each one of us to united all aspects of our nature and get them to work as one.

Each time another human spirit/soul comes forth from the heartmind of God, a Guardian Angel is allocated to it. This Angel never leaves us. Steadfastly, it accompanies us and whenever the need for it arises, it holds our hand. It does this throughout every one of our earthly lifetimes and also the resting periods in the spirit realm. Every step of our evolutionary journey, it is guiding and protecting us. Simultaneous with our evolutionary progress, the Angel’s own development takes place. The same as all other spirit friends and helpers, it does not unnecessarily interfering with anything we are doing and the decisions we make. Nonetheless, it accompanies us through all our experiences, especially the deepest, darkest and most traumatic ones. Yet, only when one of us asks for help from the higher levels of life, do our spirit friends intervene and, when necessary, rescue us in some way.

Angels, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Unbeknown to us earthlings for a long time, that’s why all of us are constantly in search of consciousness expanding adventures that help us to grow in wisdom and understanding. This is the only way we can evolve into an ever more beautiful and perfect manifestation of life. Perfection in this sense means wholeness, i.e. the conscious awareness of every aspect of our being and integrating all of them.

To enable the Angels to attend to their duties towards the Highest Forces of life for Mother Earth’s evolutionary progress as well as humankind’s, they need our assistance as much as we require theirs. The better we co-operate with them, the more speedily and smoothly the transformation of our world from a purely material place into a spiritual one will come about. Together let’s give thanks and praise to the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, for creating us and our world, and to the Angelic hierarchy for taking such good care of us. They are the one who are providing everything that all those who are taking part in earthly life require for their existence, down to every crumb of the food we eat and every drop of water we drink.

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Saturn And The Lords Of Karma

Rays of Wisdom - Relationship Healing - Saturn and the Lords of KarmaThe poet W.H. Auden, when asked why he was migrating from the United Kingdom to the United States, said: ‘I love my family, but I don’t want to live with them!’ Now, there is honesty for you and if we were all equally truthful with ourselves, many would express the same feelings. Let us not jump to conclusions though and assume that these people are hypocrites. Maybe they are the wise ones, especially if they are consciously and patiently putting up with the lessons their difficult relationships are teaching them. With sufficient awareness, ever more of us will be able to grasp the opportunities that are now on offer to help us resolve all of the Karmic ties that still exist within our families.

Auden’s comment puts the finger straight onto humankind’s Achilles heel and sorest spot. He undoubtedly knew that Karma in families is the worst or best stage – depending from which angle one views the situation – on which the great drama of life id constantly and relentlessly unfolding  in all its glory and squalor, as the case may be. With its personality clashes, differences of opinion, power struggles and abuse of power present day family life holds its own when compared with the great Greek tragedies of the past. The main trouble with all of us is that – for a very long time blissfully unaware of this is what are doing – we are busily and happily creating Karma, good, bad and indifferent, some of the very best and some of the worst. Unfortunately, this is what far too many in our world are doing to this day.

Thus is comes about that, when we as children have to endure any kind of abuse. It does not come into our lives to make it difficult or unendurable for us, but is the outworking of the law of Karma. Things of this nature are not some kind of punishment either. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any type of traumatic incident is meant to jerk the human soul into waking up from its spiritual slumber, so that it may accept the responsibility for itself and its actions at last.

When handled in the right way, such events invariably represent opportunities for resolving our most difficult karmic relationships and their unresolved issues, which we have brought with us into this lifetime from previous ones. Distressing experiences always represent attempts at balancing our spiritual bankbook. The Universal Forces of justice hope that in this way one more file can be closed and the sufferer set free to be rewarded and promoted to life lessons of a more elevated nature.

Eventually every one of us who to this day is suffering on the Earth plane grows into spiritual adulthood and recognises the true purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence. When we become aware of the Universal law of cause and effect that it is at work throughout the whole of Creation, including human life, our soul’s need for seeking healing stirs within. The Angels, who attend to all our needs, then guide us towards people who can help us to get started on our personal healing journey. Our inner doors begin to open as soon as we seriously get to work on resolving any outstanding issues and making peace with ourselves, with God and all life. This sets us free to express our true loving nature more fully. As a result, forgiveness begins to flow quite naturally from our heart and soul into the perpetrator’s consciousness.

Just as important is the next step of finding forgiveness for ourselves for having created the need for the painful circumstances of our lives in the first place. These two types of pardon earn us the nod of approval from the Masters and Angels in charge of us and our world, known as the Lords of Karma. They alone have the power of wiping even the most traumatic incidents from the spiritual ledgers that are kept on the highest levels of life in the form of the Akashic Records. As soon as the Lords have removed the events from the ledger they no longer exist anywhere and the parties involved are released from the otherwise endless repetition of the same experiences. At last their spirits and souls are given the long yearned for freedom to move on to exploring the higher levels of consciousness.

Although none of them will ever be seen by earthly eyes, as far as humankind’s existence and spiritual development is concerned, possibly the most important group that is incessantly working in the spiritual background of life are the Lords of Karma. They are the eagle-eyed and incorruptible keepers of every human soul’s bankbook. This in turn is an essential  part of the great spiritual ledger of all life. The Lords do not dwell on some far distant planet millions of light years away, but are part of us and therefore have no difficulties watching over us earthlings. With great love and care they monitor us and are aware of every one of our thoughts, words and actions on the Earth plane. Stern and undeviating Saturn is the astrological symbol of this aspect of the Great Mother’s wisdom. It ensures that everything in our world balances in the end, the same as it has to in the rest of God’s creation. And that is why spiritually no-one will ever get away with anything.

The restrictions imposed upon us by the wise ones in charge of us are necessary because of the precocious and inquisitive, initially rebellious and irresponsible, utterly selfish, cruel and thoughtless nature of the human spirit, when it first enters life on the Earth plane. How else could any one of us have come to grips with the dualities and polarities in the behaviour patterns and attitudes of our earthly and higher nature? This is how, over vast time spans stretching over thousands of Earth years, every human spirit slowly evolves from one extreme to the other, from the lowest earthly self to the highest Christed being.

As each aspect of our evolutionary cycle is as indispensable and valuable as any other, it is compulsory and cannot be by-passed by anyone. Therefore, there is no need to look down our noses on those who are still struggling with the lower end of the their earthly education. We are not better than they are, merely a bit older and more experienced, that’s all. There is no need to condone their deeds, but we need to remind ourselves frequently that they are our younger siblings in the vast family of humankind. As such they have deserved to be treated with compassion and love. They need our tolerance and understanding to ease them into their own awakening, just as much as we once did when we were at their present development stage.

The Divine demands from all its children of the Earth that, as we grow into spiritual maturity and adulthood, we make a serious effort to master the art of self-discipline and self-restraint. For all souls each earthly lifetime is a precious gift that brings further opportunities to develop their sense of responsibility for themselves, their world and towards all lifeforms that dwell on the same plane of life. Time and again, each one of us is placed in this life so that eventually we should be able to bring forth, each from within the very core of their own being, the most cherished Christ qualities. Among them are wisdom and love, truth and honesty, absolute loyalty and integrity, tolerance and compassion.

When this long hidden aspect of our nature finally wakes up, it finds its deepest satisfaction and greatest fulfilment in serving the highest good and the greatest joy of all. Going in search of big bucks and self-glorification no longer fulfils us and makes us happy. This explains why Saturn, the stern disciplinarian, as the co-ruler of Aquarius in conjunction with Uranus, the liberator, guards the gates of the Aquarian Age. He – or rather the Lords of Karma – take care that no soul that thus far does not measure up is allowed to enter into the greater freedom of the new age.

There are many groups who, like the Lords, are patiently and quietly toiling behind the scenes of Earth life. Together they are constantly pushing forwards and upwards the unfoldment of this age and with it the development not merely of our race but of our whole world. The animal kingdom as much as the rest of Mother Nature, her trees, plants and flowers, her Sun, wind, clouds and rain receive their attention. The consciousness of our race for some time now has been focussing ever more on the interrelatedness of all life. A special relationship has always existed  between humankind and its friends and helpers in the world of light, in spite of the fact that for such a long time they had to remain invisible to earthly eyes.

From the awareness of humankind’s kinship and siblinghood with all life grows the understanding that it is impossible to utter even one unkind word against another without hurting ourselves. Therefore, whenever someone acts cruelly against another in thought, word or deed, all they can hope to achieve in the end is drawing the same kind of experience towards themselves. This is never meant to be some kind of vengeance or retribution, but is merely a result of the outworking of the Universal laws. Love is the law of life and all of life is one vast spiritual family in which each atom is inseparable from every other one. And this loving union  forever has been and in all Eternity will be safely held in the wisdom, love and power of the Divine spirit of our true parents, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. All glory, all honour and all praise be to Thee.

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About Joy And Sorrow

Humankind In Pursuit Of Happiness

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression & Suicide - About Joy And Sorrow

We are sparks of the Divine and children of God, who once emerged from a world where only love and goodwill, joy and happiness have ever been known. Our God or Highest Self, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, in whom we are all one, once began to create small earthly spirit counterparts, so that through them it could explore how the polar opposites of its Divine characteristics would manifest themselves in the behaviour patterns of these creatures when, in the course of many lifetimes, they got used to taking part and moving around in a physical environment. That’s why it was decided that our spirit should begin to evolve and grow on the Earth.

Each new spark of the Divine at first is pure spirit that has the same masculine and feminine characteristics as its Creator. Before their departure into Earth life these two parts split. One is the spirit of the earthly self and the other one its soul, a soft and sensitive part that is capable of feeling and that provides a storehouse for the memories of every one of each new earthling’s experiences.

Together these two aspects of our nature were brought onto the Earth plane and housed in the physical body of an animal form that had evolved from the tiniest beginnings over millions of years into what is known to us as one of the primates. For a long time the physical aspect of the creature who had been chosen to act as our host knew nothing of its indwelling spirit and soul. But in the course of millions of years in Earth time this combination of beings kept on evolving. Gradually it started to develop human characteristics like what our scientists call opposable appendage, known as thumbs, two eyes with binocular vision, and biomechanic bipedalism, the ability to walk upright. This development continued until the creature finally had taken on the human appearance that is familiar to us.

Slowly and imperceptibly, the Christ Spirit’s spark mingled with the group spirit of the animal. The Divine spark absorbed more and more of this spirit into itself, until in the course of many lifetimes it reached a critical point and became aware of its individuality. From then onwards the by now recognisably human being separated itself ever more from the group spirit of the animals and its Christ nature moved into the foreground of its consciousness. In the course of many further lifetimes, this part gained the upper hand enabling the human child of God to move more rapidly forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Alas, each new lifetime added another layer of soul memories on top of our inner connection with our Highest Self and Creator. Every one of these additions will later have to be dismantled and dissolved again by us, its owner. With the passing of time our small self felt increasingly isolated, lost and alone in its struggle with the conditions, which we ourselves had created in our ignorance during past lifetimes and later had to encounter during further spells on the Earth plane. Fear was born – the opposite force to the total trust we once had and one day shall have again. The more layers of soul memories were piled on top of our inner connection with God, the more fearful our earthly self became. The higher purpose behind this particular lesson is that we shall never ever let go of our inner connection and link with God again, once it has been re-established.

However, it takes a long time before we grasp that this can only be brought about by constant efforts at bringing forth and developing our own Christ qualities and humbly and devotedly accepting the role of being used as a channel through which the healing and peace to the Highest can flow into our world. This is how each one of us needs to act as their own saviour and redeemer, and the saviour and redeemer of our whole world, and finally become a Christed one in their own right. On the road of getting there, wise ones accept that, no matter how highly educated and well read human beings become in their present lifetime, in truth all of us know precious little of the things that really matter in life – its spiritual background. They know that the things that happen upfront always have been and forever will be of secondary importance.

Wise ones have experienced the living hell of a God-less existence, in which they arrogantly believed and insisted that they knew everything and wanted to have their own way at all times. They are glad to have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level that permits them to move on to serving the Highest as meek and humble channels of healing and peace. These wise ones pay attention to their inner guidance and gladly follow the directions they receive through it from the Angels and Masters, who are in charge of us and our world, because they realise that they alone can show any one of us the way home into their natural state of love, joy and happiness.

This is a route where many hurdles have to be jumped over or crawled underneath. Obstacles and conditions are waiting to be mastered and overcome. And after what is by now known about our evolutionary journey, it does not come as a surprise that the biggest impediment in the way of our progress is fear. We yearn for happiness and love and search for it in all the wrong places, hoping that one day we shall find it and will be able to make it into a constant state. To save ourselves disappointments, it is beneficial to come to terms with the fact that we live in a world where brief spells of happiness and sorrow alternate in seemingly endless succession.

In vain we look for a constant state of happiness, joy and love in earthly life, for the simple reason that it is not meant to be found there. And when our soul finally comes knocking on our inner door and invites us to come home, where these conditions do exist, we have no idea what it is trying to tell us. So far we are not even aware that we have been placed on the Earth plane for the very purpose of experiencing the continuous succession of ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and sorrows of life. We have no idea that one fine day there will no longer be any need for us to take part in all this. The state of never ending love and happiness once was our birthright – it still is. To rediscover it and reconnect with it, all we have to do is peer beyond the end of our nose and lift our vision to the higher and highest realities of life, the only place in the whole of Creation where eternal happiness and peace, joy and love exist.

But, for the moment the Earth is still our place of learning and like in any earthly school, we have to start in the lowest grade and gradually work our way up to the highest one. Lifetimes spent on this plane are the classes and to provide us with a good all-round education, every subject has to be taken. None can be dropped and avoided. If we are no good at something in one lifetime, we return until the theme has been mastered, regardless of how many earthly sojourns this may take – the Universe’s patience is endless. This thorough and rigorous training of each one of us is essential, because we are sparks of the Divine, God’s children and everything, the characteristics as well as the creative and destructive powers that are in our Creator are also in us. As above, so below.

The ultimate purpose of our times in physicality is to familiarise us with the polar opposites of all aspects of God’s nature and therefore also our own. Without experiencing an equal measure of darkness and light, right and wrong, truth and lies, joy and sadness, pleasure and pain, being hurt and wounded, and subsequently finding healing, we would never be able to understand any of these things. If we had never been hurt and wounded by someone, how could we appreciate what others feel when we treat them badly?

Our earthly education would not be complete, if any of these experiences were lacking. Without them it would be impossible for us to comprehend anything and we could never fulfil the purpose of our earthly sojourns, which is that we should grow in wisdom and understanding. However, this process will only continue until all subjects have been sufficiently grasped by us. Only then is our schooling complete and we are released from the duty of spending further lifetimes in Mother Earth’s loving embrace. In return for helping her with her evolution she allows us to be here, freely and generously giving of her abundance to us. Could anything be fairer?

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Laughter And Tears

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide - Laughter And TearsYou may well be asking yourself by now: ‘But how do joy and sorrow fit into the picture?’ Laughter and tears have their origin in the same source, and the deeper we are capable of feeling sorrow, the higher our joy can lift us when we recover and are resurrected and ready for fresh experiences. Every new lifetime is a gift from the Universe. It is the pleasure of our Highest Self, who provides us with it so that we should grow and learn some more. Its joy is the mask for our earthly self’s sorrow at the prospect of having to spend yet another time enduring the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune of the Earth plane and its harshness, suffering and pain.

Once upon a time, maybe many lifetimes ago, it may well have been our pleasure creating the things the law of Karma is now unerringly returning to us. The small earthly part of us weeps and mourns when this happens, but our spirit and soul rejoice and smile because they know that any sorrow that has to be born in earthly life helps our consciousness to expand in wisdom and understanding. When looked at in the right light, our lower self is the cup of bitterness for our spirit and soul’s joy, because the only way we can become wise and strong is by being fired in the kiln of Earth’s experiences.

The evolutionary pathway of every human soul starts with being a useless and unruly creature, in pursuit of very little but trouble, strife and pleasure. In the course of many lifetimes we move round and round the zodiac, until we have evolved into a reliable, responsible and useful member of society, whose main aim is to do our share of making our planet a more pleasant, peaceful and beautiful place for all its lifeforms. We have to become like trees and that in many different ways. Like branches our hopes and dreams, aspirations and visions need to reach up into the higher and highest regions of life, Heaven, our prayers asking for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. The roots of our tree search deep into Mother Earth, to draw from her the required sustenance and strength. And the shade of our branches offers rest, peace and healing to weary travellers on life’s journey. they can still their spiritual hunger from the fruits from our tree and quench their thirst for the Divine from the sap that can be gained by tapping into its trunk.

Like us, trees experience pain and sorrow. They too are part of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love. Let’s make no mistake about it, trees have a spirit that is similar to ours. When the woodmen arrive with their chainsaws and axes to cut some trees down, they smile and bear the pain. They are strong and brave because they know instinctively that their wood will be transformed into useful and beautiful things, like musical instruments for soothing and calming distressed human spirits and souls.

When the spark of the Divine in us eventually rises from its slumber and the characteristics of the Great Father/Mother come alive, we too ever more clearly recognise the necessity for experiencing the joys as well as the sorrows of our existence. Our inner vision opens and we see that the wisdom gained through them makes us stronger and more resilient. Trusting the wisdom and goodness of life is easier when we have experienced first hand that in the end everything always comes right and true again. Wise ones appreciate that beautiful earthly human beings are not born and just happen, they have to grow. That helps them to bear whatever may still have to come their way with greater patience and fortitude.

The wise ones know that such virtues can only grow in human beings through living their lives forwards and learning from every experience that comes their way. The knowledge they are gaining all along assists them with happily moving ever forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Being guided by their Highest Self and trusting it, they no longer feel any need to hang on to the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of the past.

And that is how each one of us in the end slowly but surely moves on from being a troublesome and belligerent, destructive and power-seeking, irresponsible and over-consuming burden to Mother Earth, into a veritable jewel in God’s crown on the Earth plane. We shall then be worthy of being called true sons/daughters of God, caretakers and keepers of their home planet, and of being entrusted with the guarding of its treasures for future generations.

From ‘The Milk Is White’: ‘Our earthly learning process can be likened to a very large jigsaw puzzle. At first there is a mass of little bits that make no meaningful picture. Subsequently, as we read, listen, analyse, accept and practice, pieces fall into place little by little and the picture grows. Apparently unconnected areas may develop but these coalesce, as time goes by. In any event, we become aware of progress and the picture builds up to make more and more sense. In later stages, however, as the picture fills out, we find that the border keeps moving outwards and the size and scope of the picture increase. This is because, until such time as we are fully enlightened, we will not have the full picture. Perhaps not even then, as there may be finishing touches to be made in other less dense planes of vibration.’

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What Happens When Someone Dies? (7)

Is Joy More Valuable Than Sorrow?

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background of Depression & Suicide - Is Joy More Valuable Than Sorrow?You probably know by now that the world of light is our true home and something like a veil of consciousness separates that sphere of life from ours. The wisdom of the Great Mother provides that after every period of Earth’s tests and trials there comes a time of recuperation. After resting and recovering for a while, another resurrection is always in store for us. If our Karma does not allow for this to take place on this side of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds, it is sure to follow on the other side and once again we shall feel joyous and happy.

After a while there comes the moment when we, together with the wise ones in charge of us, assess the spiritual progress we have made up to that point. This enables us to see for ourselves that our suffering has made us into a better person with a much improved understanding of life, as well as a good measure of kindness and compassion, love and wisdom towards our own suffering and that of others. We no longer find it hard to understand that such joyous and precious possessions cannot possibly drop into anyone’s lap and come on their own, but have to be worked for very hard and earned through past difficulties patiently endured.

Any wisdom that is gained during one of our lifetimes on the Earth, accompanies us into all future ones, where it stands us in good stead and eases our pathway through life. The more highly evolved we become, each time something unpleasant comes our way, our small earthly self takes comfort from saying to itself: ‘I know that this is happening for a good and wise reason. It’s the Universe’s way of helping me to grow ever more God-like and heaven-tall.’ And that enables us to smile through our tears.

Who would be wise enough to decide whether joy is a more valuable gift than sorrow? But maybe in truth sorrow is the more precious one. Who can say? Whatever our preference is, the two cannot be separated from each other and are constantly close to us, because both are necessary for leading a full life, in which something can be learnt from every experience and our consciousness expands in wisdom and understanding. Wise ones, while on the Earth, have come to terms with the fact that joy and sorrow are twins, and that when they are enjoying the presence of one, its sibling is waiting in the wings. They accept that they cannot change being like scales that are constantly tipping to and fro, from joy to sorrow, from the Heavens down to the Earth.

These wise ones know that if it were possible to empty ourselves of all feelings, we would be balanced, at peace and in a state of equilibrium at all times. But they are also aware that the world of feelings is the realm of our soul and that that which emerges from there into our conscious awareness is denied and suppressed to our detriment. They are wise because they know from their own experiences what happens when the world of our feelings is treated in this way. Ever deepening depressions are the result, during this lifetime and coming ones. We come down with mysterious illnesses which no-one can identify and knows how to treat effectively. The medical profession is clueless and gives them long and interesting sounding Latin names, as if this in itself were a cure and could bring relief to their patient’s distress.

Drugs are prescribed and handed out to the sufferers, which are provided by pharmaceutical companies. They are smiling all the way to the bank, because of the vast profits they are making. Humankind’s sorrow and suffering is their joy and delight. Oh, how short-sighted can anyone get! Naturally, those in charge of the suppliers are responsible for their actions, the same as everybody else. Unaware that the exploitation of people’s misery for their personal gains is creating ever more negative Karma for themselves and their companies, they continue to happily walk down this slippery slope. The same approach was tried in recent years with the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu and the Ebola outbreak, but thanks to humankind’s increasing public awareness, the companies involved in the manufacturing of the ‘antidotes’ did not succeed. See the links at the end of this chapter.

Imagine how great the sorrow of the guilty ones will be when their Karma comes to meet and shake hands with them in future lifetimes. How will they react when their suffering is exploited by groups of contemporaries, who are then fulfilling their selfish desires of greed and avarice, they way the guilty ones are doing, now? Love is the law of life and powerful Karmic chains are created by any kind of transgression against this law. However, all is not lost. As soon as the lesson in question has been sufficiently understood by those involved, the Universe in its great wisdom lays the power for dissolving such bonds into everybody’s own hands.

The only tool required for setting each other free is forgiveness, first for ourselves for once having set the wheels of Karma in motion, and then for those who have trespassed against us. Forgiveness alone can release us from the obligations towards each other. When this has been duly attended to, there will be no need for repeating the unpleasant experiences. This is our joy, for at last we are free to move on to lessons of a more elevated nature like. The first one is serving as a channel, through which the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star, the Universal Christ flows into our race’s consciousness, and that in both worlds.

And so, next time your soul comes knocking on the inner door of your consciousness, make an effort to listen to what it has to say and invite it in. What it almost certainly is trying to tell you that the time has come for you, its earthly self, to wake from your spiritual slumbers and start to rediscover and explore your true nature and the higher purpose of your existence. When this happens, the matter and with it the soul’s murmurings from within will get ever more powerful and urgent, for the simple reason that your energies are right for getting seriously started on the most important mission you have come to fulfil in your present lifetime. The time has come for beginning to save and redeem yourself, as this alone can set you free from the obligation of having to spend further lifetimes on the Earth plane.

If that sounds scary, do not be afraid. Your inner teacher, the living God within, is ready to show you everything you will ever need to know. Don’t be cross with your soul. For as long as you had no idea of what is in store for you and how your Highest Self is waiting to help you achieve it, what could it do but send ever stronger signals, until in the end you did come down with one of the above mentioned mysterious illnesses? Accept that this is the Universe’s way of supplying you with sufficient time for looking inside and getting in touch with your higher nature.

However, if you wish to remain as closed off as you probably are at present and unwilling to respond to your spirit and soul’s call, you will be in danger of wasting a whole lifetime that could bring you closer to humankind’s dream of needing no further earthly lessons and moving on to higher levels of experience and learning. Think carefully! Do you really want to deny yourself such opportunities when they are on offer to you? Knowing what is coming your way here, do not give in to chemically suppressing your Highest Self’s signals, when they are coming ever more strongly to you through the world of your feelings. Ask God and the Angels to help you find alternative healing methods.

I have been there and have done it, so I know how difficult this is and also that it can be done. I belong to the Valium generation and remember only too well how the medical profession handed this potent psychotherapeutic drug out like Smarties. Valium was claimed to be non-addictive by its manufacturers. Alas, it turned eventually out that exactly the opposite was true. Twice I have weaned myself from this drug. Taking it the second time was the very last thing on this Earth I wanted to do, but at that time things got so bad that in the end I decided to take it once more.  I was hoping that it would only be for a while and that I would again succeed in weaning myself, which I did.

I wish all the best to those who are struggling with this part of their journey of discovery and healing. May the Christ Star, the highest Star and the brightest Light in the whole of Creation shine upon you, to bless and heal you and keep you safe, now and forever.

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What Happens When Someone Dies? (8)

Paradise Lost And Regained

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background of Depression & Suicide - Paradise Lost And RegainedA wise one who knew about such things once said: ‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself.’ ‘That is easily said,’ I hear you say, ‘but how shall I cast off my fears?’ It takes a long time until one realises that all our fears are nothing but shadows of the past, which were caused by masses of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions we accumulated throughout the ages. The only reason why we have brought them with us into our present lifetime is to get rid of them, once and for all. Shedding them one after the other creates the space our consciousness requires, so it can fill itself with God’s eternal wisdom and truth, which for a long time has been waiting to flow directly from the Source of our being into us. This is the only power in the whole of Creation who can provide us with a genuine faith that nothing and no-one will ever be able to take from us or even shake.

Every life form that exists on our planet is still in quite a rudimentary state. This is also true for us, God’s children of the Earth, and our religions. All of us together are moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, advancing to ever higher levels of life and evolving into something much more beautiful than at present is possible on our planet. This also applies to the two of us and everybody else. No original design is ever withdrawn. Each one is constantly being worked on and improved. Therefore, if the ideal something we long for is still missing in our present existence, all we need to do is follow our inner guidance, the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, who will eventually help us find it.

I believe that all the religions of our world are merely different pathways up the spiritual mountain that lead to our loving union with the One. I do not believe that any one of them is more right or wrong than all the others. None is superior or inferior to all others. Not one of them contains the whole truth, but each one has grains of truth, some of which are carefully hidden behind the surface words of their myths and legends. Each one of our religions is but a different approach to the Divine, which offers another perspective and in truth is but one piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle. Only when one puts all its pieces together, does the greater picture become visible and the whole thing starts to make sense.

Spirit alone can create matter and matter can never be separate from spirit. Every cell and atom is not only imbued with spirit, it is spirit. Because the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the God, is spirit and therefore abstract and invisible to earthly eyes, one could say that God is formless.  Everything that has taken on some kind of a form represents His feminine counterpart, the Goddess. The two are inseparable and their all-consciousness contains the most beautiful and perfect forms the Creator’s imagination can conceive. In Earth terms such an ideal shape may take a very long time to manifest itself. But from the moment of its creation, it begins to express itself in some form. In the long course of its evolution the perfect appearance increasingly comes into being, until it has reached such beauty and glory that at present it is hard for human minds to visualise.

The deep and abiding faith mentioned at the beginning of this chapter is based on much more than mere belief. Its source is a deep inner knowingness and trust that something is right and true for us, for example that there is a God and that the wisdom we intuitively receive directly from this source is true. This is the kind of faith all of us once had before being released into Earth life for the first time, when we were still in the state known as Paradise. During the process of working our way through the many layers of later soul memories that were piled on top of the recollection of our original state and the trust we then had and lost, it is a case of Paradise lost, but about to be regained.

Regardless of how much we hope to find a faith that is true and can no longer be shaken or destroyed of trust in earthly life, and no matter how hard we search for it, it will keep on eluding us. And that is for the simple reason that this kind of faith was never meant to be given to us by any of the belief systems of our world, but in the end should be found in our reunion with God. No-one on the Earth plane can give us such faith. It has to be earned and worked for very hard by living in full consciousness through every experience that comes our way, constantly on the lookout for the learning each one contains. In this manner alone wisdom and understanding can be gained and our inner connection with the Highest realms of life re-established.

Knocking on the inner door to the wise one within and asking for its help is the only reliable way of finding out whether the spiritual teachings that come before us and whether they have some kind of hidden meaning. But even then, before any progress can be made, we have to be ready to open our mind to new concepts and ideas. Without this we shall remain stuck in the past. In your willingness to be receptive to new ways of perceiving things, be careful what you take on board and accept as your truth.

The Age of Pisces, now behind us, was an age of blind faith and trust, of deception, lying and cheating. Now that we can clearly see where this has taken us and our world, individually and collectively, we are ready for the Age of Aquarius. This is an age of truth and we are now ready to open our inner eyes to extract the learning we are meant to draw from our race’s mistakes of the past. In this new age it is no longer right to accept anything at face-value. We need to check with our built-in lie detector – oh yes, we all have one: the intuitive wisdom of our inner guidance – whether what we have found is true or false. Naturally, this should also be done with every part of my writings.

If only we had known about these things earlier in life, our heart would by now feel nothing but joy. Alas, it is part of our learning curve that at first, whenever we try to get in touch with our inner self, fear is the sensation that predominantly rises from our subconscious into our surface awareness. In fact, very little else seems to reach to us, which must be due to the layers of fearful soul memories that are now stored in the cells of our physical body.

Considering how the belief systems we are likely to have followed in previous lifetimes insisted on brainwashing us into the fear of God, this is hardly surprising. To frighten us even more, our religions taught that there is an evil and loathsome creature by the name of the Devil, whose foul abode is called Hell. This being was in all seriousness believed to be responsible for luring innocent human souls into doing the most horrible and wicked things imaginable. When the deeds were done and we refused to follow the church, whose religious system of doctrines, whose ecclesiastical authorities proclaimed such beliefs as true, burning in the fires of hell, forever and ever, would be our inevitable fate.

Beliefs like the one about hell and the devil are among the many false beliefs that are waiting to be shed. This is no longer difficult when one grasps that by now it has become clear that the devil is merely a metaphor for the untamed lower and lowest aspects of humankind’s nature, which all of us have to wrestle with and eventually learn how to master. The Universal law of Karma ensures that any kind of suffering we inflict upon others through misbehaviour and cruelty in one of our lifetimes, in due course unerringly finds its way back to us. Hell represents the state of mind in which we find ourselves when we find ourselves at the receiving end of experiences that are similar to those we once handed out. The same misery as that which we caused someone else in the past or now in the present, in the end has to be endured by us.

The biggest problem is that this kind of thing goes round in seemingly endless circles and the experiences return to us with ever increasing force. The tool for putting a natural end to all this suffering is laid into our own hands when we awaken into the knowledge of our true nature, origin and destiny, and become aware of the presence of the Universal laws and how they rule all life, including ours. This enables us to start making great efforts at conducting our life in harmony with these laws. With this our work of saving and redeeming ourselves has begun and we now walk hand in hand with the Christ Spirit, our Highest Self, and the Angels. This, by the way, is the only way the Christ will ever be able to save anyone.

Discovering these things and telling you about them is my joy. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for the wise one within, who dwells in me the same as in everybody else. I can tell you that this being, if one can call it that, really does know the answer to all our questions and the way of all things. My God Self writes about the topics we are interested in and ready to understand through me, so I can share them with you.

My whole being fills with joy at the thought that for many of us this sad chapter of our race’s development is coming to its natural end and that one great circle of life is closing. But, when I think about those we shall be leaving behind, I cannot help feeling sorrow. I have already applied to the powers that be for a job as an apprentice spirit guide for these souls, wherever they may be reincarnating in times to come.

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What Happens When Someone Dies? (9)

Ask And It Shall Be Given

Rays of Wisdom – The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide – Ask And It Shall Be GivenFor the moment, however, let us stay a bit longer with the state of our soul, when it keeps knocking on our inner door, trying to get us, its earthly counterpart, to understand what it has to say. If we continue to refuse to pay attention to what rises from the world of our feelings and do not listen, the likelihood is that our feelings of fear will get ever more powerful. As they have something important to tell us, this continues until after a while the sensations become so overwhelming that in the end our helplessness leaves us no choice but to seek the help of the medical profession. Off we go, in the hope that they have something to calm down the unpleasant feelings, maybe get rid of them altogether.

Conventional medicine has its place. But what it usually has to offer, in my view which is based on my own experiences, is chemicals. I believe that they should only be used as temporary walking sticks that can be discarded, as we progress one small step by another on our healing journey, slowly recovering and bit by bit gaining a measure of control over our feelings. The learning we find along the way, the fresh insights and wisdom gained from our misery are later meant to be shared with those around us, who are walking the same way behind us – the way I am doing with you here.

Sound advice comes from St Matthew 7:7-8: ‘Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you, for whoever asks receives and those who seek find and unto those who knock the door is opened.’ Because it is true that the answers to all our questions can be found within, whenever we wish to clarify something, let us not forget to knock at our inner door and ask the wise one, the living God within. There really is no point in running to other people to hear their views on how to proceed. It is better by far to learn to listen within to what our inner teacher wants to tell us intuitively through the world of our feelings.

It does not matter that for a very long time we are unaware of the fact that everybody has such a guru. After all, we are on the Earth to learn and if we don’t know something, we just have to make it our business to find out. This goes for all of us and every aspect of our own being, our lives and our world. If you are anything like I was at the beginning of my healing journey, you won’t even know that such a door exists. If yours is like mine was, you too will find that for quite some time it steadfastly refuses to open. As I eventually discovered, this was because of a blockage that consisted of emotional/spiritual soul memories, which had accumulated in the course of many lifetimes. Because I had no idea that this is necessary, I never worked with and released them on a regular basis. Through sheer ignorance we ourselves create such blockages in past lifetimes and also earlier during this one. And when our time has come for re-establishing the inner connection with our Highest or God Self, which can only be done through the world of our feelings, we are stuck.

Our task as healers and lightbringers is to dissolve any emotional/spiritual obstructions we encounter by working through them, whichever way we can. Work intuitively and let your inner guidance show how it should be done. Being a very precious and holy place, our inner world of feelings surely deserves a different kind of approach than merely swallowing chemicals in the hope that the unpleasant sensations will go away. I can tell you from first hand experience that the feelings will not disappear, for the simple reason that they have nowhere to go and therefore cannot just vanish. They can be suppressed for a time, but at the first opportunity they will raise their heads again, demanding to be considered and handled gently. Looking back from where I am now, I recognise that the world of our feelings is our soul and therefore deserves lots of love, kindness and compassion for the suffering we and it once had to endure.

We are the only ones who can administer this kind of holy and wholesome medicine, and that each time we go on one of our inner healing journeys. Without attending to the troublesome feelings and diligently working our way through them, it is impossible to re-connect properly with the wise one within. Until our inner link with it has been renewed, no spiritual progress can be made, even though our time for a major leap forward may have come. That indeed is the reason why the spark of the Christ spirit is stirring within us. It is a signal from our inner self that our spiritual nature is ready to start growing and come forth, so that in due course it can take over our whole being and intuitively teach us how to make good the spiritual debts we incurred in other lifetimes.

For as long as we misunderstand the signs our soul is giving us through the cells of our physical body and when these signals gradually become ever more powerful, it is only natural that in our fear we run to the medical profession. However, if we accept the chemicals they prescribe to suppress the world of our feelings for too long, our inner Christ Self notices with sadness that there is no room at this particular inn – our heart – for Its holy child to be born. But because it loves us, it keeps on knocking. Time and again it tries to gain access to our consciousness and heart, in the hope that one day we shall be able to grasp what is happening to us. When that moment has arrived, we want nothing else but making it welcome and inviting it in, because all it wants to do is guide and protect us once again, the way the Christ Spirit has always done since long before we, its small earthly counterpart, were released into our present existence for the first time.

Our spirit and soul are joyous because it wants to show us the way home into the conscious awareness of our true nature and oneness with God. The Christ Spirit is the living God within, who is the only authority who knows when the moment of our release from the need for being educated on the Earth plane draws to its close. It knows how much we had to endure during Earth’s trials and tribulations, because it is part of us and accompanies us wherever we go. Down the lowest levels of life it has taken us and now wishes to take us up to experiencing ever higher ones. To bring us the joyous tidings that will put an end to our sorrows and suffering is the reason for its insistence on rattling ever more forcefully the door of our inner dungeon.

The Christ Spirit, the living God within, is the knight in shining armour, who comes riding on the white steed of God’s sacred wisdom and truth, to rouse us – its earthly counterpart – from our sleeping beauty slumbers. We do well to pay attention and listen, but for as long as we fail to understand what it wants to tell us, our spirit’s joy will remain our earthly self’s sorrow. This clearly shows that joy and sorrow are of equal value. Yet, even if we placed a value on them like we do on gold and silver, as our journey through life continues, this could not stop us from constantly rising and falling from joy into sorrow and back again into joy, as that is a necessary part of our earthly lessons.

In truth joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Both are unavoidable parts of the duality of our nature and existence. Let me illustrate this with an example: when a loved one departs from this plane and moves into the world of spirit, those left behind on our side of the veil of consciousness wail and weep, while the ones on the other side celebrate their reunion with laughter and joy. And it’s only natural that, when yet another one who is dear to us takes their leave, the more thoughtful ones in our midst begin to ask themselves questions like: ‘What is the sense and purpose of all our coming and going, in and out of this life? Where do we come from and where are we going to? What is the point of all our striving to achieve, when everything is wiped out and lost at the end in any case? What could be the meaning of it? Is there some?’

This is how during periods of great sorrow and sadness, especially bereavements, even the most closed off human hearts begin to open up. It is a time when God and the Angels are drawing very close and small cracks appear in the emotional coat of armour we normally wear. Through them God’s light, in the form of wisdom and understanding, begins to seep and penetrate our consciousness and to those who are ready to receive them, they bring the gift of an increased understanding of life and its processes, in particular death.

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What Happens When Someone Dies? (10)

Dreaming Of A World Without Fear

Rays of Wisdom – The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide – Dreaming Of A World Without FearIt seems to me that all human beings are rather fearful creatures – with the exception of those who are in denial and/or out of touch with the world of their feelings, possibly suppressed by the chemicals supplied by the pharmaceutical industry. This is hardly surprising when one considers the pathway we have had to walk in the course of many lifetimes.  For as long as our earthly self remains unaware of where we once have come from and one day will be returning to, this is unavoidable in my view. However, our fears and anxieties are no longer necessary once we are aware again of our true nature. They are then surplus to requirement and their soul memories are waiting to be sloughed off and peeled off, layer upon layer, like old skins that have quite literally been outgrown. 

I dream of a world where no-one lives in fear. Utopia? I believe that it surely will come when only awakened spirits and souls will be allowed to reincarnate into Earth life, to act as her guardians and keepers. In the course of working with and dissolving every last one of our anxieties and apprehensions, we let go of our false beliefs and replace them with God’s eternal wisdom and truth. Our faith in the goodness of life and its Creator is restored and that enables us to wholeheartedly make our contribution towards creating our new world where fear is no longer known, right here on the Earth.

For a very long time I have been doing my best to help it come into being. How about you? Should you not know how to go about it, ask God and the Angels to assist you and then, over the coming days follow your natural inclinations. You will be amazed at how many different pointers will be coming your way from here, there and everywhere, only apparently out of nowhere. To speed matters along, whenever you can, consciously take deep breaths while quietly and inwardly saying to yourself: ‘I breathe in God’s light and life. I breathe out the Divine breath. It deeply penetrates all spheres and forms of life with love, light, peace and healing.’

Doing this is your contribution towards the blessing and healing of all life. The more you practise the better you will be able to feel the Divine fire in your heart, like a rod of light that charges you with renewed strength and courage to tackle all things that come your way. Whenever you are weary and tired physically, do this breathing and you will be amazed how it blows away your weariness and fills your whole being vitality. All of this is part of restoring our loving union with the Source of all being, and we are on the road to gaining mastery over our whole being, life itself and in due course also over old age.

This attunement with our Creator renews and heals every part of our being, not merely our physical body. Therefore, as many times per day as possible breathe in and out deeply and affirm: ‘I breathe in love and I breathe out peace. Hand in hand with God and the Angels I am sending them into the farthest and remotest corners of all of Creation for the blessing and healing of all life.’ What greater joy could there be for any human being than being involved with this?

Whatever you are occupied with, remind yourself from time to time that our thinking patterns and perspective of life are largely responsible for whether any given situation brings us joy or sorrow. These things in turn depend on the present state of our evolutionary development. For as long as we believe that Earth life is all there is to humankind’s existence, we are frightened and likely to shed tears at the thought of our own departure from it, as well as that of our loved ones. Yet, once we are again aware of our true spiritual nature, the idea of leaving this plane brings a smile to our face, because we then look forward to our release into the greater freedom of the spirit world. This by no means is an indication that we are wishing our time of the Earth away.

Knowing that in truth a high and holy destiny awaits all of us is the key to eternal happiness and a joy that is so great that it radiates from the Heavens down to the Earth. Our right attitude towards the purpose and meaning of life empowers us to consciously bring forth ever more of the best that is within us, and to live and strive mainly for the concerns of the spirit, while the earthly ones move into second place. The more we realise that our whole being forever works and rests in the consciousness of God’s infinite light, love and wisdom, the happier and more joyful we and our life become.

Being aware that we are on the homeward bound leg of our earthly education, we rest safely in the knowledge that no matter what may still have to happen on our planet, we and it rest securely in God’s loving hands. Independent of what may ever befall our physical bodies and Mother Earth’s physical manifestation, our spirit and soul shall forever be kept out of harm’s way. The Great White Father/Mother Spirit with its Angels and Masters, and our friends and helpers in the world of light, will always be standing behind us, walking with us and holding our hands, to protect us and guide us unharmed through whatever we shall be expected to do.

The six-pointed star is the symbol of a perfected human being, whose male and female, upper and lower aspects have joined forces and are healed into one. Throughout the ages this star has been used by many cultures and civilisations in historical, religious and cultural contexts, for example in Hanafism, Raelianism, Judaism, Hinduism and occultism. The star represents the fact that all of us contain a spark of the Christ spirit, though at first only in seed form. Everybody’s new lifetime brings endless opportunities for awakening the Divine flicker from its slumber, so it can begin to grow in our heart and we eventually become aware the Christ Spirit, the living God within, is as much part of us as it is of everybody else.

This is a development of the human heart, the seat of love and warmth, wisdom and understanding. The heart is at the apex of the upwards pointing triangle of the star, which represents the lower earthly self with its mind and intellect, both are of the head. When this part of our nature is too much left to its own devices and still lacks the coo-operation of the mind in the heart, the small self functions cannot help functioning in increasingly cold and detached ways. For the healthy and happy functioning of our whole being, head and heart need to be united and learn how to work together. 

In God, and therefore also in both genders of our race, the intellect is masculine and the heart represents the feminine aspect. During the time of the patriarchy and its purely male orientated religions, the masculine detached itself ever further from its feminine counterpart. Once upon a time these two parts had been one. This separation has been the cause of all our world’s problems of the past. The suffering it brought to each one of us individually, and collectively to our world, is humankind’s sorrow and the joy of those in the higher and highest realms of life. The awakened ones in our world rejoice with them, because they know that a great evolutionary cycle is closing and a vast chapter of earthly education for many of us has run its course.

For this Heaven and Earth join in a chorus of praise and thanksgiving to the highest. And the Angels, God’s messengers, rejoice for each one of us who comes home into the awareness of their true nature and are ready to do their share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth. As on the inner level all life is one, they are part of us and at all times standing by our side, waiting for someone to request their help. The Sun or the Christ sphere is the state of life from which each one of us once emerged. And the Angels would like us to know that it would be wrong to think of it as something towards we are travelling, although in a way this is exactly what we are doing.

Even while we are still spiritually closed off, we are capable of perceiving – if only faintly – the glory of our true home, the Christ sphere. Regardless of how far our journey on the evolutionary pathway through life ever took us away from our source, the memory of it had been programmed so deeply into our consciousness that it could never be lost. That’s why, when things get rough and we feel as if we were lost in our present existence, a powerful yearning for a more beautiful and more peaceful world overcomes us. If it did not exist on the inner level of life, inside us, we would not be able to feel such longing. The vision of this place may become obscured and almost lost, but never quite. In times of great need, grief and anguish our spirit and soul longs for and reaches out to its Creator.

A great hunger and thirst for the highest levels of life, our true home, overcomes us in those moments and we pine for God’s presence. This is an indication that God’s life, the Universal Sun behind the Sun, the Christ Spirit, is an integral part of us and dwells in our being. It is a state of life which resides in the heart of the Sun and consists of nothing but light. The more often we reflect and meditate upon it, the stronger the conviction grows in us, until it fills our whole being, that this is where we belong, because it is our true home and source.

Our earthly mind is the rational, logical, analytical and scientifically thinking part of us. As it is designed to help us understand and come to terms with the material plane of life, it is not very helpful in this homecoming process and frequently gets in its way. It needs bearing in mind though that the earthly mind is but a small part of our whole mind. When we have become sufficiently evolved to be allowed to move on to higher learning on other levels of existence, a quickening of consciousness takes place in us and we develop a new sensitivity towards and an awareness of the spiritual forces behind the outer manifestations of Earth life. In spite of the fact that this world is invisible to earthly eyes, our heart and inner self know it well and have no difficulties recognising it.

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2.    ‘Colonising New Planets’

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (11)

God’s Powers Are In Us

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression & Suicide - God's Power Is In UsGod’s powers of creation and destruction are also in us. As above, so below. For all of us this is of much greater importance than we may presently think. We do well to remind ourselves frequently that our thoughts create our reality, that in fact today’s thoughts bring to us tomorrow’s reality. We are responsible for the present state of our world and everything that is happening. All of us together created it through the irresponsible thinking and behaviour patterns of past lifetimes that resulted in raping, plundering and exploiting for selfish material gains Mother Earth’s precious resources, which are intended to provide for all her children in equal measure.

Wise ones appreciate that none of this means that you and I generated our world’s latest disasters with the thoughts of this lifetime. They know that every mishap that befalls our planet was brought about by the negative and destructive thinking and behaviour patterns of billions of human souls in billions of past lifetimes. Every one of us has to experience the same things. This in the first place takes us down to life’s lowest levels and from there, in the course of many lifetimes, eventually each one of us moves up to continue our studies on the highest planes.

Spiritually, darkness is ignorance and not knowing, and light is knowing. Hence the term enlightenment. Over the past thirty years or so, by working my way through layer upon layer of my inner darkness in a slow and painful process, it has transmuted itself into the wisdom and understanding that now fills my conscious awareness and is constantly increasing. This light is what I have been sharing with you, my readers, on an ongoing basis for all those years. I think of each one of you as my friend and as an important part of my spiritual family, and I thank you all and bless you for your support.

Please allow me to draw your attention once more to the fact that my writings express my beliefs and my reality and truth. Naturally, I can only speak for myself and you alone can decide what yours are. Whether you are as yet aware of this or not, you are responsible, not only for yourself but also for the state of our world. What kind of future conditions do you wish to create for us and our planet? With the help of your inner guidance you are the only one who can decide whether my truth could also be yours. As it is the only authority in the whole of Creation that will never mislead you or let you down in any way, knock at its door and ask. Whilst listening to or reading anything, it pays to listen to our inner world. You have found truth when a feeling rises from there that says: ‘This makes sense. It is right.’

From the evolutionary point I have reached by now, I can see that there is nothing wrong with us and our world. God designed us to be exactly the way we are. We are not some kind of messy random appearance or cosmic joke. We have been carefully placed in this life so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that is the way our Father/Mother loves us and wants us to be. The seed of perfection is within each one of us. As Cicero, 106-43 BC, wrote: ‘Human beings were created to contemplate and reflect the Universe. They are not themselves this great perfection, but they are particles of this perfection.’ To help us bring forth this perfection from within, all that is required from us is that we should act in kind and loving ways and give of our best in all situations. Through this constant striving the Christ spirit shines ever more strongly from the very core of our being into the outer self, until it finally has taken over our whole being and we have become a Christed one in our own right.

To my mind, nothing in our world makes any sense until one begins to perceive the greater picture. When one does, everything starts to fall into place. As mentioned earlier, the creative as well as the destructive powers of God are also in us. The entire point of our earthly education is to show us how these forces work out and manifest themselves in the realities of a physical environment, like the Earth. Our planet is a training ground, no more and no less, where in the course a many lifetimes each one of us must learn how to handle the powers within them safely and in a masterly fashion. Through our behaviour in thoughts, words and actions we have to prove that we have achieved this goal, before it is safe to let us loose on handling the affairs of the Cosmos.

Everything evil in our world has always been a demonstration to what depths the human evolutionary pathway can and indeed has to descend – and that for all of us, without exception – at some stage of our development. The evil that is with us at present shows us how things turn out when they are handled in opposition to the first law of life, which is love and everything that is good, right and beautiful. Wise ones are willing to learn from watching the evil they see round them. Accepting that they too have the same darkness within helps them to consciously decide that they never, ever shall want to be dragged down to such depths of experience. By bringing forth the highest and the best within them and using it to alleviate the ignorance and suffering of their world, step by step they are climbing the evolutionary ladder of life that is sure to lead them up to the Highest.

Such wise ones refuse to sit in judgement of those who are still involved in the lesson of exploring the lowest aspects of their nature. They thank their lucky Star, their Highest Self, that they have dealt with that part of their education and are already on the ascending evolutionary spiral of life, whose trail eventually leads all of us back into the conscious awareness of our true nature and relationship with God. They feel safe in the knowledge that a vast sphere of life interpenetrates humankind’s earthly existence and that in this world there are kind and loving beings, the Angels and Master, spiritual guides and helpers. They are God’s messengers, who are guiding and protecting humankind. All of them are working together to help us and our world move ever onwards and upwards in God’s great evolutionary plan for all life and lifeforms.

Wise ones thank the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, for providing this invisible life force, which is at work behind all physical manifestations of life, from its lowest aspects upwards to its highest. It is constantly beavering behind the scenes of Earth’s visible life and is doing the same on all other planets. Splendid isolation exists nowhere in the whole of Creation, and there is no separation between any form of life. On the inner level of life everything is blended together in one harmonious whole. To ensure the outworking of the great plan, God’s power, wisdom and love are at work behind everything that ever seemed to be wrong, evil and destructive in our world. It always has been and forever will be the guiding and protecting force that links together all forms of life.

This is the power that in the end makes all crooked corners straight and brings something good out of every last bit of apparent evil. It heals all our wounds in mind, body, spirit and soul, and uplifts and transmutes hatred into love, fears and anxieties into total faith and trust, and sorrow and sadness into joy and laughter. And we give thanks and praise for it to You, Great Spirit, and all Your helpers.

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (12)

Take These Broken Wings

Take these broken wings - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement

Take these broken wings
And learn to fly again,
And learn to live so free.
And when we hear the voices sing,
The book of love will open up
And let us in.

From the Eighties Song
By Mr. Mister

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Take the broken wings of humankind’s earthly existence
And teach all of us how to fly with the help
Of Your sacred wisdom and truth,
So that it flows ever more powerfully
From Your loving heart
Into every human heart and soul
And from there into our whole world.
Under Your guidance and protection
And in accordance with Your will and wishes,
Keep on opening ever more hearts,
Until each one of us acts as a channel for the
Blessing and healing power of Your love.

Grant us the gift of understanding, so that
On the wings of Your sacred wisdom and truth
We can lift our whole world
Above the woes of our present existence
By recognising them as nothing but lessons
In the school of earthly life
And passing phases.

Mend our broken spiritual wings and show us
The beauty and wonder
Of the spirit realm,
Your world.


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Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (13)

Call Me By My True Names

Bird on the Nest - Call Me By My True Names - Rays of Wssdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Comfort

Do not say I shall depart tomorrow
Or that I have never been,
As every day I newly arrive.
When you look deeply you can see
That I do so every moment.
I am the buds on flowers and trees,
The baby bird who with fragile wings,
Learns to sing and fly when leaving the nest.
I am every caterpillar that crawls
And in the jewels that are still hidden in rocks.

I arrive so that I may experience Myself
Through each one of you,
In our laughing and crying,
Fearing and hoping.
And the rhythm of My heart is
The birth and death of all living things.

I am the mayfly that metamorphoses on the river,
The bird who with the arrival of spring
Is nourished by the mayfly.
I am the frog who swims happily in its pond
And the snake in the grass that silently
Approaches the frog and devours it.

I am the starving child who is all skin and bones,
And whose legs are as thin as bamboo sticks.
I am in the arms merchant who distributes
His death bringing wares throughout your world,
And I am in those who are maimed and killed by them.
I am the refugee girl or woman on a small boat who,
After having been raped by sea pirates,
Throws herself into the ocean and drowns.

But I am also the pirate who fails to respect and love others,
Because the Divine spark in his heart has not yet
Woken from its slumbers and so
His inner eyes are still closed.
I am the member of a politburo
Who has more power than is good for him.
And I am the man who redeems himself
For what he did to others in previous lifetimes,
By dying in one of this man’s forced labour camps,
The same as he one day will be doing
At the end of one of his earthly sojourns.

My joy is like spring.
Its warmth makes flowers
Open and bloom in all walks of life.
And My pain is like a river of tears,
So great that it fills all the oceans.
Please call Me by My true names,
So I can hear My laughter and crying at once.
When at last I re-awaken to My true nature
And doors of compassion and love in My heart open,
I recognise that in truth My joy and sorrow are one.

Thich Nhat Hanh
Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (14)

Do Suicides Go To Hell?

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Do Suicides Go To Hell?

One of the many false beliefs that have been haunting our world far too long is that suicides will go from this plane of life straight to hell and that they will in all eternity be condemned by God and the Angels. Many to this day seem to quite seriously believe this to be true, when nothing could be further from what really happens. Not that such erroneous views would ever have stopped anyone who seriously intended to finish their present lifetime by their own hands, when they had had enough and could no longer cope with it. But, it surely is a belief that piles a great deal more suffering unto any troubled soul who believes it to be true, as some do to this day. Unaware that anything lies beyond or behind humankind’s present existence, all such souls can hope for is that they will be snuffed out like the light of a candle and disappear into oblivion, without leaving a trace of their being behind and that forever.

First, however, let’s have a look at Heaven and Hell – are they really places anyone goes to? To me, they represent the various states of consciousness, which we create for ourselves and each other, in the here and now. Because we have freedom of choice, it always has been up to each individual whether to create a living hell for ourselves and those around us or to bring our own ideas of Heaven down to Earth in our daily lives.

All human souls throughout every one of their many lifetimes in physicality are in constant search of consciousness expanding experiences that increase their understanding of God’s true nature and of their own, and of the wisdom and truth of their Creator as it expresses itself on the Earth plane. For every soul there eventually comes the moment of awakening into the realisation of who and what they truly are and always have been, namely sparks of the Divine and eternal and immortal beings of light, who can and will never die. This quest continues until the soul has fully come home into the conscious awareness of its oneness with God and all life.

The experiences of my present lifetime have taught me that Hell on Earth is living without spirituality and without the conscious knowledge of the purpose and meaning of our present existence. At our entry into the Aquarian Age ever more of us are finding to our astonishment that God is something quite different from what we were told in past ages, namely that God is in you and me and in everything. Having succeeded in bringing my own small piece of Heaven onto the Earth, I am happy to share it with anyone who wishes to join me in it by partaking of my reflections and insights into the spiritual background of life.. Welcome to my Heaven, dear Friend.

Together let us now take a look at whether anyone really does go to hell for committing suicide. If there really were such a place of torment, would there be any need for people to visit it after the living hell they must have endured on the Earth plane, which drove them into considering finishing it all by their own hands in the first place? What else could bring about in human beings a state of mind when they can no longer tolerate their troubles, until eventually they cannot see any other way out of their misery?

When it is destined for one of us that our suicide plan should succeed, we are sure to believe that we have reached Heaven – or at least some kind of heavenly state –when the Angel of Death gently takes us by our hand and leads us through the veil of consciousness from our present hellish existence into our other world, the one of light. What heavenly bliss when, after a period of resting and recovering there from the stresses and strains of Earth life, the wise ones in charge of us take us under their wings. They explain to us where we went astray on our pathway through life and show us how we could have done better.

In this way the wise ones help us to draw the learning from the lessons that lie behind us and can benefit from them next time round. Having arrived in the world of spirit, every soul eventually comes to the conclusion that, rather than staying there forever, it would be wiser by far to get on with our evolutionary pathway and continue to grow and expand our consciousness through new encounters and experiences. And so it is likely that we shall apply for another lifetime in the not too distant future. As incredible as this may seem to you now, if you are feeling suicidal and are reading this, it is nonetheless the truth, as each new lifetime on the Earth creates a plentiful supply of fresh opportunities for resolving outstanding issues, mending and healing any disturbed relationships that have been left behind, and repaying our Karmic debts. 

When we no longer wander around in physical bodies in the world of light, we cannot help being  aware of our real higher nature as spirit and soul, who from time to time spends one of its frequent lifetimes on the Earth plane. In that state is much easier to come to terms with the fact that the purpose of all life is evolution and that this quite naturally also applies to us. There is then no longer any doubt in our minds about our true identity as a beloved child of the Great Father/Mother of all life. As one of those we pay careful attention to what the wise ones have to say.

The wise ones are all too familiar with the extent of humankind’s suffering on the Earth and many of them once walked there, just like us. And irrespective of what we left behind in Earth life, those in charge of us never sit in judgement over anyone. They truly are our friends who love us and deeply care for us. It is up to every one of us individually whether we wish to follow their guidance or not, for at all times we are free to make up our own minds and decide for ourselves on our preferred course of action or inaction, as the case may be. Our kindly advisors know only too well how hard and difficult Earth life with its harsh living conditions can be at times for soft and sensitive human souls. They appreciate how lonely and frightening an existence it can be for as long as our small and easily frightened earthly self remains unaware of why it has to be on the Earth and take part its life. It takes a long time until we become aware that in truth none of us is ever alone, although it frequently appears to be that way.

Whether we are as yet aware of it or not, the wise ones are constantly around and with us. They appreciate how hard it is for human souls to play their role as earthling, when for a very long time for educational reasons we have to remain unaware of our true identity as a beloved child of God, and that like Him/Her we have a masculine spirit and a feminine soul, i.e. the soft and sensitive feeling side of our nature. Each one of us has to spend many lifetimes on the Earth before we once more become aware that God is as much part of us, as we are part of God. Once we have matured sufficiently we begin to grasp how our Creator Father/Mother really does know the way of all life, for the simple reason that S/He is there with us and accompanies us through every one of our errors and silently endures everyone’s toils, troubles and pains, confusions and struggles.

This is how it comes about that our Creator knows the heart and soul of every human being much better than we ourselves do. S/He knows much better than anyone else will ever be able to do that for the period of our development as mere earthlings, it is impossible to be genuinely thankful for our earthly education. God appreciates that giving thanks and praise for everything that ever was, will be and now is, has to wait until such times when our earthly self has joined its spirit and soul in their conscious awareness of our true nature and origin. When our inner doors open,  our understanding of the meaning and the higher purpose of life increases and our consciousness expands, the way it is meant to do during each subsequent lifetime.

In the course of our long evolutionary cycle, time and again we return to the Earth plane to attend to unfinished business, resolve outstanding issues and heal relationships in which someone got hurt in past lifetimes.  This continues until we can deal with these things in the masterly fashion that is in keeping with our true Divine nature. Our conduct then shows the wise ones that all our lessons have been thoroughly absorbed and that our earthly education is complete. Only then will they allow us to move on to learning experiences on the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

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* * *

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World‘

One day when I was in great discomfort, I prayed:
‘Please, save me from pain!’
The Christ responded with: ‘To help you bring forth
My Divine characteristics, so that you can grow ever closer to Me,
Each one of My children of the Earth
Must become familiar with pain.
Unless you have waded through painful experiences yourself,
You cannot hope to ever be able to
Appreciate the depth of another’s suffering.

That’s why your suffering and worldly cares
Are essential parts of your earthly education.
They are My teaching aids which, with the passage of time,
Slowly return you into the conscious awareness
Of your oneness with Me, helping you
To once more become fully united with Me.
Instead of complaining, rejoice!
The more profound your struggles
And the deeper your pain,
The closer your spirit and soul draws to Me.

This is how, for a long time unbeknown to your earthly self,
Your consciousness expands and your soul grows.
Yet, it can only do so through each living their own lives,
Gathering their own experiences, and feeling their feelings,
Sadness as much as joy, and happiness as much as pain.
And whenever something seems too hard or heavy for you to bear,
Wherever you may find yourself, never despair,
But reach out for My hand and call for Me,
And never doubt that I hear you and am there.

I am the only one who can help you work your way through
Every one of your experiences, joyful and sad ones alike.
And although you are but one tiny twig on the tree of life and knowledge,
Each one of you is a many-faceted jewel,
Priceless, precious and loved beyond compare and of immense value to Me.
You are one of the most beautiful flowers in My eternal garden
And I am the gardener, who prunes you constantly,
So that you may flower and mature and bear ever more fruit.’

In spite of all that, I had the audacity to say:
‘Please, give me only the things of life I enjoy.’
And the Christ replied:
‘My dearly beloved child of the Earth,
Isn’t it blessing enough that I have created you and given you life?
From love you have come and to love you are now returning,
For love is My true nature and you being a spark of Me,
It is also yours.
You are on the Earth plane,
So that in the fullness of time you will find
The wisdom and truth that are in Me.
And when I grant you these gifts,
You will be able to appreciate and recognise that
Everything that is in your life is a loving sacrifice from Me.
This includes all things, people and every experience
That will ever come your way.

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (15)

Death Is Not Real

Death Is Not Real - The Kybalion - Rays of Wisdom - Depression and Suicide

‘Death is not real, even in the relative sense. It is but a birth to a new life and you shall go on, and on, and on, to higher and still higher planes of life, for aeons upon aeons of time. The Universe is your home and you shall explore its farthest recesses before the end of time on the Earth plane has come. You are dwelling in the infinite mind of The All, and your possibilities and opportunities are unlimited, both in time and space. And at the end of the grand cycle of aeons, when The All shall draw back into itself all of its creations, you will go gladly for you will then be able to know the whole truth of being at one with The All. Such is the report of the illumined, those who have advanced well along the path.’ From ‘The Kybalion : Hermetic Philosophy’.

‘The Kybalion’ is a book published in 1908 that claims to be the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. It was published anonymously by a group or person under the pseudonym of ‘The Three Initiates’

The dreams we have of you,
Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Is only a shadow of Your dreams for us,
Only a shadow of all that will be,
If we but follow You.

The joy I feel today, beloved Father/Mother,
Is only a shadow of Your joys for me,
Only a shadow of Your joys for me,
When we meet face to face.

Carey Landry
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (16)

Healing Prayer For Relationships

Rays of Wisdom - Relationship Healing - Healing Prayer for Parents & Children

O Great Spirit, Mother/Father Creator,
Grant me the gift of Your Divine wisdom and forgiveness,
So that I may pardon each and every one
Who ever hurt or wounded me, including myself.
Help me to forgive every cruelty and unkindness
That was ever done to me by anyone, in word, thought and deed.
With hindsight, I can see that all who treated me this way
Supplied me with a special service and were my best teachers,
Because they all helped me to become the one I am now,
And for that, Great Spirit, I truly am thankful.

Thank you for showing us that each one of us is Your child
Whom You have granted the gift of another lifetime on the Earth,
So that we should learn and grow some more,
Each through their own experiences.
Thank you for the Angels, Masters and guides who are
Protecting us and lighting the way back home into the oneness with You.
I rejoice to know that we are all children in the great school of life,
Which You so lovingly have created for us.

I pray for Your forgiveness for the mistakes I have made,
Throughout this whole lifetime and all previous ones.
Help me to draw the learning from them,
So that I may bring forth all that is good and noble within me,
Finding wholeness and healing through becoming
Ever more like You and being closer to You.

As the road of this earthly life is long and difficult
And strewn with many kinds of temptations
Which my earthly self finds hard to resist,
Assist me with being strong in my determination to overcome them.
Help me to accept and love myself the way I am,
Safe in the knowledge that Your great wisdom and love
Created me – and everybody else – in Your Divine image,
And that you love us all totally and unconditionally.

To break the vicious circle of acting against my own best interests
And of being my own worst enemy,
When it comes to solving any problem, help me
To listen to Your help and guidance that comes
From deep within my own heart, where You dwell.
Help me to stop finding fault with myself and those around me,
But to love and accept myself and them they way we are.
Whenever I encounter difficulties, especially in relationships,
Grant me the gift of the ability to first look to myself to resolve them.

Now that I understand that the purpose of life on Earth
Is growth and evolution that leads each and every one of us
To ever higher levels of consciousness,
And knowing that all my experiences only ever happened
Because they meant to teach me something,
I let go of all resentment and grudges I ever
Bore against anyone, including myself.

Help me, Great Spirit, to love wisely, the way You do,
Myself and everything that comes my way,
Knowing that it is part of Your Creation,
That it has been prepared by Your great wisdom and love.
Help us all to dissolve the chains and shackles of Karma that
Have bound us to each other, for so many lifetimes,
So that we may set ourselves and each other free
From the bondages that were created
By the darkness of the ignorance of our true nature of past Ages.

Help us to free our world from all hatred, resentment, envy and greed,
And to fill us and it with Your Divine Wisdom, Power and Love.
My soul yearns to make peace with You and all life,
Because I now so much better understand
You and the processes of the life
You created for us.

* * *

Help me to forgive the mother of this lifetime for any unlovingness
She has shown towards me, knowingly or unknowingly, especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who understands the way of all things]
Help me to forgive her for the times she failed to provide me with
The deep and fully satisfying Mother’s nurturing
That only You, my Divine Mother, can give to any of Your children.
Help me to forgive myself for expecting
Such love from someone who is merely human,
Like myself and who is, therefore, but one of your children,
On her own pathway of evolution and therefore still imperfect.

Help me to forgive the father of this lifetime for any unlovingness
He has shown towards me, knowingly or unknowingly, especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who does understand]
Help me to forgive him for the times he failed to provide me with
The deep and fully satisfying Father’s love,
Forgiveness and understanding that You alone, my Divine Father,
Can feel towards all my efforts.
Help me to forgive myself for expecting
Such love from one who is merely human,
Like myself and who is, therefore, but one of your children,
On his own pathway of evolution and still imperfect.

Help me to forgive my partner for any unlovingness
S/he showed towards me, during the times You have given us together,
Knowingly or unknowingly. Especially . . .
[Now pour your pain into God, who does understand]
Help me to forgive her/him and also myself for
Any hurt and pain we ever caused each other,
For misunderstandings and abuse of any kind,
For not entering into the deep and fully satisfying
Relationship that is only possible between You and me.
Help me to recognise that it is folly to expect such
Perfect love and understanding from a mere human being who,
Like me, is Your child, on her/his own pathway of evolution
And therefore still imperfect.

Continue with this prayer until each and every one,
Who has ever hurt or wounded you, has been forgiven.
Finish off with:

Help me to forgive myself for all false expectations I ever hoped
Could be fulfilled in any of my human relationships,
When this can only be found in You, my Divine Mother/Father.
You are the Divine lover, who is alive in each one of us,
And You alone have the power to know and fulfil all my needs.
All those around me and with me are but outer manifestations of You.
And each one who has ever shared my life with me,
Is Your child and constantly searching the perfect loving relationship
That we can only have with You.

Help me to forgive my children for being [or having been]
Unable to fulfil the unrealistic hopes and dreams I once nurtured,
And that made me long and yearn for them,
Ever since I myself was a child who had to endure the suffering
At the hands of parents and other adults,
Who as yet failed to understand their own true nature and Yours,
And the reason why they were here.
Having no idea about the purpose and meaning of this life,
How could they understand me?

Thank You for allowing me access to the knowledge that
The children who came through me are not my children but Yours
And that they are in this life to fulfil their own Dreams
And reach their own Highest potential, not mine.
Like me, they are hoping to re-learn to walk
Hand in hand with You and the Angels, the way we all once did.

Help me, Great Spirit, to forgive myself and all those
Who ever hurt and wounded me for the suffering we,
In the ignorance of our true nature,
Inflicted upon each other, in the course of many lifetimes.
Help us all to set each other free.

Hand in hand with You and the Angels,
I release all those who have ever shared my life
From the Karmic chains and shackles of all lifetimes,
I forgive each and every one and set them free, now.
May the bonds that exist between us be transmuted into those of
True siblinghood, friendship and love,
For You, each other and the world You so lovingly
Brought into being for us, and re-create anew each day to our joy.

With my whole being, with all my heart and soul,
Mind, body and spirit I thank You for the gift of this life.
May the blessing and healing Power of Your Spirit
Now freely flow through me and all those mentioned in my prayer.
I love You with all my heart and soul and my whole being,
And I trust the blessing and healing power of
Your Divine Fatherly/Motherly wisdom and love
To bless and heal the wounds of all lifetimes in me and all life.


Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (17)

Psychic Protection

Rays of Wisdom = Relationship Healing - Psychic Protection

Because of our inner connectedness we all react to each other from the subconscious level. That’s why psychic protection is of the greatest importance in all human relationships and especially when it comes to dealing with the people with whom we have difficult Karmic issues to resolve. The people involved are vulnerable and wide open to psychic invasions by negative vibrations they are constantly giving out and receiving from each other.

Besides, the more our spiritual awareness increases, the higher our sensitivity to the detrimental psychic influences that emanate from those around us becomes. Therefore, whenever we have to work our way through hurtful or negative experiences or sense that we are somehow in danger of absorbing someone else’s negativity, we do well to protect our psychic space. If someone around us gives out negative vibrations, intentionally or otherwise, whether they originate from this level of life or any other, we need to protect ourselves.

The best advice I have ever come across was from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. They recommend that in such situations we quickly fold our aura around us, similar to an Angel closing its wings. I find this most effective, in spite of the fact that I am aware that Angels are a great force and a power that only sometimes presents itself to us and our world in a form we can understand and connect with. Those who already are fortunate enough to be able to see Angels, perceive them as highly illumined beings. Great streams of radiant light emanate from their heads and shoulders that makes them look like wings, though in truth they consist of power and light. Moving by the power of thought, they have no need for wings, as we know them from our feathered friends.

Regardless of all that, psychic protection for me works best when I quietly say to myself in my mind: ‘Like an Angel folding its wings and like a flower closing its petals when the Sun goes down, I now close my aura around me. I am safe.’ These words not only provide me with psychic protection, they also call upon the Angels to stand by my side. I find it helpful to accompany this by making some corresponding movements with my hands and taking several deep breaths, breathing in the Great White Light of God and breathing out love. When we do this, no harmful influences can touch us because all we are is enclosed in the shield of light thus created.

To my mind, everybody by rights should always have the benefit of this kind of protection. I suggest practising it especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night, as well as any time in between, as and when you feel the need for it.

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (18)

Searching For Inner Peace

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Suicide And Depression - Searching For Inner Peace

Since time immemorial human beings have been trying to recover the blissful state of peace we once knew when we still were fully aware of our oneness with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. It is therefore not surprising that during the earlier phases of our earthly development, to this day the favourite escape route from the demands of the trouble and strife of Earth life is the use of a multitude of substances like alcohol and drugs. It is for wise reasons that the peace we are after can only be found on the inner and higher levels of life. That is why, for as long as we insist on looking for it on the Earth plane, all our attempts of this nature are bound to be in vain. 

The only way of re-entering into the peaceful state is through regularly communicating in prayers, meditations and quiet reflections with our Highest or God Self. Over time this re-establishes our inner connection with it. As each one of us can only do this for themselves, nothing is lost when the earthly self in the early stages of its development discovers to its disappointment that no matter what it tries, time and again it fails to find peace and that on each occasion it has been barking up yet another wrong tree. The mental and physical health problem this kind of experimenting brings with it, together with the fears and anxieties caused by the ignorance of our true nature and the purpose of our earthly existence, topped by the sheer drudgery of Earth life, the best and only way out of this predicament in the end appears to be suicide.

And so we attempt to finish our life. What a surprise awaits us if we succeed and get to the other side of the veil that separates our two worlds. We can then see for ourselves that the death of our physical body has been but a transformation into a different lifestate and that death is not at all like the kind we had been dreaming of in earthly life. When we ourselves no longer dwell in a physical body, there is no longer any doubt in our mind that human beings are spirit and soul, who merely sometimes get encased – trapped – in physical bodies. Once again we are aware that all human spirits and souls are immortal and will never die.

Now we are clothed in our astral body, which is of a much finer and lighter substance than our physical body, under which it is worn. Released from the limitations and restrictions of Earth life, we are ready to enjoy the greater freedom of the spirit world and take part in the learning available there. At a later stage of our development the astral body will also be shed. What a joy it is to know again that even the last one of us will eventually do this and move on to ever higher and more elevated levels of experiencing life.

Let me leave the way I wish.
Give me this one last gift.
Let me have some control.
May God have mercy on my soul.

Let me choose how I want to die.
Let me decide when to say goodbye.
When I am ready I will know.
May God have mercy on my soul.

For my final sin I am willing to pay.
The price for throwing my life away.
This is one thing I will control.
May God have mercy on my soul

Let me find the peace I seek,
From secrets I dare not speak.
Just say goodbye and let me go
And pray for mercy on my soul.

Now my darkness has turned to light
And I’ve found peace, a beautiful sight.
I finally took control
And God had mercy on my soul.

Julia WF

The feelings expressed in this poem and the writer’s longing for being in control, this in itself is the obstacle that stands in the way of finding the inner peace all of us are hoping to find one day and never can, for as long as we look for it on the Earth plane. It is this trying to stay in control no matter what that stunts so much of humankind’s spiritual growth and hinders its progress on the evolutionary spiral of life. Wise ones, however, whenever they have to confront difficult situations, surrender them to the Highest and most humbly pray: ‘Please show me the way. Thy Will and not mine shall be done! May Thy will be mine and my will be Thine, so that everything unfolds in accordance with your will and wishes.’

Following the intuitive guidance they receive from their inner selves, the living God within, enables them to come into alignment with the flow of their lives and go with it.

All of life is flowingness
And in this flowing,
There is meaning and law.
I cannot lose, what is my own.
I need not seek, what is my own,
For what belongs to me, will come.
Whatever goes does not belong to me.
Only what I am has power.
I now give up my personal struggles and ambitions,
Knowing that everything that is rightfully mine
Will then be drawn to me.

Therefore, I now let go,
And trust my inner guidance
And the love and wisdom of the Highest,
To run my life for me
And to show me the way, now and forever.


The cross is one of the most ancient symbols known to humankind. It was not invented by Christianity, but merely adopted from much more ancient religions and cultures that preceded it. The cross’s vertical bar stands for the God’s Will, as it reaches down from Heaven to Earth. The horizontal one is the symbol of humankind’s will for as long as it crosses the Will of God and struggles against it. When the two bars at last have been taken apart and are lying peacefully side by side and working harmoniously together, there is no more cross and there is PEACE!

In its original sense it never stood for death and crucifixion, but for the goodness and blessings of Earth life. It is intended to convey the idea that the human spirit with the assistance of its Highest Self is capable of overcoming and rising above everything that happens on the physical plane. The cross contains the message that until all human spirits and souls in their earthly existence, have imbibed their lessons in the course of many lifetimes. Until they have become sufficiently evolved, they have to remain firmly fixed to the cross of consciousness of earthly life.

There is no point in fighting against any of this because the material and spiritual education that our planet alone can provide is essential for our individual and collective evolutionary development. That’s why it is compulsory and unavoidable for all of us. Going with the flow and submitting ourselves willingly to whatever presents itself to us is the best we can do. This brings us much more easily into harmony with the energies of the Highest Forces than anything else. We have been granted the gift of another lifetime so that we may serve them and learn how to co-operate with them.

Extract from
 ‘God’s Lament Of The Piscean Age’

Unbeknown to your earthly selves for far too long
I, the Divine Spirit in you and all life,
Have been held prisoner by the darkness of humankind’s
Ignorance of its own true nature and Mine.
This bred false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions,
Which now stand in the way of
Your personal and collective evolution.
To set yourself free and fully reconnect with Me,
You have to let go of each one of them.

Know that you are responsible for yourselves,
Your whole race and world,
And every one of your thoughts, words and actions,
You are the captain of the ship of your own life and destiny.
Although you are in charge,
You will always be accountable to Me.
I am the Admiral of the great fleet of humankind
In the vast ocean of life of the whole of Creation.
I am the Supreme Commander of all beings and things.

White Eagle: ‘Try not to overlook your constant need for remaining calm, tranquil and still within. Even when you are active with your hands and doing all kinds of work on the physical plane to serve those you love, deep within it is possible to keep still and tranquil deep within, at peace and looking up to the Angels.

‘Every one of your actions has its origin in your innermost centre. It is the basis of all life and the place where your own and everybody else’s Highest or God Self dwells. It knows the answer to any question you may ever care to ask. Your ability to act in more and more positive and harmonious ways grows when you are still within. When you strengthen your inner connection with the spirit of the living God inside you, you will find that you are gradually reacting to life in ever more perfect ways.’

White Eagle Calendar November 2016: ‘On the astral plane all limitations fall away and the soul perfectly expresses itself in colour, form and music. This brings intense happiness.’

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘Walking Away From Drama’

Dedicated to Julia, who inspired this new chapter of my jottings,
and to all those who are searching and suffering like her,
With love – Aquarius

Feedback: ‘Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, they have brought great comfort to me and made my world a brighter, and a more beautiful place... may your spirit dwell in peace and love... your friend Julia.’

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (19)

The State Of Our World

The State of our World - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & Suicide

Every second, minute and hour of each day of all our earthly lifetimes is irrevocable and can never be brought back. Learning something from the mistakes we make along the way enables us to do better next time round. This does not alter with the death of our physical bodies. The world of light brings us opportunities for revising our activities, so we can see where we went wrong and what kind of changes in our thinking and behaviour patterns are necessary.

For as long as we believe that Earth life is a one-off thing, we think of and fear physical death as something irrevocable and irreversible. This changes dramatically with the discovery that in truth we are eternal beings who will never die, and that life continues when our physical body, the vehicle for one lifetime only, has been returned to Mother Earth. What a surprise awaits us during the early stages of our development each time we are returning to the world of light and find out that this is humankind’s true home and the place form which we once emerged. To our disappointment we then realise that any outstanding issues and dysfunctional relationships we thought had been left behind have not done anything of the kind.

There is no need to worry about this because every new lifetime, however many we shall need, will bring us fresh opportunities for resolving the issues and healing each one of our relationships. Being aware of our true nature, naturally we wish to make as much progress as possible on the evolutionary journey of life. And so we freely and willingly pick up the threads we left dangling and apply for another lifetime so we can get to work on them. During our time in the spirit world, we learn that we are all accountable not only for our own development but also that of our world.

In my view, there is no need to despair over its present state. In the course of our race’s evolutionary pathway every one of us many times over has taken part in making it this way. It seems only fair to me that it is everyone’s duty to do their share of putting things right and making our world a more peaceful and beautiful place for everything that shares it with us. But regardless of that, neither you nor I are our brother/sister’s keeper. They too are responsible for themselves and we are all in this life together so we can help each other carry and come to terms with the burden of the cross of our earthly existence.

It is helpful to bear in mind that because of our oneness on the inner level of life, every one of our thoughts, words and actions influences the whole of Creation, not merely us and our world, in negative as well as positive ways. And as sparks of the Divine, we are God’s children of the Earth and young Gods in the making. All the characteristics and powers that are in our Creator are also in us. And until we become aware that thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation, each one of us is potentially a very dangerous being on the loose in earthly life. Even the meekest and mildest ones fall into this category.

The sooner we wake up to our true nature and accept our responsibility for our own wellbeing and that of our whole world, the better. And because we are all here together to rally round each other in times of need, as best we know how to, that’s why I am saying to you now: ‘Don’t give up – go for it! Walk that wondrous journey of discovery of the self that takes you back into the true nature of your being and helps you to find the healing that is the birthright of every one of us. The only thing you have to do is reach out for the loving hands of God and the Angels. They are waiting to be called upon by you and want you to know that you are loved beyond compare. It does not matter to them what you did in the past or what you may presently be thinking, saying or doing, you will always be loved this way. For one thing, I love you – that is why this is now before you.’

God bless you and may the Angels keep you safe, now and forever.

With love and light,

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•    ‘Thought – The Most Powerful Force Of All’
•    ‘White Eagle On The Power Of Thought’

Six pointed Star

What Happens When Someone Dies? (20)

The Angel In Disguise

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - The Angel In Disguise

There is nothing I can give you that you have not,
But there is much, so very much that –
While I cannot give it – you can take.
No Heaven can come to us,
Unless our heart finds rest in today: take Heaven.
No peace lies in the future
That is not hidden in this moment: take peace.

The gloom of this world is but a shadow.
Behind it – yet within everybody’s reach – there is joy.
There is a radiance and glory in the darkness,
Could we but see.
And to see, we have only to look.
I beseech you to look.

Life is so generous a giver, but we –
Judging its gifts by their covering –
Too often cast them away as ugly, heavy or hard.
Remove the covering and you will find beneath it
A living splendour
That has been woven with the love,
Wisdom and power of the Divine.

Welcome it, grasp it,
And you touch the Angel’s hand
That brings it to you.
Everything we call a toil, a sorrow or a duty,
Believe me, the Angel’s hand is there.

The gift is there and the wonder of the
Over-shadowing presence
That protects us, is joyous too.
Be not content with discovering these joys,
For they conceal even greater gifts.

And so, at this time, I greet you –
Not quite as the world sends greetings,
But with profound esteem and a prayer
That for you, now and forever,
The eternal day breaks
And all shadows flee away.

Fifteenth Century Prayer

Six pointed StarSix pointed StarSix pointed Star

Part 4


Words of Comfort and Healing (1)

There’s A Place For You Here

 Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Words Of Comfort And Healing

Even though you sometimes
Think you’re feeling too much,
If this world is too painful for you,
Don’t go,
There’s a place for you here.

It’s okay to stop and rest.
If you need a break, it’s all right to say so.
Earthly life is neither a contest,
Nor a race or a performance.
It isn’t something one wins or loses.

You are here for more than grades,
Jobs and promotions,
More than keeping up
With those around you or
Merely just getting by.
It’s okay to slow down.

Earth life is not about status
Opinions or appearances.
There’s no need for faking anything,
Have the courage to be yourself
And feel your feelings,
They are there to tell you something and
Other people are geared just the same.

If your heart is broken,
It’s okay to say it is.
If you feel stuck, just say so.
If you can’t let go of something old,
For the time being,
That’s okay, too.

You are not alone in this world.
Beavering away behind its surface,
On the spiritual level of life,
Friends and helpers are beavering away,
Who are part of you and therefore know how you feel.
They are aware of your true value,
That you are much more than is visible
Of you on the surface of life.

The friends behind the scenes are
Waiting for you to ask for their help.
Because of freedom of will they can otherwise
Not come to you and show you the way.
It’s never too late for a new beginning
And you are never alone.
Whatever you truly need
And anything else that’s rightfully yours
Is sure to come to you,
In due course.
Just ask and see what happens.

There’s a place for every one of us here
And also in our other world,
But for a while that one can wait for you.
No matter how dire any situation may appear to be,
There is always a way forward and
Whenever you think you can’t carry on any longer,
You are ready to discover
That in truth no-one is ever alone.

On the inner level all life is one and
There is no separation between anything.
Everybody has a Higher Self, who has been waiting
For a long time to show us how to find our way.
We also have friends and helpers in the spirit world.
All we have to do is reach out and request their help.
Without asking nothing can reach us
From the higher levels of life.
For love’s sake don’t disappoint them!

Jamie Tworkowski
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (2)

About Pain And Sorrow

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide - About Pain And SorrowEcclesiastes 3:1-4 tells us that there is a time for everything and for every purpose under the Sun: A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which has been planted. A time to kill and a time to heal. There is also a time for hurting people and a time for being hurt by them. A time for incurring karmic debts and a time for redeeming them. And because the law of life is evolution everything that to this day is evil, wrong and ugly in our world and also in us, in the fullness of time grows into something good, right and beautiful. That’s how the boundless love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life manifests itself throughout the whole of Creation and therefore also in us.

Every human being, without exception, is a beloved child of the Universe. During the difficult and traumatic events in our lives we are paying some of the karmic debts we brought with us either from earlier in this lifetime or from previous ones. Such times are also meant to teach us specific lessons and it’s up to us to work out what that could be. In any case, everything in our earthly existence is but a passing phase. Our human lives are constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral in two and a half year circles. When you reflect on your present lifetime so far, you will be able to see how different people were drawn into your orbit and with them your interests and experiences changed. Should you currently be going through a particularly dark and depressing time, I guarantee that you will not always be feeling this way.

God and the Angels, as well as countless other spirit friends and helpers, invisible to earthly eyes, have always been with every one of us; therefore also with you. And because on the inner level of life they are part of us, they know everyone’s troubles and difficulties only too well. They are willing to help us, but cannot reach us unless someone asks for it. Well, why don’t you have a go at reaching out to them to request their assistance? Then sit back and observe what kind of form it may take. It often comes in quite unexpected and miraculous ways. You will be surprised, of that I am sure.

Finding great joy and lasting happiness is every human being’s birthright. In fact, the whole gamut of feelings we are capable of have to be experienced by each one of us at some stage of our development and not necessarily in the same lifetime. Wise ones appreciate that earthly life is filled with rights. But they also bear in mind that every right brings with it duties and that includes having to experience in some of our lifetimes the depths of depravity, pain and suffering. That’s the only way we earthlings can learn about the polar oppositions in God’s nature and our own.

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•    ‘Joy And Sorrow’
•    ‘The Dual Nature Of God And Humankind’

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (3)

You Never Walk Alone

You never walk alone - Guardian Angel - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on, through the wind.
Walk on, through the rain.
Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
And you’ll never walk alone,
You’ll never walk alone.

Richard Rogers

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (4)

What Is Hope?

The Optmist AndThe Pessimist - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement

When things go wrong, as they sometime will,
The optimist thinks: ‘They’ll come right again!’
When times are hard, positive thinkers say:
‘They will get better and become easier again.’
But the pessimist grumbles: ‘It’ll only get worse!’
And although this may take a while,
Because our thoughts and beliefs create our earthly reality,
Such forecasts invariably come true.
And then, each one in keeping with their perception of life,
Nods sagely and says: ‘I told you so!’

But what is hope?
It is not the closing of one’s eyes to
Difficulties and obstacles, risks and possible failures.
It is an inner trusting that knows:
If I fail now, I shall not do so forever.
If I get hurt, I shall be healed.
 If I make mistakes, I shall learn from them,
And when I’ve learnt enough,
I will be allowed to move on
To lessons of a different nature.
What could be better?

Hope is the awareness of our innermost self that
Life is good and that the power of love
Is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation
That can straighten crooked corners and move mountains.
If we but ask, this force at all times is willing
To guide us through our most traumatic encounters,
And to help us heal every aspect of our whole being
As well as all relationships,
Especially the most difficult ones.

Hope is an inner knowing,
A steadily increasing certainty
That in God’s time, not ours,
All things in earthly life will eventually
Be made good and come right.
Our present existence is like a great stage
And one fine day we are going to
Step in front of its curtain,
Behind which we for so long have been acting,
Into the world of light, our true home.
We shall be received by the friendly audience
Of the Angels and Masters,
And all other spirit friends and helpers,
To take our bow.

Earth life is a tragicomedy of errors in which
Every participant eventually feels the need
To nail the desires of their lower self to the
Cross of consciousness of the Earth.
Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood and
Willingly submit themselves to Saturn’s demands
Of practising the restraint of self-discipline
And self-mastery in all their relationships,
At the end of their present lifetime
Will only leave good and healed connections behind.
They are presented by God and the Angels
With a leaving certificate that shows that
Earth life can teach them no more.

The teachers, in this case the Angels and Masters
Of the higher and highest planes of existence,
Move these students of life on to lessons
Of an increasingly elevated nature.
And that’s how every one of us in the fullness of time
Is going to take their final bow
On this side of the veil of consciousness.

United in friendship and love at last
With those who walked this way before us,
We enjoy the applause that greets us
On the other side of the veil,
Eager to find out where
The Angels may wish to take us next.
And in the shelter of God’s mighty wings
We shall forever serenely venture forth,
Safe in the knowledge that we shall
Never be frightened or feeling lonely again.

‘I will abide in Thy tabernacle forever;
I will make my refuge the shadow of Thy wings.’

Psalm 61:4

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (5)

You Are Special

You Are Special - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & SuicideWhenever the mind of our small earthly self – or someone in our environment – tries to convince us that we are a small, useless and worthless human specimen, it is good and right to take the part of our Highest or God Self and reply: ‘That’s what you think, but you are wrong. It’s not that you are lying to me. Your belief is a false one and you are merely saying such things because you do not yet understand your own true nature and the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence.’

The truth of the matter is that every one of us in their own way is a special and unique being, who is precious and loved beyond compare. In the entire history of the whole of Creation there has never been and never will be another being quite like me. My eyes, hands, hair, handwriting, smile, voice and mind are unique to me. No-one walks, talks, thinks, acts or even meditates exactly the way I do. Nobody can paint my brush strokes or has exactly the same taste as I have for food, music, dance and other artistic endeavours. Nobody can perceive things quite the way I do and no-one can feel my feelings. And there has never been someone who laughs exactly the way I do, and what makes me laugh or cry can have quite a different effect on someone else.

Each one of us is different from everybody else who ever walked the Earth and all of are specially gifted in some way. Even if others pursue the same creative activities as mine, everybody has their own special and unique way of expressing themselves. In the course of our evolution as individuals and many lifetimes, every human soul develops its own set of abilities and it is likely that there will always be someone who is better at some things than I am and superior to me in at least one way. And this applies to each one of us.

The Great White Spirit, our Father/Mother Creator, has provided each one of its children of the Earth with a different set of gifts and talents that have taken many lifetimes to develop. Therefore, it is important to be grateful for them. We have been granted the gift of another lifetime to take good care of them and further develop them, to the best of our ability. The whole range of that which has been bestowed upon us produces a vibration and a sound that is uniquely our own. The entire human race is like a room filled with billions of musical instruments. Listening to the symphony we are producing together, we may at times get a sneaking feeling that some of the instruments in some way sound better than ours. Do not allow yourself to be disturbed by this, as this is intentional due to the fact that every instruments is a unique creation. This ensures that no-one matches exactly anyone else’s sound. No matter how hard we may try to sound alike, it’s impossible.

We are all tiny particles of a vast whole, and the functioning of one is as important as that of all the others for the wellbeing of the whole. Every single one of us is rare and precious in the eyes of our Creator, who holds the Great Plan of life in His/Her loving hands and designed us to be exactly the way we are. And whatever anyone imagines this being to be, even the greatest sceptic is bound to admit that we and our world cannot have appeared out of nowhere.

Humankind is not some kind of a random and haphazard appearance or cosmic joke. All of us are in this life so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that is the way our true Father/Mother, who loves us totally and unconditionally, wants us to be. Everybody contains the seed of perfection and the only thing anyone has to do to achieve it, is to constantly give of the best they are capable of. This is the only way ever more of our Divine qualities can gradually be brought forth from within the very core of our own being.

Wherever we may find ourselves, we are always at the right time in the right spot. We have been placed there to do our share of making our planet a better, happier, more peaceful and beautiful place for all its inhabitants, including ourselves. At this special time of transition from one age into another, each one of us is expected to fulfil one specific task on the Earth plane. It is a job that can only be carried out by us and which is rightfully ours is waiting to be found and worked on. For this purpose it is essential that we follow the guidance we receive from the wise one or the living God within, who at any given moment reveals its presence to us through the world of our feelings and our natural inclinations. We are in this life to dream and pursue our own dreams and not those of others, no matter how dear they may be to those around us – even our parents or grandparents.

Only by never imitating others can we hope to be true to our real and Highest Self and find our special assignment. Through acting in accordance with Its will and desires, refusing to follow the drives and urges of our lower earthly nature, whilst giving of our best at all times, hand in hand with God and the Angels each one of us is meant to develop their own precious and unique set of gifts to its highest potential and full flowering.  

The whole process is a bit like applying for a job, but this time we shall be luckier than we have ever been before. Just imagine, out of the billions of potential applicants we alone have the right qualifications. What more could anyone ask for? However, the fulfilment we are seeking on the Earth plane is not going to drop into anyone’s lap like Manna from the Heavens. Insisting on living selfishly and seeing life as an endless round of pleasure-seeking is not the way, that’s for sure. But we cannot fail when we strive to work for the good of the whole and allow ourselves to be guided by our innermost feelings, highest aspirations, hopes, ideals and dreams.

We are living in exciting times and we are on the Earth plane to learn how to reach out for the guiding, helping and protecting hand of the Highest Authority and the Brightest Light in the whole of Creation – nothing else is now good enough. Although some are finding this difficult, persevering is worth our while as this is our opportunity to learn once again to walk in safety and peace on our beloved planet and to evolve into one of  its healers, guardians and keepers. Hand in hand with God and the Angels, each has to make their contribution to the blessing and healing of Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms. Writing this for you is part of mine.

Everybody eventually has to learn how to take care of the welfare of our world, so that it slowly evolves into a better place for everybody and everything that shares this life with us. This is by no means entirely unselfish, because although we are presently working for future generations, let us not forget that in coming lifetimes we may once again be walking amongst them in a different guise. And if that does not make every small effort we make worth while, then please tell me what is.

The following is the essence of a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris December/January 2010. It came to me as a confirmation I had written the above a long time ago. ‘Each one of you has their own special part to play in bringing greater light, i.e. spiritual understanding to your world. When you manifest and express God’s love in your daily lives and hold communion with it in the innermost sanctuary of your heart, you radiate and bring this love to the people around you. Your responsibility towards them gradually increases and so will the wisdom and knowledge you are given access to. God is part of each one of you and all of you are instruments and channels through which the blessing and healing power of the Divine infinite spirit is waiting to flow into your world.’

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (6)

Our World Needs You 

Our World Needs You - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope for Comfort & Healing

Our world needs you,
More than you will ever know
Or presently can imagine.
Our world needs your talents
Of compassion and understanding,
And the ability of speaking and listening,
Feeling and acting in positive and constructive ways.

As you have gifts that have taken
Many lifetimes to develop
And which you alone can give,
Your time for holding back is over.
For you the time has passed
For believing that you are not good,
Ready and wise enough.

You have run out of excuses and
Have exhausted the reasons why you cannot act
In keeping with the guidance you receive
From your Highest or God Self,
The wise one and living God within.
You have reached the evolutionary point
When you need to walk your talk
And have the courage to be the one
You are truly meant to be.

You have risen from the dead.
Your usual distractions no longer interest you.
Your strategies for staying small
And your resistance to the inner calling of
Your small still voice of conscience to wake up
From your spiritual slumber has faded away.

In the great circle of life there has always been a space for you,
Since before time on the Earth plane began.
Throughout the wanderings and explorations
Of all your lifetimes up to now,
A special task and a role have been waiting for you.
A pair of shoes is ready which no-one else can fill,
Because they were made especially for you.

Before you entered your present lifetime,
You agreed to wear them,
As soon as you would be ready to step into them
And occupy your rightful place
In the vast circle of life.
The time for this is now
And the Universe’s signals to you are:
Getting bored with endless time spent in
Self-absorption and self-reflection.
Your whole being is filling ever more with a great urgency
To leave behind mundane pastimes and ordinary jobs,
For you want to get on with the work
You really have come to do
So you can fulfil your highest potential
Of walking the Earth as a true daughter/son
Of the living God, doing your share
Of making it a more agreeable place for all.  

These things are stirring inside you, because
Your Highest Self knows that for you the time is right,
And is telling you that our world needs you,
That you have become sufficiently evolved to bring forth
Your Divine characteristics
From within the very core of your own being,
So that your true self  may shine through.

You are ready to play the role that has been waiting for you
For so long and every moment of delay
Widens the hole of your absence
In the great web of humankind’s evolutionary plan.
You are one of its essential participants.
Without you God’s Creation is incomplete and

The tools for restoring global harmony and peace
The Universe is placing into the palms of everybody’s hands.

Planetary peace cannot be attained
Without each one of us playing their part,
And that with all our hearts, minds, bodies, spirits and souls.
No-one else can pick up the ball of destiny
That rests in front of everyone’s feet.
And that is why I say to you:
‘Our world needs you and it does so now,
More than you will ever be able to imagine.’

Rachel Snyder
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

White Eagle Monday Thought 25.3.2013:  ‘In your minds hold fast to the realisation of God’s light and life, so it can manifest through you and your world. Every individual human soul is of the greatest importance. The perfect expression of God through each one of you can touch countless lives. No-one is valueless. Every soul is of the utmost value because it is potentially a receiver and transmitter station, a reflector and a channel of God’s light through whom every other soul it encounters and many others unseen and unknown can be reached and illuminated. This is the message of Easter and the resurrection. May the God of love, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, bless each one of you and through you renew and heal humankind’s waiting heart and soul with Its breath of life.’

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘You Are Special’

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (7)

The Power Of Being You

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Hope And Encouragement - The Power Of Being You

Trust the power of being you
And accept the responsibility for constantly striving  
To give of the highest and best that is within you,
For that is the only way of being true to our real self.
Don’t be distracted by those you pass,
As you climb the spiritual mountain
And who would like to coax you down their road.

Do not listen to the shouts of anyone ahead,
Who thinks they know the way.
As pioneers of the Aquarian Age it is essential
That you follow your inner guidance,
As no-one else may be required to walk
Where you are meant to go
And bring down to Earth
The visions you have come to seek.

Although in earthly life you may be alone in this adventure,
God and the Angels are constantly with you.
And there are also all others who are walking
The pathway of earthly life with you.
Even though your hands and theirs
May only be touching occasionally,
On the inner level all life is one and
All hearts, spirits and souls are constantly together
To experience this special lifetime
Of the glorious setting and rising of the Sun,
The death and rebirth of human consciousness.
The gift of any of our friendships will never be taken from us,
Wherever our road may take us,
Even into the world of light and Eternity.
Love alone can give any friendship
The wings for rising above our own selfish needs
And for lifting us and our world
Above and beyond the mundane things,
The toils and troubles, misery and suffering of earthly life
Onto the planes where the Highest and Brightest Light
Of the whole of Creation, the Christ Star, dwells.

Andy Murray
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (8)

No-One Is Without Value

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Hope And Encouragement - No-one Is Without Value

The essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that reached me as the Lodge’s Monday Thought 25.3.2013: ‘Each one of you is a precious and unique being *, who is loved by the Great Father/Mother of all life, your true parents, far more than any of you can imagine. No human being is without value and each one of you is of the greatest importance as a manifestation of God, who is in the process of evolving into perfection, i.e. wholeness, and through whom the Divine forces in due course will be able to touch the lives of countless others. Your earthly minds are receiver and transmitter stations and potentially each one of you is a channel and reflector of God’s light. If in your minds you hold fast to the realisation of God’s light and life, it can shine through you into the whole of your world. In this way the power of God’s light can reach and illuminate everyone you get in touch with, as well as many others who are unknown to you.

‘The esoteric meaning of the surface words of the Jesus legend’s Easter and resurrection story is an allegory that describes the death and resurrection of humankind’s spiritual nature. At the beginning of your education as physical beings, your spirit consciousness is nailed to the cross of earthly life *. For wise higher reasons it has to die in that environment, but after having spent many lifetimes in it, the Divine spark in you stirs from its slumber. Slowly your spiritual nature rises from its grave, from your subconscious into your conscious awareness, so it can be resurrected by your earthly self. May the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, bless each one of you and through you renew and heal the heart and soul of humankind with Its loving breath of life.’

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•    ‘You Are Special’
•    ‘The Symbolism Of The Cross’

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (9)

Desiderata - For The Aquarian Age

Desiderate - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & SuicideGo quietly amid the noise and haste of our world and remember what peace there is in silence. As far as possible and without surrendering your ideals and self-respect, try to be on good terms with everybody. Speak your truth quietly and clearly. Those who are ready for it will understand. Anyone who does not may do so later. Let them be. Listen to the people around you and you are sure to find that there is no such thing as a dull person and that even the seemingly dull ones can teach you something. Loud and aggressive folks are vexations to the spirit and are best avoided at all cost.

Everybody is gifted in some special way, so be neither vain nor bitter about your talents. Although they are as special as anyone else’s, there will always be someone who is better or worse at certain things than you are. Waste no time on comparing yourself with others, but enjoy your own plans and achievements, hopes and dreams. Above all remain interested in life and diligently apply yourself to whatever tasks are given to you. However humble they may sometimes appear to you, they are a precious possession in the changing fortunes of time and will always be a valuable contribution to the wholeness of our world.

Even though there is still much trickery in our world, let that not blind you to the fact that there is just as much virtue. Be honest and fair in all your dealings and in everything you do never forget that whatever we send into our world unerringly finds its way back to us. Many strive for high ideals, but do not overlook that it often requires greater heroism to live our daily lives, trusting that things will change and really get better, that all is well with us and our world and that with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible and miracles do happen.

Above all, be yourself. Never feign affection or be cynical in matters of the heart. In spite of all the aridity and disenchantment of our world, love is the law of life. It is the eternal evergreen of the Universe. Never allow it to die in your heart but do your best to love. Any love given will always return in some way, even though it often does not look like it. Only through life’s tests and trials, ups and downs can the capacity of our love nature mature and deepen. Therefore, take the counsel of the years with kindness and surrender the things of youth with grace. Nurture and develop your spiritual strength in good times, so it can act as your shield when the going gets rough.

Do not distress yourself with imaginings and bear in mind that fatigue and loneliness are the cause of many fears. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. Know that you are a beloved child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, that we all have a right to be here, because everybody has their particular lessons to learn, and that – whether we are aware of it or not – the great Universal plan rests safely in God’s hands and is unfolding as it should.

Make peace with your soul and our Creator, whatever this means to you. And bear in mind that in our understanding of the Divine each one of us stands alone. We are all responsible for ourselves and the state of our world. Each through their own efforts has to save and redeem themselves and their own soul. No-one can do it on our behalf. And whatever your aspirations in the noisy confusion of daily life may be, make an effort to find your soul’s purpose and do your best to fulfil it. This alone can bring peace with ourselves and God.

Refuse to pay undue attention to the sham, drudgery and broken dreams that to this day are an essential part of the lessons we and our world have to learn, for they too serve a wise and higher purpose. Know that all of it is part of one of our world’s evolutionary phases that will pass. Instead of falling into depression, remain as positive as you can by focussing on the mystery, magic and wonders of our beautiful world. Look for the wisdom and love behind the surface of life that brings everything into being and maintains it. Enjoy what it offers and be content with your lot. Never lose your optimism about the good outcome of everything that still has to take place in our world before the great transition from one age to another is complete. Rest safely in the knowledge that we and our world are secure in the loving hands of God and the Angels, and that because of this everything is sure to turn out well in the end.

Max Ehrmann 1872-1945
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (10)

Do Not Judge

Rays of Wisdom - Healing Corner For Parents And Children - Do Not Judge

Refuse to find fault with those who limp
Or stumble along the road,
Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes
And struggled under their load.

There may be tacks in their shoes that hurt,
But are hidden from your view,
And if their cross were on your back,
You’d probably stumble, too.

Don’t sneer at anyone who is down today,
Unless you have experienced the blow
That caused their fall and felt the shame
That only the fallen know.

You may be strong now, but if the blows
They received were dealt to you
In the same way,
You might stagger, too.

Don’t be harsh with those who sin
Or pelt them with words and stones,
Unless you are sure, yes twice sure,
That you have no sins of your own.

For who knows, if your lower self’s voice
Whispered as sweetly to you,
As it did to them before they went astray,
It might cause you to falter, too.

Wise ones count their blessings
And thank their lucky stars for no longer
Needing lessons of the same nature.
Aware that every one of  their
Thoughts, words and actions
Travels round in a circle and returns to them,
Enriched with more of what’s been sent out,
They abstain from judging others,
For they do not wish their vibrations to draw
People with judgemental attitudes
Towards themselves.

Only being able to ever see one side of anything they observe and that beyond a shadow of doubt everything that happens in our world is part of the redemption of someone’s karmic debts and life lessons, frequently of many people, wise ones refuse to judge anything at face value. They know that the things that are ugly and evil are manifestations of their unevolved state, and that each one of them is on its way of slowly but surely – and that may take many human earthly lifetimes – being transformed into something that’s good, right and beautiful.

This is why these sages have no need for wasting the precious energies of the lifeforce within them on complaining, whinging and moaning, getting angry and upset about the present state of our world. They prefer to spend it on looking at and contemplating on the many things and people that have already reached much higher evolutionary levels. Aware that this assists their own spiritual development as well as that of our world, wherever they are they are doing their best to bring more of it into being.

As ever, there is more to this than meets the eye. Our world is one of dualities and consists of two streams of thought or consciousness that are in polar opposition to each other. One is of goodness and light and the other of darkness and destruction. Both are equally creative and in our world their manifestations are good or evil. As co-creators with God, through every one of our thoughts, words and actions we are constantly in the process of creating something. Our thoughts create our reality and are feeding either into the stream of goodness and light or of evil and darkness. Even the smallest contributions increase their power and strength. If we are among the lamenters who can only see the dark side of our world, our thoughts as well as written and spoken words of complaint about its state are dragging us further into the dungeon of depression. It acts like a quagmire that pulls those affected ever deeper into the dark side of themselves and our world.

The resulting darkness, if left unattended and unresolved, is stored in the memories of our soul each time we leave our physical body behind at the end of another earthly lifetime. The lower self has no idea that its soul is calling out ever louder that it is in need of healing. Suppressing depressive symptoms with the products of the pharmaceutical industry merely delays what is truly required. With the help of these chemicals we are going to bring the darkness, that is entirely of our own making, with us into every new lifetime. When depression hits us then, we cannot understand for the life of us why this should be happening to us.

This is bound to continue until we bravely face our depression and seriously get to work on it. And that’s an extremely scary enterprise, but we do not have to do this on our own. Far from it! God and the Angels are part of us and with us at all times. Not only are they aware of our suffering, they are suffering with us. All we have to do is ask for their help. It will never be denied to anyone who requests it. So why not get on with it, now and see what happens?

And that’s why wise ones at all times look at the bright side of things. They concentrate on that which is good, right and beautiful in our world and the good that is in every human being. They know that even if it may exist only in seedform in someone so far, it is there. The evolutionary law of life will see to it that it wakes up when the time is right for this to happen. Such kind and loving thoughts and words are feeding into the stream of light and adding to its strength. They also have the power of igniting the Divine spark in those around us and assist their awakening to come about more easily than it would otherwise have done.

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•    ‘Sitting In Judgement’
•    ‘Love Your Enemies’
•    ‘You Only See One Side Of The Picture’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Words of Comfort and Healing (11)

The Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Comfort & Healling

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Grant me the serenity to accept
The things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

There is also a less well known, but equally beautiful part:

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardships and pain as the road to healing and peace.
Knowing that our world is a sinful one,
But becoming ever more aware that everything
That happens in it serves a wise higher purpose.
That’s why I now take it the way it is
And not yet as I used to think it should be.
I rest safely in the knowledge that
Some day in the not too distant future it will be that way,
Because God in the end will make all things right
And that which is ugly in us and our world beautiful.
So I surrender my will to His/Her will and
Continue reasonably happy and content with my earthly existence.
On the inner level of life I have always been at one with my Creator.
This state will continue forever when I move into the world of light
For good and am then free to explore ever higher levels of life.

Reinhold Niebuhr 1894-1971
Second Part Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star Six pointed StarSix pointed Star


All parts of the Aquarian writings have come into being intuitively. They were given by the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle’s because they are the executors of the Divine plan for the evolutionary development of the whole of Creation; naturally this includes our world. The aim of these writings, from the word ‘go’ has been to raise people’s awareness of who and what really God is, who they are and what kind of a relationship they have with the Divine. Whether someone as yet knows it or not, through their present lifetime they are taking part in the greatest healing miracle ever. That’s why, with the help of the Aquarian writings, for about twenty years by now, the Highest Forces of life have been trying to assist those who are struggling to come to terms with why life on the earthly plane has to be such a dark experience. Through my writings, the Angels and Master have always tried to help ever more of us to realise why they have to take part in earthly life, during such difficult times.

They want you to know that every human being, at the moment of its creation, has been blessed with the birthright of eventually discovering that in truth there is no death, that there is nothing to be afraid of, ever and much to look forward to. The only thing that happens to everyone at the end of each lifetime, is not death but merely a process of transfiguration. At a predestined moment, this process moves every human being from one state of life to another. The first instalment consists of the Angels of transfiguration removing part of someone’s spirit/soul from the spirit realm, humankind’s true eternal home. At the moment of conception, it is placed into the child’s physical body that will be born at the predestined moment, so it can once again attend the earthly school of life’s lessons. The second instalment comes about when a lifetime has run its course and fulfilled the purpose for which the indwelling spirit/soul received the gift of another physical body. That’s when the angelic transfiguration process removes the spirit/soul from the earthly plane and returns it to join its main part who stayed behind in the spirit realm, its true eternal home. It makes no difference whether someone is as yet aware of what process they are involved in, in whatever manner they leave the earthly plane behind and at what age.

The transfiguration of Jesus never happened because the story of the God-man’s life has always been merely a legend. Inspired by the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, this tale describes the initiations which every human being, in the course of its long evolutionary journey, takes part in as soon as the right evolutionary level has been reached. Through every so often taking part in earthly life, the wisdom and understanding of ourselves and the wise higher purpose of our existence, steadily increases. That’s why taking part in the earthly school of life’s lessons is compulsory and cannot be avoided by anyone. One after the other, each lesson has to be lived through and personally experienced, and that not only once but twice. But because this process has been sufficiently explained in many other parts of the Aquarian writings by now, there is no need to go into any more details here.

Many readers are aware that it has been for the sake of teaching humankind the value of truth that for a long time it has been necessary to withdraw it from our world. First the truth was known and people lived together in peace and harmony. However, the Divine great evolutionary plan decreed that the truth at some point should be withdrawn. This is how it came about that, more than six thousand years ago, the wisdom and love of the Great Mother of all life decreed that the truth should ever more be withdrawn from our world. This is what happened during the patriarchy when new belief systems appeared in which the masculine forces of life dominated their feminine counterpart. On the surface of things only, the old belief systems managed to separate the two elements from each other, in spite of the fact that this is impossible because on the inner spiritual plane they are one. One does not function without the other. And because the Aquarian age is the age of truth, to celebrate its return to humankind, ever more of it has been appearing for many years by now in many different forms, for example the Aquarian writings.

The human evolutionary journey is a long drawn out process. It starts with not knowing anything about ourselves, the world around us, why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing. However, none of us is ever left to their own devices. Wise ones are constantly in charge of us and our development. They are responsible that every one of us gets educated in the manner that suits young God’s in the making. That’s why one lifetime after another, the wise ones’ task is to take every one of us away from the darkness of not knowing who and what we truly are towards the light of understanding. Thus we move one small step after another, forwards and upwards, each on their own individual evolutionary spiral. It’s a journey that continues until the drives and urges of our lower earthly personality have freely and willingly surrendered themselves to their indwelling higher God or Christ nature.

The Universal Christ’s light is the Sun behind and beyond the Sun in the sky above our world; it consists of nothing but love. At the moment of creation, every spirit/soul consists merely of a tiny spark of this Great Light. However, with every lifetime of taking part in the earthly school of life’s lessons, our own light increases and that in two different ways. The Christ light constantly draws every spark that’s landed on the earthly plane into its loving embrace. And this is how, with the passing of time, every one of us absorbs ever more of the Christ light. Simultaneous with this, the light of understanding grows through attending the earthly school of life’s lessons, one after the other.

Both types of light are our possession; no-one will ever even try to take them from us. They are the only things any one of us can take with them, when the time for leaving behind the earthly plane has come round for them once more.

 July 2022

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‘The Purpose Of My Life’s Work – Reaping The Bountiful Harvest’

Every one of the small six-pointed stars in my e-mails and postings in Rays of Wisdom are bringing you a personal greeting and blessing from the Christ Star, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. My stars are miniature replicas of the great one. They are alive and radiate the Christ Star’s blessing and healing power first into you, dear Reader, and those around you. From there it flows into the worldwide web and then into the heart and soul of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with us. No matter how brief your call may be, each time you come you will be getting the benefit of these powerful energies.

Six pointed Star

Like the flow of the river of life itself, humankind’s store of spiritual knowledge and wisdom is never at a standstill, static or stagnant. The same applies to Rays of Wisdom, which is evolving and growing as fresh insights are entering my understanding of the spiritual background of life. Whole new jotting parts as well as updates of existing material are constantly arriving. To learn about them, all you have to do is click the image below:

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