The Beginning Of Human Life

Part 5 - In The Beginning

The Beginning of Life - Rays of wisdom - Healers And Healing

Throughout the ages a great deal of gold in the form of spiritual wisdom was given to the human race in the teachings of the various belief systems of our world. For evolutionary purposes much of their true meaning had to remain carefully hidden until we, individually and collectively, had grown sufficiently in understanding to be capable of grasping their underlying esoteric meanings. Every part of the spiritual knowledge of all the religions and philosophies that have ever been known to humankind came to us from the wise ones on the highest levels of life. They are in charge of and responsible for us and our world and therefore take good care that none of God’s children of the Earth can forever get lost anywhere.

Retelling the old tales and legends, reinterpreting and newly relating to them, to this day can guide us into a deeper understanding of the purpose and meaning of our own existence and that of all life. And what better place to get started than with an exploration of the spiritual background of the Tree of Knowledge and Adam and Eve, the symbolism for the first human beings on the Earth that was given to the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam? To me, the tree is a symbol of life itself and Adam and Eve are archetypal human beings. For a very long time they served large parts of our world well to get at least some kind of an understanding of humankind’s earthly existence and its dualities. On our planet they manifest themselves in the necessity for feminine and masculine versions of just about every species.

I see Adam and Eve as a metaphor for the original creative idea of a perfect woman and man, i.e. whole and complete, the woman with the feminine/masculine and the man with the masculine/feminine energies and characteristics of our Divine parent. They are perfectly balanced and working harmoniously together, the same as in our Creator, in whom everything is one. Adam and Eve are but names for the prototypes that exist in the heartmind of God and after which each one of us has been fashioned.

Now, imagination is the source of creation. Nothing comes into being without first having been an idea and a thought. This is how our Creator first held you and me in Its mind as an exceedingly tiny creature that nonetheless contains in seed form everything that is in Him/Her. From the very beginning of its existence the human spirit is given the power to increase in consciousness. At this point of conception, God planted a seed of His spirit, masculine in each one of us. As a companion is then attached to us, through whom we can experience and get to know ourselves, a soft and sensitive feeling side, a soul, God’s and our spirit’s  feminine counterpart.

This is how it has come about that every human soul, wherever it may presently dwell, contains God’s seed-atom from which a physical body as a vehicle on the material plane of life can later be constructed. This seed-atom contains every aspect of Creation and is capable of experiencing all of them, as soon as the opportunity for doing so arises. And deeply impressed in every soul that is sent forth from God’s heart to become aware of its own existence and get to know itself, is an indelible memory of its true home in the oneness with Father/Mother Creator. This is the place to which every soul returns at the end of all its wanderings, after aeons and aeons of adventuring and explorations on many different planes of life have passed.

As physical manifestations of God/Goddess, the masculine and feminine life-force flows in us just the same as it does in everything else in the whole of Creation. As a race we are God’s children of the Earth. We always have been, still are and eternally will be gathering and feasting on the fruits of the tree of knowledge. But, they can only be found in the shape of learning that from the moment of our creation sends us forth onto ever more different levels of existence. And that is why, in the long course of its evolution, every human soul also has to spend a great many lifetimes in physicality on this planet. Our earthly education will continue until we have spiritually matured so much that this plane of life can no longer teach us anything.

But in the beginning this existence can only be studied in one way and that is by  time and again being reborn into yet another physical body. This process ensures that all of us are constantly eating from the tree of knowledge. At the same time we add to the fruits it bears, making them richer and more beautiful. The gathering of knowledge is the main purpose of our existence, on the Earth plane and also beyond, wherever our path may eventually take us. Only through each soul learning from its own experiences can the tree prosper and our individual and collective consciousness expand.

For this purpose the indwelling spirit feels a strong urge to evolve onto ever higher levels of life. It takes many a lifetime until eventually its small earthly counterpart wakes up from its spiritual slumber and becomes aware of its inner desire to experience something higher and better than what life on the Earth plane has to offer, and at long last it begins to seriously reach Heavenwards. It’s this evolutionary urge that brings all of us into one lifetime after another on our beautiful planet. This continues until every last one of its lessons has been thoroughly imbibed. But then there is no holding the human spirit any longer and we are allowed to move on. Any wisdom we find at any given time is ours to keep in all Eternity. It accompanies us and helps us travel ever more easily forwards and upwards, and will eventually take us onto the highest levels of life.

As the knowledge of each one of us of ourselves and this life increases and we grow in wisdom and understanding, our own consciousness and that of our race expands. The tree of knowledge thrives because we are enriching not only ourselves but also the Source. The Source’s soul is the Great Soul of the whole of Creation, one of the aspects of the Great Mother of all life. In her role as the storehouse for every bit of the impressions and learning that has ever been gathered by any of God’s children in the whole of Creation, and the wisdom and knowledge that was gained from it, she herself is the Tree of Life. Eventually, there is sure to come a time when humankind, individually and as a race, has  evolved sufficiently to partake from its fruits on the higher and finally the highest levels of consciousness, to be enriched by our experiences there.

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