The Power Of Prayer

Part One

The Power Of Prayer - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing - Prayer SectionThe Great Father/Mother of all life, who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, is the one who brought us into being. With the help and the will of this authority and the Angels all things are possible, any condition can be healed, crooked corners made straight and mountains of unfaith changed into mountains of faith. Our prayers have an important part to play in this. They are an extremely potent force and it is advisable that we proceed with great care when asking for something.

Why should this be so and how should we go about communicating safely? It is because God and the Angels are as much part of us as we are of them. Therefore, all our prayers are heard and replied to. It’s just that sometimes for our own good and protection the answer has to be: ‘No!’ But if we insist on asking for selfish and personal things, the Universe may wish to teach us a lesson or two by responding to our request in ways that are not at all to our liking.

Thought is the creative force of the Universe and the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. Thoughts are creative energy and prayers are form of using them that is supercharged with this energy. By learning to use its inherent power correctly, mountains really can be moved. This teaching was given in the Bible to remind humankind that the connection between those on the Earth plane and the Divine Universal Power never ceased to exist. We were to know that at all times it can be tapped into and asked for its help, even – or maybe especially – for the most difficult tasks which on the surface of things may appear well nigh impossible.

As children of the Highest, we are co-creators with God and young Gods in the making. Every characteristic and power that is in God is also in us. Becoming aware of these things opens our inner doors wide to taking charge of ourselves and our lives. This knowledge lays the tool in everybody’s hands for positively and constructively influencing the flow of our destiny. It can be done by praying for what we think we need or desire, be it for our own personal development and healing or that of the people around us. Ultimately this can be extended to the whole of the human race and our world.

The most effective prayers are based on the realisation that in order to create or change something, anything, the first step towards achieving our aim is putting it forward as a clear idea, a concept and/or a vision of that which we wish to bring into being. We need to have a clear and concise awareness of what we are going to ask for. And when we do, the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind should be fully focussed on connecting with the frequencies of the Source’s Universal intelligence.

All human beings without exception have been created so that during their earthly lifetimes they should keep growing in wisdom and understanding. As each one can do this only through their own experiences, no-one can live our lives for us. Through this, with the passing of time, spiritually we slowly but surely evolve into responsible adult beings who are capable of thinking for themselves, willing to practise self-discipline and self-mastery, and who know how to give and receive love wisely. Although this is often hard to believe, at all times we are walking the path we ourselves chose before entering into our present lifetime. It was done hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of us, for they are familiar with everyone’s past, present and future. Every part of it has been outlined in the great book of life at the moment of our conception in the womb of the Great Mother.

The wise ones know exactly where during our next lifetime we shall find further experiences of a consciousness expanding nature that help our spiritual development to progress. In the course of each subsequent earthly sojourn God’s sacred wisdom and truth is brought ever closer to the conscious awareness of our small earthly selves. And just like the accomplishments of our children delight us in earthly life, it pleases the Great Father/Mother when another one of Its children of the Earth at long last develops the ability to think and behave in responsible, positive and constructive ways in all situations and encounters.

When one finally learns about the Great White Spirit, the Source of our being, and begins to understand the way it works throughout the whole of Creation and the role it plays in every human life, it becomes easy to truly love and respect it as the highest authority in the whole of Creation. It is then no longer hard to see that we and our world have always rested safely in Its splendour with its loving care and protection for all Its creatures, and forever will do so. Knowing these things the will of our small earthly self has no problem with surrendering itself and its desires to the will of the Highest.

Now we can see for ourselves that it could never have been Jesus as the lamb of God who would one day wipe away our own and all of humankind’s sins of the world. We alone can play this part, everybody for themselves. We have to become the lamb God and the more we do this and surrender our whole being, the more the sins, i.e. the drives and urges of our small self fade into the background of our consciousness. They gradually lose their hold on us, dying and breathing their last until one fine day they have gone from us for good.

The image of the emaciated corps of Jesus on the cross is a symbolism for this lower part of our being. The cross is the oldest symbol for Earth life known to humankind. And for a long time all human beings remain nailed to this cross, but eventually our true nature and origin dawns on us. As the scales fall from our eyes, our hopes and aspirations begin to reach for higher ideals. We dream of a world that is at peace, where all live together in harmony and with goodwill for each other. When we do our best to make a contribution to such a world, our Christ nature grows and expands.

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The Power Of Prayer

Part Two

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Power Of  Prayer - Part TwoIn the fullness of time each one of us will be able to safely lift ourselves and those around us above the vale of misery and tears of Earth life, with its boarded up horizons and its narrow field of vision. We are here to learn to fly on the wings of the spiritual wisdom and truth that is waiting to come to every heart and soul directly from the Source, through the intervention of everyone’s own inner guidance, the living God within. Every one of us in their own right eventually reaches the developmental point when our own life’s experiences have taught us that all our true needs will always be met, without us having to ask for anything.

The only thing we then want to do is lifting our siblings in the family of humankind and our whole world and everything that shares it with us, on the spiritual wings we have grown through the knowledge we have found along the pathway of our life, into the radiance of the Christ Star in the heartmind of God, praying for forgiveness and that healing and peace may come to all of us at last.

The Lord’s Prayer of the Jesus legend is one of the finest examples of how we should ideally pray. Not just something to be said over and over again without thoughts or feelings, like some kind of a prayer mill, but focussed and with our minds fully on the one we are communicating with. When the Jesus story was given to our world we were not yet to know that the figure of the man on the cross was but a legend and a symbolism for the many initiations each one of us has to undergo in the course of their earthly education.

For all awakened ones the time has come for praying with a deep inner conviction that our words are not only heard, but that they have the power to perform miracles, whenever one is genuinely required. Possibilities are opening for those who know the right way of projecting their thoughts and wishes into the Universe. Wise ones bear in mind that on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything, and that although each prayer comes from one of us personally, it is also part of and affects the collective consciousness of our race, as well as the whole of Creation.

As far as it is practicable and possible, the Universe has always allowed each one of us to manifest whatever our heart truly desires. But, now that we are growing into spiritual adulthood, we need to come to terms with the Universal laws – God’s laws. They decree that everything must return to its source, including every one of our thoughts, words and actions. Each one inevitably has to eventually find its way back to us. As touched upon earlier, that’s why we need to be extra careful when we desire something. Should we fail to choose wisely, there is every likelihood that the Universal Force decides to teach us the glorious lesson of being more cautious in future by manifesting the object(s) of our desire in unpleasant and unwanted ways.

Here are some suggestions about how to pray the right way:

1.    Have a clear idea of what you are going to pray for. When you are ready, set aside a period of quiet time. Prepare your body by being still and making yourself comfortable.

2.    Let go of all other thoughts and concerns and tell your conscious mind to give you a break. Ask your Highest Self, the living God within, for its guidance and protection and to show you how to make wise decisions and requests only. Then call upon the Angels to draw close and show you how to proceed.

3.    Visualise the object, event, desire, healing, better relationship, whatever it is you truly want, clearly and picture it as if it already existed in the realities of Earth life. Let no negative thoughts go with this visualisation – you have to believe and accept that what you are asking for is really necessary for your spiritual development and that of our world.

4.    When you have made the connection and put your request forward, go about your life as usual and rest safely in the knowledge that the necessary changes will soon appear in your life.

5.    Realise that if what you have prayed for is inappropriate for you or for those on whose behalf you are asking, it will be modified by the Angels into something that will benefit the recipient. In other words, you cannot place a curse or a bad wish onto someone when connecting with the Source of our being. Should anyone try to do it all the same, the request will be changed into something that is helpful for the recipient. Wise ones take great care not to do anything disparaging and hurtful to anyone because they know that this would inevitably rebound on them.

6.    When praying for healing, instead of asking for it in selfish ways, wise ones ask that it should be for the highest good and the greatest joy of all, and for the blessing and healing of our whole world. This they do because they know that what is done for one is done for all. Therefore, when their world is healing, they are healing with it.

7.    The Universe knows all our true needs and is ready to fulfil them at any given time. At the end of your prayer acknowledge the power and wisdom of the Highest with something like: ‘May my wish be granted only if it serves Thy great plan of life and my predestined pathway within it. Thy will, Great Spirit, not mine be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.’

8.    Thank our Creator, in whatever form you worship Him/Her, and the Angels who are serving around the throne of God, the Christ circle, for providing that which you need and that it may be forthcoming in ways that you cannot imagine with your limited earthly field of vision.

The Jesus legend tells us in St. John 14:6: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ To this day many believe that he was a historical figure, who once walked in our midst and who one day will reappear in our world to save and redeem those who are following him, while according to the church’s creeds, all non-believers will go to hellfire and eternal damnation. Wise ones know that the esoteric meaning behind the surface words of above quote is NOT that the only ones who can get to the Father – whichever way the Bible interprets this concept – are those who believe in the existence of Jesus and flock to Christianity’s churches to declare their following for him.

The only way of getting in touch with and becoming one again with the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born son, the Universal Christ, for all human souls on the Earth plane is by bringing forth and developing their own Christ consciousness. For a long time it slumbers in seed form in every heart, but eventually each one of us reaches the evolutionary point when we are ready for leaving literalism behind. The more we become aware of our true nature and origin, the easier it becomes to recognise the esoteric truths that are hiding behind the story of the Master’s life and death.

Believing that every word of this tale is true and should be understood literally never could assist anyone with progressing on the evolutionary spiral of life. Quite the opposite is true! Convictions of this nature have for a long provided a highly effective barrier against humankind’s conscious reunion with God. It has been the Piscean Age’s instrument for keeping us away from prematurely attempting to reconnect with our Source, as this has been predestined to take place during the Aquarian Age and that for ever increasing numbers of us.

In our communications with the highest levels of life there is no need to be afraid of anything. Our Creator and the Angels surrounding His/Her throne are all love. And because we are part of God, whether we are as yet aware of this or not, at all times each one of us has always been enfolded and nurtured by the love of God’s heart, from which our spirit once emerged. As soon as we start looking for God everywhere and especially in the people around us, in whom the God part is often difficult to see, with the right kind of approach by us it may be possible to kindle their inner light and love, so that the living God within them becomes more visible.

The following is the essence of ‘The Healing Power Of Love’ from the White Eagle publication ‘The Still Voice’. This excellent little book contains many ideas for attuning ourselves meditatively to the Highest: ‘There are many methods of healing but only one true source from which all healing flows and that is the Divine love, the foundation and origin of all life. At the head of the healing ray is the Christ Spirit in the form of the Christ Star. It is the Greatest Light and the Highest Star of the whole of Creation, whose Light comes to all who truly call. No request for Its help goes unanswered, because true prayers set up a vibration in human souls that goes from their hearts straight to the Source of their being. And if you are seeking healing, the ministering Angels take you where you need to be.

‘Pure and true prayer comes from anyone who humbly kneels before our Creator on the highest levels of life. This needs to be done in total surrender of your will to the will of God. Asking for Its guidance and protection, pray: ‘Thy will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven. Thy will be done in my physical body. Thy will be done in my whole being.’ There is no need to hesitate, as God’s will is always for something good. Rest assured that it is God’s will that the body of each one of His/Her children of the Earth should be healthy and holy, i.e. whole with all parts integrated and functioning harmoniously as one, so that the beauty and splendour of your earthly existence can be enjoyed instead of suffering from its miseries and tears.

‘We, your Masters and guides in the spirit world pray that your hearts and minds may be filled with the love and wisdom of the Great Mother, who is guiding you into the state of being that is right for you now.’

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All Of Life Is Flowingness

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - All Of Life Is Flowingness

I trust God’s great plan of life
And the small one for me within it.
They are clear evidence how
All of life is flowingness
And that in this flowing,
There is meaning and law.
There is no need to worry because
I cannot lose, what is my own.
I need not seek, what is my own,
For what belongs to me, will come.
Whatever goes does not belong to me
And only what I am has power.

I give up my personal struggles and ambitions
And rest safely in the knowledge that
Everything that’s rightfully mine
Will always be drawn to me.
Therefore, I now let go
And put my hands into the loving hands
Of God and the Angels.
I trust the guidance I intuitively receive from them,
And the love and wisdom of the Highest,
To run my life for me
And to show me the way, now and forever.


* * *

To everything there is a season,
And a time for every purpose under the Sun:
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time
To pluck up that which has been planted.

That’s how God and the Angels,
In the course of life’s journey
Forwards and upwards on
The evolutionary spiral of life,
Are making everything beautiful,
In God’s time, not ours.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-11
Edited by Aquarius

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