Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - I Am The I Am

One night in dreamtime I saw the Master Jesus
Walking in solitude along a golden beach.
He looked just like the artists of our world
Have been depicting him since the Middle Ages,
With long hair and beard,
A flowing white robe and sandals on his feet.

‘Come with Me,’ he said.
Glad to follow his invitation,
We walked for a while and
All we were leaving behind were our footprints.
Across the wet sand covered in seaweeds we wandered
And over some rock pools, where I imagined
Even the tiniest creatures would be
Thrilled by his passing.

After a pause I dared to ask timidly:
‘Who are You, Master?
‘Am I seeing you in the past,
When you walked by another sea?
Or are you showing me a future time,
When you will reappear in our world,
To save and redeem all those who followed you,
While those who don’t have to burn in the
Eternal fires of hell?’

His reply seemed to be coming to me from the primal darkness of humankind’s first beginnings, but finally he pointed me in the direction of how each and every one of God’s children of the Earth will eventually be able to fulfil their highest potential by seeking and finding wholeness and perfection. His first words were: ‘No, my child, it’s not at all like that. I am the I Am, a representation of the Spirit of the Universal Christ, who for a long time has been communicating with you through the words of a legend. In days gone by, for wise reasons this was necessary. And so it was done with the help of a tale that became known to you and your world as the Jesus story.

‘However, now that you have reached the Age of Aquarius, ever more of you are spiritually mature enough to understand the truth. And that truth is that I am a thoughtform who never existed on the physical plane of life. I was created by a tale that was so convincing that millions of people in earthly life in the end believed me to be a real being, who once had walked in their midst. If you are wise, as I believe you are or I would not have come to you in this way, do not hang around, procrastinate and wait for someone to come and wave a magic wand to save and redeem you. It will not happen, so get going by taking responsibility for yourself and begin with saving and redeeming yourself. The first and most important step on this road is watching carefully every one of your thoughts, words and actions. The main law of life is love and all other laws radiate out from this one. For as long as everything you think and do is in keeping with the Universal laws, God’s laws, you have nothing to worry about.

‘Instead of pursuing selfish hopes and dreams, which in your present existence can only ever be of a temporary and passing nature, wise ones seek to work for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. They strive to enlighten humankind to release it from its dungeon of ignorance and do their share of dispersing the clouds of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that have been darkening the horizons of your world for long enough. Wise ones never forget that in truth they are serving all life and working for Eternity and that in any case, that which is good for the whole also benefits them.

‘The legend of my life and death was created by the Highest Forces of life, to prepare you for the fact that in truth each one of you is the long promised son/daughter of God, the saviour and redeemer of all humankind, who would one day appear in person on the Earth plane. This person is none other than you. The Universal laws decree that everything has to return to its source. Naturally, this also applies to thoughtforms of any kind. Each one of them eventually has to reabsorbed into the heart energy of its creator. In my case this will not be difficult, as I am the personification of love, a symbolism for the highest and noblest aspects of humankind’s nature.

‘You assimilate me and my energies when you accept me as a thoughtform and a metaphor that describes the best part of your being. For a long time it had to remain invisible, even to your own eyes, but now the time is right for becoming aware of your Divine characteristics and taking possession of them, for they are your inheritance. It is your birthright to bring them forth by applying them in real life situations to every of your daily tasks and encounters. By taking charge of every part of your being and doing your share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth by making your world a more agreeable place for all, with the passing of time you become ever more whole and holy. Slowly but surely you evolve into a Master soul and by the end of your present lifetime you will have become a Christed one in your own right and all parts of your being shall be healed.

‘To illustrate the various stages of this development to you has always been the true purpose and meaning of the legend of me and my life. It came into being to reveal to you your highest potential and the things each one of you too will be able to achieve in the fullness of time, as well as the wonders and miracles that are still waiting to be performed through you. The myth of me was presented to your world in the format of a picture book. In due course it would be discarded by all those who have matured into spiritual adulthood and therefore are ready to become aware of their hidden self, their very own Christ nature and its characteristics. And that is the tool which in the fullness of time will enable each one of you to fulfil their highest potential as a true daughter/son of the Highest.

‘You are co-creators with God and like our Creator, you are constantly in the process of creating something. Just the same as God, you are ultimately responsible for each one of your creations. Any writers among you, when they become aware of this, do well to consider carefully what kind of beings they wish to create for populating their stories, as each one of them in the end has to be reabsorbed into your being.’

Thou shalt know Him when He comes,
Not by any din of drums,
Nor the vantage of His airs,
Nor by anything He wears,
Neither by His crown, nor His gown.
His presence shall be known to you
By the peace and harmony
His awakening creates in you.

Created by Anon.
Ca. 1500
Edited by Aquarius

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