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Part 7 - Powerseeking

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One of the most popular human pastimes of the past and present alike is the manipulation of the masses. Mostly it’s done by pulling people’s emotional strings and controlling them with the help of probably the most powerful feeling of all: fear. Usually, instead of seeking to serve the glory of God and the good of all humankind, this is accompanied by power-seeking for personal gains and self-glorification. This festering sore on the soul of our world has been the cause of the sheer endless and only seemingly senseless suffering and destruction we and our world had to endure in the past and to some extent still do in the present. The result for us and our world was enormous soul growth. Believe it or not, experiences of this nature really are necessary. They serve as one of the educational tools for teaching our race how to differentiate between good and evil.

To this day, there are those who follow the power-seeking, self-seeking and self-serving belief systems of our world that refuse to change and insist on clinging to the past. Their present learning will stand them in good stead in future lifetimes. It will enable them to recognise the necessity for constantly seeking fresh spiritual wisdom and understanding. By then they will be able to appreciate that suppressing it can only get in the way of people’s own evolution, as well as that of the whole race, our planet and all life it contains.

When these old religions have finally outlived their usefulness, they will be swept away, the same as the ones that preceded them. The present hangers-on of their outdated beliefs are inexperienced souls who are still in need of the lessons provided by organisations of this nature. It is in the interest of those in charge to discourage any fresh insights into their long obsolete teachings. As ignorance breeds fear, for far too long some of the religious organisations of our world succeeded for a very long time in suppressing all fresh insights into their teachings. There were times on the Earth, not that long ago, when even the slightest trace of new knowledge was declared to be heretic and brutally and mercilessly suppressed.

Failing to know something never was a protection against the consequences of any of our actions. For each one of us there does come the time when the deeds of all our lifetimes have to be faced, dealt with and redeemed, by none other than us. Even for as long as a soul does remain in the darkness of spiritual ignorance, any pain and suffering inflicted upon not only human beings and animals, but also to the Earth herself, are bound to weigh heavily in the scales of God’s eternal justice. Yet, God is merciful. The living God within knows and appreciates us and our heart and soul’s struggle much better than our small earthly self ever could. When one finally becomes aware that God is part of us, one no longer needs to kid oneself into thinking that God’s justice is blind or unfair. That’s what earthly justice may well be at times and when it is, don’t ever be tempted to think that you have got away with what you did. Our God or Highest Self never sleeps. At all times it is wide awake inside us, ever ready to guide and protect us, even when we are sleeping and dreaming, maybe especially then.

Though it takes a long time, eventually every soul reawakens to the understanding of its true nature and an appreciation of spiritual wisdom and truths. Until we do, we can only walk in the darkness of our self-chosen prison of ignorance and suffer from the consequences of our immature thoughts, words and actions. Our spirit once chose this existence because it wanted to learn about life in physicality and grow  through its experiences, which each can only do on their own. It is comforting to know that in the fullness of time all of us are eventually directed into discovering the first rays of genuine enlightenment. Guided and protected by God and the Angels, every spirit and soul has to walk this way alone – it cannot be done any other way.

Trying as this is, those who have found a measure of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, the wise ones, have every reason to be patient with the many younger souls, who still abound in our midst. They are providing us, the older and more experienced souls, with vital tests that reveal how much we thus far have grasped the nettle of one of the greatest lessons of love. It consists of showing tolerance and respect towards all life and all lifeforms. No matter how small, lowly or insignificant someone may appear to be on the surface of life, all are equally loved and appreciated by the Great Father/Mother of all life, including us and our own lives.

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