Will The Animal Kingdom Strike Back?

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In the years 1995/1996, I was living close to a famous beauty spot somewhere along the coastline of one of the oceans of our world. It is a place that poets and bards used to write poems and sing songs about. To this day they are being performed and enjoyed by people, but what also existed in that place when I was there was something of quite a different nature. As what I found unfortunately is an all too common issue throughout our world, there is no need to mention the place’s name. It’s not my intention to point a finger at anywhere in particular. I merely wish to tell you about one of the many plights the animal kingdom of our world has to endure. Through the outbreak of the bird flu, this became an even more urgent issue than it had previously been.

I would like to share my story with you, because I feel intuitively that it can shed some light into the spiritual background, the purpose and meaning, of the threat of a possible genuine life threatening epidemic we are facing at all times. In February 2020 this part of my writings was updated during the mass media’s latest attempt at whipping up another mass hysteria about the Chinese Coronavirus. The year 2005 saw the bird flu and therefore became known as the bird flu year. Across the globe, the fear of the avian influenza caused government officials everywhere to place a higher priority on developing plans to deal with what was declared to be a pandemic influenza. This was followed by the Swine flu outbreak that lasted from 2009 to 2010. The virus was first identified in Mexico in April 2009. It became known as swine flu because it was similar to flu viruses that affect pigs. It spread rapidly from country to country because it was marketed as a new type of flu virus that few young people were immune to. The year 2014 saw the Ebola virus outbreak and again, in spite of the joined efforts of the pharmaceutical industry and the mass media of our world, no pandemic came about.

I hope that since the previous attempts at artificially creating a mass hysteria sufficient numbers of us have woken from their spiritual slumber and therefore are unwilling to be taken in this time round. Having already witnessed the eventual dwindling away of several health scares, I cannot help wondering how long the present one will take to wind up the same way. And having observed similar previous health scares, I would like to tell you about something that could really come about, unless we get our act together and evolve into a race of carers and guardians of our beloved planet.

This is a true tale and I hope it’s going to speak so much to your hearts and souls that you, in your role of aspiring healers and lightbringers, will feel motivated to take some constructive action. A valuable contribution will be made even if all you can do is sharing what is before you with as many as possible. I make no apologies that many of the points mentioned here have already been covered in other parts of my work. Because I would like this one to stand on its own, so it can speak for itself, they are repeated here.

This then is my tale. One bright and sunny day at high tide, a friend and I decided to visit the above mentioned beauty spot, let’s call it Bird Island. As up to that day it had been our favourite place, we were eagerly looking forward to an enjoyable outing, the way it had been on previous occasions. When we set off, the sky was a clear blue and a stiff breeze was sending fluffy white clouds scudding across it. The sea promised to be spectacular – what a day it was going to be!

However, as we approached the beach, a nauseating smell greeted us from quite a distance. ‘Walking into an open sewer must be like this,’ we jokingly said to each other, made our way down to the beach in search of a spot for settling down on one of its rocks and boulders. As we had hoped, the sea was fantastic, the breakers were coming in hard and fast, and the beach at first glance, looked the same as usual. But where was that abysmal stench coming from? Well, it had been there all the time but on previous occasions the wind had carried it away from us. Today, however, it was blown in our direction and we discovered that a few hundred yards to either side of where we were standing, we were surrounded by the most disgusting mess imaginable. The sea had already swept huge piles of untreated sewage onto the beach and more was arriving all the time.

After some searching, we found a spot that looked and smelled somewhat neutral, but there clearly was no point in settling down anywhere. So, we just stood for a while and started watching large flocks of gulls and crows that were excitedly feeding on something. But what? Closer examination revealed that it was on the enormous piles of human waste that the sea was constantly and generously bringing to them on our behalves. That’s when the thought struck me how inevitable it is that one of these days, the animal kingdom is bound to strike back at the human race for the problems we have created for ourselves, as well as everything that is unfortunate enough to have to share our world with us.

I am aware that God and the Angels will forever take care of humankind’s true needs, in spite of our at times incredibly thoughtless and selfish behaviour. But I also know that we are responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions, and that any suffering we bring to any other creature in the whole of Creation, has to be made good and redeemed, by none other than those who caused it. I shudder at the thought of the prospect of what is likely to come towards us, if we do not mend our ways and that soonest. I am far from pleased about having to take part in it, when it does come but if the majority of us carries on the way we have done and still are doing in some parts of our world, it is bound to happen.

Apart from all this, I find it deeply disturbing that any creatures should be feeding quite happily on what we, supposedly the higher and more intelligent species, are so carelessly leaving behind for them. That they are feeding on our waste, in itself, is not as disgusting as it appears to be on the surface of things, because they are merely doing the job they were created for, the best way they can. Every creature in its own special and unique way is here to serve the life our Creator has given to us, in return for the services that are being rendered to us. The birds we were watching on the beach that day were created to be the bin men of the skies. It is their job to clear up after everybody, including themselves and us.

There is nothing wrong or disgusting about this. What is disgusting and irresponsible is what humankind is leaving for them to remove. In this case, it was the untreated waste of the inhabitants of a whole city, sick and healthy alike. It stands to reason that any bacteria and viruses that are in our physical bodies are also contained in its waste material. When picked up by these birds, such intruders are likely to multiply rapidly in the bloodstream of these unfortunate creatures. If their immune system can no longer build up the necessary resistance against our diseases, it may not take all that long until they become as sick as the humans from whom the waste came and maybe a good deal sicker. There is sure to be waste from people suffering from all manner of contagious diseases that is being flushed directly from the toilets in hospitals and other sickbeds of the city into the sea. I hasten to add that this, obviously, does not apply to just this place but to anywhere in our world where to this day untreated sewage is being pumped into the sea.

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