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Volume VII

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Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age

Part One

Uranus And Gaia

When Creation Was Begun – According To Greek Legend

The ancient myths and legends that have come down to us throughout the ages, without exception, have always contained important esoteric messages that to this day can help us in our search for a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of our race’s and our world’s existence. For as long as we still insisted on taking these tales literally and interpreted them exoterically, from a purely earthly view, their true higher meanings had to remain hidden. Yet, as soon as the light of our inner teacher or intuition penetrates them, each one without hesitation begins to reveal the precious spiritual treasures they have contained ever since the Angels and Masters on the highest levels of life gave them to our world.

Take for example the psalms of the Bible. They are so old that their origins are lost in the mists of time. Most of them are believed to have been written by King David and King Solomon, and that this probably took place in Jerusalem during the tenth century BC. King David lived from about 1037 to 967 BC. However, some of the psalms, if one looks carefully at the words, must have been written after the Jewish exile in Babylon when Cyrus, the King of Persia, invaded and took over the Babylonian empire. He decreed that the Jews should be allowed back to rebuild their temple. This took place around 539BC and the years following. Therefore it is possible that the psalms were written over a period of well over 500 years. Because by the time the Jesus legend came into being, the psalms had been well established as devotional songs and poems, they were included in the New Testament. Even the Master’s supposedly dying words on the cross ‘My God, My God. why have you forsaken me’ had been taken from Psalm 22.

Psalm 91:4 promises: ‘He will cover you with His feathers and under his wings you shall trust. His truth shall be your shield and buckler.’ Buckler is an old fashioned word for a small round shield. It is usually held by a handle or warn on the arm, as a means of protection and defence.

Telling us things like the above was good enough for humankind’s limited grasp of God’s wisdom and truth when the various parts of the Bible were written, especially way back when the Psalm came into being, but still at the time when the Jesus legend was written. That’s why in St. John 1:5 we are told: ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God…’ But thanks be to God and the Angels, since then our perception of the spiritual background of life, of God and of ourselves has changed and increased dramatically and we are expected, by going within and working with our inner teacher, to work on finding out how Creation really did begin. By now, we know that God’s truth cannot be found in books and that, no matter how high and holy they may be, it may only be partly revealed to us there. Time and again we all have been placed in this life, so that in the end each one of us in their own right should be guided to their own conclusion that this kind of truth can only be found within. 

The main purpose of the times we spend on the Earth plane is to help us all to evolve into seekers of wisdom and truth. Irrespective of whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, each one of us has been placed in this life to do their share of getting an ever better grasp of God’s Divine wisdom and truth. As we fulfil this task, the individual and collective consciousness of our world slowly expands. Like the early Christians were during the Piscean Age, we are the pioneers of the Aquarian Age. We are here to find new and better ways of living and being through a greater understanding of the spiritual concepts that lie behind all life and each is required to make their contribution towards this. I am all for keeping and preserving that which was good in the past.

Having done that, each one of us has to get on with climbing the spiritual mountain, hand in hand with God and the Angels, yet on our own. The work we do and the treasures we find set those who follow behind us free to make their own discoveries. That, in my view, is the only way humankind will ever be able to achieve some real progress. As our knowledge of God, the Universe and ourselves will always continue to grow, I believe that in our search for truth a cautionary note does not come amiss. Before God every soul stands alone, i.e. the perception of what this concept means is unique to every soul and that is why everybody’s truth will always vary slightly from anyone else’s.

Human souls yearn for stability and security, yet, for as long as we expect to find them on the Earth plane, we shall look in vain and that for the simple reason that they are not meant to be found there. In our explorations into certainties and absolute truths we may turn to a host of sources in the hope of finding them, But in the end each one of us has to discover for themselves that they do not exist anywhere. This is because all life – including ours and that of our world – is relentlessly moving forwards and upwards on an evolutionary spiral that constantly takes us and our world onto ever higher levels of consciousness. This process eventually returns each one of us into the oneness with our Creator.

As established in other parts of the jottings, the law of life is evolution. Universes and the worlds within them are born, evolve and grow. When they have outlived their usefulness, they are destroyed again, to make room for new ones to come into existence. In spite of the fact that our understanding of the meaning of God has vastly improved over the ages, the only constant in the whole of Creation will always be the spirit within, the eternal presence of the spirit of God and our own. As a spark of the Divine, like God we too are immortal and cannot die. The spirit of God and our own will be with us forever. Anything else we may require along our evolutionary pathway will eventually be surplus to requirement and has to be shed again.

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Who Or What Is God?

Rays of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - What Is God?

God to me means the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, who is the Great Light and light of all lights, the Sun above and beyond the Sun in the sky above us. The masculine aspect of the Divine is God the Father, the will and power of the Universal intelligence. This is the source from which pure creative ideas in thought form are incessantly pouring forth into all life. Its feminine counterpart is the Goddess, the wisdom and love aspect of the Holy Trinity. She receives these impulses and decides which ones are worthy of coming into manifestation, where and when, so that they can begin to grow, shaped and formed in the realities of the many different worlds that constitute the whole of God’s Creation. This includes those that are presently visible to human eyes and others on different levels of life, which for us up to now have to remain invisible.

The Divine spirit, the same as ours, is eternal and immortal. It always has been without beginning or end. It is omnipresent, omniscient and omni-potent. The law of life is love and evolution. All beings are created and born of love and destined to keep on evolving and growing forever. Nothing in the whole of Creation, on all its levels, will always continue to evolve, expand and grow through the knowledge that is constantly gathered by every one of its parts and that includes you and me. New and ever deeper insights and discoveries into this, that and the other will always be made by someone somewhere. Each soul must come to terms with this and accept that for this reason there will never be absolute truth.

So, what of God’s truth? How do we know when we are finding some of it? Because of the precious gift of freedom of choice each one of us is allowed to decide what we can and wish to take on board as our truth. Yet, every right also brings responsibilities with it and any newly found knowledge puts the onus on us for choosing wisely. Any knowledge one of us gathers, of which our inner guidance says that it is true, is meant to be shared with those around us and then used for making our world a better place for everything in it, so that all lifeforms together evolve and grow. Therefore, whenever you are reading or listening to anything, make a habit of paying attention to the responses that rise from the world of your feelings into your heart. Listen attentively, as this is the voice of your inner guidance and teacher, your intuition, communicating with you. It will never let you down or lie to you, so learn to follow it in all things.

Because there are numerous gullible people in our world and just as many who are all too happy to exploit this, be careful and refuse to take anything that comes to your attention at face-value. Everything that enters our awareness in some way flows into our consciousness and we ourselves are responsible for what we allow in. To establish whether the information before you has any validity for you, you yourself have to test and try it. You are always the bottom line and you alone can decide whether you are willing to accept or reject what someone tells you, whoever this may be. Naturally, this is also valid for my writings. It has never been my nature to wish to prescribe for anyone what to believe and what not. In any case, being aware that there is no absolute truth, who would still be foolish enough to dogmatically state this, that or the other is the ultimate truth and therefore valid for everybody?

Those who are familiar with my work know that I go to great lengths to point out the necessity for choosing carefully what we accept as our truth. Never follow anyone blindly or take their words for gospel, no matter how high and holy the person or institution may seem on the surface of things. Even though the information you are receiving from such sources may have been true when it first appeared in our world, by now it could be outdated and further insights may be waiting to be given, possibly through you. If something you hear or read does not feel right, pay attention and listen to what ideas may come to you.

Consult with your inner self by meditating and/or reflecting on any points that sound doubtful to you. Then put the matter to one side and wait to see whether what insights may come to you intuitively. When they do, do not forget to share them with those around you. In this way we shall eventually all become channels of Divine wisdom and truth, who are capable of acting as bringers of light to our world. This needs to continue until every last shred of the dark clouds of ignorance, consisting of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions, which to this day hang over and fill the consciousness of our race, have been dispersed and peace has at last come to us and our world.

As new ideas and fresh insights are constantly flowing into my existing writings from my inner guru, my work is living proof of how, as one learns to live ever more intuitively, there is no danger of getting stuck in outdated beliefs. When the voice of the living God within constantly provides you with opportunities for checking the truth of what it has to say, you gradually learn to trust that it really does know the answer to all your questions and what is good and right for you in any given moment. The more this higher part of our nature takes over, the less one feels inclined to look for information from other sources. There comes the moment when one realises that the need for it has faded away completely. In my view, this is the greatest advantage of being taught by our inner guru. As valuable tools as some books to this day are as communication tools and educational aids, it is not hard to see that the time will come on the Earth plane when they will no longer be required, because we are all being taught by our intuition, the long awaited new World Teacher.

Shortly after finishing my reflections on ‘The Truth about Truth’, I found my notes confirmed by the Lebanese/American mystic, poet and writer, Kahlil Gibran, 1883-1931. In ‘Kahlil the Heretic’ he wrote: ‘The true light is that which emanates from within humankind. It reveals the secrets of the heart to the soul, making it happy and contented with life. Truth is like the stars. It does not appear except from behind the obscurity of the night [the darkness of ignorance]. Truth is like all beautiful things in the world. It does not disclose its desirability except to those who first feel [and have suffered at the hands of] falsehood. Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with people the same kind of happiness [so that they may find it, too]. . . This is the truth I have learnt from the teachings of the Nazarene.’

The Greek philosopher Aristotle, 384-322 BC, saw the matter as follows: ‘To say of what is, that it is – and of what is not, that it is not. That [to me] is speaking the truth.’

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In Defence Of Uranus

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - Uranus & Gaia - In Defence Of UranusA blood-curdling tale about Uranus and Gaia has come to our world down the ages from the Ancient Greeks; in this part of the jottings we shall investigate its esoteric backdrop. The world of spirit has always communicated with humankind with the intention that, no matter how deep we descended into physicality, we should not entirely forget that in truth we belong to higher dimensions, which for a long time have to remain invisible to our earthly perception of life.

Love is the law of the Universe on which all other laws are hinged. That is why no matter what may ever befall us and our world on the Earth plane, beyond any shadow of a doubt the Universe loves us and has always attended most diligently to every soul’s true needs and that on all levels of our existence. The higher and highest ones of them are our true home, from which we once ventured forth to explore life in physicality. The Earth is merely a school and a temporary place of learning. The Universe is constantly guiding each one of us, so that in the fullness of time every soul finds its own way back home into the awareness of its real nature.

With the help of myths and legends God and the Angels have always been trying to coax us into conducting our earthly lives in more meaningful ways by looking for protection and guidance towards the wise ones on the higher planes. They have been put in charge of us and our world, so that we can turn to them for assistance whenever we have to encounter difficult situations. It is for this reason that throughout the ages, a great many legends have been given to our world. They have been trying to explain to us the spiritual concepts and ideas that are the basis of all life.

As time went by, much has been misunderstood and misinterpreted; mostly this is because the Universe hardly ever seems to be inclined to tell us: ‘It is so and so!’ It has always preferred to talk with us in symbolisms and metaphors, parables and legends. Alas, many of the deep esoteric meanings they contain had to remain hidden from our understanding up to now. It always has been and still is humankind’s task to try to unravel the knot of time, to look beyond and behind the legends in the hope of deciphering them and finding fresh interpretations. That’s what this part of the jottings is mostly about.

Viewed from the spiritual angle, the mythological heritage of all the cultures of our world is one vast storehouse of wisdom and knowledge. Many of the myths that are still known to us contain messages that can still speak to us very vividly. On the threshold of the Age of Aquarius the legend of Uranus and Gaia from the Ancient Greek tradition is of particular significance because it can shed some light on our understanding of our world and how it came into being.

Uranus was the Greek primeval sky God; Uranus means Heaven and he was responsible for both sunshine and rain on the Earth. According to legend, when Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, emerged from the primeval Chaos, she first gave birth to Uranus, i.e. the Heavens, and then to the Mountains and the Sea. As well as being her son, Uranus also became Gaia’s husband. From their loving union sprang forth the Titans, the Cyclops, and the giants with one hundred hands. Alas, Uranus hated his offspring, so he decided to hide them in Gaia’s body. She appealed to them for vengeance, but Cronus, one of the Titans, was the only one to respond; the gruesome rest of the tale follows in a moment.

This is such a fascinating myth that ever since first encountering it many years ago, I could not help the feeling that there just has to be a great deal more to it than meets the eye. But somehow, there never was enough time to investigate the matter further. And then, a few days ago, one of my friends told me that she feels that Uranus must be ‘some kind of a jerk’ – my friend’s own words – because of the way he behaved towards Gaia. She thought that Saturn’s action was totally justified. This was hilarious, but when this effect had worn off, I found time and again that my thoughts kept wandering back to Uranus and Gaia. Little bells started to tinkle inside me so consistently that I knew that my inner teacher wanted me to investigate this myth more closely. So, here we are.

Uranus represents Heaven and the will of God and in truth he is anything but a bit soft in the head. That’s why I felt I needed to come to his defence. Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus and because my friend’s Moon is in this sign, she felt she needed a better understanding of one of the rulers of this sign, namely Uranus. When one wants to come to terms with Aquarius, the Sun sign and also the sign of the New Age, it is essential to consider both its rulers. For as long as a positive presence of Saturn is lacking in any soul’s life, taking charge of the unruly world of our feelings is almost impossible. The Uranian energies are of such a forceful and difficult to control nature that each one of us will most certainly also require those of the controlling and steadying influence of Saturn, the stern schoolmaster of the zodiac. The gifts he brings to humankind are self-discipline and self-mastery; they alone can bring us and our world the balance and stability we so desperately need.

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In The Beginning Was The Word

Raysf Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - In The Beginning Was The Word

The ancient myths, without exception, contain esoteric messages that to this day have remained of significance for us and our world. For as long as humankind insisted on interpreting them exoterically, from a purely earthly view, their true meanings had to remain hidden. By shedding onto them the light of our inner teacher, the intuition, they quite happily start to reveal some of their most precious spiritual treasures. This surely is the case for the legend of Uranus and Gaia. The traditional rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, and at the time of our entry into the Age of Aquarius, this profound tale has some messages of great poignancy for us. It can provide us with some essential pointers to the very beginnings of all created life and therefore take us a vital step forward in our comprehension of the concept of God.

First we shall inspect the symbolisms hidden behind Gaia, the feminine aspect of God, the Goddess. The myth tells us that she gave birth first to Uranus himself and then to their offspring, but that Uranus hated their offspring so much, even though he had played his part in creating them, that he hid them in Gaia’s body. This raises the question why Uranus should have been presented to us as the husband and also the son of Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth. Many different versions of this legend have come down to us throughout the ages from various cultures. Yet, upon closer examination one finds that time and again they have been repeating the same message.

In the tale before us Uranus stands as a metaphor for the first aspect of Divinity, the masculine, the God. Uranus is the original creative thought, abstract and pure, he is the thought that consists of and expresses itself, now as it did ever before, through the elements of Fire and Air. Although this thought always was, for aeons it remained unconscious of itself and its own nature – the same as we have done until fairly recently. Eventually the thought woke up and became aware of itself, so the need arose to get to know itself.

The first step towards this was giving itself a name, God, and the second one was thinking of ways of getting to know itself. The creative thought came to the conclusion that the solution was to start creating worlds – ever more of them – through his feminine counterpart, the Goddess. These worlds were going to be inhabited by living beings, which he would created through her. Being a part of him, they would inherit all his characteristics. These they would reveal to him through their actions and with the help of these he too would become familiar with them. He decides that the more worlds he creates, the better he will get to know himself. No sooner said than done, so with the help of his Goddess he gets to work and starts creating world after world, all peopled with the most wonderful beings – which he dreams up.

As above, so below! The initial situation of Uranus is very similar to ours, up to the present phase of our return into the awareness of children of God and our own Divinity. His greatest need – the same as ours – was to get to know and learn about himself. On his own the male aspect could and did not want to do anything. The best way of helping him in this quest for self-knowledge was to convert his feminine aspect, the Goddess, into one through whom he could express his creative ideas. So, by the sheer power of his thoughts he created the elements Earth and Water. Ever since then, the Goddess expresses herself and her love for him through them. She responds to his creative ideas by bringing forth into all material worlds everything that is in them and all living creatures are imbued with his and her spirit. The Goddess is the mother of all God’s children and any wisdom that is gathered by them is stored in her.

The ancients Greeks called the Goddess Gaia. To the ancient Egyptians she was Isis and her consort was called Osiris. In the Christian tradition of our present world the Virgin Mary, as the Mother of Christ, became the esoteric and therefore hidden from public view and knowledge, representation of the spiritual aspect of the Goddess. St. John 1:5 grapples with how all life began as follows: ‘The word was in the beginning and that very word was with God and God was that word. The same was in the beginning with God. Everything came to be by His hand and without Him not even one thing that was created came to be. The life was in Him and the life is the light of the people. And the same light shines in darkness and the darkness does not overcome it.’

True! The word was in the beginning and it was with God. And the word was God, but in a different way. God wasn’t the word, he invented it. As he became conscious of himself, he needed a name by which to recognise himself. So, he called himself God. This embraced and explained the concept of God, first to himself and later also to his creation. Thus the word God was also given to humankind, when our race first descended onto the Earth plane. This was to provide us with the understanding that we didn’t bring ourselves into being, but that there are higher and highest forces who did so and who are in charge of us and our world, as well as all others. 

Moving through vast evolutionary cycles, we would eventually discover that our Creator’s highest aspects are all good, while the lower ones are what in Earth terms would be called all bad, although in truth that’s by no means the case. Nothing in God’s Creation is itself inherently bad. It is just that God’s destructive forces, which are also in us, require most careful controlling and handling. God’s cast-iron will has all parts are under perfect control and they are constantly kept in impeccable balance. Humankind would have to learn through its own experiences that when these powers are tapped into in pursuit of selfish aims and with ill intentions, for example to seek personal power over things, people, countries and our whole world, that which is known as evil is produced.

Saturn’s presence in Aquarius signals the need for human souls to acquire the sterling gifts it is waiting to impart on each one of us, God’s beloved children of the Earth. Saturn is a symbolism for the aspect of the Divine that spiritualises all areas of our lives that are touched by them. Self-mastery and self-discipline, an ever increasing awareness of responsibility of the self towards the whole of life are among gift all Saturnian experiences can bestow upon the human soul. Until ever one of our thoughts, words and actions proves that we have truly mastered these gifts, there is no hope for anyone of being released into the spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age. Saturn is the gatekeeper and the guardian Angel of this age. He stands at its portal, stern and undeviating, making sure that not a single soul gets past him who does not fulfil his requirements.

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Uranus As His Own Father

To stay with the Greek tradition though, during the time we are considering here Uranus was a symbolism for God, the Creator of all things. He is omnipotent and therefore could then and to this day create whatever he likes. That is why when he became tired of his lonely existence, he decided to transform his feminine aspect, the Goddess, into a counterpart that was tangible and visible, so that he could experience and recognise himself through her. He would create himself a mate through whom he would be able to get to know himself in the role of lover and husband, and then also as the father of the children he was already creating in his dream together with her. This is how it was possible for Uranus to be the father of Gaia and also the father of her children. And because a spark of him would always be reborn in each one of them, on top of all that it would also be possible for him to get to know himself ever more in all her sons and daughters, in all the worlds they would ever create together.

Thus Uranus became his own father, Gaia’s husband and the father of all their offspring. Each one of them contains a spark of him, though at first only in seed form when a new child is created. This ensures that they all carry within the masculine and feminine energies and characteristics of their Divine parents. Our race is Uranus and Gaia’s Earth children. The fact that Uranus was presented to our world in the tale of the ancient Greek tradition as his own father is an early signal of the realisation that would eventually come to humankind that we ourselves are God; and that we ourselves created us, our world and everything in it.

There came a time when Uranus created a new world that would eventually be peopled by humankind. There we would experience ourselves, as soon as both the future habitat and we, his children, had become sufficiently evolved. Uranus would then send us there to learn and grow. He appreciated that all learning has to start at the bottom and that this would also apply to his children of the Earth. They would first have to get to know themselves through acting out the lowest aspects of their earthly nature, their lower self. He knew, but that was his secret at that stage, that when the descending part of their education was complete, he would start to call each one of them back. Their journey of ascension would then begin and they would rediscover and develop their higher and highest aspects, for that would always remain their Divine heritage.

The way his Earth children behaved initially was indeed an ugly spectacle. As already mentioned, the myth tells us that he was so ashamed of his children that he hid them in Gaia’s body. The ancients still took the teachings of the myths that were given to them literally. From such a purely human view Uranus’ action clearly shows that, because of what he saw, he did not like his children. In truth it is a symbolism that was trying, even then, to explain the necessity of the gradual descent of the human spirit ever deeper into Earth life. The Gaia of the legend is the symbol of Goddess and the Great Mother of all Life, the second and feminine aspect of God. Judged from a purely human perspective, Gaia loved her Earth children and like any earthly mother she protested and wanted to help them out of their predicament.

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Gaia’s Womb

Uranus is a metaphor for God, the Great designer and architect of the plan of all life and everything it contains. Its law is love and evolution, and without exception the whole of Creation is subject to this law. At all times Uranus knows exactly what he is and was doing. It was for very profound reasons that the tale before us told us that his children should be hidden, i.e. spend time in Gaia’s womb. This womb is a symbolism of life in physicality and life on the Earth. From the beginning Uranus planned that his children of the Earth should only be held captive in it, until they had extensively studied themselves and their world. Over time their consciousness would slowly expand and in due course each one of them in their own right would be required to become a saviour and redeemer of themselves, each other and their whole world.

Through their very own efforts and devotions, reflections, prayers and meditations, and the loving sacrifices they would be willing to make on behalf of humankind and their whole world they gradually raise the level of their awareness of their true nature and expand their consciousness to such an extent that they would be ready to be released Earth’s environment again. At any given time, their evolutionary level would reveal itself through their behaviour towards everything that shared their world with them. Thus the higher beings he was going to put in charge of them would know when one of them was ready for graduating and moving on to studies of gradually higher and higher levels of life. 

Because they would have to experience the highest and the lowest aspects of their nature, in the course of their long evolution they would often sin against the law of life. In their battles with the lower forces and struggling with overcoming the desires of their lower earthly self, they would also get hurt and wounded a great many times. Unbeknown to his children for a very long time, he would share their physical bodies with them. From within their own inner being he would heal and comfort them and help them make good when they had sinned against the law of life. By living inside their bodies with them he would ensure to be close to them at all times.

For each of his children there would eventually come the moment for beginning to look for God and for starting to unravel the mysteries of the life that he had created for them. No stone would be left unturned; to their chagrin they would not find God until they became aware of their Divine origin and that they themselves in fact are God. Lifetime after lifetime, all they would know about him would be that he is the lifeforce that brought them into being, helped them to grow and kept them alive on their present level of life, until their departure from that plane. He would be the one who decided where and when they would reincarnate into another lifetime and when the moment for saying good-bye to it had come. What came after they would have to puzzle out for themselves.

Being his Goddess and wisdom aspect, Gaia understood all these things. She went along with the play her Divine lover was enacting for their children on the Earth plane because she knew that in the end it would bring them endless opportunities for the most wonderful education.  However, as their children were still in their infancy at the time when the Gaia myth was given to their world, their understanding of spiritual matters was still extremely limited. To do justice to this, like any good mother, Gaia went in search of support for her offspring. She called upon all the Gods that were then known in their world. Alas, only Cronus responded and knew what to do.

For aeons their Earth children would be unaware of all these things, but eventually all earthly concerns would be shed by them and each one would commence their return into the conscious oneness with him and their mother. By that time they would have become vastly enriched with the understanding that had been gained from their experiences in all the worlds he and they together would explore and get to know. All wisdom gained would be stored in their own soul, the soul of the world to which they belonged to at any given time, and ultimately in the great soul of the whole of Creation, the Great Mother of all life, his very own Goddess. Thus, over a great many ages, he would get to know more and more about himself; at the same time the purpose of their creation would be fulfilled.

However, for as long as their energies remained too dense and heavy, they would be unable to leave Gaia’s womb, the Earth. First they would have to freely and willingly go through a thorough process of cleansing their consciousness, purifying it of all desires of their lower earthly nature. He decreed that to ensure that none of his children could ever get truly lost in the vastness of his Creation, beings from the highest levels of life would accompany them throughout the whole course of their evolution. For this purpose he would create millions of beings of light who would later be known on the Earth plane as Angels. They were going to accompany his children and no matter what kind of experiences had to be undergone by any of them they would forever be safe. For a very long time the children would be unaware that these creatures were there to guide and protect them, because he decided that until the final phase of their Earth education they should remain invisible to earthly eyes.

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The Birth Of Aphrodite

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Birth Of AphroditeThe Greek God Cronus is a symbolism for old Father Time; the Romans later knew him as Saturn. That Cronus was one of the Titans is also of significance to us here; it points to the importance of the character qualities Saturn represents for the human soul. Shortly after Gaia’s call for help an encounter took place between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn seized the opportunity and took action by severing his father’s genitals with a scimitar; he threw them into the sea as far out into the sea as he could. The sea is ruled by his brother Neptune, the maker of dreams and illusions. The ancients believed that the separation of Heaven and Earth were caused by Cronus when he detached his father’s genitals.

As they floated away, white foam began to cover the surface of the sea and a mysterious mist started to swirl above the brine. Suddenly the view cleared and there – ah! – before the astonished onlookers, from the foam and at first hidden by the mist, there appeared the most beautiful and perfect form of a woman that anyone had ever set eyes upon. No wonder! They were witnessing the birth of Aphrodite, the Goddess of sexual and spiritual love, of beauty, love, peace, balance and harmony; the Romans called her Venus.

In some of the myths of antiquity Mars was the companion of Venus; the child that emerged from their loving union was called harmony. To this day, astrology clearly shows their close connection and also that the energies of the two planets each have a feminine and a masculine working mode. Taurus and Scorpio are in polar opposition to each other; so are Aries and Libra. Although each set of two signs is in polar opposition to each other, when human souls learn to tune into the energies of both their signs, instead of working against each other, they begin to do so harmoniously on the inner level of life.

The essence of Venus is beauty and love; that of Mars is the fire that leads human souls into sexual/creative/spiritual activities. To work effectively in our world, the two need to work together. Venus benefits from and is energised by the influence of Mars; the Martian creative activities and endeavours become more beautiful and loving. Venus rules two signs, earthy Taurus and airy Libra. Mars also rules two signs, fiery Aries and watery Scorpio, which he co-rules with Pluto. After each one of many transformations that have to be gone through in Scorpio, to enable the soul to reach the higher evolutionary levels of this sign, the Mars energy can be tapped into to help the soul to regenerate and rebuild itself and its life,.

Venus in Taurus encourages the soul to express its creative urge in beautiful shapes, like pottery and sculptures, and a sense of harmonious colour combinations develops. A beautiful speaking and/or singing voice can also be one of this planet’s gifts. When the soul on its evolutionary pathway reaches airy Libra, loftier and more idealistic aspirations stir within. It begins to dream of a loving union that lasts forever and yearns for more meaningful and idealistic love that is no longer of the Earth and has risen above the desires of the earthly self. The search is on for relationships, in which this can be experienced and practised. 

To ensure the survival of each species of the animal kingdom on the Earth plane, the creative urge of the Mars energy in both genders expresses itself at its most basic level in the act of procreation. However, even in those early days, the legend of the birth of Aphrodite was trying to reveal to our race that there are other levels of life and different ways of experiencing love. It was a demonstration of the necessity for lifting sexual energies and desires above the Earth plane, so that together with those who work on the highest levels of life it can and needs to be transmuted into wise and eternal love.

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The Great Ocean Of Life

The sea is a metaphor for the great ocean of life and for the world of the emotions and feelings of the human soul. Have you ever tasted the saltiness and bitterness of tears? I see the taste of the sea water as a symbolism for the suffering that the untamed lower desire nature brings to humankind. And the genitals represent the nether regions of God, in this case the Earth and its environment; in spite of being a lower part of his, this world is still attached to him and belongs to him. As we are created in God’s image, each one contains the Creator’s characteristics. The tale before us is an early promise that in the fullness of time we too shall eventually master the troublesome parts of our earthly nature, especially our sexuality.

The emotional level, as we all know only too well, can at times be exceedingly seething and foggy. Only when the human soul has drunk the cup of the bitterness and pain of Earth’s experiences down to its last dregs, has it learnt and grown sufficiently to be ready to shed its lower parts again, to cut itself off from them. This can only be done with the help and the will God when the soul is good and ready to enter into the holy union and marriage with the One, which takes place in Libra, the sign of marriage and partnerships, ruled by Venus.
Being hidden in Gaia’s body is an allegory for her children’s earthly existence. I feel that the Gaia and Uranus myth has always carried the silent promise that we would not have to remain in this state in all eternity. When the omniscient Uranus made Gaia, he also created all the other planets, including Venus who brings the gifts of love and beauty, peace, balance and harmony to us and our world. He decreed that they would be bestowed upon each one of his children in the course of a very long evolution, but that they themselves would have to work very hard to develop them. And that is why none of the gifts any of the planets have ever been given to human souls for nothing; they have to be earned through sheer hard slog.

To guide their children into the same wholeness that is Him and His Goddess, He furthermore decided that to get to know their own peaceful side and the value of peace, they would first have to experience the destructive aspects of their nature. He was aware that the result would be seemingly endless trouble and strife on the Earth plane. But that would be all to the good because his children would reach the point when they started to long, yearn and crave that peace would come to them and their world. At the right time, it would come. Through his messengers – known to his Earth children as Angels – he would then be granting access to the gift of Divine wisdom to those who were ready to receive it.

At last they would find out that each one is a co-creator with God, who is directly responsible for the state of their world, as well as for each one of their thoughts, words and actions. They themselves had made their world into an unpleasant place and each must do their share of putting things right again. He would let them know that if they wanted peace, each must start with themselves and conduct their lives in more peaceful ways. Sufficient numbers would by then be so sick and tired of warring and fighting that they would do all they could to integrate the Venusian gifts into their characters by applying them to their daily lives and especially their relationships.

That would come at a time when humankind had almost given up hope that things would ever change. From where Uranus was then, it would happen in some far distant future. Each time when the Cosmic constellations were right, life on the Earth would reach a great turning point, a golden period that would be known to humankind as the Age of Aquarius. Such an age would take place each time the Cosmic forces brought about a perfect realignment between Heaven and Earth. Uranus had once given his children of the Earth the right to make their own decisions. Those who were ready at such times to willingly surrender their whole being and their will to him, would once again be fully reunited with him.

He envisaged how, having rediscovered their true nature and the oneness with him, such souls would be reborn onto higher levels of consciousness where they would be able to conduct a peaceful life filled with love and beauty. Peace would come to them and their world, and harmony and balance with all life would be restored. They would inherit the beautiful jewel of a planet, the Earth, to act as its caretakers and guardians. Uranus had created it for them so that one day they would live there together in peace and harmony with all life. All this would be possible on the Earth about every 26,000 years. Each time one Great Year was completed, a new batch of human souls would have become sufficiently evolved to be released from Earth life into higher learning, as their present existence could teach them no more.

To get us there, what we and our world need above all are the gifts of old Father Time. He alone can teach us the required sense of responsibility and self-mastery that are so hard to achieve, because the drives and urges of our lower nature are savage, cruel, merciless and exceedingly strong, as long this part remains untamed. It is worth every small effort we make to reach its counterpart and polar opposite, which is pure, total and unconditional love. Reconnecting with it and becoming one again with God is the birthright and final destiny of every child of Gaia and Uranus.

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In The Beginning There Was Nothingness

The Uranus and Gaia legend, with all its gruesome details, is a powerful one that undoubtedly was right at the time and for the civilisation to which it was given. And it’s good to know that in truth – as we have seen – it had nothing to do with retaliation or vengeance. This incredible tale is so choc-a-block filled with symbolisms that I am having a wonderful time digging ever deeper for the pure gold of Divine wisdom that it contains in such rich measure. Why don’t we stay with Uranus for a while longer and imagine what kind of a life he led before he began to bring physical worlds into manifestation?

So, here he is, the mighty, omniscient, omnipotent and farsighted Uranus, but so far only pure thought. At this stage he was only just becoming aware of himself and his existence. Here he was at the dawn of creation; a thought, all on his own! Suddenly he realised that his world was a very dark and lonely one. ‘Who am I? What am I?’ he asked himself and found that he did not know the answers. He became aware that he was a creator and he realised that he would only be able to recognise himself through his creations. To him, not knowing was darkness and understanding meant light. And as he very badly wanted to get to know and understand himself and his nature, he said: ‘I must have light, lots and lots of light!’

‘How do I get started? he asked himself. ‘To ensure that I do not lose control of things and that all life obeys my command and my will, I will first create some laws. They shall be known as the Cosmic laws, to which all life is subjected. So that none of my creations will ever get lost in the vastness of space that is my realm, I am now passing a law that in some worlds to come will be known as the law of Karma or of cause and effect. I decree that by this law everything – whatever its nature may be – must return to its source.’

Having got that out of the way, he immediately went to work and started to create matter by the pure strength of his thoughts and his willpower. He was amazed by what great fun creating was. What to make first? It occurred to him that having a partner, a lover and a wife to put an end to his loneliness would be wonderful. First he thought about what she should be like and then he used the full strength of his powerful thinking to give shape and form to his feminine part. She would help him to create offspring through whom he would be able to learn ever more about himself. She emerged and lovingly he called her Gaia, his Goddess and consort. He allocated to her his soft, sensitive feeling and wisdom part, his soul, and destined her to be the protector of all life. She was going to be the wise, all loving and caring mother of all his creations. He decreed that Gaia, his soul, should contain and keep forever any wisdom – spiritual light – that would be gathered anywhere.

It was clear that Gaia, in common with all life she and Uranus would bring forth, would live by the laws her husband and lover had created for the wellbeing of all. She knew that the law of Karma would always ensure that in due course justice would be done for any deed. Rather than calling for vengeance, as we still did at the times of the ancient Greeks, she was aware that this is never necessary. But this concept had to be part of the story that was presented to us in those days. It helped us understand that we could not do as we liked and that misdeeds would be punished and justice be done. To explain the law of Karma to us during that phase of our development would have been a waste time; it was far too early for us to grasp such concepts. Viewed from our purely human standpoint at that time, we too would surely have thought that Saturn’s action was in retaliation for Uranus’ coldness and callousness towards his offspring, and therefore justified. We would have applauded it and said that it served Uranus right.
Esoterically, the Uranus and Gaia tale is worthy of closer examination in a great many ways; in this respect – but this one only – it can be likened to the Christmas story. Both are supercharged with symbolisms to guide humankind towards a better understanding of its own nature. Because of the low evolutionary level we had when it was given to our world, the use of powerful imagery was essential; otherwise the severity of the crime and its subsequent punishment would not have been impressed upon us sufficiently to deter us from doing similarly evil things.

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The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth!

Uranus knew that the more highly evolved his children would eventually become, the story of how it all began would have to be told and retold a great many times, in ever more advanced ways. The wonderful myths and legends of antiquity, including the Greek civilisations would neither be valid nor acceptable when they finally stood on the threshold of another Age of Aquarius. Then they would be entitled to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about themselves and their Creator. In those far off days his Divine spark in every heart and soul would finally wake up and begin to realise its own nature. That would be the phase of their development when they needed his truth, directly from him, the Source.

He would make himself known as their inner teacher and guide, their intuition and the small still voice of conscience who had always tried to keep them from harm. But for a long time, not knowing that he was there, they would not listen and frequently go astray and lose their way in the wilderness of Earth life. When the right time had come, he promised them that he would personally see to it that deceptions and misunderstandings could no longer creep in.

The beginnings of stories like the Uranus and Gaia one are by now lost in the mists of time. More than likely they originated in other and much older cultures that came and went before the Ancient Greeks. Of necessity the survival instinct and therefore the sexual drive in all species had to be the strongest one of all; it is hardly surprising that to this day it is the most difficult one to master. It is likely that in the early days of Earth life we were so savage, lawless and wild that it took strong medicine in the shape of tough allegories to drive certain messages into our thick skulls.

Life for most of us in those days must have been fully occupied with a constant struggle for our existence, which cannot have left much room in our consciousness for much else. Teaching us must have been a case of fighting fire with fire, namely instilling the fear of the Gods into our hearts and souls, so that we would behave ourselves at least somewhat reasonably. It’s not for nothing that we all contain such deeply rooted primeval fears that now prove extremely difficult to shed.

As one gains a deeper understanding of the law of Karma and reincarnation, it comes clear that we must have taken part in Earth life many times before, in other lifetimes and in different guises. This means that time and again we acted the role of our own ancestors. Who knows? Maybe cutting off each other’s genitals was a custom in those days, like the one of nailing criminals to wooden crosses, the way it was done when the legend of the Master Jesus was given to our world. It is quite possible that the severing of bodily parts was what we all did to each other in past lifetimes, whenever someone had done us wrong and we were seeking vengeance. In  the times of the Ancient Greeks humankind was very fond of high drama – the more bloodthirsty and cruel a tale was the better it was received by the public. Whether this is now an unpalatable factor or not, in those days we certainly loved weltering in the gore.

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Part Two

The Labours Of Hercules - The Eleventh Labour

Cleansing Human Consciousness - A Truly Herculean Task

Rays of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Eleventh Labour Of Hercules

Heracles was one of the greatest of Greek mythology’s Divine heroes. He was one of the Argonauts and famous for his strength and his numerous far-ranging adventures. The Argonauts were a legendary band of heroes, who in the years before the Trojan War accompanied Jason to Colchis in his quest for the Golden Fleece. Their name is derived from their ship, the Argo, named after its builder, Argus. Argus Panoptes was a primordial giant who was described as having multiple, often one hundred, eyes.

Our hero was the son of Zeus, the father of the Gods and supreme deity. His mother was a mortal woman by the name of Alcmene. In the later Roman religion and mythology Heracles’ name changed to Hercules, whose father was Jupiter, king of the Gods and God of sky and thunder. Jupiter was the chief deity of the Roman state religion during the Republican and Imperial eras, until Christianity became dominant throughout the Roman Empire. Zeus is said to have negotiated with Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome, to establish the principles of Roman religion such as sacrifice.

Heracles/Hercules’ mother was a woman who belonged to the Earth plane. Like most heroes of the ancient world, our two were half human and half Divine. As Christianity has its roots in both traditions, as well as all other religions that were still practised at the time, the legend of Jesus as the hero who rises above all obstacles is clearly an extension and natural continuation of the old tale. It represents another variation on an ancient theme. Each time the story of this hero is retold, it has to be in keeping with the level of humankind’s spiritual development at that particular time. Its contents depend on how much understanding we, individually and as a race, have gained up to that point. For this purpose every new hero is placed in a different setting and a new name has to be invented for him.

The first requirement every new tale had to fulfil was the hiding of the esoteric wisdom of the Ancient Teachings. With the help of the Angels in charge of us these teachings were given to humankind, God’s children of the Earth, directly from the Source of all being. The esoteric wisdom and truth they brought came down the ages and reached us in ever new disguises. With the passing of time, this camouflage grew ever more transparent, so that the esoteric meaning behind the surface words of the myths and legends that were given in this way would gradually be easier to detect and interpret. This has always been the intention behind each one of them.

Each one of the tales was designed to capture people’s imagination and communicate with their hearts and souls. Without this it would be impossible for any of the new religions that appeared from time to time, to carry its followers along and arouse in them the necessary religious fervour. They would then lack the zeal to fight for and if need be would be prepared to sacrifice their lives trying to help their new believe to achieve the top position of the religious league table.

Even though the scribes on every occasion must have known that what they were creating was nothing but a new myth and that their tale was pure fantasy, their story had to have a ring of truth about it. Basing them on events of the past described by sacred teachings of the old religions made this easier. Furthermore, the legend had to contain promises of things and events to come which could be recognised by the disciples to be as something desirable to strive for. How else would anyone believe a new movement and decide to follow its leaders?

Bearing these points in mind, from the evolutionary point we have reached by now, the stories of Heracles/Hercules/Jesus in truth contain one and the same message for our whole race and the spiritual development of each one of us within this monad. The most essential element of the Jesus legend had to be added to the tales that came before it. For a long time prophecies had circulated about the appearance of a messiah, who would be capable of saving and redeeming us and our world from all our sins.

This theme was skilfully built into the new myth and the story was told in a manner which created the impression that its hero came into our world as the fulfilment of these promises. As it was still far too early to reveal to the mass of people God’s true nature and our own, as young Gods in the making, for quite a long time to come it would be necessary to hide the story’s underlying esoteric meanings. To understand why and how this was possible, it needs to be born in mind that very few people could read and write in those days. Storytellers and itinerant preachers travelled the length and breadth of countries in search of people who were willing to listen to the messages they brought. They were hoping that some of them would be fired into joining and following them and their new movement.

As these wandering minstrels were speaking from memory, ever more fantastic details and fabulous deeds were steadily added onto the original tale, which they themselves had picked up somewhere. As folks back then were extremely gullible and superstitious, the story and its following grew and prospered. And once more let’s not think in terms of ‘them’ and ‘us’, but only of ‘we’ and ‘us’. To my mind there is every likelihood that we, the more highly evolved souls in our midst, were among them at least in some of our lifetimes. If you had been one of the travelling salesmen of spiritual ideas, who convincingly enough promised me salvation and the redemption of all my sins, I probably would have followed you whoever you may have been and wherever you wanted me to go.

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The Beginning Of The Jesus Story

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – The Beginning Of The Jesus StoryFast forward now for about three hundred years to the time when the number of believers in the new tale had grown so strong that it was inevitable that sooner or later a bright spark somewhere would recognise its potential for exploiting it for selfish gains. Clearly, the time for writing it down had come and it did not take long until the Roman emperor, from 306 to 337 AD, Constantine the Great, also known as Constantine I or Saint Constantine recognised that great spiritual and political capital could be made out of the new tale.

Through cleverly manipulating it and applying it to achieve his ends of increased power and possible world domination, Constantine became the first Christian emperor and a significant figure in the history of Christianity. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built on his orders at the site where Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem is supposed to have been, soon became the holiest place in Christendom. The Papal claim to temporal power is believed to have been based on the Donation of Constantine. To this day, he is venerated as a saint by Eastern Orthodox Christians, Byzantine Catholics and Anglicans.

There is no need for me to investigate the nature of Constantine’s relationship with the Christian Church here, as Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy in their book ‘The Jesus Mysteries’ have done this much better than I could ever hope to do. The two most relevant chapters of this book have already been shared with you in another part of my jottings under the heading ‘The Great Cover-Up’. If you are as yet unfamiliar with it, please follow the link here or at the end of this chapter.

The research of Freke and Gandy revealed that before a church was set up by Constantine, the early Christians were all Gnostics. The word comes from the Greek gnostikos = learned and gnosis = knowledge. The Gnostics were given this name because they knew that the hero of the then circulating tales about a holy man, who had descended from the highest levels of life to walk the Earth with humankind as its teacher, were just that: stories, no more and no less. The prophets of the sacred texts of old had announced for a very long time that a man would one day appear in our world to save and redeem humankind.

The Gnostics were highly advanced souls who knew that such tales should never be taken literally. They were aware that sacred wisdom and truth in the form of esoteric metaphors and allegories was hiding behind their surface words. They appreciated that each one of them had been given by the Highest forces of life with the greatest of love and care to assist humankind with getting a better idea of its pathway through Earth life and to explain to us in ways that could easily be grasped the various initiations each one of us eventually has to undergo.

The Angels knew that revealing such things to the mass of people would have to wait until we and our world had sufficiently absorbed the lessons of the patriarchy. They were specifically designed to show us how deep human spirits in earthly life are capable of sinking in their selfish pursuit of power, fame and glory. There is probably nothing in the whole of Creation to excel our human nature when it comes to cruelty and depravity, greed and corruption, and the gross baseness of human behaviour towards each other each one of us in the early stages of our development as earthlings displays.

To provide us with a tool for taking us down to the greatest depths of this road of pain and suffering, darkness and depravity, the Angels inspired Eusebius, Constantine’s spin doctor, to cobble together the Jesus story. Its details were culled from the sacred teachings of the religions that already were in existence, though a new name had to be invented for the new story’s hero. Taken straight from the old religions, all other elements merely had to be placed in different settings from that of the old stories but with which people were familiar and could associate with in their minds.

This enterprise followed the age-old tradition of storytelling, which decreed that a story is not worth telling unless its events are wrapped around a personality with heroic and superhuman inclinations. He has to be capable of conquering everything that comes his way, just the same as Heracles/Hercules and many other male protagonists before them, merely in a somewhat different way in keeping with the customs of the time in question. The crowning glory of such exercises is the fact that a storyteller worth his salt never allows the truth to interfere with his spinning of a good yarn. The Jesus story is probably one of the finest examples of this.

But all legendary heroes before Jesus had the same symbolic meaning and were bringing an identical message to humankind struggling on the Earth plane. The main difference between them and the hero of our new tale is that the old protagonists were known to be metaphors and allegories only. The people accepted them as such. The Greek legends that have come down the ages to us and our world have their roots in the even more ancient Egyptian mythological tales.

Gnosticism existed long before literalism appeared on the scene. It seems to me the latter had to be invented, as the Gnostics already experienced God as being an integral part of themselves. They knew that the Divine was not something that could only be found in temples and churches and their sacred writings. With the help of spreading such beliefs, the priesthoods slowly but surely turned their scriptures into perfect instruments for subjecting and exploiting people for selfish personal gains, for satisfying their insatiable human hunger for power and empire building. Greed and corruption, murder and intrigue were the order of the day among those grappling for top positions in the hierarchy’s ranks, with their lust for power and conquest of souls and – more to the point – people’s possessions. The sad catalogue of human suffering this caused blossomed and bloomed and was given free reign under the protective cloak of what in those days went under the name of religion.

In order to make all this possible, the latest arrival on humankind’s heroic scene had to be different. Basically, it was all very simple. Jesus was declared to be a historical figure and the events he was involved in were presented as historical facts. This turned the new tale into a just the right tool for the endless warmongering of the coming centuries and millennia, forever attempting to systematically destroy or at least suppress the religions that had existed a long time before Christianity appeared on the scene.

If any of the followers of the other belief systems were unwilling to agree with and join the new religion and accept its way of being presented as the truth and nothing but the most holy truth, they were removed from the scene in whatever manner was considered to be necessary, if need be just wiped out. Literalism provided the churches with an ideal instrument for doing just that. The followers of other religions, who were equally fanatic and misguided, down the ages have been doing nothing more than following the example of Christianity.

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Christianity’s Foundations

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – Christianity’s FoundationChristianity’s foundations are rock-solid and sound, but they only become visible when one knocks the outer structure of literalism down and behind them reveals the glorious wonder and truth of the most Ancient Teachings of all, which to this day are not accepted by many devout church-attending Christians.

Under Constantine’s rulership the new tale of the Jesus myth became the underpinning of the Christian movement through the ages. The success of the new religion was secured by proclaiming that it had to be taken literally, as every one of its words had come directly from God’s mouth. It was declared to be unfailingly true and any attempts at calling the bluff about these statements were suppressed by any means available, especially the power of the sword. Laid into the hands of the Roman state and church authorities, the new myth was quite literally a Heaven-sent for gradually wiping out every last remnants of the Goddess’ wisdom and truth. Provided with this lethal weapon, Christianity took us and our world ever deeper into the dungeon of the darkness and suffering of the patriarchy.

The new religion provided humankind with a plentiful supply of excuses for declaring war on anyone who refused to believe that the Jesus legend really was a historic document and true in every last detail and word. It did not take long until it had developed into one of humankind’s finest lethal warheads. As time went by, it was used with the utmost efficiency to systematically wipe out every last shred – well, almost as we shall soon see – of evidence of the Gnostics’ existence and their beliefs, in which the Jesus story undoubtedly has its roots.

Such things were possible in the days when very few could read and write, and communicating with other countries and civilisations was extremely difficult. And nobody in Constantine’s time could have expected that more than two thousand years later, people would go in search of evidence against him and his rulership with the help of the religion that was created on his instructions during his reign.

Sowing the seeds of hatred created ever more plausible pretexts for going to war against all non-believers of this new belief system. This also opened the doors wide for the persecution of the Jewish people, because Constantine’s religion accused them of having killed the young God of the Christians, Jesus Christ. As a result, for centuries Jewish people would be hounded and discriminated against, throughout our world. This found its crescendo in the horror of the holocaust, Hitler’s ‘final solution’ for what the Nazis indoctrinated the German people to believe were the problems created by the Jewish race.

So much suffering for the sake of what in the end turned out as nothing but a false belief! It had been created quite deliberately in this particular manner and in cold blood, so that it could be used as a tool for the subjugation, domination and exploitation of the mass of people. And that by a religion that was trying to convince people that its God is love!

Many years ago, I read somewhere that the Jewish race can be likened to a giant clearing house for souls with particularly heavy karmic debts to pay. The events of their maltreatment, especially in the most recent past mentioned above, set me wondering for what other reasons anyone would need to be subjected to such horrors. Appreciating that nothing in this life happens perchance or by accident, but has meaning and serves a higher purpose, all we can do is kneel before the suffering of our whole world. We need to pray for forgiveness for every one of us, including ourselves and the roles we too must have played through the ages on the downwards pointing spiral of humankind’s evolutionary pathway.

For a complete all-round human earthly education, this road first takes each one of us down into exploring the lower and lowest characteristics of our nature. Avarice, greed and corruption, selfishness, cruelty and craving for power have to be experienced to the fullest before we can turn our back on them and begin the upwards climb into getting to know our higher and highest character traces. Only when the lower lessons have been sufficiently attended to, at the giving as well as the receiving end, can our ascent start.

Those who are already moving in the upwards direction, have every reason for gladness and expressing their thankful for all that once was in our lives, now is and forever will be. We do well to remind ourselves regularly that we have no right to sit in judgement over anyone who is still taking part in the lower and lowest lessons. To paraphrase what the Jesus legend tells us in St John 8:7: ‘Let those of us who are without sin be the first to throw a stone at anyone.’
It makes me shudder to look back on the suffering of truly Cosmic proportions, which we have been inflicting upon each other. Yet, when considered in the light of our evolutionary pathway as young Gods in the making, one can recognise that all of it was a ‘worthy’ instrument for moulding us, the human children of God in our disguise as earthlings, into the awareness of our true identity. Bearing in mind that we are sparks of the Divine, it is probably not surprising that most of our race’s warfaring seems to have been carried out in the name of one religion or another. Being spirits and souls who are experiencing life in physicality, matters of the spirit and therefore religions somehow for a very long time formed an in important part of our consciousness. Even in declared atheists this aspect of human nature rests in the recesses of their subconscious.

Fortunately, a vast circle of life is in the process of closing and one chapter of our race’s development is nearing its natural end. And once more there probably is no need for astonishment that, in keeping with the fact that the darkest hour comes just before the dawn, to reach this point we and our world first had to work our way through the living inferno and Armageddon, rolled into one, of the two World Wars. But now we are definitely returning to the knowledge of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. As each one of us turns into a Gnostic, we are living proof that these things cannot be suppressed forever by anyone.

The followers of Gnosticism, as likely as not you and I among them, were hunted by Christianity. For a while they managed to disappear underground, but eventually all of them were wiped out by whatever means possible. However, unknown to the outside world for a long time, something of their work remained. It was found in December 1945 in a place called Nag Hammadi, a city in Upper Egypt, known as Chenoboskion in classical antiquity. It is located on the west bank of the Nile in the Qena Governorate, about eighty kilometres north-west of Luxor.

These days Nag Hammadi is best known for being the site where local farmers once found a sealed earthenware jar which contained thirteen leather-bound papyrus codices, together with pages torn from another book. The mother of the farmers burned one of the books and parts of a second, including its cover. But twelve of these books survived, though one without its cover and the loose pages. These writings date back to the second century AD and comprise fifty-two mostly Gnostic tractates, which were found in a single grave site. The contents of the Coptic-bound codices were written in Coptic, but the works are thought to probably be all translations from Greek. The Nag Hammadi codices contain the only complete copy of the Gospel of Thomas. All texts were made public in 1975 and are now available online.

The seed of the Gnostics’ faith and trust in the belief that the long promised saviour and redeemer, the Christ, would eventually be born in every human heart and soul, is now beginning to bear rich fruit. It is likely that they felt intuitively that this could not happen until the time was right and therefore could only be experienced in some far distant lifetime. Here we are and that time is now. Hallelujah! Thanks and praise be to God and the Angels for bringing us safely to this point, and for rewarding our trust and patience by allowing us to take part in the major transformation our world is undergoing at present.

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Neptune And The Age Of Pisces

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – Neptune And The Age Of PiscesAlthough the Age of Pisces now lies behind us, let’s stay with it for a moment and try to understand the events of those days and why they happened. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, the twelfth house is its natural domain and its astrological glyph is two fish tied in the middle by a silver thread. The sign and the house are of the soul and of Karma and it is for good reason that they are known as the places of our own undoing.

Pisces is co-ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Each one represents a different aspect of the Divine. Jupiter on its own is also the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of higher education of all kinds. The nature of this planet is expansive and jovial, gullible and gaseous. During the lowest phase of our earthly development this is experienced as a liking for hot air, the storyteller and raconteur, who doesn’t allow the truth to interfere with the spinning of a good yarn, and the show-person of the zodiac. During lifetimes in Sagittarius our superconscious faculties begin to open up and develop. Religious institutions and their employees are ruled by this sign.

Neptune is other-worldly, devious and deceptive. The influence of its energies makes itself felt gradually in our world. Insidiously and unknown to our conscious awareness, they sneak through the backdoor – so to speak – into our awareness, and are centred on five words beginning with ‘d’: disintegration, disorientation, dissolution, deception and disillusionment. Under the influence of the combined energies of the two planets, the greatest deception our world had ever seen came into being. It plunged us and our world into experiencing first hand, time and again either at the giving or the receiving end, into the depths of cruelty and inhumanness, depravity and degradation human souls at the most basic stage of their development are capable of. And whether we like this fact or not, this too has been and still is part of God’s great evolutionary plan of life.

Having explored some of the manifestations of the lower and lowest characteristics of Jupiter and Neptune and experienced their influence on us and our world during the Piscean Age, we are now ready to move on to learn all about their higher and highest expressions. Neptune’s energies are the Universe’s highest love vibration, which knows and understand nothing of earthly concerns. Venus represents the lower love vibrations. Neptune’s positive qualities can provide those who are strongly under the influence of this planet’s energies with receptivity and impressionability of a special kind, as well as a sympathetic understanding of people. They possess the gift of fantasy and imagination, sensitivity and a love for quiet contemplations, a sympathetic understanding and compassionate sensitivity towards other people’s suffering, a dreamy nature and a natural talent for things that belong to the higher and highest realms of life like mysticism, Gnosticism and spiritual mediumship.

As the time was not yet right for developing these things during the Piscean Age, they had to be suppressed until that phase of our development had been left behind. Only then did we begin to gradually move towards mysticism, Gnosticism and spiritual mediumship again to re-discover and take possession of them. On the negative side Neptune’s energies reveal their presence as too much impressionability and gullibility, over-sensitivity and vagueness, a lack of clarity and true vision, confusion and fanciful notions, a tendency to deceive, lie and defraud others. A lack of planning ability also enters into the picture.

Expressed positively, Jupiter’s energies provide us and our world with harmony and laws, as well as religious and philosophical beliefs. This is accompanied by an urge for expansion, extension and enlargement. Jupiter rules ownership and possession, as well as feelings of satisfaction. Its highest intention is to bless us and our world with justice, constructive inclinations, optimism, a social sense, high moral and religious aspirations, and the ability to survey the whole. Jupiter’s negative characteristics express themselves in disharmony, injustice, quarrelsomeness, anti-social conduct, amoral behaviour, immorality, a craving for pleasure, greed and an over-materialistic attitude towards life.

Take a look at the negative aspects of both planets and add them together. It only requires the most basic understanding of astrology provided here to be able to see now only how but why the Jesus legend, the foundation of the Christian faith, came into being. It was because the law of evolution decrees that at the beginning of each sign the lowest expressions of their ruling planet’s energies have to be experienced. Through the suffering this causes, the human soul gradually begins to reach for the higher and eventually the highest manifestations.

And this is how, in the course of the Piscean Age, lasting rather more than 2,000 years, we have slowly but surely been working our way through Jupiter and Neptune’s negative manifestations in ourselves and those around us. This means that by now many, maybe most of us, are living on their higher rays. In the case of Jupiter this means living on the ray of hope, faith and trust, and in the case of Neptune on the ray of the illumination of the highest realms in the Universe and being inspired by them.

Oh wonder! Oh miracle! The greatest deception of all times was necessary and all along has been a natural part of God’s evolutionary plan of life. Its unfoldment is decided by the flow of energies that are available for us and our world, affecting everything it contains at any given time. Even the most awful things that ever took place and still are doing are in truth part of this plan.

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The Wisdom Of The Great Mother

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – The Wisdom Of The Great MotherThe Great Mother of all life is immensely kind, loving and wise. She knows each one of her beloved children of the Earth and their true needs much better than we ourselves do. Her wisdom has decreed that to teach us how to appreciate the value of the things and people in our lives, this is only possible through losing them. For example, through becoming ill we get to know the value of good health. The deceptions of the self and others, and the cheating and lying of the Piscean Age are no exception. With their help the Universe teaches us how to appreciate truth and honesty, integrity and loyalty. We do recognise and welcome then when they return to our world at last.

During the approximately six thousand years of patriarchy, which by now has almost run its course, the Universe has been teaching us to distinguish between the abuse and wise use of power. One of the main purposes of this epoch has been to show us in the realities of Earth life how the absence of the mellowing and civilising influence of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love and the feminine in general can take a whole world ever deeper into a darkest void of suffering and pain.

With the arrival of the Aquarian Age this has slowly been changing, as can be seen quite clearly from the events of the past hundred years or so. The new age has already had a highly beneficial influence in our world. The first signs were suffrage for all people, not merely the higher ranks of humankind. Not long after came the vote for women and slow beginnings of equal rights for them, so that they could once more have their say in the running of our world. These things are part of the Great Mother’s return into the conscious awareness of our world and re-establishing the rulership of the wisdom and love of the feminine.

The warmongering of the past in the end teaches even the slowest learners the value of peace. But great obstacles had and still have to be overcome by some of us before this goal can finally be reached for our whole world. The sacred texts of the religions of our world to this day are trying to do their best to hold back our race’s evolutionary development. Although they have a great deal to answer for, in the long run nobody can succeed with this.

First in line is the Old Testament of the Bible, in particular the book of Genesis. With the greatest of care it once sowed the seeds of misogyny, the hatred of women, into the hearts and minds of its male followers. Alas, these seeds have taken root only too well and are still flowering in the hearts of the male population in various parts of our world. The sacred texts of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to this day contain at least parts of this Old Testament.

This term is generally used by most Christians for the first section of their Bible, which is primarily based on the Hebrew Scriptures. It consists of many different books written that were compiled and edited by various authors over a period of centuries. It is not entirely clear at what point the parameters of the Hebrew Bible, the basis for the Christian Old Testament, were fixed. Some scholars believe that the canon of this Bible was already established by about the third century BC, and that the development of the various forms of the Christian Old Testament continued for centuries.

The patriarchy’s carefully nurtured hatred and distrust of women explains the rather dubious role Hera, a symbol of the Divine Mother, plays in the Heracles legend. She was the wife of Zeus who was the king of the Gods and Hera was his queen. When she found out about the infant Heracles’ existence, she ordered two snakes to be secreted into his crib. No doubt the readers of the tale are to believe that this was done in a fit of jealousy.

The baby’s nurse later finding him with a strangled serpent in each hand and chattering delightedly to himself is an allegory for demonstrating the boy’s superhuman strength and powers. The Jesus legend shows these qualities with the descriptions of the miracles and wonders performed by the Master. These characteristics are also part of each one of us.

Hera being part of Heracles’ name is an indication that although the child came into this world through a mortal woman, this could not change the fact that the Goddess and Mother of all life, the wife of Zeus/Jupiter, is his mother in the Heavens, the highest plane of life, is part of him. Greek and Roman mythology was a vital contributor to the patriarchy. To feed the misogynistic demands of that time some more, the child’s Heavenly mother was presented as a mean and jealous woman, who commits the infamy of sneaking two serpents into the baby’s crib.

This was necessary because the predecessors of the Abrahamic religions of the patriarchy, which evolved from the Greek and Roman ones and others before them, the Great Mother Goddess was worshipped and the snake revered as the symbol of Her wisdom. But even when she appears in the role of Hera, this mother does not want any one of Her children of Earth to go through life without Her wisdom and love. And so she provides this one with two serpents, knowing full well that by the time of the Greco/Roman civilisations, She Herself had become a wicked creature and the snake a symbol of darkness and evil. For human minds it is almost impossible to comprehend the power and greatness of the love that has always been the motivation behind everything that has ever happened in our world and still does. But that undoubtedly is the case so that we, Her beloved children, should learn from the experiences these events would bring to us.

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The Symbolism Of The Snakes

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – The Symbolism Of The SnakesThe two snakes of the Heracles legend represent the gifts bestowed upon the child by the masculine and feminine aspects of its Divine parents. Their presence reveals that Heracles, the same as you and me, although he has come into this world through earthly and therefore mortal people, he also possesses the powers of his Divine parents. We too contain them, although initially only as a potential and in seed form. Our hero killing the serpents in his infancy with his hands is a metaphor for the fact that in the early stages of our development the powers of wisdom and love are killed off and removed from our conscious awareness, shortly after each new entry into Earth life.

Each one of the Heracles/Hercules/Jesus stories is filled with symbolisms for humankind’s existence on the Earth plane. The two snakes are an essential part of the attempts to explain to us the duality of our Creator’s nature and our own. This duplicity consists of our higher and lower nature, Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, darkness and light, and so forth. In each one of us the snakes are in need of being trained by us, until they have learnt to work together in peace and harmony, the same as they are doing in our Creator. When the snakes finally wind themselves around each other, all dualities and aspects of our nature have been healed into one harmoniously functioning unit. The Caduceus is a symbol of this process. In ancient Greece and Rome it was a herald’s wand around which two serpents were winding themselves.

This kind of staff was carried by the messenger of the Gods, Hermes in Greek mythology and Mercury in the Roman tradition. Their job was to bring the fire of the Gods in the form of the wisdom and knowledge of the Highest down to the Earth plane. Their aim was to alleviate the suffering caused by humankind’s darkness of ignorance. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini, the Air sign responsible for the development of our earthly minds, as well as Virgo, the teaching and healing sign of zodiac. Adopted as the Western medical profession’s insignia in the early twentieth century, the Caduceus symbolises and honours the primordial origins of disease and the process of healing it.

The Caduceus is an ancient symbol which is traditionally associated with medicine and healing. It is also of significance in the fields of science and mathematics and their application to earthly life, as well as the evolution of human consciousness and serves as a model for the structure of the Universe. The word Caduceus comes from the Greek word ‘kerykeion’ and literally means Herald’s staff. In the days of yore a herald was a messenger sent by monarchs to convey some kind of proclamation. Their staff was thought to be a magical artefact or wand associated with wisdom and the ability to perform mystical actions. And so it is not surprising that this aspect of the staff is repeatedly shown in the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It was once believed to be a symbol of power and the axis or pole by which the ancient messenger Gods travelled between Heaven and Earth.

From the way the youngster disposes of the snakes by sheer brutal force one could be tempted to deduct that none of the Great Mother’s wisdom would ever be at the disposal of her least evolved, youngest children of the Earth, symbolised by the crib. Heracles’ later heroic deeds, however, show us that in truth the Divine gifts are bestowed upon all God’s children of the Earth and were never given to any one of us in vain. Wherever we go, they never leave us. It’s just that for a long time they are merely at our disposal from the spiritual background of life. Whenever someone in distress asks for them, they are there and at all times ready to help in every possible way, but only in keeping with the predestined pathway our soul has chosen for this lifetime, which is known to them.

Our young hero’s killing of the snakes while he is still in his cradle represents our lesson during the earliest phases of our development, our spiritual infancy and childhood. Young children are known to still have a strong connection with the world of spirit, our true home. The knowledge of the intimate connection and relationship we have with this world and its inhabitants is usually shed as we grow up. This loss teaches us what a cold and lonely existence earthly life can be when we have been cut off from the conscious awareness of the spiritual sustenance we constantly receive from the background of life.

In truth it never really goes from any of us. Even when we are unaware of its presence, it is there for us nonetheless. For a long time we carry deep within our soul an uncertain feeling and a sense of having lost something very precious, without actually knowing what it is we are sorrowing for. This is the only way we can learn to appreciate the value of our unseen and utterly reliable support system. It ensures that, when we rediscover it, we shall never let go of it again. With immense generosity and love the Universe sends us out into the world to discover the powers of the hidden part of our being, so that through real life experiences they can grow and bring forth our inner strengths.

As life itself is the great teacher, the Universal Force in its infinite wisdom, within certain limits, lets us have what we desire from life, so that we can learn from the mistakes we are making along the way. In this process we evolve and grow through the wisdom and understanding, which even the slowest of learners gains in the course of however many lifetimes on the Earth plane their individual development may take. It’s the kind of teaching that on the Earth plane would be called ‘tough love’. At all times the Great Father/Mother of all life is constantly practising it in truly Cosmic proportions.

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Travelling On The Great Wheel Of Life

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – Travelling On The Great Wheel Of LifeThe story of Hercules has been told time and again. On one occasion it was done by the American esoteric writer, Alice Ann Bailey, 1880 – 1949. A writer and theosophist in occult teachings, esoteric psychology and healing, astrological and other philosophic and religious themes, she was born as Alice LaTrobe Bateman, in Manchester, England. She moved to the United States in 1907, where she spent most of her life as a writer and teacher. Her works, written between 1919 and 1949, describe a wide-ranging system of esoteric thought covering such topics as how spirituality relates to the solar system, meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, the destiny of nations and prescriptions for society in general.

Alice described the majority of her work as having been telepathically dictated to her by a Master of Wisdom, initially referred to only as ‘the Tibetan’ or by the initials D.K., later identified as Djwal Khul. Her writings were of the same nature as those of Madame Blavatsky and are known as the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Though Bailey’s writings differ from the orthodox Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky, they have much in common with it. She wrote about religious themes, including Christianity, though her writings are fundamentally different from many aspects of Christianity and of other orthodox religions. Her vision of a unified society includes a global spirit of religion that is different from traditional religious forms and including the concept of the Age of Aquarius.

The book ‘The Labours of Hercules’ is a most enlightening and thought-provoking read. I share her view that the tale describes the evolutionary travels of the human soul on the wheel of life, whose symbol is the zodiac. The legend represents the tests and trials all of us have to deal with on a daily basis and the various initiations every one of us earthlings eventually has to undergo. Hercules having been given the task of working his way through twelve labours is an allegory of humankind going round and round the zodiac and taking part in the many diverse life lessons every human soul has to experience in earthly life. The twelve signs and houses of the zodiac are an excellent description of this journey.

Aquarius being the eleventh sign and the eleventh house its natural domain, it is not surprising that the eleventh labour of Hercules is so relevant to the issues that are currently facing us and our world, individually and collectively. First in line this labour deals with the main obstacles every soul on its evolutionary pathway has to overcome and the many mountains that are still waiting to be climbed by each one of us.

The Heracles/Hercules/Jesus stories and all other myths and legends our world has ever known were mainly designed to drive the point home that, whether we are as yet aware of this fact or not, we are half earthling and half God. Sons/daughters of the Great Father/Mother of all life, we are as much children of the Earth as of the Heavens, a metaphor for the highest levels of life. And from each one of us children a veritable Herculean effort is required. We too have to work our way through the tests and trials that have to be endured and carried out in the course of our long evolutionary journey through Earth life.

To ensure that we find our way home again at the end of travail, a deep yearning has been programmed into every soul for its home and mother and the security she alone can offer during the stage of our development we spend in her womb. For a long time these feelings have to remain hidden in the deepest innermost recesses of our soul memories. All we are aware of on the surface of things is a deep inner ache. What we don’t know is that our pain has its roots in a special kind of homing device that is specially designed to start drawing us back into the oneness with God, as soon as our earthly education draws to its close. What we feel is a nagging ache and a restless urge that slowly becomes more and more powerful, until it takes over our whole being and creates the danger of spoiling every part of our life.

In the end these sensations grow so strong that we feel intuitively drawn to go in search of things that will somehow satisfy our longing. Alas, when at last we pay another visit to our old home and mother, we may find that she has turned into an angry and embittered unpleasant old woman. Looking around, we can draw no other conclusion than that there is nothing for us in the place we once used to call home. Should this happen to you, as it did to me, it may take you a while before you realise that your uncontrollable longing in truth was for your true parents and home and not their earthly counterparts.

It is then no longer difficult to understand why your encounter had to be such an unpleasant one and that it had been designed that way to fulfil a wise higher purpose. Without it you could easily have got lost in the illusion of Earth life and remained stuck on this part of your evolutionary journey, unable to move on. Now you appreciate that there is every reason for you to give thanks and praise for everything that ever was in your life, even for the bitter disappointment and the heartache caused by the above mentioned reunion.

These experiences have helped you to become aware that the security human beings are seeking cannot be provided by anything that belongs to earthly life. Believing that it is possible to find it here and especially in human relationships, but also things and places is part of the illusion of this existence. We are shown these things to teach us that true and everlasting security and peace can only come to us through our reunion with the Great Father/Mother of all life, our true parents and home.

During our lifetimes in physicality the right place for going in search of these things is within. In our meditations and quiet reflections we need to let the things of earthly life fall from us and surrender our whole being, mind, body and soul, to the exploration of the joys that can only be found on the spiritual planes life. Practising this in the fullness of time assists us with remaining dispassionate in any kind of turmoil and disputes in the outer world.

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Cleansing The Inner Stables

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – Cleansing The Inner StablesBefore human souls are allowed to enter into any kind of studies on the higher levels of life, they have to go through a deep inner cleansing of consciousness. The way Hercules went about his eleventh labour of cleaning the stables that belonged to Augeas, son of Neptune, God of the waters and the Sun, provides us with a vivid description of the processes involved. Augeas is a king who keeps vast herds of animals in his stables. When Hercules arrives on the scene, these stables have not been cleaned for thirty years and it is not hard to imagine the amount of filth they contain. Before our hero appeared on the scene, many had attempted to carry out this task. Yet, each new aspirant failed miserably because the assignment was so enormous that it was beyond their capabilities.

Enter Hercules, an initiate and a wise one, who listens to and follows the instructions of his inner guidance. He also possesses self-mastery and practises self-discipline, and has a great deal of common sense. The combination of these things enable him to approach the problem in a most ingenious and surprising manner. If we wish to succeed with the job of cleansing our inner stables, for us as aspirants on our way back home into the oneness with God, our first requirement is to develop the virtues displayed by Hercules.

When presented with the cleaning of the stables, Hercules withdraws to the top of one of the nearby mountains. This is a metaphor for retiring from the outer world, going within and consulting our prayers, meditations and quiet reflections with our Highest or God Self, to seek its advice. That undoubtedly is the origin of the brilliant idea that comes to our hero for solving the smelly problem of the Augean stables, once and for all. And so he descends from the mountain top and willingly follows the instructions his inner teacher continues to give him. Lo and behold, the result is a glorious victory over what previously seemed an insoluble assignment. A metaphor that tells us that with the help and the will of God and the Angels all things are possible and even the greatest obstacle can be overcome.

Hercules went about the job in hand as follows. Before climbing the mountain he had noticed that in the valley two rivers were flowing past the Augean stables. On first impulse he had tried to break down the wall surrounding the stables, but this was unsuccessful. Then his inner guidance asks him: ‘How about making two large holes in the opposite sides of the stables?’ Hercules follows this instruction and very quickly notes to his delight that as soon as the holes he makes have reached a reasonable size, the water comes rushing through and makes the holes bigger and bigger. At the same time it is doing the cleaning for him. No need for further toiling and sweeping, as his predecessors had done. All that was required was a breaking down of the barriers in the way of the two rivers and redirecting the flow of their water masses.

This is how Hercules ingeniously cleanses the stables, without having to make any undue physical efforts. Greatly pleased with himself, he rushes off to tell Augeas that the stables are now as clean as a whistle and in perfect condition. As a reward Augeas had promised that the successful applicant for this job would receive ten percent of his cattle. Being more spiritually than worldly inclined, Hercules does not want any recompense, but Augeas is a worldly king and insists that he should take it. But then he discovers how Hercules went about his task, that it had been more of a mental than a physical effort, Augeas turns his back on our hero, as in his view it was all done by trickery and there should be no reward.

The cleansing of our inner stables consists of shedding the debris of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions, as well as the memories of the pain and fears we have experienced in the course of all our lifetimes, including this one. Some of these things are by now stored in the deepest innermost recesses of our soul memories and therefore hard to access and release. This kind of burden cannot simply be cleared away by any kind of clever trickery. Working our way through layer upon layer of ever more ancient soul memories is something that may take many years of our undivided attention and a great deal of mental/spiritual effort. And that is a truly Herculean task.

It is an emptying process that can be likened to the peeling of an onion. The deeper we dig down into the layers of our unconscious, the closer we come to the core of our being but at the same time the tighter packed and more intense the stored up feelings are. Should this happen to you, whenever the going gets too rough, on no account give up. Turn to God and the Angels and ask them to help you. As time goes by this flushing out has a wonderfully restoring, refreshing and healing effect on all aspects of our being, mind, body, spirit and soul.

And whenever this process threatens to overwhelm you, take comfort from knowing that – one fine day – you are sure to reach the rock bottom of our soul memories and you will have returned into the oneness with God. On the road to this goal remind yourself frequently: ‘I am safe and secure in God’s loving hands.’ You will find that affirmations of this kind work all the better when they are expressing the truth, rather than trying to convince yourself of something that is not really there. With practice, you will gradually feel the response that from the very core of your being comes to you through the world of your feelings: ‘You are My beloved child. You are in Me and I am in you. Truly, truly I say to you: you are safe.’

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How Did Hercules Go About His Task?

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – How Did Hercules Go About It?

Alice Bailey wrote that the Great Life in whom we live, move and have our being also keeps creatures by the name of human beings, whose emotional desire nature in the lower phases of their spiritual development can be likened to that of a herd of animals. Because all of us have to partake in every lesson physicality has to offer, the very best as well as the worst, it is in the nature of things that for a very long time this herd has to remain locked up in a stable known Earth life.

That is why when we first start our cleansing process, everybody’s inner stables are bound to be filled with a great deal of filth, i.e. the imprints left behind in the soul memories when we were following the less savoury – shall we say? – drives and urges of our lower earthly animal nature. The Augean stables represent the individual and collective subconscious of our race, where all individual and collective soul memories are stored.

The two rivers stand for the positive and negative streams of consciousness of all life, which include the flow of energies from and between the lower earthly mind and its superconscious counterpart on the higher and highest levels of life, known to many on the Earth plane as the Heavens. Before any one of can be reunited with our Creator, who is the Source of all being, our energies and vibrations have to be cleansed of any kind of negativity of the Earth plane. It consists of the many false beliefs, misconceptions, prejudices and superstitions we have brought with us into our present lifetime from previous lifetimes.

As a consequence of the spiritual wisdom that for some time has been pouring ever more powerfully from the highest levels of life into humankind’s individual and collective consciousness, our stables are already undergoing a highly intensive cleansing. The symbol of the Air sign Aquarius is the Waterbearer, but the water the man pours into us and our world is not of the liquid earthly kind. It is the spiritual wisdom and truth that during the Age of Aquarius will flow ever more strongly into all human hearts and souls directly from the Source of our being. All those who are presently here have been granted the gift of another lifetime, so that they can take part in and make their contribution towards the greatest transformation our beautiful planet has ever seen.

Mother Earth is in the process of being transformed into a place of light, healing and peace. The task of every healer and lightbringer is to invite the energies of the Highest onto the Earth plane and to make them welcome. They then surge through our consciousness into that of our whole world and flush away the last remainders of all beliefs that are no longer of any value for us and our world. When this happens, the two rivers of consciousness of heavenly and earthly life begin to flow more freely and as one again, the way they once were.

The cleansing process this requires has to be undertaken by each one of us and it can at times be very scar. Should this happen to you, take heart and remember that we are never alone and that God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to work hand in hand with us. To get the full benefit of this cleansing, it is essential that we pay attention to their guidance from within, follow their instructions and thus learn to go with the flow of our lives.

As we know by now, all powers and characteristics that are in God are also in us, masculine and feminine, negative and positive, darkness and light consisting of the lowest and highest aspects of our nature. During the earliest phase of our development when we were still one with God, we knew everything. But then we were released into the physicality of Earth life. The deeper we descended into it, the more we had to deal with being plunged into the darkness of total ignorance.

The twelve far-ranging adventures of Hercules represent the human spirit and soul on its evolutionary journey, which stretches over many ages and countless lifetimes. When we have become more highly evolved, it takes us through many different cultures and civilisations, so that we may learn from our experiences there. On and on we move, occasionally taking time out for resting in the world of spirit and re-emerging in a different guise and with another name, but always remaining recognisably ourselves.

Relentlessly, we thus surge forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, urged onwards and pulled by our spirit, but for a long time held back and dragged down by the lack of understanding of our easily frightened earthly self. When one considers the horrors each one of us must have endured, especially during the rulership of the patriarchy, the lower self’s reactions are hardly surprising. Yet, the progressive movement has to continue, for after all we are on our way home. A giant circle is closing and we are returning into the loving embrace of our Source, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation must.

When we have reached this destination, we shall be a fully evolved individual in our own right, at one with God and all life, in complete possession of every one of our powers and in charge of them, as a responsible and trustworthy adult spirit and soul, a true and beloved child of God. There will no longer be any need for chomping at the bit at the gates of the Aquarian Age’s freedom, as we shall then have entered into it and taking flight.

The twelve labours of Hercules describe the gradual mastering and taking charge of all aspects of our being. Through the learning we constantly draw from every one of our experiences in the course of many lifetimes, each one of us gradually works their way out of the darkness of ignorance which causes us to fall prey to the most ludicrous false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions. From the knowledge we find along the way and the wisdom that results from putting it into practice in earthly life we slowly but surely move into the light of the spiritual awareness of knowing who and what we truly are and always have been.

It is hardly surprising that this brings with it an extremely intensive cleansing procedure and that for us as pioneers of a new age at times the going gets to be very tough indeed. Whenever this is the case, there is nothing for it but to open wide the stables of our earthly minds and pray that the Divine energies may flow through us, to assist us with this work. I can think of no better tool than astrology for knocking sufficiently large holes into the walls of our earthly minds, so that the water-bearer living waters of new knowledge and understanding can flush out every last shred of the long outdated beliefs we once were so dear to our hearts. Space is thus created for the new parts of God’s sacred wisdom and truth that are presently coming our way in such abundance to sink into our consciousness and become our spiritual property.

If you have not attended to this so far, why don’t you try for yourself the refreshing, renewing and regenerating effect of this kind of cleansing? It surely does work for me and therefore must do the same for everybody. But it can only be successful when we change our general attitude towards life and are willing to work on changing the negative traces of our character into positive ones. I cannot and do not wish to do more than to lead willing horses to the water. The drinking they have to do for themselves.

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How About The Next Step?

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – How About The Next Step?Many are the myths and legends which throughout the ages from time to time appeared in our world. All of them were originally given to us and our world by God and the Angels to help us get a better idea of the meaning of our earthly existence and the higher purpose it has always served. The appearance of each new tales was an indication that our race had moved another step forward on the evolutionary journey of all life, of which we are an integral part. The latest story always did justice to the understanding that could sensibly expected of the majority of those taking part in the phase of the development the myth was designed to serve at any given time.

 In all aspects of our existence no-one ever receives more than they can comprehend and cope with. That’s why down the ages only small amounts of information were released into our consciousness. And whenever some of God’s sacred wisdom and truth reaches us that has come our way before, we could be tempted to think: ‘Ah well, I know all that. I’ve heard it before. How about the next step?’ Wise ones appreciate that hearing of or reading about spiritual truths that are new to them in itself is not enough. Fresh revelations can only come to us when the ones we found before have been thoroughly understood, digested and absorbed into our consciousness. Only through living, experiencing and working with the wisdom that is coming our way can it become our spiritual property.

It is pointless and a waste of time to merely read books and attend workshops to listen to what someone has to say, because God’s truth can only be known by feeling the response that comes from deep within our hearts. It is necessary to experience any new knowledge that is coming our way by putting it to the test in the realities of Earth life. By serving those around us and helping them to grow in wisdom and understanding, our aura fills with light and expands. Gradually, we evolve into a ray of the Highest Light. Only then are we ready for understanding the deeper mysteries of life.

Care needs to be taken on our road there, because our auras are constantly penetrated and affected by the emanations of the people we come into contact with. In all their dealing with others wise ones bear in mind that the most important part of any encounter frequently is not what a person says to us. They know that more significant by far are the feelings one gets from someone and the vibrations they give out. Because of this mingling of the auras, coming into contact with a Master soul is beneficial, as their aura fills ours with light and purifies it.

In our role as lightworkers and healers our auras slowly fill with ever more light and grow more beautiful, and every person we meet benefits from this. And whenever we feel and express our love for our whole world and everything that shares it with us, and we work unselfishly for the wellbeing of all, our aura expands quite naturally.

Let’s see what happens when you join me in a prayer for the blessing and healing, guidance and protection for all those who are in danger and fear, and the ones who are weeping and mourning. May the light of the Christ Star, the highest brightest light in the whole of Creation, sustain them and Its healing power deeply penetrate their whole being to comfort and reassure them. And may the Christ light dissolve the clouds of mist and darkness that to this day surround our beloved Mother Earth.

In your imagination see how the Christ energies are flowing deep into the hearts and souls of the warmongers and troublemakers of our world. Wherever there are disturbances of any kind on the inner as well as the outer levels of life, may the Christ Spirit bring new hope, faith and trust in the goodness of life to all and bring the power of Its comforting and healing energies wherever they are needed. The Christ Spirit represents the wisdom and love of the Great Mother and the power and will of the Great Father. It is part of everything that is and therefore is familiar with the way of all things. It knows only too well our struggles and Its heart is filled with compassion and understanding for all Its children of the Earth.

 In Thee, our truly beloved Lord/Lady, Master/Mistress we place all our trust. Thanks and praise be to Thee, now and forever. Amen

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Part Three

The Devil And His Daughter

Another Tale For The Aquarian Age

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Devil And His Daughter

Our next investigation into the myths and legends of our world takes us into, as far as I can establish, a modern tale. The day after completing the finishing touches to Uranus and Gaia, my attention was drawn to a story in which a man’s thirst for spiritual knowledge leads him into seducing a woman. Once he has gained his objective, he leaves the woman because he believes her to be inferior to himself. To crown it all, he puts a curse on the woman that stops her from getting married to any other man. The woman is said to be the daughter of the devil and the man is believed to have been the Devil himself.

That is about all that I know of this tale which, as far as I can make out, was written by Denis Wheatley. Although the literary output of this author is very popular, it is not the kind of reading material that has ever appealed to me, at least not during this lifetime. However, for the purpose of finding the esoteric message behind this story, the less I know of its finer details the better it may be for exploring its hidden spiritual meaning. As all creative ideas have their origin in the Source of all wisdom and knowledge, this one is no exception. Bearing that in mind, one cannot help wondering whether it ever occurred to the author that, when the idea for his tale first came to him, his story would have a higher esoteric message to convey. It seems to me that it is one that reaches deep down into the roots of our race to the time of our first descent into matter and the beginning of gathering experiences of life in a physical environment, the Earth.

To demonstrate to us that each one of us is an individual spark of God and that the same energies that are in God are also in us, a world had to be created where this was possible. A great many things had to be explained to us, first and foremost maybe the concept that we and our world consists of dualities as a reflection of our Creator. To function properly, not only for the sake of procreation, we and all other creatures in our world require a masculine and feminine part; to show us this, in the long course of Earth’s evolution physical forms of women and men were created which our spirit could inhabit during each earthly sojourn.

The spirit in women and men alike is masculine, just the same as in God. The feminine aspect of the Divine is the Goddess. She is the spirit’s soft and sensitive feeling side, its soul. Any wisdom that has ever been gained by any spirit in the whole of Creation from living through its own experiences in the course of a great many lifetimes are stored in her. Astrologically, the masculine aspect, the spirit of God and in humankind is symbolised by Fire and Air and the feminine aspect, the Goddess, the soul and woman, by Water and Earth. The masculine part on its own is everything and nothing, both at the same time because it can only experience and know of himself through its feminine side. By taking turns living in either a woman’s or a man’s body in different lifetimes, the masculine and the feminine aspects of our nature assist each other in their search for growth. Through encountering and getting to know the other gender on the Earth plane, we learn to co-operate with each other.

Hence, if the masculine spirit wishes to know who and what he is, he has no choice but to seduce its feminine counterpart into helping him. The spirit of God knows that when the feminine aspect of each human soul has learnt enough in its physical existence, he is the only who can and will marry her. During that phase of her development her energies will merge with his and she consciously becomes one and is reunited with him. To grow in understanding of their true nature and their world, the feminine aspect of every human spirit he has created must take possession of and master all aspects of their nature, human and Divine.

To ensure that this can only happen at the right moment, he puts a curse on the feminine, as we know by now, the woman aspect in both genders. This ensures that spiritually she cannot get married to any other man, i.e. spirit – no matter how much she may love him. No soul can marry, that is become fully one with other earthly beings, because in the fullness of time he alone, the spirit of God, will marry the feminine aspect of each one of us. Only when the gathering of earthly experiences is complete for each individual spirit and soul, when the Earth plane can teach us no more shall we be ready to be married to and fully become one again with our Creator. Hand in hand with him, our heavenly husband, and the Angels every soul eventually returns to the higher and highest levels of life.

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God – The Eternal Lover

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Devil And His Daughter - God, The Eternal Lover

In her restless search for ever more experiences that lead to the required expansion of consciousness, the feminine aspects of each individual spirit wanders in pursuit of her first lover; intuitively she knows that he is the real one and that he exists somewhere. But, no matter how hard she tries she cannot find him in earthly lovers, in spite of the fact that she may sometimes feel she is catching glimpses of him and the eternal. Only when the cycles of earthly experiences finally closes does he come forth and reveals himself to her. I am your God, your eternal friend, lover and husband.

Do I hear you ask: ‘What about the devil?’ Because of God’s dual nature there also are two parts to our being. On the one hand there is our Highest or God Self, which is all good. On the other, there is our lower or earthly self, its counterpart and polar opposite. When we first descended into matter, our learning is bound to have consisted mostly of behaviour patterns that are now considered to be all evil. In the early days of Christianity – shall we say? – the evil doings brought about by everyone’s own lower nature were explained away as being under the influence of an outside force, the devil. They could therefore not be controlled by us. However, the wisdom that is now coming to us reveals that there is no such thing as the devil – but that there is one part to each one of us which is capable of doing devilish things.

To me, the story of the devil and his daughter is an allegory that takes us back to the Old Testament of the Bible, shared by the three Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to name them in the order of their first appearance. Our tale guides us to the book of Genesis, the story of how Creation began and the role Adam and Eve played in it. The word Satan is only thinly disguised in the name Saturn. As a matter of fact, the devil is no-one but Saturn, the stern taskmaster of the earthly plane who is known to test humankind to the brinks of its endurance. In ancient days Saturn was also known as the God Pan; he was a symbolism for humankind’s untamed lower earthly nature which, as we all know, is very capable of doing some devilish things; more about this in the next chapter ‘The Devil’. The background of this word better than anything explains why the woman in the tale has to be the devil’s daughter.

Before the masculine spirit in all of us can explore and get to know its own highest and brightest aspects and that which is good, noble and right, every soul must first experience their own lower characteristics, their polar opposites. The bitter lessons of the things that were once commonly accepted as being the work of the devil have be learnt before any soul can begin the ascent into the integration of its highest qualities. And that is the reason why time and again, the spirit must seduce its own small earthly self and get it to agree – in spite of all its trepidations – to being reincarnated onto the Earth plane so that everything that is there can be explored to the full. God is the man in our tale and each soul’s earthly self is the devil’s daughter. Guided by God and the Angels, every soul must learn from its first hand experiences how to differentiate between that which is good and desirable and that which is evil in its own character make-up, its world and throughout the whole of Creation.

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The Curse

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Devil's Daughter - The CurseApart from being the girl’s seducer, the man in the tale is believed to be the devil, namely her own father. God is in everything and God is everything. Nothing in the whole of Creation ever was beyond the reach of the power of God. The man considering the girl to be inferior to himself I read as meaning that in spite of the fact that the essence and the core of each one of us is a spark of the Divine, our earthly selves to this day are still on a lower evolutionary level.

God has no need for working with such lowly things as curses or magic spells. They are the inventions of humankind’s lower nature. The reason why the devil’s daughter cannot marry another man, as explained earlier, is merely a question of energies. To enable the energies of human souls to be merged with those of God, their energies must be purified. Each earthly self needs to freely and willingly, totally and unconditionally surrender itself to its Highest Self. With its help alone can the small self’s consciousness be cleansed of all its desires for the lower aspects of life. This is the most vital task that has to be tackled by everybody during the healing journey at the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

During this age we shall once more come into full alignment with the Cosmic energies. That is why eventually all souls who have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level will be reincarnating onto the Earth plane, to allow them to take part in this process – if they so wish. No-one ever forces us to do anything, but it is advisable to take advantage of the energies that now available. Aquarius is the sign of transmutation and also of friendship and siblinghood of all life. Sufficient numbers of us are ready for the great transformation and the transmuting of their Karma, which is possible during this age. 

Souls who do not get on with learning the special lessons this age brings for us and our world, will have to wait until it comes round once again in approx. 26,000 years; similar opportunities will then again be on offer. It takes the Earth this length of time to complete one cycle that is known as one Great Year, which moves it through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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The Devil – Satan – Saturn

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Devil's Daughter - The Devil - Satan - SaturnThe concept of the devil appears to be an ancient one. According to the Bible it appears that his primary role is to use whatever guiles he may to cause humans to sin, so that ultimately they are sent to hell. The word Satan could have its origin in the Standard Hebrew word Satan’el; in English it means accuser. This term has come down to us from the Abrahamic faiths; it was traditionally applied to an Angel in the Judeo-Christian belief and a jinn in the Islamic tradition. The Hebrew word ha-Satan means ‘the accuser’ and the word Satan ‘to overcome’. Hence Satan was the one who challenged the religious faith of humans in the books of Job and Zechariah. The Abrahamic religious belief systems, other than Judaism, see Satan as a demon, a rebellious fallen Angel, devil, minor god and idol; it can also be an allegory for knowledge for the enlightenment of humankind.

The imagery of a devil as a being with horns, hooves and a tail, goes back at least as far as the ancient Greeks and their god Pan; nobody really knows but this myth could be much older still. The Greeks pictured Pan as a goat and worshipped him as the abundant and pro-creative God of wild and untamed nature, sexuality and life-giving fertility. Pan personified natural energy in its chaotic and disordered state. Included in this were our primitive, instinctive urges, in particular the sexual ones. In the days of the early Christians, such things were declared to be pagan worship. Even in those days, enlightened souls would have recognised that to suppress them altogether would be against nature and therefore impossible. However, whatever did not suit us about the old beliefs, we cleverly built into our new systems according to our changed perception of our world.

Whether this was for better or worse, is of no interest to us any longer. It was merely one of many evolutionary stages our race had to pass through. As we are here now, it is highly likely that at least during some lifetimes we reincarnated into and followed each one of the old and the new belief systems. Now, isn’t it a wonderfully sobering thought that it may have been us who, as early Christians, declared Saturn to be Satan. Pan we banished into hell and from then onwards the Devil was depicted with horns, hooves and a tail. We decreed that because all natural impulses and instincts are evil and of the devil, they had to be suppressed.

The only thing that seems to have survived that onslaught seems to be the symbol of Capricorn, the planet’s own sign; it has remained the goat. The three Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. In Taurus the soul is reminiscent of the freshly ploughed Earth at that time of the year, like Mother Earth herself it is ready to take kindly to the seeds that are planted into its consciousness. In Virgo the soul brings forth the harvest of that which has been sown in Taurus and nurtured and cared for since then. In each Earth sign the soul has to work hard for what it wants to get out of life. Yet, Capricorn is Earth at its coldest and densest; here the soul is required to work harder than ever. This is in preparation for the seeds that are to be sown next spring when yet another rebirth on the great wheel of life takes place and a new season of growing begins. 

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The Lightbringer

Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - All About Saturn - The Lightbringer

As we moved through the ages, our understanding of the devil in us and our world has grown. Now, it can clearly be recognised that in truth he is – dare I say it? – the great benefactor of humankind and the Angel of light, though for a very long time this had to remain a disguise. Interestingly, the devil has also been known as Lucifer, the bringer of light. Light in spiritual terms means knowledge and wisdom and that is precisely what Saturn, the devil, Lucifer has brought and still is constantly bringing to each and every one of us by pushing us, at times, to the brinks of our endurance. By constantly testing and trying us and our constant struggle against the obstacles and frustrations that inevitably come into the way of every soul’s desires, the Universe under the name of Saturn helps us to build up our stamina and bring forth the best we are capable of.

Let us never forget that the law of the Universe is love. This too is an aspect of the Divine and created for the sake of love. All long it has been showing us the way back into our true nature, which is love. At the end of the healing journey of a thousand miles – for some of us many thousands of lifetimes – from the darkness of not knowing who and what we are, each one of us will eventually have grown into an enlightened being. Greeted and celebrated by God and the Angels, humankind is triumphantly returning into the dazzling light of the full awareness of our true nature and reunion with our Creator.

Everything that has happened on the Earth plane thus far has been a necessary part of our evolutionary pathway. It is true, we and our world have learnt and grown a great deal, but I believe firmly that many greater things are in store for humankind. Isn’t it good to know that it is in everybody’s own hands to ensure that it is nothing but good? Gone for good will soon be the days of allowing anyone to take away our God-given right of making up our own minds as to what we can and wish to believe.

Before our Creator we all stand alone, but not as if in front of some kind of throne, the way God was presented to us in previous ages. The meaning of this saying is that everybody’s understanding of the concepts of God and the Universe is at least slightly different from that of anyone else’s. The perception of what God means to us personally is something very intimate. It is different for each one of us, because it depends on our inner connection with our Creator and the relationship we have thus far been able to establish with Him/Her. In the fullness of time all human souls are required to develop into seekers of God’s Divine wisdom and truth. We are here to search for a deeper understanding of the spiritual background of life, so that through it the meaning and purpose of our present existence and that of all life can reveal itself to us, in particular through its most profound processes of birth and death.

Our perception of God has changed profoundly since all the books of the Bible were written, especially the earlier ones of the Old Testament, whose origins are lost in the mists of time. Church doctrines of the past did their best to instil the fear of God into the consciousness of our race. Although the remnants of this troublesome inheritance are exceedingly hard to eradicate, we all get there in the end.  To quite some extent this fear is still with us today, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. I must be one of the best examples of this. In spite of not having been brought up on a steady diet of Christian teachings, believe you me I have felt this fear very strongly ever since my first tentative steps on the spiritual path. It comforts me to know that as everything happens for good and wise purpose, this cannot have been an exception.

Nature abhors a vacuum and this principle also applies to the consciousness of our race on all its levels. Any empty spaces that are left behind anywhere are instantly filled with whatever is allowed to enter. A vital part of every soul’s spiritual pathway is taking charge of all parts of its being. Because every word, thought and action is our own responsibility, we ourselves must ensure that we give access to our consciousness to the right things only, i.e. those we want to be there. It is not necessary to suppress our natural urges and instincts, we just have to take charge of them and master them by learning how to use them constructively. We are responsible for every part of our being and are not to abuse any one of them, especially not our physical bodies and our energies. They are our responsibility and should be recognised for what they truly are, namely gifts from the Universe. We have been placed in this life in order to learn how handle them wisely and without fear.

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The Angel In Disguise

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - The Angel In Disguise

There is nothing I can give you that you have not,
But there is much, so very much that –
While I cannot give it – you can take.
No Heaven can come to us,
Unless our heart finds rest in today: take Heaven.
No peace lies in the future
That is not hidden in this moment: take peace.

The gloom of this world is but a shadow.
Behind it – yet within everybody’s reach – there is joy.
There is a radiance and glory in the darkness,
Could we but see.
And to see, we have only to look.
I beseech you to look.

Life is so generous a giver, but we –
Judging its gifts by their covering –
Too often cast them away as ugly, heavy or hard.
Remove the covering and you will find beneath it
A living splendour
That has been woven with the love,
Wisdom and power of the Divine.

Welcome it, grasp it,
And you touch the Angel’s hand
That brings it to you.
Everything we call a toil, a sorrow or a duty,
Believe me, the Angel’s hand is there.

The gift is there and the wonder of the
Over-shadowing presence
That protects us, is joyous too.
Be not content with discovering these joys,
For they conceal even greater gifts.

And so, at this time, I greet you –
Not quite as the world sends greetings,
But with profound esteem and a prayer
That for you, now and forever,
The eternal day breaks
And all shadows flee away.

Fifteenth Century Prayer

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From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

‘God And The Devil – Who Or What Is God?’

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Part Four

The Legend Of Pandora’s Box

Pandora's Box - Rays of Wisdom - What Is Hope? = Relationship Healling

The background to the story of Pandora’s Box is the Titan Prometheus’ resistance to the law and the commands of the King of the Gods, Zeus. In Greek mythology Prometheus, whose name means forethought, was one of the Titans. He was a culture hero and a trickster figure who is credited with the creation of man from clay. He defied the Gods and brought them the gift of fire to the Earth, so that progress and civilisation became possible. Prometheus was known for his intelligence and as a champion of humankind. After either having got away with or having paid the price for one of his misdeeds, Prometheus kept going back for more. Zeus, however, was very crafty in the way of handing out punishments to those who refused to obey him.

As Prometheus’ penalty Zeus gave him Pandora, the first woman. She was a very different creature from man. Having been created in the forge of Hephaestus, she was as beautiful as a Goddess and very beguiling, thanks to traits bestowed upon her by Athene and Zeus himself. Athene was the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilisation, law and justice, as well as warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts and skills. Zeus presented Pandora as a bride to Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus, who was only capable of afterthought. Prometheus had the gift of thinking ahead and expected retribution from Zeus because of  his audacity with the fire, so he warned his brother against accepting any presents from their king.

When Zeus handed Pandora over to Epimetheus, she brought with her a box that carried a label with a warning that the box should never be opened by anyone. Epimetheus was so dazzled by his bride that he forgot his brother’s advice. He thought they were supposed to hold the gift his bride brought with her in safe-keeping for Zeus. Blissfully unaware of what kind of a present it held in reality, Epimetheus insisted that his wife followed the instructions on the box.

But then one day he had to leave Pandora on her own for a few hours. She had been gifted with curiosity as much as with all the other attributes her Divine parents themselves had. For Pandora the box was a present and therefore not merely something to be kept in trust, without ever looking at it. What business did Zeus have to tell her not to open it? Possibly she had listened to her brother-in-law’s tales of tricking the king of the Gods or maybe she saw nothing to fear in the box. What if she just had a quick peak?

No sooner said than done! Making sure that no-one was watching, Pandora opened the box just one tiny crack. As she did so, unpleasant ghostly forms started to gush forth from the opening. Without being aware of what she was doing, Pandora thus unleashed all the ills that subsequently had to be experienced and endured by our race, so that we should learn from them and grow in wisdom and understanding of the true purpose that lies behind our existence on the Earth plane.

In the end, Pandora’s gift with a difference would teach each one of us to discriminate and differentiate between good and evil, darkness and light. The sacred fire of the Gods hidden in her gift would eventually show us that what Prometheus brought us was merely showing how to make fire and how to use it wisely on the Earth plane. Precious though this was, Pandora was given something much more valuable. How else could it have been when it had its origin in the superior intelligence of her father, the King of the Gods, and the wisdom and love of his feminine counterpart, the Goddess Athene?

And so it came about that from Pandora’s appearance onwards, human beings were no longer allowed to lounge around all day. They now had to work very hard for their living and from time to time some of them succumbed to many different kinds of ailments, too. When Pandora thought that just about every one of the unpleasant things must surely have left the box, at its very bottom she discovered one more item. On closer inspection, lo and behold!, she found that it was not something evil, but that she had also unleashed onto our world the most precious gift of all and that was hope.

Built into all individual and the collective soul of our world with this gift was the instinctive/intuitive knowledge that things would always improve and better times would be just round the next corner, that progress was constantly being made by us and we were forever moving onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Inspired by and dedicated to my friend Pandora,
who passed into the world of light in October 2014.

We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,
Don’t know when,
But I’m sure we’ll meet one sunny day –
In the world of light.

Until then,
God bless you and keep you safe, always.

With love and light,

Six pointed Star

What Is Hope

The Optmist AndThe Pessimist - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement

When things go wrong, as they sometime will,
The optimist thinks: ‘They’ll come right again!’
When times are hard, positive thinkers say:
‘They will get better and become easier again.’
But the pessimist grumbles: ‘It’ll only get worse!’
And although this may take a while,
Because our thoughts and beliefs create our earthly reality,
Such forecasts invariably come true.
And then, each one in keeping with their perception of life,
Nods sagely and says: ‘I told you so!’

But what is hope?
It is not the closing of one’s eyes to
Difficulties and obstacles, risks and possible failures.
It is an inner trusting that knows:
If I fail now, I shall not do so forever.
If I get hurt, I shall be healed.
 If I make mistakes, I shall learn from them,
And when I’ve learnt enough,
I will be allowed to move on
To lessons of a different nature.
What could be better?

Hope is the awareness of our innermost self that
Life is good and that the power of love
Is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation
That can straighten crooked corners and move mountains.
If we but ask, this force at all times is willing
To guide us through our most traumatic encounters,
And to help us heal every aspect of our whole being
As well as all relationships,
Especially the most difficult ones.

Hope is an inner knowing,
A steadily increasing certainty
That in God’s time, not ours,
All things in earthly life will eventually
Be made good and come right.
Our present existence is like a great stage
And one fine day we are going to
Step in front of its curtain,
Behind which we for so long have been acting,
Into the world of light, our true home.
We shall be received by the friendly audience
Of the Angels and Masters,
And all other spirit friends and helpers,
To take our bow.

Earth life is a tragicomedy of errors in which
Every participant eventually feels the need
To nail the desires of their lower self to the
Cross of consciousness of the Earth.
Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood and
Willingly submit themselves to Saturn’s demands
Of practising the restraint of self-discipline
And self-mastery in all their relationships,
At the end of their present lifetime
Will only leave good and healed connections behind.
They are presented by God and the Angels
With a leaving certificate that shows that
Earth life can teach them no more.

The teachers, in this case the Angels and Masters
Of the higher and highest planes of existence,
Move these students of life on to lessons
Of an increasingly elevated nature.
And that’s how every one of us in the fullness of time
Is going to take their final bow
On this side of the veil of consciousness.

United in friendship and love at last
With those who walked this way before us,
We enjoy the applause that greets us
On the other side of the veil,
Eager to find out where
The Angels may wish to take us next.
And in the shelter of God’s mighty wings
We shall forever serenely venture forth,
Safe in the knowledge that we shall
Never be frightened or feeling lonely again.

‘I will abide in Thy tabernacle forever;
I will make my refuge the shadow of Thy wings.’

Psalm 61:4

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Part Five

The Jesus Legend

 Rays of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Jesus Legend

From ‘Healers And Healing’

•    ‘The Saviour And Redeemer – An Empty Promise?’
•    ‘We Three Kings Of Orient Are’
‘Away In A Manger’

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•    ‘The Universal Christ Speaks To Us And Our World’

•    ‘Chatting With The Universal Christ’
‘I Asked The Universal Christ’

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From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

•    ‘Christ The Redeemer’
•    ‘The Jesus Mysteries’

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From ‘Stargazer’s Astro Files – Special Events’

‘The Winter Solstice, Christmas And The New Year’

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Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey
A Whole New Section About The Background Of The Jesus Legend
with the following chapters,
which can be read by clicking the link below.
‘Flying Into The Freedom Of The Aquarian Age’
•    The Story Of The Risen Christ
•    Go Forward And Sin No More
•    Flying Into The Freedom Of The Aquarian Age
•    The Christ Nature’s Awakening
•    Gnosticism
•    We Are All Winners
•    The New Earth
•    Jesus – Symbol Of The Inner Man/Woman
•    Jesus In The Desert
•    The Great River Of Consciousness

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Part Six

The Icarus Legend

Rays of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - The Flight Of Icarus

‘The Flight Of Icarus’

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Part Seven

The Chiron Legend

Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – Chiron And The Healing Journey

•    ‘The Legend Of Chiron’

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‘The Purpose Of My Life’s Work – Reaping The Bountiful Harvest’

Every one of the small six-pointed stars in my e-mails and postings in Rays of Wisdom are bringing you a personal greeting and blessing from the Christ Star, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns. My stars are miniature replicas of the great one. They are alive and radiate the Christ Star’s blessing and healing power first into you, dear Reader, and those around you. From there it flows into the worldwide web and then into the heart and soul of humankind and everything that shares Mother Earth with us. No matter how brief your call may be, each time you come you will be getting the benefit of these powerful energies.

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Like the flow of the river of life itself, humankind’s store of spiritual knowledge and wisdom is never at a standstill, static or stagnant. The same applies to Rays of Wisdom, which is evolving and growing as fresh insights are entering my understanding of the spiritual background of life. Whole new jotting parts as well as updates of existing material are constantly arriving. To learn about them, all you have to do is click the image below:

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